The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 3, 1935 · Page 6
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 6

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 3, 1935
Page 6
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A—SIX STAK, NOVEMBEK .1. 1935 Nebraska Prep Elevens Wheel Into Home Stretch of Grid Drive Y Ci/ ^niEN I perused Frederick M Ware’s column in the World- Herald of last Sunday—a column in which he ably pleaded the raune of Dana X. Bible and deplored the tendency in certain quarters to criticise the head man of Cornhusker football—I was, let me confess it in complete frankness, somewhat disturbed. Mil miis ill lOUGH IISIS pymGwm cmo Lincoln Takes to Road for Engagement With the Beatrice Team. VIKINGS TO GOTHENBURG A tiappv Day in I,ay<len Family III’ r.REGG McBRlDE. Nebraska high schools swing into the home stretch of the 1935 football campaign this w'cck with several leading teams forced to 1 knew perfectly well that any imposing hurdles if they razzing of Bible that might have continue their bid for state cham- agitated the circumambient at- p[on.ship consideration, rnosphere was predicated solely on j.incoln hits the road for the the fact that the Huskers of the gyrnc away from home. The present annum had been defeated uiack journeys to Beat- by Minnesota and tied by Kansas y tussle with the Orange- State. So it seemed to me that any who has been hitting a fast di.scuN-don of the situation was dropping the first two giving unmerited recognition to games of the season. Jackson, that limited portion of the Ne-; undefeated and Greater Lincoln bra.ska public which ndes with jpague champion, entertains Crete college football because of the op- . with ,1 good ciiance of shaking the portunity the .sport presents to (^-yrdinal jinx which has dogged place bets on results or makes the ^pe Methodists for a number of victory demand dominant rather years. than affection for a great Amcri- North at Gothenburg, can game. Omaha North moves out-state Wherefore, 1 was seriously j visit the .Southwest Nebraska minded to chide Friend Frederick for what seemed to me to be a lack of tact. Quite fortunately, 1 clamped the hobbles on my Impulse to rebuke one of my comrades of the newspaper fraternity and, instead, it gives me genuine pleasure to here proclaim that the reaction to Mr. Ware’s contribution takes rank as one of the most wholesome events in the near ,50-.vear history of football at Nebraska V. conference. The Vikings engage Gothenburg, a team which has its hot and cold moments this fall. 3'he Swedes surprised by giving North Platte a great battle and then promptly slumped to take a walloping at the hands of the : much abu! 5 rd CurtLs team the following week. Elmer Layden one of Notre Dame’s Four Horsemen, .saw his Irish team of 1935’rise to great heights Saturday as It scored three touchdowns in the fourth period to defeat Ohio State. Hubka, game captain, was hurt. i p Ken McGinnis was rushed in and not until the fourth quarter di«l i the Huskers use fresh men. . Don Faurot had boon shooting Kail.'! i'lly carries its fight for p,at„ons of players, using thlr-! another Southeast eonterenee t.tle afternoon Uaunt iT' w c n • ( : u to Pawnee City. Aurora’s cam- I paign for Central Nebraska Seven 1 honors will be tested by Central I HAVE Mr. Ware’s word for it City. , . , , j « - that he was all but swamped . for Wc^^^ Neby the flood of letters his remarks i c rc^^-ovniti( hud in.spircd. Every communica-, braska Mit?hell linn cnminff to him from Corn- bosl b, versaiut viucu^i tion coming to him from husker followers breathed a rnes- .lage of loyalty to C'gach Bible, of admiration for his .skill as a mentor of football, hi.s exemplary character as a man and his high standing in his profession. It was, in truth, a showing down of hands which convinced me that an intelligent Nebraska public has the correct answer to ognition, is team in the higli spot of the Panhandle calendar. Custer county fans center their interest on Callaway at Broken Bow W'hile Mid-State league followers divide their attention betw'een Fremont at Norfolk and York at Hastings. Games this week: Ciamri Thii W>k. I.tncoln St Beatrkf. Benson st Tliomss Jt'flerfon (Thursdayt Seward at Bethany. ty-two during against nineteen for Nebraska. It wa.s not until the fourth quarter that Bible sent in reserves w hich meant that if he needed any of hl.s' to Fordham by the St. Mary’s Outfit Is Chief Standout. NEW YORK, (AP)—The foot- first stringers he could send them ¡ball spotlight, which beamed <^wn back, Jerry I.,aNoue, Johnny How- nwin Sitaip’s hie stadium Sun- cll and Johhn W’illiams were the only three Huskers who went the full route. on Ohio State’s big .stadium Sun day, shifts eastward next week with the opening of hostilities in the “big three’’ and St. Mary’s the Polo Kvcn the most rabid Missouri snoK Iho carp.ngs o< an ms.gnlticaht | minority; that Nebraskans gen- I ,t c.othpnbun.. cathedral at co.uge view. erally are not lacking in appreciation of the fact that Cornhusker football, whether victory or de- Crele at Jackson. AV-na at Bed Cloud. Auburn at Nebraska CUV. Arcadia at BurweU. Comstock at Anseimo, Atkinson at EwlnR. Sargent at feat is its portion. operating ' ’V: sanely and successfully under j Broken Bow. Bridgeport at Bayard, ethical and educational standards , Butto at Lvu. h. Wlsner at Batt'e creek. «•corrrt to no instilulion of learn-| oi w ing in the nation, and that much | h . rt^ard, Coral at McCook. Oulbertson at nf IhA for that accomnlish- Tr'«'“« Coleridge at Wayne Prep Craw- OI ine crtxlll lor inai accompiisn | Chadron, Niobrara at Creighton. ment properly belongs to the cttv at Aurora Verdlgre at helmsman of the Cornhusker ship, croftun. er at nemibiic Kas . uaiton at Alliance reserves. Falrileld at Edrar. Exeter .it Fairmont. Fremont at NorioiK. Nel.xon at E'airburv. FxUa City at Eawne.- City, UlysTa at FOend. Sacred Heart of Fall* Cltv at Auburn re- r.ervex, Oeno» at Clarka. Geneva at Wd- ter. MUcheT at Oerlng Overton at Olh- bon, Ogallala rt Orant, Oulde Rock at 8upi rio. r. v^rve.x. York at. Hastmgs, Hold- I ego at Lexington. Randolph at Hartlngton Shub.-rt at Humboldt. Homer at W’inne bago llenkelniaa at Indlanula. Sutberknl ut Imperla'. Kearnev Prep at Luchfteld. at iJiurel. Loup Cltv at Ravenna. ! Minatale at Morrill. Maxwell at Mavwood. ^ Mavwiuid at Brady Newman Orova at Mad lO I. P'-nder at Macy. Plain view at Nellgh Newman Orove at Madison Noni’ Loup at Grand L^Lind re Knowing, as I do, that numerous pro ninent institutions would be gratified if the opportunity were presented to draft Nebraska’s fcotliall leader, I was somewhat fearful that the man Kihle might falter under fire, perhaps giving ear to bids for his outstanding talents as a leader of young men. brchUa. They cashed one of them. '‘hp in cvcTy section bht the ^ It was a field day for their big 'v'»/taKe the contests in tackles and ends, the speedy mem-, htost national intérêt t • her., of both backflelds being At l^lrnor stadium, one the STwere' the' standou'ts m‘\hc ™slor came out of the west to 1 the Gopher drive, but a few plays iig"et h"ae";e'i.\^^rrol-;;t '^urn' ; reiuvenate Pnncc.on Joothal. g^^^^ l^ter Roaeoe Levoir converted. The Boilermakers filled the air ESOlft PRWIS VERPÖI10ÜE2Ö Tiiffy Thompson Features Gopher Victory With Flashy Sprints. MINNF:AP0L1S. ED. ta’s galloping Gophers, still in tune with the victory march, wrote another score of triumph Saturday over Purdue’s Boilermakers with a 29 to 7 that gave last year’s national champions an unbeaten string of 21 gridiron battles. George Uoscoe, the hard ing Gopher half, sounded the ojyenlng keynote of victory with a touchdown in the first period but it remained for •’Touchdown Tuffy" Thompson to electrify the Dad’s day crowd of about 44,000 with thrilling runs thru the entire Purdue team, one of which netted a score. Purdue’s vaunted team was never a match for Bcr- nle Bierman's powerful eleven. Both teams lost possible touchdowns thru penalties. Purdue missing a score after Tom Mc- Ganuon made a brilliant 98 yard run on the kickoff In the fourth period, only to have the ball recalled because the Boilermakers were guilty of holding. Minnesota went to work with the opening whistle, the Gophers recovering Weight’s fumble on the Purdue 25 and following it up with Tuffy Thompson’s 14 yaiii dash inside left end. Koscoe, on the next play, went 11 yards for a touchdown in.side left end, and Levoir converted. Thompson Runs 63 Yards. Purdue got a bad break in the second period when a blocked punt rolled into the end zone for a safety and two points for the Gophers. Thompson came Into his own with a dazzling run in the third period, Purdue had penetrated to Minnesota’s 41 when Minnesota stopped them cold and a few plays later, the slippery Gopher back made a brilliant 63-yard run around left end for a touchdown as his mates blocked beautifully. Levoir missed the kick from placement. Again Thompson threatened to score, this time on the kickoff. He fumbled momentarily but recovered to return the oval 44 yards from his own goal line. After an exchange of punts, Tuffy took a Purdue kick for a 48-yard return. A penalty halted Execute Vt iniüiiíí Irish Pass ESIERN EDGES WIN OVER lEEIN Bill Rhake.speare, above. Notre Dame’s .star punter, .stepped into another character Saturdav w’hen he hurled a 35 yard touchdowui pass to Wayne Millner, Inset, in the minute of play to give the an 18-13 victory over Ohio State. teugh Jlayea a hangup game at verses bv Army and Dartmouth, is Along with the fumbles, penal- gygpgcicd of having a bag of tricks j with in the thini period, ties played a big factor in the, pp especially for the' one of which finally netted a Husker offensive, Nebraska i Rengáis. ' score, Isbell pas.sed 35 yards to set back forty yard.s, some of it at Mary’s beaten in its only ¡ Guiri to the Gopher 37, and two major game so far, comes all the I plays after Wright tossed to played thru without being assessed Oakland to tackle a ¡ Loebs on the 8-yard stripe. On a yard. Blocking Features. Altho Williams w'as credited Fordham team which apparently , the next play Wright took I.sbell’s is just beginning to click. , pass for a score and Isbell con- Pltt and The Cadets. i verted. yard loss at end, but Rohrlg flanked the Tech team for the nece.ssary distance. Helzer's placement for the extra point was wide of its mark. The final touchdown was indirectly the result of another blocked punt by Pfciff. Tech recovered the loose ball on the 2- yard line and Hammcmd lugged Variano’s 25 yard punl back to the Tech 17-yard line. On the first play Beck slipped off left tackle for the 17 yards and the final .score, with Heizer again picking up the e.xtra point on a placement. Second and third stringers went most of the way in the fourth period, Coach Stuart Bailer returning his top flight eleven to action only after Tech had entered danger territory, Adna Dobson, 190 pound fullback, was not included in the Lincoln party, Dobby being confined to his bed as a result of lllne.«s. Bill Kinnamon, who replaced him in the starting lineup, W'as helped from the field with an injured leg midway In the second quarter, but reappeared in the lineup during the third period touchdown drives. Woods and Hiidkins alternated while Bill was being patched up. Rohrig Outstanding. Hermle Rohrig easily was the AKERS ARE Sm ÏM 111 Don Heap’s Sensational Run in Last Quarter Gives Wildcats Victory. EVANSTON, 111. (.T'. Don Heap, a platinum blonde who u.sed to give Evan.ston cops a merry chasa when they tried to keep him from getting into Dyche stadium without a ticket, made good as a football player Saturday by a 43 yard touchdown dash that gave Northwestern a 10 to 3 triumph over Illinois. Before a homecoming throng of 36,000 spectators, the Northwestern .sophomore broke away on hi.s winning run in the final quarter with the .score knotted at 3-all. Taking a short lateral from Hugh Duvall, he faked a run to the left and then .squirted thru to the right on a twisting dash that earned him thru five tacklers for the score. Heaps run, cllma.xing a great Northwestern rally, not only gave the Wildcat.s their first Big Ten victory in four starts this season but netted them their homecoming victory .since 1931. Illinois, outkleklng the victory starved Wildcats, shot in front in the game in the second period after both teams had narrowly mi.s.sed touchdowns. But in .scoring position when Steve Toth’s punt went out on Northwc.stern’s 34, the 11- lini drove down to the 10-yard line. Lowell Spurgeon then dropped back to the 20 and scored a beautiful placekick from a difficult angle. Duvall’s Kick Good. The lllini held their margin until the final period when a bad break suddenly turned the tide ot fortune. Heap’s punt hit Bob Grieve on the leg and a swarm of Wildcats pounced on the ball on 4hc Illini 27 from which point th«*y crashed thru to the enemy 14. Hold Ann Arbor Performers Impressive Showing Against Penn. Ax-xT AotiCMi M1.-H ns The there, Duvall kicked a perfect goal ANN ARBOR. Mich. The mftcement from the Illini 23 University of Michigan put on a surprising display of power Saturday to defeat the favored I’ni vsr.sity of Pennsylvania Quakers, 16 to 6. Kurliah scored Pennsylvania’s lone touchdown in the final period. Valpey and* Sweet put over touchdowns for Michigan in the first and second pcriod.s, and Viergever place-kicked a field goal in the dying minutes of the game from placement from the Illini 23 with Heap holding the ball. It took the long subdued Wildcats just two minutes to put th« victory on ice. Wally Crnlco opened the road by returning the Illini kickoff back'46 yards on a beautiful dash to Illinois’ 47. Duvall smashed thru to the 43 and the stage was .set for Heap. Duvall flipped the ball to him and ho Bill Renner. Michigan’s sharp- .swung sharply to his left. As an shooting captain, passed to Art | Illini tackier broke thru and Valpey, sophomore end, for the i missed him, he suddenly reversed finst Wolverine score in the first his run. hit thru his right tackle and was on hia way, shaking off tackier after tackier. Two Illini had him cornered on the 15-yard H appily for the cornhusker, I am able to proclaim that this fear on my part was un- pfm «t Taimiiiic pnt.montn »t founded, for the simpiv fact.s arc sc.v.>r‘cr^*A Elken Scores on Pass. with one touchdown and Howell | Klsewhere in the east fans are set the pirns for another with rums engagements betwcenPcnn after taking laterals, it was a cou -1 pie of bl^ks by Husker ends tlmt ■ produce pyrotechnics. made both of them po.ssible. On | principal en- ................................. will be staged at Baton , around right end for the final period. Cedric Sweet, hard-hitting Michigan fullback, scored the other Wolverine touchdown from the 18- yard line in the second period, be-1 stripe, but he slde.stcpped them hind viciou.s blocking. ' and fell the goal line just The Quakers capitalized on a as he was tackled liom the rear, fumbled punt to score their lone Heap w-as the leading ground touchdown in the final period, gainer of the dav, picking up 172 outMandini'TinWlnTall” carrier. I Kurlish plunging' o yard.n in thirty attempts. Lineup: The stocky halfback was as elu- ' 2-yarci line af^i* ^^Birray had r c c ntmoi» - sive as an eel as he peeled off i 24 yards to the 12. I raiit\\»'ii , gain after gain. While Beck and I Renner’s Passes Click. The Gopher.s counted again in j Hammond gave him plenty of .sup- The 32,700 fans were scarcely the fourth. Roscoe ran 22 yards to Purdue’s 12, after which Eiken, substitute half, took a lateral pass Antllla . r;ryi>i'.-(kl Savr« Kuhn Scherer took out the Mis.souri .safety, while McDonald spilled a | Tiger tackier grab Howell on The Hutkers came thru the who w-is Xut state team, conqueror | verted. M c < the Missouri *>0 I powerful Alabama Chim- , 98-yard cnme thnr the' Tide, collides with Bernie off and the eame wiLhout iniurv 1 adas Hubka' forw’ard passing outfit ^ the air with a vcuKxaucv. drawnie a bumned Vve as the only' I*oui.siana State. The last, Minne.sota stemmed the tid ' ‘that the word in the aerial game may be momentarily by intercepting one Hrnr\ Spuri; con l.lntlhcrK Wilson . port In the matter of ground gain-' seated when two passe.«« from C apt^ r,aibrc>»Vh ing. In the line. Big Bill Pfeiff ; Renner to Chri.s.s Everhardu.s and I nykxtm pla.ved an almost flawle.ns game. Matt Patanelll. each good for while Johnny Capron, George ; twenty yards, put the ball on the Rouge, where .Maj. Ralph Basse’s Minnesota touchdown. con-S Binger, Leo Benson and Royal; Quaker 2-yard line, McGannon made his use- i Helzer also must be given credit, | John Smithers fumbled there, run on the next kick-1 Tech’s backfield aces were but Stark Ritchie. Michigan soph- Boilermakers took to j Vaughan and Stevens, with Jac- omore hack, soon had the liall back quay and Varlano doing most of in scoring position with a t^‘‘nLv- the w'ork In the line, momentarily by intercepting one | Lincoln outdow'ned Tech, 11 to uncorked w'hcn Abe Mickel pits Boilermaker heavi*. but an the fi- i and except for a few' brief n , Ic . . 11 . . U rg., -ri . ,.r# ■ qh. , . .Ui. . rh n» .Northwestern . .. KuvMtt 1» ... Wniv ..... T*ni-'irt* ............. Lln-I ......... Kcirt ........ Hurncti ... Ikingícllow ........... (jcycr ......... Hcnn .................. I’riiKo I»uv(i 1 0 0 (I - .1 U 111 lu casualty. This means Hu.skers can bt* at full war , strength fur Kansas next Satur-1 htvaving skill against ■ nal gun soumlo day when the Javhawks come lo | Armstrong, the Mississippi Sharp- the Minnesota of in scoring posiuon wun a ! five yard sprint to the Quaker ndd koui , i 7, A dazzling lateral-forward combi-1 luinoi«, iifW goal, si> Score hy jicrhHi»: Illlnoi« ....................... • .• Northwcctcrn ................ hcnrlnp: Nurth»i»tcrn touchdnwt). Heap, point after touelulown, OuvhII. (pliue- ‘luvall, (plaeenieiii I. urKi'on, (placement». impulse. Happy in the knowledge that Dana Bible is c<»ntent to continue as a leader of Cornhu.sker squads '■ and unwilling to s(N‘k n* w fields, I here crave the privilege of expressing the hope that Nebra^^ka has heard the last whine inspired by the fact that the Cornhuskeis PLAY GREAT PART m PitönMONR ,i)oìhcieiì the Huskers was a quart» w'ell ami played a hangup game that for- The big doing: in the middle together with King and Ret d, end.s. | ...............qh. will be at Iowa City where ^ Minnesota marie eleven first downs AlPXiindrT ..........ih. Minnesota's [lowcrful Gophers j for 291 yards by ru.shing to four-, . rh ccntratlng on Renner, Svvi'ct scor- cri the next touchdow n after Frank Bi.ssell. Michigan gaurd. had rc- covercrl a I’ennsylvania fumble on the Quaker 31. Rcnru r anti Smith- | era took the ball to the 22 »ni the ancient "statue of lilKTty" play • ■ ■ iL.hrik ^ and Sweet lugged it the rt .st of the ■ klnnkmnn ' way, in tWO plungCH. Hr-rrilaii —Lincoln ... Hln»;cr .... I’fclff ... Onpron Henron (îriAWolrt .... HcUer Hitchcock Hammiind (Continued from Page 5-A.) ward pass tliret tlv over the mid- tackle Ozzie Simmons and his Iowa | tee„ for' Purdue whirh gave ^^e -' .e . ... ..... ,n Li Kiir»» In h.qvp ^.•> ir-,r/ia py fush- 11 '«vif. 0 'nxh.t. umpir«, Ddv* ixopi*. .'s* I Hcnner was bencherl for the sec- cuo and then came one of those plays that authors use as the basis for football fiction, souri had been the aggressor for die of the line which caught the colleague.«, in a game sure to have , Boilermakers 172 yards by rush- Husker fullback too clo.^e and the an important bearing on the Big ing. Most of Purdue’s first dow'n.s 'safety too far hack. The Hu.skers Ten champion.ship. La.M year w,.re made by passing. The line -1 used a seven man line on defense Minnesota trounced Iowa 48 to 12, were the lo.sers of a football game, most of the second period, a Hus- The Scarlet has met defeat in years gone by and It is Inevitable that the experience will be repeated in the years to come. Meantime. I proclaim that to make a Cornhusker coach the “goat" of an honorable defeat Is to indict—ye.H, insult—the In- telligenre of the people of this state. It Is sn affront to a whole slate, not to the man! Irish-Buckcye Statistics. OiLl’.MBXkS. (>. lU .Statistics of the Notre Dame Ohio State game. 01(1,1 S, Noire II, Hrx| down* III Net jortU ¿xliird rnOiinx lUI Ettrwiird • »lten»ld,-a 4 turwKni |Mi«t(ra rtMitelcIrd 3 Sorwainl imi«««-« IwtrrcriH- .a hi 3 hy . 3 I'uiillng axrraie fr»»m •ctlmniacf SW • fulMl lard* blrh* rrliiroed IS fuiiiblt*« rrcox rrrd I Isril* lu»t by iwimlty lA •Intlllil- « |.Ultl* «114 kk-kolt». IS t III ÎI le M.1 ker thrust being stopped by a fumble on the Tiger 2. The big clock showed but 45 seconds remaining of the first half. Missouri was on Its own 46 and Frye faded hack to pass Well smotherctl by rushers and unable to locate a receiver, he tossed wildly and it hit an ineligible .Ml.wiun Hnerhan's foot. That gave the ball to the Huskers. Cardie Laterals to Williams. T»«n .seconds later Nebiaska had a touchdown. John Howell faded hark and passed to Lloyd Caulwell. Sc ing that he was trapped he snuppetl a lateral to Johnny Williams and Johnny raced the remaining ’20 yards or so for the touchdt»wn. It was the spot for the ipf. tacular and the Huskers i furniaheti the fireworks. This time I Francis converted, the ball cutting the heart of the uprights. Williams lexl the prancing Hus- kei-s to the dressing rmmi with a , »on. 6rr for it i «wrii. Hnrt*i t 13-6 advant.ige. Jerry LaNoue, 1 o -«r<ia for K i-* a. and stopped the Tiger running at-, tack. i Nehratk« — Ml»«uu ri­ ‘ S'-hvrer ................... le ........... Bourne 3hir*y ........... ........... It.......................... leidel William« ...................... .......................... t>rr Mehr n« ................... Pett Huhk« toc» ...........rg ------- Beger HeWirt............................. ta») Mrr»in«ia ................ re ........................ Orenrl« Hr.well ........................... qu........................... . Luna« L-'.Nt»ue ........................ Ill ........................ Murr«) <’arti» eli ................ ..11) .................. L oi hiner kranei» -ft. .. . .. . Bikk« Smtt «}■ t>erlu<l*. ñ 9 19 .Ntl/rixk« ... 4 7 M Immuri H t) U 0 e Toiit’h'loxn Ki«firi» J. W iai«r(i». Lunhr. Try fur tx-jnt : Kiant ii- , FI u *-h:fk ». hu«- «iiiiltlun» !S t>‘ra»;--.1 .\ii<iiiini« tu 1 lili.' -« F.ì h-.rrt¡.;>n tor í-.he'-. 1'«« fur :M i ' Duiiai.l. KCl* for nh,ie\. 1' lino .eck 1 Ul­ Hfili Kult.(I»» lor t'aruv. ■-‘i, i .li lur I'la . It, .Vtorr.r..!« for M'-tiru.« x 1i.'í>.‘i|í-| Hqdtr lur lie. l-."lKl'*h l"l '*■' H'lo’l t..r Bcti Kii i fur, Hirith lur 111 A K, l‘uriii. uk I i for < inttii.i l-'r'- !• a I..1UI-, .)iihc;on for lexhin •r, »'"Oper fur Murru , season and the rest of the team vastly improved, the Hawkeycs seem set lo give Minnesota a real battle. Irish .May Be Pres.scd. Notre Dame may be extended by a Northwestern team that kioks mtter every time out, but Ohio ups: Furrtu* Ouirl...!• . .. h .. Denni«...... .. Il . Bf 1 c . . Sanhefur ...... ... rc... W'oltman ... rt .. Loet» . .Tf. . ran .......... Uheii ____ ...ih .. «. .. Wrlg'it ,. ..,rn... .. .. Drak« . .. .fD, . . * Purriue ...... .. .. , ... 0 Omuh* Trch ..... SconnR: Lincoln, 0 0— 11 o»1 half, to conserve his strength 2 T i f.l- the three Western conferent e games remaining, Michigan made twelve first downs to Pennsylvania’s nine, but lor »’> M 1 * 0 « for ilou Hesui-r— 1 E. Fovt.' i . ............. K. Fowcll tor i;n»;;;?h, M tmin i«r Hender- ion I*. TmnUfiUiiti fo' ‘'omljí. lidleikK Hir 1). Johf.TTi iv> for Hckrr, Hii:»:« for H. Mh*on, M»irrav tur I-rje H. Maioii for Fie -* Hendt 1 'on lor Nel«-m t*'Hi|i r tor P. Turni»*aj?h, I.oihiner for R. ieq;h. Etl- rtofiiKy for Smiili, E. I’otAcU for liitnda, r>rrtdlley for «'ooiicr, Houme lor M. M»- lleirttl for I'Tkk lor E’ryr, . , ... ,, , ,, , Murr»y for t'-intf, H »:* for H U h . >n. who ignored the slippery fli ld all (■.,»«(.» („r Wurrmv W. rtio.ili lor r.r«>. HEAD Important Message On Page 14-A l.'iiko»*ki for Britv, Krv« fur Lochine'. H for Houston I> john»on for ^'^»"- I^.nd#, Off < 'ofei*#. L ca k-dmond*. urne ; J, F K TtemiKin as he chased bark .Missouri punts, scooped a fumbleil pui't which had slipped thru How-) ouava »: t-n’s arms end got back 9 yards ' to M -souri’s 43. I ___________ Tht-n came Jerry swinging thru the Ti er left tackle on the same COUNTRY CLUB MOVIE play that had taken him to a touchdown a g s 1 n s t Minnesota After traveling 10 yards, he saw a pocket of Tiger tacklers ahead, so be pushed a lateral back to John Htiwell, Johnny getting with- cugo. Purdue goes ag.nnst Wisconsin, M l iouri liopi - to continue its good .howing to date against C’f ach • Biff ” J=ines’ Oklahoma ti ain and Kansas gels N. !>ia.ska. 'i’h: P. cific co.i .t has two foa- tu I with ('aliforiiiu pla>ing Wa J'ui. Imi and btanford meeting lhi> Oianl.-i lioni : anla Clara. The southwesl’: headliner will be Rice vs. Aikan.„..s pu. hing it hard. Otlier leadm.i’ Mlrtki**» MArrjiifitf V» Michigan Stgia: K-n^as Stai- va lo»a State. Mtihigtu vt u; 1» Soiitlr Qrorgta vi TuUne; Indian« ta. M: :>Iaiid. ('ivmaon Alabama. I d C- lumbi* va. Syracuae. Carntgi* Ttth vh M')!v Crosa: Yale va. Brown. B-TUthw'-'t Tulaa va. Centenary. Far »-*1 Waahinfton State va. Idaho; r., *on fc'tata va. Oregan, Colorado v*. Minnf rota Scorinx braaka, Itnesman Kroie by r*rl<Kla: 0 14 13 ..... 0 U 0 Mlnnefota | SconnR: Lincoln, touchdowna. rapmn. .. P. Reed I Btnger, Rohrig. Berk, Extra point, Hel- R Omitn *er 3, iplacekicka». -w.,.................................. „ , ... Weid sut.atit'Fiona; I iNf Beck f o r , the Quakers outgained me woi- F.enneiiohn ........ ..... ,... . Oech Wldxetn , .. . Klnn Levon Thomrisun Roacot Beiae « t i>- 7 2 U 7 - Sut.atit'Fiona; i ixioi„>, wee a i o r , mt* v^untv«-»«» Miller, Knnen for Hitihrork. Rood for yerinC.S 159 vard.H tO 144 by rUStl- Ä. t’^^rd."'JaVuf Í:;Í ' mg «nd 94 to 63 yard., by passing. r «rti'ie hdowii, W riphi ; po.nt after t illi’bdown, laheit. » plat »kirii i M'nne'oia, tfiuih l i'vn. ltoM-*>e. Tliompxon. King and Liken, ((Oitili: jîtei tuurhUown, l.evolr 2, Be,;« I (p’leKi!.«»; aafe!>, 11» -, -ii Ir ill 1 liell'a btoiked k.ek rolled l-m k In end , "uliatililliona I'ltrdut, end*. t' • Heed Fowell; lacklea I-ehi mg ; quKrtcr- its-'k*. í-'títl. u.«; hsdt nrka .Vi<i'tnn..«, .vftdlcv. h ii.lliH.~k Itei grr. Minne'otii enda. Anltl, Entw«.\tk', ti.1'3». "'«»rda. Wilkm »ul, L'ïlieia. quiii îï't,a( k. Hunt, I'lUK; haUbarka. E.Keii, tiinitro. Maib*«), Urani, luanack, Kura Miiur, Mowbray for Binger, Adama for Porter. Cather for Hammond, Wooda for Hudkina, Hrnun fur Hager. Meier for Benaon 0 'IAH% TK< H. Kannelly for Alexander Rodilrom for Spiegab Offlria.a Lrr.te Adam*, umaiia, referee; Faui Pav - om.»ha, umpire, Pave .Su..le. Nebraaka, imrsrnan. The lineups and .summary: Michigan ,le ..It . . Ik.. VILLANOVA RALLIES TO DEFEAT DETROIT 13-7 VILLANOVA, I’a .1’». Villanova came Irom behind to defeat the University of Dctioit »*leven, 13 to 7. before 8,<100 Hpcctators Sat- j urday. Fennaylvanla P.radfur I Oiaburne Mr.Namara . Hnuf* ...... Ltol to ------. Tool i ll ... i N>a .......... Murray .... ; Wa w it k ! Klvriaoti Kurlliih L.-m .ivair.'t Mb higaii . • . . • K» .re l>y prr;<«t . rv iifinx F< tmr vaiila llah. M.‘iii-::iii. 1 I'M" pumta Tier luiii hdiiwti V «.'■•veri (piKtek; k>. I K-ve . ,, ri. . . ri*. ■ qii. . ,lh ..rh. . .fu Fa I line; Il '' Vierpever ■ ........... F.l' lell Wrikht B< lujman > f ..... ••'. 1 . .. Kenner !... Everha-^dut iitiiHhira ' ' " . .-iw < el , «I 0 II « ^ U 7 0 3 13 t.inpd'wn. Ku. \ Hipe. . Swn ■ : Petiiltt» I 111' for Meld g"«li Vier- SHAV|NC CREAM Ooes Jurtker^ Fitch’s Sterilized ShBvlng Cream multiplici itself in lather 29T timet, going further than any no brush cream. Actual tests show that its tiny lather bubbles stay moist on the face 18 minutes. LUBRICATES SOOTHES A small amount ot soothint oil in Fitch's Shaving Cream luhri. rates and proterts the »kin Fitch's Shavinf Cream cannot »matt or hum the tenderest skui. Large Tube 25‘ .Nf uii, k 'tgui n 1 'li.ider, qvxiii VS. Brtv ioc with 1- 'pirnliuuyh, Ivv Pir K' - two fine icorlng drive» Alabama'» NIGHT ON WEDNESDAY Country club will hold it» movie under a broiling »un with 14.500 night Wednesday. Professional crowding the stadium to see the New kirk announced. Follow ing a big 'Bama team roll. It wa» the dinner, and golf in the afternoon thnd »urcesaive Saturday that in a foot of the promised land be-' if weather permits, motion pic- Alabama has demonstrated its fore he dropped. turei of most club members as power despite injuries to the var- The line opened such a hole for | well as all the Hardy cup players sity. to go »he.xd and_wliL ______ Francis on his shot at right guard will be shown, that he burst Into the end zone ; ---------------- LINCOLN STOPS OMAHA TECH BY ! 27 TOO MARGIN (Continued from Page 5-A ) ' Lincoln was In front 14-0 at the j intermission. i The remainder of the Lincoln j scoring was done in the third pe- i rkod. Bill Pfeiff blocked a Tech i punt and Benson recovered on the j Omaha 17-yard line, while a couple | ________ ^ tackle smashes by Rohrig and; KENTUCKY ELEVEN 13-0! Hammond made It a first down BIKMI.NGHAM, Al.. l.V. With 1 1“« «v. ^yard, from_ pay terrl- c RIM sdn tide drdwns tory. Beck was spilled for a two and almost beyond the goal posts before he could slow up, not a Tiger bant! being laid upon him. .« im's placekick was wide Only 7 1-2 minutes had lieen used up of th.* quarter (Toach H'hle baa been ; ontenl to use his original starting eleven. Midland Player Hurt, FHEMti.NT. Neb i.-D I'hyslcisns said Ijcstcr Brandt of h'lemunt. Midland college triple threat ba< k, will not l»e able to play tor the rest of this season. He suifcied a wrenched shoulder in a football with one exception when Ladas ' game at York Friday night. NEW LOCATION 930 So. 27 th St. LINCOLN HAT rvv>7 WORKS rS507 We Do All Kind» of ^ Electro Plating Brats, Copper, Nickel, Silver and Chrome on al types of surfaces. CALL US- LKT US SIRVE YOU WESTERN PLATING CO. W. M M-rttn, Ov%n«r 416 So. 11 St. B3430 THE PLEASURE IS OURS , . . /« .‘fnnftnnrhiil tbr Affiiiatum of William "Bill” Newens A.S Art Director for tha W. Joyce Ayres Agency Kxwtns romr» tn th* AE*n. y kftrr ?*v. r d experien. e in Retai! Mrr- han- Cill U« »-«r Ideal 4 Pfic-a on Belter Aft Wfork W. JOTCt AYRES AGENCYÄ etA.c.c. tTiinoT. Rt nr LinCOLn DCBR a Watch Them BOWL Three Ladies' Teams From Omaha. Wal*on Bros., t'oca < ola, and Sheets Coal. * vs. Three picked Ladles' Teini* from Lincoln—1 P. M. Ciarlo«» Alleys. Omaha vs. Bobs Coffee Shop 2 P. M. • • • LINCOLN BOWLING PARLORS 236 No. le

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