The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cuts a Pretty Figure On the Ice •----.- , - ^^^^^ t ^r-'v Referee Stops One-Sided ' Fight In Ninth Rounrl At New York trades in the next, iiiojiin would determine tho chances for another .•liainplonshli). Yankee Never Runs Out of Gas _THT.TRgDAY. JANUARY' 25; 1940 fcani That Sel Record For Attendance .May Will j By.HARRY FERGUSON ! Varied Press Slio:(s Bdito- NEW YORK, Jail. 25.-Holst the siorm warnings, for Hurricane Henry !s blowing Uealli and (lisas tor.again. Haimuerin' Henry Armstrong, n human gale of flyiin fists, retained his; world welterweight clinmolon- ship last nlgtit and when the storm final'}- passed by Madison Squire Garden and men crept out to pf:K Uri She pieces they foiiml n broken bleeding fighter—Pclro Montanez. J^e had shaken Ills fist at the HlljtnitiT and the hurricane had wrecked him. TV>r 24 minutes and 47 seconds Mohtanez stood up against Htn-rl cane henry. Punches landed on him from the right, from the left, froih above, from below and from somewhere over the rainbow. They stung him, they dazed him and, worst of all,,' they cut him until the right s e of his face was a red smear ,, nrb(UH A(m Gmgg [)w;|ne ^^ ml(1 C nilfoinla womens hguie Today's Sport Parade MfLEMOKB LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 (UP)— Some of my best, friends arc liecs and 1 wouldn't say anything ' against ihc-m for anything, but | they are not such models of imlus- j Emll > try ns they fti-e made ant to SEATTLE, Wash. (UP) —• c,inn - irv ;ti uiyy me 1 maae atlt to Uc I Sick, a beer magnate who led the Y;u begin to realize this wiien ' Scaule baseball club from rags to you sit down and talk with Alice ilches In two years, Is wondering j Mar'jle, tho greatest woman tennis !:y,i- Ihe 1530 Pnelfk Coast League • jjlayer in the world. Them never ciiamjiions can repent unless late »•».'; a bee Dint kc-pt us biisj' as WARNINT. ORI1F.U In Ihc Chancery Oomi, Clitcku- .sawha District. Mississippi County. Arkansas. P. Moore, Plaintiff vs. No. 7)10 Lyla Moore, Defendant. The defendant, Lylu Moore, is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in (lie caption hereof and answer the complaint of ihe plaintiff L. p. Moore. Dated this Ilth day of Jan., 1940 HARVEY' .MORRIS, Clerk By Eli/abeth Illythe, IX C. G. W. Barham, ally for pltf. J. Grnliiun Sudliury, ally ad LJUem '.' ' 11-18-25-1 winter trading turns up some re- Alice does. She has an occupation fin each hour in tho day. When she Isn't playing tennis she is clothes. When sho isn't info; cements, In 1','innlivj! the title the; l?ai:iH.'r.s—who go!- tliclr name [ •.II I - > 'E,'»»'JK wviui.v>. tvjiuu sno i.snx from their owner's liquid product ' deflcnhig clothes she Is before a —set n new national-minor league microphone crooning of n Itvely attendance figure of 541,058 ad- lame that has died away. In bc- mlsslons. • j twwn limes she confers with the Srine major league outfits could n " )tio " » lctllvc sUl(lio that warns o with that kind of attendance— : ° mnkc lle1 ' K scl ' nmi Son i a Hcnlc . do with that kind of attendance— the St. Louis Ilrowns, for instance. Only two years ago Seattle bi>.v!),'i!) followers were staying away from the decrepit ball park, Sick bought the club mid went to work on principles: I i. Obtain a winning ball club. I 2. Give the fans a show; make (hem happy. . -'• i plays golf and n little base- hall. The chances arc that by next she wil have taken up midget her yesterday after n round of golf It was dimcult to make her Inlk of tennis, so varied arc her Interest.-, But we finally did get Jacobs In the final round cf the Play TWO Twin Bills h , ite land gave him n free hand to ob- bnck) is a lack of what we sports- and fleht tint iieaHv un ,P m- OSCEOLA, Jan. 25._The Oscc-'tnm talented ball players writers call the "killer instinct." i Sat day A id U e we nre sneak ola independent Cagcrs, members tn 1938 the Kalniers drew ap- "I just haven't got It," she said. ' ing of the Mississippi comity rtma-.proxlmalely 450.000 admissions. Decision , time hinks the mens' -, ..R dull, l:o, with it match, let me correct ns t\\r. rmu, T,/\mi ui me Mississippi comity nmn-.proximiueiy isu.uuu admissions. "When I get a few games or a something that vcu and a rln7«n L- , , J u 1<W Basketball League, play dou-| Sick attributes the increase last .<*t ahead I cannot keep myself others who rcno"«l Ihe milch cn .!"" ce . lo .. Kc .- -""'""' Wr \VJ1 •!• ble headers on two consecutive year nol to increased liking fo-' from letting up Consciously I wrote Most nf vmV *-, H i ,„ T „ , est Vrosvevt since Win While nights hn-e this week. Wall b-,1 'o the pennant-win- soften my game and ease up on the choked u > in the flnal set •?," f^ ,? If WW ^ 7™ Hcm lhc nlng performance of his club. pressure. And I knew pnouuh about I kntnv ,1'.. viHnr,, "°, ."I",T, „":. , aml .,. w ' m .'.'. lc pr °P er training irns in gs ere s wee. Girls Capture' To »'?i" "»y play host to [Jiuiv. Mall||fl boj , s W|(J g|r)s lmm MANILA, Jan. 25. — Sliawuee Tree come for a twin bill. loop tilts. Then Friday night the - Chapman Dewey Aces ot Marked l' res s ecl belief thr.t to maintain over and legs turned to rubber. Montanez weighs 144K pounds, and at least 50 of It must be heart. Maybe some other man has made a gamer stand in Madison Square GarJm tnan Pedro made in the I fourth round lost nignt, but if so this deputy was not among ihosc Manil? fortunate enough to sec it. • »"»""« In those brief three minutes In which he hardly threw a punch Montanez rammed down the throats or everybody tne sly rumor that he Is what the leather sllngers call a* m/vnujn, d»u. ^o,—-oimwucu »*w. *.u*>,i, *ui ^ mm um. "geezer"—a guy with no guts. The made Its debut In Hie Mississippi Chief Interest In tonight's battle ,".". : "'"" ""' "••"•'"• ocuuus n,... IIU»H mree more unics. uuiroy uinig as cnat Helen would have "Shr. i s sn i>mrt» wn-h. n hurricane was roaring and ripping County Amnteur Bnsetball League between Ihe boys centers mound i „„' n " P 0 " 0 """"". - Jones and Walter Hag en increased beaten me. You can't let your mind "(|,nt If f sfav in' irJhniir m t' and early in the round Armstrong by dividing a double header wllh the rival stars. Thrace Ramsey, i , , ni , c , Bll "" ln K for another the pressure when they got ahead wander that far in n flunl round and lust relv on steidlneS S^ii drove;Montrmcz;t6 the ropes. Tliat Manila here Tuesday night. Osceola luminary and the elrc'ilt's' cl """Plonshlp. If that can't be ot an opponent. Tlldeit, Budge and match and stll win. The truth is, beat me as often «T T St h»r short,-sharp .snort that he blows After the visiting sextette had high scorer, will match his scoring '«"' n " g f' " P c »» ni1 contender will Helen Wills Mcody Roark were the most athletes have - the silliest if s O n v whei 1 USP mv ™J«Zr when he's warmed up and goln' to scored a Ihrlllitij 31-27 victory In ability against Roy Ashabranner 'P7, llt , nothln B '. e , s , s Ulfl » first snrne way in tennis. I've tried to thoughts during critical moments. S lren»llif ami sueed at thi nM t ^ town,-came out of Armstrong's the first came, the Manila toys ami Deri Williams, Manila lor-|, ? sl °V ls l" 5 "" 1 ^" "".aer the • make myself do lhc same thing, When I was behind 1-3 In the i have t e edee Shp'J t ,P bpJ npse...A_ Jqlthig left knocked Mon- proved tco powerful, winning CAS-. wards, who nrc close on his heels "T !' S i ii"" 5 ,°n , " B \ ' bul H wns "° USC ' : kllow ! woultl n ' lnl £et l remembered what a ai ,| plavei of Ihei'mir tanez. head due'east and-a right iiy, go-22. . for Ihe leadership In one »ame E " r y l '' t ! dlng fallccl to bl1n e «" llllve wo » m °re matches and fortune teller had told me in San '" a "' sent it buck west. Tnen tbi> hurri- „. ._ _, >i,i.. —_ n ,.., „- experienced shortstop ccmparable championships had I possessed Francisco months before The Granite rl - - ° r his club. pressure. And I knew enough about I knew that victory was worth fiftv That tods directly to hl.i wor- sports to know Hint the great or sixty thousand dollars to me rlcs. Both Sick and Lclivelt ex- champions never did that. When and that this knowledge made me knocked i—.,-». .,„,*,„. ..,.,« ^t, iimuiiaiii uuiujjat^ nnuuKuii a iivui uuwn iiuivung mats net true If I had jn i-Iki t atleiidancc p.t or around the 500,- three limes he wanted to knock slopped to think about such a a nreat comnHmen COD murk. Ihero can't- be n- serious him doivn three more times. Bobby thing as that Helen would have "<5i,» i. ,\ ^ leldoWll ill OCrfOnnailCe. . .Innp5 nnrl WnUor.Hnonn Inrrnnnprl linnln.i ,MI> v™. ,.„.,'! 1-1 ...,_j .... L b i0 G 000 sent it back west. Tnen the hurricane ^really struck— rights and lefts bounced oft Montanez' head and *lpw'y,,..vvtui a kind of sick'. look on his face, he went flown into the ropes; ', :'.',',• He: was too far gone to have sense' enough to take .a count of nine i arid rest. His fighting hsart told-anm to get up and up he came, unable to lilt. his arms. So he just stood there and took it for a minute - and 50 seconds. Armstrong's right siiusned into his cnm ana vnasnsd again. The left landed like fe" trip hammer on the right siae.'of Momantz' face .and the blood lip In a crimson 'fountain. • Down Montanez went again In a tangie .of .ropes and resin. POr t.vo, three; four, five, six seconds lu : pawed helplessly at the canvas with his gloves and then, as 19,151 In- crediole witnesses are prepared to sw«ar; he got up again. Wham, siam, wnam, shin! The hurricane blew again. Morilanez, unaole to get his arms up to punch' or defend nirhseif, just clamped his teeth, tight on his rubber mouthpiece ana took it until tna beil iranj. And 35 he woob.ed his bloody, uncertain way across the ring to his corner the wild roar of tne crowd solu.ed him as a dead giime;guy. To Van practical purposes that round, was the fight. Montaiiir came!.out throwing punches in tne fiftfljbut he never recovered from that beating. He punched liara for • u und body anil oy th; sixth •th had nised a \ielt on Armstrong's ieu eye. But In the eighth round Hurntane Henry blew his man down again. A hard left hook to the lieau started Montanez toward the ;floor and a crjsning. right sent him; the rest of the distance. But the; bell clanged a brief reprieve for i Pedro ana he came out for the' ninth, groggy but still willin" to £ilx it. A left fiook slammed Montanez back into his own corner and once more he was on the roiws sojklnj up punishment. Then Hef- erc« cavanagh stopped It. The customers paid $3j,575 last nignt to trad out— as many of them suspected — whether Armstrongs merciless pace and 112 fignts had bttrned him out. Tne little ne^ro, oruy man ever to hold the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight titles at the same time, answered them with a pair of busy fists tnat thumped out 'no, no, no." In fact, the hurricane never blew i stronger. That left hook camel shooting out of nowhere and always ' landed on the button. Armstrong took, a lacing from uppercuts and bouy punches thrown by one of the stiffest punchers among the little fellows, and came bulling in for more. .Weighing only a little over 139 pounds, Armstrong has a sneaking idea that he can win the middleweight championship from men who woujd be allowed to weigh up to 160. 'And that may be the direction In which the hurricane will blow next. the best its one of baskelhill respectively, for Shawnee. .Tinsley, clever Shawnee BUI.,*., — — • -•-- turned in « great defensive game, teams In this part of the state. Roy Ashabranner and Bert Wll- Included In the lineup arc some liams staged a two-player scoring of Northeast Arkansas' leading spree to lead the Manila boys JD hard-floor artists, the nightcap. These two giant Both programs start at 7:30. forwards scored 3D ot their team's JO points, with • Ashnb'rnnner nos-. . At O1 ' c "me it was Illegal to inj out his rival, 211-19, for offc-ii- drive an automobile along the sive laurels. Early Croxton, !or- highway m England, unless It was mcr Sliawnce prep slar, scored ten preceded by a man with a red p&tnls while Supt. Johnny Durnell j fln ^' • :cimted eight. The lineups: GIRLS PCS. Shawnee (31) P O. speck 10 wcre A. Speck Cailcck 4 Tlnsley Manila (27) liichlln 11 McEonald 8 p ^!asscy 4 p Whllley G Williams G Substitutions: .. .. . _. IT, } arrlson. Manila—L.' Nunely O. Nuuely. BOYS Manila (50) PCS. Shnn-nn.p I'll \Vuiams 19 Ashabranner 20 Downing NOTICE TO CKEOiTOBS . Letters of admlnlslration on Ihe citnte o: Herman Hess, deceased, ? ra " tc(1 '° lne undersigned lie 28tl1 <lay of DMcmhcr. 1939 tllc pl ' ollite Division of the Collrt for «ic Chicka- Childr^ss 0 snwbn District of Mississippi Colin- ly; Arkansas. (Shawnee) -Koh' , , , P rso "s Having claims agabist F C O O Burnctl 8 Croxton 10 McLendon Bell a Ralph Isiacs 2 Crawford 2 _ __.. Substitutions: (Manila) — Pco, Kochler, Henderson 2, MA'sey. 13!ackwcod. Masscy, Bowman, Berry. Ehawnee—Notion, Pucketl. arc ... __ ^ _.. them, properly 3iitheotl:atec) for allowance, to the unclersianed as administrator of said estate, before of the granting of the letters of administration upon said estate, and 11 su:h claims be not so presented, they will be forever barred. IKE MILLER, Administrator of the Estate of Herman Hess, deceased. Frank C. Douglas, Atty. 28-1-11-18-25-1 Scuttle's penmmi. Strange was rafted by the St. Louis Browns, who might be able lo use his hit- ling. Team Not Heavy-IMting Strange was the main offensive Item in a comparatively light-hitting Rainier lineup, lie hit .335 aud excelled In hit-run plays. Lclivelt was angling "for Alex Kampourls. recently turned over to .Newark cf the International League by the New York Giants. The Seattle club's only alternative is Al Niemic, purchased from San Dlcgo, where he hit .219. Strange was the main loss. Dick Barrett, little right-hander, will try lo'post another 20 victories this year. Other returning players Include Joyner' (Jo-Jo) \yhitc, a top- ranking tese steiiler and outfielder; Dill Lawrence, fleet center fielder; George Archie, first baseman, and Gllly Campbill, catcher. Reason why m:st of these men stayed wllh Seattle is that many are veterans and have had their fling. In the major leagues, with an uncertain rookie crop coming up, Lclivelt made it known that AMERICA'S Mildest BOTTLED IN BO\D PcnacoBk ' N ' H " lhW basemau rtcm!l " to! * 18 < C(W • • • • * 3 ™ "Crease . Ncw Yol ' k Yankees before contracts were mailed. will In few weeks ago Van to inn of Alice, paid her . e a rival down nervous. That's net true If I lad ' "••'K'"-™ M.UILS.I.UU ccuiparaoie cjuimpioiismps na« i possessed Manclsco months before. The Granite can hp rnmiwl rmw „„ Alan strange, whose infielding what you felows call the "killer gypsy had told me that I would (!e r pressure Thercfore who i we 1939 was largely responsible for spirit." w , n the title, but only after a bad i» ft at the See?' •-- •- i'--." win mu i:in., uni- uillv lllLLl a Uau f asked Alice If that were the scare. All of a sudden that pre"' '""' "-'-- -"-"-- g ave me confidence and I t the surface, we know -^»^«^B^C^^^— sses of earth hive been 31ra| 9''i Bourbov v/h!skey,100 proof. Copy- from above It by erosion. ris> " m °' Sc!len '^ Pi ""'' r ' gorp " N ' KC PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores ,»€'£Sfe* Dr; J. A. Saliba Announces the removal ot his elite from the Ingram Building in:his home. • 124 E. Kentucky Phono 110 with a a^d an Gil Burning Water Heater I OOKING wirh wood and coal and healing water with the old-fashioned "water-back" range are all right for those who travel by horse and buggy. 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