Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1957 · Page 40
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 40

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1957
Page 40
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PAGE EIGHT THE PSAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1957. A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Refinfsfe Oiifdoor Furniture Before Sforing/f for Winter By MR. FIX Distributed by NEA Service Now—not next summer — is the time to refurbish outdoor furniture. Spread the work out over some dreary winter days and come spring you'll be ready to enjoy porch or patio in comfort with no last-minute rush to put the furniture in shape. First of all, thorough dean- ing of each piece is in order. It . may be that brushing and washing •will take care of most of the pieces. For metal furniture, clean, then sandpaper lightly if a new coat of paint is needed. Clean rust spots right down to the bare metal. If you use rust remover, be sure to wipe off completely before painting. ONCE THE -RUST SPOTS are sanded clean, remove gloss from fiie rest of the paint with light sandpaper (new paint will adhere better without the gloss). Apply a metal undercoat to rusted areas. Use red lead, aluminum paint or any of the new, rust inhibiting paints. Before applying the finish coat, sand lightly the edges of newly painted spots. "Feather" them so that they won't show under the finish. Spray of brush on a good quality enamel. IF YOU PLAN a second coat, be sure first coat is thoroughly • dry before applying it. Again, dull gloss on first coat before making the second application. The finish on your wood furniture may have lost that new look, but a coat of paint — perhaps of a different color — will restore it. If the old paint is more than just dull; .if it's peeling off, then remove it with paint-and-varnish remover. Otherwise, washing off the dirt and light sanding is enough preparation for the fresh paint. USE ENAMEL UNDERCOAT as the first ,coat. Finish •with exterior enamel. Ordinary house paint is designed to chalk so that it looks clean, but the, chalking is no good for your clothes. H you are restoring a clear finish that has worn thin, use spar varnish. It's designed to _ hold up under poor weather conditions. If the furniture is unfinished, to keep its-natural look and still protect it, stain it and give it two coats of spar varnish. This same finish is good for protecting reed and .WICKER FURNITURE SHOUCD BE SPRAYED. REMOVE AU RUST BEFORE FAINTING METAL TREAT WOOD THAT TOUCHES GROUND. The time to put summer furniture in shape for next season is on long winter days. It gives you more time to enjoj^spnngtimg._ they are covered with waterproof material. Faded colors can be repainted with thinned enamel, but the results are definitely NOT as good rattan furniture. DON'T ATTEMPT to brush paint or varnish on wicker furniture. It's an almost impossible job .Use a spray, • after thinning Follow with turpentine, the manufacturer's for thinning. instructions II you have upholstered outdoor furniture, remove cushions and upholstered back before cleaning. Lay them flat on newspapers on the floor. Soap and water 'will generally restore their good looks if as-new. You'll need a steady hand if there's a pattern to follow, and the finished job will not have-the smooth, glazed look of the original. The metal parts of the furniture should be taken care of- as explained above. CANVAS CHAIRS oan be restored with a coat of canvas paint or a clear canvas sealer. Wooden parts should be sanded and varnished. If the old canvas is too badly rotted or worn, now is the time to put on new covers. All wooden furniture that is allowed to stand-out in the grass through the summer should be further protected against the danger of moisture. Coating the ends of the legs with a wool preservative will do much to prevent rotting. Make certain the preservative is of a nonbleeding type,, so that you can paint over it. Ask your dealer. If you are not-certain, seal the preservative-covered ,wood with aluminum paint before the final coat of paint is applied. Fix-rr FORUM Q—How can I get an even, spec- led finish over a solid-color background in painting our recreation room?—W. C. A—There are several new, "textured" paints in the market. Applied in conventional fashion, they dry with a textured finish that presents a contrasting color to the base paint in specks or streaks over the entire surface. Consult your paint dealer. NOTE *ON FEK-rr FORUM Mr. Fix is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However, in "FIX-IT FORUM" he will answer, .the most interesting and the most frequently asked questions received during the week. Choose "Shorties" Io Economize On ! Your Pine Paneling If you are building, remodeling or making home" improvements that require the use of lumber, your dealer may be able to show you ways to economize on the necessary purchase's. Too often the homemaker who is planning a do-it-yourself project simply decides whidh is the longest dimension to be used for the job and then orders a number of pieces of that length, reasoning that he can simply out shorter pieces as needed. This almost invariably leads to waste. In the interest,of economy, the Western Pine Association suggests that you draw a rough sketch of your project that, shows all dimensions. H you are going to pine panel a room, for example, show doors, windows and • other openings in the walls to be paneled. Take this with you when you visit your lumber dealer and he will work with you to see that you get the correct footage. Many dealers have bins where they keep odd lengths called "shorties." By using these where possible, you can eliminate waste, and even when you are using the economical woods from the 1 western pine region, the saving can be considerable. THE TWO-STORY HOUSE, once Imost abandoned and considered bsolete, is-staging a comeback. Architects say it is slowly rising „ popularity. In many develop- nents throughout the country, they dd, the two-story house is being ut up as a model house—and in many cases it is proving to be a est seller. Home Repair Do's And Don'ts DO know that aluminum Learn Proper Use Of Electric Drill There's a right way and severa incorrect ways to use an electric drill : that has been adapted for sanding, caution "do-it-yourself experts. The proper method of sanding k^ •' m / r« A Eb paint gives the surface of the ma terial to which it is applied a good •barrier against moisture and fumes because its tiny flakes form a continuous layer of metal. DO ... select from one of three basic types of aluminum paint for metal and masonry; for'the exterior of a wooden structure; and for either wood or metal indoor surfaces. DO ... when aluminum paint is used as a primer on wood,-brush it on rather than spray it for best results. DO ... if a brush is used only for aluminum paint, clean it with an ordinary paint thinner, -such as turpentine, but when it is to be used later for some other kind of paint, use a brush cleaner of the*powder type. DON'T . . . apply aluminum paint over whitewash, because it does not adhere well to it. DON'T . . . overlook the use of aluminum paint for brightening up a dark closet, stairway, etc., because it has extremely good light reflecting qualities. DON'T . . . think that because aluminum paint covers- rust well that it" should be used over it without first applying a coat of. red. lead or some other rust inhibitive product. DON'T . . . forget that the United States Bureau of Standard has reported that a radiator finished with metallic paint (such as aluminum cuts down the amount of heat given off. With an electric drill is described by specialists of the Thor Power Tool Company, Chicago. This is how they advise it be done: Tip the driill forward at a sligh angle, pressing the front arc o the abrasive disc along the work evenly 'with ''smooth, fairly-fast strokes. Tilting the drill keeps th whole abrasive disc off the work Don't tilt the drill too far for ward, they, warn, or you will cu down the sanding area of the dis' and be applying too much iineve: pressure. Again, don't press th whole abrasive disc on the work. If you press harder in one spo than in another, circular sandin Two-Story Home Regaining Favor The most popular types of homes n America are still the ranch and he split level. Their popularity js in no immediate jeopardy. The wo-story house has a long way to go before catching up with the anch' and split level. But. there/are several good rea- ons why the two-story house is regaining favor throughout the Unit- id States, according to one archi- ect who specializes in designing small homes. He is Samuel Paul ind he lists these reasons: "The fundamental requirements of today's average family are more elaborate than they ever have been. For example, the trend is oward larger families., Many families have three or more children, requiring more bedrooms. "AN ALL-PURPOSE or family room is practically a must. Also, ;he average family of today re- feeling of safety and security. Heating costs also are reduced because the second floor gets the advantage of rising heat from the first floor. You' achieve more privacy by separating sleeping quarters from living quarters. Many families today require four bedrooms and this can be worked out easily on a second floor. A two-story house can be built on a modest sized plot. With the high cost of land, especially in metropolitan areas, this is an important consideration. The two-story house is cheaper to maintain, and it requires less roofing and less foundation work. Balconies Possible ALSO, SECOND FLOOR bal- quires at least one and a half baths. All this adds up to increased space requirements. Additionally, being confronted with rising costs, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep prices down to a level that the average family can afford." "Hence," the architect adds, It becomes .necessary through ingenious planning to fulfill these requirements and yet keep building costs down. The two-story house is one answer to this problem." There are several distinct advantages to the two-story house which have been recognized for years by architects. For instance: More Security YOU GET TOP' dollar value, meaning more space for less conies for outdoor living are possible in a two-story house, and the balconies would create shelter for porches below. The main reason, of - course, for the diminishing popularity- of the two-story house was the stairway and the necessity for climbing up and down. Paul says, however, that it is possible to design a"" stairway which would minimize the effort of climbing. For instance, he says, "a landing half way up would tend to soften the climb. A cheerful, well- lighted stairway would help, psychologically. As an added feature,- several companies x have developed a lift'or elevator that can be incorporated into a two- story house. This is a residential type lift that is estimated, Paul adds, that space for space an average ranch -type house would cost 15 per .cent more than the two-story type, "so that even with a residential elevator, the cost of the two-story house would compare favorably with the ranch." Noise Barrier • Do you have noisy neighbors whose children seem ever to be shouting? Then, here's an idea for a nois barrier. A high-board fence will" do the job most effectively. It can be built in estate style to give character with a one by four inch cap along the top. Lower grades of fir or western red ceder boards are suitable, with better grades of ceder posts. You can install panel ornaments aloiig your side to 'break the monotony of a, long solid wall of wood. money. With second the sleeping area on the floor, there is a greater marks will show. Too much pressure in one spot also will result in a circular depression that will mar the finish. Change the sanding disc as often as the paper clogs. Follow the same procedure for sanding painted-surfaces, using a fine-grain grit. •, ^ !• % Sign of a Gracious Home Iron ornamentation of the entrance keynotes the warm hospitality and gracious living within the home. Many distinctive designs. LogcHtsport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanno M. Wai 5157 CARTER 7 * Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 Liberal Trade-In Allowance For Your Old Storm Windows Or Doors On the Purchase of These New S E L F S T O R I N G ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS FREE MEASURING SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES Logansport Lumber Co. PHONE 3067 WINTER-LIE YOUR HOME The chilly weather season is on iti way, take advan- tage of these big buysl PECIAL §> Don't put off those needed wjnter repairs. We'll give you an estimate on materials, and do-it-yourself helps to save you money Budget terms are available AH of our products guaranteed for quality We are headquarters' for: storm' sash, storm doors, paint, .insulation, doors, tools, weather-striping/ flooring; calking, • roofing, ready to (: use concrete, cement, glass, hardware, nails, etc Everything '• you need for fall fix-up. Let us help you. SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. FIX-UP HEADQUARTERS" Butler buildings Read the Classified Ads Eskimo's lg(oo Keeps Fuel Bills At Cozy Zero If you could examine an Eskimo's igloo you'd discover a really economical heating system in operation. The igloo is kept warm by body heat and a small 'oil lamp. The igloo's thick dome of snow is a good insulator. It seals in the heat given off by the oil lamp and the people and keeps the chill Artie winds out. The entrance slopes down through the igloo floor before emerging outside. . Since warm air rises, heat doesn't escape along this route. Home-owners can't very -well pack their walls and attic floors with snow or ice cubes, but they can install an even more efficient type of insulation — modern mineral wool. This insulation can be blown into walls and ceilings by experienced contractors with pneumatic equipment, or batts and blankets of mineral wool can b» installed in accessible areas by the home-owner. Insulating engineers recommend at least a 4-inch thickness of insulation in ceilings and 3 inches in walls. All walls and ceilings exposed to winter cold on one side and warmed on the other should be insulated. . ' FIRE-SAFE WIND-SAFE Protect men, materials and Income with wind-safe, fire- safe Butler metal buildings. Steel frame and bolted metal cover panels withstand driving wind and rain. Nothing in a'Butler to start or feed a fire. A Butler often results in lower Insurance rates. Ask to see our sound-slide films. Call or •write'today. Fauber Metal Bldgs., Inc. P. 0. Box 496 Phone 2-0676 lafayette, Ind. LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS i Agricultural Limestone (High testing in calcium and magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVtNG CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 TRADE-IN OLD SMOKEY ON A LENNOX OU, COAL OR GAS FURNACE FREE ESTIMATES - NO OBLfGATION More Families buy Lennox than any other make WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF FURNACES RILEYS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 1314 East Broadvyay Phone 3437 Burlington Av«. Phono M19 WEIL- (MAIN RADIAHT BASEBOARD PANELS FOR NEW OR OLD HOMES Every room snugly comfortable—wall to wall—in any weather! Weil-McLain Radiant Baseboards keep floor* warm—raise a curtain of warmth against cold draft* from windows. And because they're cast iron, they hold heat longer—no sharp drop in temperature when the burner shuts off. You'll never even notice them—Weil-McLain Baseboards blend into the wall! But you will be delighted with comfort you've never known' before...deaher operation-and complete decorative freedom. More reliant heat Wanna the floors and all room surfaces. Uniform temperature \Baseboards keep room temperature even from floor to ceiling. . • For modernizing, too If you have an old-fashioned heating system you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how easily you can bring new beauty to your -home by replacing radiators with Weil- McLain Radiant Baseboards. Do it one room at a time', if you wish, without disturbing your present heating. YOUR HEATING CONTRACTOR He'll give you foil information on a WeH-McLafcl Baseboard System for, new or old homes. BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPIY CO., INC 701 Erie Avenu*

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