The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY. JANUARY 22, 19-10 BT,YTIIEVTT,LR f*VRK.)' COURIER NEWS Covers War In Far'North PA.QB THREE But His Rigt'esl 'Worry Is W h a t Cold Docs' ! n - Camera . Only Inst September n lean, athletic, darkly handsome ciuneinnmvi moved nnilii the flaming ruins and Mnrk 'humnn misery lln\t was Poland's capital—and sent to the outside world the first photographs of Warsaw. For his distinguished eftcrts, the waning Polish government officially commended and ctgcoraled Eric Calcraft, staff photographer from the London: office of NEA Service and the Courier News. ... Now the news spotlight, shifted Finland's ley theater of war, nds Calcrnft and his cameras in ic front lines with the defending innlsh armies. And his reinark- ilc action pictures cf battle scenes, life!) you have seen in (his news- ape] 1 , already have branded him i tlie No. l news-photographer of ic young European war. . . . No "writing nidi)," Caletaft nev- theless has cabled to NEA Serve a stoi-j 1 of his experiences on relic battlefields thai Is vivid and iffhly clrflinnllc In the very sini- iclty of Its language: BY ERIC CALCKAI'T "EA Service Staff Photographer on the Finnish Frcnl ROVANIEMI. Finland, Jan. 20. -It's so cold that the eye of my amcra shutter freezes—that's my difficulty in photographing ceiies on tlie Finnish front. I have (o use two cameras, alter- ately taking pictures with one nd warming the oilier against ly body. Also, the shortage of daylight deucedly inconvenient, partlcu- arly en tlie Pet-samo front. It's dangerous to use flashbulbs, ecausc they usually attract Rus- lan fire. And good cameras are x pensive. I had a nasty moment at the ront a short time ago when I vas machine-gunned by a Russian Ighting plane. I was nccompnny- a patrol led by the famous kiier, Pckkaniemi, when the plane Jived vertically u|H>n us at the dge of a forest. Bullets missed iui party by only fifteen feet. But the intense Arctic cold is the nest relentless enemy. It's impossible to wear leather mittens while I'm working. But woolen mittens are difficult in another vay--that. is, the fingers tend to rcezc., . I keep the trunk of my body varm with fleece coats, several woolen pullover shirts and heavy underwear. must tie well protected, especially the ankles and feet. When hV temperature falls to 30 degrees lelow zero, as it frequently decs, I stuff newspapers down my trousers to cover my shins. I pull on hrec or four pairs of woolen 'socks, calf boots, then more thick ,wo-leii socks over the boots. A fur helmet protects my head pd enr.s. I I-°PT> mv no^e from freezing by rubbing snow on it. • • * TransnwJntion lioraboiifs is difficult, finite nafiirnllv. The ttnso- fOtf fooit cntcRorlfS lo show a (Je-]was HJ.J pounds per person, This rrM.w,./rnn\ Insl year. Tlio butler (|OI ' K tint, Iho council snld, Indicate sui'wlv WHS e.silmated at "" uciile shortage. The supply of nnmids per person, romiwri'd with SWt '<'t IKXnlrps Is 2«.f> iiounds per 17,4 pounds lust year. Other prod- 1'eison. compnrcic with 20.3 pounds nets total .|;t;i.8 pounds, compared '" :> l year. wllh '155.2 iii'i ciiiillH lust year. Mere l.iu-il, Alsu' ',1'he Mipnly of inrii at I:I.H pounds VH'r person is 10 notnuls lurxei' then lust year. Other ilomi'.sili; nlllili'. fills uiul oils (</ljil nrj rnmmls per iimcm, cmmiuuM wllh! Hi!) lust veur. Tin.' Her ciinlla sini- irtv of rlee is uiicluingcd :U 8,5 American Minted Coin Of 1555 Put on Exhibit ovorlocik tills tact: the "Inner circle" ill New llonlers in still cloiivs It.-, lifwl to persuade FDR lo lie n cnndldntc. This group ne« l r liked MeNutt find Isn't crazy iikout Hull; It noes for the new attorney general, Robert Jackson, and is «etllni; presidential help in grooming him us n possibility. First mid foremost, though, it wants Uoosevelt lo run. Incidentally, John U'wls' recent Indorsement of Senator Wheeler has this iiraup pu/zled. Some, I thinking wishfully, say he's just putting the henl on flill, for later concessions; others, glummer, say he's off the reservation lor good. Lewis, meanwhile, pulls his eyebrows down and says nothing. AKXOl.D 1SUDGET HITS SNAG Awilnblc Wheat Amoiuils To 321 Capita ''omuls Per WASHINGTON (UP)—Biiropcftii nnt'ons iu w,,r are rnlirnlns; their „,. ,, , , limited stipnlies of rood, but n gov- The bis economy cUve may crp- eminent cheek of the •American Die 1 mn-man Arnold's building |, u , !fl . ,. ov ,, llls (lltil (hcrc 11CC( , bc Fresh fniUs live umro plentiful. There HIT 1-I8.H pounds tier iior.v-n available this yr>:ir. columned will) I HI) 2 lust VMI-. Tlir M'nply uf oui- ni'il fruit is -JO,:! pounds, vo'iipaii'il wllh ai,2 ninl (hli'd fruits 5.11 )x>"nds I'ominreil v>Hh ri.'l ixiimds. The vi'Kelnble snnnlv is .mnolh'r (him Insl yeiir's riTtud iirOilili'ilon, lint iiliiivi' uveriuuv ' will \w enough Iresh vcKOtubli's ki supply end. iii'tsnn with U-l.V iimim'to, coin»«ml tt-IMi H7.2 priiiuls yorir, Ihe poiinc'i i'si limited. The I'miiird vei>eliibti> supply was oslntmtwl ui. sun rounds in'i- person, eomimreit WKh y:l pounds IjlSl VIMII. There nn> seven le'.uids loss )io- Inlnes available per person this year limn lust, wlu-ii the supply Was Old at 56 AMAZED I FEELS YEARS YOUNGER '^wi!^^W^.$*<wy UIIIHT, Nciv Wiuljl.igi.Mi, o. osriu.X .xjrirAIM costs campaign, nloi^ with oilier anti-trust measures. The President's budget cuts null-trust division's nil pro print ion by $10!),000; Arnold says it must so up :it least $51D.- CGO if Ills eanipaign is lo bear lasting fruit. Arnold went before a House appropriations .sub-L'cnunHlce the other day to ai^ue his plen, mid nppnreJitly .solfl n bill of good. 1 ;, However, a recent House mlr; prohibits n sub-coinmlUce from rnls- ! im; any budget csliuuitcs, rind the ] light may have to be malic on the floor or in the Senate, One tiling Arnold pointed out to the sub-commlllce wns (hut wheri;- his division this yoir is a|ientl- in» S1.300,00n. It his ninyidv <•"!- lerlcil more limn S2.-IOO.uOO in fines —and the fiscal year is only half over. Girl On Tour For 43 Weeks Finds 43 Jobs BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON By BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 22.—Only the surface has been scratched in the federal investigation of espionage by Communists, according to insiders here. Nicholas Dozenberg. one of the party bij-sliots who pleaded miilty to passport fraud in New York a week ago. cot his sentence deferred on agreement to help 'the uovern- metit in its probe. If lie telis all he knows, it is believed here, lie linp fitonlv i^ rigorously controlled, j can help plenty. whlr.1i BPiirrnllv mn'rs i""-(>«ary!' Dies committee investigators Inve on h" sliai-in" of nors with others. Th" ronds helnj classv. the are s'od tht>t. in the cnnrfe. nf n rlo\r' s ioip i n"v. one's rar will lie rUMiptl. When Mils iinn>ic \vo re^illxo—and al-nost •mniiii^o vrith — Ihp Pnssinns* f 'culties with llieir heavier vc- hk'ln.s. Pnmnihncs I use n sleigh — nnrt Kn'cl^ aroiinri thn Arrtlc hi"h- t-flV<; pro srvitrtllrollv mn'lom hljt inu-o^flvs l a rfc heat. The avern"e '""I of a- dinner is about one dollar. | \r,,oi, rn'tulpor nieni !<; eat°n nud ^qfon^ltv he«r pt"fiks. There's 5ll'fl!ii»" ot vitnmins. Tllo res- | «! but I nrcfer carrying dried frultc fliul sugar. Ti'clrl»"*'>tly. il's iniperntive lo i^enr white ovi>r<i)]<; and \vhilc lionrl—nnrl fo travel on sklis — when jidTnTinnnvintr patrols in or nenr cpemv teiTitnn,' ' ' ' "Know men" nrn hard for the Russians lo see—In lhe snow. assert liis espionage rin-| had agents in high government departments and agencies here, and tint he v:3s regularly getting photosbtic copies of government documents for trans- mLssion to Russia. Papers were photographed by miniature cameras, they say. and the films were sent overseas. They were working out a scheme to Irap one of these a'tenls in the act of setting films lo Dozenbertf when G-men sprang their own trap and pinched him. COLUMBIA. S. C. (Ol 1 )—Aller n as.OM-niHe trek. Miss Lyrn Fcrnu- "-n of needs, Mo., is still loklnu for a job. She's found oli;nl\j of iolis oil rl"hi. bul she we»ls more. In -IS v;ccks she found 43 jolis. each one in n rPiTresptitntf^'t' lndiisfi'V cf a different stni/ 1 . nut shi! nulls each one alter a feu- days laboring. I Tin> re-'snn—she'.s writing n hnok. I Miss Frrciisoii. wlin drives her more lmvn rnr ^ sn)t | s | 1( . ,j| t ] n >| p t i e p c n(l on lior jobs for cxoeusns. She snid she snvrrt mo'iwy for six years before starting the Jaunt, nnd she luis enoiiph to see hrr through the re- inninliu; five slnles. | Anvn<z the llilnijs she hns tried | nrc milking cows, cooking, work,Inc on a dmln ranch, wnslilne lhe .Social Security Bonn! is nliv- ' Bm , n ,- no stiutlni! ot Hie lnblo on Oils side nf Hie Allanllc. A billion luisltels of wheat docs not menu uirch milII It Is Irnns- Inlrd Into 231 pounds )ier uerson. That is lhe ninouiit nvnilnhle for eonsuuiptinn in Mils cnunlry durum tlie in-rsciil crop year ending nevt Juiv 1. Tin' Consumers' Council of lhe Ai'riniltim; nconiliuent mado (lie nation's (ood Inventory and llien broke 11 do»-n into "aiuoilnls of oncli crmmodllv avnllahln for each liorsoii diiiinu' (lie year. The qunn- Illlcs. thus broken down, arc sur- >lr->l Suoiilv Jnmiis 7'lm «'lic:it siipiily Is only thrr-i!- leiitlis of a iiouiid Ini-Kor llian last' vcnr, Init Hie meat sunplv per cai>- Ha at l:to.B nmiiuls Is Ti.-I pound!! loreiT limn lust ynm- nnd Is lhe Inrui'st since 19:M. Pork siuinlles arc Iho Ini-Rest In alicut 10 years. Tin- lolnl nmoiint of pork, beef, vcnl nnd Inmb avnllnblo for con- siimuti':n and pvoort Is exncclecl lo |he about l.finn.nnruwti iiounds more j than tlie Ifi.sno.llOO.OOO pounds Amid leans consumed Inst yeur. I Tlioro will lie 19 pounds of poultry nvnllnblc for earh ncrson. compared with pounds last yeir. Tlie supnlv of CBUS will make Sfl.a pnunch availnblc for cnch person, a sllRht increase over last year's 37.0 p:unds. Dairy producls nre one (it llu; bS7F!5X:—I'or(hoi "odor40" It! down nl nil Klrby Stores. VI. (UI'i-.OiiLiof I'olus c-i'i'i- inlnlcd In Aiiii'ih'ii now l s on display nl lhe Mnnlnu Muwiiiii of lhe University n[ Vennunt. Mlnled pi lor in 1555, the coin is n one-n-ile ploec, worlh a'<xnit 13'-.. c-enl.s, Jesse Jnnirs, notorious uutlnw. wni> killi-d April :i. 1482. PRESCRIPTIONS I (1 Slock GnaviiiiU't'd lU'st 1'rii'es Kirby Drug Stores S PARK your child much ot tho jmsiTjf o[ bnliillng, Biicc-zln? uiul Miuutliery nostrils duo to coltla by Inserting Mciitholaturn In Ills nostrUs, Tin* i;eiiUe ointment Boolhea rm<l pvuior.U Irritated mucous limtibrimo, reduces awclhne, and tlnift opens IjrcnihhiE paiFtt^es wlOer. It toon checV-s B!ieC7.inK and snlfDIuf,', Alirj rub Mrntliolfttum on tho cnllil'B clicst, Inck. nml neck. This will improve local blood circulation tiiid lK*l|i relievo cold discomforts moro cllcctlvcly. MrniholnUiiniicIpslnBomany \vrtya itint you EliouM olwaya remember I his: For Discomfort« of Colrts— Momholatum. Link them tone Cher Iti your mlticl, M^NTHDLATUM O/reirCOMPOar Dally GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON I'lioite or Wi-Kc Us Now (ico. II, McFmlden & Bro's Agencu E. C. PATTON. Agent P.O. I!ox 218 Cii-iuul Leader liltlf. 1'houc 2-IS You'll undoubtedly hear about this when lhe Dies coin- mitlee gets its new appropriation. .SOCIAL SKCUIUTV IIKI.V IS IUISHKI) Whenever Iherp's n iiiine disnstor. Bureau of Mines rushes a crew of trouble-shooter;; to the scene. Now Gas Gas All Time - " MIH. .ins. KJlliii- ciiy«: "(lug '' BO lind 1 c ' • • ing the same game. Before nil thej ln Sou(ll bodies had been removed from the shiilt at Unrtley, W. Va., the board senl a field office manager, nil attorney and a stenographer to the town, to see that widows of the victims get help in filing claims for benefits under the sodnl security! act. The board doesn't knov; yet how ninny of the victims had social [ security accounts, but figures the benefit payments will be a big item i in relieving distress. i C!11 . olhm job „, th lcxtn lmlustry- in a cannery, she sought a iM Klrby Bros, urug Co. mid Robinscn's Drug Co. Although it. 1 ; roads are much better. Areentina lias fewer anto- nmbilcs tlinn it Ind 10 years aco. This nntlon is the best foreign market for American-made cars. The n»w Loe.klinM "l/^r," nHpi |S. i s a 17-n'ic^ Iwin-en- iMl. nl'-mctal. mM-H-hi" inonn- pione with a maximum snecd (af 7WW fret) of 3-11 miles n» li«i)v. nnd Imids (with flaps) at 05 miles an hour. An excellent Jaxaiive in colds, relieves biliousness, sour stomach, bilious indigestion, flatulence and headache, clue to constipation. lOcaiul 25cnt dealers "INNER CHICLE" ST!U, WANTS F. D. K. Wiicn you're figuring the tcrious third-term uroblcm, mys- (lon't STANDARD TIRES FOR JOB INSURANCK Acwnfing; • SHulv af Home • Prepare for (he liig Pay Jobs Under Now Plnn of Local Inslruclioii bv TlU'llicvillc Accounfnnt Who Sttiicrvisos Lessons anil Kxamina- tions Personally and Individually. —NOT COURKSI'ONnKNCK— Free Employment Service For Full Information Write Stating Age, Education, and Employment Record. Jos. A. Bradley, Regional Manager American Academy of Accountancy 1012 Sterick Bldg, Memphis, Temu WD will OLD Tin 4.40-21 4.50-a All Ready to Relieve NEUISALGIA NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For nnd Prompt Laundry Cleaning Service ?ROPORT1ONATELY LOW // AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! • As Cftc I'er Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FOR A FASTER TRIP Jo Si- C&/OA,, (jhkaqo and, J(anAaA, The SUNNYLAND Lv. Blythcville 9:21 am Ar. St. Louis 3:35pm Ar. Kansas C|ty—a«; early as 9^30 pm Ar. Chicago—as early asT7"9:25 pm Next time go Frisco— t "Tlic Sunnyl.ind'* arrivin St. Ixjuis 3:35 pm connecting with fast trains to Kansas Oty and Cliicago. . . . Low round trip f.ircs make the (rip economical.. free pillows, ice wotct and drinking cups; wash-room and toilet facilities always available, all the way . . . Meals with hudget appeal served in tlie Frisco Snack Or. ... No other fotm of transportation offers so muc ' 1 for so little! bee IIAIUUKA STANWYCK lllld l'lti:i)Mnc.MUlliaYlnPiininioiinl'g current hit ItUMliMllKK Till! NIGHT .. . am! rcniumher ... thul Chesterfield c.i\'csyou IIRAI Mll.DNIiSSnnd HliTI'liK TASTK. IST.taUIS-'BAN FRANCISCa R Gel your frte (opy oj lhe new "Coath Booklet" idling oj the many "pint valuei" o/ a Fruto liekrt — jut! tall lhe FRISCO TICKET AGENT BLYTHEVILLE Ihese two qualities, that you Want and look for in a cigarette, are yoiirs only in Chesterfield's right combination of the best cigarette tobaccos that money can buy. /{.nd that's nof all... Chesterfield gives you a FAR COOLER smoke. No wonder new Chesterfield smokers, and those who have enjoyed llicin for years, pass the word along ... they really Satisfy. esterf eia The Cooler, Better-Tasting, DEFINITELY MILDER Cigarette (jM-ivnoh* tO-In Ti/v^irr JL- Vlucbt Tri6iA*v\ ff\ t ij-lo, licarr <v MYKJ TOSACCO Co,

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