The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1940
Page 3
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JANUARY J9, 1940 Can They Do Job? •aster, Long-Range Planes Can Be Turned Against America BY THOMAS M. JOirNSfW NBA Sen-ice Military Writer "PLANES COULD RECROSS XJEAN. Will Have Hnnge to Bomb Jurope nnd Fly Back." That liendllne Is nn epllaph crawled blackly across the old, >W, comfortablD American credo; They can't bomb US!" It foretells the end of our K- urlty Kgalnst Europe's wars, for a Jaiie that cnn "bomb Europe and \y back" can reverse the process. Announcement that the prob- em of non-stop transatlantic re- uwi nighi Jins been solved by American aeronautical engineers neans that many almost equally rcsslng problems nre raised for lie Army and Navy. They mast net. only dolcrmiiie io\v to apply the discovery—which hey had foreseen—to our defense HOblems. but must keep its secret rom falling entirely Into ihe muds of other nations. It has, rarlly, already. Indeed, Britain :uew nn important element of it nonths nso, nnd Germany is be- eved to be experimenting alcng ties tliat will presently place the ame weapon In her hands MODELS SHOWN YEAK AGO Tiie American discoveries that '.'ill make It possible for airplanes rtth a fun load of passengers, :argo or bombs to fly to Europe "id. return without slopping to re- uel, arc logical developments !n lerodynamics. A chosen few Americans saw he foremost of them demonstrated In the wind-tunnel at gley Field a year ago, when a streamlined wing", Uiat cut air- eslstnnce by nearly two-thirds, shown. And every motorist knows that vhen his engine gets too hot it :an't climb hills. By a method Called "nniiing," airplane engines :an n:w be cooled so as to In- •rease their efficiency three times iver. And these engines will be loiter synchronized,, cowled and ueled than ever. Result: ships able to cruise far- her and faster (500 miles an lour) than any yet known So ays the National Odvlsory Com- nitte for -Aeronautics in ' Hs re- jort to Congress. .NES'-FOnESHAl'ibw"' 1KEAT-CHANGE. Electricity Will Be Available For Practically All Rural Homes This Year Every man, woman mid child In Mississippi County—all 80,000 of them—will lull's access (o elee- li'U'lty In their homes before many months Imve passed, in the opinion of 11, c. Knnppenbereor, supervisor for t!i« Mississippi county Rural Hli'ctrlc CoojK>riUlvn which Is spoil so ring nm> i electrification here. Knout 1 )' funds have been secured to place lines throughout, nil rnml scctlms not already served by electricity and ihese' will uo laid when a siilllclent number of customers are secured to make Ihe lines practical, n | s estimated lhat it will dike 1500 miles of lines. Announcement, that jslmrccrou- pers and day laborers may me ucclr!clty nt u special low riite of S) per nionlli | s expected (o create more demands for wiring of tenant houses. The regular minimum rale for rural customers Is $2.45 per mcnth which is a lower rale than most urban customers have. While a battery of 00-inch. 800,000,000-candlcpower searchlights streak ^ind^tei'iants'''^/^^'^^''!!? the nlehl skies, 3-inch anti-aircraft guns belch smoke and flamo as , lho "nllonnl Rural Eleolrincatlon they roar Into action against n target lowed by n plane ut an altitude ' A <»»l»lstrallon In keeping wilh the of 6000 fec-t. This picture was taken durinj a demonstration of n »ti- !,,""., ? f , (h , c , fc « l " al government to piovlde better living condition!) for these In the lower financial bracket. FYmn operators arc coopemtlng m the plan by having (heir tenant houses wired and sharccrop- of 6000 fec-t. This picture was taken during a demonstration of antiaircraft defense at Fort Story, Vn. British Suspect Big Sabotage Plot After Explosion And Blast (Continued from Page 1) explosion was became apparent when it wns disclosed thai by an 3tine-spheric freak it wns heard at Leamington spa, 00 miles nwny, broke windows there, and sent some people scurrying to shelter, thinking there was nn nlr raid. The explosion occurred in a nitroglycerine drying shed. Each or the many sheds is isolated by high prttcrllvc earth works nnd fences of blankets, to break the force of any explosion. Five persons, one still missing, were listed as dead. At least 30 were severely Injured and the factory hospital was filled for a time with others with minor Injuries or shock. Dr. J. A. Saliba To Erect Modern Clinic Jean Mflick, local sponsor of the trip, and a reporter acting as offl- clal observer, joined the driver of I " ollscs wilc<1 nml sharccrop- thc car to accompany him here |1 1C '' S """ ' ay lnl)or "'s arc expected A parade of Mercury cars es-''° " U! ' clinS!! nioveable appliances ' "as they nre able to do so. corted the test 'run car down Main street and to the city liall where speeches were made, pictures taken and a broadcast conducted. Data on the economy test ran contained In tin; official, notarized log book and the car were exhibited In UK; showrorms of the Phillips Motor Company at the corner of Fifth and Walnut streets last night. Gasoline Dealers Fear Tax Increase LITTLE ROCK, Ark.," Jan. I» (UP)—Gasoline dealers this week reported that they had learned crease the severance lax and the slate gasoline tax. Tiie raise In the two taxes It Dr. J. A. .Saiffia Is to erect a w . as , sald woukl be under 'he guise modem clinic ' at the northwest ""'wing mere roads and aiding corner of Kentucky avenue and Already 400 houses Imve turnec on their electricity since the Ilrst current was started am! a lolal of CM will bo using current wliiiii a short time. The newest project, approved IMs, week, calls for 100 miles of lines to be in short circuit whlcli wll connect with other lines. These one to ten mile stretches will bo in Hie vicinity north of Dycss Manila, Mllllgan Ridge ami Pint Lake. When Oils is completed there will be 310 miles of lines built. the state's schools. The severance tax is now two and one sixth cents a gallon O n each gallon of cr the ground. The state tax on gasoline Is six nnd u half cents n gallcn. Head Canto NCIVS .. lit its effect on the isolationist" Congressmen who do lot believe the United States can >e attacked. The Army and Navy lehcvc that between the report's Ines the initiate vision can descry :omlng changes in military avia- on that perhaps are as profound is those which followed the mono)lane or the Pokker gun. Foreseeing these changes, boll e^'ices already have done much rifli big bombers which may wove pilot models for what is to :ome. And while possession of makes: Hemisphere defense msler, that advantage may be nbre than counlei balanced when her .powers develop the same rt of long-range planes whlcli, r instance, would allow Germany attack Canadian airdromes. Tills was one cause behind the ientkn now being given to antl- rcraft defense for Uiis country, , the Army has lately rmed a special staff under Brlga- lier General James E. Chancy ' Their jobs will be to plan to rotect this country from air nt- ack through a single [orBahlzaVlon r co-ordinating nntl-n 1 rcraft ns, pursuit planes, aircraft warn- g service and nil other brandies, hey will have eventual headquar- rs at the new Ncrthcast Air ase, Westover Field, Holyoke, ass., In the area most vulnerable and nearest to Europe IR CHIEF OUN'DS WARNING Not yet can streamlined wings y bombers from Europe to our lores and back, non-stop — nor cm our shores there; save 1 foV crlflco flights, the new planes «st be protected by new-type nvoy fighters. On this problem r Air Corns Is now working— I so, presumably, arc those of reign countries. Today's headlines mean the time in sight—n year or two off— len mere writing on the wall II be appreciated—the testimony Afnjor General Frank M. An- ews, chief of the Army's Genal Headquarters Air Force: '•This is no figment of a julos Tie imagination —aeronautical vclopnients will make of the lantlc ocean nn English Chan— PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug; Co. Main & First Phono 141 yesterday. The eliilit room, one story building, which will be creeled adjacent to the Saliba residence, Is to be 't stucco, according to present- plans. Bids are now being received for the job which will include separate clinics for whites nnd negroes it Is said. Wendell M. Phillips is archllect. Mercury Test Run Car Visits City Mayor Marion Williams, Clarence H. Wilson, Arkansas State police commissioner, and other men of the city welcomed the Momny test ran ear which arrived here yesterday afternoon at 4:20 o'clock on the first lap of its 3,000 mile tour of the Tri-States. THAN CHAINS' Tiie car, which . left yesterday , morning from Memphis, came here from Osceola where Miss Mary B«rdi> Town m the 1 Made the old -fashioned Sour Mash Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES''EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store • Phone 540 Distributed by Fcldman's Commissien Co. Helena, Ark. RBMFMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilgas Now Managot! hv Waller Cox, J r and E. M. Murray See ^ Us For Anti-Freeze! ose etc snow • • ;, U^e rs ' . proved to "Here, y»" £„ thin cats on " ei^ffl Meet all legal requirements! fcasy lo clamp on bumper Get a pair today for safer drivingl $1.19 HEATER *«* f|JJ C Dress in comfort on the coldest mornings I Polished chromium bowl reflects heat I 10" size, Cord, plug Guaronteed fat 2 A $10.05 Value! tttlfi old battery! ALL-RUBBER S E V \ P A. TORS ... 45 plates . . . rubber ca;cl Equals others at JiO.951 STORE HOURS :30; Saturday 8:3 MONTGOMERY WARD 406 W. Main Phone UVli Here is the sensational NEW GASOLINE that Is causing all the talk!... with an octane rating so high that it practically gives the same knockless performance for which you previously had to pay 2 cents extra per gallon. Again, Phillips leadership brings you the greatest regular-price gasoline in all Phillips history... highest test and higher anti-hnoch at the price of ordinary motor fuel. For a new all-time high in performance at the price, try Phillips 66 today. NEW PHILLIPS 77 Is similarly improved. Now, double-prejnlum quality at tingle-premium price! Throw a dollar out of the window There's a certain amount of pleasure in throwing a dollar bill out of the window (we suppose-we've never tried it) . . . watching it float through the aiv . . . guessing where it's going to land . . . seeing it finally settle on a curbstone . . . and perhaps seeing some surprised individual pick it up. At least, it's certainly more fun than throwing away a dollar bill by paying one hundred cents extra for something you're buying. Yet every year we all part with a goodly sum of hard-earned cash that we might otherwise save-// 1 we knew how to bun! The quickest, easiest, simplest way to learn how to buy is to read the advertisements in this newspaper. Know values. Know prices. Know quality. Start now to slop throwing dollar bills away!

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