The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1940
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1940 BLYTHEVIUE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Sale You Won't Mind the Dry Cypress wood. Sl.OO per Rick, i At Wnlkcr and Harris Sawmill, i Fast Main St. 13-pk2-13] Daily rate per line lor consecu-' l still make and sell Dr. Phillips' j 'ivc Insertions: I Annlbn Liniment. Mrs. O. l!. One lime per line 10c' PliHHps, 210 No. Franklin. O-pk-2-0 1'wo limes per line per (lay OSej D""' : V"~.."~ > " 1'hree limes per line per clay...(iBc! Rc31st "' C(i Iola!lti China pijjs. a Blx times per line per day 05e '™' ll '« old. .1. L. t'inkstoii. Hol- tlontli rate per line COc al> " 8-uk-31 Minimum charge 5ta | "am^'wilc'T'c/'BOT 'VS Ads ordered for hrce or six Mndrld M times and slopped before cxplru- llon will be charged for Ihe number of limes the add appeared and RdjustnieiH of bill made. All Classified Advciilshij; copy Four room furnished ' npartmnit ; , , /? UU , I , |U '' SL 'A! I , U " C ' S ,., vjbmltted by persons residing out- Call 214-W. MIS. Edwin Robin- """ Uur ""iny Others iodny Me at Hie city must be uccom- son. 1-24 ck 1-31 ••« i,-<ml T,,,!,,, slrK Vnnlcd by cash, Rntes may be cas-', --- -— .uiorti Minor S195 ilv computed from above table. rwo furnished rooms. Ad]oinlnn <-> K i<,,\..\, rmeli wur •• -'- ' ' • ' - Dnlli. 101 W. Ash. Phone aSD. S 23-|;k-30 ".n Ohcv. Sjiorl Sedan HOLD EVERYTHING For Rent in a PHILLIPS USED CAR See Tiu-sc Models Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions takes the one time rate. NO responsibility will be taken . lor more than one Incorrect inscr-. . lion of any classified art. ; ''I'"!'"" .' 3 room furnished apartment. Mutl- i ern, Private entrance. 713 Chlck- nsawba. Phone 592-W. Mrs. E. M. Notice Bargains In USED T!RES AMD RADIOS i Eaton. ....S375 room house. Modern '37 I'oril "CO' 1 Tutlnr S3IU Phone 204. 20-ck-25 '31 Ford "85" Coupe SS25 MS Chevrolet Coach Sift!) srnctAt, HAUOAINS TODAV ',12 Chevrolet Comic ; Nicely furnished -i room bouse. 1 141D VI. Main St. l3-ck-2(i ' Furnished be<lroom adjoining biith. i>:i1 I '" ri ' ' 1 '" li " r I 2 beds. 700 W. Wnlimt. nck-lf i 30 Kora Tlulor .$50 '.Lnrgc room mid Itlltlienello. fur- ; ., 2 Fonl T , I[lor , c s2 5fl ; niJhed. 526 ChlckasLiwbu. i ' ^ Somu KcpOSSCSSCd, Good L _.. i'M Inlernntional l>lt-k-Up ...S1S1 ,.„ M^... ' 1 3 room furnished apartment. GOfi ' Reptiles As Room Pets, 11 ™'. "I've got so 1 don'l pay nny C'LKVKI.ANI), O. lUn —llnrvcv , _ Camln, 17, j,(i s titan fwcplnu lilllllj " n lloc ' s Aether jno o IIUlo siiiikef, In his m: ms slnn; lio vvns ,' vlll ' n !lllrvc >'' s u l«o HBCIH' 1 yrnvs cild and now s i,.,.|is with . .. collection for years, but H l s csllmated lhat all «a Uiey'vc become mcd lo Iho idea eould be r.n for two pre-WoHcl War years with Ihc gasoline taxes thnt motorkls will pay to the l( ' ntl °" '" '"« Khakc*." Mts. Caintn " , w n JiimilKM of Hip re\M\n, Ihelr ^ ^ff. less thiin it /ont rro'in his "My .snakes don't hull," ho :'i!d, ncnnilliiin a cicoi-Bln corn- sniike lo ,.«il it.. lf .|f ;,i, ( iut his neck. : If one shailu HHDDM, to bile me, I Just pwir n linio iodine un the | l In my wiiic-hM his | >C (,, I,, i|, 0 ||- 1 liomi-iniidi! iii'iiiujn-crnlii ciiBes nnd Ktcjis a book on (he reptiles' fn-il- I»K, Ililellli-ciife. innlluH, Krowlll, Ilnrvpy 1ms n li<micd ll/iucl ; [rum the iiojnve desert, u leDpard I llmrd, llnee luillra. n croccilllo "till n nuinlier of irons. I'liri'iilji ivi'ie mi obslnrlo to lllc colls '" m X bctlroom nt 0 jnnko llio bed iind J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Orailii.itc Oplome- frlst fn lllythevlllf. Correctly stales during 1039. its New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Farm Loans Large or Small Al !."«' Inlercsl Itiites. We are equipped to handle larije or small Joans on any sized (net of farm land, at low cost, and al. a low interest rate. j TERRY ABSTRACT & ' REALTY COMPANY \ , 213 Walnut St. Biytheville, Ar! ! ~~~ Welding" [' "EXPERT "ELECTUIC" AND ACETYLENE Drag line ;ind lienvy siicciallj 1 . No. 5lli St. Mrs. Ciowder. 12cklf '33 Fonl 1'kk-Up This is the fime of times to UnfurnLshcd apartment, 4 rooms with bath.. 508 v/. Chickastiwba. , Phone 728. t2-ck-tt | b«y <• la*e model used Ford Desirable bTcirooln~m private home, i V " 8 ~ tremendous choice of ivilli heat and private bath. 1037 j unmatched values — priced - $a|e _ . W. Walnut street, phone 884. way down for Many are rare bargains — 2ickU Nice bedroom Steam heat. For Sale or Trade .^ — terms that don't pinch your P urs *' We '" make V ou ° you can't r«fuse. Coma in — let's talk it over. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Will trade for Mules, Cniis, llOfs, Callle, Corn. Ila.v anil Lumber. Delhi Implements, inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-ck-it Personal riione 19 ur Kes. 1019 P on J try ....rouse Slug;!9h Mvcr, work off i the bile to rla yourself of cotistl- " { nation, gas TOins, and thnt sour, j punk feeling. Take one box of . i KJKRY'S I I ACTUTs ..IVEK PIM.S ' S ^5c at ah Kirby Stores PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Wnlnul Highest prices paid for all kinds >t Poultry. Fisher and Wort" y'{ Stcele. Mo. • 12-pkJa 12 Baby Cfaiclu Custom Hafchins; Marilyn Hatchery Land For Sale Found , Key to Willys Ovcilanti niitomo- ; bile. Owner may have same by i pnylng cost of this ad Courier LAND—80 acres cut ! Neu ' s Office. lil.Tlhmllo Itiwy. Gl Nnnli MISSOURI ^ over on Highway (<1, SI per acre cash, balinux over years. Gcnway & Houchins Rl.\thcvillc, Ark. i ,, ,, 12-ck-lt ' J-™,"™.. ' er acre i . of six Business DiiTetorv TERM I NIX .TERMINATES ^TERMITES ; 'BRUCE-MEMPHIS New l.noilrd ut 101 Njirlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KOWAUUS, k'niprlclor •HI MakM of Hdiiifll Tyimvrllrrs, Adding imi'lUht, .ud Oilfiiliil«rs--ltf|mlrln>c—I'aru— icititioin "My, yes, I'rofossor, CHCIISO diil li;ivc « lii'imliriil vokv.l Iool>;ul . ll); " ""'y liis mini Fi-idny could |,oar liini!" Repairing \Vjuiled To P>tiy Expert gun reiiutrhiR. Sec B. M.'Wanted (o buy Oovcrnun'iit Col- Damon at Hie niythcvlllc Ann- ton Loans. lilythevlllc Olu Co ! ory on Wednesdays mul 'rinirsrtays. ..-. j Thei I>ai.:ip,s liulhms dale tiiclr) lluw are !w, taxes livlw'l' iinon'mp' year from Ite luuvcsi of (lie Inilt 1 oiH-rnilon of nn aulomobll,' h, the )f the giant cnclus. tlnlleil Stnlos li !•< «n ,M-,,i,-,,t f«, l«lnl (di,,»l,,l v .,. !„ Illl' «'rl.| [.[,,,,[,,l ivmsiil/c.,1 »|iir,. i lii-rllnl. Ill ]|np. KECTALCANCEH inlly C»iircr"ln '"' U«l»l I'.' >|ty I,K in IK, n1,ll|;»l|,n,. DHS. N1ES I'XLllllilllUll Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Sate motoring Is the nlm of every driver, Then, why m >t ng- surc yourself of this safety a* fnr ns your nutomobllc la concerned, Drive In nncl let our mechanics nut j'our ear In shape for any drlvtin;. The cost : Is rensBimble nncl the wnrk tsiiar- EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'lionc 810 FULLER BRUSHES l, f'hoiu; t05fl EMINENT SCULPTOR Salesmen Wauled 7TORIZONTAL 1 Pictured fculptor, Augustus 9 Transpose;!. 1! Irish. 12 Hail! 13 Correct. 15 Paid publicity. IT Sound of .sorrow. 20 Part of a curved line. 21 Turf. 23 Black. 25 Nay. 26 Slave. 28 God of love. 30 Greeting. 34 Aromatic plant. 35Taro paste. Answer (o Previous Puzzle . SI Pine plaster. 53 Secreted. . 57 Disdainful rejection. 58 Mussel. 1G Manufactures- 18 Accomplices. IS Bird. 22 Theatrical Piny. 2*1 Negative word. 27 To duller. 28 To drink slowly. 31 Single Ihing. 32 Uncle. 33 He was by birth. 37 Exclamation. 38 English coin. 39 Rabbit. •10 Gains. Lethargy. 3 salesmen wanted. Must have car. Write Past, Office Box 371. Wanted Sharecropper. If Interested contact T. V. Baughcr immediately nl Dcarman. . 18-pk-25 VERTICAL 1 Southeast. 2 Measure. 3 Subsists. -._ BJ . 4 New England 45 Silver coin. 5 Rough lava. -16 I'al. 6 Pulpy fruit. -17 Pron£. CO Suspension of V To remove. 4!>Silkw'ortn business. 8 Slrest. 5(1 Chrislmns - ,,.....v. B2 Poem, SBotoiion. carol 30 Advice (pi.). 63 He specialized lOHis statue of .".2 Linen fabric •12 AiounUiin. in statues Lincoln 54 Nol bri»ht ' 1 i?u PCr u mflofiv ' arKi gained him 06 Primeval ' •H Weight monuments. wide . fluid allowances for 61 He studied 14 Sun god. 59 Hawaiian w.istc. or 15 Beast ot bird. overseas. burden. 61 Father. USED CARS al J'riccs 11«( say Tluy Now! ,._... stitckcil prices on Ihc 'grratctlgroup of Useil (,'ars you've IAI.I ,.yr> on. Every car lie soli! so «V™ all atl ID n-ll and trade. Sec us today. Ifl.W (:hrvrolcl Deluxe L Loir mileage, cr. A Iieaiily for S3!I5 l.W!) Fonl V-8 S. r > Tudor, runn rolor. Driven 14,000 miles. Special 19B Chevrolet Business Coupe. HraUr, I.ow mileage. Ituns like ne.w 19S3 Chevrolet Spcrl Sedan. Black cofor, molnr ronl- plotrly overljaiifpd S(2."i 1M7 Chevrolet Town Sc-daii. Ituii.5 solid, has tag li spnl ll s hl, healer, lirrs la.'Hi Chevrolet Town Beilan. Raitin, only §035 l!Ui; Dortgc Sedan. Cily driven ?i2."> mi Chevrolet Coach. Special SI<M Trurkv. T.ariie * Small, All (tirirolrl. J'nril. (;>!(•, int., i;.(oil. •' Tun. New bodies if \ nu j ttlrm. ^'"c Trade j Ki>y '",. M. .1. C. T'ivynieul t'bti I'lionc G3:i liY VKIJD HAKR1AN ILL V.'Ari DMllu HE ^15 . OUT Mosses--. Ancient Art of Machlm! Riinninn WERE GAMING,OOR AMD IF OUR - LUC K -JLJST HOLDS OLJT,.WE'l.L BE CUT OP VE MADE IT RIGHT OUT OP rrHE FRVINC. PAN) (M1O 7HE FIRE.' you SMD rrJ THERE'S VER GOL- DMJGED 3ILI.V MOWST-ER.... ATTA scwi DOC,' LET 'IM HAVE IT SIX HGAOS AM'ALU HOOTS AND HER Thai .Set-ills In lie Thitl OOPEV OOOO\JEI VOU VOU \\ASll TUHHS Oil, liic Oil Sfncl< 1JY UOY CRANE I'D "JO WERE (,0\H(, 7.3 JUMP FIMM THE HOTEL TO WITH *T OUT TH WHEU THE FIEE •STAeTEO. SHE BousHT IT YEAS;?, AGO, AMD IM TCS'- IMS TO SELL IT HER. Hcclor Throws ;i Monkey \Vrcnch BY MERRILL BLOSSEK ^ , IF IM (M M' YOO'RE NOT IM THS OPENS vou WALK THREE we Do ? HE'S COMMA T fE ocoft AND / FOUR VEARS ACO OM A FARM tM CALCUTTA / IF .L AIN'T IM THIS SCENE , I WONT Ten. MX) WHERE I MID THE LENS I VWRKK THE WrJOlE COVER HIM I IF we DOUT CW , SOMETHING: r- eore.'iMonviiistfe'c.ri v T. M.sto. u, s. p*r. jyy. -

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