The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 6
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'PAGE SIX __^j_--:.. L .—^..^^ _ ' liliVTJIEV/L],1'j, {A 11 I{ ( ) ( '{j\ l|IllLK-N n'\VS Several of Wild Men Wore They're Both Polo Star: Leading Shows. NEA Service CLEVELAND. O.—"In this lent., ladtos and ecntlemcn. aro ihe Wild | Men of the Majors—flerc-e and nov easily controlled nallv. . '-j in -dani!c-rcir, e::iicditl'. . "i-ou/hj uncharted secllciu; of ihat ~ :'. region extruding from the .-' ; WH.II Here's hoiv r.VKTi: wild the \ .d men ft'cre last year: Enrnshnw . Blake . . . RiJIting . . . \Villoui!hny . liush .... Pei-reU . . . Mnlenc . . . Sorrel 1 . , . G Dl! . H 135 . 35 1^0 .35 116 . -10 1Q8 . M 107 . « 109 . 40 102 . 20 100 WPIIIi 8 D •1 2 n 'i o r> 7 4 2 J c c 5 2 .ocr.l Capers Defeat Coder, 39 lo 17; B. H. S. Girk Lo:;c. L-d by Orth Mariliall, (ilj:i!i';r- (f.-iipr, the Ulytbcvl'.lc hiijh (ii.hi- tc- broke li-i Inshig slciak at lh'. ixiu-iiv. i,I the Cooler nljjJi |, r r- al (''^t'.cr. Mo., last night. Tu- Cwtur jjlils ;,iilned an even hron for the Missouri schrxil by ai-i^i'. 11 IK mo' Illylhtville lassies. 21 iu"p; Mill-shall i",UUillslieil an ind'lvl;:- u;iJ M-ontiy iccord for ihe .^.T-J- ::iiil KHVC iii.s mules a dilfleull \-i.: KI shur.l at by sewing 20 of in- ti-am'M points durlm; the Hjuir. I The tall center gave a brilliant ex- ihlbltlon, finding the goal irom ar | nnglej of tilt court. He did no i play the entire game. Marshalrt I mates also played probably tlmr j test game of the season end presented a stubborn defense to liu- Cooler attack. Despite the!r defeat the Blythe- vllle girls. sluwliiK improved form, looked Impressive as they weij stacked up against, one of in-- slrongesL girls' teams In SDiuh'-i^ Missouri. The niylhevllle learns v>-lll jou-- uey lo Stcclc 1-Vlday night who.-, ihey will play ihe hljjh school Ija.s- kelccrs of lh: Missouri IO-A-U. Li::iora Aces Lose To Cardwcll Quintet On Tuesday evening, February, 11 Hi, lliu CnrilH'ell "I'wx'.ers" met and defeated the Luxora '"Uc-d Act"." by a store of 29,to 13. 'nic ganic :vai [ilaycd in die Cardwcll t;:^Ji ^C-IL'JU] £;yinnasiutn. 'i lie- "Puller" team vvas composed if. l.Gc-kind, Hull, Klnsey, Har- rison. Mickey, end Baughn. Tnc "Puzzler^" meet the "Red Aces" again seme lime next week' nnd the team from Rector on Thursday evening. Armorel Girls Plan For'3 Team ARMOREI^-Tiie fifth and f-v- cnth «radn girls of the Armotr-i Junior high 5 cl,oo) have organized a teiim whose chject Is to bullil a strong foundation for the iDSV. basketball team of glrlj, Citizens of Armorel are financing the project. Captains are Mary Clyde Brown and Irnogenc Crowder. The othe: members of (he groups arc Lou- denn Manes, Gladys Smotherman, Maxlne Brlgham. Irene and Lau- lene Abbott, Myrtle Brock, Jewel! Lions ana Jewell Wortham. The learn will play undor the name o: "Scramblers." Deligh different SANTE FE TRAIL COFFEE At Your Grocers IX Ciiiialo Co., Distributor.* : westward to tlic btoacl Ml^.Isslppi. They're Wild Men, ladles nml K<~»- llcincn. Not loo close, there, folks. • They're vicious. "Yes, madam, the major IC.IRIICS have their wild men. And now just a vi'ord ot warning to you ynuns rccklcs - coming up for your first peek under the Ms tent — clsht pitchers went screwy during i lust hot spell and were directly re- iponsible for almost. 1000 lives ;>l first- base. More often the civilize:] method of throwing four falls kept back their barbaric tactics. In spite of every precaution Ink™ by ihelr handlers, however, thru' 'vorc lime? wli6n the jungle -lii.imct surqcd ovej- Die barriers of Inlolllire.A-e. Disaster followed, my nood people, as those who were plunked In the . rlb.j will" Strangely, the wildest Individuals in i the. nmjors during 1D29 often were the most conspicuous' In the busincrs of vs-innlng ball pamrs. ' Oujstandlng examples were George Eafnsliaw, Wesley I-'crrell. PaL Maione and Guy Husli. Though Eainshan- walked 125 bntlcrs, lilt five mare and threw over the back- stoji clqht limes, he also struck out 14ft and gnincd nn earned run average of 3.28 per game. Charley Ruffing lest control 120 times but he,'alK> fanned 103 butters. Sheriff Blafcc let loose with 130 bnsrs on balls or,' the Cubs nnd even Malone act|?d up )H times while striking ouL166 and'setting up his earned run-average.of 3,57. Urban ' (nc'<rT i "W'nber,' 11 "fe'el i dally known as a peaceful eld gcewr. slopped over and smole- nine guys with his favorite weapon, the spit ball. His •misbehavior had its effect iijicn Hal McKain, yontliful Sox Tiiauiukniaii. who Etnbucd 10 batters with his fast one. Da77.y Vance of Ihe Blfttbush tribe and t.cster Shetland, wild Philadelphia!!, : were the meanest in the other clr- i cuir. Each threw his hard one against the ribs, ol nine opponents. Ju;ik-r Is cue n-:is,,n why fili-phfn <l.:«idli>) Huniord c! Ut-u Ymk !s -.-mauled !-, ihi- lx-,-,1 Jii.-mned man In inly. Jiipi.Y.- Is l-.nsv.n M the c.-illic.'it inlo pony in ihe world, bclni; valued m S2:'.lOO. Banfiml mid Jupiter nix- among those prcpartiu; fi;r tin- I'.uifli c<;.Til champion- . thips on Ihe Midwk-k Country Club po:i> field., I:: LIK Ati-cli" , , ' j nlni: all hut I-,':•> with one <lece-:loi holme remli-iid .i^ilust '.iim a:u. nro houl declined a draw. Uougaii's, :';lli:u-k was :it the hands of Kid! iMaius. Mexican fishier ru (li>i. Sluing.-: hist week nnd Ihe. lo;:i) liiwer evened the' cmnil by winning t.vcr Adaim Tue.-idny night at Hot In the morning 2 ry — SANTE FE TRAIL COFFEE At Your Grocers D. Canale Co., Distributors i On tlic Broadway of America | Kingsway Hotel and Baths Hot Spring, Ark. New Fireproof Hotel For State People Moderate Kates Coffee Shop New 150-Car Garage icUirns Home After Winning Figtii Campaign 1, well known loc-iil hnnrannvriirht has relurnrd tn Ills home here aftci- an extended tour in Ihe southwestern states. Uougnn pavliciimlc:! lit 15 fights .•Incc leaving here Inst fall wln- M<-.M cf !)r.n::an's flghls orcm-red 1:1 Ju.iroz. il:e lainoiii McxU-;m s|:«:-! a-i:t!-i- ai-voss tho Inicrn.i- li-:iv! hue from El Paso. D.-JUIMII will fii-lii in Mot SjivinK-:' in abonl ;»D weeks nnd will thc-ui J in Ihe sublc- of 1'hll Glassmnu. iii:iiiiii;ri- i;I Denny lins.-:. In Phlla- deiiihla. ll:ut Olht-r Clli'-.tomrr:; I.I'ITLK WII.I.IK: I snu- yo'l kiss my slslerl SISl'KK'S HOV I-'HIENU {Imri-lcdlyl: Ah—cr—here's a cauple of illmcs. I.riTLE WILLIE: And here's a dime In change. (Jne price in all; that's the way I do business—An- "cad Caimer Ncus Want Ads. You'll like i's flaw COFFEE Al Your Grocers !). Ciinnlc Co., Dislriliutnrs Camera Looks Up ; To This Schoolboy ST. LOUIS—Primn Cami-rc. the Ilalton heavyweight, in St. L-nuis IT, his bant .at the Arena, nucl Robert Wallow, II year old Alton Riant, shook hands Monday at the I/Tjnox Hotel and compared measurements. Camera lo-ked ut> at the*Alton school boy-in surprise ana chatted with him f^r several minutes. Robert is 1 fset tall an - weichs 250.1)011 mis. Cam era is r "'.j;inches tall, and tin Pt about 270. Roberf. •• 2-1 fh'c made the fighter 1 - ,i!e n loots almost dninty. T.- • wrists nnd hands are of almost the same £lzc and their reach the same. fectj LeRov Douean Win.? : Over Mexican Fighter HOT SPP.INGS-LeRoy Doucan Blytheville bantam. Tuesday night evened the score with Kid Adams sensational Mexican.- in nnotlw torrid 10 round main event, which was a duplicate for action ard continuous fighting that marked - the first appearance of this pair in the local arena 1C days ago. Doiisan got the derision but he knew he had been In a battle The Blythevillc boy got the first two rounds, .with Adams taking the fr-urth and not much to choose betB-een them in the nfth. Adams i sent Dougan against the ropes in I the sixth and left-haufled hbn alii over the ring, in thai and the' last round Adams showed to thci best advantage. There was no protest when the ciccisi,.. was announced. -I Ask for it by name SANTE FE TRAIL COFFEE A t Your Grocers I). Canale Co., Distributors Half and Half Seed for Sale |j u . n ,,i y wmi j w _ n :i ('oUoii. S«(;tl (iiu> VCMI- I'min (iriKirtit •mre .h.v< coi.vinc.-d „}<• (\\i\t U is the R Mioiipy-mnliinj; cull,,,, i,, [lip v.nrld. P. B. Croihers Oi:e mile ,,.,,-th ,,f ('•„<,(,.,'. Sfa, on i fnrm. Kx|H-ri- M:t:-(in \\v have o,, l- :i!u | ;.;.,,,,. ;.-,(, hM(1 f , mules. Our ICVIIN C'lisi, ,. r f.-ili pnymcnl witl a,-" inwed sccurily. . ' \o\v is your timo h.tmt i,,iy m ,,j ps ',-,,,„! ,„ sc !o we h;iv 0 ,-n froln Oin- Ban; is lor:,;,-! : . t ]](, \Valnut Street. UlvtSi,-- ville, Arkansas. We will be g \- M \ to .,ii,,w von J-.t any iimu von ;ll - intei'esU'd in linyin^ iniilcs. HARRIS &HIGHFILL MULE CO. How FORD METHODS CUT COST ISTRIBCTION Lowes' profits in selling save yon at least to $75 In tuMition to the many savings in manufacturing T \VKVTY.SEVEN yc.irn ngo tlie Ford nlotor Company wus i'onncil to provide reliable, economical transportation for all the }icople, That original purpose lias jicvir clinnguf], Tito constanJclTorl hi every activity is lo find ways t» yivc yon greater ami greater value without tvviru i-ost — ffL-qucii'ly ;:t lowcrcil cost. This applies (o clisli-ihujion ;ii!il siniilur i:!i'iort;u;t factors, as well as nia!nif::(;:«ro. For t!ie Ford SIoUn- Company believes that its full tluty is nol only to make :i good automohilc at the lowest possible: price, [,ut to see that lliere is no waste, cxtr:iv:is;ince, or i::i:!t:o profit in any trunsiicliou from the lime ihe car leaven t!ie factory until it is delivered to your home. Tl i-.-, obvious thai hard-icon savings in rirarliirlioi! will he of little value if they are sacrificed later through excessive selling costs. 1WKRY purchaser of a motor car has the right tr> know how much of tlio money lie pays is for the car itself nnd lion- much is taken up f,y dealer charges If these charges are too high, one. of two tilings must happen. Either the price of the car must be raised or the quality lowered. There ia 1:0 other way. The money must come from somewhere. In Ihe rnse of llie Ford, the low charges for distribution, soiling, financing and accessories mean a direct saving of at least 850 to 875 to every purchaser in addition to the still greater savings made possible by economies in manufacturing. Ford charges arc not marked up or increased to cover a high trade-in alfotctnicc on a used car. The profit margin on the Ford car Las always been fair to both the denier and the public. Within the past three mo;jiiis, it lu; S been possible to effect still further economies. Today, the discount or commission of the Ford dealer is the lowest of any automobile dealer. TIi-i diffi-rcnpc, ranging from 25% to nearly 50%, coint-a right off the price you pay for the car. rw\ IHE business of the Ford dealer is good because he m::kcs a small profit on n large number of sales instead of a large profit on fewer sales. lie knows, too, that the extra dollar-for-dollar value of the ear makes it easier to sell and more certain to y!yc satisfactory service after purchase. Consider alfo that the Ford car is delivered to ihe purchaser equipped with a Triplex sliatlcr-proof glass windshield, an extra slccl-spokc wheel, and bright, enduring Rustless Steel for many exterior metal parts, in j-.dditioii to four Houdaille, double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers and 'fully enclosed four- wheel brakes. If for any reason you wish to buy certain small accessories, you will find that these, too, arc sold at the usual Ford low prices. Replacement parts are also available at low prices through Ford dealers in every section of the country. 1HESE arc important points to remember in considering the purchase of a motor car. They show why it is possible to put so much extra quality into the new Ford and still maintain the low price. They are also the reasons why more than 35% of all cars sold today are Model A Fords. FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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