The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1940
Page 8
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'PAGE EIGHT BLYl'HRVILT.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Mzi 'Scuttle' Trapped Plane ^W^^'^&^^^K^'^T^^CMi^M-^jaa^,^-,-.^....,.. .„„.-.,., THURSDAY, JANUARY IS, Closer' Tieup B e I w e c n Lending And Soil Pro- gi-am Sought WASHINGTON, Jan, 18. (UP)— Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace plnns a closer tleup be-, twecn J federal fann lending mid J AAA soli conservation programs. His plans were disclosed in a report lo President Roosevelt often he was given undisputed control of' the Farm Credit Administration, which hns a potential lending power of $1,000,000,000, Wallace outlined a three-point .farm lending program which he plans to iiut Into effect this year. Tlie program, which is understood to hove Mr. Roosevelt's approval, provides for: 1. Readjustment of farm debt to levels consistent with farm Incomes. 2. Disposal o! acquired real cs- Uite on terms Hint will make' foi profitsble ownership by tile pur-1 chasers. 3. Formulation of lending standards that will discourage excessive price fluctuations mid encourage prouer land use methods. HIorlfrKte Holding 40 Per Cent Tlie federal government )m taken an incrcaslm.'lv Important position in farm lending in recent- years. At the start of this year the Federal land banks ami the land bank commissioner, both under Farm Credit Administration direction, held 40 per cent of thc total fnt-ni mortgage debt of $1 - 071.noo.000. "Tlie important position now occupied bv federally sponsored agencies, though due in part lo the favorable terms offered, hns resulted mainly from thc breakdown of private flnoncinsf diirln? the denres.'-Ion and from a broader concept of public responsibility for ntrricultiiral adjustment, and rehnWUtMlon," Wallace tolti thc President. ; "For the future," he said, "It is important to formulate policies tor the administration ot loans thai will reduce the risks in agriculture and the dcneiidencc of farmers on government aids and grants. "There Is room for a considerable extension of debt-ndlustinent activities. In recent years such activities on thc oort of the Farm Credit Administration have proved both to debt-burdened fanners imd to creditors who wished to realize upon their farm loans. Shifts Seen Allied SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON A New Standard of Greatness Text: Matthew 20:17-28 blindness HV IVIU.MM r OII.HOY. 1). t>.' b a not true, however, that The lie , to ' • • ^"-* ui uuh .wri, nu.'i usually , . • ----- -- 1)0 Ktroinf and been manifest en the part of those Brest Is an ineradicable trait of whoso liven have b-e tone' in | Human nature. Not all men are worldly ambiUon n nd with dream, motivated by II, for there are many of (heir own aggrandizement? Tlie who manifest Ihe opposite charac- great military leader the bloated leristics of slackness and laziness, man of flnancla o'vc" the K?ML Inevitably there will be those industrial maenate h '. en'con- w 10 have the jrassJon to excel, schms of their power over the r who are moved by great dreams fellowmen - and wielding e • cf ambition and attainment. Men power with a ruthless disregard of tins sort have brou«ht bless- ' for everything butTat newer aid ing or curse to mankind, accord- their own ambitions-have isiialy ing to the conception of strength been men who are ro'illv irnorant and grralness that they have had of some oi I™ most e~t '"""",• "''"Bs '» »fe, lacking in appre- Scholars, scientists, inventors,' elation of Imman problems and wlio have devoted their energies devoid of a proper sense of Jni- and genius to the service of tlielv mai > values. fWlowmeu have dene a great deal ' If ihe mother 'cf Zebctlce's chil- to bless the world. Humble saints dren Had becm at. all wise "e •and ministers, whose ideal has been would i mv e sw,«cd II e ib* ird in 'hut of making Ihelr lives strong tnre of her r ques But je us in Boortness have similarly brought, brought to her sells a very real ••lestimable blessing, .challenge; were they able to drink I But the pases of hislory arc of the cup that He was about to Watchman Never Misses of (he HoiMVorlli brothers, Ar W Li i r» "" nVV It!ul ' y nml KdW!m1 ' ! )tl< * on '«" "Igm In rast L\ Years "<>»' t° r their annual winter vnca lion. RACINE, WLs. (UP) ,— Hurry L. Kelley, Racine, lays claim lo some The water In (lie North sea uj Xnd of record for consistent em- less salty than that in thc Attaint.'3 Ploymcnt. .ocean, * Kelley, a merchant policeman' employed by business men to make nightly rounds of tlieir stores to .see thai tin- doors are locked, certain lights are on and to protect tile establishments from vandals, has worked nine hours a nijhi, seven nlglils a week for 21 years without ever missing a night or taking a vacation. Kelley figures that lie has worked some 113,1X0 hours without missing. BUY The Nazi _ ^, "scuttling" ship's to prevail from falling Into enemy hands was extended to the nir service when the surviving pilot of a Gorman plane set fire to his ship after It was shot down behind the French linos. Above, flames destroy the plane. At right, the pilot (In fur- collnred jacket) is seen lakcn prisoner. being "War" Declared On Wild Horses Thai Infest Catlie Ranges WILLIAMS LAKE, 11. C. (UP)— War lins been declared on the wild horses that Infest the cattle ranees of British Columbia's Cariboo district nlong the course of t!ie Fraser River. Because the wild steeds coiisurne or how much sufferin 0 ,., tj brought upon men as long as they could attain their ambition. • • * Our lesson brings us right into the heart of this question cf what constitutes greatness, and how greatness can serve to bless men instead of curse them. II is significant that thc mother of James and John of the 12 disciples was called "the mother of Zeiieoee's children." We don't know much about Zebedcc, but his wife evidently was tlie rilling power in . they , AVON, Mass. (UP)-William P ees coiisurne ,,,, . , , . -am P valuable pasture land the govern- „ "e snot Dy the rounder as ho Lorch b puzzled by a set ot false lll fires from his saddle, whether the teeth he found ment and ranchers have sworn to , s , r ''°" 1 his sntitne ' wllel slaughter them to the last .stallion. lBr 6 cl ' s brand Is visible or Imbedded in the . .1. after 15 years of desultory i-kirmtshim; with thc wild horse, Indian and while man alike arc olliiiK ihclr repeater rifles In preparation for tlie big drive, . "Kill , the wild horse!" Is Watts Suffers From Wreck Injuries \jivi? ,311111:1 ae*u Amen 1 "•" '. . |l ^ ""u nuiSCl" Is the- T . , , lt ' "Particularly in areas of low 1 • 5 '°R'"i of the posiers lacked to Wilts, formerly of here mid and uncertain income, an Imme-1 'i'W'i"R p:sts nnd pasted to ws | 10W , ot 5> h «vcport. La., is recover- diate recognition of losses and an numns from'lone Bulte lo. Red "f. Iro . n ?. '^""cs received in an eoiiifable readiustment of debts will encourage .neccssnryi crop shifts and other farm adjustments." Wallace, said he planned lending policies "designed to prevent the recurrence of farm-debt' dlffl"iilMe=." This would be done by prohibltim; the resale of land unstilted to agrl- for not. I stump of a tree he was cutting down. Except for two missing I molars, the set was In good condl- | lion. CLEVELAND, O. (UP) — More than 100 years cf combined service ' at their "lit'luhoiise home' three ' ami one-half miles tiff Cleveland Iiarbor in Lake Erlo is the rroortl RiefltTasT For Your Cough Even If other medicines have fail- en you may get relief now with i -- ~--~ —1,*.~.^., nj<n, unit: ,. ' "*«< IAJ uv uiijju/.cu wiiii V l ^^.'^^"^'on. ciironlc bronchitis can 1 fallen upon mankind through the '"at baptism of suiferiny thai He ? eve . !() P H your chest cold Is not' Ambition of kings and rulers and >ras llb °ii' to bear? The s-ns did "£ „ f, nd >' ou cannot afford to military lenders, who have had nt)t Inch at t dreams of pcwer mul who have I re P'y was nrm cared nothing about liow the lives of their fellowmen were sacrificed STANDARD TIKES rife with the tragedies that have of, and to be baptized with that family. She inordinate . ambilicn for her sons, and apparently she had inspired them with her own passion. In her conception of a great earthly kingdom that Jesus was going to establish; she came to Him with the strange request that when He should set up His kingdom, her lira sons 1 * righl „ unecniproinis- "IK, "We are able." Little did they know of HID ways In which they were really to share that kingdom and to participate In the true greatness of the Master whom they had chosen lo follow. We must set over against the picture in our story that of John, the i I » , ht to oos S n antl ex P el Kcnn laden and aid nature to soothe ,J va w, tender, innamed bronchial mucous membranes Creomulsion blends beeeh'wood - a i ^t , medicines for couglis.' i2 I?"?? "o, narcotics. * ^' ,.. „_„ u,. v .j Wi[UV u , ouuu, um juu iihvc tried tell vnnr rirntrafc^ fv» beloved disciple, transfcrmed by sell you aboufeofcreomulslonwifh the power of Christian love, seek- ft 6 understanding that you are to ing only n new sort of greatness i™?.,;' 1 L wa f. 1 , lt ' ^« t( *ly ""ays the know that we have you're 3 to"l,alUV CSt aUd SlCC , P ' ? r eatli unin iir. hi., c"".?™, JS' 1 ^ your money back. _th e na me C reomulsion is on ing only n new as he said, "We passed from death unto life because we love the brethren." When mined, botli iron and „, .juv,, 11 un .IJ.IU aluminum are combined with other metals and oxygen. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irriialing! Doivl be embarrassed by loose I •'-- teeth slipping, dropping or' ""• when yon eat, talk or' you CREOMULSION for Coughs, ChestCoWs, Bronchitis >OTHER SIZES PROPORTtONATEIY .... AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! en As Low As Per Wcet On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. false H e, strange miscoucep- tion of the kingdom that jjis bad come ,o establish, and It i,n- added b^hotb » ^ 8 1 mo" Hnniy " , o » , mo Hn Plicc such misunderstanding of His No gummy, gooey pas v tost " teachm? and of His example that feeling, it's Sine (non-ncid) one might reflect upon the wo- Get FACT EETO a anv u" store' man's intellectual and spiritual 'p:' ' Al jy 4 I Phone or Wriic Us Now Geo. H. McFadden & Bro's Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent P.O. Box 218 Grand Leader Bldg. Phone 24H culture by Federal nimips : from :-Ifmc Bulte lo. Red „„,,,„,„,,„ ~""",\-", ' "" Rock. ! s niitomotiile accident a week atjo In 10,000 Alrecdv Killed , wllicl1 two ncnr °M-were killed and In the nast 12 years more than ."'I, 0 " 101 ' whltc mm seriously In- 10,000 wild .steeds have been slain j J ™' .„ .. ... In the vast ranges of the Cariboo,' <»?£, V £ ,*« > S V ° frlcntls iln<1 rhiefly In the land west of the "' .'™ nt .'. n ' wl>cn tl!c accident Praser River. The last great roundup was In 1025. Tlie, nnfmals were driven into corrals niirl offered for sale at S5 .^ „_, 4 ±\j*.iai iineiicivs ior *•""«<-> Him unt'itra tor smc at So farmins purposes and by providing " liead. The leftovers-thousands tor low payments in years of pooriof thcm-were s;u- croD! or Door prices. • - >i At t , 1D stllnc „,; „ "Some lending agencies rehablli- tale their farms prior -.o sale and encourage farming practices designed to maintain earning ment posted a bounty of '$2.50 for a ralr of Isorse pars nixl n sculp. Tlie bounty system had lapsed o v~,,"- nll d the only Inducement to pro-_ policy can be' teskmal horse-hunters hos been further in the Interest i the cent-a-poms:l offered by dog» . both lenders and farm purehas- ers. ''Lending agencies can aW thc use of credit for and that anrt (cod canners and fox ranchers. Owners Are Warned Notices arc posted that owners of Of Tired Kidneys H bark»c!u- anil lc B ]>:iitn arc mM^a you <io.i t j,,,t cmniihin anil do - ..,...,.,,, ,»,u;,, U3L . uLLllietU rt>tscr.i!)lo. <lo;i t in,-t cointiliin -mil do roihinif OJCIlrrcci. Both cars Were demolish- al ><>"t/.!«>«>• XaluiLMnr.y be warning you Ihul cd when Ihe one in which the na- y °Ti,^tSS^'^f^^'Jiiof ,, L- eroes n-pw Hrti,,^ ™» ,.,.- ,u_ ,.„.,,. .,55". ™;°.? l " Te 4i:1 "«»«y •>! i«ting ernes were riding ran Into the oilier. Word has bwi received tint Mr. Watts, .--on of Mrs. Malile Watts of j this city, hns been removed to his I home. i •I poisonouj IVMP Cut o["iiiu :lp nioat ]jcop!e posj ubout U ptuu . H the 15 mites ol tiitnoy tulxu i rt rt ' I"" 50 " 0 " W ™ CS ° mi Oiill Quits War-Torn Europe BUFFALO, N. Y. tUP>—A feathered refugee from wartrrn Eiirone wns found pcrehed nt the BiifTnlo sewage dlsuosal plant by observers of nn ornlllioloei;nl society. The 1 1 ' " . , •* ",' w alnrl M ««»» ''""""""".I'-'""'. '«: raim. l.*s o( "?'"'';. ^I'tni! UB ni«i,t.», a>volli, w . nlcr ll,,i eyc ,. l, t .: U lAcl,cs ami .lijij: l '" or Sl ' !l " 11 ' I'-^wcs v.ilii smnrt- ' M - ?" 1£U1 "V 5 »!">»» tlitrc i, somc- '' tone slranpcr a Little Bill'., horses loose on the raugo shouW tlml "ormally rnnges the European continent, Siberia and as far 7nn „; .i range sou , I thc farm plnn rcmove thcm tminediatelv because ™ n fV ,° SO( "^ ° f Crcdlt Pcrmlls nre tn be feued'to horso- S ? £ f, ° ovcrcr °PP in ? ch "s<?re to clear the range of the . dcitcrloratt on- There is a wild breed for all time U " d " thc existing 0 ' method of glazins contro1 «»>• mnchcr who tlispose of ° th < mat cremt, i " SC contra^, to the ran B e law, can get » permit from the forestry depart- To Finnish Sufferers Gives $72 semWe all Ihe hrrses he flnrts on n _ .certain section of tlie range. The people of Tyronza feel sorry Thc owner ° r R llor se carrying a rs and re B'-^«-cd brand may, on payment ™ s2 ' 50 to t!lc founder, redeem Ills for the Finnish war sufferer' osnow their sympathy In a germ- , - hie manner, a benefit motion pic- llorsc - u the °™r falls to buy l U h7h Sh °T Was stnsed last n'sW " '"'" ""'"'" which netted $72 Jasper Singleton, owner of the theater, arranged the show which included & news reel ol thc Finnish war. A leader in the benefit movement, he offered his Ihcalcr and all proceeds except the actual rental price of the film. W. R. Frazier was chairman of the project with students of tlie school selling tickets for Hie matinee and night performances - y bnck llis animal, it will share tlie -"i>nic fate as the rest. Bul now the roundup is t 0 go , . vi*j>\»j^| i,~, (jj yy forward relentlessly. Where droves — PRESCRIPTIONS-^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Dmggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 111 , south as Africa. George No Longer Drinks Whiskey White RiWroii Treatment Him llntc Manor (,, nc ,j. rn ,, ,„ ,,„,.„ <mclli- in coir.'i', i™ or milk nnil h^s 'lour inntlj 1,1 , :of , .IrimVcnnos. One <v,'lnnn tlo,»|^d a ilmnlinnl ot 2l> years "ill, n,,» tm*. nt uriro i, S2 00 rmil i« lor For 1938-1939 Government Loan Cotton Sec buss Tremendous public acceptance of the 1940 Chevrolet has brought in the finest stock of used cars irt all history. KIT Sr>. 2ml, Blytbcvillc .\ r lt I PHONR 1G7 L.l). 19 Farm LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS — LONG TERMS Fnstest closing service of any mortgage lo;ui company doing business in this stale. BROS. £ CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities 6,647,437 paoplc bought used cars and trucki from Chevrolet dealers during the last four years. "Byy Where Minions Art Buying" Your CHEVROLET DEALER IS NOW FEATURING THE GREATEST USED CAR AND TRUCK VALUES OF THE YEAR; 0<V .tef* ntofe FIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOUID u BUY YOUR USED CAR FROM YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER 1 1 Your Chevrolet dealer offers tho a. J. finest selection of used cars and £.'the best values. 2 You can buy your used car from your Chevrolet dealer with confidence. 3 Your Chevrolet dealer employ* the best reconditioning methods. 4 Lowest possible prices commensurate with quality. 5 Your Chevrolet dealer stands firmly behind crcry used car ite sells. ^ Chivrotil Btaltri or* H«qtfqvart«r< for USED THICK Valutil ' Look for your Chevrolet dealer's used car listings in the classified pages of this paper! "~ ^ ' *• . LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633

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