The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE'SIX' Farm Product Never Believed He Could Make Good \Vith_Yanks ' - By HASEY UBAVSOK KEA Sei«l« Sporla Editor NEW YORK, Jan. 24.—Although twice adjudged the International'." all-star shortstop nnd last season the league's most valuable player Mickey Wltck Is liappy to be stftrl- 1»S: ill second base for the (limits this spring. With all the honors hea)>cd upon lilm In .Newark. Wltek hns never wniiled to play the shoit-ileld . is by inclination a guardian of (lie keystone, where lie thrice was an nil-star In the minors. Although a product ol the Yankee farm system, Wllek. did not, believe he could make the world champions.. "If 1 (lid U probnbly would bs as a utility man," he explnlns. "I'd be an old man before Joe Gordon would be moved. I'm not si shoiisiop, so I harin'l even thought of Fmnk Crosettl." But Wltek no doubt gave some thought' to Qeraid Prliidy, wlio Is coming up from Kansas Clly n.year hence to replace Gordon, who is to be switched to shortstop, which position experts declare he patrols even better l!mn he docs second base. Bill Terry asserts that Witck, who 1ms just turned 24, will lirenk in nl second tose for the Polo Grounders even though the New Yorkers land Benny McCoy, the Detroit Infielder declared a free agent by Judge Lnnrtls. WITEK HITCH-HIKED . TO A TRY-OUT CAM!' • The Giants ynve tiie Newark club $25.000 and Second Baseman Alex Kampourls and catcher Tommy .Paddcn -for Wltck. . •. - : The'Herts muffed an oppprtunlty loslgn Wltek In, 103-1 wlien lie appeared at tbelr Beckley, W Va tryoul bssC. ' ;.--"Whcir'tltree'or my friends were . released without even lietug given a clinncc, we decided to gc home," - says Witck, wl\o resides af Luzernc; Pa. "An excursion that night to Wnshlntgon, D. c'., helped iis'make up our minds." -Witek.'-^asn't so sure ol himself r tlie following year, cither Advised that • he ; - would receive his expenses If he made the sqund Wltek and • a 'fellow samllotter mtcliHlked to the camp site, ni got'more out of the trip than hi expenses . . . played In every game y'. -.batted .319 . -; .. wa; selected- BS -the circuit's 'nil-star second baseman , , . ivn.s sold to Norfolk. - : ; • ; In Norfolk, Wltek was under the old first baiemnn; Johnny Neuii hls-.favorlte tiitpr and currentJ«cw- ark maimger. - ' •- ' ; 'vHe hit ".319, stood "out on double plays,'-was.-picked as an ' nil-star, and 'assigned to Blhghamlon'S ra- seH'e list. 1 - ' ; ' MOST VALUABLE AT POST: llE DISLIKED i ; -The Yankee organlzntloii even considered' moving Wltek .up to AA, tor--lie worked but with Newark In .the spring of ;,1937, .but' all he had ;to do was beat out Gordon This' he could not do/so he wound' Up;In Blushamton, where competition forced him to the bench. He finally was shipped back to Norfolk, where he hit .320 and once more wns the loop's nil-star second baseman. In 1938, Witek found Ham Schulte, from Kansas City, with Double A experience, at second base, and became Newark's hnndy man. When an injury gave him n crack nt shortstop, he batted 29C and much , to'his surprise was named as the International league's shortstop of the year. Although' 'Noiui spent hours drilling Witef in the throw from shortstop, he : "at" last promised him the' second base assignment In 1939. But on" a double play ball, the shortstop tried to put his finger through the ball, so there was Wltek back at the position lie disliked. Yet he played It so well that he was not only an all-star, but the most valuable athlete in the »heel. And it will be quite oil right J'lth the Giants If at second base -ie keeps up his habit of making the all-star team. Sport Parade By HENRY McLF.MORK Las ANOBIJS, Jan. 24. (UP)— 'Die only thing that could cause comment at llio Lakeside Golf Chit In Hollywood would lx> the Midden NEWS entrance on the pre- of a wfb-footcd, cross-eyed dlplodoeas. A dlploiloc-us. my earth- encircling mulllUKlc of renders, L' an extinct second cousin of the duck-billed plntypiu; nnd l!ic rra son Hint somvborty would notice the- appearance 61 the dlploilocus (nee segwidiis onmlocurvti) i?, be- rnuse with the roster of celcbritlp.'. setting forth Lakeside's mcinbor- sliii> only the rarest, of croatuiw «m!d attract attention. Wlini, for coijcrelc example, would the ordlnnry golf club In America do II it could botist such members as Adolph Menjou, snrtorlally impeccable but an vmptlmy with « niblick; Oliver Norvllle Hurdy, avoirduiiols 300 kilos hut 300 pounds of jovial companion; hairless Ciuy Bridge.-; Klbbee who lost his Italic appenddijes through lenrlni; out :iandslul of It when he doubled Clcorge Von Elui'.s bid of four no trumps; Johnny Welamullcr, ivlth ;he torso of a fjrqek god and (lie jack-swing of a singer's midget, who four-putted today when Lakeside's nmateur experts tried to bent America's Ryder Clip team of tight professional golfers. It was a BV.'c-i! icuriismonl, cx- •ept for one thing—-Callforua's tln- issuil wenther. Steinbeck, never would have hnd iwlerlnl for his :;rnpcs of Wrath [f somebody had nought to hold n golf tournament n the Dust Bowl, because It never ms failed to rain here, or clsc- vlierc in the world, when the pros '.ee off,,It hadn't rained in Southern California for ten days, so Ihe Japanese current heard Hint the Finns needed help nnd that Luke- side's hospital board of directors intended to stnt'e a monumental and memorable tournament, the proceeds la lie used to buy Pin- laud a new v foniil<iln pen wlili which to write checks on IU debt .0 America. The Japanese current >roce«led to move . shoreward n lumlrcil leagues or so and deluge Southern California with the stuff iscit as chasers nt tlic Lakeside tor. The tonrnnmenl, as n golf cx- ilbitlon, was a , foozle-fizzle, only line holes being played, but tlic olny nt Inc.tar ami In the grill nore than made up for it, nnd vhilc the spectators, hundreds of vhoin came out anyhow, sloshed their way homeward, Ihe club's nnnngomtnt decided to turn over ill oilier receipts to the Finns. Too bnd the Finns can't use empty hot- '-'es or nllbls for sklddlnif putts ar salniijl rhuls from the free lunch 'oinifer. becnuse the back vard at Lakeside Is piled high with such material, but n good fnt check will be sent to Helsinki or wherever the Finnish cenernl stuff bonks. And tonight ns tlic rnlnmakers irepare to check out for the ising Orosby tournament at RnnCho Santa w e next week end they carry memories of the amateurs who buttled vlth them this afternoon at Iryin? n malic-their interiors ns (Innnms heir pells. Among such notables ire n gntay of famous folk that vould sound like an Income tax •onor. roll If Lakeside's member- were paged—Harold' Llovd, Dick Arleii, Jimmy- MtLnr'htti, neoree Olsen, Riloli Muruhyl Decree Miiruhy. johnnv Diwson Fairbanks, Swi Chaplin, P. J. Pkouros. Ford Palmer, Jfnrslinll Outfield,. IVem Carr, Orantlnnd !lcc, Frank Condon nnd scores of 'tliors renowned in nctlng, dircct- n*. footboll. wrltlnjr. Whv, even the column of decried members sounds like- Hie 'nihnllfl of Fame—Judge Walter Kelly, T. Hoy Barnes, Domlis Fan-tanks, clinrlev Hill. Hob Wool-, ev. Father Francis Xnvinr I/iwlcr. Yes. sir. the flag on the tall oole near the 18th green has often flo\vn it hnlf-mnst when beloved mem- )ers cashed In their chins—but, isimlly, the Lnkeslde banner files ileh nnd gallant In |he oconn Welter Champion Musi Also Fight Balllc Willi Age BV UAnRY FliUtUJSON* thllti-d I'rcsit SjwHs Editor NEW YORK, Jan. 24. (UP)- Hcmy Armstrong walking Into the sunset of his nnmzlng career, answers ||i e | )c .j] ,<„. Ula ,, ;ui , time ut Mndlson Sciimre Garden lonlRlit when he defends Ills world Itcrwelght clmmplonshlp against two opponents — Pedro Montane* and the old Clrnybcnrd with the Scythe who lurks along the load for t'bcrybody. Every Icy wind that whistles past Ihe Garden bears n minor thai Henry tlie Hummer Is tunned out; dint 112 fights at the punishing pace he sets hnve made his hands wlllle and sapped the spring oul of his legs. Hut the old, old sny- .ng In the world or the lenlher- fisted men—"String along with tlie champion until he lels you dowii" —have made Armstrong n 2^-to-l '""crlte despite the fact thai he give away seven pounds In Wight and two precious years In \gc. The Monlnnez men, cinu there are plenty of 'em, Insist their boy *'IU whnle nway nl the body until Armstrong's every lib aches nnd ie gels that sickly feeling nronnd he stomach. There is something n whnt they sn.v, too, for tilts Monlnnez, born 25 years ago In 'Jnyny, Puerto Rico, Is n tough "Ib-crncklng body puncher who notably deserves shorter odds Ihnn 2',<"to-l. I,oscr in only live, of the 05 bouls hu has had, Mon- :nncz comes up to this one hungry for a title nnd the fame and fortune it would bring. There is cue weakness in Mon- tnnci',' fighting equipment and even one weakness Is n bnd thing to Imve against Armstrong for he •caps at it like steel for a mug- net. Monlnnez . is a ''bleeder"—lie gashes easily around tlic brows and there Is always n chance that the referee will stop the fight be- ;ausc of excessive blood nnd give ilie boul to Armstrong on a technical knockout, Henry The Hammer will light tonight the only way he knows how —to wndrtlf out of his earner nnd Doniors Fix Up Nova for New Drive Woman Guide Scornful Of Quick Trigger Hunter 8AHANAC LAKE, N. V. Stonier lUtle Anno liice i. * rlfte as nc.tfv « a enc ip s e Is «s much ai Home in ; wid f Adirondack forest as In a ballroW 01 ' ' 01 wf r a guide's j| cc . nse to prove I ' e lor p she's indi ." ' ami shc-'s indignant about ra hunters who accidentally shoot their companions. The disarming mite of a woocls- womnn and sculptress-she's barely shoulder-high to the average man—said there's no such thing as a hunter mistaking companions or others for gnme -ir he's a sportsman. Hey ti,-st make certain he was shooting legal game. "Any situating accident where a , person Is mkl.-iki'n lor n gnme anl- ! mal Is done by a potential fame I law violator," sho rcileraled. "Such fit person would shoot blindly at a | movement of Jeavc-s, or a. jiolse, " not caring what caused "He wouldn't wait to sec his tar- toed authm- •'""• r>- i n ' co - a Pioneer Adlrmi- r ™<> boat build- a Sl> ° rt <MslanCn r i ',- S 'l'" mel ' """" " U-lkt! "" d Ul ° "T"," ° f ! hft desljfiiod the planked, speedy, double - prowed rowboat now famous among Northwoods guides ami sportsmen. Anne said she has been In diiii- ger only once in her career—as she stood a deer "watch point" on Ampersand mountain near Sara- nao Lake. "I was watching a deer make Its way down a little valley. As the animal was opposite me, a hunter stepped out of a thicket on the other side and leveled his guu. Is warned to appear wlihln Ilii! 'lays In the court, named In t' cnption hereof and answer V complaint of (lie plaintiff Hen Madge Wilson, Dated this 2nd day of HARVEY MORRIS Clci' By Elizabeth Blythe, D ! •James !). Holeson, Atty. for Plli "•- Walls Atty. Ad Litcm 3-10-17- WAIt.MNG OKDEK i IN THK CHANCERY COURT C CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT C MISSISSIPPI COUNTY AI KANSAS. • ' H. V. Rider, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7110 Bessie B. Rider, Defendant, The defendant, Bessie .n. Rido is viarncd to appear within thir (lays: in the court named In tl c-iiu still „ my danger, I kept waved my hands so if it- !illcs fa l() muiter would see me and the buck wouldn't be frightened away '• lowered his rifle and walked Max. Bner, whom lie stopped last summer, duds Lou Nova coming along nicely In Woodland, Calif., clinic, Novn is recovering from bladder infection, the tifterrnath of blood poisoning suffered three years ago Physicians say Novn, knocked out by Tony Gnleiito in September, mny resume fighting In June. Mrs. Roy Jones of Lc-achvllle for the girls' teams, Eacli of the 14 tennis in the league have accepted n quota of 100 tickets nt 10 cents each with nil proceeds nbovc expenses to go into the fund with one-halt to remain in Mississippi County for care of crippled children and one- half to go Into the national fund for establishment ami maintenance of hospitals nnd other plmses of Ihe national program. Teams Will Clash In Games Monday Night For Par- F' r st Inter-City Highway alysis Fund In South Illuminated Members of the girts and toys I teams ct the Mississippi county Amateur Basketball League wlio are to play in the double hauler all-sin rgnmc to be staged by (lie league here Monday night,, hove I been announced by Joe Whitlcy, county recreation director. ' The Sams will be for the benefit of Hie Mississippi County "Fight. ln- fanllle Paralysis" campaign. For the girls' team, these were ccinlng. Swarming on top :qf his I man, • • - , tie nlulc ' L ' Abtot- L. Abbatt, MONTGOMERY ,Ala. (OP)—The Smith's first illuminated inter-city highway has been opened belwesn Gndsden nnd Altalla, Ala., by Ihc state highway department. The two anil one-qunrter mile highway was lighted by the department in conjunction with Ihc Alnbnma Power Company after a series of accidents on tlie heavily traveled route. Tlie • project, costing $20,000, consists of 83 separate li.OOO-lumeii modern lights on ornamental Iron poles. , Armstrong whipped Ernie Roderick in London, n man In the gnl- leiy kept shouting: "Blimey., but 'es bloody perpetual mcttcm'.'l \ Win or lose tonight,' Armstrong Is getting close to the end of the trail. There is plenty of money In the. bnnk nnd tlie litlJe negro already is looking forward to the time when lie can rcllre. and de- vcte nil his time to, of all things literature. He writes poetry and now Is working on the story of his life which he plnns to' call "When the Crowd stops Roaring." Today he is the only mnn who ever held the featherweight, lightweight, 'nnd welterweight titles n't Ihe same time. Of those three, titles only .the welterweight Is left nnd Henry The Hammer will be In there hammering tonight to keep It, He fought 'em nil, everything from featherweights to mkl- dleweighls, nnd if h c comes out thevllle—J. Grimes; Huey, Cock- rnn, McLcod; from Shnwnce at Joiner—four members yet to be selected. Per the boys' tcmn, Ihcse'were selected: From Lcnehvllle—O. Pick- Jiis, Thurmond, Hipp; from Miinlln — Aslmbrnnner, Shockley, Wil- 'inms; from Lone Onk—II. Walters, ". C. Bunch. Mullens; from Hub- bnrd Hardware of BlyOicvlllc— Godwin, Warrlngton. Keiser; from Blnckwatcr —Castlemnn, Whitney; from Keiser—Hall, Roblnsou; from Shnwnce of Joiner—Puckett. Burnett. Crcxton. Coaches will be Prank Hill of Lenclivillc nnd Roy Aslinbranner of Miinlln for the two boys' teams nnd Thomas R. Ivy of Ynibro nnd Kobbers Use 1'cjipcr " BOSTON (OP)—While one youth held his arms, another flashed pepper Info Ihe face of one-eyed Harry Burke and then - escaped with his valise containing $8 worth of merchnncllse. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. from the start. In Ihc third ucrlod Edrln'ton of Osceoh offered the only thrcnl of the gnmc bv mnklni! •wen tallies. Crews of Keiser led for scoring honors with 12 points while her teammate. Montgomery ran? up n. The semlnnli'5 go to WHson for two games Friday, Line-ups follow: Girls Pos. P ratricia Kclscr Montgomery Crews WnLson iV.Woodw.ird Boucher McKay Osceola Boys .Win By One Point, Girls Lose To Keiser OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 23. - Tlie Osceola teams split honors with Keiser on the Osceola court Tuesday night, the Scmlnoles eking out a bare victory of one point, 9 to 8 and the girls going clown In defeat before a fast-moving Keiser sextet, 35 to 12. The boys' game got off to a slow start with neither side able to score The count at the half was 3 to 1 In favor of the home team. Only one point was scored In the third quarter, a toul shot for Keiser which tied the score, p.t"five UTfive, when the final-period started. The jirls; gwnc was one-sided Osceoln Edrmston •Shoemaker Ilutler p Hencirix G Morlarty Q Moriarty o Substitutes: (Osceoln) — PerkTns (Kelscrt— E. Woodward, Sims Ferguson. Hoys Osceola Pos ° c , nle F mm" P Wtlllnms c G Uc Babbs. Defendant. .Warning Order The defendant. Patricia 'Lee Babbs, Is warned to iippenr in the Chancery Court for the Cliickn- snwba District of Mississippi Coim- • ly. Arknnsns, within thirty dnys nnd answer Ihc complaint "of the plaintiff, Louis W. Bnbbs. Witness my hnml, ns clerk of | said court, and the seal thereof, on this Ihe 3rd day of January 1D-10. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. 1 Ivy W. Crawford, Atty for Pltf. , Percy A. Wright, Atty. ad Litem. (Seal) 3-10-17-24 Read Ccuricr News \vant nds. . Montgomery Bannislcr A " ab1c Robjrtson , Johnson Substitutes COsceolal - Bowcn Morrison. Wears. (Kciser)— Hill Me ' Donald. Robinson. Sisco. xiclvln UpWes officiated. Read Courier News nds H APPY UOUR GRO.& DEUVEEY W. Miln St, rhont 15 RKHBMKKR LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Now Managed' by Waller Cox, Jr. and E. J!. Murray See Us For - Anti-Freeze! AT ONCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton See Louis Applebauni 107 So. 2nd. Blythevillc, Ark. PHONE 167 L.D. 19 See and drive this dbllar-savma . , •'• ~A • if:'-:*- • ^-'i **\ 29.19 miles per gallon PRICES BEGIN AT IN THE 1940 GILIWORE YOSEM3TE SWEEPSTAKES UinierA.A.A.SupsivIilen •C,*,"LWii^i Expert drivers piloted the Sludcbakcr Commander, President and Champion equipped with cxlra-cost overdrive that finished 1-2-3 in this year's Gilmorc-Yoscmitc Economy Sweepstakes But avnago Champion owners know that there 3 no other car in its lowest price field that's so dollar- saving as the C),nmpi cn , mile after mile. See and drive a Champion first! Low down payment-easy C.I.T. terms. J. F. Livingston Motor Sales 220 E. Mnin ' PhoBC 1078 ;ie Hoiiiciin wait to sec his tar- «« lowered his rifle and walked set-some reason for shooting. The < off . apparently ashamed of belli" principle ol shoot first and lnvcs-l so carcles," she -•'-•-•' ••«-• •" i'flfp tnf/ii- nf in.i T,,!„ <., i „.„, i._ .. (Hrtn't rMir... „.,-._ \1 , „, ,, liuwl , ji^i/ UIIU 1J1VCS- ugnlc later often ends in tragedy' Carried In 1'ackbaskct • • added. ''But he even speak to me or offer any sort of excuse." Miss Rice should know—she was virtually roared In a paekbnsket. Town Pfnii/1 nf ' Now in her early 30s. she frc-' r ™Ud Ot Qiienlly was totcii into tne ,- ! -i. looth Range trails on camping trips, as n youngster. She rode- with provisions In her brother Fred's packbasket, slung over his shoulders. An avid woodsman and hoat- bulldei- like his father. Frecl tau?nt Anno woodcraft while she learned her ABC's. Her first hunting experiences came when she chased squirrels with a slingshot and set box traps for small nnimnls, she said. After graduation from the local high school In 1924 sho studied sculpture at the National Academy of Design in New York. Now she models woodland animlas In her ceramics studio when she isn't vacationing on n mountain-side or guiding u hunting party. She has held her state guide's license three years. Miss Rice brought down a deer with her high-powered 38-55 caliber rifle when she was a 15-year- old high school student. Teachings of other woodsmen and her own experience have given her one advantage over men nnd two cardinal tips for hunters. She snid one advantage is superior ability as an outdoor cook and knowledge of proper wood for quick campfires. Her warnings: Hunters nlwnys should carry a fell-filled wnterproof mateh box. They never should point a gun at anything they don't intend to shoot, including other members of their party. Father Designed. Roat Anne's -love • for nature perhaps wns Inherited from her father. hereof , v . , I of the plalntif, R Rider. Dated this 2nd day of Jainiar 1940. HARVEY MORRIS, Cler By Elizabeth Blythe D Ed B. Ccok Atty. for Pltf Neill Reed Atty. Ad Lltem 3-10-11-: Read Courier News nant aus $406 of $627 Spent HOPE, N. M. (UP)—The citizens budget-balancing lot. ' ° An audit submitted to State Comptroller C, R, Sebastian showed only $10 Wi1s ] )a](1 llllo t)le j omi treasury during 1939 in traffic and lustlce court fines. Total cash receipts of Hope during the year were $627, of which $350 represented liquor license receipts. The town spent only $403 lor city government—so ended the year with a surplus of $221. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Bertie Madge Wilson, Plaintiff, vs. No. TIM Clyde c. Wilson. Defendant. The defendant, Clyde C. Wilson, BBffiHB NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Made With 40% SMALL GRAIN FOR R1CHEI BODY AND FLAVQI KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY Distilled dm! Bottled by THE K. TAYLOR! DISTILLING CO.! Safeguarded constantly by scientific tests, Coca-Cola is famous for its purity and wholcsomcncss. It's famous, too, for the thrill of its taste and for the happy after-sense of complete refreshment it always brings. Get a Coca-Cola, and get the feel of refreshment. THE PAUSE THAT REFRt S BOTTIED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO., BY phone SOB COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY mythic, A rk.

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