The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1940
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LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OV NOH.THHAST yvmr.^o,,, .„„ „ "•- 1 -«—^ f f VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 2(53. Lnulor B| J' lllel ' IIIc Dally News Blythcvllle Courier No Relief In Sight; Zero Weather Holds South In Firm Grip MBWSPAPEB OF NOHMUMBT AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AHKANSAS, TliUKSDAY, JANUARY By United 1'ress Zero weather moved into the deep enisling « heavy blanket of snow and 'en in thc grip of'an icy o Clothes Afire, Rolls In Snow To Save Life The zero wealher was felt again In Arkansas where the merucry dropped to two below at Bcnton- ville. Fort Smith had a low of Avo above, Batesvllle six and Little Rock, 11. 'Die zero temperatures extended as far south as (lie Georgia mountains. This morning Atlanta, still digging out of a 10-Inch snow, hat! n low of 13 but a low of la was forecast for tomorrow. Additional snowfall was forecast tomorrow for portions of Vir- 1 Mrs - Dollle Garner, 20-year-old glnia, Kentucky, Tennessee nut! Ar- wife of Raymond Garner of near kansas. There was a possibility the Lake City, wns very seriously snow would extend into Georgia burned -when her clothing caught and Alabama over the weekend. | afire from n stove yesterday- at Schools remained closed In him- her home. Drought lo Blvthevllle dreds of southern communities, she- Is rcsthi" fairlv well cause of transportation dangers, j today. - Tne snow and severe cold had; Presence of mind saved her life caused "millions of dollars" dam- if s! ,e survives Ihe severe burns age to North Carolim, highways Afler she was unable to rating t"h and fruit and vegetable crops. I the flames she ran cut o the Heavy fiost this inornln? «vinn,in-i: i . r. Ll "' ul L "e ii Forma- Load School Head's Heroism Wim Carnegie Medal !?/«•/,« r\( 1'OICC U[ PH., Jnli. 25 <UW—The rescue by Harvey 11 , Haley, superintendent O f schools n _ I Hot Springs. Ark. (fouuer Bly Un-j^Ho school head) of wiUliun M Tanner, his brothcr-ln-hiw, frou '•.Hie a start ut lack and drowning a Folly Bench, a. O. on July 13, 193 I won for Haley one of 10 broiiM HELSINKI, Ja,, ^ ,nm Rll , | mc(illls "*'n"l«l last night by 11 v .tan -Hock liow'u^TleS« S3^ P "" <1 ™ 1 "" ks *» f °>' " c against (he Finnis,!! lim , s ,, or(h . '°"-act-. Diminishing cast of Lake lji<lo t -n with diminished force today and the Finns believed that they had passed lliciwHi"™ M critical point of one of the most, The commission report said; "Haley, 45, suiwrintendcnt o: schools (at Hot, Springs) rntfUi: ttn. i:_. -. - ... * " , ' -_ Tnnner, 41, (ruffle from a sharkattack am whole line untenable. Finnish cratches reported that Ta.mer . was struck by the shark ju s ( before It attacked " urt I » ' "' , h ? ,,T', lnf ac ' ' " lm bnckwni-d to prevent, rnmwr's ''I 1 " 8 , 1 f»'' ce »elng taken into deeper water. He ° be lttcki " 8 - fclt Ule snark swamped state police cars and 15 trucks were reports bod head<iunr-| A > mlgl ^ _, w was passing the i iitjjv.y 1-ilID llllU U U (IUA.,3 YrCHS i . . ..x*..jx,. reported In one "scramble" on an ncard . her screams and after the let-coated highway near Hender- , "' h!ul killM f he fire, he took -- - [Mrs. Garner into the house and son, N. C. The cold wave killed livestock by the hundreds in the cattle country of noithern Florida. The mercury went to 3D In Miami today, working a hardship on.serious, many winter tourists living in T1 'e accident buildings not equipped with steam heat. Five Degrees Here "Another cold night" was sumnuned aid. Her hips and back have second degree burns to the base of her skull which make her condition occurred while the repon of the official weather observer today when he awoke this morning. The mercury went to five degrees above zero early this morn- and at noon today was only In; slowly climbing. This is tne ninth day that Bly. thevilje has not had any weather above freezing with a maximum of 32 degrees reached but one clay— -Tuesday- of tcriib on. „' Although highways have been cleared, streets of this city are In perilous condition today because of the freezing over with the snow partially melted. Most of tne lour inch snow which fell Monday night and Tuesday is 5(111 on ihc ground and sloigh parlies were all the vogue again last night with a full moon to make thc snow gleam. No schools of Mississippi County have been closed because of the. weather except at Dyess where classes were suspended for several days because of so much Illness among students but they have been Mrs. Garner was warming In front of a wood heater In the living room of their farm bouse. Cold because she liad been out dcors, she was standing with her back to the stove when the heat caused her clothing to become Ignited. Alone in the house, she was hampered In fighting the flames as they licked her back and after trying to extinguish them by rolling on the floor and pouring' water don jhor.'bitek, she staggered out intojthe SIKW and lapsed Into u'n- as saying that 40 per cent of Iheb- casunltlrs weve from freezing. This, the Finns sugjested, usually meant amputation of frozen members nnd permanent Incapacltallon. I'irms said that what they called sn organized Russian terror campaign of bombing continued. Tiiey asserted that Russian planes bombed and machine gunned civilians yesterday in three small towns. ESTES TD Tanner nhd kicked at it. T|, c shark released its hold and did not attack again. Haley then nlded Tanner, who hobbled on one fool, to wade- to shore. Tanner's foot, wns badly mangled, but he recovered." The tent of a boiler-maker In ' ' 'us a steeplejack who plunged "' Hos ' (1 - ' . O. Uoyd, of Olendnle, Cal, •viil rt'i-elvc the award, nave his life"i atlt'Liipilng to save M. I'nrkhurst, 31, from drowning. •••« 1'iirkhuist's brother mound »'r from Uu> iMclfie. A new who was disabled wns jrniili'd $-i'25 by the commission, •'iiiirn also made awards totnlliiK in 13 cases for Iho purclinso 01 homes or other worlhy purposes, slevn Sinn C. Sheriff, 20, Athens, Cia., 'respect DuU-i .indent was honored for eiilcrlirg. avoid Injuring i sedan submerged In a pond In nice >» nticiupt to rescue. W. Uomild Says Trade Independence Of Netherlands Mnst Be Respected •—— __ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Trade Treaty Expires; Future U. S.-Japanese Course Is Uncertain ,V ''MSIN, Ci,i, m , Jan. 25~wI^ IINGToN S1 °' TIIM IIACHJK, lo =r> the. c and c c Tionlwn nron, miitl todny (hat J,,,,,, slnco ion « .„• i A unloHH the Unllcil SliilcH re- a H iH-nffi ? ex " u 'f'^ 1 ' to Hjiundcd to "Jnimiiosc imod "r If 'I'm-posea today. win- it W o.,ui * 10, Donald was drowned but hcrift snvcd IJonald's molhcr. Two rescues from dcnth under !™n "'heels Ruined recognition. Stephen J. Younger, 49, yard brnkc- H."wXr. rl 03 011 1>n " S " VK ' H' "lerlrUviiiT inlc^ll' y '"of"Tho '° r l '! l! M1 '" 1 - v lo vcv ' 1 ™ UlO viveiidi'Tvoilknm' rlMuls was gtvcn In parlla- HiUmliou Illlit to "reconsider iinnii ^>-l"),peart'd will- °"- coml "K lrnlu Cl ' NeiheriMuis was given in piuiia- s'uiiuum nn ( i lo "reconsider soon mail today by Foreign Minister aiiproprmto H <ei>9," i In« V^"i' n VTi 9 " w '",' mi Ur.11 N. Vnn Klpriens. , j,, uvm tho U ulcd Stales lm "M n Ct Ul ° 1)laUe >' r O-« Atter calling on tlio Dutch to l.aaM a trade cuitarw on Jnp",, W l l , h 1 1C «tntO department. aicrlllcos and Increased Homma suld, ho saw no reason 10 V stftl ° l| W»'l wont's only for- defensive strength Klcffens l«nt Aiiavlcans moro favorably " 10 ' 6ln t™«>t, tailed .several, days possible aggressors lo inclining Urllons, acnlnsl ivnom he'" ons w " n Jil'iro will remain ilgn l(1 , s lon B as tlio nation Is wllllnif ' for months. "1> overylhlns for the In- He voiced n suspicion tlmt (ho lte "'- U ""° d . Ten-year-old Mary Austin, of Spring Illll, Aln.. was (ho youngest o tie honored by Hie . commission •i Us imminl meeting. Thc school Irl saved Mary P. Merjrary, D IldSSWhnlfnl * poll of „„, , , M nt i )rcse nt, but that any fuluro Japanese dlscrlnilna- -ons ngnUisl [ills country or Its ">'| f'csls in ihc Far East may rc- _ ^ m suit in retaliatory action also Issued u jiew call for summed up, "Out I do not cc'nse"t'o |.,, As tllc "early 30-year-oid treaty pemllng "developments" .Hi the l-nr East. That was interpret pence liefcru Hie "collnpso of ceil- hO|)e for tral and wc.vlern Kuropo hllo pov- crty and liolshevlisin. future. 1 ' ULicloslnj -- ea relations In ihol', "' " 10 '«'« Bovcrnmenls whose- <llsn-vcMiifj)ls ,011 Japan's policies tliat u, 0 Japanese. . "Ilollaml must sail her ships and nnny hud lost 70,000 men In (jmna, must trade", he added. "We must Ocl1 ' llommu Bntd Japan did not °" cr om ' o. W Va O W ? n. ,r •"»» llnvc to SUOW «*«• "ml -': „„.... V .P.". Oln . f w - IJnllc T' «'. «re a nation full ot vllalilv." nwurdcd a bronze medal for 5o feet from a smokestack, also saving Carl A. Clndfrcy 39 from won rccognlilon. . n burning house in which the two Rivaling the stunl of ntiy circus wcri! slceu I"S nt Hniiovcr, W. Va,' acrobatic star, Theodore Bennett, Ecvcn otllcr "wards were made' 14, Mobile, Ala., boller-mokor,saved I or tlcrolc ''Mcucs from drowning.] '5-yenr-old steeplejack Charles Von , cy VV " |U to: I'hHip J. Spear, 24,1 arc a nation full of vitality." Oossctt from a fatal /nil Nfs.y 18, 1D38. As Ihc elderly man was work- SoulhRale, Cn!., for wvlng Murk E. Colliurn, 47, from drowning at inj on a Mobile smoktslack 55 feet I X. 01 * '""''wr. Me.; Charles O. Cole, pics (hey died for. Asked whether Japuncsu-Amci'l- can differences mlgnt cventii.illy be Milled by n compioinUc Ijclwueji Ja|inn'.H "nc\v order in East Asia" and America's "open door" principle, Honinin siild: "Nothlujj can Induce Jnpan to iibandon or cluinae her fixed pol- Floyd White Named Vice Chairman Chapter Of District E. Q. Estes was agnln nnmed chairman of the Chlckasawb.i dls- consjiousncss just as the neighbor ' trict ot l lie Amerisau Red Cros; reached' her:' •--•••".'--. • ••- jit ,\vas announced today followin resumed, it was terday. announced yes- the meeting for enrolled members at the city hall Tuesday morning Working with him In other official capacities this year will be: ! Ployd A. White, vice chairman• Mrs. C. E .Crijjjer Sr., corres .Crljger Sr., correspond- L m " secretary; Rodney L. Banister I (rcas - ui ' cl " Ml 's- Tom Bradsher l, exe-utive secretary. above ground, his block and tackle came loose and he fell bond first. Standing on (he ground directly below, Bennett saw the accident when the steeplejack was still 35 feet above him. in n flush, Bennett spread his Icjs to brace himself extended his arms, and caught Von Gossett, who suffered -only minor hurts, while Dennett sustained injuries Hint disabled . him for len weeks. One of the heroes was lionoro.d posthumously by the commission Expects New Leaislative On the board of directors thc following were named: Mrs. L L . „, _ tlve Hubcncr, Mrs. B. A. Lynch, Major Acts Jo Turn Trick For Ivy W - Cr »»'ford. Mrs. T. K. Ivy, n- r01 .Miss Ada Boyd, Mnrvln Crlttanden film I Mrs. B. A. Bugg, Mrs. Harry Kirby Mrs. Harry W. Halnes, Mrs. aoscoe Jan. as. a "°" ?"_'!* Farrar. E. M . BATON ROUGE, „, , (UP)-Gov. Earl K. Lo n , 19. Liyrln, O., for rescuing two school children; Ronald E. Wennt. 21, Glrard. . for saving three children when Ice broke; Elton D Ulckcr. 28, Leomlnstcr, Mass., for saving Peter J. Uotlazzl Jr., 7- Norman E. Williams, an, VM River i .-, . •" «*«n/«ii a .• ^Ajuyita » China led [he United-states to lerminats a, disagreed on yet an- plher. iliougli technical, polht-tho eNact time of (lie treaty's demLe. r lhe stale dcpnvtment contends tlmt It expires at midnight, EST,Friday. Japan considers the treaty terminated at 10 a. in,, EST.. ta- iiny. The stale departmsnt's Jecl- BOII Is based on' Hie contention "ml Ihe treaty cuds six months Mter thc clo?o of the tla which vcn. Widow 01 Dell Physician MI- Verdict Lumber Company. - -:y on nollcc of termination was , ' r he Japanese p!aco Ihe Ho .raid the Japanese- army did '-'"e at thc beginning O f Uiat day. . not consider (he strengthening of Tlio remaining difference—14 hours I tho American navnl position In the I —Is the time differential between "-••"•- - friendly gesture ami com- Tokyo and Washington , . mcnlcd that Japan's "now order" /AgainSl wns vital to both Japan nn., m c Va,, who was aided by others In saving Rnssel B. Hawkins, 10; nnd Edward J. Mclrujh, 31, Woburn, MJSS., who saved llioinns P. \Val- uron, 15, from a leaky boat in .the . .. by Atlantic. Memphis Attorney Answers Critics Of Service Club Organizations Untied stales and that thcroforc they should coopumtc. lie said ho did not bollovo Hint ti c-Amorlcan war wns possl- Ihcre was no serious against ArkMo Lum- This pronouncement by a key to Japan. The senate olpe- iV'thn !l !/T»T S n8 " rc Of Jnlmn ' 5 «ml-lnd=iK.ulent latloiw 'committee k> expected to in the death of MM. mmy wns made to the United Press ' consider Ml soon. '•'"'"f At-Least Five Vessels In District Coast Off e re was no serous n circuit, court Jury at, 11 o'clock cause to prevent a settlement of IWs morning In Ihc case of Mrs. differences. J. A. Luckelt against ArkMo Lum- bci 1 Company were sought i LuckcU's husband. Dr. J. A. Luck- ln".'eommcnt'"on'"t)\ V r expiration' "of c t, Who was fataly Injured when -the JiipanesQ-Anwrlcnli trade treaty his ear collided With n truck driven ut 12:01 a.m. lomorrow (10:01 am by mi employe of Hie comnnny, toilny B3T>. ' ' 'I'hc sum of $10,000 was award- H wns tha first sueii comment cd Ms. Luckctl. iicrsnnnlly and t200 from tho Japihcso army In China, lr (he estate for damages to tho as opposed lo Ihe more ginrdnd automobile In tho collision which statements of spokesmen at Tokyo occurred more than a year ago on Expiration of Ihc trade treaty Highway 18 near Dell. A lotal of would not necessarily mean Inlcn- $75,000 wns asked for in tho suit, slfled restrictions against Amorl- nln1 ' "it t The Jury received tlio ease at said. Most congressmen were iciuct- ant to dlscurs the treaty's explia- tlon, but nearly all agreed that before any future action Is •'taken the sliito department's advlca should be thoroughly studied. There Is pomimj In congress a bill that would Impose an embargo on shipments of war nnterln.'a Olmtrmnn Sol Bloom - (Dfiu., N. .'.'of .lUQ_1io«sc'..'rdrclgh 1 ajlairs committee .said"a new treaty should not bo considered until there Is n reeling here Hint there will be no more "Inclclenls'l llml. led to termination of. tho old ,cne. "Abrogation of the treaty means simply no more excuses and no more gestures," Blcom Japan Is to make future ajr«e- "it trade In North China, Hommn menls nnd sign on thc dolled line, she had best mean It. four o'clock yesterday itflcrnoon, "However, In event tlmt an cm- In a trans-Pacific- telephone after (he trial hod opened Mon represents America's terview last nljhl with represei- ' decision toward Jnpnn," lie added, Inllves of 'two Japanese newspapers " Nelll Reed and Zal D. Harrison see no reason to treat American were attorncyr. for Ihe plaintiff clllncns Tokyo Nlchl Nlehl— Sen. Thomus r represent- others." New York Cotton Open High Low Close Close Mar 1075 1079 1057 1072 May 1045 1054 Wi3 1U4J-43 1013 1018 995 1008 947 SID5 9^7 941 941 922 034 943 943 931 931 D41 New Orleans Cotton Anaconda Copper Am.-Tobacco Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service General Electric General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward .. N Y Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips Raolo Republic Steel 27 1-8 announcement of his candidacy lor s . hoo i, V 'ill rrmf, aa the office of city clerk at the Uf 73 1-2 A P r!1 municipal election. 83 1-2 Mr. Short has b;en a resident =, «^;z=r a =,rsr .-irsirasr n „ the- not! sr>vr>n 7.3 the pasi se\cn I, . has been , , ,, cm ~ ni n r Red Cross orpanizatlnn in tbn 52 5-8 ployed as a police desk sergeant schools. tanization in thc J. Graham Sudbury, vice presl- came here from Conway, lo Join Studtb.iker Standard OH N J relations could not ba ameliorated' based on "neutral cooperation,'' "Friendship cannot be one-sli-: must be mutual, it is ditto maintain friendship when thc friends ceases to te- the rights and opinions of otllcr." ••-'- • .rman Key Plltman (Dem:, of Ihc srnnte foreign rela-. commitlee, sponsor of the. _ _ go bill, said tt would be coil- discussion will lie based oil Ihc s| d<red by his committee as early Funeral sprvlr^ «.-„,<. m h n i,r>, i lifc nl)ri W01 ' k of Lm ™ D. Wnld, ns I'os-'iblc, The next regular nisec- Hiti nftemoo »t . ^ P.,,I M wll ° w " s fiil "='«l out last year by i"X of the committee is next V" dlst church^ for i n r , ,," , l''c United Stales Offlcc of Edu- '"(sday, but in addition to, 1 who din! vos! r i n '"' t c(ltlon In Us radh program "Am- Japanese problem, it must George connell. who recently j DlylheS hospit^ of Imr^ 1 ro- "' Cn " s M - Il "»' 1 S™'"s AD," for er^ new Finnish loan j Trades Instructor °" I Speaks To Lions tlie Steel Livestock Webb'sponsored by welfare - child, a'MI«s Annabel Bryant 0 3-B daughter. j WC !f;re deoarti: 441-s Friends of Mr. Short point out' explain the 43 1-1 lhat he is regarded highly ns an members. 58 1-8 efficient., dependable mid courteous! E. H. Tultlc. state field r <wc- municipal employe and if cUclcd sentntlve. praised the chapter for school EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Jon. 25 (UP)-Hogs: 9^00 Top. 5.70 170-230 Ibs., 5.50-5.R5 HO-IGO Ibs., 5.25-5,50 Bulk sows, 4.16-l.tio Cattle: 2,200 Steers, 7.75-11.50 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.50 Mixed yearlings, he*. 53-9.00 Slaughter heifers, 8.50-10.50 Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 Cutters and low cutters, 3.15-5.00 his full time and eilorts to the > l )lla " . " J ° c -oc aJ Evrard° ?"" """I? 118 Overheated Stove oc Lvrard two accordion „ „,. , Monday. office. as city clerk will continue to re'.i-' »s work durinr thc past vcar and der such service and will devote! especially comollmonled It's volun- '"- '"" " --' - ' ' tccr war service program i Hearing; On Baker's Motion Is Delayed Miss Evelyn Smart WAS accompanist. Manila Woman Dies At Jonesboro Hospital MANILA. 25. - Mrs. WEATHER Arkansas--Pnrlly cloudy and continued cold, temperature two to 13 cloudy, not Causes Slight Damage An overheatfd oil stove caused cc i vc d wlen n /<ro«. n p -,t* r ' - , h " contribution In oehalt of chll- S-jvernl members of Pittriran's healer exploded at The Qua u I 1 ""; ^ ™°"™U™ °» "Ulan committee have said^ privately thrit Shoe Shop Jan. G. He was 37 I ri ' s W "' wl " bc tflko " fr0i " iler " ICy dlcl not bcllcve con S res s would Tlic Hcv. E. B. Williams, pastor, ivas to offlcatc, assisted by His Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of Hie First Baptkt church, with burial in Ktrmvood cemetery. Pallbearers were to bc Dr. H. A. Taylor, Pal O'Uryant. Eirl nu?k- Icy, E. A. Rico, w. D. Nally and E. H. Cobb. Mr. Campbell, who moved here from Little when he Mrs. Roosevelt Gives i Shp1s « lrvlv «" ftn overneatfd o stove caused '".; "".,''; ••'-;•••• -^ "y "" «'"••.. one he ha^ outrrairn i a fire at 701 West Ash street this)"";... Cnmi>bcl1 - , whom llc i cnt trom MK mnkl'h mornlnj which resulted In slljht " rr ' ed a year ago; his parents, ^ Irom Mrs ' ftank11 " damages to thc house^ ^, of Arkadelphia- four brother" I Dobby madc Mrs ' noc Chicago Wheat Wanda Hatcher. ID, wife "of Harmon Hatchcv, of Manila. Ihg at a Jonesbor had entered the hospltT'foi .» minor oaeratior, several days ago and pneumonia had developed r Jiide r P TJnnr^- • j---, -j ijuiwjr \;iuuu). *I,JK. , , , LE KOCK, Jan. 25 (trp).- 1 nuitc so cold in northwest nor- 1 ,, opcn hlgh Thomas C.Trimble this lion. nortnwest nor May , 0()3 . 8 1003 . 8 - poslDoned until three Memphis and vicinity-Fair and y 9 "-4 g73-4 low close 981-2 &35-S Manila, dicil this morn- o'clock Ihls nftcrnoon hcarln? on cont.jiiied ^"^f 0 ,.'}. 0 ?? 1 . 131 - s!lc ° mc!l "",!° r a ". cw trial for Nor- tenifeiatu B5 Ml-8 cold (onljlit; lowest! tonight six lo 10; M- O Com work, "The House on Henry mad an embargo. Elrcet," a collection of her per- Meanwhile, the major hope for sonal experience. any new tijrcemcnt. rests with dlsr Everyone Is Invited to attend cessions In Tokyo between Ameil- thls service, Rabbi I'olbck stated. cn » Ambasfador Joseph C. Grew and thc Japanese foreign olfta:. They have been tciminated now, but were expected to be resumed Leg Brace To Dyess Boy i so "" , •" Tims trade relations between Hie Bobby noll.ind. Infantile ^° ^±1"' ' nvo ^'' sJan S3 ' U ' who lives at Dyess m ^, ted ««WOO,000 of goods a year, aH"e thp ' lv " rcnmln ln an unc.'rtain 3'.ato li\ n nr« ' wlth each nal ' D1 ' '" » pOSiti.Ml, D Hoawi undrr hiternalloal law, to take any . /wioL-1 rt ,, Blli , tcry st(;p t)mt , t wl jjj C 3 9C" ' , , four years ago when • _ .ctment of an embargo, either or total. Indirect or direct. ^hoe re- V»" W his wltc. |has ? »=« leg taMcc to A, A. Camptoll of Roston, Ark, ., , ., - - -•- — ,-. J. W. Cnmpbell of Malvern, Ark, p nc , scn . 1 h m to w , ntm s P rln * s .' a S. W. Campbell of utltc no'k and P, a ' '? r trelltmcnt - >- 5t " she visited F"ri W * f , , -.jujm. iw^A. iltiu hint nf Hi« f*>^l«^l nr l ni.n^__ . i ti>/\i*1 . A. Campbell of Fulton, Ark., I and two sisters. Mrs. O. W. Wheeler W. A. Campbell " oF"FuH"on'""Ark" I hlm nt thc Crl PP lcrt Children's hov would be ccnsldcred a retaliatory and two sisters Mrs O W Wheeler |)ltl " '" '^"'P 1 '^ to which he now " ct - But In most qtwrters it Was of Amity, Ark arid \\fra c n , rclurns every three months for believed that ,H would take nn- Whcclcr of Waycross Qa ail of trcatmcnf - ct " sr m!>ter "hicldent" In ths far vhom are here for 'the services r BCCOm P^"yl"g the prcs- East to get congress to approve an -• • cnt expressed Afrs. Uoosevelt's embargo, , ; '"•°"«!ncss" over Bobby's Improve-, : '.' . '.. ,:', mcnl - I At. wi.-t-rh vine Gardens^ I along with members of their fam- Hoino was . . Sl- rnc brace cost $50.50 and will be erra Madre, Calif., a slnjls wlstitla for » long tlmo. .vine cavers ons.acw.of ground.

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