The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY Activities and News of Women Social Calendar ' Two Pair Equals A feature of next week's cabn.. dflf «11! be the Infoiinnl reception! to be given the Rev. nnd M:u. M.I- i lion A. Bog35 at Hie First Presu,-' terlan church Wednesday cs'cn.p- 1 Immediately following the p/ayer ! meeting. Members of all churcni-. i In the elty are'bElng extended In-! vllntlcnj to say farewell to tin;! family which is moving lo Hoi! Springs where Dr. Bjges is la u •' pastor of the rirst Presbyurnui j church there. I Monday i Tlie missionary sccie:y of UK- ! Second Baptist church ii m^iiiu ! with • Mrs. Leslie Moore for a s j- : ' clal entertainment. Members of the St. Stephen ' Guild will meet with Mrs. A. K Fnirflcld for on all day mejtln; i where the women will jew on hoa- j garments for tiie Ulyc'itvJtc hospital. Circles of the missionary solely of the Fiist .Methodist church win msot at these places: circle 1. Mrs. B. P. Brogdon; circle 2, Mrs. Vi Holllpelcr; circle H, Mis. A. M Bull; circle 4, nt Hie church /or a luncheon at 1 o'clock with Mesdames W, O. Hlgglnson, M'ux B Reid, R. P. Partdlscn, Thomas i/j- 'ney and Marcus Evrard as hoy- fiscs, The regular monthly auxiliary c! the rirst Presbyterian chtnircii will be held at 2:30 o'clock al it:- ihurch for the annual election o; officers and members of circle 1 unJ J will spend the moinlng quilting for the Vern Lloyi! liana's (mills These members will te served lunrli it noon. The business and Professional Women's club will have a "Back Heine Again" party at 7:30 o'clock when the past, presidents will u> hostesses. Tuesday Mrs. J. Nick Thomas is lnvl:v the Tuesday club. Wednesday Members cf the First Presbyterian church will be hosts ni a ie- ception for Dr. nnd Mrs. Marian A. Boggs. Thursday Mrs. Hc£5 D. Huglies la having the Thursday Luncheon club. The MJd-Wcck club Is itieetm with Mrs, A. B. Falr/lDid. Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks is en- tettnlnlng the T\vo Ta5> Uriel:: club. Pupils I*rescntcd. 1'uplls of Mrs. Waymc Walk"; Mitchell's piano class were presented in two intsreslliig rjcit.ilr. tmVafterncpn at the Hoial Noblo with the beginners giving a program from "Music Play for Erery Day" and the more advance;! students porfg/miyg Jajpr.. in the nit- crnoon. Tlic selections by the yauii£i-v children were embodied In the musical play with these taking part: Geraluinc Freeman, Aubrey Bcot: Bcttle Jean Hill, Hetty Lou Kramer, Mildred Eco'.t, Harold N;itn- an Rosenthal, Joan Bourland, HH- oml Alexander, Miriam Smitti, ci- rah Pauline Evrard, Pauline Fouler, Mary Ann-.Kabors, Jcanef.:> Jepn Bebaugh, Nancy Kirshncr nun Estra Livingston. Numbers by well known musicians made up the 10 played by tin. older students: Jean Botnland da- rah Pauline Evrard, Belly LM Mc- Cutchcn, Jennie Wren Ull)atmiu\ Joe Thomas, Patty Shane, ESU., Livingston, Clara Garner. Mar; 1 McLeotl. Winifred Goodrlcli, vn- gjnia Bourland, Alarjarii tiosvi-i end Dorothy Kogcrs. Scoultrs Club JIccls. The Scoulers club cf junior him sclicol mc( Friday afternuon vvi;.-. three new members. I'laylnij ba-i- ketball \\-ns the rnienalnmcnl v.ltn Hubert Haaga and Howard BODn; leaders of the two teams. The Hansa tea mdefeated the lioonc laoi with a score of 3 to a. English cia^s Has a Pra;r.-.m. The English class ol Uu-'vA' room of junior high school nu- scnted the tollowlns r-ruaiam Tr.- day aficrnoDn: book rcpor; -i". Wee In Luck," Dan lUmncr; veuo- ins "Hurry. Hmiy," Kaxl^ r/iu- castcr; book report. ••The Omni- Boys," Barnes Crook; lyck re- •,•• "Tern Swtlt," Julm mini*- u^V icport "Boy Scoi.ts In the oub- marine;" Jiam-js Crock; piny • » Plac; for Evcryihing and Everything in Its Wacc"; tsok icpo:- "Grey Guunt Wolf," !!. j. S;mfo::i' Duughler Kern. _ Mr. nnd Mrs. MO.-.U-IKM' jr., annoncs the birth of n (•'••'•V|. Isr barn last night cr eariv Vria, Kl .a Memphis hcsplli-.i. l!:i"or c )p'- uVVt.eEe several years aqo Mr ."tonaghan was'Miss Irciiu' Cha-I- Taker. Part on Program. ( Mrs. George lair, iooX pan C n tyirtmci.i of Hie Woman's duo t:v, .»CCK by reading several nur.n-, U-, ^homas Hardy. Uie writer sti;-t--i in, Is II a boy or n of a San l-rancisco choiiu . . .•• AS time has proved "if n- martin have become llu> "Clalo 8 ••; • litllc cl luih. 1'cr the •fan;. June, J:,in nnd Icday, «rc L on Hi -.amcs. 'I hey arc the cnly qiuuini[::.; :uir Inches per [HTMIII an.l Rmi'saliv „ ::upls o: iicuiids. t:ic oilier three aiitcm.nlically fo o'n a ;;au yc; encountered has bxi\ able lo make up lii.i i;r 1K | :e propcscd bigamy ns the only solution. At %ny nr.e, i : the stage two years i:jo and George Whit; ii:ial;y'I born ID Mrs. Sadyc Gil Jc.-n-2iul they're as similar as I-IL: 111 years old per each; measure 5 :o. nt c::;;clly lu p unds. If cue Irs.-- with f, rcii-sn boy friend Ijri-i^ Bits of News .,-j'Moslly Personal Pniuiest Show Girl i-. L. Pieman, cf Mcmplm. wo,: ml here until a shun time agj ntteiideti to Imslncjs In the ei,\' •e^terday. Btcky Jane McCaM, rinirhlcr o' •.Ii'. and Mvs. t:. M. McCisll. is con- ^.lescing frtnn u ease ef se.irlui tc- ir but will be miamitlncil lor another week. Doyle Henderson Is s;icn:iir.r ih.> .eskend in Memphis wilh M:/ I'.L-r.derson and her IUDIIICI. 'MI';' tir.ton. who Is ill al th-' 1! li-ispllnl. Betty C'liflon Blair. v.ho brtn me guest of Mr. and Mr< M. MtCall. is noiv visiting MI ; Mrs. E. D. Olllcn. Mr. and Mrs. E. !t. Tivadw-iv Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Von Aim a ; -:V iioviivg to Ihe Ed Cr.iiij liuine o;i '.lie iMcmphis hlgliway. Mrs. E. D. Gillcn « ils -, V |j in Memphis W:<.nesdny. HusiOll Blair Ins Veiurneil Memphis lo be with AH.; and suns, kussi'll anrt John -„. -, who are ill .altsr altondini; lo'l;ii',i.' s here for tnu ii:!\-.. t;.f-.i;r, ,. u , mg (o LUtle Hoci; 'tor .1 'bvi;{ .-.Siiess trip. TIIJ vi'nd::iei> u- Jiihn Allen Is yet .-criu'.!; Mrs. Media Billon to tier home in New Ma,!::.i lumorrovv after several \ :tn Mr, and Mrj. A. c. family. Siie will ii;. ., cy Mr. and Mrs. II c, ii:'.n will ipi'iul the ii,i) B. H. Levy u:i?ndf.l [• ui .Ice Mcycra lirKi m yesterday. Miss Mnrgucnu leaches in tlic hicl: inn l!li!i:e. will anivc ;,,, nd tiie ucek-end v, |i;i nits, Mr. and Mr.:. JL . , H. O. Wickbum is ,i-i.':i.;.•.'.'•' business in Maiden. ^ Mrs. aeurge H. Hun 1 ..-.'.. Craftun. Miss v-roii: i Mi:s Annie Let' and M Cufloii all;n;iL\] Ujn tame in Slcelc \r.~', iv,,?:-, B. N. Witioii ol u-.V; engineer, is in the i-iiy ; neon. Mr. nnd .\frs. IJ,v.,v leavii.g tomorrow i.-,-' j i'r:;n.. where tiny v..;; i. Cuing to Pass Ctni.-i..... " visit fccfc-ic Mv :jrb:iH piaotico Mr. and Mr.-:, i. r.:-)vm;; into tno 1- ..i noLLY\voor> iif.iv r.'ilcil }Miyu;i,Kl' lifnl jlu'W ijirl. Hu: lors;:ii i-. ,1.,...-,... Miss Morriui is luii hr... lyword'.s m.'st br.'.uti:iL incicly is the 111.1-1 l:,., ;===== ^,|ATURDAY,^FEBHUARYj5, lf)30 WKKKLV SUNDAY SCHOOL I,KKSON^-= -='—•Jesus Meeting Human Needs t .,, . Thp Irifernutloiul I'nlfonn Sun. Laxvycvs Ileclge Prosecutoi- *** s<l1001 I ' CS5 °" lm Ftb - 16 - 1lir.ii- <5i., , i ' r i jc ' u ' ; Meeting Human Needs. nicu Support in Cam- Ms "- 3:1 - 13 for Reelection. OBCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. 15-Th- Osrajta liar Association at a n">ct- i!i< licre yesterday passed rcs'olu- °. vcr >' Bomber of By WM. K. CilLROV, l>. D. Editor it Tlic CongrejrallonaUst The general lesson title Is "Jeius Healing and Helping" Regarding Ihc healing cf Jesus we have not -. - -•- • •"•«i m full records, and the whole sub- ith , n" e '! dorsln e »o". S- L.: J«rt Is 0112 o( m«cii complexity and <rr «\ I ^ SC , C as a "'""^'o i difficulty, emphasized by the con'. .,-.,,,,f l °," cl ,'u vm ns Pfosecullnj licllng evidences and opinions of / v t_.ney fcr the scccntl judicial modern times. .. I'lm ih'fi • u i- • i '•it^nsas. and pledging The recent happenings at a ccmc- iistinted anil unqualified i tery in Maiden, Mass.. where on , . , i s~me days as many as a hundred i.,n was elected to the j thousand people visited the tomb of o young priest, over sixty years -'ead, nt which shrine certain remarkable cures were rciwrted to have taken place, illustrates what] A'ii'.i; are the resolution's «>' the O.-,ccola bar: '«"". • in- follow townsman, .L Gl.tdiili. /ins always con-1 we have In mini). 'Hie actual de-i „; i ... no a Bcnilcman j icripllons of the scene at the tomb j i...oi ciiizcn .and " Whereas were exceedingly pitiful, bitli in i cr/hls proferslon he! (heir rcprcsenlalion of human suf-: .iin.s stayed within the 'ering with Its Intense quest o/i >°>, i .,' shc5t sUndards! hope and relief, and, in Ihe evi-' , - •- •••J'tfc.Jfc OL-lJIUlJl Ui i! IVcfe'sicnal c:h!cs, and "Wlierc- iiv. he has served ni;re Ilian :ialf .1 one tt-tni as p^ecuthig Attorney as mi able and a gentle man of highest character, "Now, therefore, we, the members c! tiie bar of the Osceola District a cai entry and hereby pledge him our unrtlnted and unqualified support " sit-ned: s.R. Simpson, J.T. Cosi:n A.P. Barnaul. Bruce Ivy. V. Greene. Chas.. E. Sullengcr. Jno. Beavers' J.C.Young, O.D. Searaves, n.L Maillins, James G.Coston, WW Picwilt, D.F.Tnylor and E.S. Driver deuces of the lack of any real cures. • ,.?, The careful Investigation and fol-! ^t towing up of certain conspicuous | cases reiwrted as miraculous turned | out to be rather negative and very i disappointing. Not Called For m <- 011 »"ticn with many faith cure ., ,. " her arrival tl-.i i.- ol (he i-Nixlus liv,,.i,,| -nui divided la iv;u. ;, . on Wc.-i \V.!.,. Mr. iiiul Mr... 1C Memphis thi . :\'. «'cc!t-ciid. Matt Moiiaglian Memphis yesterday ,\ i I'alienlri :idmn:i.i : l!c hospital mi,-i- 'i>. L. ),. y.iU, M,, Bi:d, Kobeland. Rea3 Courier nu;dily in llullywi;,Kl >; i; \rnt ni Ihf U!kl:-s. Ti: l:;c "girly" icndi ;j tlu ti.incc numbers. Mi:-s Morgan v..i- Ucmy Clive, masa/ii-- ;Ulcr Iv: had vi.-\si.i ;. SCO movie show yirl . ,,-.; mini; Kidy has n ii\r-\,.< .li'.in. 11 juniii:- i-..;:.. . . ,- v .. [iivi-s with her Un/nry ',: ; ,.''.' " j fun (o hri' \\oi.s .11 il-,. i/ \\'' : I i-^ .'•tiuijini; dunnir.i. :-,i '"I niiitic art. Kronen PH.! j Jejii a as bcvn In l::i- \'. ! \V.ien tt-.s v;as H hsr ia; *•'• "J-. | to Boston. While in hi; |! ! C'Oi.fMiilA. M,. , i 1, I'.ri'nvr. aiilietu l '. ! UllUvii-lly 01 Mi-v.:i | i:i,: Hint i-ollr-i- M, : pr.inks. linr.vei-'s in•: . l,T V, ;t,s 3;,%t ailli I,-. | l:..l !or x-\v:v.l ,i,,.. ' luii-,. d ;il!rr a (;r, i : _ r.i.nik>.l:is had run:..', •ind (iiny. and pn ci lli-rl::-i-| Shu.- v.;, >'ii the :-li'i'i:in t : i),n: li'initj t:uu.o. t'iun 'bedraggled do^ and ; Brewer, LAKE STUKET JI.ETJIOUIST CilUHCH \V. J. I.eltoy, l'i:lor "God Looking for the Listener" the siibjecl at 11 o'clock. A Ihrillini; story of a mail who kept hearing a voice saying: "In (hee shall all Hie families of the earth be btescd." "The Greatest Picture Ever Seen' h siitjecl at 7:30 o'clock p. ln H'iiat really did the pjoplc sec who beheld Christ, on the Cross? What da YOU sec? Hear this mossa-- Sunday night. Bring your friends Sunday school at 0:45 a. m. League scrvico at G:30 p. m Everybody Inviled to all these services. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Perry F. Webb, Pastor. 9:45 a. in.—Sunday school.- John B. lj!ine, superintendent. • "Beginners' Day." .-..'• r--~- Mornlni; worship 11:00. Sermon by Dr. N. A. Moore. G:15 p. m. B. Y. p. I). Miss Lima U. Wllhehn, director. Evening worship 7:30 p. m. Sermon by Dr. N. A. Moore. Special music at both sjrvices. Jonesboro College and an excellent Dr. Moore is professor of Bible ;it preacher. The public is cordially Invited to all services. FIRST I'HKSHYTERIAN ClilJKCH Jlarion A. Bogjs, i'aitor Sundny school. OM5 a. m. be- forgotten that onjy is there great power inherent in mind over i matter but, as most sane physicians would recognize. Iherc is also u wholesome, helpful, and restorative tendency and power In right spirit-1 nal attitiircs mid In constructive' faith. The subject Is one on which we ought not to d-gmatlze without ths very greatest care and the appreciation of all factors involved. If there could be any one ironi whose presence and inlluence we wuld exptct healthful and healing ,,Texl: Jl.ilt. 9:1-13 And he entered into a ship, mid passed over, and came Into h. 1 ; ov.-.-i city. effects to result, turely it would be' h '} ' y bro "3ht '" JUm a man sick of the palsy, iyin- on n Jesus of Nazareth. There can be I Ced: antl Jcslls Meill B their fai;h said unto the sick of the palsv*- son little doubt that In his earthly! bl! 'of scod cheer; thy sins be forgiven tlice that il was not for nothing that his nHhly works, bc^unc associated tt'ith Hie records of his teaching, ! It-1; important also lo remember j however, that Jesus never exaggerated the place of any such ministry of outward works. He constantly dispaged the miracles in wan blaspiiciiiclk And Jesus knowine their thoughts said, Wherefore thinl" v cv'1 in your liear.'s? • . " " For whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thce- or I- .-v Arise, and walk? ' "•*' But that yc may know that the Son of man hath power c:i e-ifi fo forgive sins, (then saith he lo the sick cf the palsy,) Arise, Cil- layin? seuiwrior stress np-n his i up thy bet!, and co unto thine hcuse teaching and upon his spiritual mi5- n. and the number of in- And he arcsc, and departed lo his house. But when the multitudes raw it. they marvelled, and glorified ceil. - ,,. 1h , K . „ , . . stances of miraculous healing nnd j ncn Ule lnu! «'t"des rav/ even of raising from the dead Is ! wh!ch had given such power un . notable, it gives one pause to realize! And as Jesus passed form from (hence he saw - t^ people suffering from disease and various forms of physical limila- tion and affliction. •As editor of.The Congregational,-j And when the PI isl, I liad -Hie privilege not long ago of publishing an article by a man has been all his life seriously " ^ '^ « W *" B: an = e ' BnA f <"'°«'M him. "me to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the h- " . , mea n the h- publicans and sinners came and sal down with lih, " " beheld, mini; his di£:iylc . ..they said unto his.^isciflle'sV Wi:;.- and sinners? But when Jesus heard thai, he said nmo them. They that be whd K-rt tint n ^l,,.^l_:_.. i .... J ni"v l^l. VMII.I. v- as een a s e serousy , nnio tem, The crippled. Under the title "If Jesus i necd not a Physician, bul ihc-y thai arc sick Christ Should Meet Me" this cripple. ! l:ut so yc and learn what that mevi->;h T ,.-i;i i Mr. AlEuricc Johnson, of Claremont,' , acr j nce . rol . , .... nnt ' mea.u.h, I v ,ul huvc " pastor's subject. Evening worship at. 1:30. "Christian Faith and Faithfulness" will l:e the subject. Singing of great old hymns by congregation. Young People's meetings, at 6:45 p. in. A cordial welcome lo all. MUST METHODIST CHURCH I'. <!. Kon'r, I'aslor Worship nnd Sermon 11 a. m. nnd 7:30 p. m. 'The Ko.-ponsib'.IUies nl die Clmrrh" subjccl nt morning hour. "Ufe Heyond the uravc" Mioject at evening hour. This is the first 1 of n series of sermons on Immorally. Sunday school 9:45 a. in. Hi-nior league 0:30 p. in. Intcimediatc League ti:30 p. in. Junior League 6:30 p. m. IVner meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. ;.'>vir Rclic.irsul Wednesday 8'30 p. in. The Hoard o( Stewards voted to fci-gin n revival in the church April C:h, clc.Miig Easter Sunday. Mr. Maurice Johnson, of Olaremont-.' 5r Calif., suggested with noble Chris- i". tian faith that his handicap had I been the real means of his service, j ' Sustained by a profound faith, | upholding a remarkable spirit, Mr. i Johnson refused to become the vie- | lira of lils limitations. With in- j vcnttvo genius he developed a eha'j that made It £0s;ible for him in g,'t : about and to help himself; and in ; this way, along wi!.h his poetry—j —he has given profound help and! encouragement not only to iumirn acr j nce . rol . , .... nnt ., , uvc mercy, ani „, " ' a '" not come t: ca " Ulc nshteous, bu: sinners t Osceola Society—Personal driy,:i:; through t!,o Ne(v o-l-ar; and except to arrive in Oj^ai". | -'.londay, slopping over l)?r- f y'ti-- • week Mitll Mr nnrt MrSi . Uriver " e b,n,din !; owned by G pson on Main street n, f s ay teve si " ll:i r ««" tl l' rc-ctccoiatei! • few Uays in St. Louis nteo ciiujiimK<.'"ii'"t not omy io iniiiirn-•' J "-'- JiI . "'<•* ^(.eiiuy rc-accorateil I few iiay crable people handicapped like him-• in th e interior for occupancy by J.| there hrlf but lo many who are sound and i N ''mil. Luxora grocer, Inrnisbsu Mr. ;n Mrs. Guy Bryant was'a „..., visitor yesterday. Mrs. L. s. Mitchell. H-; Tucker, and H.ile ,J,a-ks::i ; Thm sday in Memphis. Mifs Fay Stevens is spi:::ll •ell but who, n'-nc the less" exi')e'r-.' lhe inspiration for .. iencc life's temptations toward nis- community card party :ourascment. delightful Thursrla., 'evening. i[ r . and Mrs. Tlionipsoi The great point of Mr. Johnson's i "?, dh Mr ' "'"J, Mrs / , Hunl ' togethe; article was that he looked to Jesnsl* ,.„" JT! lxora ! " eMs ' lint for a miracle, saving him rrom'™'?^, 110 ™ canl building into his terribly crippled condition, bit • "d Bly\hcville"nrJ OsccT"' ?"*"" fo' 11*1™^ l ChSan 1 ^vitnL a 'h^?"? 11 ,f"^ i ' e< . 1 "" f^"^ "^ lhat condition and situation in .' ta "" lle » l » l flve """drecl. which God had called Mini. i FO»O-.VI:IJ the game a delicious Pofsibly we may better c'nsirier, llfrct 'UWJDr v.'as served and li:i;n this whole aspect of healing in Ihe ? cor . c l lnacic; vvclc awarded Mrs. Uu- uri Mrs. j. L. Williams ru- liirncd last nigh; fvom a i-, v , lilv ,, visit with Mr. and Mrs. Prank Wil- Jmiiis In Little Rock, the ctCMion uf their visit bcin? the celc'.irr.tix. of their graiuSscn. Lan Wiiliiri seventh birtlmny. Mr. and Mrs." R. A. PrK-a ivli , have been in Osceola for jj-H-ri' months engaged in work f:r H:Woods Constructio:i comp.iry hii- • keen transferred to JefTer'cit Git••" •Mo., and left far ;l u t p'ac- a i-days ago. Masters earthly life was thai .„. ivas n helper. > Ol| l of (own guests inclurtrci Mr Recognizing Tl- IMnrr anrt Mrs - Rola "rt Grcrn ol Blythc- Soinc time ago 1 read an inn- r- ' ™ nr - Mr ' """ Mvs - J - L - °CM ol csting story concerning a dislln- : 2^^" ^\^™^,°^ gulfhcd EughLhman; I think it war- ,, ., - atd M «• ' ' . Belireiis. SCIENCE SERVICES Scrvuvs are tirltf every Sun'diy! mornnig. n o'clock, in room ^1^: , . .. nf the Farmers Bank building ovn ! 1 . mc . I ; lr ' t10 . Sir Bartle Frcrc. Some one wa 1 ; i~n*t^; .„, . ;.- —..v...,. Going to meet him at a railway sla- ?," res , N !f ""• Mlss Em "'^ Ca *' tlcn who had never seen him b,-- 1,; ,, ,, .~ b ' L ' al "d«!i. Mr. i frre and was inquiring from a mil-' ",, ,, ' b / a CaTr l'entcr anil Dr. liul friend how he was to be rcro?- ?'",,_""',.. L ™?° H °", t ™- El 'l«- Ill/Cll Thi. frirnH i.nvn n <w,!„,.'.,I ' li " llln K .««" Mr. and Mrs. cry week nnd said j S |, :il t u, c cveninas at home " "Well " "Slie is back, now and t'jc h:t!' bill has cfiino in—it's f'-v Jr\.' cents."—Tit Bits. Hflrr. Subjccl for tomor- ^r^^^ 1 :^*--^ 1 ^ 110 ^ tinctive lliiur -5SS, V L^^^-: £ ^ helping .somebody." Sure cnonghthe ^im' n'wen M^'nd'^"""-^^ de«-rJ|ition proved correct. When Uomh Mr a iu Nlrf n r T the man win had gone to the Ma-! 5 to ' Mr and M?' r , *' lion to meet Sir Bartle found a "£ 1T ,J ,?„ , ,, 5.','-! , I,.»I_I~,I.-I..,T .,.o., „„;,...._ _ ' '"'" " Irs - '*• "• Glllc: Dnv:r. pie. Miss •lie Broivn, nnd Mrs. UAPTiST L. /,. NcMsom, Pastor ,ay school. U:45 a. m. W. M. V.. superintendent. I'Jn. 11 11. ni. Subject: "A JIi.MiJii.-i.-y Chiirch." This nlll ft,-, tne |i,i>.; r-iijhlh subject on Ihe clunvh. "- V. P. u. i',:15 p. in. Smr.un. 7:;« p. m. Siilijev:!: jiyii-:: I'p TiTasurcs in Hc.ivriv IV.UMC at the ci'niinii er- ''>' by T. ji. lUiyncs, clicir dirwt- Krc^s' low: "HDiil," ("..-ilric'ii Text: Leviticus Sj:ii. IL>. "I will set my tabernacle among you: and my s™: p.ot ;il>hor j'cii nnd I \vir * """• '" ••-•-^- --••• —••• -"- '•»..,,,, „ w.\lk ainoiiB you and will he yo'ii dssthinuiihed-looklng man assisting Cied. awl 5e "shall be my people. and old lady from the Iraiu. Wainc-dnv evening service. 1-A'-. thai he had his man. ; Bm . ch snlr n cVlw's That L<; the spirit thai Jesus in- . . , cordially invited. | cu.'cated in his leaching and in his- Miss F ( „ Wunrtc „ k d M .. : example. He stand!, in the world ns ,\ uvrdo* nr q i >r -i the Oreat Helper, and Ihe c.-saire Lv siiesl* of Mr TOd'tlr. j«me i-f his cospcl Is lhal God cur 1'ath- Drive in Ssecoh 'i nvt ^V Mis cr is a grcal helper. th.U h ls Iov , Wunderlick m d \ Wcri's re . Is mighty to redeem and In uphold-- wcrn^-s and strengthen us. So JCMI;; rxincs throiijtli cur rarlhly life t-day. as he did in ancient Qalilrr and Judea. saying. '^Polluw me." And whenever or wherever we follow we shall always find him going nljout doing pKd. Head Courier Nf "PAIRMOUNT MATERNITY HOSPITAL. Secluded licmc 11:1- fortun.itp girls and cxjwclant ;i:ol:i- crs. May work for part e:-:;-;n:;:>. Babies for adoption. For nfnr- mallfn write F.iirmoum He-.pi'al •(311 Kast L'Tlh street, City, nd'v Tablels Relieves .1 Hrail.irli" nr .v-^r.^-r, in SO minutes, rhciks a C-h tVn- first day. and rlirck^ .M.-l>rb in Ihrcc days. 666 also in Liauici. all .... . M'.r pub.,.- i.; cordially invilrd MII.ST CHKISTUN auwcu L. K. Lulimcr, ."Mims'.LT Churcii .ichco). 9-45 a. m. Ccmrr.un'.on and sermon, H a, m Tuple: "Apples of Gold In Pietn:c- of Silver." ' Chrislian ^ndoavur. fi:30 p. m. Evening praise and sermon. 1:33 p. in,- Thc rile of Baptism will !>:> a d- minislered at the evening icrvicc. Courier Kews Want Ads. On the Broadway of Kingsway Hotel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. Now Firfipvoof Hotel For StalR People JloiliTnlc Knlcs Col'fcn Sliop New ISO-Car Garage . . 0. W. Everett, -Managing Director

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