Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 28, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 28, 1895
Page 1
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&*m »i.i VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. - SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL 28. 1895. NO-101. A PERFECT WAIST ,< ffl JOT MAKLA FIMSBL WE &XGEL! Not only in ' Dry vJoods proper, but in ell its kindred lines which OOine within the scop:) of a vast retail establishment. Excuse us but wo. lire boastiner about our SHIRT WAISTS this time It's to Rood to keep to ourselves. They could not be made better in fit or finish, if you paid us twice tbe price. The better ones are made of liner fabrics. We lit every Waist if you wish. Wo know they'll fit. To open the season -we have a, few special inducements this -week. SHIRT WAISTS AT 50c, 60c, 98c, $1 25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2 They should and will bo more. One thousand designs but only two imvkes and they »re the best. We offer little inducements in Belts, Belt Buckles, Beltings, and Belt Pins. Watch what we are Roing to say about Serge Suits next week. The Busy Bee Hive ~ 1895 SPRING 1895 i We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud it the success of our untiring •efforts which enable us to how yoi; this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. 1 Carl W.Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. MOTHERS! If you want to dress your little ones in Up- To-Date Clothing.see my line of Combination, Reefer, Junior and Jersey Suits. They have never been equaled in Logansport. G GRACE 426 BROADWAY, GAIN STEADILY. Improvement in Industrial Conditions Still Continues, As Does Also the Rise in Speculative Markets — Future Prospects of Trade Good. YonK, April 27.— R. G. Dun <fc Co.'s weekly review ol trade says: "Neither tho rising In speculative markets nor the steady Rain In industries has ceased, and IE Is wholesome tiat there" arc fewer signs of hesitation In tho productive Industries than In speculative prices. Wages strikes jrrow more numerous and cause some trouble, uud retail demand ings behind wholesale sales and jobbing purchases behind production in BOrno brunches, but through many conllictlnj? reports the fact shines out that the Industries are Raining, not with a rush and a whirl, bin, mora safely. It Is loss clear that railroads arc Increasing their earnings, or that over production of eolton will be cured by tho advance of IX cents In price, or that cornering short sellers of wheat will help to market tho large surplus. Due revival of activity In all theso •directions, if possible, excessive In some, helps ocDlldence to take tho throne so long Sold by distrust. Recovery is not often mathematically equitable. When tho load of depression Is lifted. and men flnfl that bettor things have come to stay. there must be many contradictory changes. Quito a number of works haTfi advanced wages during tho week, but strikes to compel an advance, possible for some but not for others, have grown much more numerous. Some shops are closing for want of orders, but a larger cumber are resuming work. Prices of shoes and cotton goods »ro rising; wool and woolens arc lower. It would be u distinctly unnatural movement, Inviting only distrust, If it were sympathetic and with equal stop In all branches, Shoe and Leather Tr»<lo. 'Doubt whether hides and whether leather would bo held at higher prices hindered shoo manufacturers for a time, but now jobbers want to give more orders than manufacturers care to talio, who have their leather yet to buy. The hindrance Is tho advance In hides and leather, for while Ttf and 10 coats more Is for shoes, tho present cost of leather aakos many 10 to 18 oeuts dourer, and 8 cents j ?ald for western hides Is said to mean higher >rlces vot for some kinds oflcathor, Cotton mills ure getting more money for goods and have quite generally advanced wages. Tho consumption is large, and ftd- ances seem to bo warranted. Tho Iron Industry, "Iron production, stimulated because ore, colce and oil were to Uo dearer, is retarded by shrinking demand for products, for on tho whole, now business Is said to bo smaller than In February or Maroh. The structural do- mucd fur buildings throughout tho country was never better. Wool Prlccn Aw»y IJown. "Wool lias sold ar, tho lowest prices on record this weelc, I<3 cent-s for Ohio XX and 0 cents for year's Texas, and offers to eleur ofl stock before now supplies carno forward tempt manufacturers LO purchase beyond present noods. \YhciLt £xporttf Chocked. '•Higher prices for wheat, nearly 3 cents above last woelt's. lend to check Atlantic exports, which, (lour Included, wore only 1,803,873 bushels for tho week, against II,820.445 lust year, thoiiRh for the previous two weeks about equal to last-year'* The Money Martlet. "Bank exchanges In April, thus far, average dally 11.0 per cent, more than last year, but 1C.3 per cent, less than In 1893, Money Is coming Mthor from the Interior and a larger demand for commercial loans appears, especially from manufacturing towns In Now England and from Importers. Tho I'lilluro llccord. "Failures for eighteen days in April showed liabilities of $5,075,6!K, of which Si.tia;,"0 wore of manufacturing, and »8,i88,82-i of trading; concerns. Tbo failures for the woo!; have been £30 In the United States, against 179 last year,, and 37 In Canada ucalust 20 last year." IlradHtrnet'H View. Bradstreet's says: "The feature of tho week Is tho continued strength of prices of staples after the striking advances of preceding weeks. Per-: haps the most relentless advance has been In hides within ton days. Bessemer pig Iron and stool billets aro practically unchanged 'In prices, with demand on the whole rather less, but prices are firm. Stoudy quotations aro reported also for cotton, colleo, sugar and pork, whUo wheat, Indian corn, oats and lard arc.all hlghor." tectives sent hero to Investigate the death of Frank Ledgers, whose body was found in the river last, fall, had caused the arrest in the nig-ht of W. H. Thome and O. C. Seely, two prominent business men, on charge of murdering- him. _ _ A FURIOUS STORM. Hall and Wind Cause Great Havoc In M Arkansas Town, CAMDEN, Ark., April 27.—A destructive hail and windstorm passed over this town and vicinity before daybreak Friday morning. Many of tho hailstones were 2 inches in diameter. Tho storm lasted only twenty minutes, but during- that time did great damage, reaching in amount to many thousand dollais. A negro cabin inhabited by Gus Adcns and family blew down on the inmates, all ot whom were more or less hurt. In another , cabin Arelia Best died of fright, and on the streets a Regress, name unknown, had two ribs broken by falling timber and will .die. The Wentz family, feeling- their house slinking 1 , rn.n out in tho storm and had hardly got away when the house was blown from its foundations. All-the glass-in the .Jity on'the north side of buildirijs is blown away. The •breakage of plate and stained glass in stores, churches and public bnild- .ings ' is enormous. The three,,story Knights of Pythias building is damaged several thousand dollars' worth. Trees are stripped of foliage and left as bare as in midwinter. Gardeners and farmers will have to replant. Fences and outbuildings aro blown down in every direction. Horses, cattle, sheep and poultry wherever exposed were killed 'by the hail or driven to death by the wind. Reports from surrounding points .in the country are very meager, but indicate even more serious damage than was sustained in this city, and it is certain that several people, mostly ne- groes, living in unstable cabins, have been killed. The hailstones \vero so largo that after several hours exposure in the sun they were still as large as partridge <Jggs. The storm passed through a channel not more than 15 miles either way from Cam den. ODD FELLOWS CELEBRATE. SCORES DROWNED. Frightful Disaster Occurs Near Town of Epinal, France. Thfl Order'H TOtli Anniversary Observed 111 KUKt St. LOUll). ST.. Louis, April 27.—East St. Louis was crowded with visitors who camo to participate in tho tenth interstate celebration, which is also the seventy-sixth anniversary of odd fellowship. Special' trains on all railroads entering East St.- Louis "brought in about' 7,000 persons, while about 10,000 ou,me over the Bads' bridge from Missouri. The association is composed of lodges from Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. Lodges from those states have all sent delegates, and there are about 17,000 members of the order here. The-,,c'ity ; was decora.ted'profusely. A. parade and competitive drill Friday afternoon followed. Mayor Stephens' welcoming" address. Receptions and secret work were in progress at half a dozen lodge rooms at night. The celebration closed at midnight. FOREST FIRES IN MICHIGAN. Thirty-Eight Corpses Recovered—Immense Reservoir Bursts With Awful Results. EPINAL, France, April 27.—An enormous reservoir near hero burst to-day, inundating many villages in the district and drowning scores of people. So far thirty-eight corpses have been recovered. The damage done to property is tremendous. Hykft llrcnka. Tho great Bousey dyke of the Epinal district of the Vosges "burst at 5 o'clock Saturday morning. Tho dyke contained 2^,000,000 cubic feet of water. A great rush of water and much loss of life followed. It is impossible to get a correct estimate of the damage done or tho number of lives lost, but from tho number of bodies already found tho indications are that tho loss of life will be very heavy. Kiitlro VllliiEe* Submerged. Enormous damage has been done in tho surrounding country. Tho railways in all directions are interrupted and a largo number of villages are entirely flooded. In some places the force of the torrent let loose by the break in the dyke was so great that entire houses were swept away and largo trees were torn up by the roots. The reservoir was situated close to the village of Bousey and was connected with the Canal de 1'Est. The breach caused by the rush of water is over 300 feet broad. • " The authorities are doing everything possible to rescue imperiled persons. Many families are still in danger. The authorities are also taking steps to provide 'relief for the homeless. Assistance and supplies will be sent from the nearest point. The Atlllotod City. . Epltml Is tho capital ol tUo department of VosKiiS and is located on the railway du 1'Kst. 190 miles from Paris. It Is generally well built, has a rulnud castle imd several larne and fine public edl-' flees, including, u prefecture, theater, public library.uuil a tnuaeum of paintings and antiquities." It U tho scat of manufactures of embroidery, lace, linen fabrics and thread, hosiery, earthen ware, -oll-pupor and chemical products. Its.population Is about 14,000. IMPORTANT DECISION. W1THES T OUR BORDEKS. Teloprams from Towns and Citie» In Indiana. i \. I WUI Kemember the Sabbath Dar. HTJNTINOTON, W. Va., April 27,—The twenty-four saloons in this city will have to close up next Tuesday night, as the council has refused to grant license, and Saturday morning- Mayor Neal issued instructions to the chief of police that after May 1 all business houses must be closed on Sunday, including- barber shops, bath houses, restaurants, meat and confectionery shops and such like, and all labor shall be prohibited, including the sale or delivery ol newspapers, ice, or milk. Drug- stores can only fill prescriptions. Want • Receiver Appointed. GBAXD RAPIDS, Mich., April'27.-^John. E. Davidson, of Pittsburgh, and William H. Barnes, of Philadelphia, trustees representing the 90 per cent, of the obligations of the Grand Rapids & Indiana Kailroad company, owned by ;he fennsylvama Railroad company, lied a bill Saturday morning in the Jnited States circuit court asking for ;he appointment of a receiver for the road pending foreclosure proceedings. Many GUus Workers to H»»e Work- 2tEVKLA3O>, O., April 27.—A special to the Press from Tiffin, 0., says: The United States Glass company announced . Saturday morning that another furnace would be started Monday and additional help was adver- .ised for. On that day more hands ,han have ever been employed in the establishment will be put to work. }Tearlv GOO hands will be employed. Che works are nonunion. Cltlrens uharccd with Murder. GUTURIE, 0. T-, April 27.—The whole. ity was astounded Saturday morning- learn that durinir the niffht the de- VMt Areas Uurnod Over — Much Fuol Wood Is D«»troj-od. : ALLEGAX, Mich., April 27. — Forest fires are raging: west of here and a territory of 2 miles square "has been burned over. Rain Friday ni^ht checked the fire, but it is expected soon to break out again. Thousands of dollars' worth of wood has been burned and immense blackberry fields ruined. MILWAUKEE, April 11.— Specials from the northwestern parts of the state indicate that the much-needed rain has come, to break the drought and put a stop to forest fires. NICARAGUAN PORT CLOSED. Corlntn Seized by Troopi from tne Brlt- Inh WarHblpi*. COLON, April 27', ii.^ a. m.—The port of Corinto, Nicaragua, has been closed. The three British warships, the Royal Arthur, Satellite and 'Wild Swan, have declared a peaceful blockade of the port] Troops were landed shortly aftetmid- nig-ht and immediately took possession of the custom house. There is great excitement in the town. ' Iowa Sliver Democrat* UUiatUfied. . DF.S MOLVES, la., April '27.—All is not harmonious in the democratic cam- paig-n in Iowa. It developed Saturday that the silver democrats are disfatis- fied with the result of the recent party conference and will call a S£cond one to meet here early in May for the purpose of issuing- a counter manifesto and organizing to capture the state convention. HoWK»te'« Bail Reduced. WASHINGTON, April 27.—A motion made in the criminal court for a reduction in the amount of bail in the case Of Capt. Henry W. Howpate, the es- armv officer accused of embezzling- money from the government, was granted by Judge Cox Saturday. He reduced the bail from 533,000 to 515,000. A Little Gin Juried. •\VAUPACA, Wis., April 27.—The 5-year- old daughter 'of Orion Harrington, a j->omineat farmer of Wa.upaca, was thrown from a load of straw by a runaway team and instantly killed. Ohlo Republicans to Meet Slay 38. COLTIMBUS, 0., April 27.—The republican state central committee Saturday fixed the date of the state convention at Zaaesville May 2S and 29. It Conccruu Travclom Who Hold Accident Ifirturauce Policies. CINCINNATI, April 27.—A most important matter to every traveler, holding- policies against accident companies was the charge of Judge Buchwalter to his jury Friday in tho case of the estate of John W. Wilshire, of Coving-ton, against the Traveler^' Insurance company. The deceased was plainly violating his contract and the laws of the state of Illinois by walking on the roadbed of tho Illinois Central railroad when he was struck by a train. The location was a place of. stir and bustle in Chicago. Evidence showed that Wilshiro stepped on the track after the whistle sounded. The estate contended that Wilshiro was bewildered and frightened by the noise. The court said if in the jury's mind such was a fact, the plaintiff was entitled to recover. The verdict was 53,400 against the company. Will Fay 10 Fer Cent. Dividend. CINCINNATI, April 27. —Attorney C. W. Baker Saturday filed the appraisement of the defunct Commercial national bank in the insolvency court. Tho appraisement was carefully made, but every possible asset is included in the summary. Tho total appraisement foots up $440,546.59, while the liabilities amount to over SGOO,000. With the filing of the appraisement the announcement is made that a 10 per cent dividend will be declared next Wednesday, May 1. Indicted for llrlbery. CDABLESTON, I1L, April 27.—An indictment has been returned by the grand jury of Coles county against CcL Ross R. Fuller and T. C. Ewing, both of this city, for an alleged'at- tempt to bribe a juror at the November term of the circuit court in a case in which the county was suing W. R. Highland, ex-county clerk, for alleged shortages. Diplomas In Sixty U»y»WASHINGTON, April 27. -The world's fair diplomas awarded to exhibitors whose exhibits were favorably mentioned by the judges are being prepared at the bureau of engraving and printing and will be sent oat in about sixty days, together with the medals now being struck at the Philadelphia mint. Ble J-lre »t Corannm, Mich. Owosso, Mich., April 27.—The entire east'side of the main street in Corunna, from the courthouse south to the river, containing five brick and six frame stores, went 41 p m smoke at 2 o'clock Saturday morning. Loss, 835,000; insurance, S7.0GO. TVant Receiver L»i»chaJ-£<-d. PrrrsBUKGU. Pa.. April 27.—Saturday morning 1 in the United' States circuit court Attorney W. B. Rod<rers filed a petition, asking for the discharge of H. W. Oliver, receiver of the Oliver Iron <fe Steel ccmiMmy- S for Fiend*. ANDEKSOX, lud., April 27.—A mob d 2CO farmers and citizens of Ingalla, with ropes, bloodh&unus auu ^Uu>, ar« in pursuit of two tramps who outraged, Mrs. William Humes, one of the mos* estimable Indies of Ingulls. While she was gathering- wild flower* in a grove, two tramps assaulted her. They then drove a knife into her bowels and cut her across the. breast and hips. She was then thrown into a cellar, whore she wa» found by persons who saw tho tramps running away from the house. A possa of men got a late start after th» tramps. Sheriff Starr has gone t» Ingalls to prevent a lynching-. Mrs. Humos cannot live. All tramps found here are arrested and will be held for investigation. . Nlctro-Glycerlnn Karploslon. FONT. WAYNE, Ind., April27.—William Ulmer started Friday moruing from Blufftou. to the Montpolior offl fields with 7-0 quarts of nitroglycerine in a wngon. When > miles from Bluff ton the wagon wheels struck the root of a tree and upset the wagon. An explosion, immediately occurred which made a hole GO feet across the top and 15 feet deep. Four or five large oak trees were blown down uud carried a distance of 500 feet. Ulmer and his horses were blown to atoms. Window glass was broken in houses for. miles around, and the shock was plainly felt in this city, a distance of W miles froru the explosion. I'-ound Hanging to ft Tree. FARJiEHSBUno. Ind., April 27.-—Thev body of a man about 55 years old w»» found hanging frora a tree in Beecher'i- orchard in tha north part of the town. He j was a stranger, and a search through his clothes revealed no clew by which he could be identified. The' remains " were shipped to Sullivan, where he will be photographed and held a short time for identification. Turkey Attacks a Child. J>:iTEi{SO>"Vn.LK. Ind., April 27. — Enraged by the red dress worn by tbe child an angry turkey cock attacked Cecil, the 3-year-old daughter ot George R. Cutler, near English. The angry fowl tore off the nose and * largo part of the upper lip, and destroyed the sight of the left eye of the child. Physicians replaced the nose and lip.- _ Died. Suddenly. RICHMOND, Ind., April 27. — Mrs. D. M. Jordan, aged 02, a poetess and one of the most prominent women of IB- diana, died suddenly Friday at he* home here. Her death was duo to apoplexy. She was a personal friend of Modjeska, Emma Abbott aud othe* noted theatrical and literary people. To I'll a Scale. BRAZIL, Ind., April 27.— A mooting of the block-coal operators and delegates from the different mines of this district will be held in the Brazil Block Coal company's office here to agree upon and declare the scale of prices of mining in the block field for the year beginning- May 1. Are Sow Married. EL.KHART, Ind., April 27. — Mrs. Jde Kehres and Eb Mosier, who were, arrested and placed in jail three week*. ago on the charge of murdering- the woman's husband here and subsequently released on account of hick of evidence, were united in marriage by Justice Johnson. _ Assessing Thenuelroi. JEFFERSONVTLLE, Ind., April 27. — The creditors of the defunct STew Albany Banking company are levying- an assessment on themselves to secure money to assist in the prosecution ot Dr. Breyfotrle and ex-Cashier Fredericks, of the New Albany Banking- com- Dynamiters Arreited. MADISON, Ind., April 27.— ThomM Donlan was arrested here charged with dynamiting" Moore's saloon one week ago and held in default of 81,000 bail. Hinker Starling- and a man named McDonald were nnder arrest in Louisville as Donlan's confederates. Manning; In sv Wood bouse. TANOIKR, Ind., April 27,— Mrs. A. J. Maris was found hanging in her father's woodhouse. During the night she had escaped from a room in which she was confined the evening before, her mind having become affected by an attack of the grip. Gallty of Perjury. WABASH, Ind., April 27.— In tbe Koe- ciusko circuit court Whitmore Hag-le was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary and fined S50. He attempted to prove an. alibi for John Wright, charged with burglary. _ filed u> Heath. TlPTON, Ind., April 27. — While felling a tree near here John Verno wa». struck by a falling limb, which mangled a leg so badiy that amputation was necessary and he bled to death. I*l»nc«d a- Tree. RicnsioND. Ind.. April 27.— By invt, tation of the board of park commissioners, ex-President Harrison, who is ia. thc city, planted a tree in the park. There was no ceremony with the »fl*iiv

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