Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts on October 7, 1865 · 2
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Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts · 2

Fall River, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1865
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‘ i i ' gailjr ' (gbtning Dittos FALL RIVER UlTBDiT ©CTOBJ5J ‘ ' y ms wtMAt'HiiBgrrg Statx Teachers Association— -The twenty-first annual inking of this Association will be heidin the Lowell In- ' stltate Hafl Boston oarnrarsdayiaimdsy: ’ next The Introductory address will be delivered by Prof William B' Rogers President of the Massachusetts Institute of- Technology Ker James Freeman Clarke D is preparing a lectori fof TjbfJ pcasioji from which many nseftil and Interesting Ideas may be ex-— pected Other written addressed mayjbe ex- pectedwhlch will bq followed by disenzsions jt is understood that the'ahle and energetic ' president of the Association if doing all In his power to make the meetings tinder notice as ' -interesting and profitable as possible and that ‘r-Jfo School Committee' and: fo5 'teachers' of the Puhllo Schoolsln Boston' will' do all they can to assist him' “fonts those’atnding the meetings will be' sure of a ftiendlyand cordial J welcome Ysrioos exact&eeml be totro ' dnced to enllTeh the occasion' Object eeaeb ing win be Illustrated by a class ' from the Training School and the boys of the Latin and Fnghfo High schools will make a' display of military drill under foe direction of Capt Moore-Andit has been intimated that a promenade concert in Music Sail' may be expected The 8qhocl Committee of Ball River - have generously and freely granted permission r to sll the teachers of the Public Schools ofthe city Jo dismiss their respective schools for the purpose of-attending the above named meet fags and it is sincerely hoped that every teacher will oonsider it not only a high privi- legebnt a bonnden rduty‘ ‘untesg nneonfrola-" -hie drcuiftstances prevent to attend the meet - - ing’ promising some of the richest thoughts of some of the best educators in New England Let Fell Biver have the honor of being represented by a large delegation of teachers ’ HI !! M 1 TOT Nxrw NAnou— This is the title of a paper Just started in Richmond Va The edl- tor is Bev James W Hunnltutt a true and loyal Virginian and a man of acknowledged talent Mr H has suffered because of his fidelity to principle but like all true men he has become more perfect through Buffering He tfcjl tu in the following programme what his course wip be In conducting the 'Tew jtatlon - tend what policy he will advoeate " "The unconditional preservation ofthe Un- ion The perpetuity of a Republlcah form of government The Unconditional universal freedom of ell mem : The equal rights of all loyal American eitiznz before the law with--out regard to race or color The establishment iBf systems of general education throughout the length and breadth of our country for the ben-eflt of all classes irrespective of race or- color The rights of proscribed Union refegee and ' -persecuted Union men everywhere- The interests of a high order of civilization oppress defended by The New Nation’: With these principles inscribed on our banner we unftiri it to the and in God’s nameAttd in the 1 name of suffering humanity send itfortb to - -the world with the firm andiunwaVering re-eoive to sink or swim ttandW fall tie or die ‘byttem ’ The TTtukm U nlxrumewH printed sheet find any me wishing a Bichmond paper will db well to subscribe Terms $25(1 per annum — — — - A Voic from AeRASsas— Three things re shsolutely and indispensably necessary to - the establishment of a- permanent peace and the safety of our Democratic institutions— gTfte extension of suffrage to all loyal men ir- respective of race or color the destruction of the landed aristocracv in the South by confis- eating the lands of ‘leading rebels and a healthy immigration to the South of the free-r soil and loyal element of the North and other countries v- t -To work for these three objects Is the duty -of every truly loyal American citizen and un-til accomplished it is useless to talk of admis-4 sion - Better fer better to remain as we are as territories and under martial law than to allow disloyalty again to assume the reins of Government and plunge us anew into the vor- tex of sectional strife and even bloodshed— Fort Smith (Ark) New Era - ' Who were They — Arizona was the thea-tre of an ancient civilization which has left monuments but not history Well-constructed houses are existing there un tenanted and - evidences of extensive mining and agriculture It Was evidently not Aztec but Toltecan or ante-Toltecan civilizations The Apaches a - species of Indian analagns to the Malays of r India now overran the territory and cannot be civilized’' Tbe Mokes an a more in teres t- ing’ people ’ They live upon the mountains ' and cultivate the land In the valleys for which they pay a tribute of 1-10 to the Apaches- ’ They now number about 1200 are of lair complexion and somewhat European fea- - tores1 Some Welsh colonists of Utah visited theqi' and found remarkable similarities of language— -the sains extricate system of con- sonantal words and other diaiecticpecnliarl- - ties belonging to’ the Cvmraeg Thaw is a theory that Prince- Madoc who left North 2 Wales In the reign of Henry IL' of England :!-wi the founder of an' American colony of u vhfch the Mokes are the descendants ’ T Highway Bobberies nr tot Woods op New 'Hampshire— A letter received by a ( gentleman connected with the police depart tnent Of this city says' that recently several highway robberies have been committed in y he woods in New Hampshire ' One gentleman was robbed of between $800 and $800— ins' thought that an organized gang of rob- bers are malting a circuit of tbe State and f parties who art obliged to travel through lone-hr places are ‘taking proper precautions tode- jfead themselves if waylaid — Botton Traveller T TOT piRm Rutsi the Sep'tem- i her term of the probate Court the will of Lu-ther Carter late of Berlin in Worcester jeoun-ty was presented and objection wal tnade to its allowance on tbs ground that It was dlctat- ed by a spiritual medium"- -The objection - y was admitted by the Judge and the will- dto-t : allowed Hereafter IT the spirits desire to y practice far thl courWdhey Via hjive to appear personally or their Agents must produce prop-r erly executed powers of tliQmeyIlchbvrg y£eteiUtm t: Foot Adaha— At the last sc?icia of Con- press an jpropriation of A150JXX) WM'mad for Improvements and repairs on this fort A - — gang of fifty masofrs and laborers are no V at woie on the southwest angle oJLthe fortiflea tion tearing down and re-buildin g and rtrengtb- r — coin 3 it fop the reception of the heavy ordnance T received at the fprt-several weeks Since End - which has- not yet been removed ftrom the f ' Vbf where it was landed— hTeuynrt 2VTftca rail Hirer -ai Vlcialt - t The communication of “O’- rer" in y’g ib-e yH be read with interest by all desire to see our city advance in the beats-as well as the useful One of our citizens now travelling injnrope suggests in a private letter that we call attention to the propriety of the authorities wow securing land for one or mdU fmhllc pmH-teforfe every araHahleacre shall be covered "with dwellings cT ssantifec-turing establishments This is a good sngges-rtnnafrft ftiw Wonder -tarthat H has been SO long overlooked Let the road oxt the krill be built at onceand in' the meantime tot theiubject of a public park be kept before foe people Sunday Services — Rev Joseph Pettee of Abington UWxpected to preach at the Church of the New Jeruaflem Jn the West Wing of Music Hall to-morrow morning Services to commence at 10 1-2” o’clock The public are InvttedjtoattejuL n -e - Revl air lireeiey ikte- oi vrrnd Raplu' Myhigyn for three years a chaplain in- the army with the frth Michigan- cavalry is expected to supply the pulpit of the Central church to-morrow The public are respect-frilly invited Tot Last Night — The Fakir of Vishnu has determined thatsotnebody’s chamber shall have a new set of flirnlture to-night Many other splendid and useflil presents will be made The Fakir maintains a high reputation in his profession and all who witness the wonders he performs say that spiritualism ain’t a circumstance and don’t beginrto do what tbe man of Vishnu can accomplish ' If you doubt this go and see for yourself and get rid of that foolish notion thatttseeing is believing” for you will see many things done you cannot believe can be done jy We insert to-day a communication giv ing an account of some wonderfiil spiritual tnuntfartAtinni which took place a few evenings ago It is very evident that Captain Brightmaq was not present for no such doings occur when “ he’s thar” We suggest that the Captain be a committee to investigate the mysteries at each circle and report for the benefit of the cause Sphutuae Lecture —Henry Stewart of England will lecture through the organism of H Melville Fay medium at Music Hall oh Sunday evening next Oct 8th at half past 7 o’clock Subject— iW Lesson of Ages or Human Bights and Human Wrong Lecture free The public are respectfully invited to attend — — — - --'T "- jy At it session of the Probate Cdurt held in this city yesterday Thomas B Robertson and William 8 Borden lads of some 12 or 14 years were sentenced to the State Reform School for being? stubborn children” The complaints were made by the City Marshal at the request of the boys’ parents gy We are sony to learn that Mr Stevens the Superintendent of our public schools is quite sick ak Mansfield We sincerely hope that his sicknsss may be of a temporary nature and’ foat he may uon be restored to health and to his nsefril and Important labors Republican Caucus— A caucus has been ealled to meet at 'Music Hafi next Tuesday evening for foe purpose of choosing delegates to the County Councillor and Senatorial Corn ventions Also to fill vacancies in City Committee ' ly Bead the article on foe “Cholera’ which wil) be found on our first page i Palice Caart— (Lspbam J) Oct 7— Abraham Cook for malicious mischief fit throwing stones through the window of Hr Walker’s residence on Pleasant street was sentenced to pay a fins of g3 and costa or be committed for 30 days to the House of Correction ’ Paid Michael Haaafir assault and battery on Mrs Ann Bowles whs sentenced to pay a fine of 18 cents and costa' ' The case was one growing out of the recent dry spell it indeed anything could grow in such weather Hanaty it appears was entrusted with the care of a certain lot of land on Stafford street belonging to a Mr Peckham and on which were pastured cow belonging to Peckham and a calf which was the property of Hanafy The latter had been instructed by Peckham to guard well the well which was all very well especially as water was getting very low and butter and milk very high Besides a good well was vary highly appreciated by the keepers of cattle In ancient times and none the less by the venders of the lacteal fluid In these days Now near the premises aforesaid lived a buxom lady by the name of Ann Bowles who not satisfied with filling her bowls or pitchers at the well persisted in filling her tub or “ tube1 as she called It there Abb This was more than the guardian genius of the spot Mr Hanaiy was willing to permit and so last Thursday morning when our heroins again made her appearance with her tnbe” she was ordered to leave the premises -With this reasonable request however the did not see fit to comply and Mr JSana-ly seeing that (in the language of several thousand 4th of July orators) “a resort to arms waa inevitable I” concluded at once to commence active hostilities This he clld by an attack In force on the enemy’s light which resulted in the capture of a couple of water palls sad the Infliction of two or three smart blows on her right wing Under this heavy fire the enemy fcU back at once to the Police Court House considerably demoralised where arrangements were made and reinforcement procured for the capture of the aaMdlant Suifics it to say the eortU on Hanafy proved snooeeafttl and he waa brought this morning a prisoner before the Court The Judge after hearing all tha testimony la the fcaSe waa evidently of the opinion that Hanaiy waa not very much to Marne after aO if indeed he was ct Justified la thus protecting property entrusted to Me carer yet as the law gave him no right under the circumstances to strike the -complainant he (foe Judge) must oonply with the law and accordingly made tbe penalty as fight ss possible— 15 -cents with costs— which Hamsiy paid and was discharged It is not frnposefble that an action for trespass will pow be oommencsd by the owner of the promisee against Mrs Bowlee Of that bo waver more anon la tha meantime let all be admonished to “let alone” especially if it belongs ta your neighbor and he don’t want you there ' - ’ - "Tor the News - BgMM the Kill I - 9 Spake jqfi at fA&ajnft ' o -had attractiveness of a city or town depends to a considerable extent upon foe arrangement of tie streets and road --So elegant buildings add to tbe tseaotyof a dlty andlf appropriate-ly placed upon well arranged streets combine and improve the attractions of m residence— Tim charm of Paris is not leas in the beantifril arrsrementa of its streets and avenues tha ioitt building? and people— they combine to the same end to render life pleasant in Its surroundings and agreeable In its associations Prosperity follows taste &ndbaPPmess — Those portions ofthe earth are most populous where business centers and health and comfort are found In connection with it - - Industry is the surest foundation of civiliza tion when combined with education and taste and in order to promote the best develope-ment of public as well as private intellect it should have for contemplation views of beauty as well ss of utility" Jr - Our city has grown up under influences of enterprise and progress that have left little time for either amusement or calculations of attractivenesA-With a natural location rarely J P pld upon the table with a todpe- exceeded it has been toft in a considerable do- cil which was written gree to develops its beauties without premedi-1 P wnd room and foe sound of fingers totod design nd itt StreetSand TanCS are where carrying and dramming mere local circumstances for the ttQ being and 1°L seemed to require without any epeAal thought seven wt hlgb were placed rinst foe w ofthe present or prospective magnitude of the em shawls pmned around them and Mr Fay dt — r- placed behladsitting on a chair— ropes and In- - struments upon foe floor The lights were out and in a few moments the fights were called and Mr Fay found with his bands tied firm to his knees The fights were turned partly down when foe violin was seen to play above the irJn partial fight In a few moments a small white hand with foeUngerS jerfectly visible appeared above the top of the ars soon a large hand also made its appearance fluttering In the light The bands were : The time has now arrived when as fer as may be this apparent want of plan in the location of our streets should be examined and if possible corrected The scenery brought into view upon -our hills north of foe thickly —‘tied portion of our city ana High streets is not surpassed If equaled by any other location in foe vicinity or a city in New England— it U doubtftil if ft can be equaled— Taunton great river vrtfodt beautiful mean-deringl etfetchea out ifi a iovely valley to the north Mount Hope to "foe' near distance looms up 400 feet from foe splendid Mount Hope Bay which ebbs and Hows at its base foe island of Rhode Island is seen in all its beauty by a single change of foe eve while the city proper with ail Its' streets buildings and' active busy life lies east of foe Bay and to foe northeast widens the outlet of the Watup pa or Wo-Hoppo Ponds to the frill dimensions of a Scottish lake And this magnificent and pleasing succession and combination of views may be seen for miles on the high grounds alluded to For some years efforts have been made to open a road or avenue that shall at once affcffd a ride of pleasure or recreation as well as of utility Thera are many hundred — perhaps some’ thousands of acres of land that would at once be opened to cultivation and Improvement by this road— to say nothing of the early erection of buildjag that are only awaiting its permanent location in order to fix then site There has been some difference of opinion as to foe precise location of foe road by interested parties— and some also by the different members of foe city government- These various conflicting opinions have been repeatedly and carefully examined by foe County Commissioners at different times and under different aspects - They have themselves surveyed and resurveyed foe different proposed routes and 'heard evidence In relation' to the same After carefiil thorough and deliberate examination and consideration they tmani-fnQusly fixed and decreed a straight road 60 feet wide commencing at foe easterly end of Leonard Underwood’s house and keeping along just shove the brow of foe hill until it reached a point westerly on Lawton hill ' The road as located by foe commissioners keeps to vieWnearly its whole length the splendid surrounding scenery Of water and land intermingled ana presents a landscape charming beyond mere words to paint This road thus deliberately and intelligently located there seems to be an omission to adopt Its location however combines unquestionably more ad? vuige that any other whatever that has been proposed or thought of It avoids the swamps and miasma on the east and foe side hill On the west - It is so located that should buildings be eret4 nf iiuLatreet the -view would remain unobstructed by each other while both sides would present- eligible hulldmg lots nearly its whole length Should this road be built as laid out’ It would hereafter be to Fall Biver what French Avenue is to New Bedford or Truro street to Newport— a place of health and ornamentand in foe case of Fall River of great and lasting utility also The attention of jhe public is called to this road at this time hot that any immediate expense of much amount should now be expended upon it but that it may be permanently and judiciously fixed so that foe opportunity mfiy not be lost of adding alike to tne utility beauty and attractions of our goodly city - i ’-£ Observer -“ c - ' --I 'I p - -1 (For tbe News ‘Mr-EditoR — Supposing that alt items of interest to foe public concerning Fall Biver and vicinity would be acceptable I herewith append the following facts that occurred at tbe residence of Mr Robert McQuitty Thursday evening to the presence of H M Fay the Physical Medium The circle of invited guests to the number of about twenty assembled at half-past 7 o’clock ' A circle was formed by all joining hands to three rows across foe r6om First Mr Fay was tied after the extinguishing of the lights firmly ani securely feet knees limbs and bands very tight and firm He was then examined by those present After foe lights were out the musical instru ments consisting of a guitar violin and bells were played with great power The guitar and violin floating to foe atmosphere utterly beyond the physical power of the medium to produce tied fast as he was the lights were turned up and he was examined by the circle and found tied the same as before Phosphorus was then placed on the back of foe violin and foe lights again put out when it arose and played around the room showing its whereabouts by foe phosphorescent light a beautiful powerful and convincing experiment of a power operating beyond Mr Fay Next two ladies and a gentleman sat up to the table taking the hands of Mr Fay to theirs by interlocking the -fingers the lights were put down when tbe instruments were played upon their persons and soft and delicate fingers touches of what was apparently hands passed over theirs The lights were turned on and the medium examined and was found the same as before We should have said previous to this that his feet were marked on paper after his being first tied all arounc them to show that he could not taove from his position and get back into the mark again A tumbler of water was then placed on the center of the table and foe lights put out when foe water was given to Mr Fay to drinto and when foe lights were brought it was round to an Inverted position upon his head Next two pocket handkerchiefs tied to- er by one knot were placed upon foe laid upon turning on foe light they were found near the back part of foe room tied up in fourteen hard and solid knots The mediant was found tied and marked as before— Next a gentleman’s coat was placed upon the center of foe table and the knots between Mr Fay’s wrists were pensil marked Tbe iights were pat down and in five seconds foe lights were ! turned on one sieve-of the coat wu found upon Mr Fay’S right arm between foe shoulder and wrists he stiff tied firm and secure The lights were put but and in ten seconds foe coat was off ua two solid iron rings about 1-2 an intih though that were laying on foe center of foe table were fbund upon foe am taking tbd place of foe coal which as placed In the lap of a gentleman in tbe front row of the circle After the lights wereagainout a snare drum that wasnp on the table was played with great power and effect end then placed upon Mr Fay’s head also a cane hanging back of the table on foe wall was token down and laid in foe Ups of some upon foe front row of the circle Next a chair a Wooden pail a six quart tin pail foe two rings and eoat -end vest were placed all together in front of the table - In ten seconds foe articles were all found hanging upon Mrs Fay’s wrist' and right arm his arms were through ther- rounds of the chair and the handles of the pallsstill tied as before During the evening at different times i voice would speak audably through' a large tin trumpet that was upon the table : also a lady’s voice without a trumpet one said to be that of Henry Stewart who toft the form in England and tie other a Miss Harrington The medium was next untied by ' those present from the ropes alter which two gentlemen sat up to the table and held Mr Fay in a secured position by the hair of the head and his hands upon their arms During this time the instruments would play strike than upon their persons and they stating that Mr Fay's hands woe still upon their arms secure and firm also while Mr Fay was tied a sheet of writing pa- Bcpabliean County Convention- rriHE Republican ot Bristol County are requested A to eend delegates to a Convention to be held at TEMPLAR HALL in TAUNTON on THURSDAY j Oot 13th 186 at 9U o’clock m for jh Uurnoee thus shown and foe violin and guitar 'played of nominating candidate for the several Owt In the light alternately for some minutes— ' floe ta be ailed at tfeaauing election and ttanmet-After this foe medium was examined and found I till secure The clothes hars were re I placed when what seemed to be a lady’s arm I delegate and one additional delegate for every tv white and well formed was keen to be put out hatred voters a majority fraction win entitle to from ova- foe top ofthe bars holding foe violin and playing it It was soon withdrawn and to its place appeared what seemed to be a large sized gentleman’s arm still holding andplaying the instrument We forgot to mention that once during the evening while foe medium was tied tost to foe chair foe lights were ordered out when a picture of Abraham Lincolnbout 1 1-2 ft square which was hanging in foe parlor (that is the next room to where foe circle vrat he(dj was taken from foe waff and brougnt a difch tance of thirty-five feet through both rooms and hanging byits cord upon Mr Fay’s neckana he still tied to his chair Also once during foe evening Mr Fay was tied by two gentlemen present who stated that he was perfectly secure when foe instruments played touching the celling overhead nd he was untied by some power and freed from foe bonds The last test of foe evening was foe placing of wheat flour in the palm of Mr Fay’s hand while tied behind foe bos hen foe instruments were played and hand exhibited in foe light and the medium was untied and set free from foe cord foe flour stilljremalning to his hand as he opened them so as to be seen by all This Mr Editor is a plain statement of the fticts which occurred Thursday evening which are certainly very wonderful marvellous and most thrilling to their nature and which certainly seems from every evidence given to be beyond Mr Fay’s physical power to produce ' - An Eye Witness ' Morning' News In foa trial of foe Andersonvllle jailor yesterday a witness wu examined who had been a prisoner and who on his return wrote letters to the Hew York Daily Newtjtad the Brooklyn Eagle to defence of Wirt He appears to have seen things In a different light from that in which the less fortunate prisoners saw them bat then he wu seijeant of a division of ninety ana epparenuyon mood terms with foe J aff of He ackfiowiedged however that twenty of hiedivison had died Bev Dr Falford Metropolitan Bishop of Canada and another representative of the Church of England in Canada were presented to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church at Philadelphia yesterday A report favoring a new Canoh fbrbjddtog clergymen to enter foe military bp naval service wu presented- Geo Hi Sandery hu not been made post-master at Davenport ‘C W but Gen Saunders hu been made postmaster at Davenport Iowa- -1 Ex-Mayor Lennox of Washington hu been released from Fort McHenry after a residence of 21 months Be was suspected of being a rebel emissary - — A mass meeting of colored people was held at Edgefield Tenn on the 6th Inst which wu addressed by General Fiske ofthe Freed-men’s Bureau About 6000 were present A doiibtful report comes by way of St Louis that Juarez had arrived in S&nte Feon his way to the East Colonel Chaner had been elected delegate to Congress fromHew Mexico Two Incendiary fires yesterday and the day before destroyed warehouses containing 5800 bales of cotton Advices from San Francisco state that $1-112000 to gold for New York and $342600 for England were shipped on foe 8d tost The town of Eureka wu violently shaken by an earthquake on foe 20th ult Dates from Japan to August 26 had been received Four men were arrested yesterday in Providence for pusing counterfeit United States currency or the denomination of $100 $20jmd fifty cent scrip The ambassadors from Tunis are expected to reach Washington to-day Governor Holden of North Carolina yesterday sent a telegraphic dispatch to foe President setting forth that the convention ha4 re-affirmed the ordinance of Nov 21 1780 by which the convention of that day adopted and ratified the Constitution ef the United States They also declared foe ordinance of secession null and void Railroad communication with Mobile is said to be complete by way of Lynchburg and Knoxville The office of Provost-Marshal of Wuhing-ton wu abolished yesterday By” Henry of foe Journal writing from Wuhington says: “The rebel General Imboden of Shenandoah Valley infemy arrived here to-day to urge hit application for pardon The military status of this fellow in the rebel army during foe rebellion wu th same as that of Mosby White and other notorious guerrillu who infested foe country between Washington and the rear of our armies in Virginia The number of rations issued by the government to referees and freedmen in North Carolina during last month wu on hundred and forty-nine thousand Report received at the Freedmeh’e Bureau from Arkansas represent freedmen’s affair in that State to be to most encouraging condition - Labor it scarce many Of the freedmen having returned to their original States and the planter are hiring former slaves by the mouth paying them from ten to fifteen dol-lareeach The colored lessees of forma are doing well raising large crops while other freedmen have interests to the crops being Wisd by planters tZ I r All the Virginia newspapers received here are rejoicing over the result -of foe late election in Conn ecticnt: 7 DB WILLIAM H SALISBURY PRACTICAL PHYSICIAN NATURAL CLAIRl s -- VOYANT AND BUSINESS MEDIUM -BssUeacs 6ectims A Granite Blwck --- — (BMfmiOW Of JTAmj 1 He will be in readiness to reoeiv all who may wish to eonsult him epoa Physical rass or any subject toff opemlcmTand some kinds of Rattier eta- d£ ntrt b prepared flat enongh to meet th$ want' for pubiie sad private dissasem ” of foe Eioe maanfectures The tiuwers are Trans: mraoynt utotyperfomr believed to hare made large profit foe last two boar fr? aM tot p -v:x h For Sale ' "r : - yearly becoming -mg-s tocK ANT FECTUKES to-the Grocery scarocrto thf TTUrkeLte Bowwarfo$17 per-A Store No sbford street For particulars ap-ccrff to foirmArket— Trailer ‘ " ' -tpifat the Store-' - etdtf -j tffo btatisfmnrts' "- Lost'- ' ON Main Street between Pocaaset and Franklin a plain GOLD RING marked Inside “ Mother" The finder will be rewarded by learlng lt at this office o6-dlt ' -t r Republican Fleeting rIB Itepnblicana of Fall River are -requested to meetiaMUSlC HALL on TUESDAY evening Oct 10th at S o'clock to elect delegates to attend the County and Councillor Conventions to be held at Taunton cm THURSDAY Oct 12th and to the West Bristol Senatorial District Convention to be held at call of District Committee Also to fill vacancies pi City -Commlttesr Per order ot tbe City Committee 7-d3t A G HART Chairman T Partnership Notice ' mHE undersigned formed a eo-pertnersMp in b A nees nnden the name and style ef CHAOS i bu-AL- he pn the block No propose conducting the wholesale Grocery -and produce business and are new receiving goods hi their line -7 a NATHAN CHACE t- ' HOWARD B ALLEN' - - - GEORGE W SLADE LEN1 3LADE on the ascend day of the present ing inch other buainee as may properly come before the Convention Each town and ward of a dtr will be entitled to one delegate for every two a Seventh District Republican Councillor Convention ' THE Republicans ofthe Seven thXuncilloxj)i-triot comprising the East and West Norfolk and the eeveral Bristol Senatorial Districts are requested to send delegates to a Convention to be held in TEMPLAR HALL TAUNTON on THURSDAY Oct 12th at 2 o’clock p m to nominate candidate for Councillor to be supported at the ensuing election— Heck toirn and each ward of a city tobe entitled to 7-- —f additional for every two hundred voters therein :a majoritv fraction to entitle to delegate JAMES HUMPHREY ) District JOB M LEONARD Committee RIBBONS Black edged Ribbons white edged Ribbons and plain Tafia tas good assortment always s Ling cheap at - — ALMYS wear Brown and bleached cottons tip top bargains at ALMY’S A GOLD WATCH SEAL containing alady’smln-ature and having a piece of watch chain attached between Elisha Hathaway Meat Market and tbe Four Corners Thursday evening Oct 6tb Finder please leave it at Dally News Office will he suitably rewarded oG-(12t A WOMAN to do general Housework In mr femily ROBERT SMITHIES otrdit 90 South Main street Wanted - eneral House work in a small fam- A GIRL to do gene Call at No 90 Fin street A fly o4-dtf LEMUEL HALL COAL ! COAL! X Just landed by tb subscriber at Linen Mill Wliorf a nicy cargo of WRITE ASH COALx of 'various sit Also on band Lyken Valley or Franklin Corn which will be told at market prices An order slate may be found at MESSRS ADAMS & CAMPBELL'S store No 34 South Main street Fall River Oct 6 WILLIAM M COOK o6-dtf Mortgagee’ Sale Will be sold at Public Auction on ATFBDAY Pet 98th A D 1866 at "4 Sklsck F 91 4 the Premises PURSUANT to a power of sale contained in a mortgage given by EDWARD HANLY and MARY HANtYtoJ TOOK BORDEN BENJAMIN BARKER and WILLIAM COGGSHALL dated January 19th A D 1867 and recorded in Book No L page 70 71 72 and 73 of Land Records of the Town of Fall River R I and for a breach of tbe condition thereof will be sold on the premises the following described real estate situate In Fall River in tlie County of Bristol Mass but formerly in said Fall River R I anil bounded beginning at the Intersection of Fountain and Robeson streets thence Northerly on Fountain street fifty-four feet to land now or formerly of COOK BORDEN & CO thence Easterly in hue of land of said Company one hundred and twenty-live feet to land now or late of the assignees of the estate of ANDREW ROBESON thence Southerly in the line of land last named fiity-four feet to said Robeson street thence Westerly by the North line of said street one hundred and twentv-hve feet to the point of beginning with all the buildings thereon standing and being tlie same laid down and represented on a plan of land of ANDREW ROBESON aforesaid lying in Fall Rner formerly in the State of Rhode Island and In Fall River Mass drawn by Josiah Brown A D 1850 and recorded in the registry of deeds for the northern district in said Countv of Bristol and in the Town Clerk’s Office in the town of Tiverton State of Rhode Island being the same premises described in tbe aforesaid mortgage together with all and Mortgager’s right and equity oi redemption therein Conditions made known at the time and place of sale oct6-dts By Order of ihe Mortgagees Horse lor Sale faie subscriber offers for sale Ills bn v Mare 5 years old weight about 1000 lbs Kind and gentle and sound In every particular Can be seen during this week at WHEATON’S Livery Stable Somerset and if not previously sold at COLE’S Stable ifl Fall River on MONDAY Oct 9th WM H TALMAN 05-d3t - An Abstract from the Semi-Annual Report of the Treasurer of the Fall River Savings Bank SKFTIKBKB 29 186fo Amount due depositors March 31st 1865 $1995146 86 Amount credited depositors sine 31st March 1865 $S32723 29 Amount paid depositors as 1 deposits slno March 31st I860 $341263 80 18510 61 Balsnoe of Interest account isii56 at AftounWai depositors this day Sept 29th 1865 $2128463 02 At a meeting of the Board of Trustees held Sept ith a dividend of 3)4 per eeut for the last six months waa declared (exclusive of State and Government Taxee) payable on and after Tuesday Oct 10th 06-d2t J F LINDSEY Treasurer City Taxes I 1865 PROSPECT OP A RUSHI The thirty days of receiving taxes at a DISCOUNT OF JOUR PER CENT will expire on FRIDAY OCTOBER 13TII 1865 Unless tax-payers call Immediately they will be rfe-Utytd tat muting tor their turns as but few taxes comparatively have been settled tot Hie time already expired B EARL Collector 5-dtX3 - fjtal (Estate V n N GUNN Ac Co AUCTIONEERS AND ESTATE APPRISEE3 The subscribers will give prompt attention to air business entrusted to tlieir care in any part of the county H N GUNN jr-ARDRY at CO Auctioneers Commission and Beal Esta'lo Agents had ’ Negedaleri af Mortgagee ‘ i NO 49 SOUTH MAIN STREET 1 'L 5 - Auction sale attended to in any part of the cotmty on reasonable terms Personal Property received tor Auction or Private sale Cash advanced on Consignments Tb highest Cash price paid for Second Hand Furniture Tenements Let and Renta Collected i Consignments solicited and prompt returns made for same Particular attention paid to Buying Selling and Leasing Real Estate and the Negotiation "ot Mortgages and sale of Bonk Stock WTe have the very best thcllitie for Storage my7-tf J ARDKY Agent & CO Auctioneers Cottage Rouse for Sale The subscriber ’ offers for sale his - Cottage House and Lot situated 107 David street Said Hohae contains 3 fire room -on the loner floor 2 bed rooms 4 qJi amber rooms good cis-np Tlie Lot contains 45 1-4 rods ulars inonire on tbe prenii-es ANGELCBATTE Y tern baler and pum of land For partie: o4-2w By H K GUXlf f CO - Auctioneers House Lot at Auction YTT'ILL he aold at Public Anetion on-SATURDAY ? V Oct 14tb at 4K o’clock tbe House Lot on Robinson street next South the residence of E Lnth-er Esq Said Lot contains 30 roils of land with a good Barn 21x40 feet being arranged with carriage room harness room five narrow and one wide stall There is a good well of water with chain pnmp on the premises o3-aeodts C W CRBEXB Auctioneer — - House Lot at Auction ON SATURDAY Oct 14th 1865 at 1 o’clock P Mjon the premises tbe House Lot situate on So side of West Fine street between houses numbered 27 & 31 Said Lot contains about t2Ji tods ot land and has a large trout on the street Fall River Sept 25 Ib65 dts Farm Farming Land and Wood Land In Westport For Sale The subscriber offers for sale his Real Estate in Westport consisting Of a Farm contalnfng about 44 acres suitably divided lino meadow pasture and wood land together altb od land together ultu rge old dwelling house Ollier buildings It is an excellent orchard a very lari good corn honse and several oilier building one of the best grass forms in tbe town Also adjoining the above on tle east about 55 acres of meadow pasture orcharding and woodland good for hay or grain and has produced about as early vegetables as any brought to market Also north of th last named is 42 sores nf meadow pasture and wood land West of the above is 15 acres of pasture and adjoining the lest end first named are 10 acre which have been lmprtc 1 as meadow pasture and plow land Al- 40 e-res of wood land Bomo of which la very heavy growth The above property lie about 3X miles from the Head of Westport on the road leading to Stone Bridge formerly known as the Seaburv or Sisson Farm There is a passway laid out and built through the premises ana each lot above described excepting tne wood lot is bounded on the passway I shall offer the whole premises in paresis as above described at anetion on WEDNESDAY -Oct 16th 1805 at 10 o’clock a m unless previously sold at private sale reserving the right to offer them all in one lot if they will bring more- For fUrtlier "particulars of the premise apply to the nue lermsoi varment SHERMAN WHITE - subscriber on Acushnet Avenue 1 erni s mad eaay pt27-deod-t Auction Sale of Splendid Household Furniture I will sell at Auction t the residence oi W J BRUNDRED Portsmouth R I on WEDNESDAY Och lllh Sale to commence at 10 o’clock precisely — Plano and Stool solid Rosewood Parlor Suit comprising Sola Marble Top Centre Table Maible Top Pier Table Chairs Easy 4kair Reeptios and Cottage Chain Solid Rosewood Bed Room Suit comprising Bed- stead Wardrobe Bureau and Glass Wash Stand £ c Solid Walnut and Chestnut Cottage Sets com rising Bedsteads Bureaus and Glasses Wash Stands Work Stands Chairs Rocking Chairs Arc Solid Oak Extension Dining Table and Chairs to match ' N - A large assortment of Crockery and Kitchen utensils also 3 Model Cook Stove Straw Cutter Set Single Harness Writing Desk &c All nearly new and in excellent order Should the above day prove stormy the sale will then take place on next fair day Terms made known on dav of sale WM BARKER Auctioneer Portsmouth R I Oct 3d 1865 o3dts Administrator’s Sale BY VIRTUE of a licenae from the Probate Court will be sold at Public Auction on tbs premises SATURDAY Oct 14th at 4 o’clock P M the house and lot numbered 7 Robeson street in the utv ot Fall River and formerly occupied by I manual Frr ncis late deceased The house is adapted to a small family and is within a few minutes walk of the Granite Trov and Union Mills The lot contains -t 20 rods of land Conditions map known at hetm 'ui t place of sale JAMES M MORTON Jn a umstralo Fall River Sept 23 1865 sp2330-o713 House and Lot for Sale The Cottage Hou-e and Lot No 20 Seventh street The Lot is 43x86 The Cottage n one story 22x34 — Enquire of widow SAMUEL-THURSTON No 25 Seventh st or A G THURSTON 43 Franklin street o2-d2w House and Lot For Sale The subscriber offers for sale the Cottage Honse and Lot No 148 Second st Said House is 22xJ2 feet The Lot contains 25 rods of land — There are some good Fruit trees on the premises For further particulars enquire of the subscriber on the premises GEORGE HOLDEN dbt Country Seat to Let The house formerly occupied by R -''E 8 GIBBS Esq more recently by “ - Mr Georg Shorey is now ready to i rent the house U suited for two C fhmflie and presents one of the best opportunities for gentlemen to reside In the Country aud yet be near their business Tht re is a fine stablo attached to thg house which will be lei with the bouse if desired This house is most beaumuily located commanding flqq view of Taunton river and the towns opposite Good Bathing and Boating fecilities For terms apply to ALEX B MACY my2dtl Valuable Beal Estate for Sale The subscriber will sell his Real Estate on tb corner of Prospect h-U and Hanover st directly North oi iilthiil Mi J E is it Eddy consisting ot HOUSE BARN and other outbuildings in complete order together with 4 1-2 scree of good land oovered with choice Fruit Trece in bearing order Also 170 Rods t Land on North Main street just Nojtb of Mn Josiah Bbowx’s This lot ha a good variety of Fruit Tree Also the Lot of Land on tb -corner of Prospect and School Streets consisting of 66 Rods Also on other Lot of Land on School street ot about 100 Rods - The above land will be aold hi Lots to suit purchasers If not sold at private sale will be offered at A no tion 8 R DURFEE Hti Last A GOLD SLEEVE BUTTON enff attached between High street and South Depot Tntsdav afternoon Finder please leave at HAWKINS A Bro Market Square and receive reward Fall River Oct 4th 1665 o4-d3t LK ON Saturday evening os Rodman street bctvce3 4th afid oth streets a pocket book containing a stun ef money Ac Tbe finder by leaving tb same-at this office or tht Book Steve of R ADAMS will be suitably rewarded o3-o3t - wilOam o bexxctt yPH ARHACE UTIST — Fevctfa u4 Perns eerie Drags Chemicals Wises folqwers Set - l fr Purity of R article guaranteed j - ep3Q - No 6 Granite Block Fall Biver r t i -rY’

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