The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 1952. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Schuman Plan Group Starts Work to Give Europe 'Guns, Butter' By JOSEPH FVNAX , LUXEMBOURG I.Vi — The SchJ- man Plan's nine-man high authority began work today on a program o give Western Europe both guns and butter, ana perhaps evenual political unity as well. The executive arm of the six- nation coal-stee! pool held its first working session under ils chairman, French economic expert Jean Monnet, the plan's chief architect. The authority will meet here regularly for the time being, pending French-German negotiations which may allow for internationalization of the Saar and location o'. all the Schumnn Plan activities! there. i Monnet ana his eight colleagues i from West Germany, Italy. The Netherlands, B c 1 g i u in, Luxembourg and France took office yesterday morning at a short ceremony in the City Hall here. In his "inaug-u/ai address" as. chairman, Monnet said the author-i ity would quickly remove the bar-! riers (o free trading of Kieel ami • coal throughout the six • nations, ! thus paving the v,'ay to increased' production and higher living stand- \ ards. Western statesmen already have hailed the Schuman organization, I named for French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman v.ho first I conceived it, as the initial step to- j ward a political federation of Western Europe. The authority expects to have the common coa 1 ! - steel market operating at the enci of about eight months. Initially Die executive branch must make a general survey of the steel and coal industries in the member states and work out plans for elimination of tariff and trade barriers. Monnet did not mention defense needs specifically but Ihc guns- and-bntter promise was implied in his statement that the pool's operations would contiibute both to Europe's prosperity and peace. Monnet pledged quick action to dovetail the British steel and coal industry with the continental community, an item of top priority for top authority. As oi yesterday, Ihe nine members of the executive group severed all official connection with their own governments and with any separate coal and steel concerns. They will have full diplomatic status. The treaty scttinguup the coal- steel pool also provides for a sort of two-house supra-national indus- j dial parliament — a council of' ministers from the six governments and a 78-mcmber assembly elected by the six national legislatures- and for a six-member international court to settle legal and constitutional disputes. SIGHT-SEEING "A LA CARTE" - Jackie Frost, American tourist, sees ancient Pompeii the easy way. Porters will give you an hours 'personally conducted" lour like this of the famous ruins destroyed by lava from the volcano Vesuvius in 73 A D for 1000 lira—about S1.50 Farley Denies 'Veep' Used As Pawn at Demo Convention WASHINGTON Wv—Denial quick- candidate. ... I think it was ly followed accusation when a un- holding operation lor the purp Probe Shows Dead Man Lived In Debris But Had $68,000 SOMERSET, Pa. \.&— The search of an isolated home occupied by a wealthy man — who even in death was armed with a gun and protected by a fierce pack of dogs — fs almost completed today but unsolved are these questions: found in a canvas sack. A rumpled roll of o!d large-sized currency contained hundreds of dollars in bills ranging up lo $50. Two wills, the recent of which gives the farm and everything on it to a neighbor, Earl Why did Samuel Jackson King | Gray, were discovered. Gr.. . live in such conditions while worth i worked for years as a part-time at least $68,000? And how did he save so much? Treasure hunters who have probed the debris-littered mountain farmhouse where King lived have come up with nearly $18,000 in negotiable bonds, old currency, gold and silver coins in addition to bank books, safe deposit vault keys t and real estate deeds indicating an i es' ly hired hand for King. However, for the present Sheriff Hare has posted a guard around the property and has taken over care of the money and bonds wilh Register of Willis Elmer Shipley. Shipley said a court action probably will be necessary to determine the title to the estate. estate worth a p p r o x 1 m a t e-[ u / r-, • , r> • i ly $50,000. These were tucked away Measles-Stficken Bnde iii places like a sofa, cookie jar Jfys, I Do from *nd a woman's corset. The whole thing started 10 days •go when King was found dead in a field, on his farm about 20 miles from this Southwestern Pennsyl-! vania community. Y/indow of Bedroom NORMAL, ill., lip, — The bride I peeked from her bedroom window '• ~ i and said. "I do," into a portable . „, v 11^, microphone. The bridegroom and A week ago last Tuesday the, thc irest of the wcddi = pan d body of the 73-year-old recluse was > h e i ow on tne norrh fnunrf hT, y,»ir,hh«v, .,.,,1 —1<_- :_ oelow °" Ille Porill. > was used as a pawn in a power play at the Democratic convention. CIO Secretary James B. Carey made Ihe accusation yesterday oil a CBS television program. lie said James A. Farley, former Democratic national chairman, and other party leaders backed Barkley's bid for presidential nomination to "use" and then "dump" him. Parley replied later he had been sincerely for Barklc-y because "I fell he could unite the parly better than any -! t:ic others (seeking the nomination)." Now. Parley said, he is "just as wholehearted" in support of the Democratic nominee, Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois. The exchange was touched off by a TV interviewer. He asked Cy for an opinion on developments at thf Dmocratic convention at Chicago last month when Barkley withdrew after union leaders declined to support his candidacy. They said the vice president was too old at 74. for one thing, and, for another, had the backing of the party's conservatives. - Carey replied that he believed "some forces at the Democratic In Hollywood Screen Writers Guild Baiks on TV Film HOLLYWOOD- (,7>, _ Members of the Screen Writers Guild and the Authors League of America called a strike today against the alliance j of television film producers. ! The alliance comprises 13 mem- j ber firm; and the walkout may j Interrupt production of more than half of the filmed TV programs made In Hollywood. 1 Nine months of negotiations [ broke dov. n more than a \vcek ago I vvhen the alliance refused demands by the guild and tne league. Spokesman for both groups announced I last night the strike would go on as scheduled at 12:01 a.m. today PAGE THREE j Denver Gas War Brings Free Airplane Rides Sec. Snyder Says U.S. to Gel Top Revenue Service Department Being Streamlined for Efficiency, Economy WASHINGTON If, — Secretary of Ihe Treasury Snyder said today Ihe American people arc going (o get a federal revenue .service of top efficiency, unquestioned Integrity and maximum operating ceo- nomy. Snyder said the bureau gradually by President Truman ami approved by Congress against, a back drop of corruption charges-. Snyder, in H prepared speech, made no reference to the scandals that rocked thc service last winter and led to the ousting of eight collectors and about 150 lesser employe:!. Under the new setup, (he G4 politically-appointed collectors are being replaced by 21 rtis- Irist commissioners with civil service status. Three Suborn In At today's ceremonies, three tax service career men were sworn in as assistant commissioners, titles formerly held by political appointees. The three, all lawyers, are: Justin F. Winkle. 41, of Seneca Falls, N. Y. , who started with the government as a .messenger at 16. He will supervise general operations, including the field service and collection work. Norman A. Sugarman. 35. of Cleveland, Ohio, who entered t h e revenue service 12 years ago. He will supervise technical functioiv, including rule and regulation making. Edgar E. Hoppe, 44, a native of Thorndale. Tex., who joined the bureau in 1029. He will direct the inspection service, charged with insuring honesty and efficiency. "Streamlining" Used The reorganization now under way amounts to a streamlining of administrative operations, rather than n shakcnp of personnel. Asserting the plan "makes the culmination of long and earnest efforts to remold the revenue service into a modrnized agency," Snyder said: "The transition in the remaining offices of the bureau throughout the country will proceed rapidly trom this point on and by the end of the ycnr we will see the whole plan in full operation." Approximately five-eights of the area of Panama is unoccupied. Join The Demand For— Bradley Says NATO Defense To Be 'Short' WASHINGTON OF N. Bradley predicts lantic Treaty nation of their sioals of 50 military divi-[ sions this year and 9ti to 08 bv I 1051. ' | But the chairman of the U. S. Joint, chiefs 'of Staff achlcrt in a \ CBS radio interview rm-lu: 1 "We're approaching :">0 divisions. I equipped and well-trained, and that' In itself Is a deterrent to war. . . , We certainly are much bettor off now than we were a year ago or two years nr;o." Koine of the countries are hi^- SlilS brhind schedule becaurc of "Varied difficulties." Bradley addrd. Karlirr in Philadelphia, he snicl the U. S. mu.,l build nnd maintain i -- Gen. Omar! sufficient military uower to meet the Xonii At- ; its world ro«pon-.ibiiitlcs \\ in full short! ' There were 9,246 business fail, tires in the United States In 1949, need reliable answersto your"aisis questions" this year! , . . get them in Often referred to os "a newspaperman's newspaper" the MONITOR covers the world with a networkof News Bureaus and correspondents. .{ Order a special intro- |' '£. ductory subscription 4 •J> today — 3 monlhs for ?:'' '1 S3. You'll find the i| MONITOR "must" .'» -reading and as necessary « •:>| as your HOME TOWN Please ssnd me o tor lubicnptiori—7 Yes, cold is stopped before il gels inside when a Lennox Pcrima-Do Heating System is guarding your comfort. Slim air difi'tisurs in the floor put a curtain of warm, clean air over cold windows and wails. Drafts can't start. Floors stay warm. No other heating system can match Lennox Perima-flo for true indoor comfort. Ideal for any type of home . . . old or new. ceo. DENVER ItPt — A Denver service found by neighbors nnd police in the field. Nearby, lay King's favorite dog. "Israel." A loaded shotgun was at his side. Death was apparently caused by a heart attack, a coroner's report said. Sheriff Karl I. Hare and his "deputies found an 'old Sofa inside the house where "Israel" apparently slept. When it was moved, out dropped a false botto revealing sheaf of Sl.OOO bonds, with not a coupon clipped since I9:M. Some $430 in $20 and $10 gold coins were' Read Courier News Classified Ade It happened this way because Leta Ten Eyck was ordered to bed with the. measles five hours before her scheduled church wedding yesterday to Jerotne K. Denzer, Her parents hurriedly arranged to have wedding guests directed from the church to their home. Wearing her wedding gown and carrying a bouquet, she appeared at her window just long enough for fie reported today ne has quadru- ,,, n nrnm i mnrn-r nrurn 11-..A* pied his business. j WQRLffS LARGEST SELLER AT 100 the exchange of vows. Then she went back to bed. 3-OAY r • Mail Coupon Today SAVE $30.00 Reg. $59.50 Value CITY REBUILT PORTABLE SEWING i by City t.pcrts with City Par •.NEW MOTOR «NEW SEW LIGHT •NEW CARRYING CASE • NEW 5-SPEED FOOT CONTROL MAIL This Ci»ji!?i Offer Expires Aug. 13 636 MADISON AVENUE, MEMPHIS, TF.NN. 1 would like 3 free home demonstration of your fully guar• antced rebuilt Singer Sewing Machine at no obligation to me. | Name I Addreu . -SUlf. *. P. D. Addrtu—Fleiu- Send S5«cifk Dtr Have you stopped to consider what il would cost to replace your home . . . your furnishings . . . or your car—at today's high prices? Have you checked your insurance recently to be sure it's adequate to cover these high replacement costs? Don't delay—let us go over your insurance coverage with you. There's no obligation, of course. The Insurance Department of The Farmers Bank is the oldest insurance agency in lilylheville . . . representing old line firms. INSURANCE DEI'AimiENT - G. II. ROIiSON, .Manager DAMlf & TRUST P AIM K COMPANY The Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED — PANIC TESTED" F.n.I.e.—510.000 rnch OtpiKil Member Tcderal Reserve System ^ C ™ hDbuUt Z2 °° railes of roads whil « F"nci S Cherry granted MORE THAN 2200 DIVORCES. According to the rec ArkaiTsas? Cand ' date has co "t"buted most for the good of O A study of the records of CriUenden County Chancery Court. presided I over by Chancellor Francis Cherry, disclosed that rTrfffi r . d , lv ° rces « ere Bunted in his court during his term County is ONLY ONE o£ the counties in Many of these divorces were obtained through fraud and deceit by persons who never resided in Arkansas so much as ONE day Professional witnesses used by attorneys WELL KNOWN 3 y =R«H C H £ .".^ <a " d Wh ° are 3U PP° rtin 9 hi m in this race) paraded their talents in th,ese sordid cases time and again. h br ° u 9 ht 9rief and despair to unsuspecting wives and husbands and to their innocent children. It has brought shame and disgrace to the fair name of Arkansas. - C r° 1U . LD , havfe been Prevented. We quote in part from an editorial in the Memphis Press-Scimitar of July 31 1952 in re erence to the divorce mill racket in CriUenden County (Chancellor Cherry's Court): " - - . Chancellor C. H. Wofford I of Fort bmith - - - an d A. F Triplet!, president of the Arkansas Bar Association, say the chancellors have the power to regulate their Zorr^K 5 f" d "?• a PP rehend fraudulent attempts to obtain d.vorces by taking the time to investigate thoroughly the testimony given in divorce cases, and by exhaustive questioning of plamtiffs who come from other states to file suits for divorce in SID McMATH I—BUILDS ROADS 2—FIGHTS FOR BETTER SCHOOLS 3—FIGHTS FOR RURAL ELECTRIFICATION 4—BUILDS MEDICAL CENTER S-FIGHTS FOR INCREASED OLD AGE PENSIONS. FRANCIS CHERRY 1—GRANTS DIVORCES 2—GRANTS DIVORCES 3—GRANTS DIVORCES 4—GRANTS DIVORCES 5—GRANTS DIVORCES SELECT GOVERNOR To COMPLETE a Program of Progress Pol. Aciv. Paid For By Mississippi County Commute* for Re-Election Sid McMath. T. F. Dean, Chrm

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