The Troy Record from Troy, New York on December 23, 1970 · Page 15
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The Troy Record from Troy, New York · Page 15

Troy, New York
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Wednesday, December 23, 1970
Page 15
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THE TROY RKORD, TROY,,, N. Y., WEDNESDAY MOKNING, DECEMIIR 23, 1»7Q 15. Latham-Colohie WILLIAM R. BROWN! 785-6601 Family Homeless In Trailer Fire A Colonie family was ma homeless early Tuesday whe fire destroyed their trailer horn at the Red Bar Trailer Court o Route 5 according to Colonie p lice and fire officials from th Stanford Heights Fire District, fire policeman was injured whs he slipped and fell on ice. Authorities said that Robe and Joyce Dunncy and famil escaped safely from the 60' foe mobile home after water: from hot water heater shorted outle behind a TV set. There had been water in th trailer for a few days and Mr tlunney told authorities h thought it was from a leak in th roof but Monday night the-ho water tank gave way. Loss to the mobile home wa placed at between $8,500 an $9,000. Elmer Beyar, 72, who reside at the trailer park, and who i s fire policeman, was injure when he slipped and fell on ic and .was removed to St. Clair 1 Hospital in Schenectady by Mid way-Ambulance. He was treate and .released; Midway Fire Department als responded and aided Stanforc Heights in extinguishing thi fire. Fire Chief Charles Nesto. of Stanford Heights, directei firemen .-at the scene. j Town Board Wffl Meet i Today ' The Colonie Town Board wil conduc t-its-final: session for 1971 today at' 8 p.m. at Town Hal in Newtonville, highlighted by a series of public hearings. Four of the hearings willtdea! with 'fire district budgets for 197li-Fuller Road, Latham, .Ma glewood and'. Shaker Road-Lou donville. ' There a hearing .on proposed .ordinance to make County View Road one way.easl from .Alpine Drive to Pollock Road,, The \most important of the hearings will be that to create a bureau of: fire protection to replace the present bureau of fire control. It would be a separate entity,' rather ' than ' under the building department. Another hearing is on a proposed local law amending Local Law No. 6 of 1966, to provide that;' real property' owned by persons over 65 years of age be granted, an exemption to the extent'. of '50 per cent, of 'the assessed valuation, and- to increase' the'.limit oh combitiedjh- come u $5,000 from the present $3,000. - ^ . | Albany Area j Chamber To ; Dine Jan. 30 ' The 70th annual dinner of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce will be held Jan.' 30 at the Albany Hyatt House, formerly. Thruway Hyatt House, at 7 p.m. Colonie and other area Chambers:' of Commerce: have been invited ; "tb* attend. Addison J. Keim,.- president · of Mechanics Exchange. 'Savings Bank,, is chairman. Cochairmen of --dinner arrangements are Russell H John son, ^Robert -M. ' Peebles, Robert H Griessel and Robert R Barvo.ets. ' New officers and directors will be introduced and recognition will be given retiring officers. Service awards will · be presented. Fire Auxiliary Elects Officers The auxiliary of the Midway Fire Department has elected officers for 1971. ' They^ are .Mrs. Joan Erfuii, president; Mrs. Arlene Hotalmg, vice,president; Mrs. Helen Shaf- ier, recording secretary; Mrs Emma Huntei, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Mildred Lamp'm'an, treasurer. Christmas Party Planned At Center A Christmas paity in the form of a "Christmas hop" will be 'held at the Colonie Youth Center on First Avenue, Latham, 'today at 8, p.m., sponsored by Student Committee on Recreation (SCOR). The musical gioup^'The Evolution" \yill furnish music for dancing under the direction of Michael O'Neill. A, dinner will be ! served for members only from 5-7:30 p m, ' " German i Carvill, daughter of Mr:,«nd Mrs. John Carvill, 138 h« hi! pa to lar ll whl , . k)ld Loudon Road, Latham, spent the past month study- Gfrman, A sophomore, she : been studying German *s of Hartwjck's new approach arning and^enjoying foreign itage ,study., She- Is one oi fHartwick language students weW to Europe In late No- diyi of study.. ,. FRANK J. BACKER Traffic Unit Will Meet Today ; Frank J. Bacher, genera transportation manager, Thi lirow Company, Troy, will hi fte .noon luncheon·speaker to ay of the Traffic and Trans ortation group of the Cap! al District at the Silver Spur Restaurant'on Route 9, Latham Mr. Bacher · will speak on Crime and Interstate Freigh transportation." He is a past president of a umber of "traffic organizations ncluding the CDTA,' the loca fiapler of Delta Nu Alpha raternity and the National De ense Association and was presi ent of the Atlantic State's Shipers Advisory Board in 1964. Hosts will-be-Howard F. Curn, sales representative, Oneida lotor .Freight ;Co., and Alfrec el-Conte, warehousing execu- ve, Fuller Brush Co., Colonie uncheon chairman. Moderator will be Jack R. ahahy of Acme: Fast : F-reight nc. of Green Island; Area men engaged in.traffic nd transportation, both as car- ers and in an. industrial ca- acity, hav.e been'invited. Niskayuna School Board Gets Reports The Niskayuna Board of Edu- ation conducted a special eeting Monday evenmg;;at the an Antwerp School-Conference oiri. William W. Read,.7board resident, presided. DrrRexford S. Souder^super- lendent of schools, offered sev- ·al.recommendations' which ere approved. The following resignations ere submitted: Mrs. -Marilyn Miller as second grade acher at Jlosendale Elemtary chool, effective Dec. .31 and arl Tobey, senior automotive echanic, effective,-the same ate. Leaves of absence were grant- to Mrs. Diane j.'.Feit,' grade Rosendale, and Mrs. Gloria lymour, grade 4, Glencliff .ementary School. The following appointments ere approved: Mrs. Barbara Ann Hawthorne, ementary teacher at. Glencliff; iss Mary Ann McCarthy, ade 2, Rosendale; David A. hater, elementary .teacher at me - school; Mrs. Dolores estino, teacher aide, for three urs .a day,' at Van. Antwerp; anley Becker, permanent civil rvice status as custodian: al gh school, and Emeison M. elly, -'part time bus; driver for proximately lOiours-.a week; Dr. Souder gave a report on aintaining.discipline on school ses in which he said that it pears to be a never ending oblem but at least it is not creasing He said one solution as :to increase flow' of informa- m from bus drivers to school incipals. He also stated that talking over problems with rents and children 'involved any of the difficulties had been ercome. . Area Woman's Anecdote , [n Magazine Mrs. Phillip Manly of 8-7 eorgian Terrace, Rensselaer- yck, the RPI housing- project ar the Field House, is the re nt recipient of a $200 check om the Reader's Digest for an oecdote submitted to the maga- ne's department "Campus imedy." Mrs. Manly's contrition will appear m the Janu- y issue as follows: A young-couple we know had make a number of adjust- ents when the husband, ( after orkmg for seveial years, en- red .graduate school. With eir.two children,\they moved 16 a small'apartment, in one the thin-walled "temporary" .Hidings that serve as married- udent housing at Rensselaer olytech. "What wasjhardest," the bus- and'confessed, "was finding a ay to keep our arguments pn- ite. We solved that by turning . the washing machine." Then, miling sheepishly; he added, After a while we found that DSt of the things we had been sagreelnj about weren't worth e effort of hunting up » Mid .cloth**.",-, ../,' , bridge Hands 3y Jacoby Pick 3 Panels Of Jurors For County Court Term ,Three 'panels of jurors for th January 'term of Rensselaer County Court have been drawn by Commissioner of Jurors Law rence D. Meyer.- The drawing of the 150 name; was held in the , presence ol County Judge Timothy J. Fo garty and Sheriff William A. R. iarkness. The first 50 jurors will report Monday, Jan, 4 at 11 a.m. The .econd panel will report Tues- lay, Jan. 5 at 10 a.m. and the bird panel will report Jan. 6 at 10 a.m. The first panel includes: Harold J. Ferguson, 463 Win. er St. Ext. Alfred Schnipper, Rensselaer. Donald L. Quick, Nassau. Rita M. Buehler, 483 8th Ave. W. Parker Dodge,' Castleton: - John W. Harrell, .2808'5th Ave. Colin D. Hedrick, 'Castleton; George F. Kehn,-1728 Highland ive. Arnold Kleinhans, Schodack randing, John D. Manella, Calhoun load. Lena M. McKeon, 515 4th St. Mildred S. Diack, 181 N. Cresent Rd. John D, Frick · Jr.,' Averill 'ark. .Carl I/.-Howard;. 1007 Clover- awn Rd. William B. Pitcher, 3227 6th \ve. ' Edmond F. Sheery,. Nassa Mabel C. Couser, Rthjselae Robert J. Hrubenak, 4221st S Richard H.. Palmer, Nassau. John G. Summers, Box 53 Troy Road. William B. McGrath, 402 9 St.; . ·- , · Barbara A. Wagar, 1851 High land Ave. William E. Herrington, 118 River Road. Mary-Alice Doyle, 854 3rd Av Carolee Coffey, 46 -W. San Jake Road. Alice M. Warren, 3 Eagle S Harold A. Wilson, Walmi iane. Evelyn C; Hiley, East Green nish. Michael R. Ryan, 1 Middle burg. St.. Mary -Midler, 95 Oakwood'Ave David-.Miter, West Sand Lake Samuel J. Miller Jr.,' RD 1. Samuel Penhisi, 21 Brunswic 'ark Drive. Ralph Grady, East Greenbush Anthony W. Ericsen, Griswol Heights. Margaret E. Dorman, 36 Mail Ave. Hans P;'Dfbbeckj Rensselaer Paul J. Deecher,-21 Atlanti Ave. Willard M. Clark, 143 Green iush Road. William B. Clayton Jr., Valley Falls. Dorothy L. Carlson, 4 Zeleuke )rive. State Police Announce 3 Promotions To Major Three promotions to the rank : major in the,Stale Police, in- uding that- of Senior Invest!- ator Donald J. Guiry of Col- m'e, designated to succeed. Maj dward M. Galvin, retiring as ead of the Governor's Security etail, were announced Tuesday y Supt. William E. Kirwan. NORTH AA VAJ8652 23 · #J1075. WEST EAST .*QJ6 6K109853 »K~107 1PQ9 4KJ954 4Q1072 #K4 · #3 * SOUTH (D)' A742 ¥43' 4A3- 4AQ9862' Both vulnerable South' "West North East Pass 14 I V .. 1* 2* 2* 3* .4* 5+ Pass:.: Fas Pass Opening lead-- 4tQ " " 'Curie-user and .' curiouser," id 'Alice-to herself. "I have ssed what-would almost-be an ening bid and everyone is dding ias if ^the entire pack ere'aces : and*kings... Everyone ust have a couple of void its. Guess I had best go,five ubs and save-the rubber." The March Hare and the Dor- ouse passed. The Mad Hatter, ting East, remarked, . "You en the bidding and raise me. 'W you can't double five clubs, don't understand it." The March Hare replied, "I luld be as mad as you to uble." Then he led the queen spades. ' · Alice won in'dummy and led e jack of. clubs.; The. Hatter lowed suit'arid Alice went'up th'her ace. Then-she led a art-and played dummy's -jack, e ^Hatter-took his queen-and d . a diamond,, but 'Alice' went ght up with .her ace. Then she d^ a. heart to dummy's ace, ruf- d a heart, got back to dummy ruffing a spade, and discard- her losing-.diamond on-one of mmy's good hearts.. The arch Hare ruffed, but that was s side's last trick. Alice had made the best play. est almost surely held the ub king · and this play gave r the best :chance. The Hatter'had'.the last word. may be mad, but if I had en sitting fWest:!; would have ublcd and opened a diamond " The-Dormouse,,who:had been eeping peacefully since he t down the dummy, woke up mumble something about per- ct hindsight whereupon the tier and the March Hare ured the rest of the tea on m. Designation of a new lieutenant in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation was also announced. Senior Investigator Guiry, 42, is a native of Albany and was graduated from Christian Brothers Academy. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1946-48 and was appointed a trooper at Troop G on Nov. 1,1954. He was designated an investigator in the BCI in 1962 and advanced .to senior investigator last Aug. 13, when he was formerly assigned to the Gov. ernor's detail. He worked on advanced security for Gov. Rockefeller during his gubernatorial campaign in 1966 andrperformed similar duties throughout the country during the governor's bid for the Republican Nomination in 1968 The new major is the son of Patrick Guiry, a retired member of the Albany Fire Dept., and Mrs: Guiry' of 165 North Lake Ave., Albany. His two brolhersiare alsoJh law enforcement work, Trooper W. A Guiry, now assigned to the State Police Academy, and Ptl.. James P. Guiry of the Colonie Police Dept. He" is married ;lo : -the former Shirley Gaul of Albany. They're- side at 47 Vic's Court, Colonie, They have- two .sons; Michael, a student at Schenectady Community College, and Timothy,, a student at Colonie Central.High School. Mrs. Guiry is a stenographer in the state Dept. of Transportation. As a major, his.salary will be $17,681. Also promoted-to; majors ; effective Dec. 31, were Inspectors Daniel A. Dakin and-Raymonc M. Kisor. The new lieutenant, whose promotion is effective immediately, is 'Zone Sgt. Donald J. Pinto, now at Troop F Station, Kingston, whose new ; assignment will be with the BCI. Inspector Kisor will assume command of Troop ,F at Middletown and replace Maj. John W. Mohahan, being transferred to Troop A at Batavia. Inspector Dakjn receiving command oi Troop C at Sidney, filling a vacancy resulting from the retirement : of Maj.'Augustus-C. Rohson. Man Falls Off Roof While Removing Ice Charles P. Mongin, 43, of 856 Hereford Day, .Niskayuha, is in serious condition in Ellis Hospital with a broken back sustained when he a ladder Sunday. Niskayuna police said Mr. Uongin was taken to the hospital by the Mohawk Ambulance Service Corp after he had fallen while removing ice from the roof .of .his home. Police.-said the adder apparently went out from under him. American, Legion Offers Prayer For Prisoners National headquarters of the American Legion is distributing An American Legion prayer for Our Prisoners of War" in a orldwide gesture denoting that America has not forgotten her rvicemen who are prisoners In Southeast Asia. Noting that Christmas is the season of mankind's greatest pression of hope, the prayer expresses the feelings of Amer- ans toward these prisoners of war, some of whom have been Id by their captives for more than six years. The American Legion also noted "The, North ^Vietnam ruling gime is very conscious of public opinion in'America." The prayer'follows': v Lord, shelter the prisoners of war in Southeast Asia. Open the hearts and minds of their captors that they may be restored to their homes and loved ones. Each has' carried the burden of battle. Each has discharged an obligation to his country. Each has been subjected to hazard, pain, and imprisonment beyond the lot of the soldier. ' 0, Lord, these gallant'men who bear so great a burden must not be forsaken. '-God'of Justice to whonuwe pray, Thy compassion Wi beseech: Lift their burden, "give them,itrenith and strike ttn.lhackle'i that deny, them frMdom. , ,, , , , , ., . . Rosemary Czechowicz, Rens selaer. Bernic* Conroy, 149 7th Ave Katherine Bardin, Nassau, Mary E. BarComb, ,RD 4. Michael P. Byrne, Sand Lake Armand C. Brousseau, Eas Greenbush. ' Joseph M. Banks, 1517 15th St Norman P. Boylea, 11 Van Woert Court. Theresa M. Brooks, 2 Ingall Ave. Second Panel The second panel of jurors includes: Robert L. VanVorst, 3310 7th Ave. ^ Fedelt Venziano, 280 Speigle iown Road; Theodore Williams, RD 4. Hazel E. Robinson, Rensse laer. William J, Ryan; 400 White view Road. Dorothy A. Ryan, 415 1st St Kathleen Perrine, 26 Sheridan Ave. Mary Grace Martone, -550 Hopsick St. Joseph A. Julian, 6 Middle Joad. Francis X. Lavin, Castletbn. Raymond Lemra, Castleton. Earl E. Hoffay, Schaghticoke. Margaret S. Davis, 440 6th Ave. David H." Loehre, Rensselaer. Frances Dieckelmanh, Casleton. Joseph J. Donato, 43 Havermans Ave. Bert J. Green, 856 3rd Ave. J. Arba Brenehstuhl, Hoosick 'alls. Anna A. Ballou, Hoosick Falls. Kenneth W. Bleibtrey, 138 6th .ve. Henry H. Canam, RD 4. Charles E. Ashley, 1007 Madion' Ave. Velma M. Binschoff, Renselaer. Robert M. Bradwell, Griswold Heights. Thelma M. Carter, 181 6th ve. Lloyd VanZahdt, Rensselaer, Charles .H. Wooster Jr., 546 rd Ave. John D. Riley, 8 Cleminshaw ,ve. Joseph Olender, Rensselaer. Mary J. Pochobradsky, Castle- on. Myrtle Poland, RD 4. Andrew J.^Pytell, Rensselaer. Lela M. McCarney, RD 2. Pauline D Harris,- 2409 Lavin iourt. John D. Farrell, East Acres. Donald B. Jeffries, Rensse- aer. Veritas M. Lewis, Averill ark. William J.' Gregg, 143 Dela- r are Ave. Mary A. Grant, Rensselaer. Joseph P. Graziola, 157 N. -ake Ave. Minnie Dino'va, 51 5th Ave. Beverly T. Duryea, Nassau. Francis P. Berlin, 131 Hidley .oad. Helena H., Barringer,-185-W. and Lake Road. Theresa. B. Cote, RD '4. ' Edward5. Connolly,-Wy'nants km. , ', , f Marguerite S. Clark, Wynants kill. · - Lewis J. Ciperlcy, Rensselaer David E. Clanchet, 29 Mair Ave. , · Helen Allendorph, Wynants kill. Thli'd Panel The third panel includes: Ann Stanger, 44 Parkview Court. Helen F. Skype, Rensselaer. Harold F. Scheck, · Liberty Road. . . Frank S. Sanford, Rensselaer John D. Smith, 10 'Crockett Ave. John Ozga, Nassau. Alton J. Lozier,' 71 Lincoln Ave. Lillian C. Noonan,'69 13th: St, Carl P. Nicsevic, 3 Crestwood Ave. Joseph F. Macutek, ISUst St. George J. Lehmann Jr., Rensselaer. Carle H. Jensen, Schodack. Shirley D. Jensen, Nassau, '' Otto Knauer, RD 3. ; Louis Kjar, 863 6th Ave. Gertrude F. .Kelly,, 34 W, Sand Lake Road. Mildred Finkel, 6 Lee Ave. Margaret M. Carmody, 4 Do- iert Court. William M. Daley,' RD 1.' John L. Broderick, 4 Orchard Lane. Rowland E.-'Austin, 259 9th St. Donald M. Butts, 270 Bloom- ngrove Drive. Chauncey L. Bashford, Aver- II Park. Leonard C.. Bohiey, Rensse- aer. Louis J. Bouchard, 819 : River :t. Raymond Zeto, 662 3rd Ave. Mary M. Servis, 17 Dunham t. Joseph P. Riley, Poestenkill. Helen S. McCloskey, RD 2. Thomas P. Ogden, 41 Woodrow ourt. John A. Minkler, 37 Ford Ave. Michael F. Kavney, 23 Cherry t. Josephine Leroque, Castleton. Thaddeus A. Kbkernak, 274 tow'Ave. Arthur J. Kreutziger, East fassau. Francis Hart, Schaghticoke. Robert F. Hinman, 259 6th .ve. Marion G. Horton, 334 7th Ave. Anna K. Gula, 516 4th St. Jane E. Lanci, East Green- ush. Helen M. Finley, ; RD 4.. Burton M. Ernst, Averill Park. N. Clifford Cottrell, Boyton- ffle. Robert Coonradt, 1610 Huttbn t. Margaret S. Curtis, 13 Sim- rove Ave. Margaret Champagne, Renselaer; Willard M. Clark, 143 N. Greenbush Road. John M. Estabrooks, Cropsey- ille. Cecilia F. Burns, Rensselaer. Joan A. Hoesse, Berlin. Who Discovered Gold, In California ? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of ihls paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, !he author will decide the win' ner. T o d a y ' s winner is: NANCY WOOLF, 10, Cherry Hill, N..J. On January 24, 1848, James larshall- was working at Cap- ain John Suiter's mill. It was icated about 40 miles up the merican river from Suiter's ort (near Sacremenlo). Notic ig something yellow shining, in le waten' Marshall picked it up nd excitedly reporled his-find Suller. They tested it. It was old! At first the news didn't stir p much interest. But in May a .isiriessman, Sam : Brannan, ibjved his'gold to. the people of an Francisco. This was like a ark. Doctors, lawyers, mer- lanls, lailors -- anyone who ould -- rushed off to hunt for old in-the, streams near Sut- !r's Forl. When President James K. Oik announced the discovery in :s December, 1848, message to o n g r e s s, easterners also aught the gold fever. They be- Bank Heist Suspect Enters Plea Alfredo Pepe, 21, of Newark, J., entered a plea of innocent IJ. S. District Court in Albany onday to four charges result- g from a $40,000 robbery Sept. at the Marine Midland Bank, ansingburgh branch. Pepe, one of four suspects in e case, was ordered held in ritiriued' bail of'$100,000. He as arrested in Newark Oct. 6. Another suspect in the case, bert Trowbridge, 53, ol range, N.J., has also pleaded riocent as have two alleged ac- mplices, R o b e r t a Charles- orth; 29, ; of Silver Springs, d., and.Edna Navratil, 37, of range, N.J. Pepe appeared before Judge ames T. Foley. -His court-as- gned attorney, Joseph Martin, -quested a reduction in bail nd was instructed to file a for- al. application. Assistant. U.S. ttocney Paul V. French, rep- isented the people in the case. gan going west iby the .thoKj» sands. k$£ During 3849 gold hunters, 80,f.f 000 strong, poured into Califor.jC' nia, which- in 1850 became- fy, state. In 3 years San Francisco* grew, from a village to a city 8f'' over 25,000 people. ';£,- The · "forty-niners", as thsj gold hunters were called, cam*; to California by three different routes. Some of them sailed around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. This meant a .dangerous 6-month voyage. ' Gold hunters who wanted a quicker route sailed to Central, America, They crossed to the*. Pacific through the jungles of" the Isthmus of Panama or Nicaragua. About 39,000 people tboi'i these two sea routes. Over 40,000 people took thtj land trails across-the continent, heading for Sacremehto. Almost' one out of eight adventurer^ M died on the way to California -and the gold they were dreaming of finding. '?' FUN TIME r." The Riddle Box t rf 1. Why is the letter A likt' 1 * honeysuckle? ,2. What do WeW"' have in December that we don't* 1 "? have in any other month? .3.;. When do 2 and 2 make mor« m , than 4? ANSWERS '"; 1. Because a B (bee) is alwayl. n after it. '2. The letter D. 3. Whei^' they make 22. -t .Win a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for Writing About,.;; "THE COUNTRY I'D LIKE TO,,., VISIT" .,., What country would you lik#' to to visit? Write a short letter'': about it and you may win ».r;i New Book of Knowledge Year-" ! book. Entries must be addressed-':" "Country," Tell Me Why, andi' give your name, age, address*-.! (zip code). ? ^ Answer to yesterday's word-In puzzle: coal, coat, coat, post, m* Win The New Book of Knowl- ,'i ,-.i edge Yearbook. Send your^.j; riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, ,-ii Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give.. Zip Code. Today's winner "Is: ' , JAMES DELANEY, R i v e r - head, N. T. ' , , ITS HERE! NEW OUNCE ORANGE CRUSH ITS the REAL FULL QUART with new TWIST-AWAY CAP! BOTTLED AND DISTRIBUTED EXCLUSIVflY BY PEPSUGOL'A, ALBANY BOTTLINGCO.

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