The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TIII! DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Awn c™™,***,*™ "*~^ * T K - / VOMKMK XXXVI—NO. 2C2. Maneuvers By 11 3. Fleet Carry Hint; Jap Vessel Stopped Mississippi Valley Leader Blytlicvlllc Daily News Blytluvillo Herald BlylhcvllJc Courier L' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI B1,YTHRV11,1,B, WASHINGTON, Jan. 24. (UP)—American naval ibbean Islands if Holland drawn into the European war. President Roosevelt revealed at his press conference yesterday that 22 jinval vessels maneuvering In the Caribbean will operate oif ami out of Ihe Dutch islands of Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire and St. Eu:i- tatlus. He insisted that assembly Flip-In S, WHDNKSDAY, JANUAKY 'M, 1SMO HONOLULU, T. 11., .Jan. ., -. , n ,, ,, T ........... Hospital Owner Held In Jail After Jury Returns Verdict LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Jflll 24 },„,/„, -on , ....... •"-" ""» IU'>>— Nonimn Baker, hospital united lIHirsilny night JVU oivnov pictured by Ills iittomtys us miles oft" San I'Yaiicisco by " "i«'inni 20111 century Wf.s nnllonnllty. of the Atlantic squadron iti (he Caribbean was only n routine training maneuver. The navy nnd state department refused to comment. Diplomatic circles, however, speculated that i naval maneuvers near the Dutch catlo ». islands following recent Dutch mo-! " Jl »'unry 18th, !0:5: billzation on the German Pasteur," wns In jail today following his conviction by a federal j wnltiM- iW.i,,'ir t . icciirt Jury of using Ihe mulls lo J. wnitei Doyle, u. s. customs defraud ' an unidentified vessel, it revealed today. ccllector, said ho iti advertising warship wns Bi-Ilish but ehuiiji Ito of the Tatuta £.„., had. been unajjle to determln. v.ns Infonnecl the euro for cancel-." Capt. | Two assoc-lnles also were found he guilty on nil seven counts of the Its indictment by (lu> jury. They worn K The Nippon Yusen Kalsha Line hospilnl 'al' liendquai ters here made public a mid Dr J radio message from capt. Ito adviser ' which carefully avoided Identlfl- A fotull) St «««. p.m., ibout A fotull) defendant, Dr. O. L. Eeatty. chief of stall', wns freed Judge Thomas C. Trimble re- Fi-anelEco, yoked tall for the three convicted White House never disclosed the : K™slator emphasized [naTlhe ship islonicd nature of the conference, but it I was "ot idenlitied as a warship, Testimony was considered possible now ; •»'}. ™ "wirshlplikc." dwiiin (ho 16-dnv | tr ,nl revealed that Baker's cancer 1. Transfer of any Western vessel might have been an Ameri- Hemlsphere territory from one En- can destroyer, ropean nation to another. I On the other hand it had been 2. Transfer of any Western t widely reported by mariners Hint Hemisphere territory to a non- tu '° Australian cruisers and a Cn-. American power. ' nadian destroyer liad been 1001 3ul Finns Insisi AH Ef- (ovls To Turn Flank Repulsed HELSINKI, Jan. 24 (UP)-niw- la threw lufnniry, tanks and alr- fiiiiipurtcd by u powerful SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 'Deep SoutiTstili 'Deep' In Snow As Mercury Skids Again irlillery Into n . lmss „(. of the winter. Tho wrnther won dldti'l . nek noiili ot Lnku Ladoga today n mi nttempt to smasii Ilio Fin- loft wiiiB and make (lie Mnn- icrlielm defense lino iintcnnble Finns repoilcd that tho vigor of he attack seemed to tmllcnlo that ho Russians were using somo of liclr best Iroops nnd Hint a real hl mlHhl. prcvi! to be impending. An olllclul Finnish tt>,n!mmU|mi at« loilny clnlined (lie attncklni; R«l army Iroops were Ijelim shnmhU'red" wllh Uiousnmls lie- ;iK killed and wumidcil One of the Husslnn objectives on ' " lollloll)1 ' his front seemed to to lo cm n "" 1)y mull>| li 1 ''' ., advantage of thoi By umied rm» .'. i deepest snow in many yonrs,! Winter's grip on the deep/ a number of Hlythovllto neo- South tightened today as'a- ))le were in n festive mood I'ccord breaking blanket of • under Die full moon tost snow burdened after siib-- ; and singed many in- "'oozing'temperatures, • = sleighing, ice skntinjr Prom middle Georgia to i and sliding parlies, despite Texas southerners siippfit) i I lie thermometer taking an- nnd skidded to work today V: other tumble to n minimum'. T " ms|]orUlll °" inu.uies «re I of Uirce degrees above xovo Suen Si™ "?* M ^ 60Uthern j » w tt «**«* ^.^s^n^T^i , schools. . - - . highways and more snow as promised but lho cau ^l n mounllng loil of dead'anS lour inches which fell before 11 mjiircU, Law emorccmcnt agencier'' Mopped at noon ycslcrdny inndn appealed to molortsta to leave Ihpir ; i the i>rclllo.rt amiv seen here In nutomoblles '«t home. | ninny years. i In Arkansas temperature.! raided After gcllliij; n lltllo warmer yes- lo<ll> l' from six lo 12 decrees and' 1 Id-day nflcrnoon the official Ihcr- to »'ii»t wns to be colder Rural »i fCIKl llio e ocal lier- ns o e colder. Rural .' falling nt sundown sc})DOl s )'i every' section of tno ,'j n ''' 1 1 was only la stl>to weri > closed or planned to close il ill road which runs from Sorla- v<? lo chnse llic lnsL 0( l'»e fun- ' "In on lho ncrtl: alioru of Uikc ". Ulkcis fl '° ln Wnlker pnvt and oft only la sl>o weri > cosed or planned to close '""-•is of snow, ice aiul Illnws "" . "' WUte Kojk relief clients sati' soullnvcstwnrcls across Ihs itrrels. After (jolu^ to Ihrce e ' c(l lcom " f » el shortaje biiause: Knivlliin Isllimim lo Vllpurl on Hie llc 8 rtl>s ' ll tlQ wly rose this niornliw of lil(;k ot trucks to distribute wood Finnish culf. . ""Ill It was ll above -/.era at il'DO N °"h Carolina nnd Virginia lay Loss o( mis road would make Vlnck ""'' sl1 " d - sl "«- . under n snow ranging In miekness ' 1 In the eastern in the' 1 ' would ae -- (Illllcull llic moviiiB or men and T)le '''R' 1 "'") 1 ''' were not perilous llom " Icw muleilnl by DID Huns In the Islli- loclny ns '" llu! nrsL »'«lt '» J»"- l! mlon ^ 2 '' '»™ inus. ' ,UBi-y ns Ibu snow had melted In °""> k y moimttilns. The Plims reported tlml In ihclr lr ' lclis "'"do nnil nuitorlsis ^"'"'* Uattle(l . 10-Inch snow never engaged In medical research," satd Assistant U. S. At- tcrney W. H. Gregory In closing Wnr readies out to unve uirae isoliiicu oi'iKians of civiti^ailon UT,,,, arguments for the government, their homes In the wilderness. A Lapp molher and her chll-'rcn bundle up In sledge to flee Russian invnders Finhiuil. "Yet he claims to IIHTO found u cure for a disease which has Unf- near Ivalo in nortlicrii to the Dutch Indies at a time when Holland apparently considered itself endangered. The maneuvers precipitated somi- TJie Columbus crewmen originally were scheduled to depart for Japan en route to their homes on official speculation that the inci-! the Tatutn Maru, but their pass- mignt imply. l.-.-A warning to Germany nnd all other European powers- ihat revision' Of • nio' NElhei-WxinV's status-quo would net be permitted liy the United States to result in change of ownership of the Dutch Indies. 2. Demonstration Unit the United States fleet is prepared to do- fend the strategic Caribbean approaches to America's life-line— the Panama Cnnal. 3. That the lines of Western Hemisphere defenses run along and through islands owned by European nations KS well as tarri- tory of the Americas, 4. Active Atlantic squadron preparation for any eventuality la- familiarizing officers with harbors, navigation conditions, topography flge was cancelled at the last mo- and populations of the tiny Important Islands. but New York Cotton open high low close Mar. 1001 107-t 1055 1072 May 1034 1501 1033 095 1015 D91 920 949 920 918 942 918 July Oct. Dec. prev. close 1053 1045-47 Kb 1 ! 1012-H 977 049 942 911 New Orleans Cotton Mnr. May July Oct. Dec. prev. open high low close close 1013 1035 1043 1052 1C04 1021 92D 952 912 940 1073 1055 1019 947 935 1033 1057 1021 949 940 1032 1032 992 914 905 Stock Prices Senate Committee Apvees To $100,000,000 Fund Increase WASHINGTON. Jan. 24. (UP)— The senate binklnc; committee today approved a S103.000.003 increase In the revolving fund of the ising it to make money. Defense attorneys, including Judge A. G. Bush, Davenport, In., foimer Associate Justice W. R. BcDlinm of the Arkansas Supremo Court and former U, S. Dtstrlc! Attorney Fred rsjrlg, introduced 4-1 former patients of Baker's hospital who testified they had been viivivr- by'- his' treatment.- - The government charged lhat Baker gave the same treatment (o all patients whether for a "brok-l en pelvis, n wart on Ihe nose,; Judgments for $0,000 In favor dandruil, fallen arches or cancer." i W. II. Heath nnd $5,400 In fi\V' Baker Is a former Iowa poltli-!of T. I. Scny, both of BlylhevUI cinn who ran for the Reputlicnn j a.L'iiJrist Dr. E. G. nomination for the u. S. senate in 193G and sought the governorship of Iowa in 1932 on the Farmer- Labor ticket. U. S. Circuil Court Of Atr- • -peals Decisions-.Is;-.. Local tii'iv nllnck ns'ln others "llic Rils- ww ' c lrnvolll| l! cniillotisly us cmil'ri , l | ll(l> l)c " m c Blazed with Ice dilr-ing siuns were Ilrlns Ihousniuis of U ?,, lo ' 1 ' ''?. lho lnck ot accidents, ""^"[ji 1 .._ A " lllll!1 ° (rnvcl through Finnish nulhorltles e h a. r B c- d "«nln Ihnl lho Russians In their nlr nllacks were ccudiicilng n de- llbcrnlc cnmpntrjn oi terror und alleged Hint yesterday four hospitals, marked wltJi Red Crosses were bomlicd, One surgeon wns killed it was asserted nnd four women wounded, Partlow Will Seek Prosecutor's Office . Allnnln, normally one of the na- Tlio Know-covered Ice In Ihe Mis- s bus 'cst. air terminals, was at slsslppi river nl Bnrnclrl wns nn n . &Un ™ m - Snow nt Ihe munlclpnl unusual slRla yesterday with two iml l ) " tl w "s three tcet deep in bints Jammed In lho inlnnd rurt With coiner weather 'lorccnso to- '• which was solid but the mixln cur- g ,. !m . plorl ''« tourists put aside- ; rent did not hnvu an much ico ns '' WUUI »S trunks mid swfwurd; '; In lho other recent, cold wnvo te- "'V! ''""I" 0 ?, ( °!' sonwthlng wJrm, i ciuisc Ice In the north had blocked ,, , s ln Mississippi were -[ ill) and was not coming down llui ™' l " cd ° n ,.\"° weuUicr. Tno coat ;. river, H Is snld. , "'> )w > al wloxl was reported ex- >. Old timers who remember Iho llulsletl ""'I tho city water suppiy winter of 1017 when persons drove "'f' Dfwns l)elu| >' sllut ° ff a <- ''Her- ; ! bugles ucross the river were won- . V "J?. '?''. c ° n ^MIo H purposes. If UiLi could be r-nln If the cold weather Pvcdicls "Ipnominous Dc- 'len If, F..D.R. Seeks, Tliuxl Term cnico now held by Bruce ivy of Osceoln. • - ; . . , S1)L . C | CS , vllle, Mo., rendered In federal rils- dclegntcs to Ills Workers convention Icday •vere v .e, MO., rendered in federal rils- n,nl If Presldrni. Roosevelt veii unry iTve b"en J 7mn,T° '° Sl j!1 "~' <]rnftc " Iof " '"I"' terra he «wl! cent decision by the cleht.h II K ! i „,„!„" „,!?,..."?!.! "l' s li ° fca '-' l Coimt y Program For Aid In " Paralysis Fund Drive Varied He.csioblished his cancer hospl- circuit court o^ppTalfntsl Lf, ,1,^0^' ^ ^ T^ tal nt Muscallnc, IB., In 1929, an- 1 It was announced loday. r.ounclng that he had found a! The suits, growing out of , sure cure for cancer. In 1037 he; Highway No. (11 accident n short moved the Institution to Eureka Springs. I to orovide a non- Q fji 0 TfiTB to Finland. ! K Hflh f- U I II tre nlaced in the bill U UillllU I ft I HL y, Mrs, Nancy Patrick Dies At Age Of 89 A. T. & T Anaconda Copper .. Am. Tobacco Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service . .. Ccca Cola Gcn'l. Elect Gen'l, Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward ....... N. Y. Central .. North Ain, Aviation Pnckard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Eocony Vac Studebakcr Std. of N. J Texas Corp U. s. Steel ni 27 1-2 Mrs. Nancy P3trlck. one of the oldest residents oi Coot 7:30 o'clock last nUht dlslance south of Blylhevllic- in Mnrch, 1938 were originally tiled In circuit ccurt here but were IrnnsOrrcd lo federal district court. Mr. Healh and Mr. Seay suslolncd severe Injuries In lho nccldent. P. C. Douglas was attorney for H;e plalnllffs while Rclj and Kv- rard represented Dr. Cope. Funeral Rires Held For Mrs Paul Howard CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Jan. 24.—Funeral services for Mrs Paul (Audrey Mae) Howard. 57, were held here yesterday afternoon at 2:30 nt, HID H. S. Smith Funeral „ „ „ „ • Chapel, with the Rev W L Mover noon. n ,: 3 ? n o'S ti! a e t B»e ^' MClt '° dlSt mta " 1 *' '^^ hosnilnl. He wns 35. I Mrs. Howard, n former resident Biinicd on his arms, lens nnd in this city for about seven years tack, n toxic condition developed, prior to (he family's recent rc- which had made h's life almost moval lo BlyUicvlllc ArJ- died In gone for merei than a. week. the Walls hospital 'at Blylheville j 1 he nccldent occurrerj on a late Sunday night about seven c'clock .died at SaturtMy afternoon when Mr. I from Injuries sustained earlier that after an , campVcll nltemptccl to remove n ' evening when Export-Import Bank— a fund which couH be used military loan The rommfttpo a specific prohibiton against loans for purchase of srms. ammunition -n-i implements of war. The measure now goes to the senate fnreisn relilinns committee for further consideration, The bill makes no mention of Finland or tiny other country. All loans will be made 2t the discretion of Federal Loan Administrator Jc?se Jones who told reoorters ' that the Exnort-Imoorl Bank's i>ol- 1 Icy of making borrowers purchase i Critically 111 since lie was burn- all their goods In this country I Kl ln a " °" slov e explosion Jan. would not be changed. ...---. ..... . .. . Shoe Renair Shon Pron- rieior Dies At Today Hospital - er after the flame had bosun lo j and two small children crashed'in- 20 It 7-8 9 1-2 44 3-4 4-1 5S 1-4 Livestock . Mra. W. A. Harriett, of "itmision" ^ m r '\ ns ° whcn hc 1)ur - ' a " rvlvi "if » ]Tex2s. and two S0 n s j niv P it "^ .°f \°r C shop> ls survived , Howard; her [rick of Sbermirnc \ a n ,,i M f- r "' 5 , ' "' G!nil >' s Camp- nobby and Patrick of St Louis' M ' Ol (l>ell: his parents, the Rev. and | parents. ' P She be- ot the Methodist church at Wynne, Ark In 1920 ns ° whcn hc 1)ur - ' a " rvlvi "if »™ her husband, Paul two smtill chlldttn, Anlln Sue, and her EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Jan 2-1 tUP)—Hogs: 11.000 Top, 5.55 ITO-230 Ibs., 5.45-5.55 HO-1GO Ibs., 3.23-4.GO Bulk sows, 4.10-4.G5 Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 7.00-10.25 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.30 Mixed yearlings, hellers. 7.25-9,00 Slaughter hlefers, C.50-10.50 Beef cows, 5.23-8.25 Holt Funeral Ho . lMvs ' W , - , P ' ? nm I )Vl<?11 of Arkndel- , ll;1 Ark t . Interment was In Maple ce.-ne- [Campbell of Camdcn, Ark., and'were Tom Markey Leon S-ott P.1.-I )!c>-erc Iloll S(olcn i w - A - Campbell of Fulton, Ark., i Clyde Ifnrper, Pred Chafnn Frank AMHERST. Mass. (UP)—Thieves an(1 onc ststDr - Mrs - Oscar Wheeler Sliunr and Pete Kelley have strlen from u lc nanllst. of Amlt >'' Ark - who have been' hoe. along with their faml i lcs Funeral arrangements had not lerm. U-wls declared Ihnt "labor and the people arc losing confidence" bi-cnusc of the war abroad and tlie pre.scnt co;r;rrs'i Is nnd :en bniKjiict, which - - ---- -he to lit) couples Infantile Paralysis" oinn- iittend the bant "'. cll'mnx'"]! T"' 1 M'° ° f ( " C Cm ' nty '^S"""".";^ 11 :, j n ciimax Jnn. 30 on tiio.annce. President Franklin n.| 'Hie Bnclielors' club, with J. T. innt Mississippi I Emlbtiry ns chninmin, will sponsor 3U5 nctlvl- tho dance nt tl Rn,i , Rocscvell, show coiinly win iiave uuraerou | lloixl: A. sudden mlalit mean repitlUon of the 'dig'- aster. , . A mountain storm at Riverside, Cnllf., was blnincd for'the, crash oi nn nrmy Uambliig piano and tho death oi lour of Us occupants. Tlie new cold wnvo plunged the mercury to id below zero in lown nnd It wns two below .In Kansas City, The tcmpernturc nt St. Louis nnd dropping fast. Wns forecast as far scuth ns southern Missouri for tonight. ... .. Ired Eimls, manager of the Sal- ,ncc nl the City Auditorium | wcl . Lsbury airport braved..the winter's without n program except lo eii- st snowstorm . to. Ily. irilllc to ' This nf-(ball may see two games lo lie play- seven yours of power It finds H- iclf wlllieul sclullon of the ma- fsl1 ' will be held nt Ihe Ccniuum'lty questions of uncin'-hynrnt. ; 'o"se there with Altorney Ocnual tor . . . .---_.-. ow i!ntlm;nl Incrmi. mounting 'crnal debt, Incrcnslu? direct and I TI1 . ...... J ~~....V.. "oil ns the tuest speaker. ccl by an nl!-slnr It-nm of the Mis Us It pi County Amateur BuskcU-all j Lcnjue nt (lie armory nnd ll East Arkansas Scout Consumer tnxallon nnd restricted i wl11 sponsor Ihe fnncy dress nlla'r " " ' ' j«;«h Charles E. Sullcnger. Osceola "' ns innslcr of ccrcmoiuc.5 . , Osceola YOUIVJ Men's club) who rrcfer Kroslltn 1 ' may attend "creljn mnrkcts." Ho snid that Illinois, Ohio, Hie American Lesion arena £ho.v. Council Will Meet! A special meeting of the exeeu- E. A. Rice announced loday L'.KU llvo board ° r tlle Eastern Arknn- ---. ---- ... ,, -- - —- net proceeds from the wrcstHnj ; n ' council of Boy EcouU will be Pennsylvania, New Jerayi for llic frogrnin which will Include • matches next week will be ->iven' hcld nt Fi'" 1 ' 1 . -nH" c,,^».. n f ir-J New York arc "trending to- '.vnrd (he Rcpubllcnn column In the year of 1040." Last Minute' Tag a door show. lo Ihe fund, Regular prices r.f Music for the dunce, which will'25 cenls nnd 15 cents lor ilmj- limnwilnkly follow Uic Uanc|U«.|sldc stals will be charged, win Ijo furnished by oirnn Mo-j J. p. Friend Is chairman of Hie hu^hen nnd his WMC stall or- double-header basketball event Idr cheslrn of- Memphis. The llncc which tho len-u.- hns accepted n ArrnmmnrlAtprl ,,,," , I>C , r co " llle to l)e cllnr e' cl S.oal of I4CO tfckels to b= soltl nt JiCCOffiruOUdlCU. win include bolh Ihe " The local office of the revenue iepar tmejit will remain open MOII- Iny nnd Tuesday nights. January , - - - bnnriuel nnd' lo cenls uicli. dance and no tickets will be sold: Tng Days will be hcld in nn- at reduced prices for the danco mcrous towns oi Mississippi coun- nlo:ie. It ivns announced. I i y w | t h nlytheville lo disp.'nsc ,•>«,.-,-• - , Witl1 tlvo 1)fll "l u els ])lnmie(l for with this activity. Thc.w are to nnd 30, for the convenience of ( the convenience of Ihe public, plans be hcld Ealurdny Mrs W C lllg- ' .orlsts who have not purchased :nrc golnt; forward tor llic numer- '- 1S40 nutomoWIe licenses, It oils other events, lo be slagcd in up this committee. Co-chairmen and Mrs. Jess Homer m.vkc vns nnnounccd Stout, dlslrict loday by U. supervisor. Mr. 3tout pointed out that Tuesday is Ihe last dny 1,'ccnse ta"s cnii bought without paying a pen- ns the 30-day extension ilty irnntcd by O:vcrnor Bailey )ircs on that day nnd lh« iinkes no extension. It wns n Inw Blythcvllle. Usln-j n difTercnl plan for the Blythcvllle soclnl affairs- the bnn- quet nnd dance! select their workers. The Coin Box distribution to public places, so Hint people may be entirely conliibutc small sums in Ihls way, separate. Tile banquet, to be he'd will be distributed by Mrs. Hnrry nl the Hotel Noble, will be forninl, Klrby, Mrs. F:\rns\vorlh Black nnd except for dress. Ihe commutes an- Mrs. W. J. Pollard when the box- allowance lor further rra uila and Lcachville Monday nnd Tuesday for the convenience oi nounccd loday. While the program, decorntloiw, banquet and s Irs are formal" corned. so far ns altirc Is con- cs nrrlvc. W. U. McClurkln hn.s already distributed Ihe Birthday Grcetinx cnrds In Ihe public schools whereby children contribute their pennies, nickels and dimes. Working wllh Mr, Hill on Ihe county committee arc Mrs. C. W. into nnd truck owners In the west-1 ,V r ' ) VII!ls °' c " mbcl! Jf *f™<- orn Dnrt of HIP round- Tlii> Inei' I )lllS| Internationally known bone will'he\i a |^e^W m S.Zi^?!!?t .and iong a lender In ^ o^ Bgthcjll^ vlcc^harr- Sank at Manila nnd nt Taber's Store at Lcachville. Gin Corporation ^ C ?."" DC !',., b ^ ry R tel ] "ionguc"cast American I by Paul Revere, (he patriot. Chicago Wheat been made this aflcrnoon. Ccbb j Funeral Home Is In charge. l May Cullers and low cutters, 4.00-3,00 July open high low close ' 093-4 1001-4 983-4 1031-8 May M 977-8 831-4 077-8 Ju Chicago Corn ?, p ™ ' ll l h low close WEATHER Arkansas — Fair and continued Files Its Articles crippled children's work. Is to be guest, speaker on n program which v.ill also feature harp solos by Angclo cortese oi Memphis, widely known harpist. Mrs. n. A. Lynch (s chairman of nrraiieemenls for the banquet man; L. S. BcnLsh of Blythevlllc, assistant chairman; B. A, Lynch ot Blythevlllc. secretary and trcns-| urcr; E. B. Estcs ol Hnlc Jnckson of Osceola, C. Lnn?st<Mi of Lusorn, Mrs. J. II. j Crnln of Wilson, Mrs. E. M. Reg- at Forrest City Sunday nt Ayccck's Cafe nt 3:00 p.m. James Hill, council president, will preside. D. B. Aycock, of Jonesboro, scout commissioner, will give a report on the progress In the finance campaigns nnd the board expects to reach n drclslon ns to when an assistant executive will bo, tm- ployctl. M. If. Lndtl, of Jonesboro, chairman of llic camping nnd nctlvitics commlllec, will report on plans (or construction nnd repair work nt Camp Frlerson. The dates for the camp this summer will be set. Henry Gregory, of Forrest City, district chairman of the St. Frnii- cis district, will brln? up the council-wide circus. The general •'balrmnn for Ihls event nnd tho : dale will be set. The Eastern Arkansas Council, Boy Scouts of America, serve ' Lawrence, Randolph, Clny. Greene, Mississippi, Crnighcad, Poins?tt, : Cross the town of Enrle in Crit- ; tcnden, St. Francis. Woodruff, Lee, ; Mcnroo and Phillips. Jtr. HU1, Clarence H. Wilson and Floyd A. ; White of here are members of -. the executive board. i Will Receive i Luckett Cass Today j Iwith Mrs. A. Conwny, Mrs. H. H. „„',,„ M™ .rk, Jan. 24.-''""'chins ™d Mr s . Elton W. Kir- f "' auin "" n . cnold of Armorcl, Bill Brown of} LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Jan 34 -1 Houchlns nnd Mrs. Elton W. Kir-! ?'""!!*i nM "l ^'-™-J! 0 ^"!; 0 !! w vs. ArkMo Lximljer Company, which (I Tha Community Gin Company of b V as °H>« mtmbcrs. Mr. and' {f n C, £,Jfnrl P Si, »nrt VrV W " S St ^ M , 'M 0 '" 18 ? a , ftcmoon ! n \\ nenr Osceola filed Incorporation M™- Jtwec Stilt make up (he- l!^!; l n T, c lI: No ,I rl !, nn Jl..!',: 1 . s ' thc c:v)1 Division of circuit c:urt, ' articles. listing authorized cipilil house nnd souvenir committee. ±,rar,^rT n,v ^«™*^«™£ ^^^^7^: PE ,,, R nU\L b , ^'^"'t 1 : «!'« MC " ™« »" '» «P«»« ot R- ?' *" ««• M«. Fanner En,- Mcmphls and Vlclnlly-Fnlr to- ^ 500 " ' ' ' lmld nre men ,b"rs of night nnd Thursday, slightly cold- incorporate were O I ISyrd Inlnment committee, cr tonight, lowest temperature four named agent for service and T Friday. Samuel F. Norrls, all of Blyth..- )s cspectcd to reach the jury by vlltc, newspaper publicity; W. J. tlle m id d lc of tho afternoon. Pollnrd, J. Louis Cherry, Marcus The pl.ilntfff is sulns the luiri- the .^jEvrnrtl, B. A. Lynch, W. D. Me- ber compfinv for n total of $75.000 Ciurkln, the Rev. James A. Over- damages In the death of her hus-

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