The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEV1LLS. COUU1BU-NEWS . Items of Personal Interest QflPICTV PI I IRQ oUUIt i Y--uLUpo Activities and News of Women THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1030 Farmers of Yarbo * . Community Pom Club 'Social Calendar ' The Dorcas Sunday cchcol class of Uic first Baptist church will '; at ihc, home of Mrs. 0. M. 123 \Vest Davis avenue. •*. {Entertains Club. ' "' XV the weekly party of tho W5d |}»y Bridge club, Mrs. Farris- Black also.enlcrtalncdJ.les- dirrjes J. Neal Gcsell, 'J. K. Gainer.^Edgar Boruni and Samuel l' 1 , Nofrls. ; In; the five games played, Mrs, W.-,H. Minyard won r.igh nnuni; -the}club and Jvlrs. Norrls honors am6ng the guests, Mrs. Minyard i gift! was hosiery .and the oilier hlgii score prize was on llallan cut work, guest towel, • , Mrs. Black served a plate lunch in ifhlch 1 the "Valentine Idea was A15C4 as were li\ the tallies. Fruu andynut salad, heart-shaped saiici- wields, olives and codec vein <• refreshments. . Hit: Club xnd ,Gu«ls. Mrs. Adolph Crallon was hostess to the Night Bridge club and ihav tables of guests Wednesday cvt- nlng at her hoinj In the Pride suburbs for four games ot bridge. Miss Neal Luckell won hlgli among the club and the gues;. honors went lo Mrs. Roscoc Craiton. . The hostess, assisted by her m-j- ther, Mrs. J. P. Pride, served c - plate lunch of combination salan cranberry Jelly, meat sandvlcbea cheese chips, olives, cotlec ana whipped cream. Red and wlni. heart candies were served during the card games in heart nlrapci candy dishes, Besides tlie club members, Me* dames Joe Trleschmnn, Rosco Crafton, Joe D. Hnlbnch, W. V Veazcy Jr., C. T. Morrl5, A. c; Ward, Rives Allen, Hay EIXIns. . Randolph Smith, Francis Oarpsu- ter, E. B. Dickey, Samuel F. Morris a»d Miss Salilc Crow and i\Jlsi| Effle Lawler were present. - Have Luncheon. • Tho R«v. and Mrs. Marlon A. Boggs and son, Marlon Jr., i'-iul Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Moore, members .of the First Presbyterian church who arc moving nway soon, arc being tendered numerous courtesies. One of these was their being entertained at luncheon Wednesday by Mrs. W. O. McCornrick, Mis. George Mobley and Mrs, C. K. Mobley at Ihc home of the lallcr. • Sweetpeas centered the table avul Saint Valentine place cards and favors added another gay note lor decorations. Throughout the delicious, two course menu, Iwrts were 'seen in various dishes. The Rev. and Mrs. Bo<!3S an'; son are going to Hot Springs March 1 where Dr. Boges will be pastor of the First Presbyterian ctmrcn and the Moores are moving tc . Fulton, Mo. Blue With i Their Uoy Sroiit Sons | Forty parents and members of ; tiio troop 37 of the loeal Coy Scouts cclL'bralod the 20th nnnl- vtrsary In scouting Wcdne«day,cvc- ' nlng by having iiippcr togethor et the. Sudbury schroj. A bouiulful menu was served In /.]/7.s </ News Mostly Personal . ^^. O. Usroy, who has been the auditorium in "help yourssir ;i!rlo:i'-;>' 111 following an onsra- 5 t ..] e -.tlsii fcr til? removal of tonsils, i; Roicoc L. Morris led the sln R - ! " ow " Wc lc I)C ou , 1 - , , , ing of some scout songs, J. L Mrs. .mhn 11. UU ot Cleveland Guard conducted u'ciUfBtlnn b?x Ohio, who Is vlsilins her nten conccinlns Alirohniii Lincoln u, : Mt.v M O. Usicy, an:l (orally. Ini which U G. Thompscn Jr. won n if cove red ffom a brief Illness. fountain |Kn ior having the mo;'. ; Louis Mann Lynch, son oi Mr. YAHBRO, Ark. — The Yar'nro Community club, with B. 13, Aklr. as president, organized at a ince'.- Ing of farmers of this vicinity at the school house last week win to Memphis today by the death of lw " ' ts s " on f mMl1 "* to »'8 i "1 Much enthusiasm was shown ir. Hie organization meeting and lti« 1 ' that tho club will prow correCv answers, Charles A. S'.ubbs ;in:l Mi- A. Lynch, lias re- spoke en "The Pust, present and: covered from ;iu Illness of scorlc'. Future of Hie Troop," and Craw- i<vrr. ord Greene, an.. honored Kucst. j N wiirol Is a patient at ths Iso spoke of scouting. Memphis Hiipllsl hospital. The-parents; nnSllwlr sons_»;«re M|SJ N , ;m , ||c Nlmn 0( Howl)ei ., v Ihelr fatlicr, Joe Meyers. C. W. Iliuncy has returned from tUt wf' buslness trlp to Ka5t an enccvive Iorcc Ior the <*"yi>u rnric, .10. . . 0|1 O j community activities of ai, John Urlnn, of the union Sav- kinds. Messrs. Kramer, Crltz art Iii36 Building and Loan Association ivy participated. in Uie organlza of Lltllc Heck, is attending to bus- tlon Inc5s here today. • ; Mr. anil Mrs. lay Thomas spent' Mr. Burton and his comedian; yesterday In Memphis. pleased a local audience with th?!i W. T. Kitchen; who recently prcsenlnllon of the "Village Sheik" umln \vcut n tonsilectomy at the "eve las.1. week. Miinplils McthodUt hospital, is now - Mlss °<" u .""I'dnugh, captain oi able to be out. the Yarbro basketball team, paid Herds Moon has returned from a 1 , 1 .. n .. vi |, p fi ,i,,, d nv ,,hht \(slt f. Fayc,U(»lllc, Ark., pa* W lllcv " le baturaay 1113111. Plain View. 'Icxas. Mrs, Howard Proctor is 111 P.c.-.d Courier News Want Ads. Motherhood sage brings comiort CoiDDTeie rcUxalion Ir.d c<iralo:t ll vetx r.eccmry lo Hie ci- pcfiinl mother 1 * well bclns. Ntrvousneii, ilic<™!oit tnd p>ln •rtiuui lh«l ilnr.ttn U> vlltl It Ihll P*t- tlculir time. Tboucindxnd l^ou* Etndi of txpcctint mother! l:ave passed Ihiouyh this pe/Lod in the!/ lives with llie** . n . . •Id of >' VI o t h e r'> Mother s Friend How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of ntrcduced and scveiiil iipoko brl^?f-1 with L. O. Thompson jr., senior i >atvol leader and James Guarrt •"'"•'I" clllng of the milliner lit which "_ K:>1 he scouts ruled niythcvllle for n' "•!•>•' lay. The cutting of the large birthday cake with l!ie letters "He Pro- larod" In'crlbnl en It wan the 'losing feature of tho meal. Later l basketball game was jrs'.ertiav. :ilayed between (ro:i> 33 and troop K tHr guest of h:r brolher, Nunn, and family, for two I'.uiUm Lango motored lo l.r.uls vcslcrday where f>he wjll .'puiil f.cM'Kil davs buying sprin; deck for the Fashion Shop, Ml<:' lima Oliver, of Osci!^la. was the »"».« of Miss Ruth Whltwortli Irom at licr Home on Bioad- M!ss Walker was a member of tho Yarbro basketball team tho first c- nusler of the school year. wfiy. Rev. J. A, Taylor Holds Joe Kay, Manila, and Mrs. J. P. Cox, Manila, wore admitted to Uic : Hlylhevitlc hospital "today. Mn. ' 'I'hcmp.son. Osceola, and Paul How- rtepir<d tkin lubricant *rA pifri-rcUcver which orixmitcd in the ptcscnptlon of an tmlntm obsituitlan. You QWS youttttt th« ccmfoit "Mother's Frknd" jiv<s. It is not a drug to be It1:co- It 3s lucil rictetr.ilty only— Ctntly rubbed into the skin. Clean «r,d p!eii*nt to Ihc touch. Brine* relief promptly. Very valuable in SceepEr.y the nreijis ir. gocd condition. Alia puti you in fine thipe for the ipprcichlnf ordeal. T-S "Mtjlhcr's Friend** i» on sale r FCC f * Lost Her Double Chin — Lo:it Lost Her Her Prominent Gained 1'hyslcal Vigpr Gained in Vivadousness— Gained a Shapely Figure. Notice also that you hnvo ;:i!ic:! in cneruy—yoisr skin Is d'Siu:-- If you're fat—remove l!ic causo! KnUECHEfi SALTS contain llio 0 mineral salis ycur body organs, glands and nerves musi have to;k cl >ncr i ? n inhid/kRUSciiEN" function prciwrly. [give any fat person n Joy'us cur- Whcn your vital organs fall to prise. perform their work correctly—your'; Got an 05c bottle oi KRtJSCiiE:: bowels and kidneys can't throw of i SA1/TS at Klrbv Dnia Or. dr< bottle. 'I tonig » stor "Try a truss tee with ht *r,J notict the ««e that waste material—before you realize It—you're growing Oifdeous- ly fat! Try half a leaspoonfiil of KRUS:HEN SAI,TS in a glass of hot vater every morning—In 3 weeks let on "Thlnas lo Know Befor< Biby 'Cc^ie* 11 will IE nulled in jlain env«lop«, free on re*5u«(. Address lindfie!:! Regulalo: Co., D«pt. 10, AAUnti, Gi. get on the scales and note howjallv nany ycunUs.of fat have vanished.' Regular services are being ducted by the Uev. J. A. lurmi'rly of St. l.ouis. for the gregation of the Church ot ChrU: These meetings arc held .at m. court house Ihc first Siunday oi Kciulall Uerry, of Manila, attend-' every month. 34 iilirracniWrs of" 33 wlnnlnV cd tn business here today. 1 The new pastor also Is in with n score of 33 to 14. ! Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Wocds mid ! of. the churches nl Manila, where :cii, F,. W., of Canithcrsvlllc were he goes the fourth Sunday, Sike-;- yiiftbOf Mv. ftndMrs. 3. E. Whit- l°». Mu-i fo 1 ' Hie Uiird Sunday nun wrlh yesterday. | Leachvillc on the sucoml Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Everett 'B. Oee V. E. O.'s Aid I'upil. i , The tuition for one .student In senior high school, amounting to $5 monthly, Is to be paid by tn? local : P. E. CX. an organization. whlclrsponsors the aiding of glrlj wlio desire an education,- This nc-; tlnn was lakcn at a meeting -Vfccl- Tho Rev. Taylor and his lamiiy i-clurned home last night. Mr. Qes »" residing jterc. ' ~~ — ' nesday afternoon at the-' home ot | chcgipcd here today. has been In Dallas, Texas,'for »ev-i'~— ' _ ml days and Mrs. Gee met. him In ' /i/JflOCSCrf DjJ Memplils Tiicsday. ... Mr. H. Huff, of -.Leachville, Beautiful Women . Beauties who guard their corn- Mrs. H. A. Smith. • j E'.' i). ijj'man, accompanied by' piexlcns use MELLO-OLO Rice For HID program, Mrs. A. Con- ; jctm Latch of Memphis, are at-]Powder only. Famous for purky— \vi - • - - - - •• Will 'Keep Hair Youthful Sliatlc free of Gray LIFKLKSS OR AY HA1U REGAINS OM) tlEAUTY Ereryb:dy knows If color glands and hair rcote healthy and active, the hair will continue In rur me piu^Liuii, i\na. ii, vutj- , jijun LMUCU ui aiciuiiiiu, .111: <ib-i i-i;\.'Uk:i KJIJ . * ti^i:wuL> tut ^miib..— i lleinmeij a lie , . • • •ay told of Dolly Madison, wltc | ending lo bujncss in Cairo today, i its coining matter i; approved by tlrely free of gray or strcascn l[. H. Robinson and daugh-[the government. The skin never Icr, Maigaret, of Kelscr, accompanied !)y Miss Moore, shopped here yesterday. Mr. ami Mrs. Claude Stillman, of Lepanlo, spent yesterday In the Prwder sinys on longer. Kirby Drug I rtimulatiny tonic into Ihc sc.sjlp oi President James Mndlsan. and 5 Ihc mother of Ocorgo .WnshUig- tcnl Mary W^'shlngton, was .discussed by Mrs. Marlon A. Bofe. Tlic hostess served a salad,'course. Melton-Ferguson .--''. ' C jtv. ' ' .-Store. lies Eula MaKForgiiwh and'Mr. _ _ _ ilarcncc Moiton. balh.of Leach- j i,, 1I1C| of-U'llbon, shop'ped in the ille, were married here yesterday ( c j( V TuK'.lav. Uy Ju'silce Oscar Alexander. . t neiiry Reldmaii Is In MempULi having been called there by the death of his .uncle, Jce Meyers. K. 0. ratton Is a business visitor In Memphis today. Members of-Mr. and Mrs. J. O. While's fRiYilly, who have- tan quarantined for about two months bccauLe of spinnl meningitis In the i i ...-.j rI Jocks. locks pasty cr more sipootMy flaky. It r.pi-oi find pro<li;cc. A doc 1 , ir several years aso asked himself this nuc-E-iion: If I. can ycuthful blcom. Marie by a new! cumulates rtigcsli;n, .liver, heart. French process, MELLO-OLO l-Mccirtc., with a tonic, why net. ruu'..a Aeiv,-4 j :!iat revive .those inactive Shavmce Musicians' : to Broadcast Sunday The Klriril? band and C-!co club of the Shawnco ronsollrtatcd school lll broadcast over-KLCN Sunday nfterncon at 2 o'clock.'this children's :tend. said lo bo thd only ono .tf.- iis kind in the cpunty, has i no member .older than, years. 'Ihc. SO plv.yers »rs lumily, are u'.w allowed to leave (heir home as the final quarantine has Ijeen lifted since Mrs. White lias recovered from that disease. dlicctcd'by Miss -Kins and. Mrs. Mr. ;ind Mrs. Max Meyers and Gregg, -f "' • i'- ' :'•'••'•'£ '.Mrs. Adolph 1 Messrs were calleil Delifflitfully deferent SANTE'FE TRAIL 4 weeks). If even this first botlb doesn't convince you. easiest, to Icsc safest fal—If anil ycu (i superb improvement this is the sure.*;-, v:ay f-l :>. in lif.nk'.i— so gloriously, energetic—vificrouslv -your money gladly returned. Artv. At Yftli /it, / out run-tip Co laiuue t,o., —^ i elands so nature in her own nat- ;tiral way will resume pulling plenty iof pigment, liilo.-the-hair tubes— ! Furcly Ihe hair, will then resume : its original beautiful -shades o: unit!, regardless cf user's'age cr inevicus condition of their hair. KEMARKABLE DISCOVERY Tlic (icetor's search'led lo euil- '.ctr- c:\periinenls. lie didn't vattt :i Myc or lliii, and it, of course, nnisi be harmless even if a per_ urjd it many years. Under Lea's Hair Tcnic any- low purchase the tonic perfected. For several .rs hairdiessers, scattered over thu country have .been uslr I sen i tin ijamc, ; oiu; may : jho. filially ii usliig I-;":. • » ^ are so nice and gradiia! icn used It loo. It dossiVl stain fvibcalp, and as a lest one need rnU- inniv It t^ soinc small a 'ew days to watch results. Shav. p=o as often as desired. Mist people arc first induced t« Iry Lea's for gray hair" but 11 p-innrlly v;as Intended iis a tonic to put Hie scalp, hair. ro;ls. plg- mrnt glands and hair In a healthy i-lgorous condition. Of course with n healthy scalp comes a change In appearance of hair and a restoration of Uic natural shade of brown, red. black, auburn, ov b'cnde. There are some Ihree l'<ousand shades of color In human hair—no dye expert can paint one's hair as exquisitely as: nature. Lea's merely stimulates nature, .to renewed activity, puts nature back en the job, ymi might, ^y, and the tint she.Imparts to;your hair, once live scalp, fnots ' «rid- .glands liecom? healthy is natural. What is more fceau;!ful or bs:oming than nature's o-vvn choice i.f shade tg match your eyes, complexion and beauty If a reader desires to try Lca^s Hair Tonic on guarantee of complete satisfaction they, should get boille al drug st:re or pin ulla: bill to this advertisement and send lo Lea's Tonic Co.. 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