The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1940
Page 6
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flLVTHEVTLLR (ARK,)' COTIRIRR NEWS I records !t$ ho linS broken, Glenn's t !eg£ Jinve bcgtm to life nnd he 1 realizes lie must quit soon to escape the fnte of Oliver Wendell Holmes' rugged Vehicle: . i "It went to pieces all at once, | "All ill ciice, and nothing first, "Just ns bubbles do when they burst." ! The greatest, middle distance runner AmerlCA ever produced nnd one of the world's great, athletes, —First H was Joe UiMagsjIo, Today's Sport Parade By HKNI»,V MeUSMCWB SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. M. lU Veteran Distance Runner Admits He Can't Go On Forever BY LESLIE AVFJIY United Vress Stan" Correspondent . NEW YORK, Jan. 32 (Up) — Cunningham told a nation radio audience Inst night that "it's , was Vlnce DiMagglo, niul then Uonilnic DlMaggio. Now It is .S::n of Uiusc things that raij'l te Balvntori! DIMagglo w)io liiu fcci-n put olf forever." I plucked off a fishing boat bv thai Tlie Knnsan said he had re- nvi 't collector of UIMiegios," Ij'ity mained in competition (or the last O'Doul, manager of the San Fian- uvo yenrs because ho had wanted CL « 0 baseball club. to try to make his thud successive I A" O'Doul knows about San Sal- Olympic team. > i vatore ^' DlMagglo is Lint lie Now conditions on the other tllc right 1 name; thai he fishes to retire side Have miide the holding of Die left-handed; and that he can go MONDAY, JANUARY 22, NEVER THERE - By Krenz CHE.T Opponents Say Michigan Slate's Aubuclion Too Quick For Them By JEIIKY HKONDFiri.l) EAST IjANSlNG, Mich., Jan. K. —The opposing player who h ><l guarding diet Aukiichon present recording .. 'refutes A grcwtng belief lhat, Glenn to my friends nnd sports follow- Jis another one hoss shay: |«s evcrj'wherc, I efty this will be I "That was built in such a Jocical \ m ? lnst ycnr ot trnc ^ eorriuclltloil." ,- "It rnn n hundred yeais to a May . . ." t As great as he has been, as ;rnany ns he has won, and as many Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY not. so old, only 20, but he has 1 been at this running business a long time, since he wns eight, when lie began to trot about the Kansas prairie to strengthen his legs which were burned so badly In a schoolhoiiEc fire, Ihat (imputa- was suggested. Since 1932, when he qualified for the Olympic team in Los Angeles nnd finished fourth to lend all the American compel Hois home In Ihe 1,500 meters, htS has been on Ihe big time. Eight years of running almost 'any distance from 440 yards up to Wo inilcs against ' the world's best H apt to age any man before his tlinS. Henri, lungs and limbs van stnml just so much, nnd no more. | His accomplishments nre almost two numerous to list. He has brok- ; en records nt hlmost every distance j from n qumicr of a mile up to and including the mile. He still he ids every collegiate mile record, the San Salvnlore will be there. O'Doul owes his success in signing San Salvnlore 16 a tryow to the speed and efficiency with which he Investigates any tips that n DIMagglo Is loose on n fishing boat In the Pacific. Lefty has a day and night phono and his tipsters cnn reach him £4 hours a day. Tied up nt a nenrby wharf Is a fust speed boat, and ten minutes after he was Informed of San Salvalorc's presence on a smack off Monterey. O'Doul was at Ihe controls of the boat nnd skimming down the coast. A AlASTef? Dft&SLEK AMP BALL HANDLER AU8UCIIOH PROOF THAT STiLL 15 A PUCE /M BASKETBALL FOf? A L/TTLE ,ii/w T'lnis did one enemy eager turn up the situation' after trying to keep an eye on Michigan state l«i-j)oiu«l Hoiidlni of Die HIC wood, who l.i prima facie evlde. that there still is a place for a llu! fellow In topnotch basketball Regarded as one of the best, floo: men nnd slickest ball-handln to perform in the midwest, Cl.'-t | Aubuchon is another Indiana duct who strayed otilside his Jial state to make good. With Hiudimm and Bob Phillips, Spilt teammates, he was a regular Rival baseball managers, keen for Q al y High School. a DiMagglo, were outdistanced by O'Doul, and he had already boarded Ean Salvatoro's craft and was explaining the rudiments of the game KNOWS JUST WHAT OITOXENT WIU, DO Although he plays guard, Au biichon currently leads the Spur UNIVERSAL PICTURE ',_• raramount News A Comedy TUESDAY-PAL 2 admlltefl for price of 1 world's Indoor 1,000 yard record. Bui he rode 10 glory on the mile. He became the "mile king" when he broke the world's outdocr record nt the Princeton Invitation meet in 1934. He wns clocked in of bnseball lo him when his rivals ., nlls j,, scoring.'but his value I reached the scene. Disappointed. hls club u cs 1!Ql . in u L , abnUy they circled the boat while the trl- i,it the hoop but In his specd'aiul umpliant O'Doul called to them |, oc ,,s-pocus which have baffled that DIMnggio was not only San evcl . y Io!llll ho hns p)nvcc , no[ , lmt Snlvatore's real name and not just IIf , s 1Ilc closost Ullng to a "nom dc plscatore," but Hint he molion slllco Jewel Yol ,,. \vns a cousin of THE DIMagglos. p ur( i[| C There have been two major dis-, Aubnchon is the brains of the coverles In California. In 1810 gold ol[cnse « starts , nobt of ihc m wns discovered at the mill of old y\$y s John Suiter and one of Ihe great r 6n'defense he's n tireless ball-, _. ._ «.„-._treasure hunts of all time was on. , mwk _ brcal(s „„ mme p ^ f j j TUC PAYOFF T>i 10'l*i i>ttihfi/-elv vnnvc- lif Af - limit n mi «t lint- ,,-,n>, nt, n, „ «,,,..,.1 ' " • " ""' ™ * * * ^^ In 1935, e the DiMageios were discovered and another mad rush wns begun. Until the DiMaggio lode was uncov- years later, • than any other man on the squad REXf 140-POUNO 6t/A%O AND 1 MIGHT LOOKW6 fof? H/M . skips many of his bad batting dny- 'Some of his opponents have accused htm of reading their minds." crc<1 on " shl "S smacks, baseball , Slate conch. "»" ** says Ben Van Alstyne, Michigan CITY OF CHANCE IYNK BARI CAII1MY SMITH DHXA1D «0<1DS AMAHDA DUFF Also Comply & Carl o'on" HY HAIlitY GKAYSON NBA Service Sitovts lidilor i NEW YORK. — Any newcomer You! suspecting that he can replace ase. PUP"- ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY Fox News Si Comedy TUES.-WED.-THURS/ . , BARGAIN NIGHT of 1539 in 1340. If anybody can cure the of getting his body out ahead o his arms . . . lunging too soon Professor O'Doul is the man. And in Babo Dahlgren, the pro fessor has n highly intelligen mllc ,, ; , for a record that seems. gn i, e an , in thc , o]d , ck around him. nnd yelled triumphaiU- ' - • - - • • - ...... '. f m likely to remain In the books for' mnny a day. Ciiiininfehnin wns the only -mnn thnt coaches ever pictured running the; "dream mile"— hp unloviched. Star- State decisively in front, his oppo- board, port and forward; in the ncnt ran to him, threw his anus and Uslow decks the search went on. Vlnce DiMaggio was the next, ly lo Ihe crowd: "Look--I fimdly got him!" major discovery, and then Dominic. I He has few equals at clrnwln? Many people swear that OTJnul, fouls Opponents in sheer desper- , , ",,S r , , ' , lnsl len(ler of lllc bluest exploration, at Ion bump him or grab an ntm start, Saturday night In the Grover , (li[i hls , )cst to gel p.,,,,, D iMaTOio, inadvertently as he goes past Cleycland-Osccola B nmcs here, was (lUllcr of Joe nn( , vint:0 nll( , Dom a winning one. but a poor per- , lnic „,„, „ man nearing sixty, to fonnance for htm. He wns timed ' s | ip i,,i 0 „ n nlinc i su it and try his In 4.19.6, one of the slowest miles he ever rnn. Glenn received his doctorate in !938 after completing n post grndu- ate course In New York university. He has been lecturing for the extension division cf the University of Kansas since, because it, wns a job that he could hold and still continue Ills track activities, Now he wants a teaching posllton In n department of health nnd physical education, "preferably In the mld- Also Selected Shorts „» "STEN.TO KLCN 11:00 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.-4:30 p.m Phone Ritz 2M west." He Is the father of daughters, one three years niid tlie other six weks old. two old, For every $1 that wns paid to Phone Sort 333 workmen for building n car, tax collectors collect $4 during Us life- lime. hand at first bnse. O'Doul hns never denied this, anymore than he now denies that Ssii Salvatore will be given every opportunity to mnkc a successful transfer from fishing to oulflclding. O'Doul firmly believes that there Is no such thing us n bad baseball DIMaggio, anymore than there is i bad sunrise. "Some nre better than others," he philosophies, "but give me a man \Vlth two arms, two Ie?s, and a surname of DiMag^io nnd he can play on my team. Besides, San Sal- vntore has the stuff, r saw him catch an eel and nny man who hns he hands to catch on eel can handle n baseball." FREE BANK FOR ROYS AND GIRLS! Read Courier News want ads AT OHCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan CoUon See Louis Applebaum 107 So. Zml. Ulytlicvillc, Ark. PHONE 107 L.D. 1!) Six Mat Scrappers On Card There will be three fast matches He had 58 free throws in his lirst 11 games this season. Coaches rank him with the "ri">test ball-handlers. They clcn't dnre nlay him close because he'll feint them silly nnd dribble (hem for a sucker shot. j They can't play him too loose because he's a good enough shot «inl to Joe McCarthy event the New Yoiks really intended to make n deal for George McQuinn of the Browns. Now Dahlgrcn has place:! his on the mat card tonishl nt the balling swing in the hand-i of. Legion nrenn with "I*fty" Pacer Frank O'Donl in San Francisco. O f Chtcnro scheduled to go up Lefty O'Doul is recognized ns ni^ O!p Ol"n in one of the 'the foremost instructor of hitting fenlure bouts. Tlie "wooden faced" in the business. Swede has long hern a consislent Kis task is to correct Dahrjren's winner in the circuit which Inhabit of commit ting himself loo c ii, t |(, 5 Blvtheville. but tonight hi? quickly, is meeting one of the cleverest Dahlgrcn actunlly improved the mcn performing in this territory. 10 BE PUKED Iff CIGE )oubleheader To Be Played . Here On Monday Night, Jan. 29 The Mississippi Counlv Amateur Basketball League will lend its support to the "Fight Infantile" campaign of Mississippi county by staging n double header all-star basketball game here Monday night Jan. 29, it was announced following a meeting yesterday nt the iioinc of J. p. Friend, president, of iho group. Two girls teams of 12 memueis each and two boys teams of 10 members each will play the double header nt the armory with mnnngers of the highest ranking teams at the end of this week serving as coaches, assislcd by the other managers, A committee of Mr. Friend, Thomas R. ivy, .secretary of Ihc league, and Joe Whitlcy, recreation director of the county, was directed lo choose the tennis, members of which will be. announced Wednesday. All money above bare expenses will be given to the county fund with $100 set as the net gonl. Each of Ihe 14 tennis in the kague ntedged to sell 100 tickets at ten cents each. Enthusiasm over ' the benefit "nme revealed the unusual amount of interest already being -,'nown in the sports events. Competition is keen within the league for individual honors in both the gills and- boys division. Representatives who attended ihc meeting were: Miss Jackie Liltle and Thrace Ramsey, managers of 'he two team? of Osccola; H. E Fendlcr and Roy Ashabra'nner, managers of Ihe two teams of Manila; Marshall Blnckard, maiif of Ihe bovs teams of Huhbnrc Hardwire Company of Blylhevillc; E. R. Jones, ninnaaer of the etrls team of Lrachvillc, and Thcmi- ns R. Iw. manager of the girls team of Yarbro. In addition to the regular i-Mini. nf Lone Oak and Lenchville hoys tn be played nt the armory to- nMit. the Yarbro nnrl L"achv:lle -iris will nlay a practice eamc for Hie benefit affairs. Yarbro is now 'cadm? In the eirls division with M>nchvflle second so it is prolific flint a number of thesn players will participate in the game. BURNING CAMELS... K LSEARCH men may use fancier^] language, but they say the same! ihing about cigarettes as Roy Con-l ach'cr (above), high-scoring forward j! I of the Boston Bruins. Scientists know \'- 1 (hat nothing destroys the delicatc^l elements of cigarette [rngtance ami II flavor like the excess heat of too-fast | burning. Slow-burning Camels give' more pleasure per puff and more I I puffs per pack (sec below). Yankees in the field. Pncer knows nil the tricks of the (o Ym from farther out. markable dribblers. "Aumrhmi "-is Nor was he exactly a weakling padded mat nnd hns been hard to nl the platft. slop in most of his matches here. Although he did not start until .ph,, scra p should be n crowd- Lou Gchrig made his tragic exil deader. In May, Dahlgren swatted In 89 Another interesting match will runs, ranking among illustrious i w n m t b"lw"i!T) Bennv Bolt, the teammates in that highly impor- Indian, and "Rou°h Red" Roberts o Rock, both of whom are TIHCKS TEAMMATES WITH BUND PASSING Smaller fellows usually nre re-1 . ,,,,,-,', ,>, • - - J lant department behind only Ihe O f nn ambidextrous lad who has one ™ 5 ' Joe i „„, „,.,._ Joe Cordon, foo-notchprs in the light IIKIVJ,- nnrlicular trick I've never seen before." says Coich Van Alstvne. "He'll bear down on his man drib- blinj ri-iht-hanried, pivot quickly, bounce the ball with his Icfi. and then wheel on by his- guard nnd pick un the ball on the other side. 1 Aubuchon tricks teammates, too. and Vnn Alstync warns them to watch for the unexpected. He use" a change-of-pace pass Hint would be the pride of 'any of the Original Celtics. To all intents Aliuu- chon starts a fast one to a teammate on his left. Halfway throuzn the motion, when the enemy hns committed itself, the ball rolls softly off his hand to a teammate breaking for the basket in the opposite direction. . The only athlete to hold Aubu- ! chon scoreless from the field tn his varsity career was Michigan's Mike ficifiak. This might be explained, however, by the fad that Sofiak. knew him as no other foe did. Authentic Model <>/ the Neiv Mercury « tor 194O! One of these handsome miniature Memirv S banks will be given free to every boy or girl who brings his. parents to our showroom'for a ride in our new 1940 Mercury 8 Demonstrator eiiuipucd with the Economy Meter. LEADING CONTESTANTS Marion J. Kochlcr, Dell, 25.2 M per Gal J. A. Callis, City, 210 M. per Gnl C. A. Cunningham, City, 22.3 M. per Gal. Phillips Motor Co. Ford and Mercury Sales and Service "CalGossed ""^' ' Telephone 810 MISSOURI Farm & City LOAN LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS — LONG TERMS Fastest dosing service of nny mortgage loan company doing business in this slate. FLORIDA BROS. 5 CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. we | ? i,l class. Long leered Joo Welch will take on a newcnmer to the local avrna In the third mntch, facing Bill Dickey nnd George Sell DAUt.r.UEX SWINGS AT TOO MANY UA1) PITCHES Dahl"rcn hns power. Almost 1 Raines of New York. Tlie clatter one-third of his 125 hits were for ]),,,,, been performing with consid- extrn bases. He manufactured 15 ; ernble success in many of the . was the batting larger cities, according to Promol- star of the first two world series O r Mike Meronev. nnd will nrob- | nblv furnish Welch with ample opposition. Catalina Swim Winner In 1927 Rich Belatedly Dahlgren's trouble is inconsis- :ency. He looks like a combinr.- lion of Roirers Hornsby and Joe Mcdwick one'day and is an All- America out 'the nest. Although It is hinted that Dahl- "i-cn has n blind spot somewhere In the vicinity of the letters on TORONTO. Out. (UP) — Oeore' his shirt, his nrlnclpal difficulty Younij. Ihc Toronto youth who wor appears tn be offering nt too many, the Calalinn swim in California !•• poor pitches. I 1921. has received the S25.0M fir; 1 Honus Wagner hit had pitches prize for the effort after all thes' . . off his ear ... anywhere, years. So does Muscles Metlwick. but Young wns the roly-poly uch n remarkable bntsmnn ns year-old lad who rode on n motor- Hornsbv Mart to cure his tendency cycle down lo the California const lo rhase low outside curves to the and took top honors in the Cata- bpnch Una swim in 1027. Dnhkrcn 'hasn't the beautiful I" "™ 22-mile swim. Youn. v" natural sfokc that was Hornshv's. the only one of 101 starters to fm- but the Babe's swing seems pirn- ls "-, tv smooth cnmiah on riven clavs. The money was put In ' O'Dni.l has much willi which for him, and to be paid when he to work. The Man in the Green Suit was vfitor from Wnilersvillc. Pitchers had lo come in there for Wm. Bnrt Rhotton once told him that lie would be an even more formidable swnl^mitli if he snottrd the pitcher the lirst two strikes. | FREE DELIVERY 199 W. Main St, Phone 15 licks To Meet .Toiiesboro Anrl Little ftock Here Six ba.skfltoll g^me!:. five ilipni InvolvinT Blvlhevine's ]iiu mid senior high school loams. " ntl.rict fnns to the amiovy this •viook. Tomorrow night b n <nnniiit> nt T KIOTC wiM be n douhle-liso'ler 1" •»hlih Jone'ilioro nnd BlythevlM —I'l renew nn old rivilrv. I" Ov '1ft ^amo 'he Jon^sborn .iiuiini'.' 3 -•PI onnnse Co<i n h Jo>in F r l •Tnpr's 1 ^oronscs and this tilt will be fnl- 'nwnd liv a "otne between Cni"h niHv's Chicks and the Golden nrrlcane. Friday ni"h ( th<! Little Roek Ti- l rs arn .schefhil^d tn copie here T a two enme series with the hick=. As n Dre'l'iiinarv to Ihc Plvlh(!v|lle-T.iUt» Rock nnmn 'e Pnpooses will take on Lost Th" ChicV-R will n^aln soe notion • nlunhy n>»ht in the finM same "flinst mile Rock following a ittte liclwecn Shawnee nnd Osce- I APPY UOUR "MRT. H APPY ui wnx, ui riC'Tt'KK OF. CONCENTRATION O'Doul icachps hitters to slay 'wav back, swing with the arms and then follow' through with the body, . ' ' ""I I OTJoul-lnii-ht batters are the picture of concentration . . . Joo • and Dominic Di.Maggio nnd mnny| more. | I asked Ted Williams where hei got his amazing swing. "I've always had It." rcnlled the 1 Red Sex recruit of 1939, "nnd Leftv O'lloul told me never to let anyone, change it. 'mat Is good enough for me. No otic ever will chm-'C it. nurt If anything ever • ROCS -.vriini: with it. Ml go back to Ltd,' r.nd sri it straightened out.". Williams plnycd w !th the San Oicgo club in ihc Pacific Coast! League. O'Dmil Mill manages the' San Francisco Sonls, but is si- ways pleased (o take time nut. to practice his balling doclrlnss. Dou't be surprised If Dahlarcn' KKMEStBKR LEFTY'S Service Station for Ulagnolia Mobiloil and Now Managed by Walter Cox, Jr. ant] E. Jl. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! In recent laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested —slower than any of them. That means, on the average, a smoking plus equal to Wnlter 'Johnson pitched one no- it game. July I. 1020. FOR EXTRA MILDNESS, EXTRA COOLNESS, EXTRA FLAVOR.. CAMELS SLOW- BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS WRESTLING IEFTY PACER vs. OLE OLSENI BFJMY BOLT vs. RED ROBERTS JOE WELCH vs. DEL RAINES American Legion Arena, Monday 8 p. m. SENTRY tVERY ROOM THE-SAME UNirORM TEMPERATURE (7 GAY & BILLI8GS, Inc. T * Phnn. 7fi Phone 76

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