The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 6
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',!, PAGE SIX •flEI .•F-JIIT M^nphis Lightie Meets De Hawkins 1 Copeland Faces McDaniei at Osceola. CJ3CEOLA, Ark.—Promoter Happy T^reman will exhibit two of the CJtillfst fighters to show here In many months on the same card to- Bl*bt In Tommy Pan-Ikes, veteran •Memphis lightweight, and Freddie &Coj»!and, Blyihevlllc bantam nt- tfmpting a comeback, meeting .rug. Jed r opponents. ' Del Hawkins of Titnrkort Tree \vlll sw»p gloves with Fowlkcs in the eight-round feature bout of the '; while Hap McDnnlcl, a ,. ,.—, cemity product, wintry lo tol\e the -southpaw punching 61 .Copfland, who once j-ated ns one ol^rkansas' leading bantams,-- In • four-rounder, ' Kid Tuck, III, and wild Cat Gra; hua ofj-'Ptragould; y i slated fc'.anotlicr [our rounder.' Cardwell Teams Hit Good Pace Last Week I CARDWELL, Mo,-On Thursday evening February 0, Cnrdwell hlgn school basketball teams went, to R«ctor, Ark, where they split n double header with the Rector Wgh school. The scores were: girls- Cardwell 43, Rector 20. Boys- Rector 32 CardKcll 16. i Boys' li«e-up: Rector pas Hunter , G. Moore G. Bateman G E, McKeel c. P. When Spider Kelly Fooled the Referee and Saved jimmy Brill From a K. 0. BY TIM MrtiltATII Anybody who has-followed the boning game knows lhat the late Spider Kelly's Icng suit w as distracting talk, in training. It was my Job to get tl:c fighters In good humor; Spider's to make ilicm milling mad. Ami in the corner we also used teamwork la p-.ill our lighters out or light comers. I've toW about trie t[ nic the Spider talked Jos Gam out of n Knockout. Here's how lie talked a referee out of counting 3 fighter out! Jimmy Brill, ond Willie Fltzgcr.iicl, ball, food llelivsvclglils of the- s Cnrdu-ell o. Mtze stew-art old school,, [ought 20 rounds hi Sun Franclico In April, 1903 Brill winning, .according (o the record 'bocks-. Tlic rcmrw nt the fig'il was changed by ilie Spldtr. Early In,Ihe fight Fitzgerald connected will. :i r^hl-hander rlgh it> the button. -Brill was out, aiid no [collng. Then the Spider got'-'biuy.' There was an automatic clock in Die old Mcr!).in!cV r.-ivlllon, iv:,o-, t he light wns being hold. As JWcrec Ecldlc Graiiey-and one of llic |sjnnrlcst ring arbiters In nny age—walked over lo cocuvl over the supine Brlti, Spider nrcsc [vom Brill's corner and screamed that the clock wasn't going. Gruncy halted his count In the [nco o[ Hie Spider's screams and gesticulation.*. !Ie tiinwd lo look ul llicclcck. (lien walled to see whether U was going or not. Meantime, others ,o[ Britt's seconds were sousing their fighter \vltl water, Dy the time It was determined the clock was okeh—Britt was okeh too. (Copyright, 1030. NEA Service, Inc.) Hardln . The Cardwell girls team consisted of Brewer, North, Blaiikcney McCoy, Arnold and Bishop. On Friday evening, February 1 Cardwell -high school met and defeated the teams from Marmaduke high school. The games won. .played In the Cardwell high school' -gymnasium. The girls game vvns tne.s&me oW story of (he Cardwell girls securing a large number of .points over their opponents, in spite of the fact that the visiting girls played u good game. The girls game was: Cardwell 36, Marmaduke 8. The boys game was not quite •» one-sided, although the offldal score was 21 to 10. It was ft fast ...and well-played slightly rough. Girls' Une-Dp game, but Cantwell Brewer North Mcpoy Blakertey Blihop Arnold - Gllmore Collins Pos. . F. P. C. O. Cardwell . Whitsqn . B. Ray " Herren No'rlK' ' Steif'iirl . Hardiri 0.,Mlze- Bishop . Cunnimham B. Mize - . O. o. o. Boys' LJne-up Mivrmaduke Deck Cary Newton Hill McQufTey KensJey Deck Pos, P.-' - P. C. C. G. G. 'G. G. O. P. Marmaduke Edniunston Lively Thorndyke Yapp Naet Harvey Tliorn Hasklns DID YOU KNOW THAT— •Waltc Hoyt says he wUl win 23 games this year..' . , Bob Hart, who quit his job as National League umpire the other day to become tax assessor in Lowell, Mass., is one of tlic hardest-boiled umpires that ever ruled over the ivory . . Heaven help the poor taxpay- «•»! . . . Frank. J. Bruen says Madison Square Garden lost *»,000 to 130,000 because of tlu "whim" of the New York box- Ing commission In ruling that Rlsko was too puny to meet Victorio Campolo February i... Sam Dreyfuss confirms our opinion that Barney has not retired . . . and he says thj Pirates would welcome Sunday baseball but are not going to start any agitation for it . .. "We have no desire to become entangled In anything like the mess that developed In Boston. ... the demand for Sunday baseall should come from tlie fans," says Sam. Why Golfers Grl niue When It Rains That heart- rending complaint registered In the uiiper octaves bj Bessie, the night club blond, nbom being so blue when it rains,, is beginning to be lieard here and there among the men who play golf for money. Thc reason Is Denny Sliutc. a. youtiB man from Columbus, O., who 'goes along singln' and playln' in the rain al a pace $o swiri and sure lhat ihere isn't much money left for the othevs atler he gets al! through. Mr. Shulo collects thc piirso and all lhat the rest, of the putlsmcn get Is wet. It-rained In the Los Anyeles open. Shule wallowed around in a way thnt was beautiful to vvalch, while the rest of thc clan couldn't sce'ip to'get. that ball up to the pin. At the cud there he wns, high nnd wcl In first place while some of Ihe others didn't even finish. 'It rained..In Texas, where Mr. Shulo sloshed around In 277 to win the Lone Star open. Your correspondent Investigated. Why could Mr. Shut* play so much betler Ulan other golfers, in the rain- Maybe the explanation rests In one shot that Shut* can make batter than anybody else we ever have seen with a golf club In his hand. That Is the high -pitch to the gran where there Is 100 to 160 yards to cover. Denny pitches his ball high en. this shot and If tlio green'is hard, there are times when it bounces and rolls, When the ground is wet the ball drops with a thud and stays put. That Is the reason why golfers who play their approaches for n bounce and roll to the green get that blue feeling when they p!nv In the rain with Shute. A Point About Iowa Iowa, alter being spanked for getting caught, hns been duly reinstated by the Big Ten. Mennvrhtle the dozen or more athletes declared ineligible that Iowa might be called holy again have been cast, in the roles of villains. Iowa has been absolved, bul thos" pursc-snalchlng bandits who led lo her downfall—what has become ot them? Have they been sent to Devil's Island? Have they been 1 hanged as yet? If not. by all" means the Big Ten has left something undone in this matter. The dozen or more de.spCT.itc characters, we mean, who accepted loans as high as tas (rom the "un- oniclal fund"—have the police beer given their Dcrllllon records 'fins, the Big Ten taken adequate steps lo protect the sanctity of our homes against these nmurauders? We understand that only otic of (he desperadoes has repaid part of the money lhal was loaned from (he fund, flflke Parroh, conscience- stricken, sent back part.of his III gotten gulns tost summer. The others probably arc hardened crlm- itufs. Maybe Ihey Imvc nccepled ns much us- $5 from lime lo time from IhLs "fund" unlil the lolal ran U such a serious amount ns SIS 01 more. For llicse dark 'deeds there should be no mercy.' l.tkcs Good PI»js; Says So AL1JANY, N. Y. (UP)—Governor Hooscvelt enjoys u good stage performance, nnd when one is exceptionally "good he likes to express his sentiments. The New York Governor saw his first play In some time rccenlly. aiid was so pleased he asked the manager of the theatre for permission to meet tlie jilRyers. Rend Conrlc.- Neivs Wnnt Ads. HOMETOEATREi Monday and Tuesday •THE Good Comedy nnd Review Admission, Matinee and Night, 10-2uc Bicf New Puzzle! ^P/£^ • : „ Can You Count the Beans? GREAT OPPORTUNITY Here you are. folks. A' regular olrl- fashloned "Count the Be&ns" Contest. », real opportunity for young and old. Looks eass', doesn't it? But s»y—Ju»t try It yourself. It takes real cleverness to count tt-c beans correctly. CAn you do H7 25 'CASH PRIZES QUICK l count tha b«*Di — 5uat wrt: c t h t B. M. SLATER Sl, D«»L12 ST. PAUL, H1SN. ?1000m Cash Awards Tuscijoosa Five'Has Eight Wins and W. & L. Q u i nte t Seven, with Record Clean ATLANTA, GA.-Settlng a Uai- ']l»2 pace as (hey near the strclth Alabama's Crimson shlrted five and Washington and Lee's fornildal Ac quintet were running ned!and neck In the- Southern conference »-c«k r ° CC at tlle Cnd ot 1ast ' E &V'T T " scaI<K)sa cla « and ths but. the ••Bnma squad boast^^il win.'i against seven for the nm crnls." c ur "" ~^~. The Tuscalcosa Terror* Ulmmrd Louisiana state Monday nnd Tuesday, : 31 to 20 andI 28 (o 22, and then defeated Tennessee's vols. 29 to M. The crimson baskctcws held the Knoxvllle out- fa lo Uirce field goals, all of which were made In the first half l-clgh WlllUms. sharpshootln? center of the Generals, led his mates to victory over Maryland M to 26, In the week opener and ,, " ™ ent °" to b( ' at N °rth ; C&ro- l^ia, 33 lo 24, and Sfwanee 35 to Sewanee hit a rough snot Wcd- nesduy nigljt losing to the- Plchl- lug Vols, 38 lo 26. The Tigers beat V. M. I. and V. p. I. before- going down again In the wake of the Gcnernls, however. • •. Temicysee bowled over Vanderbllt during (he week. Kentucky slipped in behind Ala bnma anil W. & L. with two wins The Wild Cats swamped. OWm.wn. 34 to 20 Monday and sunk eoruia Tech, 39 to 19, Saturday nlghl North Carolina State won over Duke 33 to 26, North Carolina broke even for the week losing lo W i L. and Maryland, bul winning from V. P. I. and Virginia. Ole Miss beat the Miss. Aggies twice. LADY: I must go. I have to meet my husband nt five o'clock What lime is it now? HOSTESS: It Is now six 'o'clock LADY (silting ttown ngalnv All. then-1-still have half aa-TOur —Die Lusllge Klstc, -'iie'ipzij; H Luxora Cagers Win And Lose Friday An Italian volcano, transplanted in this country, erupted again. claim- Ing one Cowboy Owen, above of Gutlirie. Okla.. as victim number three. Owen tumbled in 26 seconds at ngMlng in the second, round with the man-mountain,- .Prime Camera, at Newark, N. J, In three bouts entailing approximately three minutes of sparring with three different opponents. Camera has pocketed something like 50,000 American dollars. Mr. Owen, a half-breed Cherokee Indian, being more primitive than either Big Boy Peterson or Elzear RIoux. the French- CanuckJer. smiled Prima a couple of limes before blllng the dust. Chicken Blood Savts Boy LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)-six-year- old Gene Roland owes his life to n chicken. Doctors had given up all hope of saving his lite after he had be™ stricken with pnttmonla A= a Inst resort a chicken blood transfusion was ndmlnistered. Doctors -mnotmced It was successful ' On the Broadway of America Kingsway Hotel and Baths Hot Springs, Ark. Moderate Rates Coffee Shop ..New ISO-Car Garage :: 0. \V. Everett, Manning Director ., Ritz Theatre Monday and Tuesday . , rm. a d , b! header basketball game played on the local court Friday night, the home teams divided honors with he visitors, the local 6 irls trounc- Intf he Jonesboro high school lassies by a score ol 32 to ie and th» jMonette Independent boys' team coming out victorious over the Bank of LuTOi-a Hed AKS by he narrow margin of H to 12 I» the girls' game, "Doodle" Oaljean as forward displayed her accustomed skill in goal throwing n« " S nh a B , r , eat numb?r °' "« M- lies. Charlie Scott, another star Liixora forward, Is still on crutches due 10 an Injury received In a en Hie several weeks ago In the boys' tilt Blankenslilp for the visitors Jed his mates in scoring while Tatum was the stellar attraction for the Red Aces The line-ups of the' boys' name were as follows: Nfonelte POS. Cannon, Frens R. p. Dlnnkctuliip L.P.' Smith c Gos s R. G Richardson L. G. Roil Ace: Tatum Hayes GUltsiiie Judson Hbdgers Aws S««k Games LUXOHA, Ark.-TJje Bank or' t U l° r ,1,-? ed Ace6 " a " Independent basketball organization, has arranged (he following • schedule lor the next two weeks.. The management te desirous of booking games «ltli other strong teams and would like to hear from them. The present chedule follows- Feb 10, Marked Tree., there; Feb. 12' Cardwell, Mo., there; Feb 13' Wyime, here; Feb. 19, • Jonesboro Ramblers, there; Feb. 20, Oardwell p.°»>,i h * re l Feb ' 27 ' Ramblers, here. Street Tells of Plans For Card Club This Year DANCE HALL BUSES LONDON—ft doesn't take a.mar- athon dancer to dance all the way from London to Liverpool' now Anyone can do It in one f the new 'ballroom" buses. In these motor coaches the seats fold back, offering rhlghly polished dance floor. A piano furnishes the music and refreshments can be bought from he conductor. ST. LOUIS—When the Cardinals bought Earl "Sparky" Adams from the Pirates last fall, it was generally believed "Sparky" ivould play second base and Frank Frlsch would be moved over lo cover third. The oilier day Gabby Slreet, new manager of the Cardinals, gave us a very dlflere.'it slam V-T.^30 1 " 51 ''" wren "I Intend to start Fr|sch at second base." says Gabby, "as we all know he can make those valuable double plays and that Is vhere a. ball club e ets out of most of its- trouble, f don't know who vill open at third base, ni look at them all and pick out the bes' candidate." Street Is enthusiastic over the prospect of Charley cielbert de- •elopins; into a sterling innelder "I think Gclberl will become the best shortstop in the National League." street continued "it should not be forgitten he "was grabbing the hoppers on new fields when he broke In a year ago. He's all set nov and I look for him to become- a sensation, "Ernie Orsatti Is my choice for right Held regardless of the opposing pitched. 1 think he's going to become a great player. He needs encouragement more than any. thing, and he will get It from me Unless something unforseen happens just put Orsatti down as the right fielder." It begins to appear that Gabbv has a few Ideas of his own and is going to proceed to put them into practice. Hayti Baiketeers Down Cooler Tv/ice COOTER, Mo.-The Hayll bus- Wtball teams won a double header from Cooler Friday evening. Tiie £"•!s won 23 to 21; the boys won 39 to 21. The games were watched by the largest attendance that ever witnessed a game In Cooler. A large orchestra from Hayti furnished music. » In the elrls game Cooler took Ihe lead and at the end of the first, quarter the scores were C to 2 in favor of the home girls. Neither team seemed lo be the slronger- it was a fast, rough and lumble game throughout. Hayli had looped the last basket when (he lime keeper's whistle blew. " --ITIS-ECONOMY Head Courier News Want Ads. HE: What an attractive ' mile thing your friend is! She's got real Clara bow legs. SHE: Oh. but her name isn't Clara!—The Humorist. The New Spring Styles in PORCH Society's Love .Whirl! Social Swim! To- have that Spring Hat Cleaned and .shaped. Cleaned and' Shaped $1.00 HUDSON TAILOR SHOP Blytheville, Ark. PHONE 53 All Talking Comedy ,and News are smart as can be ^ and unbelievably ' low-priced Coming Wednesday and Thursday "The Trial of Mary Dougan" —with— Xorma Sliearcv, Lewis Stone and Raymond Hackett Silk Dresses Silk pongee frocks in natural color, with gjy pipings, ire important in this group! The sirurt wjrdrob* will add several . . . tlie sav. ings warrant itl What smart freshness these porch frocks bring , . . and what a variety there is! Prints . . . polka dors . . . checks ... in Springtime shades that are fast color! For afternoon . . . for street . . . for stay-at- home occasions.. . there ii a smart model to suit every type! Some have elbow- length sleeves . . . some have perky cap sleeves . . . and stUl others have no sleeves at all (and how cleverly you can make a jacket to match!) Our great buying power makes this low price possiblel J.C PENNEY GO. 220-222 West Main St.

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