The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1930 ==^= === _ = BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COWUER-NEW9 BLYTHEVILLE'S INDUSTRIAL THREW Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville J City of Optimists' Your Cooperation will help make Dlythevillc mightier. Flappsr Foe Will Take the Place of Gasoline in Belief of Chemists Studying Problem. By ISRAEL KI.KI.V Science Editor, ;NEA Service Chemists of the United fifU and Europe are making progre with alcoliol as a substitute fuel for g&foliiie in automobile;,. These experts now say they or prepared to offer the motorist art even more efficient fuel when t present oil supply has dwindled. Furthermore, they add, there will he no worry over [lie future supply of alcohol as alcohol is ;i natural plant, product made easily from vrgetaWes nml other materials that heretofore have been wasted. It can be produced continuously like a crop. Today alcohol as a motor rue' is generally used in Sweden. Hungary, Italy and Czechoslovakia, while England. France and Germany are experimenting with u Cuba, Brazil, Panama, the Philippines also have automobiles that run on alcohol, or a mixture en alcohol and gasoline. In England, in order to solv» the gasoline fi;cl supply problem, the Royal Automobile Club Is 01- ganizing a spring contest o: mote.- vehicles run on fuels other tlriii gasoline—alcoliol. heavy fuel oils, gas and solid fuels such as \vood peat and coal briquets. It's Beller Than Gasolins Experiments made by a laruc British company show that, alcohol is much more efficient than benzol or gasoline in preventing cirjinu knock. This" •company has produced an alcohol that is almo^ entirely free from -.rater, which can be mixed with gasoline in any proportion. Plans arc being made to prepare such mixtures as nn:i- knock fuels. But an American cheinisi. e;<.pert on alcoholic fuels. go?s Sir.- ther with ;he statement iiui improper fuel is pure alcohol alone. He is Dr. Henry Arnestein of Philadelphia. Dr. Anistein says that aicono.' the rcmnrk "One flapper will ruin a Imlf dozen (;wl men." Pr •'• M. WfUl.tnis. abnvn. pr^M^ii! f Gallon-ay H-miian-a Coll.^e. So.-.rrv Art., created a. mllil sensalfon ir Ills aililriss recently Iwforn tin ..letliwlisi ErlMcaiional AFsnMattor Ccnvoiillon at Memphis. H* iirgr<- His au.llnni-o (n -,h-lv : . tlir> iov, Pirate, (ho flaririijr. frcm tlir- sen Y lue, and conserve me mnnpn-vrr o' . __ <he nalirn." can be produced cheaper thai sasoliiie, is practically unlimitc' in production, is less . danserou* cleaner and much more' eflicienl. •Why tosoline Was Chos-n With the itroduction of the- automobile in 'the nineties, line ivas a waste Uy-prcducl of in millions of gallons of crude 01 that were being produced drain the first oil boom, and engineer found an easy solution tor its usu in the automobile. Having siarti with gasoline, tliey have continue: designing their motors for tins fuel. Dr. Arnstein points out th; va rious ways iu; which alcohol is superior to gasoline. Has No Poisonous Kxhiust "Gasoline," he says, "contains no oxygen, while alcohol contains <ii 1-2 per cent of its weight in i!i:form of oxygen.'This is the rckv- I son why alcoliol burns up com- i pleiely in the eiujhie while gas... i line, due to its lack of oxygen, re• quires a larger amount of air lor ; its combustion tlir.n alcohol. Tlu' •j nitrogen of the excess air. rt- ( quired for the combustion of gasoline, dilutes the exhaust, carrying luvay mucli heat, find thus ureuii 1 . reduces the thomial I'irici.'ncy 01 Ilic engine." The (.•oinbustlon prculuct of gsi- ollne is carbon monoxide, a deadl. gas. The combubtlon product t: alcohol Is carbon dioxide, ft clcr.::. harmles.s pruduet used for th" pre^'rvatlon of foods and o'.luri lii'lplul piir|»srs. Alcohol also ts safer In the fi'.e. thin it mixes easily with ivatei. while gasoline does not. An nk-u- 1ml fire can easily be extiugiil.shc'.i. .M.nle From Waste I'rudiiils Alcohol can be mucli chcup:" llian ijn.soliiie. says Dr. Arnstcm, because it is made from suc:i waste products ns spoiled cereals. molasses and sawdust, while i:. by-products are valuable. Large quantities of alcaliol n-. automotive fuel were us?d durin' Hie wai- by Germany and founu highly efficient and economical At that time it was mixed wilo benrol and napthnlcne. The U. S. Post Olllce Department experimented with nlcohol m airplane engines, in connection witn H.s airmail service, and io:m.i that alcoliol resulted in nn increase in miles per gallon of fuel used, a marked increase in power and considerable saving in lubricating oil. An English Bungalow for Any Family T- ••' — —..— _ _ , i Sk-SBr 5 *- • ^V*-~-T "^ • ' ^^'r^fei^^ivSH^ ..I -• JBJfiKv • ~ V "!-•- ".«Jw-'~iT"SJS"tL"»-* ^J^^ SfejjjWy^"-' —*•<—'• •• v^jtcViui---^ x^tfe^^-^r^s^ ~'" '' Xru 1 Dcnionstrafion C'ourj? OMAHA, Neb (UP)—Airiilans salesmen and raoliun picture exhibits as part o( detnonstiation courses were Inovalions at Hie Wt meeting of the Nebraska division of the American College of Surgeons wiiicli met lure in January. Tile salesman took delegates nlott who hnd never flown before. Spokesmen for the salesmen tout (lie 300 delegates that physicians ivoiiltl lisa plnncs regularly wllhiii few yrars. OI.l> GEOGRArilY FOUND iic:sTicsLuj in<i. <ur')— A ecograpliy, printed in 1304, lias teen found In the library of Mrs. am! Mr. Gene Rcth by their tlaugh- I-T. Mrs. Gcnevlevc Shaw. By CORA \V. WILSON IVritteii for iVt'A Service There is rooted deep in Ihc I'.earts of every man and ivomnu (lie desire for a Iwnie. It may be u cozy vine-covered cottaRe or a stately residence. U ma.v fate on a hustling city street or liide bc-- siilc a droivsy eouiitri- laii^. Jn :uiy event, it. Is the place in nil the world tliat Is one's oivn --even to the very earth b?ncatli it. the woo;l and the mortar Hint so steatlfastlv cements it louctlier. In many cases it takes years to find Die nylit plan, plan It. save for, build or buy !! cherishes homes, u perhaps nirnns lon^ montlis of sacrificing. Very oflei'i the nest r^y of n lirctime is invested In elicm. And yet, utter they nre limit fretjiiemly ihrce. four even five years go by and not a cent Is silent on repairs. Don't let the InvUIni; charm vanish from ynur home. OIK- i wouldn't to that G0 |f FREE! FREE! Ion of coat. A liox of Dixie Fire Kincilei- with evun Give UK ;i trial and he .satisfied. Kentucky $7 Per Ton Alabama Slfl Per Ton BUCHANAN COAL CO. Hear Frisco Station Office Phone 107 Rcs . ,> honc 717 woun't to that to one's stick or automobile or radio. why not. wlien you have taken tin- final Mrp nml .siient your s;uln r s Iinl so iniirii awny for paint. e;c and kffp your house looking JH< The averase -Muerlcnn home, it well lullt and property mninlain.. cd, instead of depreciating nntl being an exiwnsc. shows u profit because ils locatiiHi iiroiiably is actually increasiiu; In vnliie. Tlicr,- arc few oilier commodities in Inn world of which this unn be snid. The English bungalow pictured here would be a bcnutiful home ! for any family. There arc six | rooms, a balb and garage. All UK I rooms me convenient (o one r.ii- j other nnd all arc on one lloor. ( A hall separates tile bedrooms with a bath convenient to each There is n cross-current ventilation Closets are In every room and another is in the hall. Fur furllifr Information anil cost ' -i-j..,.(-,!•' 'LIT 1; i>",ih liad a liirucr IKK/O tfcaTi 'mth Carolina ami "Mississi ^...- l !••'•< "t'""^ |^^^_r;_ --I .--/-i j -'.l '1 •'J (- Wilson. .12!) Maillson (Avi-nuc. Nvn Vork City. :unl fiu'lust tills <'lhi- DliiK. i-sllnnti-. «rllr to Mrs. Corn »V. HATS DKMKiK MAVOR W1LKKS liAriHE, Pn. (UP)_ Hundreds of linU—new lints, old hats, worn-out hats, brown clerbys treiicli lielniets. and hcadplccca which canndi bo clo^lfli'd—linve lioured Into the city pilice lienil- • tuarters here since Mayor llr.rl threatened recently to iml n liat on the head of every lintlcs.i In- dlvltlual. It Is niltl that the mayor is giving serious coiislderntlon to making n campaign for re-election two years from now, on n platform of "a hal for every man." COAL AND FEED ___ Special prices on car lots— _ Kentucky, Illinois and Red Ash C. L. BENNETT & CO. 'Take advantage nl' our cash price" Telephone 64 Contented Cows Cows fcil will) Always Ahead and Do Mor feeds are mMk " tCd alK ' lln| ' l>y iUUl S ' VO luts of vicll> Cl ' e:ml >' Tiy our feeds on your co\v.=. OBERST STORE CO. 116-117 East Main. Next to Post Office. WE DRY CLEAN OR DYE ANYTHING BIytheville Laundry TM .. ._. "^ I'Jione 327 Creek ::; ""^Si^i^vir-^'- 1 "* ' J. /. o' ?j silPKlUOR COAL CO. New Blytheville Coal & Feed Co. Plume 1% Genuine. iUoiilevnllo Sipsey nnd Empire Coi..i Purina Stoek and Poultry Fe<uls FLOUR MEAL FEED COTTON STATES SALES CO. Inc. Will Pylcs, Con'l Mrr. 210 \\>p.xl Vino St. !)' lilylluiviilc, ArhdtiK;!-. i!'WK .SIM-XIIAI.IXK ON |.'KK[), KSPKC1ALI.Y ? SNAl'I'KD CORN AND HAY IN CARLOAD LO.S. jjj LocHl Phone 17.1. | j0nK Distance Phone KJOG |:j Newspaper Advertising More Productive Than Direct Circularizing a.lvcr- me to hi ,d ov i, ,, " w< ? rry C ! ty ' J " 4 as a1x)llt tllc r tow " if avrangc liis •n«il-or«ter house or l)Ut (ll - >vot «l P™I«=I' o the success of his ol ' sc - tlle most ^^^ sa,y newspaper advertising is lo succwsful "n, or li ami faS g a n, flh 3 no doubt, accounts for the enormous increase each year of mail ! "nlc, - sn lc" ° f ' iVC Inc r hants fncatc(l in s '" al1 low " s . '»v the use of st T ncws «lvertising-which a lwnv« carries « ami al in Courier News 5 Blytlicvillc, Art. FRUITS - NUTS - VKCCTAni — P.KANS — I'l-IAS ' " '"" Si:rrin|{ KoiiUicrn inorelianls over fifty yours. Phone 020. Second tind lie:-, Chicago Mill And Lumber !i; 'I Corporation • Wholesale Produce- - Groceries - Kniils Oldest niul hii-RCsl frnif and produce house in the Sorl|> HI.YTHKVIM.K Helena Cl.-trksdale AFIAVOX yOitCAXrfO/Kf cijie IjolUrnir. Co. I'linnc !>70 311-313 K. Main Products Arkansas Grocer Co. lilyihevilb, Ark. Caiuthersvilie, JIo.

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