The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NEA Service Inc CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for flrst In- Ecrllon end one ctnt a word for each BUbsequtnt insertion. No advertisement taken for less than We. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 30G FOH SAhh BABY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven lloc'is. Custom Hatching sollcliecl. Marilyn Hatchery. Bly- Lhevillf, Avk. 9ck-tf FEED roil SALE—Corn. hoy'Tatl, special price en car loads. I'hone 65. Ira Crawford. IScJaf. CALL OR WRITE Mrs. J. H. Hock, Oscool". for Ban-on strain English leghorn cockrcls. 8pkl5 LAURA LOU BPOOKMAN Jt'lllTH I ? I' I « I, HI n • r I C • KMIiHT. rlri-utlvr lUbljiu bnUKr !• tfhl Lilujril. Knluhi )• u A M T II I K .if Itir |iuLi. b mhr U rm> Ud.,»rr ullh ti vi . . . JI'MDU. 1'uny Lirrlt* 1 " Juilllh n- n IK. IN 'n.l. » ntlriuttir. n ninnilun "llh 1111 !(!:» llllll'l |. 11|;|:. ,!,-:, hi,, ,,,,J ,,,r,,,| r ,I. \Vhi-r. .Tu:il^r «.,Miirk bjinic fur Ihr rhrNl- iua» Ii.,ll.!.i>. In- :il.,i li,-nl> lu. dllli ,..'1,11; •AM)) CIC.Uli', Knlchi GUARANTEED USED CARS . 1!«9 Mcdd Chevrolet Koail- Ktcr. Gocd tirfb, motor in gucd Jibuti ............ STJ5 1327 Model Ci'iryilcr ID Itoad- sler. Neu 1 paint job, motor A.I cendition ...... ',S'i35 11)21 Mcdel Chrysler 50 t'oupr. New paint job, mcfor in gcod condition .......... Si 18 Model A Tudor. tires, inutur in slupe Good good $383 Authorized Ford Dealers I'HILLU'S MOTOR CO. PHONE 811 FOR SALE— Mine-piece waln luing suite. Good as new. ut din- Phoir llckl? FOR RENT FOR RENT-Onc ur two furnished rooms, close In. Apply Jlminlc Lcdbettcr, Triangle Store. 4ctf. FURNISHED APARTMENT~~For Hent—Garage, Jiahts and water. Phone 3«3. Gpkll. FOR RENT—Nice comfortable rcoins with mortem conveniences Mrs. Nolan, 310 West Walnut. 5pkl2 FOR RENT-2 furnished bedrooms. 101 E. Davis. Mrs. J. z. Ozment. FOR RENT— 6 room stucco resT- dcnce, furnished of unfurnished 512 North 1st Street. Will ba vacant February 15th. Dr. Saliba Phone 410. • ICcklS FOR JlErrr—After March 1st ihc . store -house. No. 317 West Mpin itrcct, UlylhcviUe, Ark. J. W. Atkins. Dyersburp. Tenn. Ilckl3 WANTED WANTED—We have set tile pace for hve years. Marilyn Hatchery. Blytheville. Del; Feb. 10 WANTED—Cotton renter. No overflow. I3ox 12, Fagus. Mo. 7pkl9. WANTED—To kir-w the address of £ny rormcr mEmhcrs of the J. O. ". A. M. No niatfer whnt state from. A Council will be orGanizad in the near future. C. 1,. Voris. Pnraeould. Ark. lOp rllr ihlilnii Mr ti:i, /.l-.- cti:,c A Mil, l.»r Illlh In n Hi riinttnri- ,,H lurfhl, r linlchl n> Irli-k^ I br imUlnk: »lt[»n. lll; 111 H,,.ll) 11, uus nn el£n th'al lie liail missed litr. Artlnir KntslH liinlieii qjlti' cui:ifunaljlc. anil lie vvnd sinlllnij. "llcllo." she said. "I'm so sorry 10 ne inie—" "Oh. is li lalor iho nurse a'licil Slio KlniK'Cil iU nor wrisi vsuU'Ii "Well, n is! Nearly C:3U I 1 .] het'.er ne Sue-Ins ahuul a ccri:]h] junili'iiiciis illnnei!" ' Mlsa Mulliirj 1 led tlio room. Ju ihili iMuftd iii'ari'r lo Ilie beJ and •in: d:iivn l)y Her husband. "Dlil -j:iu and I'uiiy liavo > nice "Mnn'f" Doctor She|ihard asked. "No-Miss Tapper Is tier nn:n« Site's been sending Hie iiersutial lev (era out anil iclrrilioifliig every day She's very capable." "I'll tell you what you do now." Ilie diK-ior said decisively, 'del Ibis .Miss H'li.n's her mime in c f out ln'ii> [or nn Hour or two nrlug his letters iilimj;. let him illcinie, i:ia!ie, him lliluk |,<-- s gc nlii|! barb I'll- (jaiiie. Will -you do (tils? 1 "Miss rnpiivr—here?" Ju'lltli jskcil lu dismay "Ceriiiinly uipiii i,,,,.,, T|, a ,.]| She Inirilci] lowurd nei look tils UanJ niid |»'«.-fil I: u "Oh. It's sci p. vjd n, 50,^ ye,i. wont nn r|iiic ; :iiy, "V.'o— vu you nl i!"i nfivit. ,'!r Knl.-.ln vv:iiil you-1-1 iiurry and u»t CIIOUJIl 10 COII1C llJdl," CD (|.\ ^-IT CIIAl'TBII nil-: XXXV ' SlA'tnlid." lie imihlciL "Kujuy V'llll lri[l [El IUWE1?" Sin- said she did, llieii. itiriicil Ilie ruiiivrsiilluii. Jual bow "' ll] I Judith Knlghi spent itiai niier. i Ennui IEI ilie cily ncme ol [lie IJICEII j IKTS ci[ die biinsi-hnid were lo learn | Dinner was served a llulo later. j I'iiny and Andy left the liimso ;-" Ju:|ith mo the incut In sollimle. hero your linsbind nlioiii. I've Ibis ini'lai nr:d I dnu'i nnt liol|i any li.u |' VC Auyliuw irc'll try U! I/ A •* «n.> V.M.V Mill ATIKSYN I'Ul'I'l li' It.i) tereil anil l.gvcrctl ub-ini ii,. siJondeiiCL'. 11 she oak. "I'licni .vii.ui'i anything Impurlom this nuirr.inp bin there nre n few Icticri I'vp lief u five your Unsliinil tjumcilnni; t.-. \ holding whli'li 1 tliuiiglii yuti'd like think nlioiii. I've twi-ii noticing i 'o see p.'iy -willy —" linly ihot's ilevcloi'hi;: ' 'ho '.lirenil. absorbed enprrsvlnn It. My ( io r [ Arthur Knight tvun> when lip via.- d'l-iilj omuriLci] In a luiclum in . lervlcw crossed his face. Mis.* I u|> tier bcrjnn to read from me [eitci In her liniiti. JtiiHli !•.•..<'. Miss Mnllory until eft Ua ri',)!i:. After I'uu | rtl , n i l.-siiT slie sal nlih Arllllir and Miss [T v.v.- aflcr sli o'clock when Jn '• ^'iHnry until H \vns time tor the li'tleju to gi> lo sleep. Ati early Oi;li Knlgln arrived liinnc tbul i -Vvntnz siift c:itue hurrying, al J 3IO.--1 running, up the wallt and' pushed o|ien (he from duor There] was no cue In sight In the hallway mil Judith closed Ilie door Koltly < twlillid her. Then bhc turned to- ; ward [lie staircase. "Well-you must hare had quite an afternoon!" Tony stood at the head of the stairs. gazing dowrnvard. She tvas *vcarlti& a frock of sheer brotizo net. one of ttic new ones boughl for the trip lo Florida. "Yea. It ^ot Isle before I realized U." Then Tony came flown Ihe stnlra Leaning casually araitist the ban Isler and studying her stepmother coolly she asked: "Did you meet friends?" Judith raised her head. "Oil. no." she said. "Just—the usual thinfi. Some shopping ami lea and —I don't know, tbo lime Becmctl to fly! l)y tils Kay. they promised lo send your watch out Wednesday," "Thanks." Tony drawled. Judith passed her. She had gone but a few Elcps \vhen she lurncd. "Coin;; out for the evening?" she asked. "Having dinner with Andy. 1 hope you dun'i mind?" Judith's cheeks crimsoned. "Hardly!" she said. "Would you Bind, telling Harriet you'ro not to be here?" The younger girl said she would speak K. the maid. Judltlv hurried u;;stalrj 10 pull off hat and coat, pai liee imir Into place and dust her lat'.T *vit:i powder, T!:'-:i r.'nn crossed tbo halt and 'appud i,t tho door of Arthur's Misj Miiiiury'a cheerful face, ap "0!:. ; V.-j. Knight! . Your hiis lianiiV Li-.;;i n-ailing for you and He's Lad such n aood afternoon! was pin-i "I the strict pro sram whk'li l)r Shcphard bad nid d'livn for Ihe sfck man. Hays followed lu which Judith fonm] Herself continually shui away from Arthur Knlglu, Knch atier I'bile the' nursu look her atrlnn If iiidltli lingered U was only ion ob 'Iou9 ttial her presence made \n1ght restless.v •, Bbo made repealed (rips Into the rlty. almost always by train In- iteari nl taking the cor. Her com- ngs and golugs seemed tu make lltle 'difference In Hie suburban lome. (Irnflually Arthur Knight's health vas returning, lie was poruilucd .u get out of bed aud sit for an lour one morning, propped up with pillows In Ws big cliatr nnd wel vrapped In blankets. Men daj lie was permilted an hour thus In Ihe morning and another iu the afternoon. '•The only thing holding him back." Miss Mallory lold Judith NOTICE—WANT TO PAY CASH for four gcod sounrt mules. !5 j hands hieh. not over 8 yenrs old.! If. A. Smith, 518 West Main i street. lOck-tf j WASTED TO RENT—Two or three room furnished apartment. Call Mfi. ' " I1pkl5 looked cnlerccl toivnrd tbo room am Arthur. Tlieiv Tony sal her fnibcr privately, "is way lie worries A I.ITTI.B hier Jmllih Had a tele phono rcjiiveitaihm with It. i: . 1 hi liter's n'sisiant nnil It was ranged that Kaihryii Tnpper sh cnme lo tlio Knlsbl iii)uio nest about business affairs. 1 wish there was something we could do to make htm slop." Judith did not know what to do. She broached the subject lo the doctor. "What's the matter with his business?" he asked gruffly. "Hunter Hvothers are still printing books. aren't they?" "Yes, of course. 1 know It's Ellly but. you sco. for years Arthur bas let business cotuo to mean almost everything to him. i was wonder- Ing if perhaps we might tako a trip afternoon. Arthur Knlslil seemed [iloasc<l ivltli Ilie news, lie was allmvud to sit up for nvo Hours consecutively now. Vtam two until llirco o'clock ho sal and chafed and worried because the lime dragged. Al ihri'O o'c)wk Miss Tuppcr was to oirlve Judith would havo given a gmni deal to bo spared meeting ibis u-o man who dlBllkcd her so. Inn making excuses seemed cowardly Therefore II was Judith herstll who Erected Miss Tupper after Harriet had answered the doorbell. hf; came forward, her hand out In friendly greeting. "How do you do. 5!ic3 Tuppsr? It's awfully iilco of you to como out. Mr. Knight will bo BO glaO lo see youl" "IIo\v do you Kaihryn Tupper dli! not [ako Ihc outstretched hand. In her ilrab coat and unbecoming hat lha wo n\au'a uoattractlvCEicsa was ID. Unbecoming as ^'as the womnn's costume, ber iiiauucr was moro forbidding. Tbo mere sight of Ju dilb seemed to draw Miss Tapper's beady little oyes Into gluilou. In speaking to the'young Mrs. Knlgh Iho private secretary assnnieil the The physician shook hla head. "l-itcr." ho said. "Foolish lo risk traveling now. isn't well enough." He thought for a minute. Then he said, "Who's your bus band's assistant?" "lie tiasn't any assistant — exactly. There aro four or five men who each have a good many responsibilities. Of coitrso lie has a secre lary. who's been witli him tor same, tonr *!:e bad used months anil mouths before lo assign Judill unpleasant tasks In tho offl'ce. Facing this tool and hostile vlsl tor wos dlsrnnoertlng. "Harriet will lake your Ihlngs,' Judith sairl. and the maid steppci forward lo lake, Miss Tuppcr's co;v and hat. "Now will you rome : icr hail liiiUhcil -vcail'iiR Knl;lii llclalca "onio nuies ivlilch snc role nn :U(. letter'.- m.iri:li! tlirrr vero etlirr ibriiiiient.i in ho t->ii'. liroucli n::il [he lime i^iscil swld OUR HOARDING HOUSE By Alieru r o'clock tlic nurse A! lu turned. "Thni's enough work (or toilay now. Mr Kulglit." she sulii, siiilluix In ln-r giKnl-liuiuoicd way, Mi's flipper sal liffik. lui.lml a uu offended, tlien began to [.ack ibe pa- pera liatk imn her brief cuso. "Am I to come lomorrou nyalii'i" slie nsk<.<! KnlghL He laid her be would like lo pec ner at H:c s.iuio jiuiir ueil nfier- iicnii. Thai ovcnlng. iimuBh Arthur Knlgln iidmnicd ho was llred. he loohcil conlentccl. "It'll be gciul in gtt b,ie!t Iniu the liarnpss agalii." |,o i 0 lo Jmllih ivllli n i!eop sigh. "You'll Iw ihfro ticliirc loui:, slie assure') him. "| s Misj Tujip t r com Ing louiorrovv agnin?" "Yea. 1 askcrl tier to." The secretary mo tinned to vhlt Ihc Knlgln Inline. Dr. ^lieii.vanl (ieclaictl ihe Ionic waa Having us desired cffcn. Al the em] ot ibe llflli week of ,\rtl:nr Knlgln'a III- ness bo was ntilc to move ubmil ibe house. Kiccpi fur periods ul rr-si nflcr meals ihc Invalid was allmvci! to make bis own schedule. Tho nurse was assigned lo ,-in- nlbcr case and dcparled. Life In the Knight Household ucranie al most what It hail ticeti two montiis before. One ol the t'eepilons «.-« I hat.each, nftcrnnon [r.mi Iwn until five o'clork Arthur sat illjciissing mnllcrn of biislness and ctvlnj; ilk- tatlnn to Miss Tupper. Tin Kathryn Tupiier hml been in her slulrs room, \vhlcli had been known M& VCLi AWE "fWlMKlWcb QF SBL.U\!e> VOuJH "TOBACCO SHOP ~~ AUP MO«dEV .$HOP -To TrC MISSUS AM' ME ARE G0f*i<3 To A -ThiP ARQUJdD -TH 1 l 15, FEU-A <3E-T A AT MAKIJJ6 rr MV WORP , BUSINESS -WAT "took; StoUR 5e.Lu.iMo> BOO'l^S AND HER BUDDIES I'LKNTY TO WORRY AKOUT By iVtartin employer's hon;e once or twice fore In:: 1101 since Judith hr.d had it rcd.'cnraicd. Klio Enat^hei! a rjiilck glance into Ihe living room, then followed Juclllh up tho Blairs, making swift menial notes aa she went, In ono li.iml shn carried a small leather brief case. At the door of Arthur's room Judith stepped back, Slio knocked and the nurse admitted them. "Miss Tupper—how do yon ilo!" "Iloiv do you do. Mr. Knight." . Like a Hash the secretary's cold, forbidding manner diBEr-b^vcd tis Knight's "ollrcc" merely urcausc [ it wfls a sort of private den. a place of business Indeed. li was all very well for Knight lish on v.-lth affairs ol Hie pub- ing company, but Kntbryn Tap' per's presence undoubtedly In- crtascil the breach which w;is widening between Arthur and Juullh. Tony, on Iho other ii[ind. welcomed tho secretary with surtrls- Ing . friendliness. Jmllih. coming through the living room one afternoon, found the pair together' In sa^er. discussion. CX'o Ilo New York Cotton PERSONAL V.'. J, KKOX repairs Ho. 205 West Main. : Mar. 1 May ! July I Oct. shoes good. I Dec, I Jan. NEW YORK. Feb. 11 (UP)—Cot. Ion futures closed steady at an advance of H to 17 points-. Open High LJW 1552 1581 1511 1590 1G08 15C5 1008 1027 1587 102-1 1G4G 1007 1WG 1SG4 1625 164G 1G61 1028 IRA GRAY— Transfer, Tuleplionr 7llk!4 S]iots clcsetl steady at Close 1578 1G03 1025 1G45 1C«4 1G02 an aU- Mis. Go-aid Opeiis New Highway In France vance cf 15 points, middling 15M. New Orleans Cotton HEW ORLEANS. Feb. 11 (UP)- Cotton fiiltires closed steady at an NICE, (Ul'i—One of the world's i advance of 8 to 18 points. widest and oldest roads—a rebuil Reman highway nloni; the Riviera I —has been newly dedicated by an Air.crkTin, Mrs. I-Vank Jay Gculd. uifv nf the ii!ii:io:i:iirc Rivicru July Oct. Dec. Open High - 1536 1562 . I5B1 1581 . 1584 1603 . 1605 1G20 IG24 1G12 Close 1520 1557 1543 1573 15S 1592 1012 15 1G01 1520 1636 Snots closed quiet at an advance I of 18 points, middling 1511. Mrs. Gr.uld [ccnilly cut the tri. cclcr ribb;.n ciitiiiii'.: the new Q;ial lies E'.c-.i.^-Unis-United Sla'.cj Quay' —in an i:r.iues:h- corcmuny at! "YUNEY (UP)—Members of the Nice. Tlio Quay is a link in th: I A " slraiia " Association of Drilisa brrttitiful Rivirra lii^lnvay built up-' Ai ""ifacliircrs are of the opinion *:> '.lie r.i'rieu! Homan road used " 1! " H'c new duties imposed on when IMP li-sinns nf imprvijl IJ.-nir • S^^ produced in nrcat Uritain mnvclird to linneillcs. It. is the!""' 11 result in Empire trade snf- 1'fsi Hie frencii government' ! ">"S. a severe fettack, and that has Huts honored an American reciprocal tiade between Britain wcman. All pnWicnticns issued by thej ccvcrnn.tiit are for the benefit of the public, 1 and nre not copyrighted.' nnd Australia will bo seriously affected. WERT He Makes 'Em Sec Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax. Bcokkeepln;; Systems, rhonc 52 Ingram BMg. B!ylhcvil!c, AtS Jags- Raymond: "What would you fay If 1 were to throw you' a kiss?" Cnthleen: "jy say you are the laziest man I ever met." IF YOU OWN YOUR HOME YOU NEVER HAVE T 0 WORRY ABOUT MOVING UNLESS YOU PLAY CHECKERS. L C. Lumber Co. lifl, r^ f cs -' br ^ f - cr.nsumcr of fifeslan cavvl- 1 swam through the icy ivalcr of amii e o Rome Shacklefoirt. farm- , a r. exporting of which iias in- i a swampy section of the Uelmo- ersin lh, a section expect to pant rren.ed rapidly, having taken about • b.ich. a stream which a dw liad Un, 4, B rn ? l -n cnc ' half ° l llle m ~ m "llogrnms | fallen In nnd cauld make n» "head uS L ST °. ftl "- frarlncrs wll exported in the past business I way througli the (all ,,ra«. liar- use the same land for crops nf ! year. Second place belongs to Ine tick, himself struiB beans and coirhination Having profitable. in turn had to be , matoes, united Slates, which bought about i rescued by 11, fire Ic. been proved 2 oo,000 kilograms in the E aint! year. . "^ J _ l year VIENNA (UP>—At the risk of liis Bectliovcn \vns only 12 years irl when he became ,,^^_^, rl . ------- - ........ - — . — ...^ ortjr.nlst MOSCOW (UP)— Germany is the own life Edward Hartlcl: vradrd and ! church at Bonn, Osrmany. In n B YCOWAN . THE ISSUES HE. THOUGMT Or OLD TIOYVDV LIVING W LU5CUSY IHC "REST QF HIS LIFE ON MJHT ftW5 MONEY THAT, BY fi\WT OF •SUM> OUT OF 1T.EH 1 . WHO CCWIH FOUGtT WWiN!l ^ MtLUQVI ONE MttWTC. KW> NOT K THW D\ME. THE NtXT-KAHNING THC SIZEOF YOUR PBtVATf YACHT f\H5 FINWUG XOUnSttF FtOftTING XOO'VE BEEH \IOLLC.RING IM VOUP SLtLP VOU'D THINK VOU V1E.RE. TO RE.G11-1E.NT OF MELVJ P/OP HAD BEEN OP fMtHTUALUV 1\MY'S THE ONUY THING XOyyjE BEEN ABLE TO OUT OF VOUB tAmV. IF XOU AND A, Gf\NG OF BY COLONEL "ROWDY, WTO nt (AND I COULDN'T BONT YOU'LL LOT, \OOV SENSES-IF MIY-SO SNNP OVJT OF IT US, HKVBEEN GIVING E NIGHTMARES ON HIMSELF THfVf THE SHOCK OF HER ELOPEMENT COLONEL POWDY HAS LCl-'T Hi?, MIND IN Of ITS UKE TRYINC.TO FORGET WVO YOU OWE nONCY TO *'RWJKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CI.KVKR STUNT WHO Cf A T "I °0 VCO TA/e ME FOR? AHO WHAT A ITS' SO fioorj 1 GOT LOS AM6EUCS -l WtARD A MIOUM AH' BArJJO A 1 TOM£0 OUT M10UM !! VOO c5oY A RADIO A RADIO ? CAri 'M (5£T AW KTTCR <S£T ? PEG U.S. V. oi »J06tfcL* soviet we. _". r.TJ.-'- f

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