The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TiiE «»«™NT NBWBPAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AN,, HOimntAST M, RR o,,rT «*> 1 -*-* ? f k^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 258. British Suspect Big Sabotage Plot After Explosion And Blast By Hulled Press Great Britain took extensive precautions againsl tlic danger of snbotnuo today after a mysterious lire < un electrical plant only live miles from the p U'altliam Abbey gunpowder factory explosion Although the home office In Lou-* ——_____ don announced that Ihere wns no reason to suspect sabotage in tlie explosion yesterday in thc Roval Gunpowder works, Scotland Yard qfllclals took charge of thc Inquiry, leading to many reports concerning wartime plots, Irish Republican army terrorists. Communist-; and Nazi agents. Extreme cold across northern Europe which continued in many areas today doubled tho hardships of war In both Western Europe and Finland. Soviet airplanes bombed thc Helsinki area again tcdny, however, dropping bombs on tlie outskirts of the Finnish capl- ta). No bombs fell in the part of the city. Mississippi Valley Lender Blylhcvlllc bally News Blylhcvllle Hernia Dlythcvllle Cornier AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI K, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY in, First Of Conse r v a t i o n Checks For Last Year Arrive Here Winds To Hear Former Canadian War Flyev Development of air power will, in the end, work for peace as effectively as.for continuation of war II. Canflcld Cook. Cimaiilan uy birth, aviator In the World War by choice and brilliant speaker, told the 200 i>ersons who braved the coldest weather In ten years ca hear him speak last night at thc high school auditorium on "The Last Night Was 'Fine' Time To Spend la jml "M«ise, sir, can 1 sleep tn Jail tonight if (here Is nn empty bed?" And so the cells of tho city jail were quickly filled hist night by j men—and women—who begged for a place behind the bars In preference to (rceBlng to clcalh. When there was no more room In I he jail, ihey slepl oil Ihe floor of the lire department quarters, near (he radiators so as lo foci the heat drift over their thinly clad bodies. Whilo it is not nn unusual .-sljfht to see several men—and oftentimes n woman or two-sleeping on the ilcor of the city Hail during these cold winter nights, Ihoso who came last night seemed especially pitiful With the wind howling and the thermometer sl.'imlliiu on Ihrco do- Tlic first 1939 Agricultural Con-. serration checks for producers who Lauching upon his talk with the complied with provision of the comparison of thc nirplnnc to the Tn the Arctic" re-ions th<- Firms D 9 A £' lcuUllr » 1 Conservation Star of Bethlehem which appeared „...»_., .,..:„.. re y°" s «'c *«"is Program were received at the AAA I" "ie —reported that *^A*^^?%^ &«»£* ^^T^rt.^ ^ ^ 1'here w.-is n ci-,tnln polltencs; about the "visitors" last night, Jus, as there always Is. according U Anderson whi en back toward Snlla on the nor h "^eek o ,.v 'Un °' central front, had managed this i»L, W( £ k •,,?", _. $2 K M , ffa ; Ke i Finnish announcements revealed that thc Russians had been in a much stronger position In thc Kent sector than the Finns had previously admitted. Russia went through the formality of apologizing to Sweden and Norway for accidental Hying oi Soviet war planes over their territory. The apology was chiefly to keep diplomatic records strahht RS Moscow has been angered oiid probably wearied by extensive aid Bivtn the Finns by the Scandinavians. ffi the war nt sea French military quarters reported that British planes had sunk another U-boat nv the North Sen during s, gals yesterdajj; , There _ w as "sfi h. mishfrig" /on'.the western • front from where Germans were driven back after a small attack, according to the French. In London It was announced that malls carried from the United Stales to Europe by airplane would be censored henceforth in Bermuda.- In Berlin the official news agency said that the British admiralty had closed the great Liverpool harbor and was "seriously concerned" by the Increasing loss of ships In the naval war. This was vigorously denied, however, by the British admiralty. Take Emergency Precautions LONDON, Jan. 19 (UP)—Fire of mysterious origin occurred during th» night at an electrical engineering factcry near the Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Works. It was disclosed today, ns secret operatives of Ihe war office intelligence and Scotland Yard's crack criminal Investigators took emergency precautions throughout the country against a suspected sabotage plct. Thc electrical plant fire occurred at Enfleld, five miles from Waltham Abbey, scene of a gigantic explosion yesterday. The fire was brought under control within an hour and did small damage but it stimulated the investigation of reports of a big sabotage plot against British war factories. Scotland Yard chiefs held a secret conference at thc gunpowder works this morning as local gossips buzzed reports that the explosion had been due either to German agents or communists. It was understood that there had been three attempts at sabotage at the gigantic Waltham Abbey plant, covering an area with a circumference of seven miles, before yesterday's blast. Producers who have not leir applications should do so im- " Tne Germans can mediately in order to have their llollsc in London; the English can noor application approved and payment bcmo evcr y building in Berlin and ' made to them, it has been point- H lls new war ma >' scc tlle destruc- ed out. Tn no event should n pro- tio " ol sllcil cities," declared Mr. ducer fail to sign his application Coolt l!1 hls discussion of aviation by March 31, the closing date for as a Imv means ol destruction In signing. Applications signed after war - Hc Pointed out that It had this date will not receive payment tce " Vroved by planes flying over unless thc time Is extended, which tlle enemy territory that whole is not considered likely by those eities could bc bombed nucl said in charge. i Hi's h*d not been done already lot- then icll asleep on thc Knc , 1!yi , J' CI> " cr nml i not ICO per cent I Additional Demo c r a t i c Climb Aboard D's Special Chnrloiic Krniis. Viennese oxil<> SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTS Blast In Years Sweeps Gity And Entire State BY HONAI..D a, VAN TIN15 United I'ress Stall CorrOspoiulclH WASHINGTON, Jnn. 10. (Ul'J— I'ri'sldnil ttoosevclt hits picked up comparatively secure clniiii to Vi\ iXinocmtlc ek'unies In (lie piisl few clnjy and IIKIH definitely wns under way. Lnlpsl third tenner Is Mayor Ecliviml j. Kelly of Chicago who nlled on Mr. Roosevelt yesterday mil, thereafter, announced Illinois' >S delegates would vole for his rc- lomlimllun with or without Ilic iife.sldenl'a sanction. Sen. Claude Pepper (Dem., via.). Jml back from his home stnte, put <ls H delegates In Ihe Roosevelt i.i „ „ . -'""Him yesterday shortly after '- ™T«M z' ciu " n " nn A " IU » ; u '» ta "> <* ihc "" •! U '7,"f? 0) "° Slnl <; nemocmtlc commit™.' charge. . The 1940 program cnimot pro- peruse of fear of retaliation coed unlil this phase of thc is completed, according to Mr O v.-, fas, who urges farmers to si°n uLi ln d'scussmg how aviation has. „. once. " i changed the entire method of wag- Cltv Flection As checks arc received cnch nro- g mr ' he ""plained thc develop- J ducer will be notified at '"""' "' """ "" "' " mail to brills his ch=ck i nui. mu per cent iiollllcal Ictsnl l lender and iiclthcr nr« 12-1 mil of 11100 (lelosnlcs voles conclusive, Hut 1 they point n trend which now hns become u loud ntic! vigorous movement lo keep Mr, Roosevelt In the While House. If he cannot say leday that thc delegates of those stnlrs nre unquestionably his, it Is equally true that he appears now lo have a {.renter clnlm Iherc and nny J=;r«H=' :; A 'S Ml ^ ,°"f sc —" ~"' would be dented. I Qf Municipal Judgfi III 1 A11 ° r Ulls "" s » ot nlt"eil n p-. ri ,' i ECiiernlly held conviction here that - r is shown In this new menace of ? 1 y or " lc offlcc ° r municipal ' WCI|1(1 bc snlUfactory to Ne\v the air- which -is chanalnz th- »•>,- JU ? 3 ° " thc clty elc =Ho» '» April, i "'S and conservatives and ui) ol warfare he pointed out" : '•"'• I "- ll ' a!;ln s hli' announcement 7iTv: -P«sess volc-gctlhiB ability. Bilrll «'» puiiitsd out that the office ' £-'crclary of State Corelcll " -Air ! Mr. Roosevelt has not made up alsq -, ,J Hulli .. comity vcsl- Winter's coldest blast tlciits pooiiutl out from' Ihoir swept into Arkansas .today,n c« o bed covura tins morn- plunging, temperatures in' ni{f lo bo Kit'otcd by the cold- some sections to nenr recoV'cl csl wwalici- HI txiietly ton stib-'/.ero murks, (iisrupung' i'H up to Die tiny, J'ho commmiicatioiis. making oliciiil low of last nixl,t was highway traffic hazardous lorn l>clo\y xero nurt Ihc raw- and . cnuslng nl least one envy sitootl til tlu'cu below as death. ' ? Coldest *i»t in the state wa§ Eureka S|ir.ncs where the mercury dropped to la uelow zero, Payotte- ' vllle reliorlcd a low of eight below Mro, Fort Smith two below Little Rock one,below, Jonesboro five be- liw, nnd El uorndo, six above, At Bconevlllo a woman died from bums suffered when an over- hcntcd stove set fire lo her housoi '1'ho cold snapped telephone lines In many sections. Telephone service between Memphis and LUllc Rook' iviis out of order, (or-several hairs. Tliu telephone office lii Memphis reported there had been about 190 creaks In the mm south many of- Into us i) ocloclt this ninrii- IIIK before it stalled n slow climb upward which reached M abova .11- l o'clock Ilils afternoon. Only otic lime, since the official 'wither station was established here In 1927, lins tho weather been colder thnn lust night, and Ihul was on Jan. H). 1930 when a minimum of 8 .below WHS registered. In Ihe 13 years of .records kept, the thermometer has fallen below zero only four times: last night which \™.s Jnn. HI; on Feu. IB, 103(i when It wus 3 below; Jan. 18, 1030 when it was B below and Jan, 10211 wlien II wns n minus 2,1 „, , - Lho stole high-' to mm to thc discomfort of last way cleiiartmcnl urged motorlsti! to nlShl, the wind howled ns the use alt -posslolo precnutlons cspecl- ; tliM-niomclcr tell rapidly, H was 11 ally h, northwest Arkansas where ' (icjrcivi above zero al 1 o'clock ntwU were covered with ice nhd yesterday nflcrnooii nml at 5 o'clo:k snow. ' At 1C o I l!M C r, 1 v >t |," : " 1 f .?"V' s! * '"" nt!i ' Frozcn " rc ''yd''""** hampcVed At 0 o clock It was 3 iibove zero and nrcinen in nghllnti Uirco Wanes at tho mcmiry kept falllna mill! IJiircka Springs. Firemen at Little seven more point, !md been lopped Hock reported take the noimnl off the low but we didn't slay up number of (hcs In that city Vh,? ", l i..!!'.!l"J ll '"°, tlln l.occurrc<l.: The extreme cold was ecu , T~" »r'l 'I 't'l i t .1 ' v.^vn.*i iu LUlll WHS KCll il I 1 inns Ihrcaten New ,,,-, ^n!™'^',™ vmtlic , r 'I'",'! 0 OV01 ' Ulc llnllou ' Col(l "t spot n f l- ^ W" . l"", c " w "" everybody uneomforttiblu Hutte, Monl. whcic u low nf Defense LlllCS Of Red I™ 1 ,'<«;»>' ™«J> »»«> sllf(cral ^ "*""» «« WM i«blSwdF«nd ,_ ^ . ^ . . Jnvadcrs . r « w ,,<u, li.,1 i.,,,, «,„ Vm , mill much for luck of proper food, j clothing mid beil clothing. Allhonijh i? " 30 eglstcrctl and the extended all tlie wny to In the lowei Rio most every one hnd frozen pipes law of 31 abo\a iMon'n'n T " E P[NNIS '[ NORTH- «>ls momliiij i« liotues here fls a I southern ia u ,Hng=i Included tinea Jarf 1E ,? NnAn ^ Y IN W'MND. «»•" mlc .'<» "oUmve storm win- bctov com at Mcmp hb [ n« ^ low - *«.. ".-R^,-,, 'on InV'S ^f or other ««-ic7uic; i^o-1 Tm^^ Kote "? S ['?! 1 i,' m , v . c : s ; uc ^. c ', ic " ; »y.» Budtleu *"«!«„ «!'««!«J«''». . I msham and seven below at Kno"- retrciU, in slniWUcnlni! their lines Alllioiijli physicians report anUlIic but thc Finns Imva followed them nbovc "Ofmnl number of colds and closely and arc now threatening mfl "e»m cases, "lucre Li no opl- on tiielr now fortified lino al (lclllic - P" 0 ' dealers, plumiers and Mnrknjacrvl, 50 miles from the H nll|1 Se men worked most of the frontier. night ami today while stove 'dealers The Russians had iioncli'iiled lo MUI l"nctlcally every small stovo ™>nlsh "sausage cutting"'technique ANADAflKO, Okla. (Uf)—L. 6. niey and is. thormijhly nuali-! preme Court, Is another New Dial- alidden 3igley Electric Company Defendant In Damage '', r\ n . ryi . , o al Lase Being incd Civil division of circuit court was' J „ having its final session of ths flist However, airplane rates will have fled, throujh temperament oxperl- week this afternoon with the scc- 'o be lowered, in his opinion. He i cnco and ability, in the opinion ol ond week session to open Monday pointed out that airway llnss are! his friends, to serve as municipal with Judge O. . Keck of this city attempting to keep the rjtjs •'•"'" presiding. and that while It Is now possible Trial of Parnell Mitchell against {or one person lo Iravel by plane judge. He has been especially active In aiitl-tuberculosis work in this corni- er who Is suggested ns ine^linj ,...,Li:oskl sector. Jul. tho spfcincntlous Mr. noossvcit! would like to see established for | 0 ,| 11}l his successor. nnish officers said at the front thnt the Russian retreat 1072 1034 9V'I OOG 1D31 072 1033 073 ODIJ "' 1037 070 DVD 1015 D80 970 the Bigley Electric Co., was under cheaper than by other means of ty over a period of years and has •ray this afternoon with Percy A. lri "'el. It probably will not b5 long also been a leader in Wright and CltiuclR P. Cooper ns l}e ' cir e the rate will be even lower, fairs. attorneys for Mitchell, and Reid Ho »'cvcr he does not believe air- He promises If elected and Evrard for the defendants. P' M!; travel could ever be ns cheap the office of municipal Jucige nu Wm ,|,i aannv> \ m ih Tlie plaintiff Is seeking clamasrs "* follr Persons traveling In one earnest effort to fill it capably and oppose uoin. But those men would hnve hard' Sn"the "R^"^" ,° f /" e SSL,t_ «. °=^*..«i!!!!S ^ "-Flnl^r'meci^^es 1 :1 , OtlcatlS irs ana has cc-nvcntlon where neither would I hey , ffcVcj »t V t« .ri , , church nf- >vc nny Stren3tll cxccpt that RnTtc '!vh ^"|^^ "p ide" o ««..- e .™ ( ^: & ! r^u^ty£ s?», lhv ™ ""- I judge his Would Ol) , loso imtn. Two dcntlis from exposure were reported In Indiana. Schiols wcic closed In many sections of the northern mlddlc- ftcst uccnuso of the cold fires were numerous ami nt Minneapolis one "" overcome ^ by smoke flames .iorc'ed 41 Rpttrtincnt" s.ine cities heated refrigerator cms, to prevent freezing of peilshablo goods.* Bitter cold an.l btrpng headwinds In the northwest hampered three cutters, otio disabled, «ud a trawler Wii.cii were Uyinff to make'port at lioston. Thc vessels, covered with ice, wore trying to "stick t.gelhei ' IP Iney crawicd slowly toward tha coast '200 )ni!o9 nivay, South African Leader Will Ask'End of War CAPETOWN, Smith Afilca Jan. 19. (UI>)~Former Premier General J. D. M. Hcrtzog, united party of $3000 for injuries alleged acne cnr or ins lowest train and bus to handle the office In such a ' 'r>y creosote burning his eyes, face Iares - he said. ; manner as to afford the least in- and lungs when he was" setting Transportation of merchandise! convenience to the public, poles for the firm. , by air will also soon bo cnsaj;cr,l A consent judgment of $200 was' '" his belief, because of thc popu- rendered this morning in the case la rity already felt for this new of J. W. Purtle vs. Union Baklnsf freight method. Company In which the plaintiff In answer to the question "Do, had sought damages of S20.000 for you think there will be n United Tnmos A miii , ., (he loss of a hand whll, nn,«im.vrt KI»I« nf ra.r™V.o..,."...L"^;,.-. . J " mc f A - Ml!ler ' filler of Mrs, t. Graham Sudbury's Father Dies Thursday Cotton Shipments To Mnr. Mny July BY WEI1I1 MII.I.Klt o-t UiillCil Press Staff CnrrcspniHlcnl Dec' HELSINKI, Finland, Jan. is 1108 1083 1015 082 91-1 1089 1052 074 1033 1015 080 070 1017 981 972 1000 1055 DOS 032 England Are Held Up (up )-Flnnlsii soldiers"' nglilliig In __ lllc bitterest cold In generations LONDON, Jan. 10 (OP) — The British and United States governments hnve agreed that shipment.-) „, . umn which Ihe loss of a hand while employed Suites of Europe?" he answered that j urnnnm Kncihurv rfir>,i ™«,vr -•- -~ ••»•—-"» by the firm. W. Leon Smith rep- there Is an excellent opportunity day nl hU homn ?n nl™, S Mn" P«»'I«>ned during February. M ;',°. sen , tc . d . !!"L pl ^ UUilT ?na.?al B. for the United state of Amsrlca ,He • was 70 "' ' I nnd A )";ll. the Ministry of Si. Mrs. Sudbury went to Deraio JJIVllla IJUVC (IglL't-a lllUt 5/UJH1JLNIS ... ,--..--.«ii,u ,i,,j. of cotton under the cotton-rubber , „;" ,, c ", uo lllc country, reports Stock Prices n p r, l ™ lc :L!'s: Am *™;i» •:::::::::::: ",JU , ', 0 '"immcr back on Ihc r ''°" 1 -. lllc '"•" «cd army col- ' from (he front said today' "- 'ri.n T]..^..I Atxicontln Copper Eclh Slcel Harrison was attorney for the de- to play an important role in such fondant. ! 5. P ,'!ll t ' Cfc ! I ,J!r B "5 e _"l. ent ... B "S Umt !nsl wc ^ vvherfhcr i.°!? h ™ S^uryrd-led-ye^ ^^, S™^,^ 1 ^ ™* *^ were reported to bc cl)mlcr ,-...- ,„, „/ Supplv. ^'I'B stubbornly In a,, effort c ^Service' |«ld today, smpmcnus of barter ^^L,™^"'™**"™ Co- (fou ° . The largest amount of money'he thinks this country should par- involved In a case .so far this ses- ticipiite to such nn end if possible. seriously 111 nnd cctton In later months will be sub- to further consideration, It was •iinlhllntfon by the Wednesday after a brief slay at| sion was in that of A L,, For! vs. The address was concluded with home. , KG. Bo 3 p In winch the plain- a story of how Prime Minister! Funeral services were to br held' c • n . „, , tiff was given an ..greed verdict Chamberlain of Ei, 3 !and used on this nfteriKon ° • Soviets Blame Weather of $1031 in a verdict rendered yes- his Christmas card, a year ago. I Mr. Miller who lived -it tcrday afternoon. Partlow and only the picture of an airplane to ' " ' Bradley reprfsen 1 "-' '---•* — -- - - Finnish ski arnsslng them. General Electric unlt.s G CnPr( ,j Motors Claude P. Cooper defendant. The suit grw out alleged debt on n chattel a number n 30 miles toward thc North Am. Aviation n m n c i l rV"?"' 1 ' '" lclr| l" !rnl >'i"cs ns low ns Pacfemi rOr rlanes Uver OWCden, 118 "egrees below /.ero fnhrenliclt Phillips 29 1-8 71 1-2 82 1-2 •I 3-8 118 1-2 38 3-8 52 3-4 55 1-4 «lth Hcrtzog will ask for tho adoption of n motion stating that the lime has come thnt tho «ar should be ended. Ho was premiei v.hen tho war broke out. He, did not ad- vccnle n declaration of war against aermnny by South Africa mid on the second day of the war his government resigned. John H. Jones, 66, Dies This Morning John H. Jones; who came to G J-8! home on North Second-street nt :* l-i 5 o'clock this morning.- Death fol> J !-•» lowed a lengthy Illness caused-by 30 Hy their present operation, which na(11 ° 0 "nonymous information had been I e ~ ec n7,d monev nd^Vnn ™ ~ ', "-™ 1 ™ "'somaKes travelogue »">*• mrs. uiuat received by_ authorities that "acci- *£ w h Kaln?rrT"! °'Vr "l 0 ^.! 1 Cl " r « « ntl «ho has been MJ«_ Jlmmte Fay dents might happen" at Waltham Abbey and other key war plants and that Scotland Yard operatives had been questioning hundreds of empkyes during tho lost week. Authorities were understood to bc prepared to believe that either German sabotage agents or operatives of the so-called "Irish Republican army," outlawed both here and In Ireland, might have been responsible. me [nrougii me world. j years ago, Is survived by his wife- MOSCOW, Jim. 10. (Up)-Russla "" ll ""««, "if Finns had parried of | Mr. Cook, who In addition to be- fol:r daughters including Mrs Sud- has cx l' r ossed Its regret lo Sweden tnc |! > S 1 threat by Russian col- "I- im a lecturer also makes travelogue »ury, Mrs. Lillian Rosetami ami ? ml Non ™y Ihal Russian nlrpbnes umiis (award thc top of the Clulf " M-.V,.,.. „. e, had flown over Ihclr Icrritory. due. of Bothnia — a movement which thn r«w« In ll was ™l'!(iinwi. 1« Dad H-csthcr was liilaiiJcd to cut the vital Fin- VIIU ItoU'l^ Ill 0 n..,|JII^.,_ ...l.l^l. ,- 1. .llrfl~..ll In II rl _«It.-n^«r. ..-I. . MOSCOW, Jan. 19. (UP)—Russia 'continues, Jhc n mis hnd ' nanlc(l Re|itibllc Steel 131-2 .... 11 7-8 91-8 j dropsy and a recent stroke of ralysis. He was 66. crop with the plaintiffs suing for £"^roielolim^ In his ^T»- Ss. 61G81. •- ... . . Case of Ball Ground Monument Company of Ball Ground. Ga., W. J. Wood was to be tried Ihis l, g the hlsbry of ^ : -"» to Kurone 30 times in his associa- ">"fc>. and one who resides In s OX I"-'" I1M - lo '>«<> werciiier »••» "immca to cut tion with foreign travel business, Michigan, nnd four sons, Oscar, of ^'^ , whlc ! 1 ,"" rtc , ll 1lilfflc ,? 11 '"'."l^TT '' fl " rc mcnt :•• u tnc high school student Dexter, and Joe, Clifford Bnd f" p'o^ lo get their bcnrlns-v the coiinly n two, and , vs. yesterday afternoon after dis-uss-, Wayne, who live at home official lass news agency announced of supplies to FInlaiii li'is ing thc history of Finland at the I ' today. eto «*"!Fann Bureau Will Open Member Drive today. Russia's explanations were handed to the Swedish and Norwegian legations by the people's commissariat for foreign alfnirs, In response to protests by (lie rcspcc- be Wvc governments. rallrcad, cut the stop the flow nd from abroad. Cutting Agencies No Economy, Says President _ WASHINGTON, Jan. 19. (UP)- Roosevclt snld todoy Mit-chcll-Blgley Electric case. TH3 His talk will be followed Feb 1 mcmbcrship drive launched by thc Mississippi County Sweden jsntd thnt Russian planes m Bureau within thc next three few over thc Island of Kakiks nc: make the county bureau the largest Socony Vacuum Studcbnkcr Standard Oil N J Texas Corp U S Steel Sunday 57 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1013-1 1021-8 KM 3-4 101 1-8 July 09 1-4 90 1-2 33 Chicayo Corn followed by 24 hours the disclosure vs. Otto Koehler; B B White vs that authorities had taken pre- L. A. Rhodes- A E cautions against a suspected Ger- vs. J. B. Br'lsidene; in Arkaasas. open high low close 535-8 535-3 5? 3-4 531-2 Funeral services will be held ternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at of Mr. and Sirs. J. o. Mullins, 410 East Kentucky avenue, with the Uev. J.,L. Woclmnri, paslor of the First Church of the Na7.arctie, conducting • the Htes. Burial will be made In Sandy Ridge cemetery. Born In Riplcy, Tcnri., Mr. Jories lived there his entire life until lie , came to Blytheville. Ke had rc- 985-Sjcently been connected with ths state highway department In chis 'county. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Ida Jones; two daughters, Mrs."J. O. Mullfns and Jliss Hester Jone.t, both of here; one son. Bill Jones supply bill— Of Little Rock Peddler n asscrt ^^"'"y-fuinis for the 01- ur uuie KOCK reauier ncf ot povcrnmcnt rci)orts , he council of personnel 531-2 533-4 533-8 581-2 0[ here; two brothers, Jim and i Leary Jones of D«WUt, Ark., and one sitter, Mrs. Mollie Wiseman Case School to Add of Powerful Telescope WEATHER new and powerful .telescope. Arkansas — Pair and continued, with temperatures near zero night. Saturday, fair and Cnot r EO COld. .•."••. ;,. Memphis and vicinity—Fair with rising: tcmpsratures tonight SatiTday. , LtXeji tonight, zero to five S'soye.; Sunday fair and continued .cold. . ' .';•': ••'. -..•:

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