The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 3, 1935 · Page 1
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 1

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 3, 1935
Page 1
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V- ^ _ 1 l^rgeM Circulation FiH NOrn IN 1867 IVr ( apita of \n^ Citv in the l-niled Stale# from 87,000 to llO.OtMl ropulation. I INMM N.^FBK \^K\. SI NDAY. M>\ Í31BER 3. 10:i5 TI N t ENT> BUSKERS CONQUER MISSOURI ALÏ .EA Ethiopmn Commander Hntiling the italian% EBOÏ WilH REPRISALS Britain First on Blacklist Following Fixing of Sanctions Date. NOVEMBER 18 IS DEADLINE By Aisoc atet* »»ret*. Iia.!v. f*c;r.E ernnnrT.ic *rubh’.’-.p hv TTinr«* th*.n half of thf civiUro-j v'orld Nov "A. mai«* rew conrotaMns» S-aiur'iHv t.o apor the reTurr, of pe*c-e wilh Fihiop;* Tf-e nafu-i* of conreAS”'D wa? rot ma'.i«* knowTi They wer«* unie'-atoo'; to have heen out op-' Ir a pap^r hariHp'l to Prerr>or Lava! of France at Oneva Sat day hv Muaa^’.:n: a envoy to the Leame of Nation* D plomat* at 'the learue doubted if Italy * cor- re-awoni« »’Oulu be aatisfarto'-v Th.etr peaBirma.'Ti was baaei upon WuaaoUnia p-evioua refuaa:* to accept con-l!t!on* which Great Brtatn ha* tna-.frted are Th.e aanctior* committee of the leacrue of Geneva repreaentmc f;ftV'two member nation* fixe- Nov 1« a* the date for app’%'^nc to -»eU noth’.np to Italy*' aanr- , tiorA The arUor wa* take*- “with [f-eat rerret,“ aam Sm Sai^ le! h^oare who. a* 'o-eipn maniater ’iroeak* for Great Bntam. , Put it had a re-.-flaE-^n-a-buIl'*-* ac^ effect or, Ita. an* who fe ■^'•'■'¡nE it mo»-* and more diffi- j .lull to restra.m Ih^.r exprc*«'''n* I tv.f rape tov^a-Q G^eat Bnta.'n , trhe aontiroent amonp ^ aaoiati prow* and cauaea concern in aii F.uro|-te, Britain Calteel Enemy Ne 1 . ROME .F Great Britain wa*' rr.arked down a* a aort of “pubi c enemy ruml»er one” following the ‘ fixing of Nov Ifc a* the date to apply boyootta apainat Italy KART CAN’ RANSEER BANK RECEIVERSHIPS Not His to Hand to Saunders Like a Plum on a Platter. BRITISH LABOKITES ( H \RC,F DEM *'l have broken my own rulo s*;d E H Luikart formrr puprr- irtendent of the state banking department. who 1 * ret&mmp 200 or more judicial receiver.*hip* of plate bank* w hich he held a* an indmd- uai when at the head of the banking department “I said 1 did not consi ier it ethical to discuss court bu.sinrs* in newspaper*, but I am. not going to remain Kúent under criticism ■’ With reference to Gov- , e.'-nor Cochra:. * letter to Supenn- ten<ient Saunder* askir.g the latter to request Luikart to a*k the court* to transfer the judicia. re- ceiverKhip* to Saunder*. Luikart ‘ made a statement in which be ai- of pjL* Nasibu. lege* he ha* no power to transí er > Ethiopian forr-e* receivership*, nor can be enter into New pit t com.manuf’r of bafling the Italiarts in south of an agreement to shift official re- Ethiopia Acme, NORMAL BOAR SWINA ENÎIRE B ¡G 1 sptonsibilitj and if he did resipr there la no assurance the court# would appoint anyone he might ¡ suggest. that be i# not able un- • der ruling of the supreme court to “hand Mr. Saunder* or anyone these receiverships, like a plum on a platter *' Luikart offer* to forego hi* salary- of 14 21 * 0 . if it is deemed excessi%-e. and receiie only what the court* may fix for hi** actua- s#»nires for each bank He think* hi* resignation wou d COVER AGE R THE WEATHER.> snow ir wrM «m»w **' ’•air ll> *>«.» ^inllaj an* imih.- M.x .Hnnttaj . i»«t M> «»m ir »»•« M»««!■> Kan..a. mh u >ri rmlr (r r»«! an* sunÖK? atiS nt> dfrtdfi* rhiincf «ti in»». R'in an* Wimfla? r».r*t»t »«n»» »ni>m (n n«rtbM.‘»t an* norIb r<*nfat iint nibrli rhant» tit t«*m iwmtu-» ■Mtiifh Hakf'la : « »oiicl> nrranlonal ab« » 'hun(lBi> ani i>r..|>ablj Mnbrtaj wnt w polC la an* Bitrtb t«»«ion» Monaa.i. Wide-Open Split Develops With Party Lines Not Being Followed. Old age assistanre as cx»ntainei in H. R IT. Gove»-nor Cothran* bill setting forth the major excuse for an extraordinary leg;* a- tive session, wa* succc.ssfu !y as- .sR ,e:; in a %'ita! spot Saiumiav during debate in house committee of the whole with ndmir ..<rat lor leade»-* g ' s to -eport prog’es* s’-' ask leave to s:t ag .in late in ihe afternoon befo’e the .leten'.f r.« i were asked to Lake more puf sh- roent The lower Pram h had previf*us > gone on record, mairiy thru democratic m.ajority party strength, a' iavormg the ga* tax a* a melhoti . of supplementing revenue for so' cial secuntv Republican attempt* 'to substitute cigaret and other forms of luxury tax met w’^.b dismal failure On the ga* tax member* of the party in newer stuck like glue ha k of the governor The layout wa* different in regard to the specif c old age security bill. Major aitat k on ore section With the campaigT. for the Brit- MacDonald, son of J Ramsay Mac- considered more or lea* essentia': Donald, got his $25 OOO a year job ¿»^n'ocr&Uc spokesmen wa* thr-j a cieaj ma ie at the time of the June reconstruction of the cabinet by Stanley Baldwin George Lansbury. former labor leader in the bouse of mmmons. *a.d the .selection of young MacDonald left «nr th. nf» ••»■I I'f»T th. urrw’ «nil »*’«•■’ .ullrv. Kbd !h. mtrtbrrti »n* rrn »nt í'l»ín* < *»»-l ». p«iHI th. ft«.« libH »I pr»b«b>> b> rtfcinj irmi«-.» wir. mir »t •fM>» fimt »if Ir «nuib iwirtlor, fol- b. niit«llj »« it th.rr«.|rr IM THE LEGISLATURE. LATERAL PASSES PLAV GREAT PAR NNEBRASKA WIN Sam Francis Plunges for Two Touchdowns—John Williams Scores. a m Senate. In adjournment until 20 Monday House. I I Seated new n.emoer, Bert Cummin* of .Sewhrd ' Debated old age'r bill F’.a.ted iive other Focial security Oil.* or general Ine F.e e'\ed th're rew bilt.s real them tw . and referred tbem to committee* Vc>ted t ■ m et in joint infirma meet.r.g w:th senate at S p m or, Mon-'iiy t'. Tf'crive del eg at'on oí f'ltix'-n* interested in old age pension.«» to 10 a m Monday. PROBLEM BEE PRESIDENT IS MEN AT WORK ir UL If isb general election on Nov 34 un- e»oria.ia, go; i.ii- ».-ujv... py democraUc spokesmen wa* ui- , ___thr-j a dea; ma le at the time ot »»cted bv J E W R thard* dem- derway labor pa. .y speaker* are reconstruction of the cab- ncrat. with John McLellan. repub- teiimg the voter* that J. Poi.mKay by Stanley Baldwin George ucan. co-introducer of the amend- MacDonald former labor:te pnme Lansbury. former labor leader in nient, ministe»-,,»' in favor of Stan- the bouse of mmmons. sa.d the No*ice of tr-’t:ny in th^ -ank* .......... ............................... ley Ea.Jwjr. last summer only .selection of young MacDonald left «-as sened in defeat. 24 t^ fC, of ne-lber be ser.sih.e nor economical after ‘Grading** appointment of hi* “an ugly taste in the mouth'' He amenamert ottered by \V F Hi* statement foiiow* son. Maicolm. to a cabinet post added that MacI>onaid juhi''»r ha* Hayrc»ck. democratic Hoor lea i#r ____________ ‘.‘I fiave read with some rurpnse The younger MacDonald i* Rhc*wx been in public life only a few Hc’tned to wtore to the elig:bii'''y the re'*ent letter of Governor Coen- at hi* desk in the ministry for the year* and did not deserve a cab- section provision that old age as- Kpith K'pvillp Rprnmpt: ran puwiahed m the newspaper* colomea Labor leader* charge met job. sistance shaii not be forlhcorr ing heilfl IKtfVliiC Dcwnic:» . A applicant ha* child or_ other WA5=HlNGTON F WashLnp- First of Three Chief Questions for the Administration to Solve. Member Majority May Become Minority. How the last legialature gave $9 ,(»00 to the state normal t»oard in regard to Nebraska * Judicial receivership* of lai ed banks since 1 believed I had made ir.y position and it* respons.bilitie* and limitation* clear to him even before hi* election a* governor. “Nebraska* judicial bank re- C*ther nations which supported the created the new post of conap- ceivcrship* now numbering possi- sanctiwn* program at Geneva tsdU ti-oiler all unasked bv that board blv 250, 1 NO FLMS ffPORIffl ASMNGSIÖ 1 TIGERS COLLECT ON BREAK BY JOHN BENTuE Y. COLl'MFlA, Mo — Nebr»!*’»- • * :* placed tne f .r.-t spy.: h ' r ‘ ' r. h D'-r Fa, r^.t » rc^.'.r'. -r trrt.y-"-*’ gh-'’"’* di-iv wTf-n the P i e - c.n Tr.b.j* --e -if ,s:e*?i p t ■ t'i.e j A '* ' fl rr.a-gir >\er the M ■-?». ..n TiLf’S thr-ei'y t»-K rg anoihiT .1'i ' te step the Fig b-x tiGs r^e.G tt c.stre-'-.irr wf ‘her c ••!d • » h h f'. .M- a :.g n .n i-A .-g I- .“.-g a m ..‘-t tie -e game 7 *."■ f th^ w't ueo the T il .-'!.'- thKe rGt.'ige 'd .'■■''•ne ear y t'rtai.r t»-' it^-d t: t .*-c r.-g but Vh.vered on *b.r-; t.he ciah N■ «- vembf r afte.-n'tnn a* the r.'T-.i „■•»i- e-s p-I or » .icj.ay cd 'ate-f;is that fina ;y cave the H.iiF r.- tli-'e touchdown* c'd t-.e rpport-.-"> to wipe the rr. id away from t.he.i be- gnmed feature* ar.d take a long breath Ex'ep: for the three .N>h-ai.ka seortng tjur*t* and the ear y brtak when a punt veered c raz-ly to John.ny Howe.' * >eg* ur t tlicr, into the a-m* '<i Be’ty M..,r- center, the game de'-e'-.pej ir*-' a purt'-c die! tietwe'-n .bfim Franci* ana Do e»i Ne'-ra.'-Ka. art Loi-hmer a.n-j .'’ark Frye of . Mussoun Tb<- statist! .« g-ve *nc H iSker* an eoge ir, this vj*,a; de- j partmrnt John William» Score* The daring of tne Husker# !n am not the only Judi- receive the same reprisal* from |^, ^ board or by tiae governed,. cial receiver , are not controlled Italy as are planned against member of that board either hy the state executive or Mist Cotp**s State wnter* guild at the close of it* Rntam, it wa* authontative’y favored such an appropna- lepslative power*, hut are wholly “ » «. * ». annual one day convjnti-un here With CoiQest Weather , 1 . 5 ^ succeed* E'r Joseph Alexi* of V stated, but feehng agatnst Great the beneficiary subject to the Judiciary The sepa- Britain was stronger than that appropriation and th*. ap- rition of the powers of govem- against Fran''* with whom Italy pointroent. and nil more surpns- ment among lepslative. executive w iphe* to preserve a basis of bow the balance of power in «id Judicial department* is taught understanding U ü p<»ard ha* switched, the hith- to every school child, anu one of The lor^t arrr of fascism reached ertiO ta. now being in a position the most vigorous of our constitu- out into every community and to be< the body the ta.I or tions; provisions forbids the in- ateervd an organised movement to nunonty voting to make one mem* fringing of cme department upon flake* at v-ozav ea-iy answer boycott with boy'cott her of the majority comptroller the affair* definitely* a’loted to an- rung I nitr-l A.rune* repc'rte-.,. B*-iii*b go(»ri» were said to be un- and tbu* placi:.g him in a poaiticm t»ther mercury ««r.k to n...n:mum* wanted bv many merchant* The where he must resign from the «The Nebraska legislature in of 25 degrees at Fidney and Big buard t: make way i >r Governor jji2f* passed a law attempting t-: Bpnng* Saturnav r.ght <-;.'der by '.ivfctar to appoint a “good {pre^'t the \-anou# district judge* many jegree* than eas'ern person legally responsible f. r his event* dunr.g the resent week or her support or maintenance^ in nai'e given em.pha.*.* to three im -1 uncorking their lateral* wa* well the family picture But 22 of the poi-tant Irenas in administration r^waroea An indicatmn of how State Writers Hold Anctial d<mocrats supported the ad- , greasy the footbai) fmrame was • • V , ministration roc've They yi're . j a reinforced effort to in-' reflected in the 37 fumbles chalked CoUFCDtlOH id OmaDa. joined by two republican*. How-i r^^se private employment rolla, j up against tne two team* But it OMAHA. '..Fu Dr. Palmer Find- »bd and .Nuernberp.r thru revival of a modified NBA or , didn’t stop Nebra.ska. FTobably individual in Colum* moment is Joh.»tnv \vy- Theo the Big Fight. Then came the major fight on ley of Omaha Saturday* r. ght was ''^*»on bad been atncken by tiie ruberwnse i* detiniteiy in prorpec t. i the hapnicst Í elected president csf the Nebraska committee on welfare j 2 . Whatever the supreme court bia at the m nuoemer.t io “buy Italian' grew 3r Genoa poster» reading “Ihis sture »#. 1 * gocKÌs' w-ere paated or. mary Windows Mear.while, General I*e Bonn, corr-.r.arimi; thè Italiar. trm-p» ni'rtberr. Fibiopia ani »teneral Grar.a.M ìcaJer of thè si*ulhcrr iD West End. Snow forecast for iate Saturday rugiit in western an., southe-r Nebraska had fa-ied to materiai.ze at rradnighl except for a few in the eve- Ne- Lmcoln. Other new off!ce.»w are; Dr Alexis vice p resident T C. Dier* of Lincoln re-eiected secretary- treasurer for ms *ixtn term and Muss Gertruae F.ohin.son. of Lexington and MiS* Bertha Holloway of Fremont, direrto*-? may do, Mr F.oosei-eit hope* to »iams. Giving up a backfiiid job ______________-- conlirue the banc to move up* into a guard pos*lion ï>t rJcharu»-McLeilar propTiaal to structure of AAA, including bene- when guard* were r.eeoei the for ariT-v were movjr.g for further for it* freouent ex» r -tive session* the thirtv-fmst dav of so when it met C*tt 26 and an- Frt d W fneru m, hi* pia» e, form* one of to appoint a certain state ofritiai the pnM,r*j romance* fitting to the secretary of trade and c >m- the memory of the late Coi T J merce a* receiver ai all faued Maj’-r* father of the norma hank* One iist-'Ct judge be lev- sci.oi> sysierr. tng that the legislature had nc- The stute n.'rma, tK»ari i* noted aathionty to order* to the dis- ALIAN IROOPS [[Diy IN S A conquest or the An officia; co-rn,unique aaid the tn»op* w ere r ai.m.g pr(»gres* m (Contir.aed or. Page 2 -A, »'oi 5* nCHTS CHALLENGE TO AAA GoTerrnment A*ki High Court Not to Coniider Test warhin N V TU»-nt -r.:- the s .preme ( i..rt to < »>e T.M le-hti I»' of tr.e »— { >r»'p»ar\ tert of tne f -r.stn i ■r.a:'t\ of t.hf AAA p-• esitm.g taxe* F'* n.c’i*' of the a' tier a-e n*or-, r ^ar \ cffmeC t j'-w»* ' rt* T'ne appr a w ae r,- p»* »r-f ni ..“g t'npar\ fr >n tne F.gbth nr' .-t r • r: nr a ' ase cf:i'. atmg 1 »- the Í» ria iistr' t '’ourt .r Kansa* ' ' T''e ; Ht»"' 't 'r> rt neeof'-' the f '•» t'f r *'■ eri’':' tne i irrT.;'r-t fr .t ' " I T.g taxe? n ,» or, - » K g 24 «ber the act '•* »-■• ' »■ ' to or.ere.'.r o t te - ■ e- ' -r t îvxe« * ■ ■ ‘.g Tre í '»rr j.a*: •. ... i. . • • » e ’ t '„-t fror- V ' V ■ t f ■ «'»•'.'u.■ * *» ■ • • - V a* ‘ t. thf ' e I. tA ax-»i— nounivd the tio t :*n of Anüerai-n of u >ra.l. one of lU mtn.tat» ani' secretary of the board to b' coroptr^ at a salary of a Hi.»: th a.-i It “ a n.-'TT. .rr. f r exjiH'* b\ a vole li i - ,r lot Arífr* -» twc O't Ghane» Arrmt if .-nh-.yier aJ>.- >i»f for i.e.ii^e Au..m* wi Lirn t; ni'W ♦ mpicyf. by the s'ate ban*- irg rt-cc-vere:', p 'Vjs> >n at Reli- ud the aiinoun'-ement rece;\o iitt.e c >mm< 'It othe r ti»»r, ibt- stater, flit that it was t.he tbi-- Kiif.tior the b.»a»o La maoe c»thcr* '.ut L«\;ig recriiei ap- p-.’-C'ik. Of the governor a* requirea o> the appropnatK*n t;.. rf the lÄSt og.s.ature 1 .c>\err> >r trar in.-taiilly aoproved the app*o.nt- meni by Lid board Neville Mentionea. It n-.w je\e op-» tiiat . 5 r derser î etiur. V* . ur ..1 ■..nted ;• rec... -e r .-T t' rs f- r. t.he bo'.»: . r. >t 'I' \ r.:- jie *elar\ I'-.t ¡.f r->eiT.n<«t a* the . '.-ti 'h tito.n,b't.» s r r‘s : i--.n rrve \.r.g -'.n-p•eI,aa- t■ r f.r. t»-»: -Viv«-" ■=’ ''oc nr an 1 ,,. "F i,p'p . p wer r:,a> ap­ pi oi Re • h . ..e 1 g» , ■ er- o ut * -'oe i»n»-r «•auh.”v fr pif o an-: thud tr.; rmw . : p.. ' - f. u « I eer A ri‘.i;-r?>er w‘ r.M.e er. w ■ ".r g the ísaiancs ,.f t. -vn f • th.:- rv'ií.rd cf se\ » : r. . -r ►„ r-r ^ . T j r I** V w .her it braska where hf*.ri freezing tero- p»erature* prevaueu Light freezing misl and l.ght fog hung over the state and a dense fog blark- ete- Wyo In, w’hrre 03 of an tnct couria refused to appvunt inch of moir,u.-e was recorned Mak&le tO Geueral De r.ontxnued or Page S-A. CoL S dur r.g the twe-ty-four hour* en.i- V.. i * , ms; at 7 P »- few r- 'V t ar-c: lents ——■ ficcurre'' ’•-'g the ever.;r.g de- UNCLE SAM USES RED INK ported from mirior traffm a '■> Treasuirt Gets 4 7 CectB for dent* altho there wa# m« cas-ualty strike section* 12 and 13 with Chairman Comrtc-ck limiting them to one at a time The remainder of the afternoon wa* sp>ent on section 12 which finally wa* ehmi- nated 35 to 33. It provided that on the oeatfc of a p'-raon w ho ha* re, ceived assista.nce under the act Of of the survivor of a marned coupile. both of w hom w ere so assisted, the total amount paid a* a p.-nsion shall be alioweo a* a laim against the estate, one-half fit paymaent# to farmers S. New- measures to cut off Amero-an t'-aoe with the nations at war in Afnca will he adoptee if the present one* prove ineiiec- Uve All Of these indiCatum» of policy 'relate m.ainly ’o the long future, but each of 'them ha* likewise it* urgent and irr.mediate aspen* mer Lincoln high p-layer was on the rece-i-mg end of a play* that wnufd have been on any tie id. wn or dry Joh.nny sroren a touchiowTi tbe dream oif every since ioot- oali was iii-st 'started There wkf only a little over fiva m.inute* gone before the Tigers had iheir touchdown ana due to Every Dollar Spest WASHTNGT<i^'N F Uth »e Ram c.'-.seU h.* bcK k* .if the first four mouth# :-f the f;sra. year U> find he ha rec<.ve~ on,,» 47 cent# for every 'i- ';ar p ai^. out The treas- jm- ret* 'rt.en ree'eTl* thru Oct 32 amuu-ted to $1 2S3,(b'K3 tk*' wh.> ex Tien t t ure* were |2 ^'27 ■ (K** when a anu p>< itstnan coluued Arthur F RemaJy ^2 402 R^- 25th. wa* dare ar u. nr '«»ej he w a* .«dr 'ik bv a h--vne r- r. by Jh. k C'«rne '4 14'*'‘ > at 3 4th a.nd N St* at^tjt 3 ■» p, fii Rema;,' wjv.5 tr-.-Ce..,, ^t ."'t Fliz...- beth h ospitai wf-ere Dr J R F M.r. ir.tirr. sa i.he m.-r. ha an- Bono Is Now Virtnally Conceded WITH THE IT AU AN ARMY, at Adigrat EthK»paa Itali, h tr; ipj? were p'ushmg deep in: Ethiopia in a •sq_eezer' ofiensne on both northern and southern fffint* a* fcúuamon» -f t<ombir.g t'r..:e ?:«•-* le’ to p»VI-le- plane* flew‘over tne vast Danak.l d »e.-i ir.f.'rmsl.-in from, tbe F^ thè procee ;* to he piaid mio thè ^ . county genera; fund to be used ior , gram ha» a direct _t»earing on OiO age assistante piaymier.l* and thè other half lo t»e paid lo thè proper agency of thè Uniteci ConliEuec on Page 32-A, Coi 3 That is tr...e particularly of the ^ condition of the fielu and hsii, problem oi private err.pioyment appt area that six point m pnt w hich not oniv i* reiateu direct ¡y gtand up to the current w{»rks reuei pro Betty had recoi ered a p jnt t.hat st.ruc k Howe'ii. leg w btT. thf tht- ler wa* attempitr.g to bKírk a Missouri end Howe;! men re'ov- ered Lck hmer s f umr ie on Ne) Co.nlin led or. Page 5-A Co: 1 1 OBSERVERS ON WAR FRONTS Ü. S. Officers for Both Italy and Ethiopia. WA.= HLNGT()N U.« • Th# the prener.t task of formulai mg ricxt year s buuget. When the piresident recommended the $4 b.I.) (lOO IKXt w ork relief ap'p.“ 0 - pnation it wa* with the thci.-ght that the exp»endilure woulu have the direct eifert of giving emjioy- mt-r.t job* 10 3 5(»b (•'»■! and the in­ du ect’f fíes, t of so stimulating in- :ú.;*lry a* ic. aua |.erhaf»s a* many mort'to pir.vate psyrolis. Dissppolnted At Result*. He diseased Ita* wetK however FEWER FARMSJORECLOSED Farm Credit H( ad Says EmergeDcy Appfa'iB Drop Ir 'me taxe* ana m-si ♦ ¡aneo-j# p»rertiy «.tr..i.k tbe ha: k '>f irlema. revenue were t*oth i-un- nir.g suhstantially abeau of last yea- b-;t t;».^: reo# ip:» were 2''i m.. I wn# more thru s drop of 2 2* TT..;'. "h# r p-:xessir.E taxe? whj h in many mstan-. e* ha-e t>eer impioo»-.'¡eu m the murta The exp*en ’t .j-e# wore .»";nn;r.p "" m , on# c i.her tt -■=r. ir, the .r. *.h i'i..r TT'inth/- if tbe last f.*- #11 \ -»r whi b en'ie .HP*. June 3-' a: :he’-t »-»te re'firt* for the f.s( ê vf^íT #boj '• amf'ant to f - ' $", 6bé ho-' f*#k, wh#-.-?.# tota' Í» i’pt« #í $4 4?U o t(i f|í* ( háá (-»een e«î mated bead or. p>av#'n» r* ben he ie.. Remaly w-h'i a..:d he d.d r o' ko-'w what stru'K him wii* rtit-ased from, the h'«sp;:a' Ttie larke Iwy to'ul police he d d nt se# P.ema Readme# at rr.'Jr.iti't ir-rr V''.i*.e '' A r'une? » # re f ire.ab.,,- ?4 Lw-o.n 33 Grand I'.a~ 27 r-c-iti-i 22 Nortb r :: Eig =pr.:.L-î 3 s,'ir,f '. Ï*. r"bi.--v»-.Of '.6 fa- ! - ' ».-, ft»'.; -t ' . , • fat .1 sw ' •» r • \ • . ' • . . V A ’ V f 't . ' r « I' ■' * .'• re - f. \ t » • » - -• • • ; ' . . -.'g t axe# had îi.H TQ RI\D IT. »EC-iCN A C-'f.. Nfw* Page» ’ S ..e -*' Page» b H i y. y».i r »a**? .» Page* ’8 t »-I Page« tg # SEC’ ON» S-. •#. P»ge» ‘ ” “'I*' ; *Page C - .--yet F «ge ' F I Pag» ' SEC' 2N C 0 f , ► tr 05» r Pag» f ■ Ì* 0 ’ A »•*• Pag* E Í • C r Pag* t : a Pag* C Pag* eyyy a-e A »y»#*" Pag* #•-■ 0 0 Pag* ■ ". » Pag* N t - ' <» K »»e Page ■ ... t Z yfM A oec Pii? fc- May* . , Pag» et- I* I- 1 ♦ i-O' '* ‘ . F# ' • • I cm I .-.M.rued (If I ;• b IÎ-.Ht? i^un,' rr :><■» ex- h' r R' on or J y. ;ndi.\ OÎ ■ I»,,r- '■ #*rKiH! q..."*-- iGgr ? A, C.i'. Ô ! • >. r. 2 HI nt Fr- DIK BOr KILLED BY TRAIN Robert Stahley Thrown 175 Fttt from His Car riN .Veb F F.-:=iT F'a;h-ev 16 wai kU.e: Rit.*r.ii,. «her an eaft-bo^--; Ur.,on par- •e-je*- :ram struck car a* a -s.-..-"bat: .-bSfinf her# ^* jl :..<^\ W25 td-oax I** fee- ?-'sr th# J. -f ->e ■ .,.e;oti fii'A f#-e; nn m- : ompie'e.y-Ge- rr'- -frr ct . if.r ^ *a-d H'i ttt-df- G H f'tAinn \ opfr- ate? a r.tif.on rear thf ri. roan rrnasirg H ip m^’re»- w a# ;r 'be statior "ber, the a ' O'er.* -ap-p#-pth? fie*»--; rqe ' "a*h - ' ■' n-->‘ see the a-' ie"* Vo:*-;: wa* a ’ -»or ■*'o* fi.s. • ;• a h-vi. H-# piarer’# an- a #-K •'?'•>!i-fi-» anr urt.r^ s'a'-.- i-#■ I‘-V ■,?■ ee,«' of K.rr.ri&l: Nt'i . .,'1- tr.i L-h^v.i bifhway. KINGS OF SOUTH ETHIOPIA It&Ty to In.tisih Four S ols of Mixd Maiiah r .UP.- 'UTÎ F r»- - b r.'.r-?i1hi»vî I' '“b*- a .:h'i»’;t le# of Itabai'. Í-'rr.a* *re v l - • g lo iriut-u. to* # fum-'u? • Mad M,..lab a* k.up# of *o..tbem Ftb. or-'.* forr-gr ■ 'e;;.--'n{e offi- ■ «..? wf-re ..’■ The infcirr: b': tr *r'rr. th# mten ^r of E'r. opi.a as.; the Sf--.* of the Roma, tfr- whose nam.e 1 » Ai>c-..a? are b--»•g t-nucated fo' i„'_-e a,’-e» bv Italian au- thori'.eá at MogEd.sno Fo; mre mar a generatior m.f Mk" M-i.ib wa* the arce enemy 'f ’ja» Er.tiíh Noire llame Topi¿ Day Filled With (»ridiron l [>'-el'* Ir a t*' f l.vd w'tb. gr;:: ron iijiset# fcbd .axt n.,r.ute i.ctor.ex .Notre Darr « • I*- to 1? tri..: r o\er «'»n»o Rifate (lUtstandinp Trt t 23 points a* IM(> u«nt '»■'t'. the iourtr. pv r.od the ln*h p .kbet a rosr- :r.r#m touchnown* or.e ;r tbe las* n.irute of piav to aho. k Ohio home fan*. Army was sparK#-d by :'.# Major ,Raa»e wnose Mississtpp-- Ft.ater# rrr .Tered a 13-T aecI# or. Pittjsr-jrrb. war bf.d to fa »cor« >8* tie to Fordham ar,-: Michigan su’rr.seri wu'Ji a 36-€ ier-.sjor. '■•\er Fenr. K&.TML» pu:>d a .ast m.njte pasa pis' to r.op n«..aboma 7-0 ar.d L ? U d-d me aam.e to dedeat Auburn 6-ú but Minnesota no Jed merruy a.or.f by dou-rung Purdue 7 defeated ’as* ..iwlfaTii# on the east, g.-'Cn.g anu B...pp»'irung a iniru co.umr oí llagan troop* advancing slow ;y i>«a; r’lreuawa The ialj of Makaie to Gen Fmr li'. I#e Bone * bat:a.ij'>n.«- covering a fifty mue frurt in the n i.»Gh wa* %'.rt ua.iy cone e iC'- S.. h opp' !.iOB a* wa* c'-nien- trated a ween ago in the mountain passe* of the Temb^er. ares ha* t»een cUsp>f?Tied. and the (han' e.«are tbs* the * k -upaTr'r. '-i Maaaie w"’ re.«ie!rrie a trii.mphart proces- ?;on r.-.ther thar a siex'f Geneifaj r*e Bono* - vir on? how•e^er are txk rg r.'- (b.,-;P'e* iri-a'-ing *Pe easlemi Tigre -wi i»-r- r.esse* The spicf.rheac 1 # or-.p -ued of tfar.k.* *r . m.fc'.hir.e- gan* Armoreo ca-* anc --u-:'hint sc IH is c'ver tr.# flank* w' .le »;r-ji.ane? Fy ' \er- “»■fa-G to .. r«-'t the B-j-oiemer.i of :t«' gr'.,.rid irocpf- The c r.:y a t..;,! hustfjit «-* i«p>ort#-d at h* a iC. ifa-tcrf wu# ■ .n- tín«-,\< Cl. tir.f far I rr.cT'T*.. g ' thf Arfa mat an. c:na.'-a;p>a r#-- g.'iii* a- to G#-r r»e Bor.o who ST'ied •'fati-'r of 'he oc( upMec territory i* cor.tir. spie#-di.'y " NEW QUAKE JARS ECUADOR G’dsyaquiJ Shakeo by Strorç Earth Rumblings GUAYAQUIL E'uaoor UP A strorg eart-hc-ske rocked tr.i? 'T.d* T.'-em''-'-? be past weeK e» ene-: the mant Lincoln Fire Ca'*s ; Cf p m F*t_ru*v ga*' ,g- n.te’-; garage œ '•'r.ging to Mr* G J 4441 R: 4'HLJa Nc bfam&ie # p f" R*‘ .rdiii rn.'uney # .e n,-'#*" f it fat f>f Mr* "# i-.a*t 7l(i ÜC Ifrta No aarr.age . ; ,V4 p rr R*' - «v fi't Nht-ar 34lh anu u, no uai.-aga. 29 wee«, bn 3*etr' w—b I e—; -t CaiJcim.a b.a-.ued U L A f'..-*t defeat 14 tr ? v r,..e Oregon State corqjered Port.*bc IS-? .VerrasK* * îÇ»-6 v.ctom c-er M;**--r wa# the f-.rr. defeat f'r a F» .T'Y; (Mfa-.hed tearr ir 31 ga*-e» Iowa Ftt'e lost to Marn ^"e 2^12 #’r* Stale p.fa e' T.. sa io a :S-13 t e L hjih r .abVfrt <">r'.ara Te'- 77-0 P.enii"» r,r 'nette fe*'»" oth#-r i-.«- #.«■ w.J wr fu-nu in tia# I e;?„rta secL-or* m*v for se’-era. * felt here d-umr.g r.a-jsed manv aeaih.» and gresat ae- rtructioe »lor g tb.e E'"uaooran Tuqjf'ef Co- fa a.'.d tre r.efarr- t^-wr- of .Serta Ana »u.^'e-e- w'rst. DOUBTS FARM SURPLUS. BVrFAl.'^. N y ’■ ATTT.i na* r--. #,.rp- .*es tnzt need deffrr-y- j-.g G'o erb'ir Larc.liet'e c»f W la 'cv--'n aa d a* a ri-.»-jH-er e -of tefa'-her# .»-.ere Voj cant # fc .t S = »-p' i* wr#-r tbe ’ **»• r .» ' ropi* f-e H ,«.e tre have TV fT.or.r,, tf> b ' !* ■ he Sfe’O ' .1 t I-' I' tfa. e far) or au ui a< ..Aj^ fax. J utaiiy it." Afncur, war fi'iot* by aasigrung twc ira-K f'bvrvei* tc the Itfa u.n ana Ftr.iopian arm.cs For the f.rr. Lm# »:■ M*to»-y im* governrn'Ti« rf-.: an army of- John M<au.. tr» t»e- ccmie ir..inary attache at the Amencan leguG-T in Addi* Ababa seat oi the Emuopian k.,ug- Kir Ma; Norman E Fiake. recently m.yBte'"i'»up'.y rusnec to Pu me w a* irdere-’ *;m. .itt*.neou*iy 'o renort to t.he P.-aaa*' army on thf nort.ntm front soutr. of Eritrea Ma.v-T Fifake wil if age F.ome i'-T the lu .a.r ir>Dt n# xt week He .» ' .e to arrive Nov 2!. Cap*i. • Mead# bro..ifct tr erm.y heao- pf-rt. H'ivif M.. íf»r inrtru^tior r.* rr.A.sBi'.n w... sau at tne ena oi len dfav* GREECE WILL VDTE^ TDDAY RcEior&tioD oi Kmg Geoige Belitved Certain. ATHENS V Gr#-ere w 1 1 i-hoose tu-txfw’- a y-onard.\ a-.': il* r#-p..b.’t r.c .' a p.fh.srit? a’.-eacy j.f-r.e'-a. '• c'-n- '-#•'#■; !o iTiCfan a repto'•fat'.y of íom-er K:rg Oo-ge II So- ^e re- r b'lrr-n* seyretiy lat-ielled tne I*'.'--»* .y g s “ternfic fare#“ a* rovalis'# ".r.rez usi rr -u‘e in- iftr* oi V' RíU-*“: Ge-y-rce Kor .yi.f tr.#- m#- t.-r.e r-i-k-riubed rep^ ur,' tmre-: r,,;# to be m.e rr ''#t ari’'#-»* »;\e >ad#-r f-or tn* ry'va; rt* pre- pi-ed a manifesto to *rre.a: r>e-;--e me rotxr* sa'.dr.g ' .yeai-'-'-nsi- an-J rna-o* c fy-r'-e* ■i.vhmh f'-r t'*er.ty \e.**-s hat-e h#-en ssrp.'í m.e;y--n«.' IJe wti; r»#- T-pne-r The fa.’th w",tr whic.r r'"i.t*~t fappro*'-h»--: 'r.e p #ni*''.te wax .n- d.'-a*#-- |y ay of*.--.a. a*." .ir-'e- rrey: of ty r»* .lyy Ge-yg* ’The king u t»e h#re in fifteen di'-’i a^d wull nave f.*. p»C'ier ¿i F ege^t Kondy'.ii H .« r-.» e?* ' ir fart w.l! ha-, e ari*' ,’e y.Lb.t r,f ever f.^'i«? N-'-'4" Ge-.rce ¡* y.ox r, F'yrfa'-d y -e b,# ex pu.# o' frorr G<yee#--e b." ha* bwey '■«--« from his Í - -fer: Fr»# ’ f ^;* *h» Vi ARHI.NGI t'uN Mytr- cl !'■ iar- that he wa* diKaf>iK.iiile'j with tne .uratjor. *a d s:.h.r{ resalí Ht did not d.s'usa the fact en#-.’L't'y h;>;» <• it that fir.«!t plana for hanciLng the app'ropriaiion hsd bf-en rhar.geu 80 that many miiuons which w«r« asKeo for by the public works aa- ministratîon to purchase material* from private pianu haie gofje instead either for direct re- . V, 1 • "'I ! acc , 1 ,y t .r I "it I • . IL' .< ■ t r#r a--'r fai .up tc- «>Ut i<»( K ( ■>'!- r # .p .y d. fate I a i ir. farrr. ior*-' :r,F . jvp ii'Tt the agr.''uit.Ara¡ ieif'tr* M\'«r* sbiJ fa;.j«#-a.* to th# FarcTi Credit adm;ui.«itrfetK*r. during the year er.d#-d Sept 3 ' t#»t&ied 13 13Í# cc.mpared with 46,072 lor hef or made work piroject* of the twe;\e month p»enc»d ended on Crt\ A typ»e He indicated be felt jr, pnvfcte employer# were not doing all iney m.ght, and he -discioaea^ ihkt he wa* ctmsu'ting therr. on' the subject It 1 # obi'io’a* tr.a! a" such dis- cu3rtc»n* must take one of two airec-tjon* E i.her the pressomt must inyjce industry tr gc. for- wara vt.;unlar.iy and j*- th ■■ronf)- oebce c>r r.e must cunsi'ier s'-rr:#- form of g.overnmi-r.tfa: rfgulatiur, Whfatexer may have Uf-#*n san in private, it i* worth noli'g mat ifv prepondera-i'e (•* puolic comrriert from industrv ha* r»#-e.o hpn:r.F*. VO* intary acticjn and hfa.* r*e« n rr.arked ry rep#-6t#-d c-yuriplfor.lp that a re t urn of r onf 1 ,ci. • e is ¡ under preser.t ci? cutt)- stan' ‘-X That tf.av«-* tv-e a:t‘ -T.aliie rtf go-i ernm'-r.i al ac lior. ithout -un- o#rtrtKing in ar y way !'■ ind'at# w may t»e in Mr Rofjscvf.t# C'-nt.nuec on Page 4*A Col h The fadmin.stration 1 # now re- cen'irp ar>o..t : »o r#*q .#-.-.1» for aid w#cki,\ a* rompar#-d with 3 (>'»0 a week thf th.. of 15#33 Eased 'ir. the n,rT.r*#r of Sifh req-uesta p*er thouBfand Ífarmi» -N#r:fa*ka had the hiphe.rt rate ia#rt year h tbe figure rr-r.pped from 23 per tnojsar.d farm.* in 2f<33-34 io 7 9 W tne paM twehe month* RAID ON BORDER REPELLED - LEGISLATORS ENTERTAINED Are G’Jf-sts of RepDbh:at Worr.en'E Club The L-.’"''' .r P. e p u t ! . c » r. \x i y „b Rat .ibdav af tefy '»y-r er-eHA ne-, regub:icsr. m.emr»-?-? of me e; f b * ^re t* ir.e Li.y'.e.. note, Tr.e-' were audre**e-t rv y F. G r>''ug.a# Who d.fay,.iíAed »"y* of the pye*»y» »dm..r. ?•-fi* or p-'- jerts Abkjt f.ft'. ?v>y» tm- Siuff tne guepta p»-ei>.f-» Mr» H F V'. eil,K.fv frt e * re.iijm.e y.f me p-fa*- o -h'rt talks w e*-*- ?'a-.x c\ P„er> f >t o «'"■js-y m of T'y- ao-i Rep J ^ « , # K — 'ifa-; 2'ro- n,#e* y.g - H« oi.v- - -e-itb the »;;■ ;■ - x ■ > r. , r - - ' - ‘ h v* Fi»* "T j>rt .01 of ir»e c.ut-. pre- Rdssiar. Patrol Kills Two and Wotirdi Three. MC'F'-' v.v .R.odfav ' A rh.d fa'f'e** the oorner frorr. Man'fr'i- K..y- to o-:*. ti.f r- line *o V'ladi'. OKt UK 'a.!' u * t , a »■'.-ict fiurder p»tyo, f- .put tre rade-* »; .rg : ' hr.: w . .u ..:,g t.tree, oL'K.rt] f; .fa-- an a : t e* frura R.hariviir' vri. *h d Tr»e offs-'ial i Ttfa# r.- ws, fagcn'',' fr.fa-ge-d •uf r£ a w y.r o- O'l 2b vi-zr vpfar.-ren r\ ft-rrv 'ff.'ia.# m Marr J' It 1 ? h'utr.f-r ■: fa *ey ,*'li burdfy .n'ner.t# wni u hfa'e r.e¡: faoiuet-Jtpanebe re.a- t.ouî tenî-e Empty- ru* *n .or.f T'p#«.." fa- -"'.‘-d tge.r vfa'unt spart men! :n tne \*i fan* A Of i-nd gut a t#r'.r.t .r iru't 'rner T^#■^ m- ■ ed :r Irt If V • . hfa'-e ' r fc'e g-'-r g 1 b.fa'-e » - fcarjy;. let a a# t AC f . It jSiSt.-r of K-i.i Caro, oi i..*ma:ua > j a-oed. i

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