Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts on October 14, 1861 · 2
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Fall River Daily Evening News from Fall River, Massachusetts · 2

Fall River, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1861
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i'' a r Tj i t v r rt r a r r v x k v s SI a i 1 n sflnrs Ch — 1 1 i lil 1 K : Mondax A’lc-noou Oct 14 1861 l oiit u rlr (vuil iri h v i ir n i: lit i: : II n t i k i r f it t 1 t i -hi 12 er iu t t Lknl suprum Kuk 1 is "'Ul I w uv ni of ‘ a u m ii t t tin I i t " i I W ' 1 1 I c 1 i 1 L t Ji wd h I lll Mll'W I 1 1 f HIM i t ' 1 I nf r h g Ik r I i i ' u I ! i t d Ch I il U 1 li 'I ' 1 r 1 t U h m j s ill Uu 1 t Oil ' V rl IlH I I t t ' dt V U 111 ft'vl't ' t ' 1 oil ? I u i a ! $ ' t i t r - it 1 1 1 I in a i ' ' cantK $ w 1 t re l'u art W llK ! I L 111 ! a ' 1 crutit u will ' 'i a &rutt in iuiiuii f a ludtgna’mn txw ard l'rtut-r 1 I’ 1 h i n it I AdnimiMraliuii has Ur able re gar i kr TlBlon has U t u diers IN I at ali'it t 'r mi Imnu ihurtMUiUs are to a mu p'Rn uin u d 1 1U at ri v ait d I r — Iso govtrnimnl oir di a d a in re gt in ruu liuiutunt ' ia this part k utar I a It r s Jt h t irt am ilHiite t have prtBumjtixt proof that oar uul ruler an b) noun ant iiuhrttrtnl to tliat nublt portion of our citizen umlipn wlio run tlie mud tearful risks of the ill taunl battle at Manassas therefore Incoming the rightful prey of the ic tor But intlurlo our goxtriimeni lias htMtaud to rescue tluni through liar ot umt v knm ahj ing the rights of tht t H'iratorb a Ulhj truils The hair splitting diMmc turns ot h gal tor m- Imw ever cannot autr fa t nor will anv amount ot effort to preserve tin d gmtv ot tins strugj h ignoring its perils savi oar ruh re troni thi hafgt of gross inhumanity if ituy piisi't in thur pr s ent policy 'Kthnual ’onsidt ratim - an-wir a useful purM)e in tht “pipitig tmu s ot pai I ut in a life and dt ath struggU they art in In v 1 1 I aa a dictate of solar pruhnu and wisdom But the most odious part of the whoU busimss ari'is fro 03 the fact tliat our prisoners ha c ck n r pi a -edt returned to them under a fiij tf tuct with out the least equivalent Would it haxt bun an more a recognition of thur U Ihgi ri nt characti r to have reeened under tlu same flag a com spond ing number of our own men who an now suffering and placing m pistilent Southern slac pens The course which G neral Butler saw fit to pursue in rtcemng the Hattiras gar nson as prisoners of 1 nr the ntognitjon of the relation of Ktntuiky to tlu Union and the Confederacy and the t rms wtiuii An derson accepted on the capitulation of 1 ort Sum ter go farther as unp'ud recognitions of a South ern government than any ontrac t for an ju hangc of prisoners Every rc girm nt w Inch w t raij and every fortification thrown up isa practical acknow I edgment of the belligerent character of the rebels The people are demanding that the government adopt some rule of action in this matter that shall at least have the virtue of positixeness and trans parency The rc be Is now in our custody are re garded as prisoners by the people — they are treat ed aa such by our military powers They were not taken as rebels neither will they be dealt with as rebels but returned at the proper time as prisoners This being so the plea of necessity employed to justify federal inaction in the case of oar own soldiers falls to the ground at once — Every consideration of ordinary justice and prudence and policy and dignity demand the ir re lease by exchange or contract It can make no difference to the results of the struggle whethe r we regard our opponents a inemus or relxls while it does make an infinite difference to our cause whether the government acts bravely and effi ciently or timidly and feebly towards the heroic defenders of the country I How the Fanst Cahk to be Ehploted — The explanation of the employment of the ateam-er Fanny by the Government without bang connected with the Navy Department is that lu wu engaged by the Quartermasters’ I) partm ni of tlie army as all transport service is done by that branch The naval expeditions are made up in thu way — the Navy Department furnishing the fighting vessels but having nothing whatever to do with the vessels that carry tlie fighting men — This system had its origin in the exclusiveness of the navy which felt insulted that a nian-of war ahould be a transport or a transport elevated to the grade of a man-of war by emanating from the aame authority Th Natiohaa Loah — According to tlie Bos ton papers the subscription for the National Loan in that city last week was over $800000 which i a much larger amount than in any preceding week The supply of small notes $60 and $100 has been exhausted which showa that people of limited means are taking the loan to a large extent The Etna Fire Company of Hartford has sub ecribed for $380000 of the National Loan and Col Samnel Colt has not only invested $150-000 In the same way but advises his contractors to do likewise -- Cottox — Mr Thayer our Consul General to Egypt writes home that the British government Is making extraordinary exertions to procure sup piles through and from Egypt A new commercial treaty has lately been negotiated between the Egyptian and British governments which gave the latter additional facilities in exporting the sta-- pie' Mr Thayer at once required that the same provisions should be granted to the government of the United States and his request was cordially granted Somethixo Gome to Happe — Tl e Washington "correspondent of the New York World says— "Bets are oflered here that the first of No ember will see Johnston defeated and Cumberland Gap in our possession and the cotton ports lost forever to seceasioodom No one here expects anything very startling from Missouri Tlie reb els won’t fight Fremont and he cannot catch them The most they can do is cut off detachments of our men" Tixascxt' Notes is Exchange foh the IxjaS — M Cisco of New York on Saturday received authority from the Secretary of the Treas oty to receive two years Treasury Notes in ex change for three years 7:30 per cent Treasury notes from any body who may present them — This looks as if the Government felt quite free in its' finances ’ KxwsrAPEt BTEdcHst— Ths publisher of tha Taunton Daily GomOU proposes hereafter to "gs halves’ with the public by issuing a half sheet instead of a whole ons Tha half sheet will contain toe usual amount of reading matter while theFetef Funks of tha advertising species will - 3 no room fr tbei oca -paying effusions n i 1 1 1 LcM t lU'i I 2c lit Cdl tc UIc IfcXit A M vur 1 c r cert KaILHcmI' c Tie Ink lit of t!i U0 I Hb the to 1 1 c w of the U C and I 1 uN'K‘N — I he t l’i I 1 le in t - i ng 111 I c Ittlnu ! 1 1 1 R Railroad Nt w rf 1 Nuiai C I V1 iM ' 'I he CommibBioiic rb have lieaiU loinpletel thur laUir oe r the premised line ot the nulroal across this island It i& thought thi max be ready to ivnder their report some time during next week 'I lie question will then have to bt tuought Ik lore the voters of Newport in Wild Mieling-lor tin ir filial d um m It will hi ruiumhcied that it w at propose el em tl pirlot Ntw-irt llit sbt wodl ri ii t! ( A y K K K ( o of all x j h use f r land t bill 1 ig t on tlu loilh ploXidtii the litter would c oi 1 b 1 1 ut t steuk and opt t tic tlu r I t till IrJ't Uld It 1'iiv nn lu k II It on l the I I Jit of w t Ho oUlJi N w j 1 1 but 1 t1 r 1 J Mi 1 1b t w n But Ml) ml 1 1 I x 1 1 1 11 I Hil R v 1 1 If 1 awl tin mu ol portion ot 1 i I Kmr Mi" tl rcuih w huh ti t ro I v l h rt (ii t d t run It i I bought that Mub it t x 11 i (sin nth a 1 i lixtr' n an 1 k r loiji lal luvir lx 1 xx 11 a" Mime at ItH'l a j Mi i tf tA iu 1 1 on v ' through tin 11 hrnliiMs tfi ugh tf - t 1 nn ini' 1 1 r t n f r in ti e M Ii" ( x I 1 A i n R j ri' Hu rs w ho 1 1 i i tlx Mi' Kn kt t' w I i iv i KiiJiijounl in w l n h Iti olln r of our w mm 1 1 fh min li atti nt n u 4j uj Mi ' lot iisloii and otlu r ' w h c a a ' dadx l i l w I t I ' the su k and w out! it d u o x oft s all tin turn 'h lit his continiiil pt at ft rition upon tin hin- 0 i 1 1 1 In 1 r i I i I in tl t 111 1 1 1 1 I 1 U'b llil thi tl Mm t w Mi- 1 it i' b i I ‘ t tx w f 1 ' 1 ( it N 8i iii tr in I r I 'Ii m i nri"U' i h h 1 1 1 1 1 n t b x n i n r 't ft tht Mjfk r r ' I x xx 1 ru In Mirrouiiik (1 tl t it 1 1 1 jj I tl) i d j n 'iu I ( Ollflllt li III ill ' til It I Mill XMIl ( iH lx Mr Kk kt t8 i' n n lh x ni m I It jf ass ritutv 1 1 at ii js t tin liMilm M i tf r the Bull Run b it t h an 1 l'u m tin nt slu Ik at i tliat her bu'ban 1 xva vxoun i i -Ik im k tin ri'k ot crossing throng! thi brnki n m I ' ita rul il uinn ot our into tin I n of th irnnn paMiig Stone Bn luri xx ailing u on h r troun h 1 bushainl in tin lio'jutal mar tin rc ml priing onto Manas is mil Rulunoiicl xxlure we now hi ar of her as a true ministering angi! What saul of Mrs Jifltrson Dux i w e lia e no doubt i' true a site is naturally a kind hearted woman and was very much napected in Washington bx all who knew her We are glad to place these redeeming qualities as a partial offset to the wick ed war and re bellion in which tier husband figures as one of the chu f actors 7 Prof Dunn is dunning the people of Taun ton to come up an 1 subscribe for bis Li turns on CIh nustry If be can orilx uu ul ate in the hang ers on in the x lunitx of “Rum Hollow ° and “tlu Gri i n” a taste tor the “eh ments ot watf r ” it w ill he the Im st tiling oerdoufor the Tauntomans The Profissor is tlioroughlv pot 1 in the print l pies of the Smnie on wlmh lie treats and we hope the people of launtonwill gixe him a liberal patronage Ntxx Orleans — I lie Uouisx illc Lmon jour nal epre ss great confilmu that Nw nrkans was on the bth in tin possession of our Unitid Stat s fortes Di-pm- hi s to tliat i fit ct an statu) to U in the Naslmlle papers All this doubt less is hut an exagg ration of the occupation of an island or two in the mouth of the Missm sippi Newspaper Prosplriti — d he Proxidmu Evening Press appiears in a new and beautiful t pograplncal dress We are glad that this valua ble exchange shares an amount of prosperity in these trjing times that will warrant such an x htbition of enterprise The Modern Kawsov — Dr G B Winhip the strong man has developed his strength to sucli an enormous degree that be adxertises to lift on a platform twelve men weighing 140 pounds each Newport Hotels — The Bellevue and Ocean hotels are closed the Atlantic is occupied by the Naval School boys and the Fillmore and Aquid oeck still remain open QTbe New Bedford Institution for Savings has declared a dividend of 8 per cent New Bedford — Items from the Mercury of this morning Col Cullum of the Engineers and one of Lieut Gen Scott’s staff arrived in the city on Saturday evening and leaves for Washington today Of course he has nothing to communicate in reference to the movements of the army but we could not tail in a bnef interview to have our conviction strengthened that our people do Dot yet appreciate the greatness uf tlie contest and the need there is for more men There was quite a smart had storm in Little Compton yesterday forenoon and the captain of a schooner which arrived here yesterday afternoon reported the same kind of weather in the bay Capt Charles Kempton of Fairhaven died very suddenly on Saturday He had been m good health but on Saturday morning was taken with an apoplectic fit and died m a few hours W J Packard who lias been placed m Fort Lafayette and thus had one of hn constitutional rights abridged is from North Bridgewater He is not the only man in Massachusetts ho has a tempted to make money by commerce with the rebels Right Rev Bishop Ames M E Church in Indiana has expressed a determination to spend the winter in camp He has also recommended his son of eighteen years to join the army Mr Ezekiel Lincoln aged 84 years residing in Raynham died very suddenly shortly after eating his supper on Friday night He had previously been ir his usual health There are at tlie present time about seven hundred inmates of the State Almshouse at Bridge-water Bomb Pdbpkibs— Mr Daniel A Smith's Pal-ace raised this aeuon twenty-five pumpkins on ooe rtne They are all perfect and of good site Pr99 JtmmaL i ' j f t t e ir Un 11 vir'day 1 1 it 11 re t" x t r to 1 1 t In nt Ntck 1 1 1 1 cM a tioi't an 1 y ike ot t t a' 1 c t t 1 r 11 - in ghh t c ndi a x n 1 I 1 s' k Ii in III tku tl c allx nipt i' u a 1 a' 1 r ' nn l 1 'ut 1 r ik' w iih great 1 rex u't! 1 x mum w inu ! 1 it I I t w u to putt Ut I i i g Hu w ith hi' tx n I ut i short diMatice I t 11 h trimti 1 U' xx ax t k Mi A Ik n and Ins h f't ah 1 Vtllth mix ’1 h thill hit 'Weeping tl tin with Un gerti into iktpxxihr Mr Allen sc ?td tin bridlt of tin Iioim an 1 atttmptcdto turn the h atn to tl 1 an m it it un 1 pit t i mi' t r t In r rt uu i te i tlu ir t it l Mi Mi I 1“ I iu J - h t 1 f nn tl 1 i - i 1 n i I r xx nu t i nc si M It Mi' rk ' ” ill u ' ’ I pi lilt 'll t It Dll M I i n 1 ii lax v rn j ' an 1 inM"ii nr x i iti ' that Ml! ip 'l' to 1 In ''ixth ’k 'd ix and It ! aim x a'h N t xx in it tin lit r r' it tr liX 1' ( tl I t I r ti i d pi'8 axx ix hi xm it h r ‘nun e x Im tl f t ti I I I' Ii t XX IlhoUt thi U8Uil ' tl t ( ill W I’Rtill r lOIlN' Un ' 1 ' i i d x tin 1 tl at tl x are not i 1 1 i il I In in id tliKKtr u n 1 1 r'hirth i i i I a k I- I 1 ' 1 ’i i in i nnp in ed' il) t I 1 I I J i' tit ' tl H lt 't 1 In JiU'l of 1 d imp i t I I' til t In t Dijtii't i u ti mjK N i xx m n 1 1 ii i an i in ht til ' t i ii I ! t 1 xxi it hi r i n h I' tlu v him xx h tt urn i' in I th in in Mono to i xx tr 1 I xx nn i in R it him aid ic now ti aim i I h'i " tin Potanin aimx and it ih s 1 ' 1 1 thi Ti'idt to li attaimd it niU't bi u Dinpl 'In d In I r !)n i iil ol Noxinilxr J Ik n 'i i ni' to la a him ntahh lai k of drilling in si x i ral ol tin ix dr v n man nts m that it is ejui stioiiahle w hi tin r it would be 'Re 1o allow so mi of thi rn to fli Id of hatlk niiiic within a dozen units of a ( 1 1- Mi Pi i 1 1 vs VmiiAin in St prfwe Command — “Oicimnal makes the following important statement relative to the generalship of tlie army of the Potomac in lus letter to the Philadelphia Press of tlie 1 1 th inst “An extraordinary eahmet meeting was held lat evening from 7 12 nil 10 o loi k at w Inch (h ni rals Me Ole Man ami Mi Dow ill w ire present Ge ne ral aMi ( le Han stated )n plans in de tail and hi has b consent of all partus assumed not onlx nominal! but a tuallx the entire control of the arm) of the Potomac He will consult and listen to the opinions and adxiee of General Scott and other authorities but be must be henceforth lettentirelx to Ins ow n ludgimnt and decision — Napohon like he bears the opinions of other but form Ins own conclusions and acts upon tlu m He a'k t hi w an 1 it is ceded cordially to him 'I o him tlu re tore must hence be credited thi sucks' or charged tlie defeat of our arms ” e-xv Ormans Blocradfd — An Important A hu i mi ut — A di'patihfrom New Orl(ans of the 4th mM i to the Riiliniond J rammer) tells of one ot tin m st important ai hie x ments of the war so far I Ini' it embraces information that the I mud Maks blockading squadron have dug a I as'agc through thi mud of one of the five mouths of the Mississippi to the Sand Spit which commend' tin wink fixi of them and now have the Vinci urns Water Mitch and two other vessels of thi squadron to protect the prompt erection of works v Inch m less than a week will command all fiv of the mouths passes or entrances to and from the Mississippi nxt r Once properly built tins work alone will alsolutelv control thecommu nuation of New Orleans with the sea as complete I) a a blockading quadron of twenty ships of war could accomplish that object I iNroL' Kfmkki Ru atii es — The Hardin Hdm who is reported to be moving down Green rner with a force of from two to four thousand nix Is is a son of ex Governor John S Helm late President of tlie Louisville and Nashville Railroad Tine Hardin’s wife is a half sister of Mrs Abraham Lincoln Mrs Lincoln haa a full brother Dr Geo R C Todd at Richmond who had the honor of being jailpr to old Abe’s soldiers captured at Bull Run Mrs Lincoln has also a brother Samuel Todd who is a heatenant in the rebel army in Virginia She has also a half brother Alexander who is now in the south also hunting for his "rights ” Two half sisters of Mrs Lincoln are married to southern gentlemen also secessionists The younger part of the family until within a year past resided on their farm five miles from this place — Carres Cincinnati Com The Imfebial Crown or England — The imperial state crown of her majesty Queen Victoria was made by Messrs Rundell & Bridge in the year 1838 with jewels taken from old crowns and others furnished by command ot her majesty It consists of diamonds pearls rubies sapphires and emeralds set in silver and gold it has a crimson velvet cap with ermine border and is lined with white silk Its gross weight is 39oi’ fidwts troy The following is a summary of the jewels comprised in the crown 1 large ruby irregularly polished 1 large broad spread sapphire 16 sapphires 11 emeralds 4 rubies 1363 brilliant diamonds 1278 rose diamonds 149 table diamonds 4 drop-shaped pearls 273 pearls On the occasion of a review a few days since the President and Secretary Cameron had occasion to pass through one of the gates of Fort Run on To avoid confusion the rule is to keep to the right but the road was so blocked that the President's coach tried to go through the left gate This the guard resisted when he was told it was the President’s carriage but he shouted “That dodge has been tried before it won't do this time ’’ “ Old Abe’’ thought it a good joke and ordered hit coa-h man to wait and take his turn to the right like common folks Feom "Punch "—Advice to Match Making Mammas The first and only thing requisite ie simply at Mrs Glass very wisely says "First catch your Heir" Spoils and Pastimes of the Americans It seems to be a favorite pursuit oi the Americans to gel hold of a poor editor wltohee had the oourage to differ with them and to tar and feather him — If asked what kind of a nation America was we should feel inclined after bearing of toe above blackguard propensity to exclaim “Tar-nxtion 1” Mat that Itnilix i t Ot XI Iu X h c I t e t i re I a He ! I ' He U X the !I xx ) i be ll ’util’x fl IU ’ OH III tit it h W ! 1 !l i I t I 11 11 luix e t'e t 11 U Mt lib p I I Hi ' in ' 1 k' ' Ut e XX d in t Ke Vt 1 K e ! 1 1 'trttt nn 'V M that tin nt n c i n 'p il hn ( 1 1 1 H DjU t ’ JM H I Ul I'X j 1 1 lift t 'I t It 1 li I K X C"1 ' I i s t 1 1 1 I ill'' r'v I I ! r Ar l 1 1 tt I I to day 7 ' A It i r i ' uji it in j i 1 1 1 1 1 lit' Mon si in 1 i G r u i j 1 1 1 r i 1 h I I x - II 7'KXl n vx u it ti i I i l)u- m il 1 1 mint: i l nc r x tl bit M iru ' U' i i mini nt Im i! it i K'HIiH! ! 1 tani' iriun i which i It a hijIou Ot t 1 aiU am I in I triD 1 n M ( I Hill til IX 111 Ill IJ 1 Ik r 'ii I vx I- I i ( i 'out! toriiK 1 in I n x aiue li xx i' si ut St v i ral sliu' xx n ti I Ih ri£ out ot r tuM n nnr troon I In 1 ' Pork r and M 1 tw i w appri Ik ii k 1 mu! n 1 urn d to mlu i an i I nn nt (k t r i! M i -nk of tlu Potom it il ur (1 1) Baltimon Ot t 12 — I Ik 'h un r 1 m - i in nvidluK (In' mum nj a? 1 Ii tit-lii n hundred paMikr r in h dm ' t tr n ' who wire pi riniiu d to k ix b t'n ( a I authorities a lartre portion nf w I m m t i ilnldun Hi fore tin) wire p un it I j i thev were ilo'elv s unhid topuxtin tin eealmg of any new spijx rs One p nth in n h w ever who had placed the Norfolk An m in trunk escaped detection It contains a disjM’i h from New Ot leans pv jnjr an nf mint of a 1 rately fought battle between Bill WiUon n avis and a thousand rebels at Sania Ro'H Gland on tlie 8th — which is iry nnprohihk The Richmond Euqunn sax' tint th w n transforming tin JanuMown into a w tr x'( rapidly progressing Passengers fiom Norfolk and Ridnnonl gi i gloomy account of nflur Tin p n r i" ' of citizens are suffi ring mot ! and m-nallx tir I of the war The goununtot auihont' ! t purchased nearly all the tofhe in Rulnn i 1 o Norfolk for the soldo rs It was stated in vi 'terdax s 1 jm h t' it i rebels were seen in large tone wit f I ville and under such un uintnn( ' o to n I i the belief that they meditated an att k k -in I t! accordingly the vanou dix i8ioii' on tie irn side immediately placed tl m' in pr r p sition to mebt the enemy should hi mur i t tdities Early this morning nc w obu n Pem' w r - ui but it could not be dix mn d tf i tin nh taken any sk pe to mli iti an mt mi n t i v m upon our troops Up to noon tlu it n nt this city was intense const qn nt up mi th a pated as well as re porti 1 ho'tn ti ' hn i t which none could mistake gid luain qut ! to alarm One of the balloons used for h'frxi n poses broke its nettings earlx tins inorna g nn I took an easterly direction Tlie Washington corn 'pon R nt of thi Commercial says ' Supplies of winter tents are Im injz ma V mar of an unbleached cotton and hemp m iti r a! iw d in England which cannot be si n at a as the white duck tents ran Stne will hi 8ip plied for the tents and not! ing will hi iu g1 ( u 1 that can add to the health and romf rt of the troops ” Inter from Cnlifornio By the arrival of the Pony Fxpress from an Francisco 5th inst we have latir news from California Business is geni rally improxing m San Francisco Gen Sumner has issued hi proclamation order ing the manning of tlie U S military posts in the department by volunteers anil is concentrating the regular forces at convenient points for thur embarkation for Panama 1 he horse equtpme nts of the regulars at tlie Dalles will he turned oxi r to the Oregon volunteer cavalrx Lieut Colonel Merchant will detail companies of seventy nun each from bw regiment to garrison forts Church ill Humboldt Bragg Crook Gaston Umpqua and Scanlon Capt McMahon recently appointed on General McClellan’s staff started for Washington by the overland route oo the 4th mt Heavy failures are reported at Stoikton names not stated John C Falla A Co of Marysville have failed for a large amount Five regiments of horsemen are being forme 1 in this State by W Rosse a loy ai Tixas Rang r and are nearly full They will use rifles and & soes A traio of three hundred wagons of tins ear s emigration had reached the Blue Mountain in Oregon where the emigrants intend si tiling — They are all for the Union Folab Expedition — It roav not be general ly known that a Swedish expedition to Spitzhir gen tailed daring the month of June last with the intention of endeavoring to reach the Pole by foi lowing Parry'a track to the westward of (re n land If unsuccessful it is thur purpose to return and spend the winter in Spitzbergen and resume their journey the following season Mr Hall ailed from New London on board of awhahr eighteen months ago with the avowed intention of making search for additional relics or for some surviving members of Franklin’s expedition His undertaking will posse novel interest particular ly from the fact that Mr Hall will be unaccnmpa nied by any European as he intends to accustom himself to tbe Esquimaux mode of life and em ploy them and journey with them only Mr Hall undertook this journey solely under a religious conviction of duty and sacrificed everything to accomplish this great desire of his life— JVs York 2 i ssss n n it I IM I 11 1 1 x M XX l' I t 'It Tuelvo Federal Soldiers Taken Prisoners nc ir Newport NeWvS Ui u ’ i - - ili- f ! r j v ft l’r - li ir aui B xx n t 1 t1 t M i" i 1 f 1 Ih f t i t R u nu I t' h if tl mx r i i- i i j t re 1 Tt mnuth if jIk s in a rx r lh u ght f tin ‘uh int an wa fm 1 rn t i lx oik ol our 8i nti ni Ip ki II mg or w ound ng on of thin hut thi boat israpid hi fore tin n t j n 1 fluid reloid or assiatanK ioiiM re a h liim If i 'ijppo-sKd tin ) wire re lxel (tnissaru s m route to communii ate witli Cross who was latil) arrr'ti I a a xpy oting took place m Penns h ama R giments of this diw'ion last Tuesda Tlie 30th and 4th mimli'tid comparatively httli mtirist but the 2rub enrrud on tump speaking orations Ac and mimic rows with bonfires and torch light proces sion with a band of music in tbe evening all pkaantly terminating with a serenade to Col Murphy Some of the regiments are preparing for w intr r quarters Tlit Mass 2d are erecting a spai ious stable for thi ir hordes and digging cellars for their tents — Pa) master Stone paid off this Regiment yester da) About twenty heavy guns were heard be tw een twelve and one o clock 7 hursday night in I the direction of Great Falls but the cause is un I known I or!’ 14th — U S steamer Richmond was at Fort Ji fferson Srpt 30 th all well She had Uun on the coral rei f for 30 lours but wa not damaged Gov Andrew ami F L Ilowe leave this ’ M for Washington rorporal Cundx of Massachusetts 1 3th haves lire to night for Boston wuhUtttr Ac from manv numbers of that rcgimmt Ama! ii U n i hoonr r sork n Fat River last night and two men in her drowned Ship Great Republic i loading with 3 1 h ) horses to d iv I he flret n tlie harbor i growing lias numcr ous rt -( nrn 3h — T wpre of tlie 1 1 til New 3 ork regiment wire jitcrdav taken tv tlie reb ( Is a hort distance above Newport News and Lieut Gellor who commanded the party who were m quest of fuel is under arrest for cowardly behavior The ilTes are rnnning away from Missouri so fast that the State will soon be freed from their presence and to become a free Bute Theae people are shockinely indifferent to their oonatitutioo-1 obligations which require them to star at borne and be sold South-— T raoelier j M X jN ' L t V X Kill ' ' L1 1 N i t't ' nts XX VX i'll i t r us ’i lixr tut 'll at in 'i l l't 4 nt x 1 1 UOt btu o the vx uld taiK ' w t re g Kt piittlK mi 4 t tt ii i 4 on uiiuii I t 1 I iiik f i m i ii i u 1 ii li other i m it vx 1 w i i o iu 'it un tutg the I i -i v in ii i i l't v i iir- i oM( iiiuml i i m i f ’ i ' j ' i ti i ih I ni ’j mill th in i i i ‘u ' i 1 1 -mu i i ! 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3 T7ALL RIVER FIVE CENTS SA Il 1NOS BANK— The ANNUAL MEETING of tl Corporation of the 4-all River Fix e Cents Saving Baa w ill be Ik Id at their Bunking Room in Fall fciver nil KbDA tlie ztth day of October next at 7 o’eL Y M JOHN P BLADE Secretary all R) er Oct 2d Jh61 oct3-d&wtra CULPHITE of Lime for arresting fe O mentation in Cider For talc at BhNN’krT’jJ 8 Granite Block SPALDING’S Throat Confections ft O sale st BENSKTT’fll B RONCDIAL Troches at BENNBTT’8 1) ICHARDSON’S Improved Fami -1 V Svrmgea at REHWKTT’S V C BAUD’S Perfumed Velvet Chalk at i i-J BEMNETT’C NTICE GOODS — Malte Laces R It Thread Brutsellt Frooeh Bmrraa As a at ALMY’8 JOSEPH AUT-FAEINA’S GennI U Oenui Colog M at BKKJTKTT’f USE BUBGES9’ SOAP

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