The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 10, 1935 · Page 5
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1935
Page 5
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ONE FOR THE BOOK. vcam. Sut mow »«i s ThtL SiVtR The Australian prime minister. /. A. Lyons, c/aims o niche In goU history tor a mashie shot across the Moiong/o rirer at Sydney. He topped the ball alt the 15th tee and it ricocheted from the rirer to the green, per milting him to hole out In par 3. A BELL AT STAKE. The umrersities ol Nebroska and Mis souri, old gridiron rivals play onnuoiJy for an ancient bell foken from a Nebraska church. It v^as put up as the sfokc by two Cornhusker frafernifies which formerly were (juarfered in one house and which battled over posession ol the relic when they built separate establishments. I.INCOLN, NEBKASKA. SINDAY. .NOVE.MBEB NORTHWESTERN STOPS IRISH 14-7 Jerry LaNoue Shines As Huskers NGES FRANCIS P OR TWO C N WILÛ SCRAMB NTFRS COYOTES EDGE OUT A WIN OVER CREIGHTON Slor.x KAI.I,.«, D. ' V. .South Pakota umvorsity ('oyotes fought off a liett rmiru'd t’roighton' for throo tjuarler.s h(>re Saturday to fiimliy rdge out a 7 to H victory over the Bluejay.s in K1 iiiad Shnne .H Atokad day celebration. Scoring the winning point.a midway in the fir.'^t quarter .soon after ! Creighton had tallied, the Coyote.s were foreed to play defen.sively lor nearly all th«' remainder of the : game a.a Creighton s drove ; into South Dakota territory continually. rhret* times the ('oyote.s ( he< ked the Bluejays in.sidc the 15-yard line. ('reighton scored early after Vana reeovered a fumble on the 15-yard line. Wilcox scored on the thinl play .standing up. Three nnnutes later South Dakota slopped a drive on the lf>-yar«i line and on the first play Hay broke thru center and raied eighty-four yanl.s f(*r a tou«h- (liiwn. He plarekicked for the Win Hectic Battle From Artrt.s«,s NATIÛNA DC I 'l’illicis PlllliJJlC^S for rolIl*lHlo>\ II ill SlM'OIllI PcM-iotl no A Cardwell Scores First After Takinq Pass from Chief Bauer. (Continued from I’age 1 Ad fernately tarni.-htd and t):ightened bate derrf'cd it %v:i.s l<> he I.loyd Caldwell, Si arh t (u e. wh > wa.- to suffer a mental lapse and pt imil the anitute us .layrawkei , to recover the «ipenmg kiek'df for a t<UH lidown befnie more than fit- t* en st'e<ind: had h II tu ked off tiv the hugo ('lock The .same ('ardwell aov. n miimi< s lat. r toek . extra point and winning margin, a long jei i.s from (’hief Hauer and with a hiilliHnt hit of fines ;e drove the remaiiung twenty yatd.s to the fouiddown whii'h ulmo-l knott*!l the count Th« .sjH'etaeular .lerry l.aNou flash»*! act- Y th«* .Jayhavcker hor- D««n with a hnlliant <at«h «»f a first down pas.*- while he was pr< ne on tlie ground to uji th.«* pm.-. l-*r the .second Nehra.ska toil« hflown which mov d th«* (.’orn- liusk«*rs in a 12-7 h ad by half lime. Yet fate ome nioN* .l.'alt the «ard.s and it wa.s th«* eoloiful .leiry who wafte«! that lat-lal into tlu open .spaei'.s to permit a i«'« overy aiul pronqtt K tL ton. h- «lown following th«' kiekotf whi« h inaugurate«! the third p«'rio«l The «old lingers of d«stiny which —------ r«at heil mlo «lim the gridiron! IOW.\ CITY, la <T. Minneso- a. htevement «»f th«' Wisner mi.ig**l : tr. s mighty f.*othall force, stallcl ■ f««r thirty minutee by a fiiriou.s Iowa offen.sive. let UxVse a mg counter charge in the .second h.ilf here Saturday to whip the ERS CARRY MANY GÖNS IOWA CREW Ozc Simmons Sets Pins for Lone Hawkeye Score m First Period. MISSISSIPPI STATE IS LOSER TO L. S. U. TEAM BATON KlYCC.H. l.a. ol". A powerful mnning attack iii the two perio«i.s. mixi'il with es, gav«' L«nii.siana State univer-ity a I’H to Id victory Sat unlay «»ver M i.s.«i.s.sippi .-*tat«’. The victory further a«lvanee«i L. S. C.’s hope for the southea.stern eonferenee title. U wa.s DSC’s thiril victory over a Southeast«*rn eonferenee and f«>e and with the «lefeat of Die Mi.s.s t'V Teniu's.see, sent the Tigers to the top ot the S«>utbeastern «’onfer- ence, the only untieaten and unit«’«! moiiiher. l.SC .seor«'d «me t«>m hdown in the fn.‘«t peritxl and ihn*«' in the s«*eond, hefivr«' Major Ralph Sa.sse's .M a rooms «ouU! halt the attaik. The F NOTRE DAME SMASHE Belated Fumble Gives the Purple First Victory in 34 Years. BY PAUL MICKELSON. SDCTH BKND. Ind ol". Notre Dam**Ls new womler team of football. p«'relu'd on the peak .since th«' «lava of its immortal Kmite BiHkne. felt into th«' ruims of an alnnost unbelievable 11 to « .Mato«)n.s gathere«! one toiulidown Saturday, in the .second perio«! and another xorthw.'stern. a team that 111 th.' thir«!. but eouhln’t unleash a suei'es.sful ;iir attack on the Tigers D WER ECKS .s.iiii b ratu'is eiijovc«! a liig at’f« fiiooii jis far ;is 1 out'lidowns u«'!'.' «'oiie.'iii« «1. 11« re lu' is simun jilowing tliru lliq «••■nter nf Itile K. r. line for ilu seeutuT N« hraska touelidown. ’Ih«* pla.v ¡eiinn* in ih*’ s« «*ond periml and gavc tho !'ornlinskers a lUdì h>a«l at halftim«'. .'sain also s«*or«<l th«' final Xehraska ni.'uker in th«' third lu riod an«l «‘on\«'ft«■<! the « \1ra point «ni a kick Irnin plaeeuH iit to gi\ «' him Id points for tin- ;iflernoonw.irk. I’hoto hv llarrv Larg«' of 'I'h«' Sund:ty d«nirnal and Star staff. GftiL lifted .lerrv l»a> k to stardom when H !*-w minute.s lat«'i the «'In.siv«' I.«i- .N'oue tmik a flat p.i.s.s b« hln<l tin line and squirmed and wriggh'd thru a br«’k«n fieM for more than .".o hard iarn«d yard.s Ix'for«' he wa.s crowcte.i «''Ut «>f tMiun«l.s three yard.s from the final stripe. Line Plays Great Game. From th«* .S«arlet pa«k m Fts EFtft AM Hawkeyes 13 to <i in their hattl*' for th«d\Ve.stern conference leadcr- .ship. Fifty thmi.sand homecoming fans, chilUni t>y a col d dri7,zle «luring «if the game, .saw the (kipher h«n«le ri.s«' up for a two louch- Rams Should Have Won With Margin One Touchdown Altho Underdogs. NF.W YDHK tCSe Capt Joe I «M \l, MKill !»« IH»OI.. « rvUhlon l*r<>p ÍT, IÎ. SI % ri% HU.II S« iHMU IS, Wolhn«*h “. S«. I’HUl !!*. Shelton <t. ; ,«.1 \ ri « Ol I l«.l ; « hatirvn T«‘«rhf‘r< 1*«, I'm« Teiicltfr« 15 BK. .six. Ni'hrH»!.)» n*. ki»n«a» Ol ll.inililing Sam Franci.s ami a fine dinvn rally in th«* half after j Mamaci forgot to duck an«l h «^ «»ki..h...n»^ j^«n ^ hand of CornhUNker liin inen. Sam i Iowa surprise.! the .N’oi.semen w ith | Fordham w««und up with a 7 ‘ « rack«’«! th* .strcmg K hiishs ja cpiarter t«)Uehdnwn. tie with the gallomng C.aeLs wun.uMn «. I'u.stix- «•. line for tw«» touchdown thru.sts j Th«' «’f«»ph«*r.s, consist«'ntly «mt- I Mary s S{^Uir«iay instead of a 7 to h . Muht«an «». end 7 ,«>n«-, Th«- Hu. k«-r torward.s i ma«le only four «towns to .six from eiut to end «nilbatth d a .lay- • f«n the H:iwk«'yes, a.s.sum«'<t control hawker line which had Ih-cii ral*-d i ««f the immt*«liately after ttie *'l)«'.sl m the Big .Six ’’ The the .start of the lhir«l periotj. 13. Iowa *« Northwt-'tcn« M. Nolrr llaiiit which «'Hiricil him w«'ll into the ; plav«-«! in the half wht'n they : () triumph. That .H the way of the 45.- " o.'i':i' OOU sp«H'tat«>r.s at the Bol«) Ground.s inaiani* i.i, Murjiaini '■ fell about it but Slip Ma.ligan will i v..i never forget a St. .Marv's touch- j i *. M<>»i<.n i «i ,i„wn th.,t ,u.i,i.-niy .:vapor.,t,..i J,I,, .......... befor«' hi.s eye.s in the final perio«!. i i.^. « . « n . «». The vi.sitors had the hall on "rar«..- ii. < ..Hm«hia t. Fordham’.s l-vaid line «m front line open*'«! hole.s whuh *n- iibled the Huskers t > gain a l<>-7 advantag«' in the first ilown «le- Simmons a Threat. Dze Smsmons, th«* Iowa X«*gro St.II. «'ouid n«>t I) r e a k thru the partnu'nt while i-x.vpt lor a nm- Un.' for anv of rn.'ntaiy laps,* in the thu. p«-i lo 1 ^qm.rat.'.l tom hdoAri .sprint.s the Kamsi- runmng wa.s y,,. .r«-.xa.s lad was! stoppe.l .'«dd, Hu.shmg t:.* u. , y,n*at. «„uph-.l with an alert .s.'c.mdarv , yj^. tou. hdown i la.cged «l«)wn the Jayhawk inve when he return«*«! a punt fort.s at wauking the air lan«-s tor lo-vard lin«* t.» hi.s «»wn ; n«-e«l«'d tsHH'h.lowns, ^ ' 35. .Minm'sota r«*« eiv«*<l its «mlv i While Nebta.ska Satiintay mght f„, roughing the lowli i A^as singing the fuais.'s ut ssnn .set ba. k to mi«l- , champbm.ship «-lev.-n. the first time I Th«.mp.s«m pik*«l <m ' this «he«'i ha.s .split th«* air i’»”' *’ Sinimons after he wa.s down«*«!. 11*3.3. the aggivgalion from Mt. „^,vkev.*.s advanc*-«! to tin- I »read wa.s iilmoU as happy in r.’c- , * „ simmoms tos.v»,*«! a WIIIUiii* 41, Wi-«l«>i«n «» t*i, llalOiiM.r** <» *l«*wn hut lost It on a fumt)le whi« h u«»i «*«r■»«••« 7. \ii.rUhi «i. wa.s (onvertefi int«» a tonrhback. That louehd«)vvn wouki have i'«"«.«! so»«.- n, vui.iii»«» i:i „• ..♦I, I rutiUllii A. Mar»lii«ll .A!«, I «• given fiiiirth stiaight im'k«n»oii -;;i. «.fUs'aurK i*. «t«' «»ver his ol«l pal, .lim 'i«-ach»-r» ih , rr«-i»ion i«a (•r«)wley. but he ha«! to N* «li.H.salt.s- ti«'«l with a tie vvhieh wa.s really a Hr*\.i i*i. moral vutory for the Ham.s who battU'd Bittshurgh lo a «Iraw \v«'ek In lioih ganie.s Fordham wa.s the well-known undei*log. Struck by Punt. Mama« ILs misfortune wa.s in ll«*> Ii. SI. .|i>««’|ih *i, '•iikiliivhaiiiia 7. 13. Malnp 13 N »r«liras«*-rn 13. Mu»-«arlui»rtl«i sl.uc li. It till .t It. Mi<l(IUI«ur) II. Na«« 13. I'« nil «» Maiilinllt ii .V4, I .»Sallf 13 • tlirrllii «, Wnosirr «I HtiiUiiii ill, lraii«}t«an!a «• \u%lrr I . "Ì7. « in Iff ««»lU^r «» « anliluk «. Ha) tun «». Inipnri» Tv«i*h«T« 37, lla^kell 21. laii « lalri* l**a«-h*-r% 13. S««ut Inoiniit^ «*. Illln»!« M«*<.l«*)an 7. HvKalb Ti-a<-h«-r) «». I.iitlirr 24, < nliiiiihti» «I. V\h«*atnn 13, liio-k» 0. « arthaitr B. Hr«air> 4. .M«H>rh«.»a s», Wln«*na 9. IMlikoah IVarhi-r« «1. Vlll«ank**v T«-a«-hfr» n, >t. laiiil» Kr«*«limi*n «», « "P*- «ilranlrau Tra«-li'r'* “IV* 0, ( arroll O, Ij»««rvn»-i* 0, sol IM Viirth < .«mlina .AH, V '1 I 0 t Htlitilir I . I», \ IrKinia \Vi‘<«l«)an H. Vl.iliaiiiu 8.3, « IfiixMin ««. Hlrinln«liHiit *Minlh»*m lî, **<i«Hh««*'«trrii 0. I 11. Ml'»‘«l*>*ilppl 18, « Éta<l«*l î«t. Nt wl>* rr> ü. Viitiiirii 8.3. «•«■»rgla T«-«l« 7, li.uKlitlpii Ma«‘«in 84, Viiit-rtran I 7. «■«-•irKia iH, llilaiM- 15. V ainlvrhllt 4H, '•»«an-*' ««. ( hattiiniaigo 13. 'I«T«*< r 7. I\i>nttl<-k> 1.1. I Inria.i H. Hiik** 3»i, H,i)l«Unn 7. rimiian 2H, \V«M>t«ir<l «) KIchiiuiiKl 11. lliMiipa»«« ««iilnr) 7. Nnrili « amiinu '>tiit.- H, V irkilil.« I «*rh «• Wa-blnaton A la-«- i«l, Virginia P. I iiii>r> A Mrnr) -i»«. *»*l*-tli«r|*r «l. Virginia -laO 83, -liaw <» VVi-.lnilnUtrr Hti. Marri* llar)«) n. Mar* HUI 'ill. l'rt *l>) t« rlaii «t. I ainiMini li-achtr* l«i. l’nOiiMa«' It-a'-ht-r* I» I niati o.lHgf 7. la»0-rn K. iiOi« k) 7. Ml(l«llf I «•inn **« ** IH, Mnrra) « olirgt H. I 4 iiil*lan» *»la««- 'iH. Ml»*l**ippl s|al«* 18. H<*rg«'n «I». .Ir. «•«•I. 18. N«-») l'ait» 1 1 l«r«. «, * l.irk 3, Su, « aroltiia stnl»- «. < lltf lrhr%. !• I Ii'h, <» 17. I *•»* i». llalli ilt«^ 4 hiti I *'H* h- ir MARllüFnE BAINS N ÜNDFFFAFFD FIS t b«-iii able to win but one Big Ten game thi.s .sea.son and a umver.sity that’t boa.sted of a triumj'ti ov’« r th«' fighting in thirty-fi»ur long y«'ars. aeeoni- pU.shed tlie stunning ups«-t amidst a .setting of ram ami twilight be- tore .35.<)0it speefator.s who hardly lealized it wa.s true. The Wild« at.s, kick«*«! around ami deflated thr«’«* tmu'.s in tluir own ««»nfereiu’«', «'»m«’ thiu with a e«*py- right Notre Dame rally. Trailing by .sevi'n p«mits almost fourteen as one touchdown wa.s « all*’<l tiack iH'i of holding the Wiltl- cat.s rush«*«! back t«> ti«' the .score m the seC(»nd period, fukled anolhi'r Panthers Lash Out at the t«»m'hdown m the thtr.i, umi then stootl like a Gibraltar a.s the fighting fought ba« k with the same full fury that brought tln’iu from nowhere to victoiy «»v«'r Ohio State a vve« k ago. Just a Big Nightm.ire. The defeat, .scored by Norfh- vve.stcrn Ls "iron man" hackfnld. SOLDIER E Army 29-6 With Larue Going on Spree. T'lTT.SBrHGH, Ll". 'Fh«' football ho.sts of Bitl.sburgh. bla.sting thru th«* line an.t .shelling the f.x' from . ^ rmcKin-.o, aloft, .score«! an amazing 21* to h Oruic«*. St,'ve 'roth, Hugh triumph i^aturday aftc'imion «m*r, nlippery Don H.-ap, the grim i a.iets fr«»m VS .^st » happiest Notre Dam.* A gay htmu’t'oming throng i y^,y,„il q,-« ■am in five voais into a fan.s packed Bitl .s .'^ta.lium and roare«! as the ] anth- y^^j^q chainpioiiship to match the. er.s, entering the final period with Rockne mod.-l of 1030 ami a a 10 to t* lead, .slammed ov«-i three _ in the liovvl vv«*nt tumhl- Michigan State Stubborn as j,y.y^. Invaders Win 13 to 7 in Bitter Game. KA.ST LAN.^-tl.NG, Mieh. *1’ . . 1 IMilV touchdovvn.s in the closing minute.s | Paul 'Fangora. a seiiifir guaul Tn the opening period the (Muels. I VVa.shington, D. «li.ln L full of fight, piled iq» the Panther.s jq,. vvinnmg tom hdowu for three down.s on their 25-yard Heap di<l that with a .5-yanl line. On th«> fourth try, Pntriek j,pri,q pyt v «-; ih the hero «»f Marquette s Golden Avalanche kept | «Iropped hack t«> hi.s 31 and with h,.joes in the VVildrat camp It i it.s place in the «Iwindiing list ot , Larue holding the «»val, he hooteil was 'Fangora. a .square rhlnm* ; the nation s undef*’ated football J it over from a slight angle. ; {«»otei-, who turne«l the tid* As team.s by downing a hai*l fighting I-;irue took a <l«(-eptive lateral the fighting flay«'«! the «-eiitet i Michigan State college team !3 to j from Patiuk ami «ir«-le<i left «*ml , »«f th«* line. Paul wa.s s«*nt in to 7 before more than ’2(t,***Mi roaring ! for 7 yatd.s and a .score. 1‘atru k’s slop th«-m ami he «ini it 'Fhen in spectatoi.s here .Saturday. ^ kick was gooti, ! th** tinal p«’rio«l. In* pouiu«*'! on j A nair of long forwaul j.a-ss.-.s, Larue Runs Wild. rifl«-d bv Halftiaik Hav Buivid to, « . . ... A„ (-.„.'po bmi.Kht’ "'I”*'i victory to the .Milwnuke«' inva«l«*rs arnl haint**d the Spartans then see' otnl «lef<-al of tin* season. I The a rial i-onibinatioii brought 'a touihdown from the 25-yard line in the p«'innl am! «!ick«*d P*‘< k*‘d p* innl again from the 3t*-yai,l line in th«' ‘’hHil. y M.-y. r’s long pa.s.s wa.s ^ thud piTiod *»f a gam* packed with ¡»H««**«! loi int«-i fei. in •- am! Aimy },.,,.q q, ,vmg fullba« k «apiializ.i-d ilarmg .seormg att* nijit.s ami a , h-‘*!l '»n Pitts 33. I Tin-; yj,, p,,>qy,4,q py q angora snared Meyer'.s pa.s.s, tig'ht-rop«* ,'<ma,shing the lin«*, of the waikeii down tin- snieliin- for 13 ! tinne b«*himl 'Fangota. th««y altei- yar<ls, and t«H>k it over. ' nate«! until tin y r«-a< h«*<l tin- 5-yat‘l Gr«)ve'.s kick wa.s low, mark l-'roin th**i«*. He.-ip skirti'd Larue da.she«! 75 yaids «lovvn tin- ' ins right «-ml t>«-hin'l hiilliant tibi.-k- .sidelin»* for hi.s .s(H «iinl toin hdown. | ing to ,s« .»r** tin* winning toin h- Patrn k again ma«le the kl« k. il«»wn stamlmg up. Duvall ki< k*-«l A f*-w plays lat«*r, I.anie t«x«k a ' hi.s second point aft« r toin lnlown Then tin* mad, tiqisy turvy. fourth «piHitei op«-in'd vvhh h .saw Lani«’ .sctire two t«m« htlovvns ami .Shaw aindher for the I’anth«*r,s. B'ullbat k Tnn- tallied ArmvLs .sin- L'h* toui h«lovv I! Ill thi.- HI tion- VV’allv F'rouihart .s fumbi«* to .set in motion tile winning «Irive from th<* «•nemv .s 30-yard atrip«*. 'Fangora ns’over«*«! aiiotln r fumble on the Nolle Darin* 33 to give hi.s niate.s a «haine, but they «ouldn t « Heap, tin* platinum blonde boy who ia<*’d 43 yards to b«-at Illinoi.s a week .«go ami Duvall, a sto« k.v onng att* fiipt.s eolk-tiion of lateral ilarmg .startling'.s Stat«' pUHln-'l atro-s its tom h- «lovvn m the iiiial «piarter, ami. sfkn* i.-f; vv'r*^“^»"«",!.* s.«,» «». i with j' two mmut.*.s l«*lt to go. Miirtri-vlMint r«-.«< lt*T) I», Miirn*) I « a* li- milft* «1 :i ehaiic«* to g« t allot h« r. KiX..»...! I.a.«»..r. 7, 4 nu-n « ..II« «r 7. ! The lotic Spai tan s. ore . anu* on a , pH.s.s that "Agony Al" Agett, .State The Kansas t«niehd«)wn whnh open«'«! thi* game wa.s a duplicai i«»n of th«* i'p«’i!ing rieonng in the « -k- lahiiina tilt two y«'«r.- ago. only thi.s tune It wa.s Neoiask, that found It -« If on the blur derm); «*r ! Rolls Out of Bounds, fiougla.s.s k; koff had r >ll«*d •■•It of K in ! nd hi e • «•ml î"> 'l l.i/ilv h .ggetl the ade- pn. s «.) It D.-uiide 1 toward the « I'd z.ilic «’.Itdw iil, .Nebt .«.•..s:: Fl.iP- b t k evcdi-m V îlg'.le.l the ha*- vvom : ; . 1 »• Pe- .scie -inp«* 1 it ti> Etea 1 It t I ■■!!• .! ..St t’.uii into tin- «*r.ii H.tVes spe. ¡V K ! «'Il l was ••■■iw’i f i I un li I in* {Hint .uni w Fn ri 4 aidw« 'I saw Film iliiving tor tin* f'lgskui. U wa.s tiM» late Lîevd I«- II'e, I 1 p. I l l bi.l 11 a\ I's .d- 1 1 - ( '. Î, « i I o\ - red It and \v In n M < . - f « .‘ku k split tin* np- rigl ; pi« *- eit t ..«rq sh«»wed K ui- ► a ■ a* • ! • 7 ■* ■\ O'sv .'tf .s i,q. r L.iNoiie ga\ th' N. at-ki sntin** f huig a’ o'.t u In. h to . Me. 1 w In ti I*' I ». . ■) 1 a. k O'* vards with P. t- «'>■' s ¡ ,rt ’Die*r.s h;*d a tun w n P..' K.«n.> «.>♦• 40 vard Is- t .1 • ! A . : ! t ' ; K< d a « I H I to B.t u : t a tiv«* v.ii l.s and then Pa .'m * St. ] ; I i..n k ;ir ! l.tss.'.j a I ng I Ï A «1 - pt'S ti. i'.írdw«'¡! li’ Iw . w M F- .1 .• .ui'.r-g « atv h wh' ii « .«t ' i p;,' hall Hwav P' >; H a; g...'.: K.«n.s,os ab. k. F *■ •■ * ■ ■ ïa.s P t r.iiming He ’•'to'.« ! . * .s. fren; Hapg.vtdii I» I. « i 1 a t ii Klet íi” i tr.' Vi \ ii '.s umm>.*.ste.t i'.i.s.s t.'.ue.wi'.l to 'T p V 1 1 '*.• H«*' s to tin* '■*• -s-v.i! 1 .¡r-, ‘ 11 - Pn> íum «P i " " i « p. • i ,.p, r.e.l - ■ I. ’■ o lof a ' ! Vi«rd I 1 a ; . .ei s i'-\t * o;, w .i.s p.• ol i : t F;. .1 . \ haw K. • -i h.t-i • : -O' I 4 V «-as'na i',> ■ 1 • r-1 i.u-.g \ ■ r. t, e *e .^c,. • ............- — ■' , p«»rio«i. .viaim««'J wa.s uuiviiig me vP' ¡»hmge.s and Iowa got a down q.q, jjo-y when h ..... ''' “ ’ on the 1 yard line on a Minm-sota q bn. kfiied at him. , vrnhrr.i 4«i, s«arihm«re «. e.ffsid«» H«>n.lltv 1 , *• 1 . 1 w* ' ln«liitii l«-«rhrr* 17, « rfllf ' I .« • Trli, p«n.iuv ^ Herman Mei.ster. 2*i9 pound Nt. ; p.,,, ^,,„„,¡,1,,.»« 1 . 1 « 7 . M«i.*fM.i «t Hild Went Over. Mary s guar«l. h.'ul steam up while isMk ii«)«-«! i.i. 3 », « 1.1 rum irii n Hild*'d over left guard for Maniaci wa.s playing tag with the n“{' T."«**arii*»«i«- Trri« «». the biwa touchdown on the next an<l when the leathei replay but .Simmons rni.s.sesl the try b.oundetl from Gaptain Jo**'.s shofll- for the «'xtra point. . <h'»' and rolle«! ov« r the line Meister half, threw trom tin- Mai- short lat«*ial from Patiiek ami ami the damage w.i.s «l«»ne. jaunted 25 yards tin* line. Bill .Shake.sp««are gav«’ tl 'Fh«* {»lav wa.s «ii.sallow<'«l, «>fficial.s Dame fans tln ir Pm«! big thnll. a.s iiiling the ball w.i-i thrown for- - In* ia«**«l 4" yard.s a minute lat«-i* waul aftei Pati it k advan«e«l it. t*> .N'orthw* Ht*-i n’.s in, but theVViM- But on the very m*xt plav, an<l ■ »ats h«*ld. 'Dn* game emied a.s Don on the very sam«‘* formation. La- ‘k vcr hatih-d «k.wii .shake.speare s rue took ‘Patri-k c lateral and . T’-n.s . «ie.sp«ml. pa -a and no .*d it .sjiiinl«*«! .soim* 2h yaid.s l<u his t t T, Pit Mu'ti*«-"! to march in Pie u c->n«l half after ('ruym punt«'1 «*ut of Knind.s on his own tt y;«rd lin*' M-*leolm Hiken and Andy Ft am .sulxstituP’ tiaek.s, stp. ;.;h«*ii ti' th*' .31. and P.«>sc.>«‘ 1 ak.iig .«ml tin.illv* .nupp- 1 a Ion.* to Bahe Le\’«)U wh«> was di'WiH’d on the nuu* yar*.l mark. After Pram ad«ied three yards B«-!Sf « (raek« d off right guani for the tying p«»int*4 la V oir.s phi. eknk w ivS wide Gopher* Un*toppable. Gaining otft-nsive sin iiglh a.- the g.inie piitgr« .s,s«-d. tlm G"pher.i opetu'd th'-u winning drive a few iiunules after the atari *»f th«- pi'no.i 'Fht'y got p cH s-sion «>f the Felli when i'layn. kicked out «»f Fioun-i.s «>n th«' Minnesota 23 yard li.-.e ati'l let l.vm* a su-Uained march d«)W n field gi'ing to th*' Hawkeye 32 vai li lin;*, 'Fhi.mpaon t«>.ss«*'i a lu la'Votr 'Aho was .sloppe*! on the 13 yard hr*> IL-use ami Thompson itiov«* thru Pie line l«» the six yar<l mark e.n ! th« n the iatt«*r went wide arttiin'i the b-wa ¡«'ft end for the luuehdttwn LeV;»ir « Ku k t*»r the exFr.i pou’F split the ponts ami Minres-ota 1« 1 13 to h T‘1.. I'rr .;;» M -inf* >• « ■' * '«■ :,»nr STTi ' .-I ■ V) H ,.»r ■ . ¿ I gge i K ii U m I o 18, Hoh.tfl li I nl.Hi 13, K.U l«i *lrf 13. 4i«rilhH(ii 7, SI V|,«f)* 7. H.irtiiKiiilIt HI, \V MIImiii A Mur) II I hl« I IH. All. Kllrll) II VVa)li«“ IH, MiiiH I» lituii siai«. I clir* 7. «.riniifll 7, 111* \V«-*l«')uii 7. N.irlh«rii HI*. Iclir* «I Itriit.ll« I «I, ( I m HI ii «I. itllM (irlit III*«, i*. I<.hll*)ill I Sliillll «I W.inln*lir 7, It« nil*, ini'» l*.»l) «I ...„.„Kh, V,,-.( Ih,. 4M tr“,:.. ......................... t«*i a ft'w im»r* tom h<!owii.s on the i.*«.ii«-»* « « Ill'll.) It irh.r* «I, I M«i'«)lii I . «I HiUi.«il) 1«. «.ni)H ( H) It Vriiiil.t II. Viiirrli'.iii lull riiitii<iii..t ii siii|i. ii*i«t rK I i xrlirr* 31. Mill* »*) 111.- r. iti'H- er* (I V||>«||I I nr. I >•>»< lier* 88, N i » ItrlHoll I r,.l II .... II wa.s on it in a jiffv. Mei.ster f»lac«*kii ked for th«- ex- tiR i»oint nnd th«. r**«i f«’ath« red i‘s>ters on th«* .st Maiy .s ,seie of th«' fit-;.I thought w«»uM be H.nn.s. It ( II ilk I r Yi: iirs IMI I iL M /N .1 f i HP pi .snii >* 111n «\ .»'c; Pi P. K « c l II .«r L> r i. or ••«'Sint «IÎ IF I « ■N PU I i ». i t>n I . •* \ I a sa.s «'■ r *1 g .imi g « " 1 'î I I ; .'W.» rrt) uriàvc*. liiinui* Itfùlunmthii'rs hy hi^pin il H f.Npp/t.Nifi I t'iHU in I l. .MAld.SdN Wi.« r \V l.s* i.iiMUi ch. « k«-il in it.s tust vnti.ry ■•! the .st-a-. >n .Srtiiiiii.ty l»y d.-f*'--tti.,g Pur- lue H I* m M .stunning ups-t. Plavuig in.spu «*d loot ball, th*- VVi.' ol-... Itven .-»im« h«-* thiu t^i hi«'-k a ki. k l.”-!iind th«- go.,l line in the I- i p.noi f« r ,i ^.it.'ty and then 'id.'d a t »u- iul.-wn in the thud P-« Ti< ! on a pai-.-« irurn Mort.'ll !■'. Lov.dun A .sliin e.otn«-! oo.iiig ei-.'W'l of IT. immi . s ; ivv VVi:- .an p! .v ;i hnl- liant '..-rei .;\e ^ iiitc t.> h. ■ k in Its til .St win of tin t iiio.iigi. A light irizz'.* that fe 1 the gan:c prove. - !■ •. f.-r \\ w Ft* h recovered .several -■ep jn I i.r<iue terri- tor\ I'.i” i< - r .!'• ; atta, k w . ■ haU . I . ■ i th«‘ fu .St t* ilf a d wh> n tF-.i p,. ).*i m,ii--i* ,-.vit« rie<l to an H -icil g.tî !«' th.' .;¡ ■ on ; F'.alf VVi.X'■;-I:,in prov.-I almost u vulnei iF,'.. p ,r ;ue uts< or* ! th.- Badg-i« 1 , oowr.; 9.; F' ,t • ouM rot ' W;,- (.n.'i' • 2-'-var.t strip. Purdue cr--. . 73 vaiiis potn .* iinm.tgi- . h '.'I Pi p.'. ar-«* ( .Ill pa I s.! w p- V\ i• .' e'» iM.'n s* luiimag" aj*<t six >n , jia-ssí*». II hai irti O . , , , I I Z. ««»Itt«» *». I H't lltnzt'ii I f*«l>* 4" U.«* «I \ I>*.lll I «>l|, Kr It. O*», gil I .'MI I m r* «■ %ll«-n 8, I* íllM «. Wr*llililí*! • r H, vii.rri* II,ir).-) «I. «IIHVV 4 *i tV lU* lUnfií «I, Olilo Niirlli.rii 1¡. :«l. ItoMliiig i.rcrti H 4li|i||r\ 13, Ji.liii « .»rrotl I). K..lniiii«»<Hi M, ItHHf.i.ii «I M.»n|ii.Me 13, Vil.'tilK.ii »luir 7 Hilniil I 1.3. Itu. glieli «I *i>riiiií II. Iij 7. -*« i tioiii..* II 4<o«r I »II* leu'tur* 14. V4urul.*trr I '• ■•I Oluf 18. ■•« Ih»ni8* •• MiHtrlii .iij I eurtier* .38, VV llli.niM I e¡ • r* S l.twniiie II, I urritil it. « eiitriiur) ti, I iil*u «I. 4 eiil..••*••»• VVe*le).iii l.t, t*«iUlll MX*hrr..'’ «I. v,,,miu, iiiai, «I. | qu.'tl.- 24 to lii.s quHiteiFia* k. Di« k jaunted 25 yards the Ime. Bill .Shak.*.sp««ai.' gave the Notre Vliiliunu) V A M 18, Ku*t H. ('olUli« ... . • Ketitii.'g) 11, I lorlilM H. _ . . , , 1 Ni.rili < MroliiiM sinie H. V 4' I « ToUChdOwn IS LOSt. utierl, Ie.«. U- Th.* Sp.U tailS miSSe.l H lu st pi ­ er* «Ì. , ri«Ml tom hdown when th«* otfi< i tl.s *.«*4 iiiwt-i i (ailed F ko k a over the goal ie)8* 36. H*)iof « Inn- from Agett to Allman, an «*nd, 4tirr 3tl. Arg»n*«* 7 f i 4>UMiit*iie 3 * 1 . oki.iiiiiiii.) V A M H *oi r«>ugning, Hiirlheni oglahoni.4 I eai her* 13. « Auotlnr « hance when glinilliel- I earlier« i. M< Murra) 8, Haul« I It.iger u I'allll.lllllle V .V VI 18. H i 111« I 13. Ie)a* « iilli-Ke ‘I', i»ollllier«i li luiiiNli.nn eolli 81 - 37. Ne» Mi)l..i 7 , VVe*le) tollexe 18, Violili I ri*liiiieii 7 Vrk.itDt«« I earlier* 'i7. Vrkan«.«* *!.ili «• Ito« KV M«ll N I VIN « iilor.iito II. I lull « > Heioer I It, IlHHall I 7. . I lah «1,10 18, M)o«iiliik «I M lillriiaii 8. I oil« k « m I i.liilio •• I HrialMiH Voitu8 31, IVe«1erii sl.ili u He*l* «. I iirt W .irrni liiljiitf) l‘i «.iMiraKa 7, .Moiitaiiu 7. I Alt VVlNl I'.iiiflr liiilorii «I. IliUteiii (I (allOiriil. II. tv.••liiiikloii II. t ( ullOiriua Hi.iiihlef* II, M.iiiii Uuiiu.r « ol ! Ii * «I, ; « oil. Me III l-.M llle ill. < hlro N|.l|r It ' *>uii l»ieMo NluO I.. lui)otu • I u ' «I *>t..iifori4 .3, •*..iiOirrii « ..llOiritia u VV .l*tiliiMlon ••lull li, |.l..tio «I t iilleMe of 1‘llMet **011114 H««. I lll)er*ltl lit Hrlll«|i ( oluiiilila li ; Or# i;oii 1.3, OreMMii '■tale H. ing early in the third p«-rtod vvln-ii State ri‘« <>vere'l a Mappn tte pun- . tciok a long pa * hli- on the inva i«-!.-' 17. and wa- spiuled aiio. . t« 1 giv«-n down on tlu* 1 on ui- .; tt'if«'« rm *■ with a pa.s Agett'4 ' funiF»!«* on the ‘i-in* li line wa.- n-i «-oveit-d bv B.uivi'l who lait-d to ; .'<f lt.- ’2;i H iat. be. ! t.i Art Guepji«-, w Fio atti nipf= 1 • latitai <if lii.s owe only to I u Ulti I <«pl*d. Lun ipi .ind .scniii.irv third lout hoowii of th«- aP'-rnoon In th«* < lo.suig ininiit'- . .'*haw liom VVfHMj and ri( OH- It was a 39 yard cain. Hei tor s kii k lail«-d alili th* gum «mil 1 shoitly there- aPti. 'Ih.- lim up an'l sumnmiv 1 . ■ .1. at the Yanke. Sta>lium here Hat- | urday before h crowd of ‘),o«i(). New York umver.sity u; < d it- entire squa.i a*d .<-H..t* ! along, the ,,in r« s«'rve.« trsvk rtguiar* alHVing in fur mly a f«-w a.s P. rr.inutes NEW YORK U. BURIES CITY COLLEGE TEAM NKVV YUHK d' New V <rk I'niv« r.sity -s undefeated and unite«! I fo*»thall team buried the t'tdlcge «»1 I the City of .New York « l«-ven, 4o to VlrMliiiu lilltlor lolhgr 7, IriSiW.Miil luiitiir I), in ll.ii sixth galli«' ot th«’ .Sea: ui, « o||i-Mr H (lttrk«oii 7, ••< I lurrnir I» A**uiMi>Oon 31. Hriroli I rrh ti Oiitlt.iril IN, t ulto»hm Irurlirr* B v|dr«)llr li. Jiihnaof) (II) I riti lirr* «I I luri'in . Vlii I 0. VV ilm rfiirrr ti I .ill do I t. luiUl*)Ulr 7 « ri-ltlilon «I, •x.iilh liukolN 7 V[.*>ldnii Irartirr* i«, lirrr liauir |i-inii- rr« 7 VVnlrrii Nlalr Iruihrr* 18, Vliiiil 4’l* a»unl Ir.trli-r* 0 V ir(iiiiti I ni.iii 30. «,rri-M*hori. » Vliiuril 8« VVui )* I» VV »*hirif Oll« rolIrM«' 7- VV Ito 'ill* f * I. Ohu» N irlhirn I i. « Mil inii.«i I .33, V4dr*hdll IS. MiOi-iidfi- I Niirii.ut III . U I ,ikr I I .V ADiIm I (I « oriii-ll I», < ..rlOi.i N hiilli-r I ». 4 nuikliii «I Ko*i I’.il) !l. OakI.'ind «IH fi Hl I « u» IN 4 .. rlliMii. • VV 4li4i*h I* 4)dii*«illr «I M .•illiMiul h 3 .1 Krl.itt u 4 liiituir»« ri )|l**M>ii IOoi*r It. lllKM.i* roll. 13. Nor'Ii « .-ii«r»l 7 VV KhlOMtvii 1.3 Hruk. tt Oil«' !o ViU*klllMUIII 17 VV ' *0 rii 4(.*rr). 7 into VV *l»-)*ii ’ tl.itd*. Ill VV .ilU< < (I. hriil Nlutr |N VkiOM : Hi'ir«! Ilo-rc *> Mouitl I iiwot Ki.n).*ii IS. lk»J'..(il VN, V itlVHir>«ik.o • i Mauiliiklrr Hall -*lAlr li. ha> k tu y.iid.s to .Notre D;«rn«*'s 3u. '1 hi gaine ..taittd out like an- oth«T Nolie Dame vi« tory man h. Aft«-r hig Don l-d;a r'.s 13 ycp'd «lasli ov«u tile g' al in the pr-t peno<| had hei n nulliibd With P»e hohl- up p' iialty, .Noli«* Dame man hed 4 1 v.ii'I' on t'ii plítV to : cii- w iPi ,\1:k< i . • v li-n aml 1- ■ 'u ,s : ii.-f.buig and .-.jiUimn • t‘. flm orn* too! n .iik liom wL. le froinhait .Míe lk«0 ove! til«- I" o'e f ! ' . ¡ .. ,'i U I t ki< ked Pie I st r a polut í'oa'Fi |.'um-r L.-i',d«n, at f'lat p-f'lU :ent U' ii: .-«.OI 1 ntlingils nol I el'.i ■ hi I 0,1, I r . di I 1« »« hl.- I u d t i am t iii \\ . d< .«t w e) e fiii tln ii w.iv ! ) Pie tviiii ton« id'. An A '27 va/.l .Ci-h b H. p to N'otn* I :all .i ' 1 t :-et ef f t Fie ( . 1 e V», <;; k; I i' I i 1 .!ied t Fie ! I ' : .¡¡I . t ait OIl l urPi d'- .' n < r uK i- ct* [tpe«i to*ek t«> the '2'.' .til ) t< "e. a Fu li [..i-s «'Ver l).e luie to HeolV Uíid 3. <ftF| -n’t lik* Link Second.*) Win BFA'FKB'H '’«a h Ball Lugging Feats. N 4 H»t V-H V 1 nur* \ V 1 1 *«lWt 1 rnnri« iH i . 1 »Noll, . . it « »r.l» . II i: » H.iwrll M II H »i«r» M 11 H..I: ;l.i * 4 4l.lFI«t(, i % H. 1.84.0 M .|.».....l »V . 4 |-' •' -*..ii i ' VV -lur. k..- -9 le.UMtd* i «.l.»Ule »(rhi VHi.kii: . i 4 Amdr-.'. •- HcC def. ati''d B.e. La'ia B« .«tro . i -rii g- er*» 22 ti h heie Don Tavl...*-. Hid H« el an.l Art M'W.lum- a.. u 'e.l for Ih« *..r* t- m h.b'wn, V« hile Tro } r p'u* . ! t-r rw < ev. tra p lint A Beati , u ■ the B <1 and B.l.n k lh«'U .th-r ¿ tallow Cophi r-Iowa Si .listibs. I - VI 8 s( (n<L I r^ki i(f lì i\ III i:i< /'/.%N I mt I tuu luliiu ns n/ípi/p Ii\ II hit It \iti y 7 unis in I.‘i '7 II in. 1 HIL HI FLPHl A P.i I .N took ndva.’.Iage of ti:«' rueek ¡in ¡ p.o!,,-qi ■ani.i und< r a 13 t.; lutati tan.' :?i P.igF't f.ali F a- k i;,.| i dq.bof le- . the N'iv Lon. I< ' '-I «•ti v, F. v t: int-.- tFi«. •' t OI« . p'Ullt li. 1 the V. d.. I , - h'» vv.1 Hi’ !-.;;n..* » ■ an . Fr- d« ■ it 1'..'. 1 e.Vidl kb ■ ■! :F.e . ■ f,:,» Fo-W' .t .stood :t •« lr,V h ‘I W’l! ! pot t pi -1 1 .« pmarter t' iunk P« nn . (I op. « I F. 1 irk rabaUn tb bl .1 Jin 1 .; ;..t H: Fo ,t b,i t- ■ b'.,'.. n 'írer; . V’ Î h.ittb-b' p o. • I . I (. ,F c;. i ! thr: :' Pir I f-.r iFc IFiU'i bP.s ». : r f « r a ; ii t I tFii F,i ' » tl-'-l tU ii* 13 *.^'.ak*iornbinati'.n tFo . Fcj > <1« «itt* <i 101 '¡i U! P) i.< Ve'O 1 (»« u } r «1 (V .1 Mrfft »'■i V Tt . ?«'. ■ tl. -c, t 1 • t t* '• 1 v) . l! . 1 1 .»M 1 ,* ■* *àU rt ,* 1 I ,l '. . . .nd.■ t c- 'd:.. I Ib p e p. \ »1» l*% N-.44K , t 11, . n.« A F't 1 . HP i I»IK ri i ' Í » 4D4 : t4» . .ji I el1 >1 •*t > *t'4 L I* i) - f i : .ii '1 »\ 1 L , k (. d F'--r lut;;, f Oll tll« Lfel fit« fii/rtUi« • t* ., ' j; lo|) N.« ■ y ti.ejlhai 5 1 s. r.'F i cipp s - M Ä A; F.ole

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