The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20, 1935 · Page 7
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1935
Page 7
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LINCOLN Sl'NDAY JOLRNAL AND STAK. OCTOBER 20. 1QH3 5F.VF.N —K Ip and Down Nebraska Faces Oklahoma Here Saturday in Tough Big Six Game ‘i)hnWmleHteen Rsnting la Bn«f. Pti Oa»a 0*1. Î* ta Î9. la ••»♦■iT-aa* eaaati#« ani parti mt la» •tàcrti Smi. lì l# tl 4a«la»i»«. la Uir. tmmm antf part mt aaatfc»r. B»e MaiiU Dall*, ffti. larlatfiBf *•! *ar* than Iva h*a«, »«»«aailaa HnOt, ta«* Tlaic: rraai ■} a. « . ta •«■**!. »talarfaal. O pao ara*»«- Ott. tl ta >•«. It, •»- t tía«»»«, thraaat N'hratka Ra* Ittalt» Oatlf, tan 4 «*ht. faar fa**a anh tränt» pa«»a»«t*n It» t, «am#; «aal. f»fttrr:.; !*»%• «nipa, fiftaaa; ralla, «ftvan. Da «at •hnat rm 44 t dach«, «aad da«»*. htad aad «•«»». IO« d«*ay* aal P«r- mlttad. lUind» «a»l ha »»ithia !«• I««t mt »har«lta«. Panar haat» af any kind prahthltcd. Gan* aiaat aat ha!d »ar« than thraa »hat». Dark hantar» m«»t bat« tl l«d#ral dark »tamp alti«*d ta »tat« lira«»#. Tim# Î a. a», la t p- m dally, «»rapt an Platt* fi»»r, wh«n ihJat- Inc atatt »tap at naan, thi« r*galat««n. _ ban»«««. 4 mri n«t appi» ta Marrltl and ^ !t*«tt»blafr caantM>«. \a »baatieg mt any SKEIIS NMM 6-0 mm N LASl YEAR'S MIX » .irrrn IMjicckick tÄ ouht H.ivc .Mrant Kaagie Vi,-lory Scarlet’s Worst Conference Defeat Handed Them by Sooners in 1930. RIVALRY OF 14 YEARS nmiVLR HI tKER HI'trOKt. IPIÎ: .Nrbm.ha IS, Oklnbomn ». kind *r cam« an Piatta ro.r in Gardm tannly at any t m*. ! FtQOtbAll^BE, fCOREfi*^=t* ist»; ont; isti; I»»»; Hit: ms; HHt Hi»: .N#bm»k« t, Oklnb.»mn .N«bm»ka tt, Oktnlmmn >«bm«iin 3», ttklnhomn >«bm»kn »4, t»kinhum« .Nr*tra»ka T. Itklahomn Nrbraika H, t»kini*««nn N#t>rn»ka 4t, «»klaiMHija >#bra»kn IS. ttklnlmm* ». 1 *. ». ». 13. (Continupd frora Page 5-A.) RCH Kï MOlNTtlN. raMmda I». Hrifhnm Tamif I». |t#n»#r l. 13, Ita*» t.r*«l«y !»t»t* t. M..ntana Mata ». t^laraitn .W. I »l»»r»d« MU*«» • Ctdamd« Min«» ». l. **. RMlharn Idahn IS. H#«t«m ntnta t. l AR »EitT. Califarnia Imrbrt» 1«. rntm»«»t T«»*h- ntnn'ard Pr«»hm«« î, h». Cnilfarat» Pprab- nwn H, Idnba Praaliman 7. t h«»«» Varntal t. nanth Or«*nn Nartral 1*. kllMiny ». t.a»l Oracnn V armai ». Albinn N armai H. N»»» Mrora 3». Narth Arifana Atnt* ». € nUlarain ». *»anl« t Inm P. türcan 14. Idnba • rr«»na *t*t« 11, t bim »lat« ». Orra»« niai* IS. I •* t . tAa»bln«t«it SI, tt«*bi»«tan »tal« P. Panland 7, UnOrld P. idnba ka. «mnrh H, Hr»t«m ktnta », nnn Htrc« •‘tnt* 14. *. narram*«!« Jnnlar» *, t alltamln Aci»#» »• Partinttd I . 7. LinOrld » nanln Ra»« Jnniar» », R,* ka P. ramann 14. tthltOrr P HIOH M HiMlL. Rratrrtin« 33, Oranta P. lllu<at>(nctoii 14, Aima P. Itr«k«n R»»r p. kartrnt P. H«ln ». < «dnr Raptd» P Alhtan 14 N*»rmn« l»f»»« P. ttr» Î4, lt«rw#H P. umahn T»rh 1*. Oninhn B#«*on P HSd: Nrbni«k* 7. iHitabomn ¡4, IPSl; >rbra»ka 13. Oklalnim» ». Hti; .Nrbraakn S. Okl»n*»mn ». HS3; Nrbraakn 1«. tMtlnnamn 7. 1»34: .Nrbmahn », Oktoham» ». ttan; .Sfbrnalu» IP, UklnbiMnn S. cam«» t. âotnl pauit»; S3», «hbtbamn *3. By WALTER E. DOBBINS. Oklahoma, in the pa-st six years. haj 3 been one of the Comhusker*« moat bitter rival» for Big Six conference honors. In that particular period Sooner team.» have carried off one victory. I IlM IONES jNort-d >iUSKERS’ CHIEF BET FAILS WHEN a 20 to 7 win in 1930 and gained a 13 to 13 Ue In 1929. Last year's game at Norman was one of the top battles on the conference card, Sam Francis recovering a punt on the Oklahoma 25-yard stripe late in the fourth period. Cardwell’s end sweeps and a plunge by ERWINS VERSARAZEN2AN Paul Runyan Leads March of Surviving Favorites to Third Round. OKUVHOM.V CITY. l.T'. The .sturdy, kntckerM figure of Gene Sarazen. the Connecticut farmer. ’ faded out of the P. G. A. national tiiurnament picture Saturday before the .steady pUiy of .\lvtn ‘‘Butch’’ Kreug'r of Bclolt, Wis. Krueger eliminated the tournament favorite 2 and I in a second round match And aa .*=îarazen joined Walter Hagen In the discard. Paul Runyan. dcicniling champion, sailed serenely onward with a 3 and 2 victorv’ over burly M'Ttte Dutra of Royal Oak. .Mich . Runyan progressed in select company w hieh included Tony Mañero of Greensboro, N. C., who .will be Runyans opi»onent in a ; thirty-six hole third round match Sunday. Jihnny Révolta, tha ; raven-haired Milwaukeean who ' Frid.W eliminated the medalist, Hagen; Al .atrous of Birming-, Muh.: Jimm.y Thompson, tho long-du»i.ane*» man from Ridge- woo»l. N J.. and the dapper Dcnny Shute of Chicago, fi'rmu r British open champion. kf tOMl ROl Ml. ^ Ted Warren, Kaggie right half. Al McIntosh of The Sunday Journal and Star staff. Play-By-Play of K-Aggie-HuskerTilt (Continued from Page 5-A.) the west stands urged the Wildcats goalward Again the Huaker followers pled for another goal line stand. Nebraaka’a defensive wa.s much more decisive than in the third 1 » riod. Ayers ran Into a swarm of klers when he tried the Husker left side and lost three yards La- .N’oue batted down a pas* to Zitnik m the en 1-tone and Ayers got only two yards on a third atterr.pL All that rematnetl was a place kick and when Warren s place kick was yards wicie of the uprights the Wildcat vision of a victory faded The seven remaining minutes found ea. h team apparently bogged down bv the he.'iL The FIRST QUARTER. j IjtNoue won the toss and elected to defend the south goal thereby giving the Hutkers what tittle wind advantage there is. It was the first time since the Chicago game that Nebraska had called the com. Warren kicked off out of bounds and it was brought back for another attempt. Warren kicked off 57 yards to LaNoue who returned to the Nebraska 25-yard line. Eldridge made Francis carried the hall across in the last five minutes of play. The 1932 game was another Cl ID ihtrnMDI CTC thriller. Nebraska winning with a rLlr InlLUmrLt I t field goal by Masterson and a safety which gave the Huskers a narrow 5 to 0 triumph. The Sooners also hold the distinction of handing the Scarlet its worst conference defeat, a 20 to 7 licking at Norman In which Colonel , , „ Bus Mills and Guy Warren played ^ h i ' the leading roles. The two schools have met fourteen times. Nebraska winning ten games, losing two and tying two. The first game was played in 1912 and resulted in a 13 to 9 Com- husker victory. In 1919 the teams battle^l on Omaha sod and the Sooners rallied to get a 7 to 7 tie. Oklahoma won 14 to 7 in 1924 to score one of the biggest upsets of the season Franci» aad W¡: = .am* f:ni;iy ha'Cîne tha biK bov 3 o»n. E:d*r mad« a yard at r«R- •*r. Edaard« r.a.;*«! B«nso» ’.a h:» tra.-lts after B "bby had taaen Ai«rt‘ pur.t on iha Grtffing nailed him on the K-3tate “ Vru^4‘%*o av.-. who »-t ha. it 47-yard line. ' to tn* Ntb ijaa 39->.*rrt . n* A. pa.»i Cardwell ran right end for 11 ti Ha -,- j «a; .«d h >ar.i» and In the last six years the biggest Wildcats tried a'la.»t minute pass-, margin of victory on either side Ing attack which ran foul when a has been 13 points. C'.r^ta-ai! ‘«g the hard game with Minnesota delayed play. Wder failed to gmn, tne Aggies . i%un"3h« ' iyf. player on the head. This gsve Ne- brask.a the ball in mtdfield and Harris Andrews was rished in for a final try at aerials. The Wild­ cat.s intercepted the second flip and signified they were content with a tie score when writh ten sec-; the valley, onds remamnig they plunged at the line in the effort to kill time Husker Pass Incomplete, Nebraska s only serious offensive ge.»ture during the afternoon hijth came in the first half. Late in the opening period Eldridge and LaNoue alternated m a double- barreled running attack whi.h carrieil to the Kansis Slate 40- yard line. In the second and Francis traded punches Kansas State line and ends to bring the ball twenty-seven yards to the Wildcat 31-yard stnpe. A third down pass. Francis to McDonald, missed connections by Inches. It was the big offensive thrill of the aftem.ion for Nebraska. Mac was back of the Kansas State secondary with a clear spot for ten yardi and the goal but the ball was just out of hts reach. While the Nebraska line apparently still groggy trym the Minnesota pounding, was given an .other bombardtrg at Manhattan, there were of the lads that stood out Bob Mehnng, Kenneth McGinnis and Fred Shirey. all playing their first year of varsity competition. Mehnng at center played himself a great ball game, until forced from the lineup a few mm- ute.A before the game ende«i Meh- rmg was mjured. but not seriously. Cscdt* Nearly Loose. Francis kicking was the high sp.>t If the backficli. rardwtU W AS alm»>»t liaise »’n, e but the bovs in the buck room d »n t pay fff His on runs that stop »hurt of the goal Unc. F “ Kansas State, the Wildcats Oklahoma has a new coach this year in Biff Jones, former Army and Louisiana State mentor. Biff's West Pointers defeated. Nebraska in 192k by a 13 to 3 score. H la Sooner team this season Is rated as one of the strongest in for a yard. Douglas punted 44 yards, the ball rolling dead on tne K-State 2S- yard line. Elder picked up two yards at left tackle, Shi rey stopping him. Elder added a yard at left guard, McGinnis stopping him. Avers punted out of bounds on the Nebraska 39-yard line. Douglas made a yard at left guard. La­ Noue added a yard at left tackle. Douglas punted 40 v-ards, Ayers returning nine to Kansas State s 29-yard line. Time out Kansas State. Churchill. Aggie left end. was hurt on the last play, Warren made yards and a first down on the K- State 36-yard line. LaNoue picked up two at left tackle. Whearty stopped LaNoue for a 4 yard los-s. j Howell's forward pass, the first of , the game by cither team, was in- , complete. It was intended for Cardwell. Francis punted out of bounds on the K-State 21-yard , line. j Fleming hit right tackle for two. ! Francis making the tackle. Cleveland made three but the Aggies were off-side and set back five yards, Ayers scooped a low snapback off the ground and gamed two yards. Ayers’ punt rolled dead on the Nebraska 4S-yard line. ! Whearty replaced Holland mstead of Partner. Cardwell picked up six yards at right tackle. He started wide and cut back. Cardwell added three on the same play. Francis went over left guard for a first down on the Aggie 41-yard line. On a reverse, Cardwell made 8 yards at right tackle. Fanning and Flenthrope re- two yards, Williams hauling him down. Warren made 3 at left guard. Ayres punted out of bounds on the .Nebraska 15-yard line, but Ref— - —; eree Quigley stung the Husker.s at full strength for the first time five yards for brushing the kicker mn-'e their victory of Duqucsne and It was a first down on the had a fine time headed by Center K-State 44. Grifflng and a nice of bunch backs Elder made nine yard.s on a led by th'* crashing Elder and the plunge at left guard. Warren made scampering Ayers, it a first *iown with a two j>ard Following the game Coaches Bl- plunge at center. It was on the Neble and Fry both complained the braska 43-yard line, heal bogged down their hopes for Shirey came around from behind a sustained offen-sive, D. X. add- and held Ayers for no gam on a • • Wder failed to gam. 4 yards at left tackle. Ayers made placed Harri^n and Kreuger. Holland replaced Whearty in the Ag- Hays replaced 2Litnik in gie line, the Aggie line. Franci-4 hit center for a first dowm on the Aggie 31-yard line. Elder went back at fullback for Fleming. Cardwell failed to gam first d"«a i .. .ha ;3->ar-l lin# N*t<ra»Ka t,» k tim* E.,1«r *»ur.» »id# ar’iUT.,1 rt<ht *rd for 3 yArd* Av«ni io*t 5 tf » wid* »»##p *t riKht end. Mr'linn'.j bi>xk«rt Warran • pa.s» and It »m ir.eomp.#’.«. A>*ra P 43 »«d to HAyta for » f.:il dj»n . oc the 4-yard t'.n* E d#r faiifrl to pa n but there »aa *r. offiid# p«na tv on .Nerraika which p.i. ed the ba.; cn the 1-yard ,ine, E’.der hit a it me wa 1 at center. Eider tried a»*.-, wtih tha »am« r«iu.t. *he bip fu.'.bairlt m» a yard Kan«aa S*ate out tinr.e Huaker St«»« WalL Elder tried a »»reep at naht erd and ioat two vinU A wid# .atera Elder t>!. f4.,#<l to pa.n and the H'i.»»#r.i t.'-.;-. Use ba’.; on t.heir o»m 4 '-ard .r.e. Standing ;n tha »am# *p«Jt where h* f;uhb#d a K-. i ;ast »»#*<;. Sam Frar#.» booted a puui over A>era' head and the Kan»a» eaf#ty wai downed on the Ka»»i* 3<>->ard lice It w»* a 74->ard purt. K-9'at* tooic -^ut t me A .-er* wa« hort Conw*. for K rk an 1 Lander for Ayer» fn-» Seat*. E'der made no »:ain at '.eft rcard !.ander ;-w- a yard at r.fht taoit!«. :,*nd#r punted ojl ■># bound» on the .‘s'ehraiat 4 «-; ard line. Fran- 1 » madi a .ard on a »p,nB*r. Cardw* '. failed t- ca;.", at r1*h» tAck;# Conw-’:: «topped him Fran*:.« maie tw j yard* at center Franc;* pun'ed o\mr the a-al line and K-.Stat* >*ad fn.*m ■t» f'-yard h.n*. Dohrtisann repiace<l Schenr at i;d for 'he H .»k#r» Me Dona.d m..ved over to the left end. I.aBd*r mad# « * yard» at ;#ft ta*-k.* Ijinder tried the «ame play ard fa- --1 to e'a.a St;r«y railed hiir _ Warren trade »wr at raht ‘ark;# B#n' »...1 f-jmoied iJir.der » vuni bit Cardv.#!" recovereii or. N'ebraitta « 3-!i-vtrd line ■• ardwell «-*ept left end f.-r f-.-. - yard« Cardwe.’. lo*- Hur yard* at n»ht end Haye» dumred him. Fran--» p*»«ed to McD->oa;d f.-r twen*> ..yn* yard a* 'he quar- , ter ended a --:ra the Ksiaker» a firat down on the Afkie 3« I Score. .S'itjrajma P. Kanea* State 0. First downs earned ... First downs penalty . .. Yards gained rushing . Yards lost rushing .... Passes attempted ..... Passes Incomplete .... Own passes Intercepted Passes completed ....... Yards gained on passe» Net yards gained ..... Laterals attempted Laterals completed ... Yards gained on laterals Punts ....................... Punt average ........ Punts returned ......... Punts blocked by oppts. Kickoffs ....... ..... Kickoff yardage Kickoff returned ... .. Bail lost on downs ... • Fumbles ........ ...... Ball lost on fumbles ,. Own fumbles recovered Penalties ............ penalty yardage Field goals attempted . Field goals tuccestful . NEBRASKA KANSAS STATE. 2q 3q 4q Ttlt. iq 2q 3q 4q Ttls. 2 3 10 6 1 23 3 9 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 43 47 16 3 109 2745 33 32 137 0 7 415 26 0 0 88 16 0 2 1 58 0 23 5 10 0 20 2 4 0 0 1 3 4 0 0 0 2 2 0 10 0 1 0 0 1 12 0 1 2 2 5 0 0 22 4 26 0 739 42 88 43 40 34•8 109 2752 64 66 209 0 20 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 4 4 3 14 33 3 2 It 45 31 56 4745 36 42 3936 38 2 2 2 0 6 35 9 12 41 97 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 59 0 350 94 230 s 0 31 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 10 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 10 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 4 11 0 35 10 0 1 J 5 16' 3 155 0 25 45 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 ‘ 0 0 0 0 0 0 P.tul Runyan. White I’l.iln» N T _ <l«f#.«iM| Mrtrtl# Oafr», Royal <»«k. Mleh , » and 7 ... I eM I yneh. r,U<l#water, T#»., »efeal#* Vrtrnr R.-lt. *«.«■ 'Ijteo. * aUf., 4 « n 4 3, Tony M iner-». l,r##n»t>«*n», A I , i1#f#atr,l t Lirrni# R,,eh«»l#r, N, ' • I *’*’ Tat < ireelll. Tarrytmwm. >. i .• »w- r#at#a OrriUe White, 0»erUnil, M«., » a«<l t. w*nt Park», jr , Pilt»hurth. »»feat«« I-r-,»nel* A.-hei'ler, Oklahooia < rtf, I »»• Horton t»ak Park. Ill , defeat«« Ray »laofrum, t»nk»n««t, P«.. 1 <*l'. Denny ••hote. Mein»*« Park, 111., »«-• feate.1 Henry H.»rlen»pn. VpHnf field, M »»... 4 and 3 , . 1.1 Do-iU-y. R.tU. Pa., defeated Dir It .Met*, i ak" For«"*!, Ill 3 and 1. Intnni» 4rm,i«ie, VlMltW»n. III., defeated ( harte» »whneWer. Hie, Pa., 3 an« * Kv laffonti, Ray ink». 111. defeated Ed. die 1,0*»«, (.lenr-w. 111.. I »» a« tl hole». 4,<ldt« Arhnlt«. Troy, A V . defeat«« tieorf« wunfeiiand, c,re«B»l»<ir«, >, » , 3 and I, ^ Jltnmy Th«*nn»oi», Ride«y»»»od, N. «■• »«“ frat«d J. (i. tollln», M«n»fleld, O., » an« ' 41 Watrwn». Rlmtln«ham. Mieh.. ««• 4, f«*t#d Harold «.anipwm, Buriln«am«, t al>f.. 3 and I. 41% If. Kmecrr, Rekdl. WI» . d«f«at«d <i«n« Aaraien. Bmokn#ld Hill, Conn.. S and 1. Inhnnv Reynita. MHwmoke«. d«feat«« Jimmy IIIn««. <>ard«n t lt>, L I-, I »P 41 /.lmm»rmaa. Portland. Dr«., defeat«« Vie r.hetil, Deal, hi. J . t and I. THIRD R«*l Vn P4IRIAf.a, Pani Ktin.aa y» Tony Vlanem. le-%1 1 ynrh y» 41 /.Inmiertnan, Pat ( irriti y* Johnny R#%olta. 41%In hr»e«er %• Pii A#hall». 41 \4atr»i!» y» Aam Park». Jr. Harton «mith %». Umnjr Ahut*. Jirnrny 1 himioin *» l.d n»»He>. Ky là %*. Fommy Krmomt. SHAVING CREAM Goes further YALE NOSES OUT NAVY 7-6 BEFORE on a s’weep at nght end. Warren stopped him. LaNoue lost two yards at the other end when Fanning broke thru. Francts’ pass to McDonald was incomplete, the flip sUppe<1 thru 5!ac's fingers with a clear field ahead. Francis mis.sed the coffin corner by inches with a punt and the Aggies scrimmage«! from their Poarth 4tu.->nrr. Aver» repta.-ad Lander. Continue«! fmm Page 5-A \ strength. Athletic Director Mike A beam of K. S A. C. declared Kansas State “pointe«! for this game and was at its peak " Altho the attendance failed to reach the expected 1^,000 mark. Kansas State authorities said the 16 . 2 <k> attendance was the greatest throng ever to see a Nebraska game at Manhattan and the second largest turnout in Kansas State history, Ti-.e IIP.#-TP N'eb-aik* — a«l»«r#f .... Shirey > ■ ■ W ; ,. arr.f MePrmf M#< .in 1 * ....... H m -wk . .. Mawvn*,.| H *♦ i L»A’.e . y «tr I,-* .'.;en. tu?'•->"» M»^.-!r.í H .i-14» ; H<- -»í ava 1* ran.- . fir P...jr;a«,e K'.-.e I« I r* rt s h rk r % .A#- * I n f-vr Me«’,ir.r¡* H»Ull tir tnf iVi'*nt.aj Cardwaii »hi'#y i'ttming Andy Varipapa World’i Mott Sensation tl Bowler >f«r of ^lotion Pirlure “STRIKES Si SPARES’ / ueêâay , ih L 2^th^ H r. Lincoln Bowling Parlor iU NO 12 tfi Wi -anui. R I-hard»..« f • S#fy«fv Ixvnr- mar.B for M-Iwma \ n-> # f ># P » P#*>*.*11 for Î.M.S-JÜ» Afidrv«« r*r .'»rtlaeii K»-.*a* Sta**, »'i-rw» : t**f X 'k. Henr.yfc .. fi.r t -.ui'v'M : P.emin» i^r r.-u#' - ,ir.; I ' A,er» P*r-.r*f f»r * ar-ure. Z«r-..* 'or H*>-» Wb#»*’- ' >r H.fiUna n r >r P cBShrcp* K-*'.j,e- f >- Pm- B b« (If A'#r» M-a.««-M tor pjenlfrup« Off.'. *.» Ref#'*# r •’ w:'«'*y Mary* u*p re <iR.*,'*e Hj.» I'pi'aa. K»#-..e p*i»r-» .. uioj«, fse.J ;vjii Jack rr».-ai# .. t'-.-; « turn. Ayers tried to pass but could locate no open receiver, tried to , run the end but was held for no gam. Nebraska offside and took a 5-yard setback. Elder m.ade one yard at left guard- Ayers punted over the goal line and Nebraska scrimmaged from Its 20-yard line. Howell pickf*d up 5 yards on a spinner at left tackle, Douglas faked a punt and ran the K-State left end for four. Howell missed a first down by a fiKit. Doug!a.4 punted 50 var l.«, Ayers returning 25 to the K-State 45-yard line Warren m.ade two at right tackle. K-.State took time out. i'onwell replaced Kirk in the K- State backfield Hemphill went in for Churchill, V\arren failed to gam. Wilhtni.-t F»t*ra**r Stopping him. K-State was holding .-fv*r«a« .»?*'* Sj'ch.. F»an r.g - . - Cariare* * . kc «;* ft I H- '-e*t »-# 1'.' ror# . . H*»« . A»#e» . . . K Warr#« Pwier and the penalty set the Aggies back to their 33-yard line. Eider Is Hurt. replaced Elder at fullback for the Afgics. Eld» r bring belpe%i to the Ayers made a y*Dl on a ’*eak sioe play, .Shirry ‘ and Scherer piling him up. Fleming failetl to gam. Mebring !♦ t the wind out of himself In making the * ta' kle and the Huskers look out time. ; Morrison replaced Mehnng at ! center, Ayers punf.ed to LaNoue who returned five to Nebraiika s 27-yard line. On a lateral. LaNoue left end. Fight Card at Hasting». HASTINGS —Two Nebraska.';«. Happy .N'aih. TV) p«>und local youth whv' won the Miriwest A A V. title, and Young M Noff. 146 pounder from GiUner, will square i , . .. . , sMUirws is Hastings auditorium. The original card ciil* f^r thirty-two rounds of cut-back E'.'indge scrapping Ja«K Stune meets Jim-.P^ r> -15 S rov Bender, Junior sUppe«! thru left tackle for seven yards. Elder made it a first down on the Aggie 37-yari line with a 10 yard gam. Elder made two on the same play. Mehring nailed Warren for no gain, i Ellis nailed Churchill on an end around for no gain. Both teams were offside on the play. Richard- , son replaced Scherer end Dohr- ' mann 5IcDonald at end for the H iskers. Ayers made 5 yards at left tackle, .\yers punte»! over the gi al line and the Huskers scnm- mage«! from the 20-yard line lYvyle replaced Ellis for Nebraska. FrancLs faked a punt and on the statue of liberty play Cardwell gained eight yards. There was one who bum.ped Cardy out of bounds cr he would have been gone. On a lateral, LaN'jue tu Cardwell, the Huskers lest five. Francis pur.te*! to Ayres who returned 10 yards to the Aggi« 4'> yanl line. Elder m.ade two at left tackle. A pasa. Ayers to Warren, gained , seven. EUler broke livise for 16 yard.«i an-! a d«.wn on the Hua­ ker ,34-yard line. Slurey repUce<l iHjyIe and 5IcGmms want in f>m : Hubka. Cardarelli w'ent in fi r Partner. Williams replj.ce*! Peters. El.der made a yan! at nght tackle, Meh- nng stopping him. William.s intercept:-1 Warren's pass an ! got back to the N'-'traska 27-yar>l line. La­ Noue made three at It-it tackle. LaNoue faile^i to gain as the half ended with the bail In Ne- bra.4ka a poase^jsion on its own 3i> yard line. Eldndge made it a first down on ; Score, Nebraska 0: Kansas Nebraska s 38-yard line. He slip- State 0. LAXaue f 't B#n»on in ih-- Ha*lier b* E fjf Hhirey ;n tha Haeker .ir.e. iji.S’oua '«if , mrae at '.eft en*! HeBipfiC. neninit h '"•i | r*ril%»f I inert a pa** ac*l ’*** ».■« •there« , for a -even .. arrt c.*.-« Kirter latercep'.ert H«T»*U « paaji'an'l »«*. ba*'n to .Nebra*«* • 43 ->arrt U.«'.*. U »« :n'enrt*rt fv-r Lkiftr- marn. L.-ter )#t on* b'j;» 'iie were | *if(*irte anrt k*t barafiv* .4 i*a»» Warren ; to Ayer*, saioe*! t:..rty-jr* a-rt* a;td pwi the ha.. •*'1 the H-«aer T-yarrt un» .Ne- i.rajaa tr.i/H titr.e < 'it. H;’wei. ca"«- >v*r from t.h* 'ther *.4* 1« make i.3e Uck e after Oar-l»«!', anrt La- .So!::'.' has miijert ih« e.-j.,.»« A-er-* iiehrlii* and Frar- .* n..:.«rt A>er* l--r a J-yarrt .oai La>jue batted d'-»n Ayer» pais m the end »*>«* Ayer* mart* t» j yarrt« at left tack.e Fourth do-an and *-«ht to fo Wa.-ren drjppad baca ftr a pj4*-a a.-* U '*»» of the pojtj but »o e: -a* that the Kaoaaa State fa.-.« a#nt » .d th" v Pf it j weut thru .Veoraika «cnmmeçed f.'om . ;'a ard Un* Cania «.1 mart* tarn ya.-d* at r 1 f h I •.a<'kle. Fra.i«.» '-«t a ..ard at ##o'er franc:* pur. id to Aver* »ho » rt »*-a f-va tn the K-Scate 4l-jard -n* X Sta'a t* a 3111 um«. tihirev repiacad E..:* is tha Nanraiaa i.n* Kirk f*r Ce-ft-**., IQ tna . A(c a .ineup m a rtouj.e p*-n bah;r.3 th* Une, A;-#'» ihrea ah#« r.aoert nm A--#r» V r* pwnu on tne .a*t p.ay anrt Re' ree wj » *. -t a '„t -..-r.i f .r him ah. - the- -»ere ei *#ed a 'ft a*lh<«!%* E.rt*r p -aert .eft «.arrt f *r ».x >a.'«*, l«e- j •n» n%# H*.«aer* to put him rto*«n W ar­ ra. ■ f ,naa.'<J P**a aa* P«x-aed aad la- •.omi*.*'*. A)#rs punt r-.UM over the «‘*a’ Une and th# H.»a*r» #. r-,mma<*d fr«-T. the.r 3-• ,ard ,,’* <•*«)»« faaert a p :et and . *t tai t'arda*., tr-ert a • .rt* »«eep at rant afirt arrt f->'.r var»i* W arrea r.% *-<1 him I-ran ’:* ;*;•■• i>a«l • -oa :•«,£ <-il ;.i* kr-:jnd end f.-i.nte*l t" A-iT* aa-, *.t ta.» to tha W',.rtc*t «Í! -ird .ne. F rter ir.ada on» a* cenrer. Kanea* Rtat* a 4 * ho dm» Í nrt «et haca l.v puttina th# 1 Of-: t,"# K M-.t# yard . r.» Chureh... rep:.i.-*d Herrrh.. . 4 ,er« paj«r*î to '’n.ri-hi' f*'r 13 ,at-:* E;.|#r ,*■*' «V# *-rt« h<.'h l#a;:!» a#-* ..f'i le A err tr #u .;»ni*r ar.rt made a ya.'-;, Warren paast'd to Ayers f-jr three yar us but the Aggies were offsMle. Ayers punte-1 out of bounis on the Nebraska 36-yard line. Howt'll ran bat.k to pass, but tos.-ied a sli'irt forwanl to L'aid’Aell who fought his wa’. up for a 5- yard gam. when it appeare«! he would be tosse«! for a loss. Cardwell made one on a .shot at tackle. Ayers broke up Francis pa»s to •torpvd has. Warren fat.ed to imJa ». r.’.,.'L ■«.<?"' H...»b»rg. U., ».I.homori sillop.r Ne, raiea • ball on their '.wn 47-y»rd Un*. ; the winning point.S A'.rtrtvk* ret aced Oardwi'i ' Andrew*’ i3h«t P-»*» *»* incomplete der brcaii.n« si up It wa* tr'.#«d#«i ®fr IjaN-iue. Intercepted And-#-«»' .on» p«s» arrtion and it a aj the A««;#a o«n iJ-.ard ;ia* Fitch’p Sterilized Shaving Cream multi plies itself in la'her 297 times« going further than any no-brmh cream. Actual tests show that its tiny  62,000 THRONG lather bubbles stay moiit on the face 18 minutes. El- Warren to Rich- ba’.l oa Uwir H'^s.sberg an®w'ered the rail t-> duty earlv m the first period when a WTTk Navy punt gave the Yalr.s the ball on the sailor’s 44-yar<! line. Two plays, the first a ten yard plunge by Whitehead, the socond a 14 yard pass by Roscoe. put the ball on Navy s 20. Then they gave the ball to Sophomore .\1. On the i(w(P J9 IO a first play he swept left end to cross the goal line standing up. Rpiilster Subatltute Gardner, a specialist. ISotl* rnwkprn nt gtstt r to try for the extra LUBRICATES SOOTHES A«f;e* »»re «e«. b»ck t*» '«•I’”' time* <it Warren m*da ’.w-> y»rd* a* turn icaoi« Sconi iSfhfiMAÄ 0. K afì *A 9 StÄtt O* /'I HDI't: < OS<Jl f.KS Clin A «malí »mount oí ».vothin« oil «i F«*-h • Shavtn» Cr*»m luhei- ea'e» and protect» th.* ■km. Fit.-h’« thavin» Cream cannot or burn the tendere»t •km. Large Tube c Sf'cnntl Htg Ten D in in Survvmion. CHICAGO. .P. Purdue ripped over 'or two touchdowns in the second perii>! and another in the fourth Saturday to defeat Chicago. 19 to 0, for its second straight victory of the • Big Ten season, before 23,(Xk) spectators The game was the Maroons first in conference warfare Ijnr JT'* and Purrta* c.uit: B-.TSi*.r*cr l>* n;p*c«% Sk 3 tor. »el W.i.fma 1 L/yeoa .■«•.a;c;jp «' I,-»M- '-.Ar.-'-n IVh a*f P-.jrl':* . rt.ic««'» P*t*T«««l 8:.*t* j.if«:*.’. \v h • e« M# »* W - 4.-' I point. His place kick, high ¡ true, split the uprights Navy was a sadly disorganized football team thruout m<»st of the afternoon. Coach Tom Hamilton poured in squads of substitute.^: but only once, just after the start of the thir.l period, did he fmd a clicking combination. This combine, with Johnny Schmidt doing all of the running, clicked long 1 enough to across a touchdown. Navy then called on its kiektng expert, one Fike, but Fike mi.-iscd and the score w- " 25 WRESTLE WH). <)< T. 23, 1935 4 II I »If Gr«»n»«. Liaeatn. Xekf. r rt f', Nyq,c R#rw»r-t«- . ! jr.rtnh*r-i’. , . Sknolr« 0 13 rt »-!“ 0 0 P— u V » #— T-» r ’A .»i-.r. .-v/i*,* r Her-, rt to 6 - S#-', H-- .sei.r-n* P':c i-'.b f«,r Devaer t- - ÎJ*«'#* Sa'irtefU.' I« M* - ia.'.fi pj.r.- af'#' for I**r.'• j . K* H #i-'V« . H«-**’-ar« IF r*r* 3« Drake , «eneel p »#'1 <•■«:> a,., re ly .re! #e. W „ . ,r r>-«»r *-v f'.rit- l-irr,.-A K .Í ÎJ ITS’.' Se an; ..It I Savy HIGH SCHOOL COACH’S FATHER SERIOUSLY ILL .stricken Thursiiay with a (erebal hemorrhage. A E Ball« r father of the Lin«:om high school coach, was still unconscious eariy Sunday morning, according to at- tendir.g phypictans. been ii.-i „s. --.'•ers , hi. <* irk tar*»» ' tbre« on the same play wid« and Art Eckharlt tackle LaNoue Jtx Robi.nson baiTle*» Jotnrue Stark m the pre Itm inane# “Goal To Go f » 0»t (««1 U I* f1»a »•* IS* fta*«t »ark a»*;J*k*a at MaSerala pet«««. ««•» a* >«•1 Top Coau ... Overcoats ... ladie«* I'lolh t oau . 95c .II.ÎS fSc Í Al I. EERLES5 (LEANER a«74i »**« IP* £44 4« I Ilk C«*k «•» Cmtty swung the Aggie left end for fifteen yards and a t,r$t dow-n on the Aggie 44-yard line Eldndge failed to gam as the quarter *nded. Score: Nebraska 0, Kansas Stats 0. SECOND QUARTER. Cardwell. Francis, Hubka E’.'.s Mefc-nng and Heldt went into th« Combusker lineup Hartner for H il’and and Churchill for Hemphill in the Aggis iineup. Francis, on a «pinner, gained 3 yard». ('aDlwel: ran right end for two ya.-dfi i<;.rcing him o'lt r>t b«)unds. Franci# punted out <it bounils on the Agg’.*? l2-yard line. Partner repla«»'«! <'ar«jarelli and Zitnik f 'r Hay-, in the Aggie lineup. Clevelsmd failed to ga.n , Cleveland punted to LaNou« and THtRO Ql 4HTI.K. TTse Vebr»«’«« ;• «loi vet th* *km* k* f n.tóart irw oa t w.'h H-***.: C*rrtw*. *«4 Trmsr,» B«n#oB rac k^ad L»N .« Th# caa lieîie;*.' >lcr>ec*.rt sr.rajf *nrt Hei-rtt W* »art M-'J.aa;* • .'ft Mffr-B« tt c«B'#r W’.;:ia.'su u« »eue« e»pui;a Ur;ff;e.« k ,'f to fh r«y «.)i tac» 10 >».-rt* VO Seen»»*« * M-vart ..a# Car»»*, mart* f-o.r at r.fSt '»¡- m ;.*. B««:*'VB «rtrte«! fc.,r at .*!■ 'a-¿;e Ktra~:c ;.:at » ».'1 »' t-“.« .*i' »’.rta, Frwiea puaiart >yaer 'Ji* K-#r»'e «’O*. .la# C rt»r er»ek*rt t.rtr: eft t».-* * for 1» y«.-4i mr.a » f r*t <S',*n ',.v i.-.e A«*-.e ’‘4 >*rrt Hr* A**-* mart.# or.# *t 'r.e mmm* spot. P.4et mart* f.-e at t.rt* f«iB* I»«'* 5Ir. Bailer. 65. has been em- plove«! at the state farm for the A>t-r» uioac uy riaa.%..« y..-— v, * - r-i-alve vears Cardwell. Francis punte«! to Ayers tAei%e years._____ who returTied 20 yards to the Ag- jg^yg fijank Yearlings. OUV...V. ,.„:^.LAWRE.-VCE^JV» tackle. Warren whirled off left guard for six y*ards to the Aggie 47-yard line and it was a first down Wsrren added seven at nght guard, McDonald nailed Churchill on an end around for no gam. kirhnng was hurt ailing in the ts''kle and Mornton rep aced him. Hubka replaced McGimls. Douglas replaced Francis R:cX*rt*«.*ft for 14it>:-»».d Bt.l OB ifi# hall team defeated the freshman 31 to 0 In a practice game here Saturday afternoon ________________ COAL Bt V YOl’R RED 50 For Specialized Automotive Service See CARL 1637 P St a ANDERSON INC. B6759 DEVIL feml vaar It %*iU Se Rifher »•«• Dal.vara« a#««*» i«fa»»*ra iasi I* Ow# C««t«m«r» capital i’lTV COAL (•(iMPASV O. G. « Ol’hlVS. .Mgr. 93« .Ve. 14. HOSt The Activities You NEED Are taitins at Ute Y.M.C.A. Bowling Handball Volleyball Solarium Swimming. Y. M. C. A 13th and P Streets M\IV F.\LVT TWO Ol T ot Tuatl rkl.LS f inish .Match Rudy LaDltzi Poughkeepsie. V. V. 5 s. Andy Moen .^linnespolis. Minn, SLMI-f IVAI, OVr »ALt NO TIMt LIMIY Pat Mc( let‘ry Rolend Kirshmeyer OPf NTVG BOI T Micke> Mdiuirc Jimmie (’nffield John I.ehl Rcfrree A»*#l#e* af Iti# t« ■«!■ l-rtf»«Dy C»UU Jirtllb a -n r 14 (it.Sh K \l. ADMISSION 54« ikitrtf»« »«»<■ 4 *«.•»«.>t»rt kf 4»*ll Kf.*«t.KV 1 IJ r«i 4 I h 75c r:.'k#t» •« e«i* »» »•'»»»*#. asm B«» ta *»«"* I#«««» lllli «art p Sireeta al » .» « U P M

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