The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 8
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'/."PAGE K1CHT : == —-==-- ^---T-.^.-.-r.- —:.-...-. J .-^~ =r ~. -,,- .-^^.--^.^.^^.^J^ni^jHdi'-J^ Molorless Flying Now the Hobby of America's Fa . mous Ace of the Air. By vmcii, WVATT Special XK\ Service Writer LOS ANGELES.—Colonel Charle A. Lindbergh Iras a new ambition . The man \vho (lew the Atlunl mid lifts handled the heavies! an; most powerful aiijjbuc.s '.vith o. lias now turned 10 aviation's other extreme. Tiny, mo'.orlc-« ij • crs—barely move lhan n pllo!': scat, a pair of \vings and n lai which float along as sllt-nlly OKI'. serenely as u .Jiirfi—have becom- Ills newest hobby. : . Behind the recent rxpovinunl In glider flying that LliKll:en;h hn been making In (lie mountains am ojy the se/isliorc near litre is a <lc . 8lro to set n nnv ivorld'.s recoiv for remaining aloft In a motorle.v ' plane. l'To do [his, Lindbergh will hav< to stay up more than 14 hours a:nl 45. minutes, for tills Is the dura- . tlon record set by Lieutenant Din- art In Germany lust October. Thr •glider allllude mark is 1231 feet, set last, April by olyer Kronflckl of Vienna, and the siralglu-away distance recoid Is 07 miles, held lr- Erich Kronflcld, nlso of Vienna. ' But, privately at least, Colonel Lindbergh Is said to be hoping tr popularize gliders Just as he j popularized nirplnnes. The time .Is ripe becntise gliding, although widespread in Oernmny. is jiibt In Its infancy In the United Slates. Million filiders by 1033 Tile National Glider "Association, with headquarters at Detroit, ha; undertaken n program that call': for 1.000.000 glider pilots In llic United Stales In the next, three years. Cnpltiln Frank Hawks anil Eddie Stlnson, famous pilots, an behind H. And Lindbergh has entered Into (his type of flytnp! with all the enthusiasm of a boy 'flyini his first kite. ' Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh won their glider pilots' licenses recently only a lev day's apart, And (host who were present say that Lindbergh got a . bigger Ihrill out of watching Ills prcliy wife ninkc her first glider flight than he dirt lr. making his own. ' For once In his life, Lindy was just one of the crowd. He watched Mrs. Lindbergh go sailing away in the tiny ship, circle buck nnd forth in the same rising nlr currents and remain aloft six minutes. As the former Anne Morrow .walked toward the motorless plane, wearing n pair of Lindbergh's lone overalls,, she had the appearance of o small child, dressed In baggy sleepers nnd rendy to be tucked Into bed. Eight men seized (he ropes (ha! stretched before the g'lder. AS thi; cords were being pulled *• tout. Lindbergh crouched beside the little cockpit and' gave his wife a last word of advice. "Are you ready, Mrs. Lindbergh?" asked HaH'les' Bon-Ins, gilder expert and designer. "Yes," came the soft-spoken reply. "Let 'er go!" The motorless plane catapulted 50 feet Into the air. Gradually and silently, it sailed over the brow o' the hill and out Into space. "That's Mr-Wile!" A broad smile lighted the colonel's face. He looked as it he want- 'ed to point R proud finger to'.varri the little ship and stiy: "That's my wife!" Mrs. Lindbergh made a perfec'. landing on the sandy beach. "It was great funl" she exclaimed as her famous husband ran to her side. "I wish I could hnve brought it back nearer the landing place, but the wind died dou-n." " . It was Just a few days before that Lindbergh had won his glider license by a 31-minute flight over Point Lorna. Later, he made numerous flights in his mountain camp north of here where he ha;l gone In search of more favorable winds. Still seeking this—a steady, elght-mlle-an-hpur wind is best- he turned his attention to a new location. And If the German rec- How Lindbergh Flies Molorless Plane I IN THIS BO* &l W nets, valued nt S7M,MO. more than Human bones continue to Brow until the Iwcnly-nnii year. . .THURSDAY. KEniUJARY 10. 1<W SUcklng out the tongue Is a rmx'i? of greeting- Wends anvmr (he natives of Tibet. " In the last 43 years more (han 3500 acres of English sea coast has slipped into the-ocean rb " I « ""' c " rrCllls ' Morc ""•• rkl " B miles from from r,c I ,l« n » ', roindte" an aUlt.nle of 2000 fwl. he would travel seven or Memphis Boy Is Cue Shark Clrrlto, 12-year-old pool pheiioni who ruplilly Is winning Ihe mvy of ' vctcriin btlllunllsts. Local slnrs tle- .-•cliirf Hie youngster soon nlll bj | fible lo go .out niter nallon-wlde "Some (lay I'm eolnf; to bi 1 ranked with Hoppc, Lnylon and other great players," the boy declares with nssurancc . Johnny bc-cninc interested In the cue giime two yufirs nro. !lc prnc- tlccil dlllfenlly every" dny nfior school on n table In his father's billiard parlor. Before lonu he v;r,s defeating some of the best phv- ers In the city. High point In tile youngster's career Is a victory over Robert. Iloneyciitt. southern champion. In a name of bank pool during the lltleholder's exhibition series hero recently. Iloneycntt made only (oitj- bunks while the Uoy roui|>«l lo nn easj- victory. Ho 1ms high > Xl'.\ Srrrln MEMPHIS-King of Memphis cuelsls Is (he sobrltiuet of Johnny ord cannot be approached in southern California he will bo on the ookont for other locations where deal \rcntlicr conditions will make ong gliding niglili pa-KSlble. Is Rc-I)lsi-nvcrc<l Art Though perhaps regarded as the cwcst form, glldltiB Is really the West, form of flying. The Wrtghi .-others fle«- In gliders before they tlached u motor ana Invented the Irplanc. Actually, the art of flying y mere use of wind currents is ist being re-discovered. .\fnch of this progress Is due to ic Germans. Their airplane de- elopmcnt restricted by the Ver- allcs treaty, the Germans turned o gliders shortly after the war, Tremendous progress has been lade and today gliding Is a very wpiilm- sport In Germany, thou- anrts of .scliool boys participating. Tho sport Is simple and rela- Ivcly Inexpensive, It being possl- le to build a good glider [or $75 The Food That Fights Fat It's ii glaiul food, now used to correct ll-.e known cause of so much excess fat. Doctors now employ it Ihe world over. And now, without siarv.ilion, multitudes nrc R.lining ncv/ youth nnd rje.iuty, vim nnd vigor. You sen the rcsuliswherever you look. Fnl is the exception now. Marmolu prescription tablets embody tins modern nictliod. 1'tople have used them for 22 years—millions of boxes of (hem. Some of your own friends, doubtless, cnn show you what they do. Let them bring you whnt tlicy have brought to so many. The results will ildijjlif iriul itinaze yon. A book in the box expiring the effects. 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More important still, strong healthy blood nourishes the body and fights against infection and disease. YOUTHFULNESS and BEAUTY are dependent upon a strong body — firm flesh ~ a clear siitv N OTHING is more beautiful, more inspiring, more glorified than the supreme manifestation, of Nature in the human body. Those sparkling eyes, that clear skin, that firm flesh, and that vigor of action dcnotinu vitality, bespeak loveliness and internal hcallhfulnfss. And so, is it not our birthright to be masters over our own bodies? To be sure not much is said openly about personal handicaps —skin, blemishes—sallow complexion— poor health — but iecretly they influence many important affairs. Skilled physicians recognize the appearance of skin blemishes, lack of appetite, flabby flesh and loss of energy as an indication that the body's power of resistance is low—that there is a deficiency of red-blood- cclls. This is why so many thousands, seekirijyou th- fulness and beauty, have taken a course of S.S.S. It helps Nature restore the blood to its normal staff. Without plenty of rich, red-blood-cells there would be no strong, sturdy, powerful men or beautiful,hwlthywon-,cn. THE GREAT DLOODTOXIC SINCIi 1826 Loss of strength, flabby flesh and skin eruptions are but a few of the symptoms of a deeper and more da ngerous trouble — .1 lack of the normal count of. red-cells in the blood. ^7 eee For , morc lhan 10 ° v « r » S.S.S. has beer, helping Rim nc ? C ° P " Sain and " uin their s* rcn B>h -wd charm driinnv P^ 0 " 101 " h«!'hy body building. It increases Ihe SHTc" °* rcd - b l°°d-cell5. All drug stores sell b.S.S. in two si« 5 . Ask for the larger size, tt is more economical.'S» <" 0 runs of eliilit successive banfc ami hi pocket billiards. 25 balls. .-. • ' In (lie city of-Mexico, which-is altunted at tin uHitiule of 7409 r c ei wnler boil:, nt nbout 200 dezices Fahrenheit. ' .. 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