The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE'flTX l -. m/VTTTEVITJ/R (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS v..v '. • ••, • • m\ : SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 19fg' BY AST KRENZ Pennanl For Lookouts, Belief Buffoonery Both Promised CHATTANOOGA. Tenn. (UP) — Mene.ath the beeUing brow of Lookout Mountain a man unique in bjisebnll is planning new stunts to bring out the customers and sharpening, his horse-trading sense lo mold a pennant-winning team. The man Is Joo fcnge), one-lime major league pitcher, laler scout for the Washington Senators nnd now president of the Chattanooga Lookouts, a corporation as native as the moss on the mountain's rocks.. Engel took an option on the Lookouts in 1931 and announced to the amazement of the baseball world thai he would sell Ihe club to the fans. He did, al $5 a share, and now the team Is owned by 1,700 lusty-throated Clmtlanocj- gans, many of whom root for their Investment from the bleachers. "Elcphanl Hunt" Staffed Baseball was almost overlooked when Engel went into action al the start of the 1938 season. His fiist stunt was nil elephant limit In the Lookout park. A record crowd went out to see how In the world he could hunt clephanls In Chattanooga, and In Ihe ballpark at that. Enscl's elephants were composed of two persons and ti quantity of sheeting, The hunters wore bustles to make them look like they wen riding horses. Tennessee Negroes| made fine beaters, the bcalorsbeal.' th. hunters fired blank rifles, the elephants fell and everybody had a wonderful lime. The hunt.prove dsuch n success it ivas re-enacted In the Atlnnla ballpark—before -another sell-out. Chattanooga's first fan-owned team was a glorious fizzle. Under the management of Wnlt. Millies and, later, Rogers Hornsby, the Lookouts wound up a bad seventh In the league standings. But although attendance fell off toward the close of Ibc season, ngelbrokc better than even by selling the individual stars that made up lhc collective flop. ; Engel came up last year with as fine a crop of rookies as the Soulh- ern Association has ever seen nnd a manager who tumed out to be n miracle worker—Kl-KI Cuyler, the former Chicago nnd Cincinnati flychaser. Slar Outfielder Sold Chatt.-moopa won the pennant in a hairline finish with Nashville nnd Memphis despite Ihe fact that] ' if-| lYETERJW JOCKEYS I A Playboy of llie Western Front ;i //'/i ^i iFrankie Otis, '02 Slar Says Boys Are Pushe Now Today's Sport Parade By UENT.Y MclEMORB SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20. (UP) —The only spikes he wears these days arc the ones built for fair- oilier nnme." "1 wrote them all," Cobb admitted. "I knew you cculd give me trie publicity I needed, and I used to write you every time 1 got ti hit or made a good catch or did anything. The stories you wrote helped, too. It got me a Job in Augusta again, and this time at the fnnc> salary of ninety dollars a mcnlh." A year with Augusta and Do troit bought him for the then 1m ORIiL'ANS, U t . mi" jockeys wlio push '!Ri ai'onnO go to Krai.i:K l Otis — veteran lurlman and ••:••••' : idir who booted homo Uinie $H).- (I0(i winners back in l!lf>2 .- !n ; on fine horsemanship Oli .silo winakcs a living as p u- >;-k nnd patio! judge, woil;:;:-'. from truck lo track. Twenty-live years ago lie wa;i une of the country's leading jockeys. He says this modern age. Is Milt or jockeys. I When lu r was riding, a boy take- UTO years of punlshim:;! and appi'i'ntlcc.spih living v. ii!i loises. working them day aiu-r lay. anil mastering the fine art "f juue and rhythm. "Now," Otis Etiys, "many h-ls ire rushed Into colors before they ire I'oilly ready. Bi'lk'vc Training Inadequate "Little chance do they get to .cam about handling a horse or f innkc n study of the import-mi tcni of pace. Frequently a youni'- itcr makes his debut after but a six or seven months period as an :ei'Cisc boy." Otis believes the current popularity of jockey club schools' eventually will mean more oxpei'teneed jockeys on the country's tracks. Brick In lhc old days—from 1901 o 1914, when Otis was In Hie sid- j die virtually all th6 time — Him ' were many outstanding artists of the whip and saddle sucli as Car- roil Schilling, the Reef brothi-i" Johnny a n d Lester; John n y ricnch, "Monk" Coburn, Johnny Bullnnn and others. "To my way of thinking there never was a greater jookcy i>?i"- formlng than Schilling," Otis insists, "lie had everything — :i •itrong pair of hanrls, beautiful lorm, a keen sense of pace and a \vidc-awnke manner at the post. Sloan's Style Copied "Enuilatlns Tod Sloan, he \vas incomparable in riding on a hciY>c's \vilhers and taking lii- fc^feS "Pack Up Your Playthings in Your Old Kit Btig" might be on apl \mr song for British soldiers on (he stalemated Western Front. Here's English Tommy, retuurnliig to Ffancfr after leave In London with ai new football tied to 'his kit bag. prcsslve price of $500. If ever ther " e ' ways and greens, but as much us i vvns n greater bargain In baseball he loves golf Ty Cobb's first, real nnd lasting affection Is for baseball. I rode out to the San Francisco match play open with him and Grnnlland nice yesterday, and as the oar rolled along toward the course their ccnvcrsntlon rolled back the ycnrs and Cobb was once a rookie In Roslyn, Georgia, lo you try lo name it. Wonder what major league team would pay these days for a rookie who fcr 24 a baiting average of *. foonery, peddled his star ontfteld- er, Bill Nicholson, to the Chicago Cubs in mld-senson, $33,000 .being the inducement. s Engel was In his glory and declared a dividend of oranges and lollypops for .the 1,100 Lookout owners, His tune changed a few- days later when Atlanta routed Ohatlanooga In the Shaughncssy playoffs but Engel, who can take his'luck In any form, staged n mock faint In the Atlanta prfk and- was carried out to the ac.-, companbnent of hilarious howls:f At a. recent conference with stockholders representatives, Engcl predicted. another championship team for 1910. "We will start the season with the best-bunch of players ever carried Into camp," Enrel said will 1 , typical reserve. "We'll hove Ihe best material to pick another winning team around." since I have been good in Knowing what he later accomplished, as the greatest slar the ?ame ever produced, it wns hard to believe that Cobb suffered the heartaches and disappointments and rebuffs that he did as n ycungster trying to brenk in. He played his first game of professional baseball for the little town of tlartwell, Georgia, and for his services was paid the fine sum °" his mount's hack You nowadays able t- ™»c like that. o[ * rocl8 Census To Change Indiana Marker Of Population Center For Nation On Trial for *" Wife's Deatf S Doming I'Yom South Texas Provides New Worry For Cotton Belt LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 20. tUP) — A new worry for Arkansas cotton growers has appeared In the fonn of the pink boll worm, which, agricultural officials say, Is a poten- :lal source of danger for the entire southern cotton belt. No traces of the rest have been . found In Arkansas but agricultural | and plant board authorities believe Is a'definite possibility that the moths may be blown Into the state by prevailing winds from 40 south Texas counties in which there now Is a serious 'outbreak, The United States Department of- Agriculture has kept close watch ever since the pink, boll worm first appeared 1 nthis country 18 or 20 years ago and has used quarantines .^^^^^_ ^.^ _____ . , and other measures to keep out- Pictured as his trial on charge oO I breaks limited to small areas. In manslaughter began at May$ I the ocurse of the fight eight or Landing, N. J., is SS-year-oItf;' ten investigations Imve been made Gaylord Donald Joy, accused o:,' In Arkansas and to date none of beating his wife to death in theiijV the worms have been seen here. Ventnor, N. J., home. A medica':. Reason for the current concern examiner's report had said Mrs!' over the danger Is the extent to Joy died of a fall. They had beer . I which the latest Infestation in married a year. Texas has grown and the location nearer to the real cotton section .than the location of previous ont- WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY CODfr CHICKASAWBA DISTR.ICM' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Alp,, Th. i ,i . n „ , The pink boll worm first appear- nil r 4? extl '^ me southwestern part of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Since that time outbreaks' have occurred In northeast Texas .Florence Weldon, Plaintiff, and in Louisiana but, through I vs - No - ' nn joint efforts of state and federal j s - D - Weldon, Defendant. governments, were kept under control by prohibiting the planting of cotton in these areas for a year LINTON,- Ind. (UP)—A modest tlnue Its southwesterly course lha limestone monument, marking the it has traveled slowly for decades mythical center of the population The center of population repre- the United States, stands atop scnts a pclnt in the nation bound- strip corcl mine spoil bank about ed by the same number of people or two. A committee composed of nine • The defendant, S. D. Weldon, warned to appear within days In the court named in til caption hereof and answer tM complaint of the plaintiff, Ploreni farmers and an entomologist from j Weldon. the University of Arkansas has | Dated this 30th day of Decembff.1 been appointed by the Arkansas 1939. l'| 'hree miles northeast of Llnton, •)ut net for long. With the completion ot the 1S40 havln; decennial census, from which the Atlas State Agricultural and Industrial. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerjil • ,, .i _, . " ~ — n**v. n O - '-.-vnv in rji uiiu illUVUJF.iUVt I n/JITi V Cj I IViVJ J> IVAO, I^ICI'S- n every d Action In other words, ; commtesion to consider preca,,- ! Claude P. Cocper, Atty Ad Litenl if the United States were a plane | tionary and preventive measures 30-6-13-i,, no weight, the legendary in the face of this danger. . . ifj could most easily support "point of balance" of population the nation at the center of popu- is computed, the -marker will be lation, for it would also be n pivot- "The infestation in Texas has grown to such an extent that it is not just Texas' fight, but one of ov , l f" cn Jlin Arthur, B.i:klc- Only One Yankee Gets Salary Cut — II Musi Be Gomez ifornlsi siiovUinen. nn:l occasicm- ally accepted mounls for Sahi 1 !lil- dreth. He v:on 82 races us com- pireil with Schilling's 110 in'isc : rncing days of 1902. "Riders nowadays come the sport in a haphazard style." he says. "There arc more tracks operating now tlnn In my time and the dcmiind for remsmcn is greater. To supply the need, many lads arc ruslu'ci into colors before they are ready. Little chance do they get to learn about handling a horse." moved. • al print of balance. everybody in the cotton belt," said Just where the new population The. present, monument was ded- H. K. Thatcher, executive director center will be is a matter of con- icated in 1931 with appropriate of the commission, lecture. Some suggest the new site ceremony. The center was estab- Chief Inspector Paul Miller of may be across the Wabash river, lished almost a year previously, the State Plant Board said that near Hutcnsville, III. Others sny It at which time a marker made of his department was ready to lend •vill be Carlisle, 12 miles west of coal wns erected. Later, however, its services for the battle to keep I here. Still others contend the n nearby resident saw a more the destructive boll worms out of i monument will go lo plensantvllle. practical use for the marker nnd Arkansas. He, too, expressed the But the general consensus seems fed it lo his furnace during a belief that there was real cause for !o hold that the marker will con- "cold snap." . concern among all cotton producers i — ] Tims the new shaft was creeled, in Ihe south over this rieiv threat. but it is seldom visited. Only a "In spite of all the measures-taken rutted coal mine, road leads to the by the U. S. Department of Ajrl- site and It Is not ccnduclve to sltlo " ~ trlns for pleasure. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock i,'| Guaranteed Best Prices ?j| Kirby Drug Store NEW YORK, Jan. 20 (UP) Thirty-one New York Yankee contracts, calling for more Ihan $300,of S2.50. A year later the Augusta coo ,„ sa|ll) . lcs in , 940 we ,, 0 ,„ team offered him a try out-pro- ,, 1C mnU CM rai]te (o , nms lo(| vldcd he paid his own railroad. p, cslrtcnt . Et! narrow" admitted fare and board and room during only ouc Y|U|k BQ , n sal| . fly cllt the tiytut. iHe wol] | ( | n '[. mme lllc pinyer, but "I went (is a shortstop," Cobb i W o and two add up to Lefty Go- said, "and much against my dad's m cz who had a mediocre season 0. S, f«TS E culture and Texas' ! aglrcultur'al agencies, the latest infestation has The new hub of population will been spreading rapidly since its be located by Prof. W. A. Cogshall, occurrence three years ago," Miller head of the University of Indiana said. "While there Is no immediate department of astronomy. He also cause for alarm, the situation Is BUY STANDARD TIRE Federal Savings And Loan . Insurance Corporal i o n Very Active determined the present center. First he must establish the center In terms of latitude and iongi- one that calls for concerted action on the part of the cotton growers.") i spot. wishes. He had arranged to get me an appointment lo either West last year. Point or Annapolis, and he. was only 12 wins and' 8 losses dead set against baseball. 1 didn't Joe DiMaggio was believed' to have gotten a $5000 boost to $30. Doubts Southern Colleges Grabbing 0(f Too Many Northern Boys ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 20 (UP)— tell him I was going to Augusta 000, and others who undoubtedly for a try-out until Ihe night before received substantial raises included I was lo leave. He walked the floor Charlie Keller, Joe Gordon, Alley .mcsl of the night, and offered me Donald, Marius Rnsso and Babe j every possible argument against Dahlgrcn. such a step. But when he saw 1. Blvmw woul( , nol rcvCBl t ,, c fl wouldn't be satisfied until I gave ; urc of tllc contract smt to Red baseball a try he wrote me out a Ro](e , wno nlrcndv llns wnmcd )lo balch of chciks-each for $15- is CX| , cclln!? S18i oo 0 , which would and told me lo do my best." I ,„,,„„ , ll()lU S3CI)0 lncrcns(r _ The Augusta manager moved Three players en the Yankee Cobb from shortstop to center- reserve lisl. outfielder Waller Jud- field. but he started the season nidi, and Pitchers George Wasli- agalnst Annlston, Alabama, at first burn and Charley Stanccu, will'not receive coulracl.s until the Yankees find out from Judge Landis Coach Elmer Layden of Notre my release. It nearly my heart and I hated to call schools to gel star football play- up my dad because I was sure he Dame last night scoffed al alleg- I they gave me ed "raiding'' of mrthera high 1 broke my hea base, due tc an injury to the regular first baseman. "I got a home run and a double whether Ihey can send these play- Ihe first day, and a single in crs i^ck ( 0 |i, L , , n \ nors before giv- thrce times up Ihe second," Cobb hig them a look In spring train- said, "but the third day, when the jug. regular first bascmnn came back,! Cleveland Rookie Accord- eel Honor By Pro Football Writers Group NEW YORK, Jan. 20. (UP) — Parker Hall. Cleveland Rams' triole threat rookie from the U. of Mis- slssUmt. todny was named Ihe National Football League's mnst valuable player for 193« by the Professional Foolbnll Writers' Association of America. Hall will receive the second annual Joe P. Cirr inemnriril award. nlaced in competition brt yonv by the league to wrno WASHINGTON (UP) — Officials if the Federal Savings and Lean i Insurance Corporation estimate Hint Hie savings of nearly 2.340.000 persons in long term thrift and ftmiliir financing institutions throughout the country, were protected by the corporation during 1JJJ - . Northwestern University school of Private savings put in the care education. of (lie institutions new amount to Before n meeting of the Missouri M/Mn.Onn.WO, as compared with Etate Teachers Association he pro- Si .398.000,000 saved by 2.044.000 VKC( \ it as a means of developing mrsons in 19.18. the rcnorl states, social sensitivity in colleec youth. More thnn 2.000 institutions are "often college fraternity nnd now Insuring their savers' accounts S0 rority life as well as other social im to $5.000. and report nn incrense situations on our campuses tend of 101 during the year. j co nave an aristocratic rather than Meantime, the report continues, n democratic effect on our stu- the cornoraiinn assets on Nov. 30,.'.dents." he said. . • . were 5121,014.000 with reserves of "Social scnsltivity-.Is needed, nnd $20,G5!).000, representing: a year' 1 ; it is a quality acquired through increase of $5.-l9S,000 and $5,310.000 experience." respectively. Its premium income since its establishment to Nov. 30, Moored Sloop Is Home For Married Students SEATTLE, Wash. (OP)—Home to Mr. and Mi's. Albert Ax, senior psychology students ot the University of Washington, Is f\ 20 r ST. LOUIS (UP)—Intettieshlps' foot sloop. %v with relist agencies, settlement. The vessel Alone also Is their houses and in factories for i'llcol- bankroll, for they.went fishing in lege students Is suggested by Dv. it last summer nnd caught enough O. Melby, denn of the salmon to keep them in school. Dean Suggests Students Get Factory Experience By living In the boat, moored' in •OTHER SIZES Seattle harbor, the couple's rent, i JROPOHTIONHTKTY bill'is only $3.50 monthly. . ' • "• ™—-•••" ers for southern colleges. In the principal speech at the. "bowl Jamboree" of the Atlanta Touchdown Club, the one-time "horseman" said that althcugh a number of promising players from the north had cast their lot with would say ho knew that would be the result, all the lime, and to come on home. But when I talked lo him, and told him I had a chance lo go to Annlston, he said. 'Son, go on lo Annlslon and don't come jback until you've made good. And Del Raines Will Meet Joe Welch On the average, cigaret smok- ivas ST,7(iG.OOO ami $14.233,000 was ers throw away about one-quarter derived from Invested revenue. , ot each cigaict. Premium income, however, It is pointed out. during the first 11 the memory of Us founder tnul ial^ president. Mel Hem. Nc'v YnrX Giants' center, won the first award. Hall received Ifi first nliro votes j months of 1MO, was 52,282,000 and n i"! 11 Eocnnd ulnre b-il'ots for a i invested funds revenue $3,119,000 total of 111 points. Don Hnt.son. or S309.000 and $84.000 greater -nd of the championship Green, than in 1938. Operating expenses Bay Packers, was se:oml with 13 .during the same pericd were $208,- "r-t. t'h^n.s niul nine scawls for ,000. a sliglu Increase. a total of 02 points. Davcv O'Brien. | with some 2,189 Insured institu- Phiitidi'Miifl Holes' midget, was lions in 1939. there have been only 'M^d with 37 points. 'seven cases in which it was neces- The 205-pound Hall bvrki- sam-' snl 'y lo Sivc assistance, the report mv rtitich's pawing re?nrd by com- slates. Losses which have been set- opting 100 out of 203 ivu-.ns for tied or arc pending aggregate $1,1.22 yards nntl nine tnii-lviryms. 250.000 nnd represent nine states Hn 'joinf > {! -153 v^rtis nmniut;, ',vhlch from all sections of the country. placed him fifth in tin MnndhiT. Ho pnntrc' an average of 41 y;irds. T\\ -i kick swcrc RO nnd 78 van:, the line of scrimmage. from The Notre Dame mentor said c ™w" BOOd '" Annlsl ° n> imlK team at 2le pounds. He has been that when it came dowr. to n "You even wrofr some letter* a tcaUlml Peilormer In most of case -of ccmpetitlve bidding his to th< nc«?pape"iWulTo-v good Ulc large clllM tl "'™ s tllc p:V51 school lost interest anyway be- ou weT didu? ycu Ty?" Rkc couple ot , ycMS ' '- m °"""S «° ™cause "we figure a boy who is out .Iskcd with a ausl Rlcc , roney, and should be able to ex- for all he can get and plays one Cobb chuckled ' |, c "» ^ •"*'"*" Wclch l ° U>C school agfsinst the other Isn't the "T i/now von did '• Rl'o«- -MM kind we want,, under any .terms."! "because? TOS a sn'orUi editor of , Olhcr ^ Momlny " lsllt wiU Coaches and sporUwrlters from the Atlanta Journal at that time '£l?, lurc " Lc '' ty " !>l1ccr ' thc clnssy 8)1 over the sculh were guests at a, Id r± rt ?!!.?,, 8 L,™ V.".?,' chlcfl B° Brappler, against Swedish Rotarv Club Auctions Gifts From Celetrities RED HILL. Pa. (UP* — Gifts from government officials, cint-ma stars and nntlcnnlly manu-1 facliircrs wne nmong th" articles' auctioned off by th? Notary cinb for Ihe benefit of Crippled children. the l.COO pl"s w.^rc nn copy of n i-nok by ^^nry Pick ford: rv lady's pin from uiivi ,, ulv - i ^ u Claudslte Colbeil, who also sent a ,-. .^, v, r ,, »,. . •—'—^" """v «* im«.-i in.- ««a, prte matcho^ \vin lv» hvn mit of note .sianed by Jack 13mnv Dor- Howard Ec'or Rll-southeastem how he could run the bases, and three all affars othy Laniour. Frances 'Farmer, «!?"!;f -°l.v T g ? v?' WaS , P1 i C ' h ° W he could plw the outficld ' Bob Burns and Fred M.vMu.rav scnted with the louchdown clubs The letters were signed John The full moon appears high In and a photograph of the u S. player in Jones, Ed Smith, Tom Brown, Phil the sky in winter nnd low In the Capitol nutogiaphed by Secretary Harris, Joo Thomson, and every. summer In the United States. : of War Harry H, APPY GRO.& H OUR MKT. FREE DELIVERY 103 \V. Main SI., I'honc IS REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilaas Now Managed by Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! AT ONCE CASH For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton See Louis Applebaum 101 So. 2nd. Blytheville, Ark. PHONE 167 L.D. 19 AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! CAc As Low As Per Wee:| 'On Qu BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. used the party, which featured movies orn, al over the of the four prlnclpa! New Year's m™o witch" " r ' cot - rat t tp« from south lc " a " d B " nny "° U ' 8 WRESTLING PAGER vs. OLE OLSEN vs. RED ROBERTS vs. DEL RAINES ««r« • coiuerence American Legion Arena, Monday 8 P- ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS - LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities . Osceola,"Ark.

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