The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20, 1935 · Page 1
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 1

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1935
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l^rspM Circulation Per ('.apita of Any ('ily in the llnilcf! Stales from 87,000 to 110,000 Population. KHMIEI) IN 1867 LINCOLN. NLBHASKA, SUNDAY, OCTOBLH 20, 1935 TKN CEMS BUSKERS, KAGGIES PLAY A 0-0 TIE / ____________ Menace of War THE WEATHER. MISH PREMIER SOUNDSWARNING F DANGER AHEAD Italian *fílnrk DeviV of the Lihynn Campaign] Speech Interpreted as a Bid to United States to Join League. NOT MAKING WAR ON ITALY WORC^KSTKR, Etig. Premier Stanley Bald\\'tn, voiclnR faith In the League of Natioi^ made what many Interpreted to be a direct bid for the United States to join the league. Britain's leader told hla political constituents that the failure of the league to end the war m Africa would not mean the fud of the league Itself. “I would say rather." he aa- ■erted, "that If 'this first attempt by the world to secure peace fails let us see whether our machinery or whether our work may have AAA TESTING AN RELIEF PROGRAM RAW ATTENTION ETHIOPIA FKHITEKS IN ‘DOOMED BAITALION' Dole Worries New Dealers While Quick Court Decision Sought. WASHINGTON. (.P'. In contrasting scene.s of quiet and confu- .sion, Washington this week edged nearer the final tests of two issues vitally important to the new deal. On one point, the work-relief drive was pressed toward the first of the dole-ending deadlines. Out of the hurry-burly, however, came indications that the already re- vi.sed time limits for liquidating direct relief might be set ahead still again, perhaps well into December. On a .second front, the lines finally were drawn in the shining solemnity of the new supreme court building for a deci- VIRTUAL MARTIA LAW PR >.bra,ka riirll> riondy, cooler in wcl portloii Mind«.'* ; Mood*> fmr, c»»lcr In ca,t portion. K.,n,n,. I’iirtly rlondjr to ckindy snd Morrpcr *>iiiidnN , Mond.ij folr, loon; Fnir Mind»» «nd Monday; cooler M ond « V. 'viuiii n«kcla; t loudy and cwder Sunds) , Monda} tatr. N Weather lor the new weeht I'or the uptwr Mt„l„i|»p( and lower Ml.wmrt \«l lej,; Some pcfcipltatlon imibahle ftr«t part of week north |a»rtlon. *ener«ll> lair iofherwt,e. IrnMarature, near nonnni. NEBRASKA LINE RNSBACKTWO GEROOS eiDG GOZAD MAN SERIOUSLY ILL L. M. Arnold in Dangerous State at Hospital. NORTH PLATTE. .T'. L. M. Arnold of Cozad. a director of the Wildcats* strong Forwards Cause Scarlet Plenty of Difficulty. ... ,! Platte valley public power and irri-I ri nrn CTNDC CflP Two Lives Lost in Series of gauon district, who this week suf- LLUcn oiHno run ivniiuHiio fere<l a relapse following an illnes.s of .several weeks ago, Saturday Quakes With Damage of $ 2 , 000 , 000 . BY GREGG M'BRIDE. AHEARN FIELD. Manhattan. was reported ny hospital attend- i.v., , ants to be in serious condition. , Kas Nebraska's hopes of re^ain- Physicians said they observed no gix conference f ot- HELENA. Mont. i.D. Eight change in his condition <luring the thronewore given a di.slinct .shock.a of moderate inten.'ity jolt- twenty-four hours ending late Sat- jsetback .Saturday afternoon when , « I Chieftains serving under Hapte Mikael. Notice the background, preme court bul ding for a d^i- I ^ temporary hut with walLs constructed of newspapers, which wa.s Sion on the constitutionality of ,he Artdi.s Ababa before thev left with their troops for ed quake torn Helena in rapid urday afternoon succession early Saturday night and the city council immediately declared a ".state of emergency exists.” placing the entire panic stricken populace under direct orders of civic authorities. The renewed shocks struck more sharply than the dozens which preceded them earlier in the day and whetted the fears of an already fright worn citizen.ship. Control of this capital city wa.s lodged in the hands of Commis- [PMNSHÜiilIN COONÏÏ ISHftPS an in.spired Wildcat eleven, rather ba<lly abused since lht‘ .start of the iq.'l.’i campaign, rose to gnat heights and outplayed the (,'orn- huskt'rs in a scorele.s.s tie The battle was v\ago l under a boiling hot sun, before a crowd of ll*,200. So fiercely conttstel was the game that c'oachcs Bible and We.s Fry p»'U!i d sid'stitution.s onto the fielil with mi>notonous regu- :!LeXr" our"rk'‘ mar hav4 General Giuseppe Pav^n“e " "I ^e! . ^heir home outside Addis Ababa troops for \)^en at fault; let us try again and “Klack Devil” of Libyan campaign, ‘ the ‘ most significant bf>r(\er of Italian Somali and . _________________ .... . „ since NRA. ULL OIL S'. V *- »TJ let U8 Btt once more wnether we* Ethiopia.—Acme, cannot get those still outside the ---------I 'eague to join the league." I , Baldwin made a direct appeal to IXtaly to understand that Britain s [opposition to the Ethiopian cam- Iralgn is motivated "solely” by con- Icem for world peace, rather than lany hostility toward Italy or a <le- lilre to overthrow fa.sclsrn. Strik- whlle the Iron Is hot In the [AOS SW[ IAÏSŒ OR f r\g wniie inr itoh ••• ;^^ke of an apparent easing of Joseph Kuncl Named tO Atglo-ltallan tension in Rome. [Baldwin declared the time Is long past when Britain "would seek by ^»rms or anv other method to overthrow the form of government existing In any country.” It startled no one when the high court curtly consented to rule on the legality of the farm admlnls- tration'.s proces.sing taxes. Nor was anyone taken hack when a plea for a speedy decision was ru.shcd forward by administration lawyers. The reasons w'ere not hard to find. In the first place, the AAA < has be«»n running deep in the red ; on it.s benefit payment.s to farmers. Hundreds of court action.s j have slowed the Incoming stream j of processing tax collections to ‘ ALY PLACED ON A BLACKLIST BY _ « . T • the fielii with mi>noionous regu- All Escape Serious Injury jm-ity as ht-ai and shouMcr to in a Scries of Minor. ! shoulder play took it.s tou. The thermometer soaretl to smh dizzy ! * t Tj Kii„ Qofo»,. cKoiioav. ’ Accidents. heights the spectator.s vvalehed the ..lon.r of Pimiic safety Shellad>. CFS'TKR Net', i f., came In ahirt al.-. vra ami player.. In a burned eeas.on the city eotin-' In au- »pent moat of the fourth quarter onlMy county r.^^^per.otla atretrhe.l out ou the nat# isr» nil TOTP ifinrPTrn virtually amounts to pM^Johmson of Galesburg, 111., A dccatle ago Nebraska and SAY 36 PRIESTS ARRESTED martial law, no muitary aid was “broken and severe State were .lea lloeked in ’'•'Ktre ataTmr-were frequent, but ¡-"“'Irnbu'::’''.', «f Pi^Fol Pint ini ^alarms were irequeiiu. uub ot.tomobile In which he was The year was IP'25 ami the Man- Rcports Tell of Rebel Plot in found turned over in gravel hattan campus citizenry celebrated Presidency as Fremont Wins 1936 Bid. ALLlANi’E. Neb. (.D. Dr. Jos- half the normal volume. Payments VOTE OF LEAG ammunition and seditious propa- , ganda was seized, and that the plotters were turned over to military authorities. Damage Set at $2,000,000. Decreeing No More Buying of Her Goods. CUP NELE BTftlNS ÏÏRft r with plotting a revolution. The'Ve- »<*ven day series or lesser tremors John.son and aughter of Haggle» Close to Score. ■ port said a quantity of arms and were condemned as hazanious and i^urlington, la.. Buffered minor While Nebraska came up with AoccupRnts ordcF^u to 6\ac- cuta and bruises. only two mild scoring threats, tho uate. The accident happened about 5 ‘ Kansa.s Stators were knocking at ^ p. m. when Henry Johnson, who touchdown door twice, A gal- wa.s driving, applied the brakes as stand by the Cornhusker line tir.i.r,*\A. 1 « r f. the car descended a hill toward a balked a stubborn Wtidcat power were dead, forty-three injured and ixim and a short dis- attack In the third period after tha damage estimated at S2.000.000 in tance ahead. The ear swerved Haggles had niarchetl and pa.saed ' Helena’s dlsa.strous series of earth- ,nto loose gravel. The party was to the Kuaker 2-yard stnpe. The quakes. on its way to Minden to visit rela- Husker fonA'ards with the help of The first victim was David tive.s. a busy secondary smotheml a Harris, a Negro. He was killed j Mrs. B. J. Roberts of Omaha Wildcat offcn.slve which worked instanly by bricks flying from a suffered numerous cuts and the air lanes to the Nebraska .store front as it toppled to the bruises, none serious, and four 7-yard marker in the fourth quar- Uo ti'Q« KitHoH thf» raorttran■ ;4nAii iminiurpd t a v tir>H tViAn V ALI,»IArs( E, rsen. Lt L ur. JOS -1 nan une nurnmi >\»iuui$r, , :t„, tn any eounfry. , , npb Kunct o, Att.anca WeapOH E_mplO_yed by The prime minister s speech ^ afternoon was elected president of money going out twice as fast opened his campaign for the Nebraska junior chambers of as It is coming in, the answer is IL'il!.'’,™; v“T. comm-ro. ,t th. do« of . two., , ^ _ ••Not on. pountry | poTmon* whpr7ît'^rust'’brelk "hli ! OF.N'EVA. (.P. Ttip Leapue of ; out could regard f 1 Kuncl’s election was unopposed, against its income, or find Nations employed a powerful j until that war ended, he saia^ and r unanimous ballot was cast ^ nne„ »ml for all that its verv back-I weanon acainst warring Italy by j - - '.store ironi as ii luppieu m hr - oruises, none Hrriou.-», « jk . .« u . ,-yara marKcr ui me luum. hu «,••Even America, which has talked -..rved as first vice president hone nroressine taxes -must be declaring a boycott upon alf'her „ * -n # ♦ ground. He was buried beneath the other persons es< aped uninjured , ter and then fUvvered completely of isolation. Is up against that He strv^l ^ first vice pr^ Swanson to Buy from Plant debris. Charles Siggerink. transi- when an automobile driven by as Ayres’ placeklck from the 14- peril ! nf S driv c ever adoPtcd bv the at Univprsitv Instead of ' «“nt camp cook, died .later in a ' Mrs. Robt^rt.s' husband and one yar<l line sailed wide of the up- 3 t'“ Fattot rr;',r*r.‘ aukLV.: ■“ I .................................. ; hospital from concussion cau.scd driven by Frank Delohyde of Blue {rights. Control Board. ; by bricks striking him on the ; Hill collided on highway No. 74, Aggre.ssive line play on the part Leo N. Swanson, state land head two miles west of Fairfield about of the Manhattan forward wall ly and in- ■ commusaioner and custodian of the Police said that hundreds other g p. m. factored materially in tl^^ Corn‘ workers of Italy, capitol one of the Swansons now than the forty-three treated at Roberts. VernI Corye. who was husker disappointment. The Ne- this far reaching . holding or who have held state of-, hospltal.s suffered minor injuries, m the Roberts car, and Delohoyde hraska line, shellshocked by t h e 's general commit- fice. has taken the bit in his teeth i They were treated at drug stores escaped uninjured, Mrs. Roberts terrific cannonading of ih«* h‘'avy . . t'*e ui nations set Oct. 31 or rather the electric line \n hia' and did not report the casualties. , was taken to a Fairfield hospital. ; Minnescda arUUerv last week, was new deal enactmenta that contain sanction will be- clippers an.l figuratively speaking i The .severe tremor came Friday Three persons were injured se-^ but a shell. The husky KUi^r. Ine tax clauses. -- " ■ ” . • .... except in lUU umson wtu» mt>«v " — —• ........................ new deal enacimenui mat cuntam .. . a -»nction will be- rUnnPr* and fie-nrativelv sneaking) .severe tremor came rn<my mree persons were injurru m- out a sm-u. i uu/tn.v t.... who are working With us. : by Hastings . asjhe^d^e^^^^ Prefer Muso!mi whTcked^t in^ “ ^be .sixtieth quake verely when they were returning ' slippery Ayer.s and th. hard nm- "Thls conflict If that be the Di»trlct» Created. | For instance, some government has until then to think thing? over, off current from the penitentiary s here within a week of unusual to their home in Sutton about 9:30 nini: Ftankin pierce i the Nehrusk.i right word to describe It J* n« I ^ adopted at lawyers are known to believe the ^ attitude or mea.sure of co- capitol light and power line, an.l ^ewmic activity. Geologists have p. m . after attending a mght fool-: front ranks in 'turh _ 1---------- ir. . .....I u-arned residents that they live In ball game at Pairtield. They were consistency the t oi nhu.skt i off- .se - .seismic area. Prof Harold Mr. and Mrs Ralph Orhsner and tluring the last half never wa.s >f- as.sislant geology pro- Robert Hodeii an«l all were riding forde«! an opportunity to yet un i* r Montana School of . in the dump botly of a motor way. The .Scarlet had se eral op- that the disturbances truck, driven by Raymond Ochs- portimitiea In the '>|>enin--- perm i.s In '.leniH.^t prlvary,' the« .nme ' pëlÎgir;;' ôt'bnthlh'e« aKÎiTtt ’’’«Uho'’« ■ to mUerun.'iiFKrî.unl’r ' «rnlTC«'"'"'" ÎÎÎÎe!|‘’'EhV'n'"io '.r iL LU , ..... .... ...e ......... ....---------"V™ ‘■°T‘"‘‘''Ltron'’%nnten" '»'‘fi'’«’'-' »'"> 'me-fn... a nhottme off ¿f atxtnt * i . The accident oecnr.e.t «he" the and Baldwin ïîld we hoped, "with' ganlzation of new groups. j cognizance of oppoaiUon conten-^ ,,aid the economic boycott 115 OOO gross revenue a year if»«’-; V'lce presi-lents elected were (Continued on Page 2-A, Col. 6.) would be a crushing blow to them p-p|.jy received by the prison. The 1^ (Continued on Page 4 -A. t 01 . i.m clarence M Gibs<m of Bridge-j economically. 'board has not gone Into court nor MAN SLUGGED ANDIDBBED' territory from .North Platte w ITALIANS TD THE HDMELAND th» first find imnortant Dha.«e ^ ‘ Paul Herpnlsheimer of Columbu.s, ‘ I junction north of Fairfield, where cat flanks. I the mam street of Fairfield con-i Elder Like Ro»roe. ' thr?,r‘«%rd moanm^oifam pti;« ‘Co'^LTt.rTtKht "bitlL , ^ -fh ^ ¿''TnTo file ;LL:;i.E -a ,ot It, ■■».H oa « a F; drive a^htch rswaro^ sVanaTUL" ¿cn 7 .melter th„, a ddch and tn.o began with its indictment of Ital> ^ nf th» hnard mnd it fbemneys and frlgniened Brick Buildings Damaged. ’ d heavy ¡ truck xhich "“e”- ..........- damage to bricK buiiaings, smeuer rutrhway. inni a uiicn ana inio a i... „ ^ * fni hi ' VV*"'T'TV Vi, ’ began with its indictment of ualv «"anson. Swanson has been a frightened miners high fence at the Ralph Ki.ssinger • (Continu*d on I a e .VA, E W. DeVore Loses $3 to 3 Hundred Leave New a* an aggresor gmid cu.stniner of the board and it. Ana- farm. Cnarmed AwAUant.. i Oeorge Hall.tcad of <>«,. ;«t o'f York for African War. , Anthony Eden of Oreat Britain, diplomacy to .“haftr"' brok n °n'’hr''anr"«;ere “"Im witnaaaaa-u — » I f«r»dti»d w'ifh stperiiig the «atic- ,onvB. ous gold mines from the shafts. broken ribs and severe scalp Pomng as friends while they en- ' a^orth Platte and south of the' vpvv vnPH t Pi M or» than 100 sieenng me auv Commissioner Swanson I LeKiata - ,___ rriata» -T-V. ^ »,v.kai.tAe,a la.Q ■ romng as fnends while they en- ' ç^onn luaite ana souin or ine YORK (.P>. More than 100 tiow“ mea"su7es“VhVu''’prepare J Commissioner Swanson , Two stacks of the Helena wmunds. Ralph Ot hsner and Ho.kui gaged him In conversation, two Platte rWer_ The president wm n^^tive Italians from the t nlted _ j - gives a.s a reason for this change toppled. Many residence.» each suffered severe scalp lact-ra- r ' . .............................. .. I ChiaieB ailU Canada me v>n me i-»v- Hnn Garber before robbing him of appoint a secretary-treasurer lantic. bound for their homeland , about IS in cash as DeVore was Graydon Nichols of f— — - workmg on the loading dock of past state pre.sident the Lincoln Packing company at ^ e^ted unanimously s 820 N, early Saturday night. cillor for the state organization. Hex to Join The pair escaped into the : ------------------ legions. As hands Schrepf Sr Brehm Packing com- rnriifiy ri rf»TlrtllC TfinilV T’^ban national anthem pany building nearby at 400 N rilLllun tLCui lUnO lUUAT t rowd estimated at under a shower of brlcka hurled ______ wildlv from the pier. Gaetano Vec- 'boycott prohibits Imports- patronize the umversit by DeVore. who had regained his pj-emier Laval Hopet Hand ^’biottl. Italian con.^ul in New York, con.ngned from I plant where he can get c feet, seemingly unhurt by the su.l- « o* j officially bade farewell to the con- grown, produced or manufac- 1 "nt Thus, instead of den attac k By the time city and Will Be Streng^nened. ; tmgent. tured in Italy or in It -lian (Continued on Page 2-A county officers arrived a few min- pari S (,P. Premier Pierre Of the thousands of Americans whatever place they ar- utea later, the two had disappear-. j^val hoped he would strengthen of Italian dea-'ent who offered rtve." nf hi« miJLslles i j .i... i»_i_ t*»u. __th»ir «»rvi»»« h» «atd none was . ____ ______ PaiilluTs. Nav\. Mirhifjiaii Stale Siiffc‘r Defeals Doay or ^ ^ - j ^ j per Kiiiwau per nour cnatgr iruiu, , , resting on go • the second the prison plant, that he is deter- ^ ^..tomobiles A tr ilinl s volunteer , credits niined to keep within his appro- ^j^ppp warehouse was w s played the abroad! and the third wa.- to- : prlation and as the board of con destroyed. inthem and a s “buy nothing from Italy” i Trol w'ould give him no price lower walls of several residences col- 1 t 4 000 cheered sanction ■" ** ^ ; than 1 1-2 cents he proposes to ¡apaed. exposing furnishings in- H r. Gaetano Vec- r,rr,h.hit. <mT%nrt«. patronize the university power » warehouse front fell A few of the favorite.^. Including --------- - _ the home town Cornht..;kv rr,, tt ok as taken to a hospital at Sutton, jt on the chin around the country Saturday but tho.«e who sufi' r.-d rsaitirnay nui moMf wim ^ ........... ASKS MORATDRIUM DN TALK barras.sed than the Htl.ikers may The boycott prohibits imports- patronize the university power a warehouse front fell ----* * ' I-'“"* I,» « »■»» current for gn^ashinf a carload of 700 ca.«»s of Vandenburg Favors Chance' The Navy, w’ell convin* cd it had )f handling The s'overnment hcspital a 34 old score * tt!» with for Study of Problems. that chore im ^g*tnt. tured in Italy or in It lian po.s.«»e8- (Continued on Page 2-A, Col. 2.) ¡at Fort Harruson, west of here. . i mir i «.ivn, .-/u«.-* „.«v ....... PARIS (,P. Premier Pierre (if Ibe thousands of Americans gjo^s from whatever place they ar- — — w-as evacuated. The .St Johns hos- GR\ND RAPIDS. Mich. i=P' ! pos.sible and the EH (ipi- d '' f rive.” nrhil/RnyQ at Ay QAR RI-N P**®* damaged and a nurse .Senator Vandenberg said "unin-' g 7.(5 decision as rhet r? of 62.000 the boy- UuWOUiu Al MK*unn"DCll was Injured. strurted delegates shoul-i be sent fans runneth from the f.iro -iir :e Italv 8 --- The new $.500,000 high school , to the convention.^ to « hose the inctwl Ml- higan .‘state's undefeated „ ----- ll»V UÍ i,'» lilt- I»eVore grappled with his A»*“«' department's ten seats, including: anta uottl both broke away and Marc.q Cachtn leaiier of the com ran i-ne was descrilwd a.s aliout munist purty, and two other c*>m- 45 and shabbily dressed. His s r-imps"-'in was st^ul 25 years old. | w eigheil 175 ptTimds and was neatly attired Apparent’y neither robber was ar-r -i me txiy- wwiiajwiw ni r,n w»»,» was injureti. sirurteu uejegai»« miouj-i »•-iiv. jans ruiineTn irofii me le Italy 8 --- The new $.500,000 high school , to the convention.» to « hose theibiiwl Ml- higan .‘state's undefeated here the }^o(]eo StOCk Being Brought , building built with PWA aid was pj**sifl»ntial randldalt a ' In 1936. | Kpartan.H w nt e t ftniv tc* aif- ,, ....... . I w... ..... . 11,....^.« »..V. ............. __ need« tn _ i d;»mnt.ed tn the extent of Sli>0.()(Xi , The Mwhiyjtn reittihii-: nn. me n-' r..p -.r, I k.U vhitiiitrii/ at the hnti<;H While r,ne asked him ft'f a drink, j^ffwrng popular front. In it.t proviiles a three year jaU sentence ; b-ngthy war. , _ ^ .. — a<*i or-‘.ng to the account lieVor» fjuit test of vt»ting strength, is a it nr il.noo fine for U. S. citizens^ .pbe menace of inJlret t sane- OMAHA 'I' Omaha this week avoided when a of dramatic gihie canddatc for his party s I B-- ,M( Milli;; . Iri'li- “ team suc- i^ave pttUce. the other stru- k De- bim and has a complete who enliat in a foreign army.| , tions agains nonleague nations, will resemble a wild town as students walked from the door piegj,lentlal norninatlon. »b elated tained a hunuliaim^i 7 «* rev» rsal Vore on the back of the h* ad. can«lalates for the Seine - su- h as the Unite ! States,, scores of cow ijoys arrive for the when the first tremor struck, , h» was "not inter* .«tte«!” In the from Cincinrc ti univer. ty whn h n Dl UIPTIIJ nC ARntlPTnPC Brazil ami Germany, was entirely Ak-Sar-Ben ro»leo and stock show _ matter, "We should have a mora- was »in the s< hedul» for ' hr att " U HL flullfn Ur ADUU u IU iiu eliminated fr»*m the text of a rau- beginning at the coliseum next q | ly PNMDIiry P“**Hcul talk fttr the pur|»o^ea only " It tli lii't help the tual assL-'tan-e project fomulatcd Sunday. Carried A’wav Following a tContinued on Page 2-A, Col. 6i t ^ trainload of Brahma steers _ . . --- --- and buckin horses will arrive „ , nff i Terrific Battle. ti/inpinDC niCPARR U/UITT Tuesday or wein.sday 5 icCarty vJse 01 Breaa faus uii i ERIE, Pa. (Sunday*. LP* a , nMnniUilu UlouMnU if Ml IL and F.iliott. bosses of the rodeo! Deprestion Days. ' are bringing them in from Port- j loivtii a r.iite to Great Britain, WHERE TO FIND IT. SECTION A. generally considered a favorable reply to the Britwh request for as- ounuay*. '- t « surances of na- d aid if the Britiiih search extending to three states fleet IS atta, ke«l by Italy W’hüe under u,«v earlv Sundav for BAKERS PUIN AD CAMPAIGN next BIX months to* »How us to cam- Hf.-.,iiers to think ah ul th l.i fir t F'entfHte on out prohlemii." he sai<l, I down.*« they mcale t»j U • ir ojip-Mn- r .itor S'an-lenlx rg, w ho rea* h -1 ent"' 2. ed h s home here after an Euro-j Even little Knox on th- w ^; t p pean holiday trip, said he had no- the ladd* r ag in, nJ i a ot'p. in reel IS attu, ae.l by Italy while under wav early Sunday for Not tO Be as Easy Targets' l®nd. Ore. Blue- csrrying out sanctions agamst ¿re reported to have = ; horses already lUly. was expected, hc.wever, to abducted an unidentified girl about i lor me Lnemy. I arrive for the aniiaiy. was expecvea. mmever, o* abducted an unidentified girl about i for the Enemy. saUsfy both left and right groups 22 years of age after a terrific 1 ADDIS ABABA «.P Attempt General News ......Page» 1-4. 12 m general ... . -.j —t.- w.. -^ 1.4 Sport» .... Page» 5, S, 7: a Market», Pmanciil . Page» t, 9; note Want CHICAGO V> A faltering in i ® " ®He by Law r blooded stock and j -trenuous ilfe of America was i the Roosevelt admmislratmn In • college, are becinning to t ® «r tv,» ignited i ,„„.1 #.11 ! blamed for wa# I eaaa» >*» **# . bread s the eastern part of the United j Pittaburgh was handed its fir i. «oro Theatrical Cburchet Rad* SECTION C-0. •alMOn, Roger .... .. B ick. Oi .......... Cd'torial ......... Gordon, Mary . . Helen and Warren .... McIntyre, 0.0. ..... Nove* . ...... Norrt* Katnieen Puzzle Cross Word .... Sulltxa*' Mark Wedding Anniversaries . j 4enrv«rdi*inír bread s the eastern part or me i; j-iitaourgh arrive for the annual fall show. : ^ ‘thiiSBW ¿Hi!«'“»•• ............... l-'V-r“« general ¡ batUe One of*the men is said to' log to make his soldiers as p«ir and girls who will exhibit ^ | FVIDFNQF OF SABOTAGE * ^ A development following the ^ave been stabbed m the back by targeta for the e.nemy as possible, calves, sheep and hogs in the 4-H «bout it at the anmml * CflUCIlUC Ui OfiDUIHUL ^y^ blanked Iowa;vt -‘-i 16-0 wh».o >te w aa lha report tn high French . wnuid.h» nrntertnr of the eiri. Emneror Haile Relaasie ordered all diviaion of the show*. This will | Kan.*a= and Mi-.souri slay* 1 homs on Italian War- , and walkjped thnr frt -bm»n. »♦ Vvnlaio ‘ Armv plow'cd over Harvard 13-0. A to Explain. ; plugged Tular:^^ 2 o.o. 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UUL IVI LLMiV WUnOG. , SFLFRIDGE FIELD. Mich <.P diers and civilians to refrain trom .p. A wir»lest message was re- HcMi-ifal iMendant» sa:d early Capt Karl G E Gimmler of Mil- i using elaborat- harn: .Viies, gilded »eive«l from the Fr»n< h ¡»teamship m-lay that t. onditi-c-n of Mar- waukee won the Mitchell trophy 1 shtekis, gold embroi<lered capes. Odrer saying it was in di.strcss CraO Ao-rnnn^ ah C’^rve which hre^ and , rejected by an official inquiry f-d & few more gray fc ’•» to HiCA*- cralt Agrouna on fiour consumptiwi haa »ustained|^j Italian consulate Evidence ard Jone s h»a*i and r*r ”®bl> a d Off Denmark, ¡since 1929. onven bv th» captain HUd other few m'>re nrran - c.f: to the Island Off Denmark. Sundav MARSEILLE. France A. t =- . 04 .i*™.- waukee won the Mitchell trophy | shiehis, gold embroidered capes. Odrer saying it was in di.strcss o«gc « nn J ' D<.-< .Mt L-*an. 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No dam- he» a restxjnsibie for the catastro- an i atti«T gsmci wiil be lotinO Ui n#v«»a«« l f ..D I iao*A i Tihi given by th» captain nad other few m«>re Hrran-"’^ r.*;: to the .femor offi'.ers left the cau.*>e of the anvil rh'-tr'is bv hes-iry .“-'Hith^rn expF'Sions probably permanently f'ahfijrnla 13-7. Ualu «rni-- kn'- 'k*^^d ,vhr-;U«led in mystery, "nie rhu-f en- off Santa T'’'*,ra 6 '» __________ gineer w'ho was on -duty in th» Lmc'jln high D at 1 •■ !' ( it . 7*0 S.atuf-iav. ammonia DnFr ra*om said he ha«l not »le and Neltrask* V. eslevfln i Lincoln Fire Calls. [kge. ipbe. jthe sporta asclioü.

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