The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1940
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 1040 " BLYTHEVILLE (AliK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE'FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecutive insertions: Ono time per line lOo Vwo times per line per day 08o I'hreo times per line per day...OGc Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line COc Cards of Thanks 50o & 150 Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for throe or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared am Hdjuslmcnt of bill nrada. All Classified Advertising c o p > Vibmittcd by persons residing out- Kde of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irreeul insertions takes the one time lai No responsibility will be takci lor more than one incorrect iii Uon of any classified ad. building lots rear High School. Price S1CO to $259. Thomas Uir.rtl ;o. 17-ck-24 Westiwahouso range. Cost $209.50. Need cash; make, me an oiler. Call M. D. 'rullos i\t 61. M-clj-20 with the purchase of a Forty acres of excellent laud, near Monette, Arkansas; all In cultl- i vntlon. four room house, large barn. Can finance and give Innne^law possession. Write Box 818. Jonesboro, Arkansas. l(3-ck-23 Complete furnishings of 5 room house. Mrs, Bessie Phone 804 or 110. Stcrnberg, 13-ck-20 Dry Cypress wood. 51.00 per Kick. At Walker and Harris Sawmill. East Main St. 13-uk2-VJ 1 still make and sell Ur. Phillips' Analna Liniment. Mrs. O. B. Phillips. 21G NO. Prnnklln. O-pfc-2-9 Registered Poland china pigs. ;t months old. J. I,. Pinkston, Hol- Notice land, S-uk-31 ! Extension gate leg table with two Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CU. cxtra leaves. Solid maliognnv top. Price $20. Phone 930. 3-DH Good black Innd, corn & cotton farm. Write P. O. Box 315, New. Madrid, Mo. 22-pU-30,, MISSOURI 1<ANI>—80 acres c«l Key lo Willys Overlnnd automo- ovcr on Highway 02, SI yer i<ci* bile. Owner may havo same, by cusli, balance over period of sl^ payin-j cost ol Mils nd. Courier years. Conway & Houchins Ark. u-ck-ti Office. li°'<s. 120 pounds. black siiwbii District, Mississippi County, Arkmisiis, on tho -1th <lny of DC- cembor, 18:», nnii the nth day of December, 1031! wherein liveljn !i. Wood wus plaintiff und c. S. Corey imd Mclklu Corey wcrii defendants, will sell ul public mic- llon to the hluHest and bwil bidder, for ensh, on u. credit o( three '""'" ' "the hours prescribed liy law, In M'l'K'K oi' COMMISSJONKU'S Iho Clly ol Ulylhevllle, Arkansas, — — - ,— SAl.ij on the 8lh day ol FftKUwy, 10W, Sharecropper. U Inlerestcd contact Notlco Is hereby jlv«n thai IhD the following ical estate, lo-wlt: T. V. BausUcr Immodlatcly at "'""•rslsncd, as Commlsstoner of l.ola One (1) and two 13) Dcorman. 18-plc-25 lll(y Chancery Coiivl for tho Chlclt- of Block Nino (0) ot Highland ._—. .—„.___. .nsavvba District of Mississippi ptaco, Secoivd Addition W 151V- | County. Arknnsas, nclluj; under thevllle Arkaiwm !™M IO P U *' , 01 K * crce /""'i 11 ' 01 ,' '" S3.d sale will t« luicl lo wllsfy Mid Court on. December. 8. 1030, sald ^^ [n , ll( , s||m o( FouJr \ . l.OSI. be required to cxcculo bond \ylUi ' eocurlty, to secure the! EY MQHRI3, Commissioner in. Chancery. payment of the. purclm*- money, Nflin n ^e 'AUO^ or^S unit n lien will bo retained tiponj - * " 6-12.10 28 said property n.1 additional security for tho payment- of such purchmo. money, , • . WltiK'ss ioy hand and the seal of sold Court, on this Iho 8(h day of I J. L. GUARD Optometritt duly Graduate Opiums- lilsl In HlylhevllU. Classes FIU«U Correctly I Muley Jersey fat Cow about 7 years In a cause wherein American 'So- Hundred und ThUly-flvu Dollars $5 reward to the man who 'licked, , For Rent JANUARY and FEBRUARY ONLY '39 Ford Tudor $495 Bulck Coach §293 TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES ; BRUCE-MEMPHIS: curve and Frank Williams place Iry, Obteoln, Route 1, to reword. Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Ilatcs. We are equipped to handle large Nicely furnished 4 1413 W. Mnin St. room house.! 19-ck-2G .37 '37 Cncv. Sport Sedan 5315 Furnished bedroom adjoining bath. 2 beds. '100 W. Walnut. l,7ck-U "CO" Tudor S34D Large room and kitchenette. Furnished. 52fi Chickasawba. 2 room furnished apartment. 103 W. Kentucky. Phone 683. 15-pk-22 '31 Kord "85" Coupi- •38 Chevrolet Cqacli S480 Sl'ECIAI, BARGAINS TODAY '[« Chevrolet Coupe ......... $38.50 2 room unfurnished apartment \vHVi j'34 bath. Phone 125 or 540. Mrs. Tudor §30 Charles Dunn. 13-pk-2l)l'30 Fonl Tudor $30 or small loans on any sized tract „— —:,'~,~ : ;— rnc\'v> j.w,i i-minr 5*9 <;n n( ( , rm i.nrt n f i nll . -™i ,,.»! u t. 3 room furnished apartment. 606 « I'era Tudor > 3 Z.5U of farm l!<nd, at low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Elytheville, Ark Welding '"EXPERT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE '3H International '33 Fora Pick-Up >lck-Up ...S151 $61! This is the time ot times to Drag line and heavy welding a specialty. No. 5th SI. Mrs. Crowder. 12ckU Unfurnished apartment. 4 rooms with bath.. 508 W. Chickasa\vi;a. Phone 728. 12-ck-tt' W. Walnut street, phone 864. I V-8 — tremendous choice 6-ck-U unmatched values — priced ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished. I way down for quick sale, one bedroom. 914 Hearn. Opk2-3j Many afe rare b arga j B ,_ Room for employer; woman. 1023 extra good trade allowance W. Main. Phone 230. 30-ck-U i. Nice bedroom convenient to bath. ••»-•-! 'I' I »B(f <*••" Ste ^ m heat - Phone 2W. 21cktf Barksdale Mfg. Co.; ^ ^- ade -• •' —VlinW* 1O ni- I?ne 1(11O 1 MOLES J Phorie ID or Res. 1018 Personal Arouse Sunjslsh Liver, work off "Will trade for Mules, Cows, llojs, the bile to rid yourself of const! pation, gas -wlnE, and that sour, punk feeling. Tnke one box of KIRUVS ACTIVE MVER. PILLS 25c at ?ll Kirby Stores \\ aniec! To Buy Wanted lo buy Government C'ot- ton Loans, Blytheville Glu Co. CalL'e, Corn, IJa.v and Lumber. Delta Implements, Inc. See Hoyil Simpson 3-ck-tl —terms that don't pinch your purs*. We'll make you a dec you can't refuse. Com* in— let's talk it over. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER Poultry llghest prices pnld for nil kinds ol Poultry. and Worthy, SUele. Mo. Baby Chicks Custom Hiilch Marslyn Hatchery :ilytliisvllli: tin- highest i\nd bmt bidder on a crrdli of three monll!. 1 ; tho -follow- Ina descilbcd property^ Lot- Nine 18), Dlock "D". Biuron and Lilly Addition lo Blyllu-vlllo. Mkslsslppl County, /irkaeisns. Vurclmser will uu required to execute bond, with- approved so.._ guilty, and a lien will be retained 12"'p"k-2-ll('ip6n the property until liiij thase price is paid. | Witness my hand as such Commissioner, Hits' December 22. 1030. HARVEY MORRIS ' In Chancery Shane & Fciuller, Nnw Lmatnl it 101 Nurth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS. 1'roiirletor , All Miikm n( Ucbulll TypewrUwt, Aildhig MactiiiKii «b< Cakii)al«r»—Rep«lrlin—f»ru—Klblmni lllvvy. 61 Nonli 12-pk-2-li! Repairing Solicitors for Plalnllll 5-12-19 COCMMIMSIONKK'S SAl.K Notice Is hereby ijlvcn that the iiidersl(jini<l commissioner In coiu- !xpcrt gun repairing. Sec E.' M. pllimcc with thp terms of n di;- Dnmon sit the Blythevlllo Mm- me rendered by tho Clmnccry iry on Wednesdays nnd Tl/ursdays.' Court for the UJyllicvlllo, Chlcka- 'UED "llYDER " ~ HEMORRHOIDS Curod Wll.houl'Surgery, nm\ Guarnntced A vcr.v snfc nnd luirmless method; without confinement to lied, loss ol time from work imd with very little dlacoin- toil. All lypes ot piles, fissures, llhtulns. etc.; treated hy cur office methods, > DKS. NIES ^ NTES Ollnlo rtll Main Hlytlmllln, Ark Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Cafe motoring Is the aini o< every dUvcr. Than, why not assure yourself of this safety as rnr as your automobile Is con- corned. Drive In nnd let our mcchnnlcs put your car In shape for nny driving. The cost Is reasonable nnd the work jjuiir- onlccil. EXPERT ' MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Will mi I I'himc 81 Business Directory FULLER BRUSHES .Call l)aii McLean. I'hone lOSfl PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. loth & Walnut I'hone 8i<< PHILANTHROPIST 0 HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Fuizle ], 6 Piclured industrialist and philanthropist. 13 To look sullen. H Dwelling. ] 6 Paper mulberry. 17 To sin. 18 To encourage. 20 Mitten. 21 Married. 23 He was a pioneer —— 44 Measure ol manufacturer. - area. 12 To devour. IR'RAIDYI 15 Exclamation. HSARES « Wooden pin. =1BD7ltr 19Greek letter. '^"^ ' tt= ->- 22 Plaything. 24 Sea eagle. y( 25 He worked to 33 Portuguese coin. 63 He built 2500 34 To permit. 26 Morass. 27 Omnibus. 29 Branch of learning. 31 Wriggling. 33 Assessment amount. 35 Bird's homi'. 37 Form of "be. 38 Revoked. public • (sing). 45 Actual being. 47 Candid. VERTICAL 49 Organ ot i. Monkey, hearing. zModel. 50 Long-billed 3 Lasting, bird. 4 Right. 52 Railway. 5 To repe). 53 Nay. 6 One who 54 Italian river. commutes. 40 Health resorl. 56 tTnil ol work. 7 Stir. 41 Company. SB Sick. 8 Soaks flax. 42 He to 60 Soft broom. 9 And. America when 62 He was a 10 Germ cells. a boy. by birth. n Timber tree. 36 To flog. 38 Ream. 39 Dexterous. 42 Weird. 43 To let fall. •tGFish. 48 Smell. 50 Compositions lor one voice. 51 Aye. 53 Nothing 55 Furtive. • watcher. 5V Red Cross. 59 Pound eiEithei. TOM LITTLE 0RQLET CO. I'hone G33 H.Y FUED HAKMAiS •wan \/ couuo «.YBSR.' W H Atl-^ST OELIEOE ItoSS 'THIEVES.' V 1 TOM't SEE AFTER. -SHE.f\.' MOSSES WWl DlSAP- PEARSt) AS/MM JOS'! LIKE 'XOA.'. t OPEM EARBSO •fn\r MIGHT, 01='-we TWOUG OK WDR3ES OAR. OOR«AI-. No Obstacle to don- BUT L SAV, ULYSSES V6S, WE MUST PASS THE ISLE OP SIRENS AWD RUM THE PANGEROUS PASS/-* SILLY OFSCVLLA^WD _/ AM—-WHAT'. CMARVBDIS , — -S\ 1H6W THIN&ST OMEOFTHEM,MV FRIEND,) IS ATERRIBLE OOP, /\MO FURTHER MORE, OUR HOSTES PROVIDED ME' WITH MY MEMOR.Y.SERVES RIGHT, (JUR COURSE OIHERISA -TR6ACHER-- OUS WH1RL- FULL DIRECTION] s COWCEWTRA76 OU TH'WHl.RLPOOL... I'LL TAKE CAREOF MOMSTER/ FOR.HETUFU-JIMG BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN V^V.'. Of fAC-T ,\ OROVPtO Ml Kxits. Hai-red WASH TU1JBS BY ROY CRANK Him Any Hard l,uck BY MERRIU, I5LOSSKK WELL HAVB TO CROSS TME- TRACKS , SOME-DAY We WONTr WOTtce THE 3P-LOOK-AN.D , LISTEN SIGN/' 'ti WKO TH1MKS HE ACT—- GIVE HIM DISCOUNT, AND WE'LL GUI", OM OUR PROFITS / MAYBE "VOU KNOW HIM— ME LIVES OVER. OM THEOTHER S!OE- OP THE . RAJLROAD .' ^ • RECOKDITIONED CARS With' ;i Guarantee That Counts 1M!I Chevrolet Town Sedan. A beauty 5595 l!)3!l Ford I)elux Tudor. Spec. ?50n 1838 Chevrolet Town Sedau Deluxe Alodel $475 IMS Ford Delu\ Tudor. l!ttO I.lceiuo $129 1337 Chevrolet Town Sedan .. S3G5 1S37 Chevrolet Coupe. New palnl $:t-I5 1J137 Ponlinr Coupe. A Be;iuly S2S 1S1S8 iluilson Xtulor, BuiK-iii trunk, radio and he.ilcr. Low nu'Ieagc. A real buy. Only '...5325 Several Chcvrolets Jt Fordi l.tss lhan §100 IBitn Clirvrolcl \\i. Ton Truck. Duals S">I5 IMS Chevrolet iy. Ton Truck. Duals 19.17 Diamond T—IJi tun. L. \V.I!. Truck, Du.-ils S2'S 1037 Chevrolet I'irk-iip Truck. Only ' '... ?2!i:i llW ,-orar^-up Truck. SPC ,^ KUKCKLES ^ ^ mmi ^ 1!JM Dodgr Tick-up Truck. i f~! i " •VTOrpumniiMlliaiOJ-^-^^ BM! buy s-"-, J LOOK, MR. SLAGLE Si' { .ifir "WaSSSW^ 3 ••••-. ? " : K^qy. .^ s .^ FILM «-A i^jTcw x^ :,il (llticrs lo Choos« From. WK TRADE ,sy f!. >1. A. O. Vayiucq,l Open Nights and Sundays

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