Tyler Morning Telegraph from Tyler, Texas on January 15, 1992 · 28
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Tyler Morning Telegraph from Tyler, Texas · 28

Tyler, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1992
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i, Sec. 4 Tyler Morning Telegraph WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1992 : WHAT A GUY ' fcX l VAUUEV' FORGE WA4 TMAT 2 -ifflayfrcMPi - ', .. . GARFIELD " " . :Jr ..mZ"., -: ; " ' ' ' " ' ' . ... ' ' - . I GARFIELD. DON'T VOO THINK - I " I? -' f P J I THE WICE IN THIS HOUSEWARE. I - ' ' - 75 uZM. GETTIH? J . v . i ! ' luann - ' . . . - ' :r-y -----a- I . I ,iw n.i.rvu.vi iMniMuel I 1 lMl icmic Minr veeiin II ihti'- I " jcc 1 WOW. 1 . r. tiii i i tt L i . ; r CALVIN AND HOBBS ' A ' .... . .. , -' : - ' ' - ' " - IU1 jP,,' I I 0O, HCW iQCXCCAD. CM-W.ij NOTfllNG BEATS, SITTING SI I OF CBJRSt, SOME'PtePlLSM : J L! .V v ' . fwrwiii 1 i- "' i . iw uij-11 vi ii" w . -ji geech : ... ' I B?0TUK, 1 UAdt VOU ) I BACK 5fOR6 'UOMEtl I BACK tO UJUEl Mtt LI If.. """" . . I ' ' 1 10 Dili DffP IKl VODR I I OS IMTO . I .tot Mf.ll A40 UJWtH.I I ...kIOJ BPflft 4RO0T IT. I I PRIMAL StLF -il(nar DVSfUTIOMAL, Q. yJ6f?6 fiRMWi. i WHA1 IT'S LIKE -. WUSSS . M l REX MORGAN, M.D. .. " yy.---"------'-.-- - . ... ; : HOW LOKIS WAS MELISSA A I I THE FACT IS---IS I TOU3 VOU,! ? PERHAPS YOU WILL DO 1 OUTSIDE, HISS WWWORTH? i. DR. MORGAN ---THERE IS , I SOMETHING, ABOUT IT r Nimnnx ,f so-methinq very wi?owg J f v wow mrw 1 ' I wis cjlv gone urS rrPTtf with mv Aumt-v"si I wZ - kJ ' urs i I , DONALD DUCK - . wHATtee. A . vi- i iF iwERe"toij - lr f7" it's beginiingto mr, YOU PdhJG, ) ( TKyiNGTbDlG J IP LEAVE IT IN THE y I p k DRAW INTEREST. J '' 1 '" , : BLONDIE .- - . -.. , .. . -. -:. -----; . .JA . : " ' :. ., " - I I'W SOING OUT...VOU CM I I : I I SHOOT.' I POBSOT WHICH I TO KEEP THINGS . .. SAMPLS ANYTWNS ON TH , Wi TA9i IS WHICH EVEN, I LL TAiE ONB - l ' -,- I H GASOLINE ALLEY ": " 1 ' ' . 'T ;; "V;--;; ' "" ' ; ' : i : 5nm!5aroeJHachl " What now? ) Where's McJenWn5?)That's what I want ; ' . JUDGE PARKER A :' : " ' ' " ' . I IT'S MILLER, MR. BARON YOU 1 WE OUST 1 I VERY GOOD MILLER J I'LL DO " , WANTED TO KNOW WHEN THE REJECTED O KEEP M6 POSTED .'rt THAT, SIR , ST. JAMES PAYROLL CHECKS THE PHtM I n rWV lrr ' " TUCSON; Ariz. (APTwo men- who were kev consultants to Bios- Dhere 2 are asking the projects back- sr, ion wortn miuonaire r-a cass, to save the credibility of the $15U million environmental experiment, a Tucson newspaper says. me Arizona uauy aiar reported Tuesday that Walter Adey of the Smithsonian Institution and Carl , Hodges of thejUhiversity ;of Ari-. , zona's Environmental Research Laboratory had met last week with Bass, who hasjinftneed the $150 million environmental project near Oracle, northeast of Tucson. The sealed 3.15-acre glass-and- v dome complex, -billed as a prototype for space living, houses four men and ' four women and is aimed at replicat ing the' Earthcologi"catiuTictit)ns7 Father Ordered Meld, Fled With 2 Children HOUSTON (AP) - A father who fled, overseas with his two sons in violation of a child custody ruling', was ordered held without bond Tues-day. :: ' "ChaHes William "Chuck" Smith Jr.. made initial appearances in both state and federal courts Tuesday after he was extradited from Mexico City. A : - He faces state charges of interfering with a child custody ruling and federal" charges of unlawful flight to avoid , prosecution. A bond hearing has. been set for Thursday in State, District Judge Norman Lanford's court. "We have a father that really cares about his children. And- his cares and his desires for their well- -being is what's important," said his attorney, Stanley Schneider. Defense attorneys contend Smith abducted his sons in 1984 out of fear for their safety while living with their mother, Carolyn Shaffer JBmith. ProsecutorsdiscountAhat, claim. The boys - Charles William III, now 13, and Christopher Jason, now 11 were, reunited with their mother at Houston Intercontinental Airport about 8 p.m. Monday.. Federal agents arrested Smith in Cuernavaca, about 50 miles south of Mexico City, on.Friday. He accompa-. nied his sons on the flight to Hous ton. AIDS Victim Hills Aunt Ret! PorSChe FORT PIERCE, Fla. (AP) -Kimberly Bergalis donated thousands of dollars to AIDS research, ordered a Porsche for her Aunt Prudence, and left the remainder of more than $1 million in insurance settlements to family and friends. Miss Bergalis who died Dec. 8 at age 23, was the first person known to become infected by a health professional while receiving treatment. She used the last months of her life to campaign for mandatory testing of health-care prolessionals. . ' Her family said the will, drawn up last April and filed in court this month, displayed her generosity and humor. . . To cap a long-running family joke, she instructed her father to buy "a " new, red Porsche and deliver it to my aunt with a large bow on top." Prudence Sommers, a factory worker in Pennsylvania, said she had urged her niece since she was 12 , to study hard and succeed so that she could one day buy a Porsche for her. "This was her goodbye to us," t Sommers said. "I just wish she could, have given it with living hands, with a job of her own ... not iri.4. gasket." Geralynn Delevante, 24,-who has- r known Miss Bergalis since the seventh grade, said she, was shocked to" learn Saturday her best friend had left her $50,000. ; "I thought it was extremely generous," she said. "It makes me feel bad ' that She had to die for me to get the, money." t She said Bergalis wanted her to be . able to pay the debts Delevante ran up after leaving a job as a waitress in Tampa to be with ner. f Health officials said Miss Bergalis contracted the AIDS virus from her', dentist, David Acer of Stuart, Fla., who pulled two of her teeth in December 1987 when he already had AIDS. He is believed to have infected at least five others patients. He died in 1990. : . . She reached a $1 million settle- . - ment last year with CNA Insurance Co., which provided Acer's malpractice insurance, and won a connden-, tial settlement from CIGNA Dental Health of Florida, the health-care -provider that referred her to Acer. Her attorney had been seeking at least $25 million. Miss Bergalis willed $10,000 to the Vero Beach AIDS Support Group, which hopes to buy or build a " home for AIDS victims, and $50,000 . to the University of Miami, where she was treated. A She left $140,000 to friends and relatives and the balance to her immediate family, r Her mother, Anna Bergalis, said she and her husband, George, plan to start giving money to AIDS research and to groups and politicians who will fight for mandatory AIDS testing of health-care workers. "We're going to start putting some money where our mouth is," she " said. ' ; -; J g Ci'ecSliBBliity The crew, intended to stay for two vears. is suDDOsed to raise all its own Jibod and recycle all air, water anoT wastes Since the dome was sealed in September, project sponsors have ac- " scrubber to clean the-air of Wgher- than hoped for levels of carbon diox- ide and that they pumped in outside " air to replace air that- leaked -out.--' m.-f. -.i.-.-.i. j. j -i.-i . u ii.h,in.i.jtu..jf.: uxc CAfciiuiciitai wyuu vviui tuuu lux the people and some of the animals. ' .According to the Star, Hodges confirmed Friday in a phone call from Saudi Arabia, where he was on business, that he had met with Bass. He said he expressed my deep concern - noverthe status of the project, panic- "Ourposition is.he is a risk for flight. Obviou'sly, as you all know, he has,been gone from the: state of Tex-. . as since 1984," said prosecutor Ed Porter. ' Mrs. Smith's attorney Randy. Donato said she last .saw her children in September 1984 when Chuck Smith and his father picked them up-for a visit. Smith then fled to Florida with the children, later traveling to England and Scotland. The children reportedly have been living in Mexico the last, three years and spending summers in Canada, Donato said. . If convicted, Smith could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison on . the state charge. ; j The boys areiexpected to testify at Thursday's hearings court officials said. A A Smith is the son of former Spring -car dealer Charles "Chick" Smith Sr. Mrs. Smith was awarded $53 mil-' lion in damages in a 1985 lawsuit against the elder Smith and -pther relatives of her ex -husband. The jury said she had been wronged in a conspiracy among her former husband's ' relatives to abduct the children. The award was the first in Texas under a then-new state kidnapping law. AROUND TYLER Group Conducts Youth ' The Tyler Community Concert Association will sponsor a student matinee for third-grade students and private piano students of the Tyler Independent School District at 1:45 p.m. Thursday at Caldwell Auditorium, announced TCCA President Gigi Rainey. The concert features Stecher and Horowitz, renowned duo pianists, who will be performing for. the association that evening. Music students of the Tyler Music Teacher Association will be responsible for their own transportation, while Tyler third-graders will be carried to the concert on buses. The buses will pick the students up at 1:30 p.m. and return them to school at 3 tun. for dismissal, Ms. Rainey said. 1 The private music student are being given excused absences for the concert, ' providing they have a written permission from their parents. . Stecher and Horowitz have been performing for more than 25 years as a team-throughout he-United States,-Canada, lEuropeCentral America-and-South America. They also are composers, teachers and educational consultants to the publishing firm of G. Shirmer. They tour with two Steinway concert grand pianos especially matched for complimentary brilliance. For more information call Carolyn Batten at 561-0908 or 581-1226. Bcrgfcld To Be Site Ot Arbor Day Planting Three Shumard red oak trees will be planted in observance of Arbor Day during a ceremony at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Bergfeld Park, The annual event, hosted by the Tyler Area Council of Garden Club3, Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, Tyler Parks and Recreation Department, Tyler Audobon Society, .TEES Committee and Texas Forest Service, will feature an appearance by Smokey the Bear greeting visitors and distributing pine seedlings. . ' ' ' ' a Linda WhittJj Arbor Day chairman, will tell the "Johnny Appleseed Story! -and lead thionservation Pledge, and Tyler Mayor Pro Tern Michael Mast will proclaim Arbor Day in Tyler. " - - r Local pre-schoolers will be on hand,'and the public is invited to attend. - A ' v ; A A.-..' . - County To Discuss Workers Compensation Commissioners will hear three presentations for workers compensation insurance during a workshop at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Smith County Court-house. Representatives from the Texas Association of Counties, Hibbs Hallmark and Lindsey Morden Claim Services Inc. will discuss proposals for self-funded workers compensation insurance and claims administration, v Smith County currently contracts with TAC, but County Judge Larry Craig said the court is considering new proposals to determine if it can obtain the insurance cheaper. , r; ' A A LifeWorks Seminar On Stress Management i Mother Frances Hospital will offer a free stress management Beminar at noon Wednesday at LifeWorks, the hospital resource center in the Broadway Square Mall. . - , Jean Templeton, the hospital's community education director, will lead the seminar. Participants may bring a brown bag lunch. Beverages will be provided. ; r Reservations are requested. Call LifeWorks at 5. 61-6255. A GOP Candidates To Speak To Women's Club Local Republican primary candidates for State Senate Districts 2 and 3 will address members of Smith County Republican Women's Club at 11:30 a.m. Thursday at Smith County GOP headquarters, said Sharon Dabney, club president. .'. District 2 candidate Don Kent, District 3 candidates Gene Shull and Vernon Krueger, all of Tyler, are scheduled to address the group, said Mrs. Dabney. Kent faces Piano mayor Florence Shapiro and former Piano mayor Jack Harvard in the March 10 GOP primary. The Republican nominee for District 2 will face Democratic incumbent Sen. Ted Lyon of Rockwall in the November general election. ' Krueger and Shull will also face Tim Sisk of Conroe in the District 3 GOP primary March 10. The Republican nominee for District 3 will face the Democratic nominee in November's general election. Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Haley of Centeris being challenged by John Blair of Kountze in the Democratic primary. ; ' .... ( Andrews Center Official Keynote Speaker Ross Robinson with Tyler-based Andrews Center will keynote the noon Wednesday meeting of Tyler Human Service Providers Association at Tyler Public Library, said Pat Engleman, THSPA spokeswoman. -' Robinson will speak on the tppic "Housing In Tyler" at Wednesday's monthly brown bag THSPA meeting. "ularly as it is being interpreted from reports coming from the Biosphere project to the press, to the public." . ' The ERL was instrumental in developing the closed environmental system starm. "And I have said that I thought it w V ar WArSSrifi? P08?"' to re?'abllsLt,.eDj creoioiHiy mjn juh u6. ?a1 v- - ':jr-t--r---ev.-Ar -jAflpv a manw DiolOETlSt .WnO 06- simed The Biosriheres oceaft and , marsh biomes, broke his ties witnin days of when the experiment began ." Sept. 26. After weeks of refusing to: ' comment publicly on the project, he recently told the Washington Post ' the project had been rushed and "screwed up," with its leaders ignor- 0 . . ... . i.i -t nig the-advice ot scientists.. He told the Post the experiment should be halted, problems corrected and then started over, to prevent its leaders sinking it. ; . ;' ' Hodges told the Star he shared-, some concerns, of Adey's but that he. didn't think the crew, should come! out of the Biosphere. ' . ."To the contrary, I said it was my; hope that the two-year experiment; ; could continue, but that it is an experiment and there would be abso-; . lutely nothing wrong to stop, make course .corrections and start over Nobody should in any way be asham- ... ed of that," Hodges said. -, ; Numerous scientists have criti- cized the project for its lack of a scientific control, and Hodges said he felt it was-xtremely important, "and Ed accepted this that there be objective, continual scientific review of the.prpject." He said more detailed information must be provided by Space Biospheres Ventures, the project's developer, to the news media and public because of the worldwide interest in it. The Star said Hodges did not disclose all his concerns and suggestions, jind characterized the initial response of Bass as "very professional, very receptive." The newspaper quoted a spokeswoman as saying - Bass, SBVs board chairman, would be unavailable for comment for several days. Concert Thursday 'Li J 1 1

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