Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 13, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1898
Page 24
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STORY OF MURDER A Large Namber of Spectators Again in Attendance. Ghastly Kelics «f the Murder Exhibited in Open Court. The Jnry in marge of a Bailiff Taken to the Sceme «f the Murder Thiiii Afternoon. to flie ^ilcxxa a* when near the pool had wiped out the Pottmeyer famdy he motioned Frank .back and and leveled. the Winchester at the po- If be tod Had trouble with Hceman. Officers Dean and Skelton that dav. When Frank in- came up and 'Meln^ gave h^s gun to ed Pott- ; Mr. Dean. The ^toess then went to shoot him." The witness ,. . raever to watch the side door while he to the police station. That revolver, For some there is less unaccountable ;i interest; shown reason in the morning sessions than in the afternoon and when the doors of the court room •were opened about S:30 this morning' the crowd in waiting numbered less rthan half enough <to fill the seats and there was none of That crush which was characteristic- on the afternoon previous. Still many of the old faces, •which were not in evidence yesterday afternoon be««ise of lack of room, were to be seen and the audience room presented a more familiar appearance. However, .people kept coming JD and by 10 o'clock there was not a vacant chair inside the railing. -When the jury filed into the court room the tired loot, which showed so plainly at the adjournment the night ibefore had vanished and they appeared' refreshed by their night's rest the morning consBtuWonal. There or two men on the jury who are not very strong and every arrangement is heing allowed for -Their convenience and rest while not dm. court. The evidence presented by the State this morning did not seem to be so conclusive as heretofore, and the cross examination, which 3s being conducted with much spiriib and determination, dereloped points which will .probably aid the defense in the summing up by are one the attorneys. On account of a misunderstamidiing as to the ttime for wur.t to convene tlie attorneys for both sides wore late to the morning soflKion, but .the proceedings were soon taken up without much loss of time. Daniel Patrick", who as held in the county jail in order to be n. witness in this case, was brought into court to testify. The witness worked for Pottmeyer in 'the saloon. He saw 'Mclntosh and Pottmeyer in- conversation. Later Mclntosh was standing at the bar ralk- .JUg while 'th-o witness was sweep! eg out. He heard loud talk between Me- latosli and Will Pottmeyer about a fight. Tlic-y went 'to the wine room to tight it out, but later they went outside looked owt the front door. The witness saw Mclntosh coming and again warned Pottmeyer who started toward the back door. Pottmeyer had no weapon and did not go out of the door. When Frank was shot he staggered and fell on the floor near the curtains.. The witness watched the dead man a moment amd started to the front door. He saw Mclntosh who pointed the gun at the witness and he ran out through the saloon, over Frank's body, where Ed. PortmeyoT was kneeling, and, over the- back fence to get away from tihe with the gun. The cross examination was confined to questions! regarding *he positions of. the inmate of 'the saloon at the ttano and the general arrangements in ancl about the place. The testimony of Frank Medland was about the conversation between Melmtosh and Frank Kienly tx> the effect 'that some one was trying to "do 'Mclntosh" but the witness did not know who was referred to. •Mrt5| 'Oanrie Skeltom, wife of Osrnaia •Skelton, testified that she saw Mcln- tosh about 10 o'clock on the morning of Mrs. Leei Smdrth's funeral in September, held from the house later occupied by the family of Franik Pottmeyer. On that morning Mclntosh was eamt away from the saloon three times. 'Mclntosh •left each time, but from 'the language he used, the wiifoness saw that he was angry. The last time iPottm«yer sent for officers to keep Micln'tosb away. "-Harry Laughlin'was an the WestsMe engine house when he was informed that Franfc Pot meyer had been shot. He saw ~W:iM Pottmeyer run out of itihe alley and when Pottmeyer reached the comer of ithe Uhl buMing he shot twice at Oilclntosh with a revolver. .THE, into the alley. In a few minutes Frank Pottmeyer went toward the back door which opened about the time he reached -it and 'the first shot was fired. Frank Pottmeyer said "Oh. My God" and fell to the floor. He had thirce convulsions at ithe end of which he died. The witness found tlhe d«ad man's sleeve on -fire and white he was engaged in putting the fire out he heard the second shot. As he was bringing water to Ed Pottmeyer and Lucy Pottmeyer. who were standing near the body of Frank Pottmeyeir he heard the 'third shot over on Market street The cross examination, conducted by Attorney Moihoney. was very exciting, tout the witness stated that he was busy with Ms work of cleamtog up and paid no attention to any of those who were in the room «t the time except Mr. Lane. The witness'stated that he heard no telephone bell ring for some time before Frank Pottmeyer went to the, back door where he met his death and none after he saw Frank Pottmeyer conning flrom the rear of the bar. No naw features were brought out by the re-examaaation- by the State. Mrs. W. R. Shewmon stated that on Nov. 4 MelntoSh came to her home and made his appearance tnown by opening the screeni and -asking for Joe Shewmon's gun. as he wanted to go sftiootmg. The witness called attention to the fact that jit was illegal to shoot quaifls at that .rime of year. -Mclntosh also left word for ,Toe to come, down in the morning •early and go with him to work. The witness gave Mclntosh the giin and five shells. The defense's cross examination elicited nothing more than the color of the shells furnished with The gun which she recognized as the one on the attorney's table. Walter .SJiewniOJi's testimony was -that lie was employed as a painter •near home on Nov. 4 and that he knew both Mclmtosh and the deceased, Frank Potnneyer. On that day the witness saw Mclntosh going west and a few minutes later saw Mm going east <!arrydng a gun. Mclirtosh came to the wtaass and asked how to "load •dhe 6— of a b— of a thing.'" The witness explained to the jury abont showing Mclntosh how to load and handle the cun. Mclntosh told the witness that he wais going bunting but that he was godng no <ry it on a man first; 12; be [intended to shoot Frank Pottmeyer. The witness decided to notify Pottmeyer and went into a butcher shop to telephone Pottraeyer tout iaiter went to de saloon and entered a gate in the fence back of the saloon. He wen* ta- Poctmeyer then turned and ran. back (into 'the alley and he was fired at by Mclntosh, ithe shot striking Pottmeyer ! in the haaid ta which he held his revolver. H who was being led to her home by ladies. After 'Mcln'tosh had : t>een arrested ! the witness went -into the saloon -and saw the body of Frank Pottmeyer. but saw no weapons. •Ed. Pottimeyei- said ho was at his (brother's saloon early in the mornang for a short time, rthen went up town TO his work at Keeport's. He ratiirned to the saloon about UOOIL In a few miin- utos Frank Pottmeyer returned, from ditmsr. In about a half hour Frank Pottmeyer wemt back toward the back door and 'iihen a shot wais heard and the witness rushed back and saw Frank fall. -He spoke to Firauik but he diied 'immediately. Witness heai-d talk outsiMe and ran to the aide door when he and his sister were shot by Mclntosh. He ran to the bar for * revolven 1 , but dlid not find it until he exmined several drawers in the bar. He then stirted out af tar Mclntosh but was taken ;in charge by a i>oliceman and taken to a doctor after 'the arrest of Miclntoiih. Will Pottmeyer was not in .tihe room at ithe time of the trouble. Franik Eirooks. a -barber in 'Carter's shop on West 'Market street, stated tha-1; Mclntosh stepped up to the door and sold tliat he 'bad killed Frank Pottmeyer. He heaird two shots! by Will PoTtmeyer but did not see Mclntosh shoot Will. In a few secoocls he saw the officer!; .arrest 'MclntosJi, When O?o. Cuppy was called he was closely scrutinized, on acconat of his reputation as a professaomal bal player. On the 'day of the tragedy he was iai the barber shop on West Market street wh«ai Mclntosh said he had killed Potoneyer. The witness did not see .the sftioi at WiiU Pottmeyer but heand the report of the gun, on account of being in Ftrank Keiuly's saloon. Policeman Houghton was coming from his jbome on Brown street when he heard ;i (shot In a few minutes he saw Mclntosh come ont of Front street into Market. He asked -Mclntosh what was the matter and was told that Mc- lntosh had killed Frank Pottmeyer which -was The only one seen by the officer, was identified by the witness. Edward Pofnneyer was recalled and tared ahat the s'creen about which he testified the (lay before was made of wood and wire and could be seen 'through from tOie inside. When William Pottmeyer was called and on -account of -the announcement of tlie State's aferorney that he was of weak mind, special interest was shown in hiis -testimony. The witness was in the saloon and saw Frank Pottmeyer and Mclntosh shaking dice and later they played -pool. McTnitosih lost tln> game, but; refused to -pay and Frank Pottmeyer said let it go and they took a drink on Pottmeyer. When 'the boxing bout came up Mclntosh got mad and wanted The witness to go .to Johnny Hall's and put on the gloves, but the witness refused. Mclntosh started home and told witness that hi* 14-year- old 'boy could lick the witness which statement was answered by the witness that •Mclntosh and his boy together could not Ikk Mm. Mclntosh told the witness that if he was there when he returned he would make him wish he was in hell. When the witness was eating dinner he saw .M-cIntosh go b> toward the saloon carrying a gun and mumbling to .himself. The witness rushed upstairs and got his revolver and, after going to the telephone to call the .police, he wemt down 'the alley <to the saloon and found Ms brother. Frank Pottmeyer, dead. The witness ran out and' through the yard across the alley from the .saloon and fired two shots at Mclntosh as he was standing in the street near the corner of Front and Market-streets. As the witness fired .the second shot Mclntosh also fired and struck the witness in the arm and side. Will Pottmeyer 'then went back and saw his sister, who was shot, •and went on to the saloon where he )la'ced his revolver on the side board, from where it was taken by Officer 1-Iough.tbn. Grandest Remnant Clearance Sale Ever Inaugurated in Logansport Opens at the Golden Rule ... MOW QOING ON. Sever in the history of the Golden Rule hare we had such an accamalatien ot Kemnants as this «t year »nd as it always has been our custom from year to year, to make a grand sweep of all Remnant*, " " Ends at this period after stock clearing «re have instituted the most Remarkable Bargain *east £,UUB <Vb uino y D .,,..•, /-vrvp ATI » A or- A T"V A 11 „,.„. ^,'or Odds ever your on. our ,ood tuto attend. Every item you will fi.d a GREAT BARGAIN. AH are displayed r counter and marked Regardless, of" cost Be sure and attend if you like Bargains. Remember . Wednesday morning, January 12th. It commences at THE GOLDEN RULE. SEE LARGE POSTERS FOR PARTICULARS. living on West Broadway. Met Mcln- tosh at Brown and Market streets carrying a gun. iMdnrosh left the witness tbfire and went north on the west side o£ Brown street to -the butcher shop when he heard Mclntosh say 'Til , get hint now." The witness went on to I Market street bridge when he heard, a shot fired. 'Soon after he saw a lady -come out of the i meyer residence and went into the alley. Mclntosh was not in sight and the witness did not know who had of the wiae room. He also said that MeUitosh paid for part of the drinks and Pottmeyer for the others. The witwss said that -Minnie Williams and a man. went into 'the wine room. Later MdiMosto went back and called Pott- nieytfr by rapping on the table. The witness 'contradicted his former stau;- ment by saying that the pool and dice fronTthe Pott-' games were played after Mctotosh and Pottmeyer came out of the wine room. The witness further said that he had iks -to a drink. When 'Mclntosh went out in- > ^^ ^ 1>r '. Ilrtosh was com i n <r with to 'the alley the witness followed him d h-ad -another boxing bout ai» which they clinched and both the witness and Mclntosh fell down, but neither were I knocked down. The witness also denied done Hie not 'been authorized to sell di Mclntosh. Sheriff Homburg testified as to re ceiving Mclntosh as a prisoner. 3 shooting. Almost instantly a second shot and M'clntosh come out on Front ,t »m carrying the gun and go to *osh told the sheriff that he had been tec street Will Pottmeyer come up shot and asked to have a doctor called. I »- • „ Helen blazes! That's what the man said when, liis laundry came home yellow, ora aud faded. Then he conchided t» try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned as white as snow and without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wiigon stop for your work. ' , irKt?!- .SLHTC4~ YT'in j. v*i*i,i"*- t T w, t. the «ide of the Uhl building and shot ; Tlie witness «iw the -place where the , to a revolver. Mclntosh jumped ficer Houghton 'came up to jL T IrVUl V cV- ,'i.^i.LfcLv^i-t j •J.i"jj--*« m -and'saw William and shot a,t him. Of-, the bullet. SIcIntosh gave him the arrest Me- • bullet later wirh the remark that h% was stood off by flatter' Had found dt in his stocking. The bul- gun ait the officer. Of-' l*t mark showed only a slight wound UOT __ soon came up and took the" In the skin, "im from Mclntosh and made the ar- j ™ cross exanimate showed that r^t after which the witness went to the bullet struck Mclntosh's vest on the Wlooa and saw the body of Frank fhe right side and ranged to the right But few people were there ' through the clothing. Barney Kroeger, the undertaker, who of Frank Pottmeyer's In the cross examination Mr. Ten- mnd<3 stated 'tliat he was called wirh found no weapons. .-inn« TTi-ftrlllf>«l. d'llji wiitTl'PSS' tfSfiilhonV _'.'.„. ,, _ ., _ _ _* -\r — T „/» ' WPP(» takMl Off Tl cines produced: the witness' testimony before the coroner, in whieh he said, Mclntosh had a .?.", but in this testimony he denied seeing Mclntosh give money to. FraiTk on' the night before, nit he heard Fraiilt refuse Mclntosh and when ha had viewed the body and j left when the officers cleared the room. 1 i°ok charge Officer Skelton who wa* with Officer . body, identified the clothing worn by Dean when, the arrest of Macintosh was ' Pottmeyer when he was tailed, but A watch and chain taken off the body when the clothing was cut away. The bundle of clothing identified by Mr. Kroeger as those worn by Frank Pottmeyer at the-time of his death presented a. sii:li't which caused more than OIRI in tlie 'audience to shudder. The and some one will"be~killed. When *hH~ vest, apron and undershirt were .officer., .reached the Market street covered with blood and. having been they -aw Mclntosh raise Ms cut from the body, had a very ragged fire at some one behind the appearance. The hole caused by fin, Mclntosh stated to the deadly charge was large and perfectly .. Captain Foley on the day of Mrs. Lee I Smith's funeral to the Pottmeyer sa! loon to get M'dnitosh away from the | place. On the day of the murdeT the 1 witness! answered the 'telephone and was told- by Pottmeyer to come over ^ torilditli!:s _ testifying .before Hie coroner that he j ^. im€i;4S +ha " t , ne had -idlled Frank disceinible. <srnick iMdntosh on the head with his ; PattmeyCT arw j here - s the brains on my j Any lack of 'interest that may have fist. The witness said he fired two ! s „' M p latosh also repeated, the been sliov>-n at the opening of .the morn- <?hots from the yard and 'two from the ^ stolT ' of the to . ou bi e Hie night before : in '? - was entirely absent afternoon. For over an hour before time I bvstamler "I told you I'd fix him." The I™ convening court the lower hallway accompanied Mclntosb to the of the -court house -and the stairs and earner of the brick building across the (oyOT <;0 , me m<mey nnd t]Km ^aW to a street. Officer Dean testified thaifc he and Officer Skelton were sfiitting in the police witness saw Mclntosh raise WM>y leading TO the entrance to -the headquarters when a message was tel- j' ^ clo , tlltag . and show , the plMe where auditorium was filled with a struggling Qphoned that there was trouble, and Qie ^. as stnlck > by a Bullet fired by ' m ass « f humanity, each individual do- they hastened to West Market street. ; Pottmeyer _ ^ Mclntosh dlid not give" ness found .Mclntosh with a gun at. his shoulder, but when, the officer called to him he lowered the gun and gave it up. ; the first name and the witness dUd no K I know whieh Pottmeyer was meant. The cross examination showed that before the uitm ost to get near the door st as to be able to 'be among those who would be allowed to enter. All the ,the railing, except those He told the officer that he had killed . he ^^ a revolver , ?hot . Mclntosh shoot occupied by 'the attorneys and report«*. first two rows dn the andi- Frank Pottmeyer. In coming over the bridge Melntosh said to Dean that Pottmeyer and himself had trouble the night before about money. 5n the pres- . Officer Miller was in Carter's Im'ber , toriuim were reserved for ladies, who 4hop near the Market street bridge on . w«« more numerous than at any other the day of the murder. Mclntosh came j session. By the €me the ladies and np ^^ a ^ m ajld ?aid he ta<3 k , il!ed others who were admitted at the rear en-ce of fi-iends. In the ]>olice station | Pr!mk .p^tmeyer. He heard other ' <*wr. '*e seats were all taken and ' ' the officer asked Mclutosh to remove a cartridge from Ulie gun. which was i>i c i ni tosh his na(i vredted so long.dn the done. and Dean presented the cartridge : ^ iad ^^ ^^ in court as evidence. Mclntosh was ; ^^ ^clntosh but placed to jail by the offlwrs who left without more conversation. In 'cross examination it was stated that Mclntosh told the witness at the i time of arrest that he had -killed Pott-! to told to stand I back or he "would have his head blown I off. After the arrest the witness; went to witness where ; lolbby were disappointed by not gaining admission. Frank Brooks was recalled toy the •State and testified' 'that a. loaded shell was brought into ithe barber shop 'Where he works. Dr. Hethervngton stated -that be was called to the Pottmeyer saloon on the and f0 , md about jj fteen He . toolc Fxl Po'Btmey- and delivered tt at po- meyer in self defense, having been lica head q uart6rs He asked Will! day of the murder aid turned ithe body shot at twice before he fired. Mclntosh j Pottmey€lr 6or Ms ,, lra . . bu t was told ' over in order Ito prevent the blood from raised his clothing and showed the wit- j ness 'where he had been h-!t by a bullet. •belonged in the. saloon and he was going to put it back be- settling in and discoloring the fo-ce The witness made no examination for Mclntosh told -the witness that after ' ^^ ^ ^.^ He ^^ ^ pottmeyer arms and saw nothing of the kind the trouble in the saloon about the money Pottmeyer told him to sit down in the saloon as he was drunk, and then Frank came back and "took his mo'nev. Mclntosh said further .that he to a doctor. When he went to the sa-! Many people were in tlie saloon at the loon he closed the rear dioor but did ^ same time. not see any weapons i-ear the body of , Edward Hu-tton. clerk for Superin The pola-ceinan isaid if that was the , went back in the .morning for his case Mctutosh must submit to arrest. Mclntosh ssiad he would not go until he Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM mms POWDER WORLD'S FAiR.OiiCAGO. !893 money, ?49.95, which Pottmeyer had taken the night before, but Pottmeyer j . Frank Potitmeyer. M-elntosh told the , witness that the son of a b—— had shot him. On being asked to identify the refused to give it to him. Captadn Foley testi-netf to having been called to Pottmeyer's place on account of trouble raised by Mclntosh. He met Mclntosh on Market street and ; told him to go home or be locked up in prisoner , the , ffiat « that ! was the man he had 'been shaved! since. Gus Gieger. the bartender t<«tified as to the games of pool. Mclntosh lost the games and payed for the 'irinks, which had been served by the witness ....... . - in the pool room. After the pool games the jail. Mclntosh left in the direction M<antMih an<} PottmeTe r went into the of his home. Thomas Reed. ex-councilman from ' wine room and 'Macintosh asked Poft- the Westside. testified, he was at the Westside engine house and heard thai:! Prank Pottmeyer had been killed meyer to sing a song which was done in the wine room and Mclntosh paid for a round of drinks. he started down, there and saw Mcln-1 tosh near the corner of Front and , thev came ont of the wine room "Pott- Market streets and saw Mclntosii fire meyer carried a waitch and said to the witness to keep it -until Mdntosh toward saloon. The witness saw . SI- Mclntosla said -thai was right and Will Pottmeyer cross the street and shoot at Mclntosh. and saw Mclatosh shoot at "W1H Pottmeyer. He saw the arrest but beard nothing of -the conversation .between the officers and McIntosh. Herman Stuxiren IB & wa,jonmakeir I took another drink. Pottmeyer vrent to for more drink on the watch, but witness refused. On cross examination the witness said a ddee game was played by Me- Intosfc and Pottmeyer after coming ont -tendent Walton of fche Panhandle, resides near the scene of the trouble an. at the time of Pottmeyer's death wa eating dinner when he heard the firs' report. He went out to investigate and heard the second shot and was in -Kb* yard when three or fonr other shot: were heard. The witness went into th. alley when another shot was fired from the direction of Market Street, the shot spattering on the brick part of the saloon. When he heard -the second re port he noticed & woman's scream. After the last shot he went back int his own house. When the State's attorneys called Mrs. Mclntosh as a •witness it at one caused wonder as to -wbait her evidence conld be against foer husband. As eh was In watting- at the sheriffs res! dence several -minntes elapsed befor her appearance. -When she toot the witness stand sihe 3H11 wore her coe- tnme of black and bept her face vefled. The only qnesHou ehe was required & answer •was as to ithe age of ti«r has .band -which sbe B«M was 3» year*. While (waiting flor ithe appearance «t ther witnesses the court aliowed <fc« K to show the clothing, (identified y Mr. Kroeger as those worn by Pott- neyer, to ithe jury. Madison Carter was called and said aa.t he was at one time with Mclatosh nd the two went to PoltJtaneyer's aa.- oon on Mclntosh's invitation to have glass of beer. Whea Mclntosh pre- enrted has money to pzty for the drinks •ottrneyer refused ithe money and vmild mote furnish auy drinks for Mc- ntosh and told him he would rafher ot have him come in the saloon as he vas always causing trouble. The wits and the defendant left -the place ogflther and there were no harsh Ian- -nage. Tlie revolvers belonj?ing to Will and dward Potnmeyer were exhibited to he jury. They had been positively dentJfied and presented" as evidence. At the request of the attorneys for Kith sides the sheriff and bis bailiffs ook the jury to the premises for a to«? f insi>ection. A large crowd followed, ut lihey were kept away from the urors. The fact fcas been generally oom- lerotjed on. that Miss Lucy Portrtmeyoc vas a most remarfiaible witoeea, to hat her staitements on the wi-tnew ad were made very positively and learly and could not 'be shaken. In the east by a very exactiag cross ezamln- m. Bedng -one of the victims of the "Winchester in the hands of John Mcln- »sh her teslnmony was expected to be ludite sensational, but bar story WM wld calmly and deU-becaitely, -•witihoot >xcitement. By some efhe te coneld- ?red ithe most competent witness that has .tesittfied to the hisrtwry of tlhe Oaw Circuit court Bow to Keep it Me»l Hot. When it- is uecessary to keep a meal hot for a belated comer, do.opt..«t-*h« plate holding the food in a hot. oven,, •hns discoloring the chiuaas well «• drying the food. 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