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The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas • Page 3

The Coffeyville Daily Journal from Coffeyville, Kansas • Page 3

Coffeyville, Kansas
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1S09. THE COFFEYVILLE DAILY JOURNAL. COFF WTlTX 9 A new-phase of rage's ability as af achievements on Saturday, and itnear- ty if.VTD iVCDllirC 217 i. TrvMi; wliojvyou nood Drugs, Candies, Toilet Articles Sundries or Rubber Goods if rtUllLiU A LUiiUL Oil 1 IN THIRTEEN YEAR BIG LEAGUE I THIRTEEN YEAR BIG LEAGUE PERIOD. The Flying Dutchman Escaped This! Year With 156 HitsThe Old WornoUt Glove.

Telephone No. 816 Walnut Street LANG Year. G. AB. It.

II. SB. 1S07 61 241 SS 83 22 1898 S6 1S0 1809 ...144 r49 102 197 CG 1900 ...124 107 201 CG 1901 .141 100 196 48 1902. ...107 177. 43 1003 .129 97 182 4G 1904 ...132 49G 97 171 7u .147 318 114 199 1906 .140 516 103 17." 1007 .143 515 9S J80 01 1908 568 100 201 r.3 1909 412 88 156 36 PO.

.344 .305 .35 oS .352 1 00 1 Totals. 1736 6625 1235 2298 571 Discovery of the North Pole Has j'rescnuons so ALUMNI RUSH TO AID CORNELL. Half Dozen Coaches Expected to Help Drill Team. Ithaca, X. Oct.

Half a dcr.c:i new coaches are expected at 1'ercy iield tomonow afternoon to take a hand in developing the Cornell foot jail team. Among those who will ome are Bunny Larkin and Ned Al-'xander, both prominent in tho teams. Among the others are W. R. Xewhill, W.

Cl Charlie Mason. In council this afternoon the coach es discussed thc fullback situation and puzzled over puuts. They agreed thnt the half backs were much too slow, especially and Smith, and a hunt for new material will begin. Connor, tho former Anuover man, who was shifted to the line because ho weighed 1 it I pounds, may go In at full back, although the coaches judge him too slow. Pope may get out thN week and Leventry, the old is expected to leave the hospital tomor row.

Ten men nut. nf of' sixty-five were picked for the training table todajv The "coaches will make the table, a coveted prize, and no man will stay at the table unless ho continues to make good. The following men were taken: McArthur. Hurlbut, and Crosby, ends; Baker ard Wood, quarter backs; Scagrave, con ter; Tydeman. half back; full back; Donan, left guard; and Monk left tackle.

MADE IT A LIFE STUDY. "Jr. J. S. Lecnhardt Found the and Cure of

Dr. J. S. Leonhardt. the celebrated specialist of Lincoln, proved, after years of study, that the cause of oiles is internal bad circulation.

Then he perfected Hem-Roid, an remedy and in 1000 different pases it cured 9S per cent. By Dr. Leonhardt's order, Hem-Roid is sold under an iron-clad guarantee. If it fails, the monev is paid back. $1.00 at J.

Sons' Coffey ville, Kansas, or mailed by r. Leon-lardt Station Buffalo, N. Y. Write for booklet. jjniiiifi irom tnat tavorea at.

me rounds, who has loolted exceedingly good at was suffering from a strained shoulder upon the team's arrival, and in today's work gave way to Watkins, an 'd? maa, who is put ting everything he has into his play effort to again cop a letter. Benbrook's work at center was the pleasing feature from the viewpoint of student spectators who are longing for a satisfactory successor to" the great Shultz. last hue in harness WHITE SOX TO CLOSE MONDAY. SEASON Kansas City Red Sox, Ex-Leaguers, Here For Two Dsys' Series. The last time the Coffey ville fans.

ill vie rmsinrr in I 1,1 uc naf ou.v harness during the season of 1000 will ,1 t- .1111 1 11111 1111 1.1 1 111 111 1 ien they are booked for a two davs' 'series with the Kansas Citv Red Sox. i ne Kansas City Red Sox is the stron st independent organization aiound the southwest at this floati season. The tem is composed of pro- plavers, who are in the habit ihnir iimv.n in k'aneao ritv At the close of the season thy gather Kansas City and start out on a barnstorming On the- team are several Kansas and Central state league stars, and one or two of them have had the distinc- iiou of working in the big leagues. This fall they have been having a clean sweep of everything in Kansas, Oklahoma. and Nebraska defeating the best that could b-brought against them.

Every indica- tion printed towards the fact thai tli; Red Sex will give the White Sox more than 1 hey have ever bucked against this season. STARTER'S JOS FOR THE MAYOR. Eusse Will Send Away Fifty Runners in Twelve Mile Race. Chicago, Oct. 6 Mayor Fred A.

Busse will fire the starting gun which will send away a field of fifty runners in tho twelve mile race at fiaelic parlt next Sunday. The event, which will be held under the Misnices of House Qf th(? Good Siiepjierd tract some of the 'nest long distance men in the city. In addition to thi? event the New York Gaelic football toam mpct picked eam Q. 1(Jcal starg the champlonship of United States. This afternoon two tpam3 nf thc begt f30tball players in the lcasuc wm clash- an(1 the team winning will be the opponents of the Gothamitcs.

Two other games are scheduled, the O'Connells meeting tne ColninbIas and tne shamrocks tackling the Sai sfields. POOR START AT PHILADELPHIA. Gentlemen of Ireland Get Only 23 Runs in Cricket Match. Philadelphia Oct. 6.

The Gentle- men of Ireland made a poor start in their cricket match witn sixteen Phil adelphia colts, which began today at Manheim. When stumps were draw the visitors had lost three wickets lor a total of only thirty-three runs. The colts scored 231 runs in their half ot the first inning. i 1 i 1 FORBES TO- SEAT 43,000 EXTRA BLEACHERS BUILT WORLD'S LARGEST PARK. IN No More Mail Order Seats, but Twelve Thousand Bleacher and Standing Room Tickets.

Pittsburg, Oct. 6. The National, Baseball Commission having charge ot the sale of seat3 for the world's championship games here between Pitts-! burg and Detroit, announced that the. public sale of reserved seats advertised for today had been called off ovh: to the fact that no tickets were! left for either of the games of Friday; or Saturday. The mail order sale of reserved seats has been unpreeedent- ed, the tickets for each game at Forbes Field having been all sold for-j ty eight hours after mail orders were-received and the announcement being, made by an official of the Pittsburg oaseoaii ciuo tnat worth of or- ders for seats for the first two tramps nere nave neen retiirneri.

with a no tice that no more reserved seats wereiw tv, 1.1 iv. tA 1C1 L. 1 1J 3 1UV il 1 1 I I I rA lITir LIJ trf- to ac cept their mail at the postoffice after Saturday morning and all letters riving after that were returned to tlie senders. There still remain twelve thousand bleacher and standing room tickets that will to put on sale each day or the games here, and from present inf.i-catior.s police reserves will be necf eary to control the crowd of persons; who were disappointed at not getting reserved seats. The officials of the Pittsburg baseball club are not taking any chances on all not being accommodated wirh the present seating capacity of Forbes Field, the largest baseball park in the world, and extra seats are being around the grounds, thus prove ground rules.

Eight thousand seats are being built in right and left field, thus giving the park a seating capacity of 43,000. With those standing, ail baseball records are expected to ue broken during the games here. MEXICO'S CHILE CROP KILLED. Not a Plant of the Pepper Left in the Big Producing States. City of Mexico, Oct.

6. News of the loss of the chile pepper crop of Mexi- co was received by the Camara Agri- cola of this city today. Not a snoot of chile is left in the big producing states of the republic. The loss in dollares is not yet estimated. Pueble, y.acc-tacas, Aguas Calientes and Ou.v iiajuaiu uie uiu pnuuiiai iuui.ria Mexican chile.

The product is markft- ed throughout the world. "HURRY UP" HURRIES SQUAD. Yost Breaks Camp, at Whitmore Lake and Puts Squad to Work. Ann Arbor, Oct. 6.

That time of the short season is to be wasted was evidenced when the varsity football camp at Whitmore Lake was broken, the squad shifted to Ann bor, and practice resumed on Ferry field, all within a few short Onlv signal work was gone through at the new scene of activity, ana tnirix aspirants followed the chosen eleven up and down the field before 500 delighted students assembled to get first glimpse of Yost's 1909 charges. Few changes were made in the line I I an i llT I 1... nf at I 1 i miiou i.oito Hill T. M. ROBERTSON 0.

0. DENTIST Southwest Corner Ninth and IGG EST US I EST THt PEARfc. LAUNDRY 105 West 11th. P.1on 222 PHILIP H. CASS.

ATTORNEY AT LAW General practice; also patents, pensions and all government claims. Phones: Office 128; Residence, 6. J. SOU ILLY, Does all kinds of LIGHT AND HEAVY TRANSFERRING. Prompt attention and quick service given all business entrusted to my care.

Fire proof storage house at 10G West Twelfth street. FARM LOANS. Long time, annual interest. Lowest rates, no commission. ETCH EN LAND CO.

102 East Eighth. Coffeyville, Kan. DR. C. POWERS Makes a Specialty of DISEASE OF THE RECTUM.

Piles, Fissure, Fistula and Ulcers treated in the latest approved methods. No knife, no logating, no pain, no detention from business. Room 4, Hall building, Coffeyville, Kansas. Leader of Jefferson Theatre Orchestra ROBT. P.

SCOVILLE, Music furnished for all occasions. Professor of music. Teacher of violin and all orchc-stra instruments, cornet and all band instruments, mandolin and guitar. Studio 502 East Eighth street. Phone 532.

F. L. VAN GORDER, M. D. Specialist on Diseases of the Rectum.

I Guarantee to cure all diseases. of the Rectum (except Cancer), Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Stricture, without (the us3 of the Knife, clamp or cautery or Injection method. No Cure No Pay. No Pay until'Cured. Examinations free.

Send for references. Rooms 8-9, Kellogg BIdg. Phone 226, Coffeyville, Kaneaa. 1 i I'lmir' asoa resulted in a touchdown for Chi- cagor ends and tackles cover the" JatteWpt Page meant to boot the oval so far is a quo 1L.I1. 1' L.

M. llll il I lb .111 11 Jllil I 111 1 sturdy little player that no one; nol even Stagg, knew he possessed. STANDINGS OF THE TEAMS W. L. 42 19 59 Pet.

721 67.i 607 501 4S 360 293 Pittsbwvg" Chicago New York Cincinnati Philadelphia St. Louis BrooMyn I'Dstcn 110 102 91 70 7S 96 .53 97 .44 106 TO PREACH AGAINST TAMMANY. Doctor Parkburst to Work for Ban-nard Bingham to Take the Stump. New York. Oct.

6. Tho Rev. Dr. Charles II. Parkburst announced his intention today of advocating from his pulpit the election of the Republican "om'iuo for mayor.

Otto T. Bannard and Theodore A Bingham, who was ousted as police commissioner by th: McClellan administration, said he would go on the stump in Mr. Ban nard's support. PURDUE NOW LOOKS TO FUTURE Boilermakers Hcpe to Win Remaining Games on Schedule. Lafayette.

Oct. 6. With the defeat by Chicago hanging over their heads, the Boilermakers will stari oractice this week with a determination to win the other games on their schedule. Illinois, Wabash, Rose Poly, Mon mouth. Northwestern and Indiana still remain to be played.

Next Sat urclay the aggregation from Evanstor will be the attraction on Stuart, field Purdue won last year by a small mar gin. The defeat at the hands the Maroons developed weak spots, but there is still material left which is muct better, so Coach Speik probably wil' continue with the same men. Mc Grath. the star half back, "who war declared ineligible, may fix up matters with the university authorities. COY TO TAKE CHARGE AT YALE Captain of Blue Eleven Will Appear on Side Lines Today.

New Haven. Oct. G. Ted Coy practically will take charge of the Yale eleven tomorrow, although he will be in no game for three weeks, and "Dummy" Logan will continue as field captain. Coy will appear cn the side lines spectator and coach, but it is unlikely he will get into his uniform for even signal practice before the close of the week.

The injury to Tony Haines proves to be severe. His an kle was twisted badly in scrimmage yesterday and he will be out of the game for two weeks. He Avas Yale's best punter and was badly needed for the West Point game next week. The spectacular goal from field which closed the first half of yester day's game was Yale's first in years. The Blue coaches are making desper ate efforts to develop drop kicking this fall and Dr.

Billy Bull will be here much of the season. Fred Daly. Philbin. Johnson and Doming are all being developed for that purpose. 4 PLEASANT WAY TO CURE CATARRH Pcor deluded victims! Continually sprinkling and sprayin and stomach dosing.7 What are you doing it for? Trying to kill the catarrh germs? Miaht iust as welf trv to kill a cat with freh milk.

Sticking a piece of chewing gum in the upper left hand corner of the right ear would slaughter mst as many germs. You can't kill the germs that cause catarrh unless you get where they are. You can get where the germs are by treathing Hyamei, the tpowerSul vet soothing antiseptic, which is pre pared especially to kill catarrh germs. Jiist breathe it in, that's all. It joyLul relief in five minutes.

It is guaranteed: by Jordan-FUorea Drug Co. to cure catarrh, or money ba'ck. It is by leading druggists everywhere. A complete outfit, including inhaler, costs $1.00. Extra hbttles, cOc.

Cures sore throat, coughs and colds. "It take especial pride in recommencing Hyomei to asthmatic -suffer-ers. as I know by experience that it a remedy that cures. I have net 'since ucing Hyomei had any recurrence of asthma." Wm. Burton, June 22, 1 Cures indigestion It relieves BtoinaciitnlseTyi'RbTtr stom-wh, lxdcliins, and cures all etomach Tr raoney liftk.

La-rc bos of tab-Us cents. DmiTJistsin. towius. JORDAN-FLOREA DRUG CO. plgkin.

artist cam? 'to light in hisworK '-lst Saturgay; xo rEase with being a strong and dinger ous lie has made pretenses o. I utu aujimu would warrant opposing team; fearing him in this department. Not only did his phenomenal kick ing surprise Stagg. but it also was ti: cause of considerable favorable corn mont in football circles. His punting, rlvnn find nlsrr kir-kbicr nnd nfi 1 were as good as any kicker the West will do this season, but his ability to kick from his position or "or the dead run.

was the one thing whicl. Stagg undoubtedly will make good of in the harder and more crucial bat ties. It seldom occurs in football that a player can take the ball from the ceii ter in the quarter bark run a little way and then boot the oval seventy yards down the field, ovei the heads of the defensive quarter and Thi wns nno nf Pnr'. CURE FOR HAY FEVER FOUND Been Made, But Is Not of as Much Consequence i.o CuTierers of This Distressing Disease, as the Fact that a Scientific Method Which Destroys the Germs of the Disease Has Been Discoverer. The cure of this malady has at last been Hound, and best oi! all the relief is quick "and lasting, besides being free from disagreeable medication.

It is not question of theory as to the producing cause of the disease. The point cf interest to the patient is the cure, and ilic New Metnod' Specialists stand ready to prove their cure to the satisfaction of their rpa-tients. It absorbs the poisons rapidly, relieving the inflamed mucous membrane and stc ping toe reproduction ol the germ which gives rise to the disease. It has never failed to make a radical cure. Authorities hold that it is caused by the disquamation or breaking out cf the mucous membrane as tlie result of certain phases of Chronic Catarrh, the membranes being especially liable to.

irritation during certain seasons of the year. Others hold it is the remit of blood poisons which affects the 'membrane and renders it -liable to irritation ifrom dust or pollen certain vegetable production. It has been thought that cut hay is the irritating cause; seme have laid it to the Golden. Hod, but it is more probable that the commcn rag weed, wihr'ch grows everywhere and which gives off its pollen in September and October, is the plant that irroduoes the special poison. 1 Whatever the cause of the disease may be, it is one of the most obstinate persistent diseases with which the Physician has to deal.

At the same time it is iperhaps the most trying and disagreeable disease with which a patient can be afflicted. In the summer of 1S93, certain modern scientists were conducting a series of experiments in the curing of the disease by a new process of absorption; it was found that by gently opening the pores by heat and applying a dry and thirsty absorbent compound, the disease germ can be drawn from tlie system through the pores or that the secretions are so changed that coccus or germ is destroyed. It was then decided to make a careful i'nd exhaustive investigation of Hay Fever by the absorbent treatment. Experiments showed that a rank poison existed in the mucous membrane and also that these can be within the radius of attraction of the absorbents. The result was truly astonishing.

It was found that the re lief from the suffering came with a few hours and in the course a few days of careful treatment, -the most distressing symptoms would disap pear. Continuing the treatment for a few days longer, every trace of the t-isease It was further found that the lower bronchial tubes and' in so'nle cases the linings of the stomach were affected. Several cases were treated where the disease was with greater or Jess intensity, and where' the recurrence oi! the trouble had taken place annually from three to twenty years, and the result was the same. Xot in' a single instance has the Xew CVIetihod' Specialists treatment failed to give relief and effect a permanent cure, and the niost fact is that in all of the cases treated since 1S9S there han not in any instance been a return of the disease. Cases complicated with L-ung Fever or Asthmatic or Catarrhal S3mptoms naturally require longer and 'more extended treatment.

Hay Fever, tiie torment and dread of thousands, has lest its tenors, and patients can be assured of a speedy cure. 1 The New Method Specialists, Coffey ville Institute is located on the Second Floor of Watt Davis building, No. East Ninth street, over Belts store- where yeu can consult them Free, during their office hours 9 to 12 a. 2 to 3:30, 7 to 8 p. m.

each 1 week-day 10 to 12 only, on Sundays. ly i 1 1 I i 5 i it i i I -i I I I I i I I i I Considerale credit has been given Intn ITni-rv Pullinm for discover' ing lians Wagners oaseoau aoini Pulliam did take him in the National, but Ed Barrow, one time mar ager of the Tigers, really found him. says the Detroit Journal. It was baci. in 1895.

Barrow that year was man aging the Paterson, N. team of the Atlantic leasue. A friend of his in Pittsbuig told him or a wonderful player that lived in Mansfield, now called Carnegie, just outside of Pitts 1 I burg. Barrow looked him over signed him. It was from Paterson tltar Pulliam picked him later for Louis- ville, then owned by Barney Dreyfuss-.

and he has been in the latter's employ ever There is a'funny little incident, an.l a true one, connected with agner .4 career in Patterson. When he the team he was given a uniform tha: had built for a man without Wagnei 's breadth of shoulders and hips, lians in those days used to koc) a supp! of finecut chewing tobacco in his right hand rear pocket. On day just as he got his hand into th3 pocket to pull out a little of the tobac co a was nit ins way, out tner? was nothing doing for Hans. His haul was hopelessly tangled up in tne pock et and he could not get it out. ill.1 ball whirled into left field for a single and had to have the pockoi cut before he could get that big hai.J of his cat.

That big hand story brings up an other i-uoprtant fact about Wagner that is vhe glove he uses every day he plays. Tt looks as big as a house, but has a hole in the center of it almost as big as the glove itself." There is a his tory to that glove. Wagner himself has forgotten just when he got it, but he thinks it was back in 1902. Hans knows that the late Herman Long, one. of ihe greatest of shortstops, then playing with the Boston Nationals, gave him the glove.

It is a fact thrt Long always used a glove with a big hole in the center of it. He would buy a new glove ana at once cut it to pieces, leaving an open spot in m.1 center about twice the size of a base ball. Long handed over one of his ol gloves to Wagner. It suited him end he has used it ever since. The glova now is a wornout relic, but Han hangs to it like grim death.

He figures it would be the worst luck in tne world for him to lose. Time and again it has been asked why Wagner doesn't buy a new glov Y'ou ask that question and Wagner will say that he has no money for a new one. But back of that is the one fat that remains always prom nent: Wagner is just as superstitious and sentimental as any ball player and he has always felt that the Herman Long glove has brought him luck. Tnat wny ne nangs on to it. it worn to a frazzle.

There is nothing to it but the hard edges. The center is ail worn away ana agner those hard line drives really with tho bare hand. STAGG HAS ANOTHER MARVEL. Eckerszll Says That Page Will Be the Limelight Hero This Season. In Page, Stagg probably has one of the most versatile players who will perform on any.

gridiron this fall, says Walter Eckersall. writing of the Chicago game with Purdue. Any player who ca.i be taken from one position, in which he has shone brightly for two years, r.ncl placed at quaner uacK, an even more important and responsible position, is made of stellar stuff, and he must possess that football sense and intuition which is not found in ev ery football player's makeup. The work of Page was the means of solving the hardest probiem that Stagg has stiugglecf with this year, and as he now is reasonably who will play the other positions, he will start immediately to develop his eleven in team Avork and intricate working in which the forward pass and onside kick win be important factors. E.

PLATTNEFVS NEW MEAT MARKET 201 east Ninth street' will take prompt care of orders for cooking meats from 6 to 8 a. m. Frying meats from 8 to io a. and 2 to 4 p. m.

E. PLATTNER 201 East Ninth St. Phone 178 amTg 11 ffllf giun f-g-fflf ffn Profit Mutual Despair and Despondency No one but a woman can tell tne story ot the sucering, tne despair, and the despondency endured by women who carry a daily burden of ill-health and pain because of disorders and derangements of the delicate and important organs that are distinctly feminine. The tortures so bravely endured completely upset the nerves if long continued. Dr.

Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a positive cure for weakness and disease of the feminine organism. Profit Tor the as well as the Advertiser: Business Advancement just as much for the Peader as the Adver-t iser SQU APE DEAL for the Peadcr Square Deal for the 'Advertiser. These arc rules, the by-laws, and watch words, in the Marketplace of IT MAKES WEAK WOHEN STRONQ, SICK WOMEN WELL. It allays inEammation, heals ulceration and soothes pain. It tones'a'n'd builds" up the nerves.

It fits for wifehood and motherhood. Honest medicine dealers sell it, and have nothing to urge upon you as 'just as good." Zt is non-secret, non-alcoholic and a record of forty years of cures. sAsk You They "probably know pf some of its many cures. If you want "a book that. tells all about woman's and how to cure em at home, send 21 one-cent stamps to Dr.

Pierce to pay cost of mailing ly, and be will send'you free copy of his great thousand-pagei illustrated mmpn Sense Medical Adviser revised up-to date edition, in paper covers, handsome cloth-binding, 31 stamps. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y. -r-rThe Best In The Land: WfcTMfthed tb tor tb kettotcco.

Uat Uue ieroh4 ib world for tb bst a. it MvreMttfl. F. R. UERCAHTILE 0I6AB GQUPARY, St.

Lc3 Smooth, Delicious, Whole ine Eactory Where REIGNS SUPREME CORNER OAK Aft 10th; Made in a CtiAffiN PHONE 209. KANSAS MUSICAL COLLEGE; Independence, Kas. SUPERB FACULTY. All branches of Music, Elocution and Vrite for catalogue regarding study interested in. Opens Sept.

15th. "BRANCH SCHOOL IN COFFeV'LLE" Will open Soon. HARRY H. RYAN, President.

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