The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1930
Page 2
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••WIGE'TWO BLYTHEVILLS. COTJRIEU-NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1030 Items of Personal Interest.' QDP1FTV PI I IRQ DUuIt I Y-uLUDu Activities and News of Women Oiceo/a . Society— Personal A wedding of Interest.t6 many Mrs. H ujnplwys'.iji y -luncheon* club. Clm Sludlfs Book?. •-.-..•• Popular books, rc»d by rnernbcrv of the 7-A1 English clatj of Junior high school, were reviewed in a program presented,'FrtUJ.'iVirtpVK stories, poems' and : metaory worlr were Included, Among the flcilon discussed i»43: i 8//s of News Mostly" Personal Tiiiflay Bridge club Is meet ing wWi'Mrs. W. Leon Smith, . -vJ,V Thursday The glrjs o. (the Queen Esther y<m ., sc - • ,...- . claw oftttie First Baptist church K 0 , r . "Diddle", "Little lord Fiunl- '"" "V « *""£ i friends here v;as that ol Clovls their sucsts Bunday, Mr. and Mrs. | Crockett of Oscc:la and Miss Elca- H, 0. Patten of Little Rock, Mr. i nor Gladys Wilson of Kelwr, Ark., ami Mrs.. Clyde Palton of Memphis, solemnized at the home of the Mr and Mrs, M. A. Isaacs' spent ,br!do In Keiser at 3:30 o'clock Frl- tlie week-end In Memphis. day alter neon, Kev. C. E. Welch, „... hold^jrh Important class meeting at 3-45 o'clock Mrs. Hj "-" . Thursdaji Icroy", "Miss Minerva and William Green Hill", "The Mask. of,t:-.c R;d Mrs. H'JTOH ljip rEC l5 h<! vin S. l!lc Death", ''Thf I>cath of D^phlnc;' hursdajf.iilub.f/ ' '• : - ..;•"'. ; : ; •••[•£•''••• '<: -t. Mrs. Jfei" Conjfay Is. hosWss ,ta To l flavc Mcctlfw'•'•.•. >.. e liid^cek;clu)j,'.'' -• : . ,- ; - Members-^o! the Sudfeury Bram'.Table- club is mcc'.lng mBr school faculty will have a 1 special meeting tomorrow afternoon, 3:25 o'clock, lor a ,f>t>udy on Questioning, Bcb Blaylock Is attending to bus-! spent drcn, Misses Louise and Ruth and P«rsl)!ng, of Flnley, Tenn., vltlwd relatives and friends In Luxora list week, They plan to move back here soon. ' . Miss Louise Turner has accepted a position as pianist for Mis* Carrie Mae Hires In her dancing stu- dlon in Osceola. Mesdamcs Herman Bplccr and J M. Landrum motored to Leacli- vllle Wednesday and spent a fev, hours with Mrs. R. If. Palnp. The Luxora communlt/ club met In the home of Mrs. Charles Shoof with Meidamoj Shoot and Rich ards as hostesses. Among the thing of interest discussed was the Yard I Mr. and Mrs. Sam yesterday in Memphis. J. H. Webster, who lb taXhij trcr.imcml at Hct Springs. Is now the The with MrsJ;Charlos Partlow. :£ Friday of the first Baptist church will I jj" r s" j7"ii. ' Webster as chairman . jljss Carey Wainut Wosdbum V,M Thursday M!!S Adah Dunavant was a vls-'p»st:r of the First Baptist church Her in Memphis foi the \v:ek-onJ.!°f Osceola, offlelatlnj. Mr:. W. D. Chamblin, Jr., and The bride 15 the daughter ol Mr.i. . Mrs M. A. Isaac.-, will spend (i- j. T. Wilson of Keiser and is and Garden contest which th iii:rrcw In Memphis. - |lfacher cl the fourth grade in the | community club and the Civil club .Inke Umar spent thc week-' In Memphis. Mrs. I. Boscnthal. of SI Louis.' Docket; of 6sceoFa"~aiid" ft" popular | while prizes will be olfercd. Th \£ » n »,.ii!^i ,.1" ™, ! employe of the Standard Service | Community club will also sponso here. Coughi from c«Hs may l«d to se- riou» trouble. Yo-J can Hop Ihtm o» with trcomulsion, an emululieu creosote tlisl it pl«iwit to . take. CreotnuUion if a inedictl diicovery »i|h /two-told oclioii; it »oot]«« and ie»l» the inflamcil menibrlne* and in- libiu germ froulh. Of all knn»n drugs creosote ia rec- by high medical authorities Kelscr public school, where she i will siwnsor. The object of the con hns many frlmds Mr Crockett Is I test is to encourage residents the £on rf Mr. and Mrs. II. M. • I beautify their surroundings. Worth meet atjtjie home ol Mrs. C. M.| of arrangements. Oilier members ace, was won by Mrs. rls and second high, a I nted ,bo*l, was received | High tumc m C. T. hand-; by Mi A. Tsylo^- won the cut prize, chiffon ; j5indkorchlcf. In root" Mrs. David Foley won • -pair otjiilhouettes for first lion- ets. W[-: .-, f.' ; - .!-, ',.".• ''• ,.The ccaimltteo -In -charge of arrangements served n delicious plate lunch of-cheese salad, nut bread jandwicli'& and colfee. Included In the out-of-town guests were: Mesdames John Merrill, Dlctr'Cromer, Bob Croiner and Miss Mildred Wl!s:n .of. Wilson; Mesdames Ben Bullcr, Huqh Craig, John Hale, J. Y. 'Jones; John Ed- rlnjton -and George A: BrcJ' of Osceola;,Mrs. P. P. Jacobs .of Grl- der; Madamcs F. L. -Hudson; R. C. Lamjslpn, Elliott Williams and Miss D.iilfc Gnsewtch pf Jaiixora. , t Lfairot -Hss Banquet 1 ban- Miss porolhy. Pugh and.Mr,. EarTlllmap: Tomati,worc • mdrria here yestefday -by Justice Oscar Alexander. Mr. Kosenthal will Tho ifoivnrth League of Ihc Lake Street Melh:dist church! In celebrating ^the winning 6f \fte Oit' JS»s lie ro. ner lastijweek In j thr 1 'Jj(S»sisslppl • ccunty league for;h«ylng jthe most point?. Sid p.ireijtj5>°cfi thf meml bern fot/a bantju'st' Friday night at the '^Jmrch. P!ac2f''cjrrts of hearts and red streamers';, were used for the.. y»lr cntine rijotlf with the same shivers seen iri'.,4he delicious two-c'-nrse menu s«rv«iito | itt»q;5».»PW»it>fe;!t:; Addresses'-by-tne Rev. !l W.- tf'ljt- Roy, Ihe Rev. .W.. j. Jordan and Oscar Alexander supplemented the remarks made by the toasimnster, Ben Wiggins. Reading?, music and games also entertained the guests. Yarbro Scciciy Meets ^ The woman's inissicn^ry society cf Yarbro met last week at thc home- of Mrs. Dswey McCauley. The sons "Help Somebody Today," and a prayer by Mrs. J. E. McCauley. opened the meeting. After a business session, the 53rd chapter of Isalji was read by rMs Hood and a prayer by Mrs. Wheeler concluded the program. Clas; Flins Party Plans were made nt a meeting of the FMclis Sunday school doss / cf the First Baplist church Friday night, for a George Washington party. The 16 members present, also announced that Ihe. croup would - be tn charge cf the opening wor ship Sunday morning In the Sun day school when theso, number, were given: Bong, "Will TJiera Be Any Stars' ill My. Crown," musical city; Al Dou selection, Woodrow Fisher and R- missed are: N. Hill Jr.: .talk. "Thc Spirit of Mrs. -Clara Service," Mrs. Walpolc; vocal s:b. Mrs. Bob Barnes. Thc lesson is lound In Matthew T.12, 15-21. Cherry pic with whipped cream and coffee was served. Calm I-rawer* A marrjage Vlcenso was Issupd aaiurdiy .to "-MlM ,'ieirinic; P.o\vbrs and Mr. Lucius Calvcrl, both of this city.' '.. -, -"I '.-'•••. '• *' * Cliancy-Nuckoll* The marriage of Mlso Mildred Kuckells, of Dell, and Mr. Clay Oh n nay, of Pauling, Mo,, took place •icrc Saturday night wllh the Rev. A. J. • Hill - performing the ceremony. • •".'', Hunch-Hicks Miss G).ICQ Hick/; nnd--. Mr, George v Bunch, of Manila, were Issued' 'a' marriage license ' 'herb Saturday. Cromivcll-Mlnjsrd Mis; Heicn Minyard. rf 1 - j and Mr. Elmer Cromwell, of Por^ secured a •niarrlfig:? . We ft nih n -S I ark i y The Rev. A. J. Illll performed the. ceremony Saturrtay whcrj Miss of. 'Liysorn anrf Mr. Guy workman, of PorUgcvllle, where she attended a incctln? oi nirp ^3 of Boy aconts. J. E. Criti has returned from J.ickscn. MIES., where he mtrnd- cd the annual convention of the southern !tp,rlcuHural agents for fcvcral- dayt. li.Vlr.-and Mrs.-W. 0. Blue re- •Ufrnect yeattvilay from Oklihsma Clly, Muskogee and Tuls:i. ukla where they visited lor a week. The were accompanied home by Mrs. Eric Williamson. of.Oklalioim City, wh'o will bo here for a month. Wh(lp in thai city they hnd thc experience" of seeing'a large oil wcT ccmc In wldi such force that tin cap was shot oil. Another treat wa> seeing the man known as the "hu mnh spider" cllnib a 2J-stori l-ulMing, I;S[IIR only Ills hands. Tin | tau'gh" trip was made In their car. Sam Lundrmn has recovered from n. Illness ol scarlet lever. M/. and .Mrs. Samuel F. Norrls [rent Hie weekend In Jonesboro as home I ;u«'sls of Mr. and Mrs.'Fran;: V of the Love. . Mrs. tern Miller left Saturday night for Hatttcsbiirg,' Miss., otter several days visit with Miss Elizabeth Fouche King. Jce Meyers, ivlm is In a critical condition at tho Memphis Baptist hospital, was no better Ihls morning. Miicng these from this who Sunday visited the family wlio are at. his bedside are: Mr. Mrs. Walter Rosenthal and sen. Harold Nathan, Mr. and Mrs. Jcc francs and non. Louie, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Henry neldman and daughter, Richard Jlcdel, Mr. and Mrs. William Lang and daughters, Misses- Paulino,- Sarsh and Milcjred, and Mrs, I. P.cumlhal of St. li:wls. who is visiting hero. , • . Mr. 'and Mrs. Berry B. Brooks, Jr. hive returned to Memphis after •pending the weekend wllh Mrs Br'o:Hs'' mother. Mrs. Allan Wai- Ivc lonlglil for several days btay.j Tne } , oun ^ coul>lo are at llcnic Miss Mary Elizabeth Boruni has.jn their friends at the residence •cccvcred from thrco wccke sor-1 cf Mrs. P. D. Word In Osceola. ou.; illness. ; . Mr. n.nrt Mrs. H. G. McKenzIo, of' Mrs. H. A. Behrens and small Cairo. III., were guests ol Mr. and; daughter, Mrs. J. A. Waterman Saturday > week-end Mrs. 1C. O. Odom spent in Memphis at the bedside rf her- brotliei-iu-law, Elmo Rue, who un- j ileiM'em a- major operation at the Uuptist hospital. Miss J-!lllan Seabaugh and Harris Stanley motored to Mobcrly, Mo. Friday where they spent Uie. day with Mr. Stanly's parents, Mr. and Mrs John Stanly. Mils Lcla Mosley, ol Go:nell, Betiyo Joe, spent thc In Jackson, Mo., where . they Joined other members of the ,.! family in a celebration of Mr. Gladlsh's 81st birthday. Mr. a tlome Review," to be p | ayj -The Men directed by Mrs Joe Hires. The program for la week's meeting included talks women of history whom Americ r-.'mcmbers. Many thlnss of inte cst were told about Dollay Madlso by Mrs. Abe Ltveranl, Betsy Ro by Mrs. Charles Shoof, and Tl Brown Lady Johnson, Molly Brant, by Mrs. Richard Revierc. A short COLDS THAT HANG ON l one oi the greatest healin or cougha frotn rolda and bronchial niiaiions. Crcomulstan contains, in addition lo creosote, oilier licding elements wliich wot ho anil kejl iho iiJUmtd membraixt and e'.oi> tiic ir- riuiiun. while thc creosoie ?ot'H on to the tlomacli, i> sbsorbtd iiilB '.!« blood, ilucki Ihe «il of ll:.' ttouLrj and chrks the growih o( thc gcruu. Creomultion IA guaranteed &.iiit!jc- lory in tho trettmeni of coujlii in,:, colds, biondiitis and minor fo;itii i,f bronchial imitations, and it »c<:l!i'i for building up Ihe 6)-»iem allcr c^lti: or. flu. Money refunded i( iv;i it- lioird afler taking according lodircc • lions. Ask your druggist. U<1».> t CREOMULSIO FOR THE COUCH FROM COLDS THAT HANG Q* jladlsh is Mrs. lichrens' lather and contest was enjoyed, after which " ' - - - - - velr-ishmcnts were served. The next father of Judge S. Osccola. Is also thc Gladish of Members cf the Junior Epworth League of tho First Methodist church enjoyed a Valentine party in thc church parlors here Friday evening. Miss Laverne Crawford Is .vlslt- hcr aunt, Miss Nora , , llf , ncr tt||l) ss spent the week-end In thc city asl,,, S n revell0 rt, j_a hoiitegiicbti ol Miss Ullian Sea-' o Mr.' and Mrs. Dixie Crawford returned yesterday , from a bridal !:lp to 3t. : Loilis and are;now at home In the Monaghan ajSartme'nt Ingram building. Mall Monaghan Jr.. has club meeting will be held March 5 in the home of Mrs. Richard Reviere. The Woman's Missionary union oi thc Baptist church met in the church Thursday afternoon for a business and Royal Service lesson. Messrs. George and Andrew Flor- Idp. and their sislers, Misses Lillian and Virginia Florida, spent a few days last week with 'relatives in Sweet Water, Tenn.) their : mother, Mrs. G. T. Flcrlda, who has. besn In Tennessee on a more extended vi:it, returning with them. Miss Mary Bov/en Cartwright Read Courier News Want Ads. gone to Memphis for two months | sl:c|lt lhe pnst WMfc ln Blrmmg . s ' a y- " ! linm. Ala., with relatives, leaving Miss Ruth Whltwortli, who w.-.s j |ho latler part of life week with Injured In an automobile accident her aunls, Mrs. Henry E. Williams Friday night, is Improving "- will- be able to return to Wednesday o r Thursday. Friday night, is Improving. She ulu i j[ r6i udzh Bowen. and a cou- ' . Miss Theliiia Williams, for I Miami and other points in Florida J i; John and Russell Mnrr led to-jto spend the rest ol the winter, day for El Paso, Tex. They arc' MUn Julia Lilllnrd Craig visited raveling In their car. Cecil OverUirr, of Osceola, was' " K? "- visilor In the city yesterday. ; Bert Aaron and Miss Hattie Mid- Mrs J U Tliompsou Is rctuin-iklll, both of Osccola,' were married ng to her homo in'Memphis this I here, .Justice-G. L,. Waddcll per- nflctn-on after a brief stay v-.l'h forming t-he ceremony, rich'ds. She formerly lived, here, i Hubert Freshour and Miss Ruth • Morgan, both'of Lepanto. Ark., Will were married at that-place. Rev. '' ll - !i i Smith, saying.the ceremony. ![3<i Birthday Dinner "Ira'Ball was the host for a birtli- day dinner given Monday by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Ball of Portageville, Mo., when they ills' celebrated their list wedding anniversary. Included In thc guest list were these from this city: Mr. and Mrs Thomas Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Bcnt- ey Fields, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Nor- :ian and family and Miss Lllllai banjh. Miss Cora Phillips, o Pcrtageville, and Clilton Wallace o Flint, Mich., were also present. Adilrtsscn Students Cecil Shane used "Voters aiv Vctlng" us the subject for a talk made lo' students of the Sudbury ..rammar school this morning when he explained the qualifications for vztlng and Its responsibilities. Hospital Notes ! relatives in Nashville, Tenn.,' last Present Play Thursday j OBCEOLA, Avk., Feb. Scphrnicre class of the 10-Ti;c •Ofcecla Those admitted lo villc horpilal today thc Blytlienrc: S W. ...Mlsi Marie Hickmr.ti, Mrs. ,G. M Hu'nter v; • Mltsti Virginia '.Crafton and Georgia Lee motored to Ca fuUicrsvlllo Sunday afternoon. • Charles Lemons attended to bus loess In Jonesboro Friday, Mr. and >Jvlrs Ernest Roe and children, accompanied by Mr Roe's mother, Mrs. E. P. Roc spent yesterday In Memphis with Elmo Rcc who It at the Baptist hospital. John Allen Btalr, son of Mr and Mrs Russell Blair. Is resting very well following an operation at thc Memphis Baptist l>.?:'pital ;Phy- Elclam sniil yesterdny that he will probably recover although his condition was critical lor several days. Bis brother, Russell, who was nl- ro placed under thc care of n specialist Friday, Is much Improved. Mrs. lie:< Vinynrd returned to her home In Cape Girardean today after spending ten days here as tlio nuest ol Mr and Mrs. Everett B Gee She war. nccoinpanlau by Mr and daughter, who came down'yesterday. Mr. and.Mrs. E. C. Patten had a hhjli school uresont a. act '.corncdy "Engaged by Wednesday ,'" in the high cohool auditorium here on Thursday evening, February 13. " ..... , Character parts will be taken by-. the following students: NMiia Oliver. Louise ' Hale, Lorene Uistcrwcocl, Luxofa . . Society—iPersonal Baking Powder DOUBLE ACTION . Th*n la the oven Same Price /or over 38 years 25 bonces ior Z5/ Use less than of high priced brands UIUUO^S OF POUND! USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT Mary Allen Edrlngton. Hampton, Arthur Brlckey. G. Waddell Jr.. Walter • Cox jr.. 1 Ine Qulnn, Joslc Young, Orvlllc Siicrrick, Dorothy Louise Vale. Bon- ile Jean Driver, Hazel Gore. Lilian Ayrcs and Martha Biadshaw. Johnson; Manila: Mrs. Guy Burks, city; Al Douglas, city. Patients dis- Sidney rlnney. Spann. S'celc. city; Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dean and | daughter, Alllc I.ce, of Tyroiiza, i were -'the guests of Mrs: Lewis Gordon j g]mnn R v , eek ago g^ini-iy. . I Mrs. Leroy Wood attended the F °" i funeral of her uncle at Pine Blutt a week ago Saturday. Mrs.- Charles Turner and chil- SPECIAL SALE OF Cliincsc linens anil other importations. 40 per cent discount-until February 15. MRS. JAMES -B. CLARK Telephone 1517-F-2 Watch the Small Town T HOSE who observe closely what. is. going on in America are watching.the small communities for the most conspicuous progress of the-next decade. They note the end of the dominance of the large, crowded metropolis. Why? Because power—the basis of modern industrial progress—is being distributed far and wide over the countryside, serving the small community as well as the large one, and at a comparably reasonable cost. This company's transmission lines have brought many communities into step with modern progress by delivering ah adequate supply of electric power upon which to base . . a new and greater industrial progress. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY "At I our Service" Popular Powder of Beautiful Women Beauties who guard their complexions use MELLO-Ol.O race row- j rtcr only. Famous f~r purity—Its! coloring matter is approved by the government. The skin r.ever looks [ pasty 01! flaky. It spreads more | smoothly and produces a youthful blcom. Made by a now French process, MELLO-GW) Face Powder slays on longer. Kirby Drus Co. Adv.-No. 3 Vaughn sawyer. Manila: Pete Nel- Irn, city: Hay.vood Holsclaw. Manila; aud Mrs. Susie, Dixou, Ca- luthcrsvillc'. Mo. Auxiliary Transacts Business The meeting ol the auxiliary of the American Legion Friday aft- crticon at the home of Mrs" S. S. Sternberg when Mrs. Welch Fester wa= also hostess, was an enthusiastic gathering \vlth nn intcrestins program on "Americanism." Marcus Evrard gave a talk 'or, ihe thrmc, "National Defense." Mrs. Olto Kochtltzky announced plans for the convention ol the state s:c!ety for crippled children! SOON REGAINED HER HEALTH Felt Like She Was Going i Gel Down in Bed, But C'ardui Helped. Ky.—"Soms years n iny" health Mas very bad," writes Mrs. Thomas Latham, of "1 was thin and pale. •! llrugh 1 was goins; lo gel down in bed I felt tired and -worn. "I read where Cardiit wr.s a coed to be held In this'city February 27, and asked the group to co-operate in its program. A membership citation was presented by the president. Mr.=. F>;t- ^" | Knic for weak wo:ucn. and dc ... , , liidcd to lake It. After mv firs A telegram was read from Mrs. I bom c j f c i t i^ !l( - r an(1 hari - bc .. Fimston of Little Rock, slate re-1 ITapUle. » k?"t il up. By naDUitaiion cnairman. in w.neip^ c ^ me j | ln ^ i^kon three bottles, A letter trcm the veterans bn-jnuf j S •- CI ^ a " ?- ron ? cr rcau asked that a record of all! "smi money spent zn veterans of Ihe | - f -^ ling the 1929 membership. Lei Milton C. Wai]t Improve Your Game BRIDGE by R A was ab , t ^ , t Wcru War since 1917 b= sent to headquarters and a connmllc. was I appointed lo take care of this 1 T " day Saturday. February 20. when money Is to be made for (his; work. Mrs. Welch Foster, stale li- chairman, is this activity. H was announced that two head- 1 feel run-down and need a tonic. T send for Cardui. and by thc lime!'lake Iwo cr Ihrcc bDltles I have regained my strength and \ feel like new. I hmc never found a better tonic and J recommend it to my friends." Thousands'of other women have taken Carui to help them to build I Auction and Contract Tuesihy KLCN 1:30 p. m. C Mil. Prf itoH Warren, Nnton, Mast. f;-it«i . 8.S . K.Q..1 l).»-noc..U A. 9. 5.4 Cluli K. J. 10. 2 hi charge o{ up lhelr health.-Tic «ood rcp-rts| • which have been reccivcci. teiltn:: i E. }'. Shtl^rJ, Nrr York Cay Spmlw A,Q. 9. S. ? \\r liMrt* .„ 7.6, 4 w Diainondi ", .* Clubs.-- I. », j N Mr*. C /f, 5rr,-r(cr, Lot Angela, L'cf. EV»le>. . Id. 7.1 Ht»i!l ..... 10.9.5 Diamonds . K. H S Clubs . 0. 7.6. S . . , of the experience ot others should stones nave arrived for the graves fn courage you to try Carut for 1 of R, N. Jo^ns:n and Gentry y 0 ,i r • - • ' Brown, veterans, who are buried in Maple Grove cemetery. These were given by the government upon application. The meeting closed with Ihe singing of ihe song recently c:m- poscd by Mrs. James' H. Brooks, who ipoke a few Vctdvar, an introduction to the rnelrdv \vhlch Is belns Mnt over the south. A delicious ife ccurse was bcivtci. ThediOrd'3 Blaci-Craught should also ba -'used. In comi«ction Carenl. as a laxa.tive. a5<. ' C.J. McDurr-.tJ, Etq., Cincinnati, Ohio, Deaki Sr.--™ .. . K.J. 3 ' llr.tli - - A, 1. S.J l> : i^i«»J»._ Q. J. 10,6 C:_'.,, _. A. 9 If South, with thc \:.-tx\ nbovc. bids No Trump, n:;:l \VVst passes, sltould NciUi tnVe South out, pass, or jump th? l>i,t, at Auction? Al Comma? Sec if you can complete this l:i.lciiii,j ftnd play like thc experts. Decide what you would <1,\ ilicn tune in with t>,c Radio Gan-.c for thc cxixrts" tactics. Co-.-.v n-.cnts and insttuctio.l by Mr. Work as Uiual. A of At June will afpca i» this fafcr OLD GOLD was created because a throat-easy cigarette was needed AVIiy have millions of smokers changed to OLD GOLD since its inlroihiclion only three years ago? Bcciitise of its noticeable llimnt-case and honey smoothness. Because ot its iiiiTTBK TOUACCOS. .. Clean, ripe, queen-leaf tobaccos , . . Free ''NOT 'A COUGH of all throat-irritalinjj impurilics... Try a package foday . , . Your tasle will say: "What a delightful flavor!" And your throat will say: "At lastl Here is that gentle ond kindly smoke I have been hoping for," I N CARLOAD' On sonr Ko4'.« . , . UU> tiOLU-PAtl. WIIITEMAN HOUR. Paul Wlillcnun, with his compltle oich«tr» . . . ««ry TutiJay, 9 to 10 F. M., E«lt«n St«najt<i.Tlm.. "C

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