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The Laclede County Republican from Lebanon, Missouri • 8

Lebanon, Missouri
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Louis last week on business Magnetic City Mention Jots and Personals About People On the Main Street of America Total Rainfall in Month, 10.23 Inchrta Total For Five Months, 60 Inches 11)27 Im Jut 3 4 io 12 15 14 15 16 17 IS 1) 20 21 22 25 24 25 20 27 25 2.9 50 Wonder what they would do in Europe to a European college pro fesspr who insisted that Europe ought to act as Santa Clau to t-e United States and the rest of world? LETTER HOMES WEEK COUNTY CARRIERS THE COL'NTY COURT Mrs. Louise Moulder, after a visit here with Mr. and Mrs. G. C.

Moulder, Dr. and Mrs. John Moulder and other relatives and friends, went to Linn Creek for a visit, leaving there last week for ber home, at Newton, Kansas. En route she made brief visits in Warsaw and Kansas Citv. Mrs.

Moulder is associted with her son, Earl Moulder, in operating fhe Hotel Ripley, at Niwton. Meeting of (he Laclede County As sedation at Bennett's Prizes Awarded to Mr. and Mrs. A. E.

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Young Adjourned Session, )ne Day, Monday, June 6 Bills and Accounts Audited, Salaries Paid ADDING A WASH RACK REAGAN IS WINNER Reporter of One of Our North Districts Was Nominated by First Weeks Vote Boy Scouts and every one that helped in any way to make our Red Cross Relief Fund Sale the Success it was. Remember, We deliver the Goods.

Rhone for food 28 and 43 The Laclede Countv Rural Carriers Association will meet this afternoon at Bennett Spring State Park, this being the annual meet irg. A bu-iness meeting will be held at 5 oclock. Officers will Le elected and delegates chosen to the State convention, to be held in August, in Cameron. A picnic supper and social evening will follow the business meeting. The local association expects tc secure the 1928 State convention for Lebanon, which, from all indications, will have the honor of entertaining the State Association next year.

This years- convention probably would have been held here but for the fact that the Stat' Association was organized in Cam eron twenty-five year ago, and that town wished to observe the anniversary by entertaining it again. The Skelly Oil Company, just finishing the work on the new -service station at Second and Jefferson, is adding a public wash rack for the use of all car owners who desire to use it. This will be an added convenience, and likely will be fully appreciated by the automobilist when he arrives with his car covered bv a coating of thin but dull-finish mud. Getting his car clean restores a mans self-respect like getting a clean shave after several days of neglect along this line. That May weather was.

not pH that could be desired is evident from the report of Mrs. Lou Mul-care, official weather observer. The temperature showed considerable variation. The maximum was 91 on the while the minimum was 38 on the 11th and There were 14 clear days, 14 cloudy days and three partly cloudy. There was hail on the 28th and the 30th.

The rainfall was 10.23 inches for the month, the greater amount in twenty-four hours being 3.10 inches on the 31s-t. The rainfall on June 1, 2, 3 and 6 was 3.17 inches, making a good start for the month. The wind storm of last Friday night did some damage to trees. A large maple in the rear of Mrs. Clara Wilsons home was broken off and a large oak in front of the S.

R. Farrar home, on Harwood avenue, was blown over, or possibly ftruck by lightning, there being some difference of opinion regarding this. The tree is at least fifty years old and the trunk atparently was sound, though the roots showed decay. Fortunately, the tree fell clear of the house, else the latter would have been seriously damaged. The rainfall in this section totals CO inches since September 1, 1926, nine months.

DemutH Grocery and Market The "Better Homes committee has been busy judging in the va-r ous contests that are a part of that work, but the complete list of awards has not been announced, as yet. It will be ready for publication next week. Mr. and Mrs. A.

E. Oliver were given first prize for outside re-tnodeling of the home, the prize being a $12.50 electric table stove, which they highly prize, both for its value as a home convenience and its significance as a prize. They have one of the most beautiful homes in Lebanon. Starting with a plain, unfinished house and barren lawn, they have, ini a few years, made of it a most attractive home, embellished with porches, trellises and a grassy lawn, with shrubbery and vines that give it a most irtviting appearance. A garage attached to the house is a recent improvement.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Young received an $8.50 fern stand as first prize for a rebuilt home, as previously announced in The Republican. Their home was used as the demonstration home during Better Homes week. LEBANON DAY DESCENDANTS CARRY ON at Spring Valley Camp, twenty miles east of Lebanon, on Highway 66, The Countv Court, Judges Hill, Atchley and Honssinger, met on Monday, the 6th in adjourned term, holding a one-day session for the purpose of paving officers salaries, auditing accounts, and for such other business as might come before the Court.

At a previous meeting of the Court, Irving Goldsmith was declared to be insane and was by the Court ordered to be conveyed to the Nevada hospital for the insane, as a County patient. At Monday's meeting the salaries for county officers for the month of May were allowed and warrants were ordered drawn on the current fund in payment of same. A number of bills were allowed, among them three printing bills one for $16 for one of the local printing offices, and two in the total sura of $443.00, payment for work done for two foreign printing establishments. These two outside bills were for work don by the printing establishments in 1926. An order was made by the Court, and entered of record, notifying a justice of the peace, occupying one of the offices in the Court House, that the Court House is for the use of the county officers, and instructing the sheriff to see that such office occupied by the J.

P. shall be vacated. The Court ordered that the county collector, as has been the custom, shall be excused from going from township to township in the collection of the taxes. Court adjourned to Tuesday, July 5, the Fourth of July coming on Monday. The Court meets on the first Monday each month.

THE BAND CONCERT June 19 Come and bring all of your friends. Basket Picnic Dinner JUDGE ATWOOD HERE The firrt weeks vote by The Republicans reporters on the ouestion as to which district furnished the most interesting lot of news for the readers was decided in favor of Reagan. The Republicans statement that the prize would be awarded to the reporter receiving a majority vote was not quite as we intended making it. We did not, at any time, anticipate that one reporter would leceive a majority of all votes cast. Opinion varies too much for tl at.

The intention is, and it should have been stated, the reporter receiving the greatest num-Ler of votes is to receive the prize each week. The vote cast varied greatly, and the winner received one more vote than the one next to the lead. Voting on this weeks excellent contributions, the result may be entirely different. However, the vote will be counted as cast, whether the result is the same or different every week. The voting on the candidates in this little contest varies somewhat from the (political primary vote.

In that, we have just one time to vote. There may be seventeen candidates for one office. One candidate wins, and we have sixteen soreheads swearing vengeance on the successful candidate and sticking the knife into the ticket as a whole. In this contest we bave a new vote every week, and the loser this week may be the winner next week. The voting strength this week is increased to seventy-three, where last week it was seventy.

We shall increase our corps of reporters to 100, covering Laclede Coun ty in the news line. The second concert of the season by the Lebanon Concert Band will be given at Band Park Friday evening, with the following program: March Alcazar. Overture The Admiral. Clarinet solo Concert Waltz E. H.

Bundy, soloist. March The Discriminator. Overture Spick and Span. Waltz Roses of Memory. Selection From.

Pixie and Lu-ders musical comedy, King Dodo. March The Stars and the Stripes Forever. Concert begins at 8 oclock, directed cy E. H. feesnirg.

Mrs. W. H. Booth, of Buffalo, is visiting her sons, W. C.

Booth, and Seth Booth. Our grand old citizen-soldier friend, R. F. Nunn, was in town Monday, on one of his few and far between visits. Mr.

Nunn has passed his 84th year and he and Mrs. Nunn have observed their sixty-second wed ding anniversary. In the natural course of events, these two representative old American citizens will pass from the scene of action within a comparatively few years; but they will not leave the world without a sign of having been here. They have six children, none of their family having died. Also, they have thirty-six grand-children and sixty-one great-grandchildren.

i 1 Mr. and Mrs. Nunn will pass to their reward, and their descendants will be here to carry on the gospel of Republicanism and unadulterated Americanism. Tables, benches and Dutch Ovens Mrs. Fred Lambert, of Leavenworth, Kansas, is visiting relatives on Route 2, west of Lebanon.

BURLEY BROS. Judge Frank E. Atwood, of the Missouri Supreme Court, Division No. 1, and Mrs. Atwood were guests today of Hon.

Don 0. Vernon and Mrs. Vernon. Judge and Mrs. Atwood were on their way to Willow Springs for a short visit and stopped in Lebanon to see Mr.

and Mrs. Vernon. Judge Atwood, aside from membership in the Missouri Supreme Court, is one of the leading lawyers of the United States. He lines up with William Howard Taft, Charles Evans Hughes, Elihu Root and legal lights of that power. Dr.

Scholls Lino Pads for bunions. Put one on the pain is gone. Sam Farrar, Agent. Adv. Saturday and Monday SPECIALS Dr.

Scholls Foot Balm. Soothing, penetrating and refreshing to tired and tender feet. Sam Far rar, Agent. Adv. Charles Caufield has gone to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to spend the Summer.

He will visit his sister. Miss Frances Caufield. LEBANNON DEFEATED ICE CREAM SOCIAL Mrs, J. F. Hickman and son, Jack, of McCook, Nebraska, arrived recently to spend the Summer with the formers father, T.

A. Vernon, and brother, Hugh Vernon. Miss Thelma Chandler, who was graduated from the Lebanon High School last month, has entered the Southwest Teachers College, in Springfield. Womens Linen Handkerchiefs, 10c each 3 for 25c 95c dozen Pure linen Handkerchiefs, fine quality, all white, white with colored borders, and plain colored linens. A very special handkerchief bargain.

Mrs. Laura Beggs, of Chicago, arrived last Friday night to srend the Summer in Lebanon and visit her aunt, Mrs. S. R. Farrar.

She is pleasantly located in the home of Mrs. Clara Saunders. Mrs. Beggs recently underwent a serious operation in a Chicago tospital and came to Lebanon to rest and recuperate, The Catholic ladies will, give ar ice cream social Tuesday evening, June 14, the building formerly occupied by the Booth store. Yoi are most cordially invited to attend.

Adv. i In the second game of the season, played in Marshfield, last Sunday, with the Marshfield team, the Lebanon ball teams banner trailed in the dust, The game resulted in the score of 5 to 3, in favor of Marshfieli Lebanon and Marshfield again will try the issues next Sunday, this time on the Lebanon grounds. The ball ground has been put into proper shape to play real ball, and we confidently expect to see the Marshfield roosters leaving town next -Sunday evening with their tail feathers drooping. After a ten days visit with Mr. and Mrs.

J. E. MacKesson, Mrs. N. MacKesson and daughter, Harriet Lee, returned on Wednesday to their home, in St.

Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Will Appling and children, of Urbana, were recent visitors of Mrs. Applings mother, Mrs.

R. J. Miller, at Decaturville, and her sister, Mrs. Oscar Butcher, on Route 4. You will find the newest in Summer dresses and hats at C.

J. Fayants. CNOL MOTH EXTERMINATOR Save money bv buying your hat end dress at C. J. Fayants.

Adv LL Muslin 10c Best quality LL unbleached Muslin, made of Sea Island Cotton, full yard wide. Limit of 20 yards to a customer. Specially priced for Saturday and Monday only, the yard 10c. Containing formaldehyde, cradar, naphthaline, lavender flowers and inert matter. A practical moth preventive.

Acts as a repellant to froths. SAM FARRAR, Agent. Mr. and Mrs. J.

R. Biggs and Mrs. Louise Anderson, of Spring-field, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. G.

E. Read on Decoration Day. Miss Mary Watson, of Richland, visited Mrs. J. R.

Hood and family last week. Lyric Theater Friday June 10: Stratton Porters Greatest Novel, LADDIE Fathers Day, June 19 Combination Shaving Sets Cigars, Cigarettes Stationery Fountain Pens JOE KNIGHT Dr. Scholl's Lino-Pads for corns. Put one on the pain is gone. Sam Farrar, Agent.

Adv. The Ladies Missionary Society of the M. E. Church, South, met Wednesday afternoon in the church basement, with Mrs. C.

E. Windsor as leader. S' Henry N. Hvde, of Kansas City, will be in Lebanon Sunday and will hold services in Trinity Episcopal church Sunday morning, at 11 oclock. The public is cordially invited to attend.

Miss Louise Stone has been in St. Louis for several weeks, taking a secretarial course in Rubicam business college. DR At Reduced Prices Mr. and Mrs. H.

O. Hadley spen the last week end in Marshfield with Mrs. Hadleys parents, Rev. and Mrs. E.

Hinkle, returning home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. F. H.

Stith and Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Rains motored: to Marshfield Sunday, On their way home, they stopped in Phillips burg for a brief visit with Mr.

and Mrs. Virgil Wills. Miss Laureda Adams went to Springfield last week, to attend Summer school in Southwest Teachers College. Did it ever occur to you that there must be something in the claims of Chiropractors? If not, bow could they continue, year after year, to cure patients who had failed to get relief from any ether source? Drs. Solomon and Solomon.

Adv. Mrs. F. J. Johnson, isses Alice and Mary Louise Barrows, end Dr.

Effie Solomon motored to Springfield last week and attended Drury College commencement. Dick Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.

Clark, recently located in San Francisco, California, where he has a position in a garage. Mrs. Richard Minetree, of Popular Bluff, will arrive Thursday morning for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Josephine Esther, and ber brother. John Esther, and wife, of Reagan District.

All Silk Dresses left from Spring selling have been sharply reduced in price. The assortment consists of Flat Crepes, Georgettes and Printed Crepes, made in the seasons most popular styles and coloring. These dresses have been divided into four groups and priced at Miss Katherine Joslyn, who recently completed a two-year course in Lindenwood College, St. Charles, has taken a position as cashier and bookkeeper in the Joslyn grocery store. Miss Cora E.

of Bois DArc, was in Lebanon Sunday, en route to Jefferson City. Miss Morris is in the employ of the State department education and spends part of her time in the office, in Jefferson City, and part of her time in the Southwest Missouri district inspecting rural schools. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Short and family, of Edinburgh, Texas, left that place on Monday, June 6, for a visit with Mr.

and Mrs. A. E. Oliver and other friends in Lebanon. They are coming via Oklahoma and will be about ten days cn the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Lick have moved from Mrs. S.

V. Caseys residence, on Madison avenue, to the Will Kuhn bungalow, on Jeff erson avenue, recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. J. J.

Butterfield. $9.75, $13.75, $16.75, $19.75 Miss Mary Gilmore, daughter of George Gilmore, of the Candock neighborhood, who has been in the State sanatorium, in Mount Vernon, for several months, continues to improve. We invite you to come in and look at these dresses, for you will most fully appreciate the unusual values offered after you have seen them. Mrs. Jesse Miller, of Lamar, Colorado, and Hurley Groft, of Vernon County, arrived on Sunday for a brief visit with their aunt Mrs.

Frank Ashmore, of the Laclede Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Boyd and baby, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently enjoyed a brief visit with Mi. Boyds mother, Mrs.

Will Boyd, and orother, Oscar Boyd, on Route 4. They returned home on Monday of last week. SATURDAY BARGAINS June Toilet Sale During entire month of June. JOE KNIGHT 5 All Spring Coats remaining in our stock have been greatly reduced in price. Prof.

Gerald Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark, who is prin- cipal of the Grover Cleveland High School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has remained in Tulsa for some Summer school work, but will visit at home later in the Summer.

Prof R. Cramer, ho is an in structor in the Rolla School of Mines Summer School, began his work in that institution last week. The Summer School continues during June and July. Mrs. Cramer and children will remain at the family home, in Lebanon, and Mr.

Cramer will spend the week ends oere. Semi-Made Gingham Dresses 95c Mrs. Belle Weisscerber, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Earl Moulder, in Newton, Kansas, for severs1 weeks, arrived home Monday. S.c was accompanied by Mrs.

Moulder, who will visit her mother and her sister, Mrs. S. R. Palmer. We are coming with our first Benjamin Franklin specials on SATURDAY, JUNE 11.

A crystal glass Butter Jar with lid, a 25c item anywhere in the world and we will sell them for 10c. A 12'jx3-inch gray granite wash basin, another 25c item, and we will sell them for 10c. Other special items in the store with the same value we will sell for 10c. Come and see for yourselves, and let us show you and explain to you how we can do it, and no one else in town can. Don't forget we are buying and selling second-hand furniture and stoves, and -we can show you some real bargains in this i Fast color, ready cut out, gingham, with trim'ming and instruction' iced, f6W mmUteS Wtk iS o-pter each 95c Dr.

T. Nadal, -president of Drury College, and Mrs. Nadal and their children, will leave Monday for St. Joseph, Michigan, to spend the warm months at their Summer cottage, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Springfield News.

URLEY BROTHFlf? Misses Carolyn and Josephine Fayant, Mrs. Lillian Cloves, A. E. and C. II.

I ayant motored to Springfield Tuesday for a few hours stay. From Springfield, Mrs. Cloyes went to Los Angeles, California, to join her daughter, Mrs. A. E.

Fayant, who recently made the trip by automobile. Mrs. Cloyes expected to stop at the CranJ Canon, en route. Mr. end Mrs.

Horace Adams and three childl Mary Agues, Horace Billie and Frances Gertrude, of Marshall, Michigan, will arrive in Lebanon about June 20, to spend the remainder of the Summer with Mr. Adams parents, Rev. and Mrs. D. F.

Adams, and other relatives. Mr. Adams is principal of the High School at Marshall. Rev. and Mrs, F.

Adams returned home Monday from a months stay in Springfield, where Mr. Adams underwent an operation for gallstones, in St. Johns Hospital. He is getting along well and now is on the road to recovery. omsmsiE a.

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