The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 39-10 [Local Guardsmen Receive Actual Field Practice BLYTHEVTLLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FIELD 1 SEfi ES Field Training Under Rigorous Conditions Prepares Local Unit A series of rnW-wlnter "war games" completed several days ago by members of Company M, local Unft of the 153rd Infantry. Arkansas National Guard, offers proof that this country is not goin» to be ouiight unprepared, it and \vlien trouble comes. Special training .such as thai given the local military unit and other national guard organizations ill over ihe na lion hi recent months, indicates that peace-loving America Is alert (o the need for kecpiii" high lhe quality of its numerically inferior military forces. Ust week Company M completed Its seven days of additional Held training in which carious phases of field problems were studied. The work consisted of battery drills and extended formations, simulaling support io other mills, approach march in the assault, the attack and in lhe defense. The maneuvers nlso consisted of Individual company training, pitching camp for an overnight bivouac, problems, approach formations to the "enemy" urea with a view of driving enemy patrols from that area, securing' and holding that position by stationing oiit- iuards and sentry patrols as prc- •aution against surprise to the main iody. During the special training- period he company was authorized to hold two drills per week until ;anusry 31st which is an Increase of 12 over the 48 originally author- seed for this fiscal year. The special field training which has been held Sundays over a period from November 12 Is supplemented by the textra indoor drills held at' the irmory. Many of the outdoor maneuvers were held at Walker Park. On these days the guardsmen were jlvcn the noon meal which was irepared and served from a rc»u- lar field kitchen. Incidentally, the men were well fed on these occasions as an increased ration allow- nee of 80 cents per man per day vas available. This is almost twice! ine normal camp allowance. The present strength of Com- oany M is 78 men but this number may be Increased to about, 90, ccording to C.iptaln Wendell M! Phillips, commanding officer who :ald n few more enlistments can e accepted. These recruits will be arcfully.. selected from applicants who have had a normal public cliool education, who are at least 8 years of age and unmarried. Company M is a machine gun mlt. it is organized inlo platoons, ach platoon being equipped with pur 30-caliber machine guns. In .ddition to Captain Phillips, there two other commissioned offi- ers, First Lieutenant Arden n. Crowder and Second Lieutenant T. McHcnry. i>< gallon io Bring No Improvements '»• IfOKKHT T. IIKI.LAIKK group of uon-comml^bncd officers of Company M . ftoiit row, loft to rl-hf . grain Ciarlsnd BiHicli, Carp Elmer Homes. James LunsforU. Mark Shclton. <ni|. '.M (ui>) -._ A M ivi-y oi th,. hid, ,, t American mi Itiulx „„(( ,!„.,,. m (, w(s ,,, I'hlll:! (III! im; thl> llvi." IllOlltllX follow »u; tin- abrogation ,, r (i u , j,,,,. < <w-.UHei|,.« u mull- treaty loads that" 1'"*''' '''''''I?" t» conclude- f . , tit-aly abrogation thus 11 , imtrd [d prodiu'L 1 any per- iX-VSr 1 "'' 11 "' ""'' A '"| Ini-K'iiv,! AiiH'ilciin p res sure. -Jin-Roes mli-lii IIIIVB more ,<ll,,ihv ,,, su!l . s )linvi , m , (] was i<dmhi(,<| wiilitu tin, u V( , iuuiit| 1s period nom ii,,, ,.,,,1 ()t Jltlj , [(lHlll(iI1 )J( ,_ n , -liwijosi' restrictions on nidi 1 netiinlly Increased -' wore vl known in- Homma, i;nrri:;on cojiunniider nt Tientsin. wh«io liu' ic.'.l riot Ions <i(!«tnsl Ainrrli'iin irailo Imv Increased slmv iiiiropiitlon of (he treaty, m-cordlim to nlUols) Amrr- li'iin rep:its. Immi'dkuely following ihe nbn> K»l «ii. Jupiim-v (illk'inls in China malnhimi'd silnin' and yem-orcd the uc'.vs ,ii Iho abioi!iillon in ih,. Inli'rpii'lrd lit,- ;,i Karly in anny spok, PAGE .TIFJIRB t.lniliiit will be found profitable on SllOlluly m ,],| f<n fo Mnry Wn.shlnuton Is by fur "' ' ' Th Iho leading,: variety Eolith, It is fairly nnd jinnliifps good !»s iilinil urown In the Ire ProducUrm Credit Corporation of 31. Ixnils; II. A. Jiehrens, ivistst- iml treasurer or Hie Federal In- tcrinedlnlc «g«nl; Ktilph Emils, secretary ot Is Mlillfllt-Hllci'. dlldloil. If AIIKIIM, lhc .;«i»aiir-». I imrchiiwd, •mun nt I'i-ipiiij. mud,. "Ulljllt 1,1 Max Rubenstcin Dies After Long Illness OSCEOLA. Ark,. Juti 24 _ Pu . nernl services for Max Rubcnsleln prominent Jewish men-ham, and resident cf Osceolri for over .TO years, will be held from lhe Huron Hlrscli SynauoBUc In Memphis Tlnii.ttlay morning tiy the pastor, Rabbi Tnxon, with Inirlnl In Iho Jewish Cemetery. Mr. Riibcnsteln siilfered a stroke of paralysis over a yeni- ago mid had never fully recovered from lhe . ellccts of it but had been able lo I be at his place of business nl Intervals during the past several months, ile grew considerably | !|' Jnpnncse pliincs | American ivlille Hi stances I bombed Amu-Inn, missions " The missions new American Dags, and Hie Icoillo.'i of « u ,|, mis communicated to 11,0 ,„ , u |. , V ,?i'I".."".. S|K1C||1U >' I'i'niiircd cou- Q and compulln, data ,„ , hc Mu . bc '8 cant Emil Damon optirating an aiming circle, nil Instrument urt . and accnrate too™atnr,n,,i| i mining r ,'!^lL T f g Mt> ' ln the a'uj.Damon and platoon sergeants re Garland Bunch nnd Evnll na- l lr °vides gunners with man. U a unit of the [vertical angles bird battalion of the 153rd In-' mldrt'e of the' BUtry, commanded by Major ivy : f lhe V. Crawford of Blytheville. ' , The extra training period will j wilsou e climaxed with the animal fed- Below-One of Company M's machine gun crews readv for rsl. inspection January 31 when Operating the gun Js Pl . Ivate O(|h . ,, ,L hp lZ. ",. 5 ° r lajor Herman O. Lane of th? In-!of th« cre-v aro MI trf Le.itherwood. other members lector general's department of the 1 „ „," ' _„ - eventh Corps Area will ho here.) il irnage, Oliver Finney, Clarence L. Hie' comuany underwent its an- ordnance inspection January i eermnn r , , ' - ror^ . ^ 7 g Mt> ' ln Uie i ' ^"^ lllm '" Osceola "' lfioa s Cm P°™l Eubanks assists Captain Phillips in " c '^vcs h!s wife, Mrs. Lena planing table, standing at ihe right i s Co p 0m i j ^ ubmsteln : fo " r - ^»s : . Abe of 'I C'evetaml. Ohio; Louts of StiiDen- wcrse Afondny and passed away at ills home on Pearl street at eleven o'clock Tuesday morning, immediate cause of his deuth was attributed to uremia. Born in Russia, August 10, 18H, he grew to manhood there and was a teacher in the public school system of Lltliimnla. which was at thai time a part of the old Hiissla. ediiealcd In lhe Church and rituals of the FYilth. Leaving the teaching profession lor the more lucrative Held of business, he went 10 South Africa and engaged in business Iti Cape Town and Johannesburg for several .years. He also spent some lime In Prnetorln, In the Transvaal. 'His ultimate objective was the United States and after seven years In Africa he sailed on a French steamer bcimd for England where he spent a few weeks vlslt- _ friends and relatives; then lo America. He recounted with Interest his visit to Napoleon noim- partc's prison home on lonely SI. Helena, where the ship slopped on the voyage from Cupe Town to Louden. Mrs. Rubenstcin and their two sons, Abe nnd Louis, born In Russia, Joined him in Osceola in IfloQ Me leaves h!s wife, Mrs. Lena This mission IjomWnu llRiire Is iienevc'd to i jt , incomplete bei-nnsc Amenciin consular ollk-lals have not. in ii M . |ms|, released news of nil such Incldenis. •Si-vrn Assaults HiHwiled Oui-tiii; Iho same period. Americans |>Jiy.slo,|ly a KS Hlilted |jj. , lrm . ed Jn|,ani..s-e or Jnpnnese-ciMilrolJert Olilnese miinljorod at least seven of_ wliidi fcm- were women. These figures iippi-o.vlmnte the nvci'iiue nimibn- O f such Incldenis lor any oilier flvc-moiilli period (he -" • - of the war. Ap- pioxlmntely iso American missions llu" lirst i-li'iir stidemoni Jiipiin's ntiltudc. He ami - Anii'iiiaii nol be ImiKiisll... Imineiliuii'ly foiimvhn! lh L > ,|| S . nations Tlctnvii, H-.-Dii^ W | lf0 |, llu . ruplvd thi' .inpiiiK-s,. biix'luxir U l' the Ililtlsh and K.viH-h eum-es- slona, (lie .)a]iau,sr Uubionod (he iv.slrlcilons. ,i|,,| Amr-rlraiis wlm pivviini.sly I'lijoycil i>.Yvnipllnn.s limnd ihi\-ii' in ninny unscs wi>ro K'llluiiiuvn. Crnoral 111,'imrs (J. a. In a Miiicmcni is.siml Oct. Ill, Llout.-lien. llninniu blnincd III,' "lilted Htnics lor the prolonniillon of !)!>' blcrkude. In Di'cemhei- Uoininii pnblli'ly warned the Am- crli-nn Chmnljor of Commerce thai fail to reni'W lhc ln'iiiy. -'Jiipniwse mllllary authorities would lie im- uble to fnvor Ami'iU-una at Tlon- t.sin." Niimi'iou.'i Incidents look pluce after dun, iiK'hulliiii oltklallv rc- poned examples ol AmeriCiin'i! bo- , <|imllty 01 IK « whole year In pro- Hl:nils or crowns are cuiv ihonjd Ije cxcr- .'"iinlni; the very mic-year plants fciwd to iun'e (hole .ihops . iprayed with Jimncsr illsljifcoliint <U (ho concession IjiuTln-s. 'ituck- loads of American coill were unloaded mid (lie omtcrs forced to count tlio number of pieces before admittance was ijnniUid. An American I-UK manufacturer was forced to unload and unroll « load ct expensive runs on slrel "for Inspection," FARM NEWS A.s|)iirii Bl is Is one of the most di-sralile early spi'lng venclables. and l.i produced us a homo gunten , -- .„„„.,, """, ™'>'»^<-'l''l crop Ihrmiehonl have boon bombed diirhus the wnr ! , „ lllc UllitC(l slllle - s - "ecause Althomrli a „„«.'I °'.." lc .'""" «'l"tei'» It does not American mm-emcnt hna not developed thus fur In the war. the nearest approach tc It came In (he five iiuintlis followlni: abroijtillim „ l1 s no ' '" S() ""'i'"i canst* but ,",'' ows • sallsfl "'lorlly elsewhere In « ' <-'"" I'e giomi on nl • • -•••• fi- -rill. - J t 4 l| |IJtlllL?l from „ i-eiinbi,. x ,ower. The crowns should be laino and heavy will) n looi spieiul of nl Icii'-.i if, inches c:roivn.i may lx> ,;ni in the lU-lii from Dec. l to Apr. l, bill i.vbru- ary Is prolmbly Ihe best time. Home l.'lantinn; ran lie made In beds by placing ih ( . ntnuis IB (o JM inches "pnil. Tile miwiii. lor Ilehl pliml- li'l! me pliui'd IH lu 24 !m>h,< s iipinl In rows spai'i-d (|ve or seven Icct opart. T)II> crowns shoidd rest •six tir eli{h| imhe.-; below tlio |;en- enil isrniimi 1,-vel and ithouUI bo I'ovcrtvl iitoiu two tnohes doep, As Hie lops stint tn'nwliiif ih|. soil )s liTiidiuilly xvorkeil toward plunu until furraw.s inn compleloly tilled Tlio U'lillJ/niioii «r producing ns))iiriilH!s Is one of the nmst Import mil problems. Kecoiiimemlii- lloiic I'nry tdibldcrahly in lhc South. A rather ntnerul pnit-tlco Is to apply iilimil tuxi povmds of a f"-7-5 or u stiullnr mixture In eurly sprlni; and i.ooi) to 1,200 pounds of "- siniu" mali'ilal afler tliu i-iiltlng ! Lunsford. iomas C. Hopper. ™ mnd « Knott and Corporal pu '"' iml 3. receiving 3 rating of "exccllenl" the condition of its equipment. ipplication For Allotment Due Applications for cotton allotments ider the agricultural conservation farms on which no tcr J. __ ^ _.__ __ °ent. "' "" "' However, Mr. Pickren said, if the pcfator of any farm advises the unty committee after Feb. i that tton will be produced on bis farm 1040 (or the first time since 3G. data for such farm slnll be ted on a supplemental tabula- DII but such operator shall be in- mied that, in view of his behted , >tice, there is no certainty that an allotment can be made to his farm nnd that if any allotment is 1112lie it may bs considerably less than It would be if he had given notice by Feb. 1. Applications for reconslitution of farms under the 1940 program In which chames have been mnde In the size of farms must bo filed tn wriliny ujlh the comity office not Inter than March 31. Reconstituted farms arc farms on \vhirii Farmers were al>o reminded by Mr. Pickren that March 31 i s the dendline for applications for payment under Ihe 1930 Agricultural Conservation Program. Leased Ranch Extends Over Aleutian Isle • KODIAK. Alaska (UP) — C C Eubank of Ojden, Utah, believes lie operates the biggest sheep ranch on the North American continent. He holds a lease from the U S Kovcrnmenl on all of Umnak is- His domain is 85 miles lon»~ -imj m some places 11 miles wi d c Over this "pasture" range 12.000 , —.,,-j, uvyiiiL> ui Ol-UIJt 11- j vllle. Ohio; Maurice of Lake City, Arkansas; and Guy of Osceola A daughter, Mrs. Herman Levitch cf I Swift Funeral Home Jmd charge ! ot arrangements and will take the remains lo Memphis tomorrow by motor hearse. Collins Funeral Home will have charge of the funeral and burial. to 10,000 sheep. 800 to 1.000 rain- deer and large numbers of horses and cattle. The Island's population includes only Lubank's employes and about S-j Alaskan natives. The Island contains three mountains—one of them 'I.SJOO feel Last year, according to the president and general manager a! the Aleutian Livestock Co.. the firm marketed 1C3.000 pounds ol wool five tiumths followlni. abroi'iillim ' A ^ 1 " l '"S"s <-'"" I'e giomi on nl- of the tienly. Dm-|,,, : Iliis time " 1 '.""f ""*' m>l| -"'-«l"«l Boll bul does number of American missionaries "„„ °" " <lcc|> ' m«»ow, sandy were forced to evacuate tlu-lr .'" ' ,°" c( , ! ," """ 1U "' " 6 s!.s. partlculnrly In Norlli China < " ! " 7 p -' ilnWlsl! «l H will cmtilmio uw face "f .i,L. s ™d coi "H ;; K icc vnr" t " )1 i; croiB iur iu nt with anll-A,m.rlcan demon- ; v ,,Wc loC?' if° "„'? VCry ll °- rntlons | Miiiwc to linve the soil In CA...-IH;,,., WHIte seme oaiclats, ! "™ ^L'' ^ '"T"*,' <rhcsoU riiciilaily members nf ti,« ,n... ...°'' , '^ btok(! " deeply n few dent slr imrliculttily members of the diplomatic nnd naval brunches, voiced a more ccmdllalory attitude toward America niter Die abrogation of ille treaty. Japanese army men on Hit spot—upon whom the Tokyo Rovernmcnt suys relasaticns weeks before phnlln lucply dlsk' •I. HIV' Clean cultivation should Ije uiiiln- tnhicd by frequent, shallow ciilti- volliiB mid lioelnn. No sluioh alioulil be removed the yonr the plnnts tire .set In n\a pcrmanont bed. and lhe period of culling .should be veiy limited Iho .second inowlnu season. W!i-i> ibb planting L s Ol( | elionsh in allow hiirvc.stltix, tlu> rows shonlo be moderately rtdscci before mowlh slnrts In the spring When Iho plnul.s arc old cnoui'.h (or tlio spears are cut when five lo d«hl Inches iibove (lie .siirfuce ol lhe ground. They •ire 1'iit severu) Inches below the eroniul by (lie use of an asparagus Carnthersville Farm Crcilit Group Elects CAHUTIIUHSV11,LE. Mo., Jim. 21.—Al the annual election mecl- tnj! of the Oam-llii-rsvlllu I'roduc- llDii Crrdlt AKsnelallon here, T. R. Cole, 1'uscoln, and O. A. Knluhl. 1'nrliiiievllle. were elected lo IHI vacancies on lhc board of directors. All officers of lhe Association were re-elected mul are: S. Crews Reynolds. Carnthcnivllle, president; T. U. Cole. 1'iiscola. vice-prcsldftnt; W. C, Thompson, Cnnilhcrsvlllc, secretary and treasurer, and I,, n Harper, Oimilliersvlllo, assistant i at Wiirdel). Heporlx showed that 340 loans amounting to 4470,000 were made lo IVmhicot Hurt Dunkiin county funnels during 1933, which brought the total loans since the organl- wiiloii was forine<l six yean; aeo lo Jl.500.000. Alter paying alt expenses, ottlcei-n reported the iwso- elation had placed $9,150 (n rc - senv fund, brltigdig ( O lnj reserve fund lo $'20,110. Hie iivei-j|"« form family lives Wr and ainimnulales more v;calth than tin- nveras,' dly iinnlly. Vegetable Laxative Has Important Points This laxtilivc docs three Important thlnys for users. If simple dhcclions nrc followed, It nsitnlly ncls inmctniilly, thoroughly, geiiily You'll like .spicy BLACK-' OUAUOHT'S way. Chief of Its all- va-i'luliti' Int'iedlenls Is an "intw- llnul tonic- laxative" which helps UHU- la/.y bowel muscles. Next llnii; lake BI.ACK-DluirailT, Econoin- Icul, loo; 'X, to 40 doses, H6c. STANBARD TIRES •OTHER. SIZES ai^ts i. PROPORTION,!TEI.V low// AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! harrowed until lh t °' "eram'id ""is sc crclnvy mid treasurer, """"""'"'j AB .smooth and free of rubbish which a 'H'akers on the prnurnm luclnil- l.OW As cnnse crooked spears, "'' " * *"" leitill/.nUoii ts necessary for „„,, K - Miller, secretary of (lie. ~~. ' .. ;- . . . WHAT CAUSES EPIlEPSY? CAc Per Week On Our THERE A CURE? .i n in, , h , „„,„,„„„ BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Bristol coimlj'. Rhode Island, is the smallest county in the United States, having an area of only 2^ , square miles. ROOM IHL UNIFORM TEMPERATURt t7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc * PhoiK 76 MISSOURI j Farm & City OANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fastest closing serviec of anv mnr(Rase , 0!ln company doin fi business in this state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO, Life Insurance Fire I nsurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. They're longer! All three scries of Olds- mobiles nrc longer this year-longer (tan last year's big Oldsmobiles-longer than other cars of comparable price. Olds certainly gives you more car for your money. I hcy'rc wider I Oldsinobilc bodies are bigger in all dimensions. More Safety Plate Glass arm i,, windshield aiid windows increases visibility as well ns safety. Even the lowest priced Olds is a bigger car They're roomier inside! Measure head room, leg room, and shoulder room. You'll find Olds is bigger and more comfortable, with plenlyof space for threo adult passengers in front or rear scats of every model. Bigger engine in "Sixty I" A -big, 95 H. P. Econo-Mastcr engine gives the Olds Sixty" the most sensational all-round performance you'll find in any low-priced car —yet actually saves money on gas. New Sealed-Beam Safely Headlamps! 1 hey provide 50 per cent more illumination for safer highway driving. Thelensis scaled (o lhc reflector, preventing dust and water from reacliing the reflector surface 9LDSMOBILE Improved Rhythmic Ridel Olds is the. lowest priced car with modern coil springs all around. Combined wi(h Knee-Action and Four-Way Stabilization, they give you the world's smoothest, steadiest ride. aiacesr won-at >.l Trump,! Horn* E. i\ial n si. _______ - ""^ "*" """""< "•>""• '» <*««. irft>,»t,( „«,(*.. . BIGGER MO> BETTER MIT EVERYTHING ! LEEMOTOR SALES. Inc. IWindthittd Wiptr*. Vacuum Rooster Pump, 3 Sun Visor*. i'tf\out notice A GENERAL MOTORS VA^UR Phone 32S

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