The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY. FKlUiUARY 11, 1030 JBLYTITEVIM.E, (ARK.) COUR1KK-NKWS UNUSUAL. jBRIDGE: HAND en, have moved to Island J The condition ot Mrs, Huffman News ...... ' , Barnes Is said to be unimproved. Fi lends here regret to learn ot Mrs . Joo F | owers hns ^ en vcry ie death o! Mrs. Elbcrt Italics in u-itj. Influenza ' /-. I- ..... .... ,-.-,. '" " ll " IllllUlIld,!. . .,,, weeps illness By WM. E. McKENSEY clubs, West plays the four, and the' ... Tiurmmcnt Manager, American . dummy covers witli Die Jacic ol Tues'lav Febnmi-v 4 Hnti, Mr — league . I clubs. East now realizes tl>»t; Mr^Ban'.es were v;ell known here. Pole- tcl . Mrs Cccn Oxtoi . (| rc ,,, mi , rt unimproved. ( Continued trcm :>.-:? able to tnke care of They've stalled all they cculd, but they've KO. u> m:^- i i ..,.•• J| 'JOJ—DUO lU.SjeJ]S .<|4JUJ B 1| u o) 1^3 OA.XOUI pun "luoLijaa'jj don't, sc.n:e uixi&ytr who gnu Mtcl:; will go to court asain as =0011 as! they get it, done, and the whole business will be thrown out once more. "You see, .shice tills trouble started, Chicago lias Jiii: been pil-, ing one debt uuon top of another, i Expenditures l.cre arc always a' year t'< a year ond if h.aif in I of vevenue. Now they're. about twice ilia!. Hanks I.oadei! WIHi Leans ; "The banks are loaded up v.-j'.n .ill ['as!-. all Ihe lax anticipation warrants S--3-7-G ll-Jk-9.7- D--Q.G-4- 2 C-8--1 D— S-3 C— Q.J.9-3-2 SMTH— £>r» S-.VQ.S.:; e-2 CAST S— K-MO H-5-4-3 D-MO- 8-7 H— if C—A-10 S The contract bidding would be Scutli, the dealer, two no trump. Wtit pass. North three no trump, The nay ndjclns Mrs. Kimim Perry's store. Mr iinrt Mrs. I!, soulherliind, mho moved here frc:n Uycisburu two yetirs ago. have puirlinscd n ,farm nt limns City. Mo, and will make their home there. end one club, so the heart suit Is &i f ° ' ' < Foul F«7gnald here. Is now em- rcliniieil by East In an endeaovr ' . , ,. | ployed at \Vaverly, to estnUtslh a heart trick for His J ; , "^"3 TMrJl™ In the' Mr ' ° nii M "" °- c - S "«W c "~ |iarU!Er ' Ki-el ferry-boai tu- met il, s, ' tm <"' 10 " wil " » Wrls " n >' <»»"« a Snuth. the declarer, plays the' "/v truck f'm Dkihex-illc wlilclt' ™ k aB ° Slm<!a >- "' llo:1< * u! tlielr d-iicr. West wins with the ace and Iu -. n . fh M noWnso'n a part ot his rctiinvi a small heart !s; rtorc su . ck wen !:i tile dummy with the! . . ! . , nueen. Dummy now leads u small - A 1:<msc !s tem * cre «« 1 on "'•<-' club which the declarer wins with. J. It. Hutfiuan farm. It will be oc- daushters. Mesdnnses Ruby Green nnd Hester Hughes. Mr and Mrs. Frank Lofton have moved from -18 1-1 Hie W. W. Hughes farm Mrs. J. U. Stokes nntl futility, who lived on Ihe Hughes laim the imsl year, have moved to a farm managed by J. T. Walker at Upper IhilTman. „. . . „ . Mr. nnd Mrs W. E. Wsltehurdt diicai-dlng the five ol diamonds j Virginia^ Dare. Infant daughter of i | 1UV1 , movc ,| (0 , !lp , lomc IK , xt (ll)0l . aJid the three of spades from nisi Mr and .'.Irs. M.ix fi.iy. who has Io Ml . inu] Mrs T H nmnpi,). own hand. A small spade Is then! "*">" '"• Ls mucl1 "nprcvcd. , Mr . nm | M rs : , a |)., s Simons led Irum dummy and the queen: n °i' <->cnc i.lcl.ay. Infant son o! mcVK) , mto vhe . s A joliwun the two gor-d clubs from dummy. Scouts of Troop No. 37 Will Hold Basket Dinner Roy Scout troop 37 will hold n family basket dinner next Wednesday evening at the Sudbury .school at which time the members' parents will be Bucst!. At least, ono parent ol each scent and If p How they Grew Thin You will I* surprised. If you luoV Mound, fit linw many |>copleh3ve flrmvr ttmi in Inte ycors. I: is evident thitsouu new rnelhoiUias co:nc ijitoycry wido use It Ims Ijt'cn foiinil flint a weak glwic is a p;eat c.iuse (if obesity. So moiicrr pliysicinns Imvr IK'CII I'Ltjlilinglhntecnec widxiui r.l;iiv;uio:i dirts. Ttiis iij)hi uifilioj is embodied ii Miirmolo prcscriiiiifln tnbltils. Feopl linvc usctl tbem lor 'J2 years—nlitliori of Iwxts of ilit'iii. Ko\v m almost ever Ible both, aic urged to attend. An intcrc'ilng program has been riuwd. mid Includes n talk on 'I lie Past, j'resi'in and F\ittire of 'rcop 31," by Scoutmaster Charles A. Siubbs, n question box on Ab- nliimi Ltnc;ln. conducted by Mr. . L. Guard, ami n boy's quartette mdcr the-direction of H. U Mor- scouimnster. PAOfi THRKK ^= • ^. * QUIMI'KR. France (UP)-Marooned on a tiny rock La • Velllc, where (hey tend the lighthouse, two fishermen have received their first toed supplies In four weeks. For a week tlvey Hew the black flag, Indicating they were starving, before a pinnace smashed through mountainous seaa wllh foodstuffs. KEEP IDLE IVrsisli'nl HiDiU'lliill Cough «° l "«o'."Cr bottle to keep In the, niui llicy haven't had n ctiujili or lecommend Used llMiii>rli.«; icometiu's TKI.I,S HOW HNAI.l/V C'OKfiHS WIOHK CUKK1) "My iwo luys had Midi a bad cciigli, iluit lliry ;lcpt little nt night iiiul 'f.i'p'. (he whole house awnXe. It was n bad ileou si-aLL'd bnnichial snrt of cousli. inul cold. hut no mrdlciiv! si-nucd 11 re.icli their trmib'.e, until 1 finnlly became desperate and srni away a uo'.lle of Uii.O-NIm 1 , because the dnisiilst had. IID:K>. and I he.ird it was wonderful. It .surely IB." declares Mr. V. n. A. So'iiim. 030 Talbol iivmuo, llnuldock, PA. "That first bottle flopped llicir and wlirezlni;. 13 I sent and since. I sure can Lln-O-Nlne to anybody ulih a bud couBh," continited Mr. Kclnnn. Any one may easily obtain Ihe so mi- ri'siillb and nearly all drug- carry It now, or will obtain for you of their Jobber. Doctors recommend, the formula printed c:i each bottle, embracing Eucalyptus, I-"lnX!!-cd. C'nssln nelul.i. Irish Mc>s and Glycerine and is nicely Iliivcied with wintergrcsn. From babies to old age, thli snov/ w!)lt3 I'iciiiiiy emulslcn should be Hie la.ored winter cou^li and cold remedy. If desired send 50 cents tr SI fov a V or 15-ounce bottle by return mail, Kerr Chemical Co., ISrentw nod. Md. Send frr' battle to ktep liiindy this winter. It's a wise prccinnlon surely. Adv. "The scandal in connection with | lent; enough to block tax assessments here has been no-i fore the declarer wi ij.jt'll JIU- iui t: nil 1 instance: v;l:h. kin torious for years. For instance:! v.tth. king in crder to create an. with the 10 spot, he would liavcj i[]vl(ll | lo n n em i. There has been a queer tribe of! entry in the dummy. j b".?n unable to make .three no • men calling themselves 'tax ad just- ] crs.' One of them will call on you and declajti that he can ;;et an 'adjustment' In ynur assessment, lowering yonr taxes. If yew will pay Him a fee. He lias no olficial position of any kind; but suppose you pay him? Mys'.eriousty and .miraculously, your assessment is brought down." ncclarcr now leads the 10 of; tnuu|i. TOMORROW: Fighiing Chicago's gangs ... an unpaid young ThC BOOKHfl Hy I1UUCE CATTON A holf-cacte girl in Mandalay fell in love with a French adven- (II RECEIPTS detective who says he could make I Inrijr anil came out ol lier dream Sl.OOO.O'JO a year in graft. | witii a dull thud when he married ' a sweet young thing from Paris; I so. to get even, she went to an Englishman and tild all she knew, ixl-'fi Ihr. result that ManJalay^s ancient kingdom of Ava was taken ever by Ihe British empire. That. :.ketcliily. is the plot of '•The.Uicquer Lady." by F. Tenny- icn Jesse. Miss JesT.e lias done wiih it; for whereas the plot ,.„ .. 10 melodramatic and nrvlng Kic- Wlnle receipts at Arkansas com- ture-i-li the novel she has written prttscs continued light lasl week c is thcuehtful. ve:-trnlned and very substantial gain was shown a. BIytheville, where tlie return ol favorable weather brought a renewal of picking. Receipts here last week were 1,210 bales, whiL the total for tfte entire state w;i3 | only 6,752 bales. Receplts last week, according to I the report, of the Arkansas Col'.an [ Trade association, brought the sea; total for the state to 1.297.83i ["bales, as asainst l,Ml,OW bales foi' the same perit5d a year ago. Mrs. \V. W. Hughes spent .Thurs-! I day with her daughter, Mrs. a. A.] I Pepper. j Frances Cribs and Agnes McKay t , culled on Miss Louise Ohandlcr I Thursday afternoon. ! Mr. Holmes and son, Henry, of i Clear Lake were business vltilors i here Thursday. I J. H. HulTmnn. Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Ing to him, and he succeeds In! A - Bowlds and daughter, and I.CHI- maklni; It Interesting to the read-' ise Chandler cnrycd cards at Mr. cr. If you care for the sea and ! and Mrs. Paul Fitzgerald's Wed- its distant ports. I believe you'il like this book. ncsday night. The .Kissel ferry boat moved You can get II from Doubleday-, William Robinson of Barficld to Doran for S3. 'I ^'""'l 2I Thurstlny., | Smith Bracken and three children She Was Very Prim, Once She : and his mother, Mrs. 'formic Brack- Left the Harem Very entertaining, and fremient-1 Iv ver.v exciting, Is Florence Rid- ] dell's "The House of the Dcy." It! tells the-adventure of a prim Eng-i lish governess, of the year 1820 or[ ;.hercab:uts, who is .captured by I nirates and sc'.d into the harem of [ ^'!' .. the wlched Dcy of Algiers. ] „__ ' . In the course of time the young j "" Rcverne:s loses her primness and Do You Want a Baby? IUpillar S1.0H Tmilnienl sent free—one to cacti family "I was married and longed fo r a baby every day with all my heart, on it. end ? avc it to the English.', h , " and , h- auUlor paeks a BreRt j It is. m the first place, a very semi- ^ { agoniz i,, g susl)11elue illtob U ,J "™ **L e 1 5 .'L V " al .. C . ta ™ Cl fI? : character that tell how the Eng- Following are receipts for tho | ;; and for the season at the I leading points in the state: BIytheville 1.210 119.783 Helena 871 57.420 West Memphis '165 88.15^ Pine Bluff C01 113.7.1: Little Rock Fnrle Fort Smith F.udora th? shallow, selfish Fanny, the pas- si^nate Burma oueen. Supayalat, the - deycut - voung missionary. Ed- j ward'.'and his stodgy wife. Agatha. Each of tiiesc pecple lives for the reader: oach triumph, each dis- ' iishman helped her engineer her escape from the harem. Yes. she escapes—but not to a "happy ever after" conclusion. Her lever vanishes: and she, after vicissitudes, winds up in a' was denied." Vvriles Mrr. L. Indiana "so I sent, for your prescript! :n While taking the :=ecend box I was unable to express my happiness. I never had a sick day. I became the mother of a fine I 8 1-2 pound baby. God only knev: cur joy. ! hone every woman loncn'np for motherhood will lake your Baby Echeller 4 1-2 months 17 1-2 Lb=. Forrest City .-\icuehee Magnolia Jonesbcro Marianna Te:<arkana Walnut Ridge 871 •165 C01 460 283 267 235 224 214 190 185 180 105 161 ai^intment. is made the reader's ^^ — ^^aLi-^erticinc. You are ^ic.uic «, «e t own. I I nering merchant and ends her 25,031 32.33(5 03,003 55.700 22.31B 38,471 27.-121 57,73'J Cars May Be Had Equipped With Radio Receiving Set A new six tub? radio receiving I set is now being featured as optional equipment in several Chrysler automobile models now bohr; I shown at the L. Fowler Mo'.or I company, new Chrysler dealers | here. The set is cleverly concealed in I the dash board and has a concealed loudspeaker. It operates v:ith a single dial situated to the right of I the driver's seat on the dash. It is 1 said to operate as clearly as any I other standard radio, free from I static. The aerial Is built in the top I of the car and all spark plugs and I the electric generator in the car I are insulated so the motor's opera| ;Uon does not cause interference. . The radio operates witti equal Tclarity when the car is running as '.vlien not in motion. It is available | for the models 10. 77 and 80. Considerable attention has al- j ready been attracted by the particular set now on display here at I the Chrysler shoivroom. High school I science classes and others have I seen the set demonstrated during I the past wcjk. ccmpendium of all the wlK is shocked by the thought, of girls riding bicycles in public! • But that is not all. Miss Je^o' [jny-3 ris c ntrii-e= to discus-, the v.-hole mot-: ni'tnor,. ' ter of European conquests In the Orient. She admits the cast's ig- ncrance. its superstition, its filth, it-i cruelty; yet she points cut that Ihe east, with these things has also beauty, cclor. movement, and a m'casin'e of hardiness: and she makes you wonder whether such j Thm , Detective Novels, and j'^ catlon - T*"" 1 : -™"' picture for ptibli- I children," writes Mr=. While. Pa. .w i.u,., & «.*..,...*u ... ,j u ~..*.. , „ ,_;„,, ,. nl |(. n-pr.i 1 think you'll find "The House, of :,J -"- dni0 "^, "'" . erv entertaining. U Is - « - tte j. B . up tac8t Co .. and costs , . dearest «sh > triumphs as this of the British in i Brum?. were quite the heaven-ap- i i^^ have pointed tliinas we have ordinarily; in this'week's supposed. "The Lacquer Larjy'' is a trifle Icng. and Miss Jessie seems tn ns- Mirnc that the reader is thoroughly familial with the history of the British coni]iiesi of Berma. Tt is a rather exceptional book, h-wcver. and I'm glad to recommend it to you. It is published by the Macmillan Co., and cost $2.50. tzzler ; delective stories. assortment; and . results by thousands of women ' that Icr the next 30 days he. offers to send a full dollar treatment, postpaid^ no C. O. D.. I first place among the three grcs to ccs , '„„ cu iigation free to every -Ri-Ta-Plan!" by Dorothy Ogburn _ tt . oman who W ritcs. a.HUe. Brown and Co., S2). | Dr jx-Pev.- has set, aside 1,000 "Ra-Ta-Plan." tells about a mur- frcc trea t men ts lor this month, • He Loves Himself But He Writes a Guid Book In "Seven Months and Seven Days." by Kai Klitganrd. we get Ihe journal cf a second mate on a \carpo steamj: covcri:xg a tA : p around the world. der in a mansion on an island off •• s Hlre all( | wr ; lc today. He . the coast cf oeorgia. There is a wil] -,]„ 5cntl a frce booklet "Child- violert storm raging, so that no less marriages Explained." one can get away, and the list of simply send name, a postcard suspects is perfectly defined. The y ;\\ (j 0i an d remedy will be mailed suspense is maintained to the very . in plain wrapper. Dr. DePcw be- end, and you keep shifting from one ' ij cv es yo-.i will be surprised and suspicion to another in the most ! delighted. Address Dr. DePew. Suite approved manned. Miss Ogburn is DM P clever and writes well. Mo. "The Tremayne Case." by Alan Thcmas (Lipplncott; S2L tells how a man is stabbsd to death in a taxi cab in so clever A way that -even Scotland Yard believes h!m a sut- j Coalcs House. Kansas City. Adv. The l» k ir. uneven-, extremely ' cidc. The story Is ably handled, and gocd. in spots, and extreaiely bad 1 one of the few novels en record] in other spots. The author is an i in which Scotland Yard comes oft RUSSELLVILLF—W. R. Daniel. I agricultural agent for Turns Parish for the past four years, has joined the Arkansas addition lorc- es and has been assigned as agricultural agent for Hope county. Mr. Daniel, a graduate of tlie Uni- 1 versUy ot Louisiana, is a specialist in dairying and cotton production Irritating chap. His supercilious air must have made him a fearful fellcw for a shipmate. He is f-r- evcr relating some very encmic ioke and pouring scorn on liie igncrnnt sailors who failed to iiuli at it: and no moral is ever so obvious that lie will not gladly spend half a page in pointing it. Nevertheless, there arc some very fine tilings in this book. The. author has moments of true insight. Now and again lie cuts Icose with a bit of writing that puts you right <-n the ship with him. His round- the-world cruise was very Interest- 166 MILES ON I GALLON NEW FORD GAS SAVER Waller Oitchlow. isoo-B street I Wheatcn, III., has patented a Va- I por Mixture Gas Saver ami Cntbon 1 Eliminator for all Autos and En- Bincs thai beats any ever got out. Old Fords report, as high as 66 I miles on 1 gallon. New Fords 75. | Other makes report amazing [ increases cf ' 4 to ' a more. Mr. Critchlow offers to send 1 to | introduce, Write him today. He alio wants County mid Slat; I Agencies everywhere to make $250 I to $1,000 per month—Adv, No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels tf yon wish to be permanently re- Hcved of fcafl In llnm»ch nnd bowels, tike Baaimann's Cas Tablets. >«>ile>i . , Rawing feelintt at th« pll o! the ilonioch will disappear; that anxious, nervous feeling with heart palpitation V.-I1I vinlih, and you will osaln be Able to take a >**t./ b[eath without discomfort. That drowsy, iltrpy fcelina attet dinner -"ill be rcp!.i:ed by n dnire for entertainment. Bloating will cease. Your limbs, arms *nd finECu w:ll no fencer feel cold and "BO lo slei-p" be- c«i,>e's C*» r.blct, prevent sn* from InteTlctina "wiTh t!ie ciicula* lion. Get trie c.-nulr.e. In Ihe yellow paeV • Ee, at tn'^ro^i 1 ! «lr~i:* *lrtre. _ I nee $1 Always on hand a'l CITY DRUG STORE second best. ' The Beacon Hill Murders," by Roier Scarlet iD ublcday-Doran. lor Tlie Crime Club. Inc.; $2,. will puzzle you considerably before you finish it. It has two or three lo:se ends, and It strains your credulity now and then: but il is welt '.voilh your trouble if you're a mystery st?ry addict, and It will have you doing a good deal o! guesting.' IfSTfiBY 7 IS GUARANTEED Win Stop Tain Instantly And Remove Corn or Money Refunded G WAFERS FOR Idc NOT LIKE THE REST If you've tried all sorts of corn remedies without, getting the relief expcclrd. risfe a dime and try "O-Joy Corn Wafers," the wonderful new remedy guaranteed to stop pain at once and quickly remove corn, callous, roots and all or money bach. No thick doujhnut-stiaped pads or burning acids—Just a liny, thin as paper wafer. Press one on the corn with finger and it sticks there. Away goes pain, shoes don't hurt, dance if yon like. No inconvenience, worry or bother. Six O-Joy Corn Wa.'ers for a dime at drug stores. /.dv.-6 Relieve Pajn 0 E S pain ruin your (ompcr, spoil your looks, interfere with your business or pleasure? Millions of sufferers from Neuralgic Pains Functional Pains Ordinary Headache Simple Neuralgia have found relief by using DR.MILES' Anti-Pain Pills Why don't you try them? At all drug stores. 25 for 25 cents. 125 for ?1.00. I L .' EF V BACK Coming events cast their shadows before" AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW*' By refraining from over-indulgence, If you would maintain the modern figure of fashion Women who prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves—men who would keep thattrim, proper figure, eat healthfully but not immoderately. Banish excessiveness—eliminate abuses. Be moderate—be moderate in all things, even in smoking. When tempted to excess, when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, reach for a Lucky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you •would maintain the lithe, youthful, modern figure, lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette a man ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. "It's toasted" YourThroot Protection—against irritation—against cough. *Be Moderate!... Don't jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. 13e Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking lucky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in thing] that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN—The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Satui Jay niglit, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C. © 1930. The American Tcbjero Ca , It/n.

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