The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVI—No. 272 - THE D ° M1NANT K™- OP "ORI**, AKHAN,*!-Al;l~-H- ll I-* IT Jj AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU S2£ r ' Bovine Dally News. II, 1030 «raEVyNATCHES KILLER FROlGAlLO^ rnrri nr iinniirn ww m ^. •*.»__ " " —— . . ^^^ ™ ^^^ •Vote on Confirmation WJ1 Figure Prominentl ly in Congressional Campaign WASHINGTON, Feb.' 14 tup)- While Charles Evans Hughes prepared to assume the chief justice- ship of the supreme court Februan 24 his opponents, who mustered 20 votes against his confirmalion in the senate late yesterday, laid plans tcday to carry their issue into the coming congressional election. The tariff bill, to which the senate is now returned, the power control argument, and the furious conflict regarding farm relief, which entered into the Hughes debate were stressed by the 15 Democrats and 11 Republicans who voted auainst him on the final roll call. The fight against confirmation, which started under unusual circumstances last Monday when two members of the senate judiciary committee voted against the distinguished New York jurist, brought such unitsual attention from the senate and the galleries that senators were sure it would play an important part in the fall campaigns when one-third of the senate will seek reelecllon. It was a futile, fight from the start. Only for a time before the final vote was the Issue really In doubt. The opposition sought to postpone defeat by a motion to recess until today, but lost by a vote of 45 to 35. The vote made it obvious they could not win. They next sought to refer the confirmation back to the judiciary committee and lost by a wider margin, 49 to 31. In the face of these indication; of the temper of the senate a final vote was tslten and Hughes supporters won by a margin of 52 to Hope of Cu in Cruisers Is Waning LONDON, Feb. 14. (UP1— Hoj for reductloji in cruiser and sub marine strength o[ the world's in leading navies waned today upo analysis of ihe figures presents by France and Japan. The only promise oi a cut 1 present small ship strength Is hel out in the suggestion that inutu protective agreements might infli ence a change in France's tonnan requirements. Without such agree menls II Is probable ihe achlevi menls of the London naval con fcrence will be limited to three: 1. A reduction In battleshi Strength. 2. A brand limitation or rathe stabilisation of other classes o warships with some addltlona building by France and Japan. 3. The "hnmanizailon" of sub marine warfare under which un dersea boats will be subject to reg ulailons similar to those impose on surface ships. Senators voting againsfconnrma- Blaine, Borah, tlon were: Republicans: Brookhart, Couzens. Prazier. Norbeck, Johnson. LaFollefle, McMas- 'ters, Norris and Nye—11. Democrats: Black, Blease, Brat- Ion, Connaley, Dill. George, Glass, Harris, Hawes, McKetlar, Overman, Shappard, Simmons, Walsh of Montana, and Wheeler—15. Senator Joseph T. Robinson, of Arkansas, Democrats leader of the senate who Is attending the naval conference in London, was announced as paired in favor of confirmation. Senator Caraway of Arkansas, was absent and unpaired. Senators paired against confirmation were Kowell. Republican. King, Thomas of Oklahoma, Sinith and Tydings, Democrats, and Shipstead, Farmer-Labor. Hold Two Who Accuse Each Other of Murder WOOSTER, O., Feb. 14. (UP)_ Counter accusations of the murder of Melvln Horst were huried at each other today by Charles Hanna, Wooster, and Earl Conoid here today. Each man blamed the other for the slaying when they met in Prosecutor Craven's office for tlie fusi time since their latest arrest. Special Prosecutor Walter Mougey, however, declared the only thing authorities believe of the statements is that Melvin was slain by one of Uie two men. He was Kidnaped from his home more than a year ago. Both men were arraigned todar on charges of child-stealing in connection with the mysterious ess- appearance of the 4-year-old boy the night of December 27, 1923. TELLS IF PUI ELd \oposal Calls' for Sub merging of Russellville Conway and Other Cities LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 14 (UP)— A plan for control of the Arkansa iver flood waters was outlined heri by U. Col. v. u. Wilby, U. S. en ir.eer, in an address before the Little Rock Engineer's club. The "highly visionary" plan if carried out, would inundate 33 smal towns and cover 1,000 square ml!e« of valuable land. It would COB $250,000.000. ' Colonel ,Wilby refused either to endorse of condemn the plan whicl H» rnW- l^aer~^rt',,r,~,f —i i •'^•__.. _ Jacobs, chief engineer for the stat of Louisiana. The project includes the building of a dam 105 feet high across the Arkansas river at the northeastern outskirts of the city of Little Rock, creating a reservoir with a capacity of 30,000,000 acre feet of water. The water would be impounded when the Mississippi becomes dangerously high, Wilby said, thus contributing to lowering the flooded stream by stopping the flow of one of its largest tributaries. Conway, Russellville, Darnanelle and Morrillton are among the towns that would be submerged under several feet of water should the pro ject be carried out, Wilby said. Advocates of the plan also favor the building of a series of len dams on the White river to control wat ers of that stream, he said. Wilby declined to comment on the Jadwin plan of flood control. "Congress has endorsed it. That's enough," he said. French Peasants Reliih M«at oi Constrictor PARIS, (UP)-French peasants m ^S f curlous ihirl e s bl >t snakes are ,? b ? ut tlle most unusual Item on their menu. i t H t" £. Lee ' an Amcrlc »n <°i |r - ijiJr , .? cc ' ln a Ictte r to tnc editor of the Paris edition of the «f .»7 OI J. " Hcra ia-Tribune." tells Nice * snafce - feas t n «r =^,.,^1 in th . c A| P« Maritime* Exchange National Bank at Shreveport Closes SHREVEPORT, La., Feb. 14. (UP)—The Exchnnge National bank jvlth deposits exceeding $3,000,000 failed to open for business today. A statement by Minor Meriwe.i- ther, president, expressed the belief that depositors would be protected and that the bank would reopen following reorganization. The bank was capitalized for 8300,000 and had been in operation fen years. 'Crazy' Cattle Only Being Shocked By Electricity WAUSAU, WisTtiTO-The covs were cutting capers in William Kai- tre's barn near here. Kattre and his wife observed the cows jumping, kicking and bellowing In an unusual fashion at milking. Neighbors, who were called upon for advice, suggested poisoning or intoxication. Kattre called a veterinarian. Before the doctor arrived, one of the neighbors leaned against a stanch- Ion and was knocked to his fee? The steel cattle guard was charged with electricity when an electric wire had made contact with th» metal. Sale of Stock to Financ $20,000 Uncfertakin Will Be Started Soon. Encouraged by assurance of n lancial support that have been vo uiteerecl since it was definitely ai loimced that a permanent horn was to be provided for the Missis sippi county fair, the joint com mittee having the project In charg last night voted to Increase th capitalization lo $20,000. This amount, which members the committee feel certain can be raised through stock subscriptions on a 50 per cent cash and 50 pe :ent interred payment basis, wi provide a better equipped and mor complete fair plant than was ori ginally contemplated. Will Draft Articles A committee, headed by W. Leon Smith, was authorized to prepar articles of Incorporation and sloe subscription lists, and actual tak Ing of stock subscriptions will ge under way very shortly. It is hoped o have the stock subscribed and ;he organization perfected within a month, so that the land required for the project can be obtains before crops am planted. Possibility of financing the pur chase of land and erection of the necessary buildings through an Improvement district was discussed a ast night's meeting, but investlga- ion revealed legal obstacles tha wculd seriously delay, if they aid not altogether block such a project, and ll was determined to go thead with the stock company as he best means of providing thi air grounds. Means Lvftr Income Decision to Increase the capitall zation from $15,000 to $20,000 was nflueneed in large tha be- iel that a pl«ct, adequate from every poin; of view. Is eftseritial to he permanent financial success o he fair, once It is established. The S20.000 capital will permit nnt only a race track lighted for night rac- ng, but a football field lighted for light games. Experience in the ast year or two has shown that •ate receipts at night attractions, Ither football or racing, run far head of the daytime receipts. : killed two If he wantedThc"snake/ anTThe ss.^-ar.pX*^ Frcnch Convict Shi p«• pieces and put them m a pot to Held In Awe By Natives DDH. Lree declares he refused In TTAtrop mm r™. Join in the meal. lo I7 J IA Y RB ' f 'V ^B™««me ,^!^?CWM consider bolled ^^ I ^WTiSSI EtfS® e AMerlcan •""'" a load ot French convicts to Devil's Island In French Qulnea. Alter unloading the rum, the ship will proceed to La Rochelle to await for another cargo of humans condemned to pass the remainder of their days In the French penal Island. _.. —.„ .nvwia, wfucn are very much like American garter snakes, as a tit-bit Just as grasshoppers are In Algeria. Most of the road transport companies in England arc controlled or partly owned by railway com- fanles. Will Seek Memberships to Help Finance Work During Current Year. Memberships in the Blytheville Ibrary association which, for an innual fee ot J2, entitles all mem- wrs of the families of holders to till library privileges, will be sought ext week In the association's an- ual membership drive. Because of umerous other activities the drive as delayed and the memberships •> be soliclated are for 1930. Through the efforts of the 11- rary board and those who patron- ze the- Institution, it lias grown eadlly since It was started In 1921. "Tie building is now paid for and nere are a large assortment oi ooks available which are suitable r all ages. A librarian keeps the ndlng room open from 2:30 until 30 o'clock every afternoon and rom 7 until 8 o'clock on Saturdav ghts. The Rev. Perry F. Webb Is present, Mrs. J. W. Bader, vice-present; Mrj. H. A. Smith, secretary nd Mrs. B. A. Lynch, treasurer. ~ther members of the board are Louis Cherry, Miss Rosa Hardy. J. Mahan and Mrs. Roy Walton. Catholic Church Launches Crusade Upon Immodesty VATICAN CITY, Feb. H. (UP>The Catholic church has begun a world-wide campaign against Immodesty In women's dress. The congregation council, one o; Prize Beauties Of Europe Effort to Save Child Fatal to 4 nmomubllc driver lo keep iromhll- !"'« a 4-yc.-u-.rjki Bid I1S shl . r , across the Ur.nklicud highway cost He lives of the chiw „,„,„„,;! other (tenons today. The autoiniibllc crashed head-on Intel iinolliiT machine as the ,n-i v . "- swcivetl from ihe child, i Iiic ilend nre: I. Menace Uiilk-r. Kaslland, Tex I brother of General Smcdlcy IlutUv! Mi's."J5ula "tny!"* 1 ' *' llalll!l111 ' 1 ' ot .Mr. unit Mrs. Liiwrencc liertino of Mineral Wells. 51! ™^ V ° rld! . Eu ?'>> e ™« No «*ern Africa's" fairest -, * put up a pretty^ fo7 thT l^'of'^ ^J™ ££££**£ c ~in"S compelillon- in Lower, Mile. Zqika Dcna, "Miss Roumanian M llc. Vallatles. and Mile. Plorottc Vlohe, "Miss Emmy re, top, Mile.- ILss Algeria;" France."' Hurt East Arkansas Shippers, Turner Tells Commerce Commission. Suggested changes in the rall- oad freight rate structure for cot- on which, it is declared, would lace Blythevllle and other eastern Arkansas centers at a serious dis- dvanlage in competllion wllh olnte cost of the Mississippi in states of Tennessee and Mls- ssippl with respect to eastern arkets, were opposed by W s urner, secretary of ihe Arkansas otlon Trade association, In an al argument before the Inter- ate commerce commission ai 'ashington last week. Pointing out that the high qual- y cotton most In demand by American and Canadian mills is produced chielly in eastern Arkansas and western Tennessee and Mississippi, Mr. Turner attacked proposals to Increase the rate differential in favor of points east oi .the river. These rates, rather than those to gulf ports, nre of primnrj importance to eastern Arkansas shippers, he declared. Defending the present Memphis basis for east Arkansas cotton rates, under which West Memphis and Blytheville, as well as some other points, enjoy the Memphis rate, and other points in this fr- rltory suffer only small differentials, Mr.- Turner said both shipper and railroads had found the arrangement satisfactory. Referring specifically to the situation as It affects (his city Mr Turner said: "I wish to continue some comparisons between the present and proposed rates indicating the disadvantages which will accrue to Arkansas shippers. I would point out that Blylhevllle. Ark., on ihe ^^•«6 t ^&"'- lujl vwitutii, out ui uui* LIIUI Dl>LiieVMie, AfK OH lh€ the high administrative bodies of west side of the Mississippi rivci the church, addressed a circular to all bishops all over the wcrld In which bishops, priests, fathers and heads of schools are reminded, of their duly to promote dec em fashions. Manila School Head Accused of Beating upils H. S. Games, principal of the Manila schools will go on trial before a jury In Justice Ed Waiter's courl th's afternoon on a charge rf assault and battery growing out of an alleged beatina administered two boys, students 01 the school. A warrant was issued for Games arrest on Jan. 24 by Justice E F. Alston charging the school principal with the offense. He Is alleged to have whipped one of the yomtis with a section of rubber hose to the extent that the Iray was forced to seek mctllcol treatment and was confined lo bed. The case was transferred to Justice Walker's court on a change of venue from the court of Justice Alston on motion of Games. The case has attracted considerable Interest in Manila and a large number of citizens from* that town are here for the trial. Nell! Reed, deputy Jirosccutor, will represent the stale and Cecil Shane, local attorney, is counsel for the defendant. and reprosenUillvc of the entire northeastern section of the stale with a now rate of fl.M'.J per cwt to Boston, has a proposed rate of $1.28, and that Dyersburg, Tenn directly opposite Blythevllle on the east side of the Mississippi river, Forest Adds Acreage LITTLE ROCK (UP)-Area of 11] 2 0'i his a nrooowrt mi. »f " M toreS^T,' EM 1 * '%'Hn? thT^rkan^t^' Boston the Blytheville. of —••- v^uui m, iiBiiijutu JT UL C.^t. TA111 Ue Increased by 48,163 acres sold the u. S. D«partment of Agriculture by the' Missouri Pacific railroad. The land Is in Crawford, Pope, Franklin and Johnson counties, Arkansas. tory at a dlsadvanlage at once of 19o per cwt, over the more for tunate neighbor to the east on com petitive mill traffic." Read Courier News Want Adj. Deaf Basketball Players in 8-State Tournament LITTLE ROCK. Feb. H. (UP)-Basketball leams representing schools for the deaf In eight states arrived here today for their t nual tournament. The Arkansas team won the title each of the three years since h» tournament was begun. The finals In the contest will be played Saturday night. SID FDR IEK Governor Biliw's Message Arrives Just in Time/to Halt Execution. "'-, c . „. . Shot fired in Drunken Rage Employe Gives AlarmWhci Armed Men Holdup Tele graph Office in Detroit. DETROIT. FebTTl. (UP)-Dcnt by bandit bullets stared Ash Blue in the face when lie stepped on m nlniin button in Die Western Unloi Telegraph company mnln down town olflcc last night, preclpltnt hiK n scries of gun battles whlcl left two special guards and n jjnii men dend nnil a policeman wound ed. "Qrcetlngs, everybody, we're bac asaln," called the lanky leader n n trio of gunmen who strode int the office. The nine employes pr'cwnt knew the bandits who had started i lioldup there on February 4, wer back lo add to the several hundrei they got then, , : . There was a sharp command t "Un« up against the wall and who ever t .»unrls.on alarm iounds h« deiUi, signal." •--•» As the nine employes and a ion customer hastened to comply Blues set his foot on r. button that sounded a gong in the office of the Amer Icnn Still Alarm company In UK snme building. Three guards ran Inlo the room and opened fire on the bandits Soon John Scott and Jess Catll'i ; guards, were dead and an unidentified bandit was mortally wounded The olher gunmen lied, shooting Proves Ratal to A. G. sh( wa the bamllls had obtain"!! n i run i $1,600 In cash. Douglas o! Holland. A. G. Douglas. 55. Holland Mo farmer, died at the Blytheville hospital this morning from gunshot wounds, alleged to have been in- llicted by Lconic Allen, n neighbor Saturday night. Dnuzias was rushed to the local hospital soon after the shooting. His face and right arm bore cvi-: *. he had been struck by i load fired at close ranee. 1 HDFjp W lot Race in Prospect for • Successor to State's First f A t0 , ?f vc , tllrow " his hand in i LITTLE ROCK Feb H-with f on of his face. Blood prison was four candidates having file,! Tor the d!recl cause of death. j nipt puclice act pMges ai.d "« Allen Is being held al Ihe Cu- i lcas ' two olhers knoun to be prac- ruthcrsvllle jail on n charge of as- Neatly certain to make the race sault with Intent to kill. The i tnc contest for Congressman Irom' charge will probably be changed to tne Second Congressional Distrlc: miJfnpr tfAav tlTrtnileac tn Vw, ™,-.~., >i, n mnrder tcdny. . promises to be mare thnu ordlnar- Auto "Guardian Angel" Protects Racine Men RACINE, Wis. (UP)-Is there an automotive "guardian angel?" Racine motorists think so. The "angel" first hovered over the accident In which Laurence Sadowsky, 20, was trapped In the cab , ° f » truck which plunged down a 100-foot cliff along the shore oi Lake Michigan, Sadowsky was hurt bill little, although the truck was literally smashed to nieces. The next day the "angel" appeared again, this time near the automobile of Joe Rumati. Rumall drove away from the curb and his starting speed was greatly accelerated by an Interurban car which crashed into the automobile. Rnniatl was catapulted through the windshield and the truck crashed through a fence utter hurdling a sidewalk. The driver sunered minor cuts and bruises. ••"uci icoay. • i-""i«isca w at mare tnnii ordlnar- Two youths. Tfllh Douglas when J 1 ^ . ln *««Ung Ihis year. The dis- Ihe shooting occurred. suM today „" £ ?? w represented in Con- that Douglas got out c-C the car g ! ess . by Mrs - w - A - Oldftold, widow In which they were riding and at- ?T M i , e j late Co "6rcssman W. A. lempted to rcasin with Allen when i ?'„??& bu ' Mr3 ' OId Iho latter n-lntrrt n „„„ .» th». CB £dldate to succeed the latter p-|nted a gun at the,' car and ordered them not lo go-, further. Allen, in a drunken fury, - . Miss., Feb. 14, .-.„ none ,of the drama ^ the best dime novel thrillers I? V. Lewis was snved'from ilenth today as ho walked lo an Improvised tullows here. Nut a minute too early'a mossnw from Governor Tlieo. G Bilbo pronlliig ;, 7-day reprieve- lo pei-- mil n sanity hearing arrived 113 Sherlit J. D. 3lM ^ 6lnl . tc( , „ <le:ith march. • . The governor's action ciimc after He had refused earlier In the dav o interfere with (lie scheduled hanging "between noon nnd sitn- iliMin." Earlier in the week the slule supreme court had refused Lewis n rehearing. Sis times Lewis' nuvKMls havo come before Mississippi courts to no avail. The supreme court exhausted liis last hope- recently when II refused him a rehearing Lewis wus-convicted and r.enfenc- «l lo Imng for clubbing lib father-in-law. Jesse Miley. lo dcalh in a cotton field more than n year ago. Take Woman Auto Thief to Face Federal Charge Mrs. Fuy Case, 32, confessed member of a st. Louis auto rlnir ' hew at the county Jail here ofte'r she was arrested driving a stolen Memphis car b'y Andy Barker Clear Lake deputy constable, w«s taken to Jonesboro yesterday by £. L. McSliane. deputy U/ a. m«rshaL •• where she will face federal charges In connection with autd thefts • • .Quite a flurry . was paused Here. laid yesterday when It wavdUcoy- ered thaf tlic'\vojif(|ft" llfiil^cfii- fc~ leased by the Jailer to a. man ' claiming to have federal cltarges ngalnst her. Officers imereslea>-iu the case and the arresting ofBceY' claim that they were not notified by the marshal when he removes the prisoner, as Is the custom 1n similar cases. Officers believed that some confederates of the woman effected lier release until It was discovered today that she is In tnc- Jonesboro Jail. • . . Belote Company to Open Grocery and Meat Market The Delete Implement company ocated on Mnin street in the Ma-' inn building, has been remodeled and will open tomorrow as a scll- erve grocery and mcnt market. A line of hardware will be con- Inued as In the past, according to '. T. HcloU;, manager, but ths :rcatcr portion of the store has -ccn appropriated for the grocery md meat lines. Fresh vegetables ;nd fruits will also be a feature Mr. Belote has been In business t the present location for the past hree years and Is widely known ere. He announced that John Diodes will be in charge of the icat department and George Still•ell cashier. . The last candidate to definitely •• ..... — -.u», m a arunxen iiiry, O , . - nred point) Wank at Douglas they ft, Scarc> ' tWhlte c6tmt ^ who ' C said, and «* nndranrA^w^^^esn-^l^'ff^^^- Another neighbor declared that ?.!£* 2^ sd **': ™« candidates Allen. In a drunken rage, was try- M p,i v ,, en , P « dB " nre: Freo v -.,,_. " 3 M. Picfcens of Newport, Hugo ---. ... k , UIUIIACU i tujc, «u:i ll} - \r Dli*L-»vT\ r *• Ing to hall traffic on the Dental- V,, d5p C ^ nsT °J Ncw P° r( Holland road. }!>?,?, e of J»<*son county; ..,.,„ Williamson of Newport, prosecut- The deceased Is survived by his in « attorney of the Ihlrd judicial widow, Mrs. Marie Diugbs, two clrcu 't, and R. VV. Tucker ot Bates- brothers, \v. O. Douglas and E E vllle - wn <> ran as an in<lcix>ndent. f ouglas,' and three sisters Mrs. ca «(iUalc against Mrs. Oldfleld in Slella Hitchcock,, and yjrs. Lula Ule special election last year. Bedford, and Mrs. Lillic Tutor • H - A - Northctitt of Salem, form- Thc Cobb Undertaking company cr 5lale senator, although he has Is in charge of funeral arrange- not fliftl toe corrupt practice net. ments. pledge, Is an avowed candidate to R.. ' UTII Business Will succeed Mrs. Old field and It is gen- - orally reported here that Judge John C. Ashley of Melbourne, pre- Hnnvo Rncf Sdnrl 15ldln 8 Judge of the sixteenth Judi- noover Kest Short ' c , al ,,,„„,,_ wi]1 also M(:omc a ; candidate. Feb. 14. (UP) ! Judge Ashley and Senator Morln- Hoover and his fishing cutt are brothers-in-law. The lat- t here shortly oftcrbrcak- ter was a candidate for congress- lay aboard the houseboat man against the late Congressman Oldfleld In the Democratic prlmar- - -.v--= ~ " ,„ : les ° r !926 and 1928. Reiwrts from -- another try for saiinsh to- : Drlnkley say that Frank Mlhvee or . president Hoover and his par-. that city Is contemplating entering .in r r «l ui ? hcrc 10 board a i thc rare for coneressman. Mr. Mlt- "r Washington where lie will wee is a former countv Jurtge ot . - Monday morning. Buslnesf Monroe county m Washington has forced tbepres-, dent's return two days earlier than! No beaver dam is ever finis ne nad anticipated, it was said. or ever without need of repair. -otfon Consumption for January Below Last Year WASHINGTON, Feb. 14. (UP.) — mining bales of lint cotton consumed In mills of the United states In January totaled 577,235, accord- Ing to Ihc report oi the United States census bureau This comparer with 453,892 bales-ln December and - M8.286 bales In January, -1929. Total consumption for the six "en j months of this season from August coum> 1 to January 31 amounted - to a-' 319,837 bales, against 3.447,645 m the same period last season. Stocks of cotton on hand January -' 1 exclusive of linters compare as follows: January 31, 1930, 1,830,900 bales In consuming c-siablisliments and 5,406,771 bales In warehouses, while on December 31. 1929, ihere were' 1,844,246 bales In consuming establishments and 5.914,442 bales In warehouses. last long fishing cruise. Two Escape When Plane Sinks in San Diego Bay SAN DIEGO, Ca!.. Feb. 14. (UP) —The pilot and an employe of tha company escaped today although the Los Ange'es-to-Mexlco mall plane of the Pickwick Airways company sank In San Diego bay after a forced' landinf. WEATHER i, ARKANSAS—Cloudy and unset- filed tonight and Saturday.

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