The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 1940 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE OPPOFITUNITY ,w ••*., **v •— "* " , "^ w KHPI <. «* ^» wm • •vjv i> • • • H1BWH : -i ^^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consccu- 'A'e Insertions: One time per line ...10c !'wo times Dec line per day—08c ttirec time? per line per day.,.fJGc Bix limes per line per day...,.?5c Month rate per line 6pc Cards gf Thanks 50c £ ?Se Mlnlmutn charge SUc Arts ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of tlniee the add appeared and F.djustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising oop> vibmitted, by persons residing oui- (ide of the diy must be iicconi- Vanied. i>y cash. Rates may be eas lly computed from above la bio. Advertising ordered for Irregula insertions takes tlic one time rate Np responsibility will be takei lor more Uian one Incorrect liiser lion of any classified ad. For Sale 5 building lots near High School. '• Price $100 to 5250. Thomas Land SPECIAL ML {with th$f!tifca<ase of a • HOLD EVERYTHING Forty acres of excellent land near Monctte, Arkansas;- ell in citltl- 'ation. four room house, large barn. Can finance and give Immediate possession. Write BOX 818, boro, Arkansas. Dry Cypress wood. $1.00 per Rick. At Walker and Hurris Sawmill, i Enst Main St. 1 still make niul sell Dr. Phillips' Analba Liniment. Mrs. Phillips, 21(5 No. Franklin. 9-]>k-2-fl IJeglslcred Poland chliui pigs. Notice Bargains in USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. CHONK =6 Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Hates. We are equipped to handle or small loans on any sized tract of farm bind, at low cost, and ut a"low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blythevillc, Ark 3 room furnished apartment. Mo;l- j ern. Private entrance. 113 Clilcfc- asawba. Phone 5D2-W. Mrs. E. M. Eaton. 20-ck-tf Si rayed or Stolen : Business Diivetory l Mule.v 3-ycar-old Jcr.sey cow from my ]ih\m itl Gosiiell, J'lwsc notify Mrs. L. M. Uoyd, lloule One. 1 FULLER BRUSHES Call Dan Jlcl.on, 1'hone 1059 \Vmiled To Hny buy floveni! s. lllyllievtlk' Wauled Wanted In bu.v flovernment. Cot- Ion Uwns. lllyllievtlk' r.Hu Co. (on emus. IMson olllclnls were iMwsih'il wlili what, to d'o wltli thu Kli'ls. (/runs wns one of :ilx prls- (nri's electrocuted lust, March. • TiTopiier. If Interested contACt T. V. HwiKtu'r limiuMlnlvlr ul lieninuin. ia-pk-25 Ucpniriim months old. J. L. Plnkslon, Holland. e-uk-31 Good black land, corn & cotton farm. Write P. O. Box 345, New Madrid, Mo. For Rent Furnished r> room house. Modern equipment. Phone 264. 20-ck-25 Nicely furnished bedroom. Employed persons only. 1200 w. Asii. JANUARY and FEBRUARY Mrs. T. F. Michie.. 2Q-uk-21 3 room apartment. Newly decornt-1 , j ed. Private bath. Automatic Bu- - !9 tanl iullor I lane Water Healer. Close in. Ptione ,n|. Uu |_|. rj n .,ct, I 727. 20-ck-;M : ' i'37 0'icv. Syorl .Seilaii $375 Kxrierl ;;un re|mhlu(;. See E. M. llainon ul (he HlyllicvllKi Armory on Wednesdays mid Tliursduye, COI,UM111A, S. 0. (Ul')-A letter and a pneknitc of Kilts were re(rival ul Ihe Mate prison for Cluy- J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (liadiuto Oplome- Irlst In lllydiuvlllc. (Ihsscs Vlllcd Con-telly TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES ,. vBRU£|-. MEMPHIS '• '37 Ford Tudor Nicely furnished 4 1413 W. Main St. rooin ioise. 19-ck-20 Furnished bedroom adjoining bath. 2 bete. TOO \V. Walnut, nck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AiN'D ACETYLENE Drag li^nc and heavy welding i ' specmily. Barksdaie Mfg. Co Phone 19 or Itcs. 1019 Large room and kitchencllc. I'ui 1 - nlslied. 526 Chickasawba. "fl Ford "S5" Coupe $3U5 '3S Chevrolet Coach S-lCi) SPECIAL ISAKGAINS TODAY 'K Chevrolet Couiie 5:!S.50 Minv Lui'iitcil ut llll Niirlh Sccoml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAIIDS. I'riiprlctnr Ml .Millies at Kotuill! Typewrltern, .\ilillnj Muclunn "I still ciiii'l iTiioli il, Joey—iniiyhc you slunil'.l sluml on • my sliutilik-rs; I Imvc lonyei' lens." Lund For Sale Lost lU>V t 'tll|lt IlI'l'Vl' II,.' . I'l'vitUliutlllnti l,i v luU'rnnl Mr nl.«!,l Ford Tudor 3 room lurnislied apartment. COGJ' 30 F(1nl T "'lor No. 5th St. Mrs. Crowder. 12cktl Unfurnished apartment, with bath.. Phone. 128. (Missouri Uurt—80 acres cut over & ii'wurd to the mini wltb '.ilc);ed Ian:! on Hlnh-.viiy 02. S30.0D per i "i 1 "'5' imicrspriin; iiuiltri'(w lost icre cash, balance six yenrs. "" "" ok °» HWiway ill. Dinwcen C o u i • curve and Frnnk Wlllliims place onway & Houchms ; , mM} 0 , Lnxmn Nl)t ir v w . K. c, m - lll.vlhnvilli.. Ark. i try. o.vconlii. lloiilft I. lo r 12-ck-tf 'icivvord l»-i>k-2J 12-ck-tt Desirable bedroom In private home, with heat and private bath. 1037 '34 ["orri Tuilor ............. S52.50 'X Iiiti-rnatioiKil Pick-Up ...S151 •:i:i rnni rick-Up ........... SiiG This Is iho time of times to W. Walnul street, phone 884. | buy a late model used Ford _______________________ G ; ck - lt V-8 — trcmendoiis choice ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. One bedroom. 914 Hearn. 3pk2-3 Nice bedroom convenient to batli. Steam heat. Phone 280. 21cktf For Sale or Trade Poultry j Will trade for Mules, Co«s, Hops, j Cattle. Corn, Hay and Lumber. | Delia Implements, Inc. ' Sec Flriytf Simpsoti i 8-ck-lt prices paid for all kinds of Poultry. Fisher and Worthy, Steele. Mo. 12-pk-2-l2 Baby Chicks Custuni Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Blylheville Hiwy. Gl Norili 12-pk-2-12 Personal unmatched values — priced way down for quick sale. Many are rare bargains — extra good trade allowance —terms that don't pinch your purse. We'll make you a dea! you can't refuse. Come in — let's talk it over. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER r.ll Main si. 1)I'{S. NIKS & NIKS Hlyltiovllli, Aih. Tlio termite <iucen, wftlsh may live five or If) years, lays cgjs wUlioul'stopping, day and nljht, nt tlie rate of one every t<& seconds. Our Service . is youu Assurance OF Safe Driving! Sole mulorlne Is Die nim of every driver. Then, why not assure yourself of this safely as far as your aulomobllo Is concerned. Drive In and let our incchiuilcs pill your car In shape for any driving. The cost Is reasonable and Ihe work guar- unU'Cd. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK ^ GUARANTEED PHILIPS KOTuR CO. 1'liiiiie 81 Amuse Slugflsli Liver, work off the bile to rll yourself of con$tl- nation, gas nams, and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIUIV/'S ACTIVE '.IVIill PILLS 25 c at all Kirby Stores PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut INVENTIVE GENIUS , I HORIZONTAL 1,6 Great inventor pictured here. 11 Browned bread. 12 Tarn-o'- shanter. M Sphr crane. 10 Formerly. IV He invented electric light 20 To drink (log- fashion. 21 To dine. 2 2 To!;. 24>fothing. 25 One that immigrates. :!8 Rubber tree. M Mail. 30 Church title. 32 To rescind. 35 He invented a picture inachmo, 37 Measure ot area. .'.8 Kccd covering. 40 Promises. 41 King of Answer 'o Trevious Tuzile Bashan. 42 Fowl disease. •14 Those who snipe. 1C Fiock. •18 To rub out. 49 Lubricant. M Social insect. 53 Faculties o£ sensation. 56 Chaos. 57 He was nn by training. VERTICAL 1 Precept. 2 Yarn spindle. 3 Hops kiln. 4 Mounlain. 5 Very dull of mind. phonograph or machine. 17 Vagabond. 18 Mineral .spring. 21 Daubs. 23 Enriches. 25 Virginia Willow. 2G Aperture. 27 Children. 28 Above. 31 Musical note. 33 Great lake, 34 Row. 35 Greater amount. 36 Yelloxv bird. 39 Halian coin. Key to Willys Overland automobile. Owner may liave same by paying cos! of this ad. Courier Neu's Office. 2 hogs. 120 pounds. Bluck and while spotted. 3 miles northeast Dell. Holland Oakley. !7-p!<-24 G To go aboard 40 Waistcoat, a vessel. 13 Prostrate. 7 lilanl. 45 Overpowering 8 To soften _frighl. leather. 47 Flat Circular ' SlKiln. plate. 10 Unless. SO To rent. 11 As a youlh lie 52 Pistol. was a S3 Southeast, operator. 54 Ell. 13 Dye. 55 Senior. 15 He invented 56 North the America. [1336 Chevrolet Towiv ! Kath'o, only I1Y Fit 1511 RAHMAN \ _ ARE IW THIS | 6ARM---"WAMIS OR. CAM >'i / M},BOSS/IF' SO-CA\.U=D GH03T SHOW I'LL MEET Kir-N NO\\J"-'I|I DOOR. H 1 INSVO FRCV\ 'THE -To QIOP THE -SVsT£RIQ0 RAIDS Ol lr\AGOOD ODDGE HDR6E5, THE &3S5 HO.HUM, W SLEEPY.' HAVIIJ6 NO OTHER. CHOICE.UtYSSES HAS EMTEREO THE PASS FLAMKEP BV SCVLLA ('/HE SK-HEAXD MOU- S7SeJAMPCHARY8mS(7/tf= WHlffL- POOLJ....M HOPE OFAVOIDWG BOTH TERRORS, HE HOLES THE VESSEL TO A MIPDL6 COURSE SLtr.CJOOD HEAVENS, WELL MEVER (A^WE IT,ULVSSE5 ALOEADV OUR. .SHIP IS \M 7HE &RIP Of= THAT WHIRLING CURREMT.' „") WE'LL WDRRy ABOUT SCVLLA AF1ERSVE Serves Her Kighl ROOTS AND HKK UY KHRAR ftlARTJN WASH TUIHJS ILL TRY 1HE MOE WTO H^VJPS OH THE b°iBV WITH itwraw. ^HECKLES AND H!S KKIKNDS ISill'Clv («ClS In l!Y MERRILL BLOSSEK SURE , ^OU'RG IM IT / Wf-.'Rfi JUST FINISHING PART WHERE -tt)U COWE t-br STUFF---- HOT STUFF ---- :I KMOW 1 CAM SWiPE WALKING l IF DO\V,\J TI-IE ) we STREET AMD l \CAM'r A W-VNMOLE I PWD COVER ROI.LS I A OPF A TRUCK I MAW- AMD CRUSHES J HOE mgiy-2*^. wmw^ USED GARS :<l 1'iircs thai 5.13- ]|,iy Now! We've slackrrl prices un (lie grc.ik'.st s of Used Cars you've laid cyc.i on. Kvcry car must tc sold so we're all stl lo bell anil Iriule. Sec us unlay. ima riirvrnlel Deluxe Spurl Sedan. Low inileasc, lical- cr. A hcauly for ....... S5!)5 1SS3 Foril V-8 S5 Tudor. Mn- rnon color. l)rivcn cnly ll.Of.O miles. Special l!13!l (ijicvrqlct Business llrntcr, Low inileagr. linns like new ......... S51S 19:!S Chevrolet Sporl Sedan. IHack color, motor roni- llctely overhauled 1937 t'ticvrolcl Town Scilan. Huns good, has tog lights. sriM light, licntcr, new tire.s , .................. j in:»i Uoilse Scd^n. Cily driven \ iflJI Chevrolet Coach. Special SID!) ! Tnirli*. \atgf. i- Smill, All )l.lkr.s ]Chr\rntct. t ; onl. G^K;, | tl i.. IV, tun. Ton. New bodies if von want thnn. Wr. Trade K;isv fi. M. A. C. I'nyinenl Thone 633

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