The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1930
Page 2
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.PAGE TWO COURIEU.NEWS Items of Personal Interest -CLUBS Activities and News of Women Social Calendar 'Thursday . 'The 'girls o ithe Queen Esther clits of the First Baptist cnurca will hold an Important class meeting :at 3:45 o'clock. , . *tri Byron, Morie Is baying tlic .Thursday club. Mrs. A. uonway is hostess lo the ,iU<i-Weelc duo. The Two'Table club Is meeting with Mrs. Cft&rles PBitlow. The United Daughters of Confederacy, is' meeting at tiie of -Mrs. M. KUzsimmons when Over Bridge Table By '«e*p. Lcroy Hubbard \Vill Represent House velt Here With thk iprli« Ilki; weaUicr It's . clcthcs and new furniture for (he • meeting ladles uiul thoughts cf baseball crippled children in tins nnd straw iials for the men. Goll, loo. comes In now nnd llic Indoor homo i course Is an allractlon for th.-se Mesdames W. I. Denton, W. Oberst and. J. 11. Smart will nlso be hostesses. Mrs. W. T. Obcret will be leader of a program lonial South. who/do not belong to the. club or tlnil the wc.ithcr a bit alrlsh yd. At the parties Friday and Hal- urday everyone seemed to have on Mrs. O. M. Orny Is having a, on "Co-. ] W new spring oiufits which 01 led In perfectly with the warm A personal representative ot franklin D. Ilooscvcli will take p.m on tlic program o( the nnniml of tlio s(ti(e society for city Ur. Thursclny. February 21 when luncheon for her gue.'.U, Mrs. J.ius: to rebel against winter Dcroy \V. Hiibbard, Jurgeon-ln- eliiei ot liic Wiirni Springs, Gu., hospital, will be here. Mrs. James B. Clark, conntv chairman, extended on invliatlon In Mr. Roosevelt, who Is noted lor Ills interest In crippled children* \vork, lo l:c un honored guest at sunshiny' days "that"Wvo" caused t" lc ll!rell "K- Uccausc he Is unable Keeping "Danger Hand" from Leading Made Game Certain BihofNews Mostly Persona! ' Featured In the thirteenth ol MiHon O. Work's Radio Bridge Games, whlcli won; on the air Tuesday from Station KLON, wro Mrs. Catherine A. Strecter, of Loi Angeles, California, Mrs. Prescott , Warren, of Newton, Mass., c J McDIarmid, Esq., of Cincinnati', ; Ohio, and E, v. Shepard, of New Yorlc City ... til of tlwrn figures In the Bridge world. Their cards were: Mr. McDlar- .mld, as Dealer, "South": Spades •IK, J, 3; Hearts, A. J, 8, 2; Dia- 1 I ninnilc r\ T inc. /-u__i__ . *. Ml:s Oh Boh Harris/ 'has turned from Memphis where vHinl for two days. - . ... Mis May L. Aidridge returned! monds, Q. J, To,'6; "blubs"'A^T yesterday (rom Chicago where she:Mr, Shepard, "West": Spades, A «' attended tlie gift show and visited 0, 5, 2; Hearts, 7, 6, 4; Dlan-ondi her brother and ilstor for ft neck I ^, 3; Clubs, 8, 4, a. Mrs. Warren' Mr 1 " T \U Ktlii,*,. i . .. i. «,T_ „ L 1.1.. rt ., _ ... „ __ • - •, W. 11. Har- \V. Miller and Mrs. ris;i>; of Bassett. '• • • Friday Tlie Dorcns Sunaay schco! class of the First Baptist church will | BO meet at the hcmc of Mrs. c. coals and dresses. A crowd cf high school cMs nboul 10 have a purly once a.week wlileh is strictly a "dutch" affair, They to the chew or a basketball then have drinks at n druj Mack, 123 West Davis avenue. |st;rc. Some of them nre Ihe Jiiitt girls, Helen Alice Stcrnberg and the Martin girl. Another crowd has a merry time every Friday night over at, Ralph and Atherton Far- To Have Fellies 1 he" senior cists of the city high school .will present Its annual follies March; 13 and M lor the pur- prse of raising money for the senior memorial. Mies. ..Mtirthft Chambers' has been ^appointed' manager .with Miss V1-; «an*IHllahunty us director, ol the chcrujti and Mike Slm.ohlaj.busK nest;manager. • • -.. ', , . . . • ' •••«-••... Has tlBk..... .i'..-., , "' - ' . 'Mcsdames'W. H..Miivyaril, E. C. PaKon/Louis Greene, i. B. Him- ccck and Miss Grace Webb were guests of Mrs. Henry Humphreys when the aho entertained. Uic Tuesday Luncheon club at the home Stephen H. of her sister, Mrs. Brooks. Alter the appetizing two course menu, served at one o'clock, several eanjcs of bridge. were played. .Mrs. U.'E. Keek won the club prlz: and. Mrs. Minynrd was high among the ; guests. Both received powder.: Club Entertained When Mrs. .W.. Leon Snil tli .was hcstcss to the Tuesday Bridge club she [also Imd Mrs. Welch Foster," ..Mrs.-.Erjjcst.Roe-and Mrs. .W.. 11, McKenzie to p!ay. The high =core prize, a set ol ice box bowls, .went, to Mrs. Hunter 0. Sinu. Mrs. Smith served',a plate ilunch cf meal loaf, ..tora»(o salad,- hoi rolls and preserves with coflee. ' CnlW . . , There. wero;il2 'members, ol the St. 8 tepien's Episcopal Guild who attended tha mesthis Monday afternoon when 'Mi^.-^f .'Consvay wns hosiers. While" dispensing »im-'tha business thc,ladios, sewed and marts -plans for an ali-'day meeting noxt Monday,- at the Kcme cf -Mrs. A; B. Palrficld, when sewing will bo done for the Blytlievllle, This activity Is carried out once each year.- • The hostess served . an appetizing salad course. • . . • • ' •-• wlth dancing (is the chirf cnler- tainment.' • .'•••. Some of those- who aic musically inciinctl for better llilngs arc planning ta go lo opera. A number of high school. [Indents will' attend the mallncc Saturday aJtcrndon,' March C, -.ccompaiiled by their music lencher:, while others will fib down for. tlie three performances. Tito • Schlpa will sin? at the matinee Saturday in "Lucia dl Lannnormocr," while Rosa Ralsa, dramatic soprano will be featured In Bellini's "Noima," Friday night and tlie engagement closes wltli "Lohengrin," with Mario Olsewskn ns Grind, Rene Ma'lcon as Lohengrin anil Hilda Burke us Elsa. A rcprcEcn'ullve from the Rubcn- ;teln company In New York, win wns here recently, invited a few ndle; lo Invc. facials and, strange >ul true, dld.'i'i ask n»y ol (hem o buy anything! She was on in- crcsting person and told nil hew o make yourself. l<jvcly_cvcn if you vere not. " " •It seems to IM "a nice fad lo mvc If,, vherc. O;ic of these whs yiveii by Miss Dollio Ooccwlch'of Luxo'ia week when' Eho had lice bridge ciub. Mrs. Jclm Meyers of thh city; Mrs.. 'Graver -:Thomps:n, F. ' M. Sends, R. c. .Langston and "J. ;M. -Iinit, of Luxcira. for dinner arid irlctge nl ' tlic Hotel Noble. Mrs. Meyers, who formerly lived'Iri'Liix. ,- was-ais) •» . feuest," : wlth. Mr. Beyers, at a party, lo leave the Mats of New York nl llils time tic could not ba present bill will tend Dr. llubbard who is In charge ol the hospital founded by Oov. Roosevelt. The convention, to which the public is cordially Invited, will bo- gin al 1! o'cloi'k in the morning. Mrs. O'.to Kochlllzky is assisting Mrs. Clark In making arrangements and Mrs. A. Conway Is chairman of the luncheon reservations. Oiceola Sociely— Personal Born A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carley Kcllcy .Tuesday evening. The baby, .who weighed len. pounds, : has been 'named 'Fianklc Colice. To Have Founders Day Program Today Miss Willie A. Lawson. county superintendent, is one of the speakers ibr the program of the Shawnce Parent-Teacher asscclation this afternoon in celebrating Founders Day. Her subject Is "P. T. A. in " County." R. O. .. thcrcMn-t.week.-- ' (Beautify Yard at School Other numbers Include selections by the glee club and KMdie baud, a talk on "The Origin and Illslorv of P. T. A." by Mrs. J. W. Milter of Bassclt; a voice number, Mrs Mary B. Harden; a piano selection Miss Elizabeth Burrell. Mrs. W: A Parker was In- charge of 'the program. Mrs. Ed Bell Is president o! tlie organization. Makes Talk en Lincoln A talk on Abraham Lincoln \va- given by Miss Winnie V. Turner ccunly supcr\isor. to students r, the hijli school civic yroup today lor z, program on his blrtlicb)' One of the tho'.iBhts commented upcn was Lincoln's fan-.ou; words: "All that I am and all thai I have. 1 owe to my angel mother." • * * Millenary Society Has Program jVtwtinir ' . Eleven members and four vl:a- tors, including 0113 new member. Mrs. Sam Overtoil, of the missionary society of the Second Baptist church met nl the hcmc or Mrs. W. M. McFarland Monday afternoon for a program. These numbers were heard: son?. "My Country Tis of Thee:" prayer. Mrs*. Mary McAllister; scripture reading. 123 Psalm, by leader. Mrs. Clyde Ellis; pr.-gram subject an nounccd; "Royal Service:" tali,-* "The Baptist's Principle in Democracy." Mrs.- W. M. Blaylork- "Baptists in Struggle for Liberty.'' Mrs. Leslie Moore; "The Second Awakening."' Mrs. Clyde WIIIK; "Hcmc Mission Beginning," Mrs. w. M. McFarlond; "War and Reconstruction," Mrs. E. Z. Nc-wsom; "Growth From a Clearer Vision.' Mrs. Otis McFarland; "Problems and .Activity," Mrs. Sam Ovcrton; sentence prayers by five mcmters. Kairts-Kamcs Miss Pauline Karncs and Mr Thomas Rawls, both of Greenway Ark., were married here yesterday by Justice R, L. McKnight. Read' Courier News Want Ads. The. Isolated school of Rocky, ionthwcst ot Manila, is optimistic, While the flood kept:many of the itudents from attend ing 'school! hose who ••• cpuld get thcro . haVo icon "picirarliig ' their school yard r-summer beauty. . : Tlic yard .of. ,llie ' two ' tenciicr rural school'Is being filled in. the s trimmed Rii'd all. the rutbisli cleared nwav.-Wheu sprlni; comes .hey plan -to plant all kinds 01 flowers and to whitewash the tr?e.;. Miss Winnie V: Turner, county supervisor of r'ural'schools, iiaci lo walk six.miles the other' clay to rr-.ich tlic school In licr usual schedule oi visiting. Because oltlia Impassable roads she expected lo flnrt only a few present. Every boy and girl who could i»s;ibly rcacu school there. H. a. Wnlkins unit Miss Irci).; Wstkins aric the teacliers. funeral Services Held Here For Allie Sisk Funeral services were held Saturday for Allie Sisk. well known cotton man, who succumbed in Memphis last Thursday. Tlie ncv. Perry F. Webb, pasto: of the First.' napmt dim-on. . i Delated a', ilio icrvlccs comluclcr al tlic family home, 203 West Kei k'y. liiiermenl \uii iiiailc n tlniwcoil cemetery. Pallbearers were: Elmer 1'atton ', M. Scrtigg^, Ir;i Crawfort! Charley Gray. 11. It. ru-ctvs nni C'narlcs Alfortt: IVie dcrcascd• ic rnrvhfd by lii ividpw,iMrs. Liliic Si^k ;md line iTothers, J. 11. Sisk ol Mcmyhi; Kngcnc' Stsk' e( Mrniphu iind W M. Sislt of 'New Oilcan^ PHYLLIS indcrslanrt p.i In l.»i\r tat rtaiitt): why you slaved out " tide so long \\Hli such ,\ "s- .Members of llic First IJaptlss huich lust evening surprised the <ir, Rev. C. E. Welch and Mrs Veich with u miscellaneous slio-.v- r, celebrating their thirty-seventh •«ldlug anniversary. They were Invited 'to go dilvln; bout 7 o'clock In the evening an.-i vhllc lliey were nwny members ol he woman's missionary society Iccoraled the pastorium with n lellghllul Valentine scheme, ana- he guesls, about 40, in all, had allicrcct when Hcv.- and Mrs. Velch relumed. Tire shower of - miscellaneous Ills was presented with a churning little speech by Miss "Fern Gray, imnorous Baiiies .followed; Intcf- persed with the musical rendition f old time lovu 'songs played by .Irs. Clarence Grlgsby, and at H ate hour, delicious rcfrcshmcnis. repared by Indies .of the church, vere served. ' The -high school Parent-Teacher tssocatlpn will make plans for 'qunder's Day party next week, ni, lie regular meelliijf which will leld In the high school auditorium lore this 1 afternoon. 'The merai-y. department of- the, Ospeola Women's Progressive chil net yesterday afternoon with Mrs B. Segiaves, n lesson In currsn nts being led by Mrs. P. l'. Ja cobs and a lesson on Education ana literature taken from tlie studj :ext, "Recent- Gains in Anwricai 3lvillzatlon," beinu led by Mrs. a M. HodgeJ. Twelve members were present. A lelldous salad, course which car led out a-Valentine color scheme vas served following tne lesson. Tn: lest meeting on Tuesday nl ne.\ reek will be- held at the home;a: Mrs. Jf. L. Suihncrs with Mrs. J J. \yiiite leading the current,-event: .essoh. and Mrs. R. H. Jones lead ng Ihe lesson from the study lexl Members of the Dlytheville Btjsv ness nnd Professional Women's clua will be isucsls ol the. Osccola Bust less and Professional Women's or ianiaztlon at a Valentine party f ic given In the club rooms at tlv couvlhousc- here this evening. Members of circle "A" ol In Methodist. Women's Missionary so cicty ynve a surprise bivlhday tlm ncr tiist evening lor Mrs. W. u Flatmlgaii, who has lx?cn Chan man of the circle since Us orgnni zalion a number of years 1130. Twenty-four members ot llir rir etc met nt the lioine ot Mrs. J. w Edrington, eacli bringing a cnvcrc dish,'and following the dinner delightful social limir wns enjtn cd, Vnlentlne motifs were employ cd in the decorations nnd a iiuui bei- .0 fthc evening's diversions \vt". in keeping with the hylulay. Miss Mary Calhivcu Ward Is cu tcrtnining the tlirce table bii.l-, club to which she belongs al u home of her 'slslcr. Mrs. A. w. Bowen, lierc tills -altcruoon. Mrr, J. w. Miller and mother, Irs. W.- H. Harrison, of Baisclt, 111 Ire the guests of Mr and Mrs. M. Gray tomorrow" "North": Spades, 8, 6; Hearts, K Q, 3; Diamonds, A, 9, 5, 4; Clubs K, J, 10, 2. Mrs. Streetcr, "Easi"' Spades, 10, 7, 4; Hearts, 10, 3, 5- Miss Nancy Lee Hurt has return-1 Dii! ™°" f| 5. K. 8. '*: Clubs, Q, 7, 6,5. I tn hi»r-t>~mrt *« T/-~« ^.i... I Mr. McDIarmld So n .1 to her • l.rnic in Kansas City, lo.. nftcr li few days visit with 1lrs Mary. Roncy. She wa • cii- outo- home from Georgia Tech and he University of Alabama 'where lie had been visiting. . . ' Aincng those frcm this city who ttcndcd the dance in'Caruthers- ille last night were Mrs. Fredla A.iwford and Charles Hill. Mrs. E. C. Joplln, ol Carulhcrs- Ille. Is vkUing licr daughter Mrs amcs n. Clarfc and Mr. Clark ' Mr. and Mrs. W. C. WahU .Miss largucrlte Matthews, Dr. w M. Owen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crlg- er. jr., motored to Memphis last il?ht far a show. Mrs. N. P. Knight, Mrs. A. B. Palrfleld, Mrs. Mabel Watts and "Irs. Dan Duncan spent yesterday n Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway nrs tomorrow afternoon for St, Jiuls where they will visit unlit "ucsday. Mtas Mary Hires is able to be jut today lines. attcr a week's serbus Mr. McDIarmid, South, opened llic bidding with one No Trump. Mr. Shciurd, West, passed. He appreciated that his best hope of wing game was to have tiie No Trump bid against It. the Jack, and West with the 7. At trick eight, Declarer continued wltn the Ace of Hearts. West discarded the 9 of Spades; Dummy the 8 of Spades; and East the'Deuce oi Diamonds, To trick nine, Declarer led the Queen ol Diamonds, West played'the 7, Dummy the Ace, and East the 8-spot. Mr. McDIarmid refuted the tempting Diamond finesse bec»us« his Ace of Diamonds insured 'game. Ho did well to take the certainty; had he finessed East could have been finessed only uj to the danger hand. •Another feature in the gam which might be passed Unnotlce «s It did not affect the result an was therefore seemingly unlmpor 1 . tut wai Mr. Shepnrd's expert de tensive play to tricks eight' an. nine, with the lead of the. Ace o Hearts at trick eight Declarer jiu won the first eight tricks; his nintl trick and game was in sight n Pummy's Ace of Diamonds. Mi Shepard considered that, Declare might have a Diamond holding ii his combined hands with which ; finesse would give him a smal. slam If the King of Diamonds' hap pened to' be -in'the West han; Therefore, Jtopmg lo mislead til - ,, ..__ .,„ .„„..*„.„ ,-,„,. , would have won and the adversar- Declarer Into thinking he wii pro '" "— ies would have taken tlie remain- Ing tricks. Mr. McDIarmid Ihen had nine tricks and game. Regardless' of what Dummy led to the tenth trick Mrs. Streeler, East, was bound to win with either her King of Diamonds or Queen of Clubs, and obviously East and West would take all the res,t of the tricks. Declarer scored 30 for tricks and 30 for his three Aces. ' - ' ', • ••• .-, ; In commenting upon the'game, Mr. Work called particular attcn-' never overlooks, but SSSTh/'SSS WMr^E«° = « K ™± S V,>. L.M.,,,»V! h . l .^i^ 1 U™ 1 " sometimes fails to see: u. opponents would shift to a suit dec-1 Increased. Mrs. Warren. North, had ample strength to bid two No Trumps, but she deemed it inadvisable to increase the contract in view of her v.'onhless doubleton in Spades. She thought it unlikely that hast would be strong enough lo bid, therefor: she need not attempt to shut out a- lead-directing call by th»t hand.' However, In case East did bid. NortrTwas strong enough to bid or serious consequences, but in which it Is probabfe that tne game ivouli! be saved 11 the other adverse hauil should win the trick. This is because one adverse hand, East in this case, would be able to Ica'.i through-a tenace or honor, where.: as the other adversary' would hav'-i to lead up to It. The' hand- which hlght make the game-saving lead 13 called; the "danger hand," anct the expert tries to manipulate 'his The three small children of Mr. .nd Mrs. H. G. Smith, Ruth Eli- abcth. H. G. Jr.. nnd Joan, arc raprovlng after illnesses • from carlet lever and chicken pox. Mr. Smith Is also ill. Betrand Colin, of Memphis, ai- cnded to business here yesterday. Mr. nnd Mis. J. E. Buiord Jr.. uid daughter. Virginia Jo. aie nuvlnj lo Rogers, Ark., Monday. They came here' nb:ut hvo -years ago from Mc*'pliis.- . Dean Hnlchcr, of Osccola. I' ransacthii! business here tod.\y. Atrions those from this city who attended llm dance in Carurievs- Illo last nijht were: Mr. nnd Mrs. . AppJebniim, .N!r. and Mrs. J. IJ Coulter, Mv. and Mrs. Milton S!ern- bevg, Jack Diamond and J:c Ap- plcbauni. County Euciurcr B. N. Wilson, of Osceola, attended to buslnesi licrc ciloyi • ' • Niithan. WclnbDrg, of Osceoln. was a.- Tuisincss visitor In the city -10- day. ', v ; . •'• '• * ' Mrs: H.' E. Ncblctt, of Tiipels, Miss., Is the gucr.t of her daunh- .er, Mrs. Charles I'arllow. ar.d family fcr two weeks. She was accompanied here by Mr. Ncblctt. who 'turned Monday. O. E. Keck was in Memphis yes- .erday on business. Miss Sue Shelby is In Uisora :lii6 -ufternoon where die is Kiy iv rending licfrrc llic mceling of the Parent-Teacher association'. Max B.'Reid nllchclcd to business:'In Mdiripbis.Tucsdnr. ^ •--, John Roliind 'Sanders is- impL'oav- ing following an D\ieratk)n for'ap- pciullcilis at Ihe Dlytheville hospital ten days ago. - j. L. N. Matin's uns a business visitor ia Memphis Tuesday. i It. H. Schmuck. O. J. HcUicvi and M. L. Mom aie leiiving this afternoon fcr Nashville. Tcnn. where they will attend a cunven- tlon of the National Lite aiul Accident Insurance company. They will be gene until Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tiuton h:ive i their guests today. MI-E. ,t. L James and son, Kclw;inl. Mrs. A. F McDiuiicl and C. T. McU.mlcl. c Carulhcrsville; Mrs. Her! Uilcy of Senatli. Mo. Mr..and Mrs. P. E. Henley spcii Monday and Tuesday In Trimble Trim., with Mr. Henley's motliei who ivas critically ill but \vlio 1 now improving. double on the next round. Mrs. | play SD as to keep that hand froni Strceter, East, ol course, was ou-1 obtaining the lead, as:Mr McDiar- imid did In this gtmc when he'de- termined to play, his six-card Olut) suit instead of the eight-card'Dia- mond suit, because the Diamonds Reorganizes Osceola Club The Boys and Girls -I-II club of O3C«>l:i Is bring rroritsini/i'il lo (Iny undci 1 the sponsorship of Mi.> Corn Lcc C'oleman. county homi flciiionstr.iticii ar.i;nt, who is Ji lhal city today. dnucer ns Guy! IRENE: nc'.v Mt|wv- —Til-bits. He showcil UK somu -and we sat on Uicm! Thry "Kixcil" H MOTOttlST: "I wish l k,,. v .. wlw , *'as wrong willi my car V1UKND: Why not l;iii f it to a garage? 'MOTORIST: I've just brought it Iron one.—Answers. December a Record Month For Marriage Licenses j • Thoughts of Siinta Cl:uir, srcm to lend to vvcdcllups. Thcro were bO riiorc marrlnge licences ;<sur;l from the local ofucc of the ro;miy roiiri clerk in December than there were Inst month, with December breaking all previous records. Tins muntn promises also lo be a ->low month for preachers anrt juslics-s uf tne peace, as only about 3.i lu-;nso.- have been issued. There were arm January, HO in Ucccmbrr compared with 127 for November a:nl ii;i in October.. More negroes arc getting ried than at any previous tcas.j;i. the records show. Classified The speaker was getting lircri cf being interrupted. "Wo seem to have a ercjt many fools here tonight, 1 ' he said "Wouldn't 11 be advisable to hear cue at a time?" "Yes," tuM a voice.--aet •'ci-, with your speech.- 1 '—Til-Bits. giving Mr. mid the bid for one No Trump. Mr. Shepard, West, opened tiie play by leading the 5 of Spades, Ins lourth-besl. Though an Ace-Queen suit is not oijcncd against a trump contract if It can be avoided, the longest suli generally should be led iigalnst a No Trump regardless of what cards It contains, unless that tult has been adversely bid. North's hand became Dummy, and from It Declarer played the u f Spades. Mrs. Strceter, East, ilaycd the 10, and Declarer th^ nek. With the lead in ills OKU land, Declarer was then in a [»- ition to finesse Um Diamonds, of iiich lie hel. delght in his com- liied hands; but he appreciated !mt If the finesse lost, ^Mrs. S'.rccl- r. East, would lead Spades thru Declarer's King-3, and West, holing Ace-Queen as was clearly sliown y the cards played to the first rick, would bo able to capture De- ] lavcr's high Spade and then run he entire suit, saving game. A inesse lost to. West would not have he sanis dire result, because- u Spado lead would be Declar- ' r's once-guarded King. : ' j Therefore to trick Iwo, Declarer' cd his Deuce of Hearts, to which] Vest pliiycd the 4, Dummy Ih? j Queen, and East the 5. Declarer'! icn prepared to take n Club fl- lessc, in the right direction, by eadtng Dummy's Deuce of Clubs. L'ast played tiie 5, Declarer Ihe 9. nid West the. Trey. Even it Declarer had not won this fmcssp, h» still would have been in position .0 take three Club tricks, and East- would not..have beeii in the lead, riicso three Club tricks, with tlie Sjiaile ajid one Heart already won. the three more Hearts he was i ;ure (o win, and tlie Ace of Dia- j monds, 'Wiirc .all he needed for ;auie. So lie proceeded, at trick four, to \ lr-ad the Aco of Clubs. Wesl plnycd! the 4. Dummy the 10. East, the li. j Declarer then led the 8 of Hearts; 1 West played Ihe 6; Dummy won j with (he King; and East followed : with the a. Dummy cashed the ] King o( Clubs, Uast playing the 7; j Declarer discarding the 6 of Din- | monds; and West playing the fl i of Clubs. Dummy's next lead was llic Trey of Hearts, to which Enit followed with Ihe 10, South willi tecting the King of Diamonds, Mi Shepard, West, took care to-diy card the 9 of Spades on the ac, of Hearts,- playing the 9 inste'ai of the Deuce to give the imprej> sion that he had had only a foui- card Spade suit originally; Mrs Stree'er, - appreciating that he. partner was trying to make Declarer misplace the King-of Diamonds, did her part by discarding the Deuce of- Diamonds- on this trick. On the, next trick Mr. Shep- arrt..contlnueti his deceptive,.tactics when the Queen of Dlaijioi)d3:w«s led by playing the 7, not the, Trey But Declarer did not' swahow tne bait offered him by his adversaries H did look to him as it Mr. Shepard had the King of Diamonds, bui the business of the Declarer is to wliv a game when he can ... not to FEBRUARY 12, 1930 'Isk .It for "a possible or probiblu lam ... so he refused the finsssc. Mr, Shepard's clever effort v:ta: for naught, but that did not QU- Iract from Its merit. Had .the hand been playcl »<, Contract, South, using the NJ 1'rinnp couist generally employe;; ;y Contract players, would liav-j .igured hh Spades as 4. his Tlcat-is 5, his .Diamonds 3 and his Cluuv 1 ... a tola-, o: 1C, Just opo lC)-> than the m:nlnium for an M of tv;o No Trunijis. So ha woul:i have started uy bidding cue U.i frump, West" would have passe;!, jnd North, with a count o£ 13, A-ouId have b!U three No Trump-. A count of 12 Is sufficient, la juni i Jc<i!cr's one No Truinii (u :n:-uj llic play would be the sain: in both games. Germany raises four nml one-'.ialt .im?s as many poiatoca as th-' United States. KC BAKING TbwDER Guaranteed Pure Use KC for fine texture and large volume in your bakings Motions of pounds used by our Government World . . Don't go ' Hospital t\'otcs I'alicnts admitted to tlie Blythc- ville hospital yesterday and today arc: O, W. Johnson. Mnni:a; Mrs. The mentality of a .gri/zly ben far below that of Hie ilrp o wolf. Sure Way to Stop NMit Coughs I'';immis Prescription iirings Almost Inslanl Hclief Night cotijhs. or riu>lis raiinrd oy a cold or Irritate;! ttirrai. can now IK stopped within If, iiiinutcs by a doctor's prcsfrlp::n:i which works on r.ii entirely dirtci-i-nt prln- rlple. This prcscrip'icn i< put up under the name ThcMi;e and ii available to overyone. Having Tho.xlnc on luiul Is ,1 safety measure ,i;ai:is; :! ;! coughs Mil throat Irritation.;. Thcxitie contains no h.irmful drugs, is pleasant^ and safe for tlie whole family, gold on n money back fuanmtce to ter and quicker relief or sore Ihroats thr.n .in>t]ii;ig ;vc bet- coughs T. B. Thompson. Oscco'.a. John have ever tried. Ask iov Tlioxlne.i Bnxley. Monetlc. ; put up rcaciy fcr u^c ;n 3,v ccc ' These dismissed arc: Edward ; aM SI 00 bottles. Kcl.i i :v klrby Earlc Anderson. Keller; Mrs A | Drug Co.. and Kir!>-.-!!-». Drug Williamson and daughter. S!ee!c.:c«., and all clhcr pocii riry- s -oies MO. Adv.-7 Friday, Feb. 14 Valentine Day VALENTINE FLOWERS 3cc ihc beautiful assortment ft ba;.!;rls; macic lip boxes cf ilowct! 1 . Corragcs and Cut Flutters which include Vk). lets. K\vceU 1'cas, Valley U\lie* Hoses. Carnations—in lad. everything in flowers. \Ve Telegraph Flowers to All I'.irts of the World Le; us have your order early Beaton's Home of Flo\s r ers Your Hcmc Florist Phono 105 HEAR ZAL B. HARRISON Over KWKH -- Shreveport TOMORROW NIGHT Between 7 and 8 O'clock 4 Mr. Harrison and 0. C. Barnes are in S h r c v c p o r t in the interest of Blythcville. Don't fail to tune in. If you don't havQ a radio at your house, go visiting! But don't miss this program. It concerns you and your hometown, "BLYTHEVILLE'S FUTURE IS TIIE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES" will be Mr. Harrison's subject. BIytheville Independent Merchants *£.S

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