The Sebewaing Blade from Sebewaing, Michigan on September 28, 1901 · 5
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The Sebewaing Blade from Sebewaing, Michigan · 5

Sebewaing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1901
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‘ -r ms rrintinff for Estimas rm If DEATH kan Was Killed by C Train JANIONS ESCAPED 3ld Baby Was in the Lying Near the Track man Was Not Used to Did Not See the Train 1 Sept 25— Mrs Luella Or'se was instantly killed road shortly before 5 fjay afternoon by a Mich-j- mail train nc-thward was the wife of Philip fcorse saloonkeeper and rl of age Mrs Barron Hjld child and Belle Beau t years had been to visit Cicotte Mrs Barron's I lives on Sailiotte road did not notice the ap s'train until it was almost id never driven a horse i is thought that she be-ed and jerking at the jd the horse The engine lin hit squarely between buggy The horse was 30 feet on the right hand fhile the pieces of buggy j alongside the left side ir 100 feet Mrs Barron 13 ditch and the buggy I on top of her Di Dur irse says that her skull and her hip broken liien had one leg fraer anted to get away from and was found yelling a a house nearby The eked up alongside the 0 feet from the place of urt but greatly fright- a was one of the hand-in in the township and rge (icle of i datives swill hold an inquest V WON'T GIVE UP Tax Commission Revise the Rolls ich Sept 25 — Members raniission came here for l reviewing the tax rolls I'’ist Bay City and some ‘he assessing officers of rliaed to produce the ILit they are now in the treasurer for collection soi s had no authority to Commissioner Freeman mpiory demand on the isiois for their tax roll win a declaration that if ue would go into the pel them to meet hi3 de-assessors have not com-e demand 1 Record Breaker Mich Sept 25 — Registry brisk at the univer-the beginning of the usses as usual were very od only the freshmen be-oa hand In Secretary e where every student f the figures point to a "a total Plot Goddard lepartment believes that ttendance will rach the don Goes to Manila Mich Sept 25 — Officers onai Womeu's Christian (union have decided to tentative to the Philip-ieuiperance work among and to collect evidence auteen Mrs H H Fax-dy is selected to go and lt Nov 15 Had His Father as Mich Sept 24— Housed with killing his ane was arraigned in the Monday His attorneys lat he stood mute An ap-a continuance and change " made Record is Dead Mich Sept 24 — Chester rao accidentally shot him-i’ is dead e Juhnke while milking stricken with heart trou- hoP Gillespie III ich Sept 24— Bishop 'J‘e®Pie of Grand Rapids ith heart failure as he 2 c°mmence communion ounday His condition is 'Proved today Pcf Ann Arbor Bead ’! Mich Sept 24— Ex--tian Eberbach is dead er a brief illness He Jf and six children He Ha or?lany and’ had been a '“bufacturing and dispens-hepe for years Engineer Zimmerman Forgot to Pull on the Siding TWO DEAD -FIVE ARE INJURED Freight Train Collides With an Excursion Train Near Cadillac Causing a Bad Smashup— Claimed That Orders Were Civen Verbally Grand Rapids Mich Sept 24— A disastrous wreck occurred on the G R & I railroad near Cadillac at la: 20 Sunday night The Dead Engineer Fred Zimmerr rn of Cadillac The Injured Conductor Fred Volkert of Grand Rapids left leg broken above ankle and ban-1 scalded Brakenntn Hiram Witkop of Cadillac left leg and left arm broken and badly scalded on neck arms and face Engineer J B Dart of Grand Rapids left arm broken and badly bruised News Agent W A Sneovelit of Grand Rapids cut on right cheek and badly bruised Albert Coon of Cadillac badly bruised The collision occurred between an extra passenger train carrying Sunday excursionists from Cadillac to Petos-key and return and the regular freight running north (from Cadillac The passenger wain charge of Conductor Fred FolkyrjofQrand Rapids and Engineer B J IVarof Grand Rapids The freight was -handled by Conductor A J Broadway Ei®ineer Fred Zimmerman and Firr-nia" Fred Swan all of Cadillac It was the excursion train’s last run of the season A load of 1 passengers had been carried to Petoskey On the return journey the train was within a few miles of home when without the slightest warning the headlignt of the freight rounded q curve a sko:t distance away Both engineers reversed engines but the trains were so close together that the collision could not be avoided '-Thd engines of both trains were reduced to scrap iron- several cars of freight piled up'tn an indistinguishable mass behind the freight engine and the baggage car of theieketirsion train was lifted bodily and piled! on top of on of the locomotives The front end of the smoker was also badly smashed Engineer Zimmerman of the freight was caught in the wreck of his own engine and his left side was terribly sealded several bones broken and injured internally so severely that he died at 1 a m As he was taken from the wreck he gasped”- “It’s all my fault I forgot I forgot” It appears that no train orders were issued to the conductor and engineer of the freight hut that verbal ord-rs were given to the conductors who transmitted them through Brakcman Witkop to the engineer These orders were to run the freight train on the siding at Missaukee Junction six miles north of Cadillac to wait for the passage of the excursion train This Zimmerman never thought of doing and for some reason was not reminded of it by either the conductor or brakeman The freight proceeded at full speed and the mistake was never discovered until the headlight of the passenger train was seen ahead Zimmerman’s forgetfulness Is supposed to have been caused by the fact that the passenger was an extra train and there was usually no necessity of arranging to pass it A wrecking train was sent up from here with company officials aboard A track has been built around the wreck and traffic has been resumed Hiram Witkop brakeman on the freight train died at 12:30 at Cadillac The injured were brought to this city at mion Conductor Valkert whose leg was taken off is an old man and it is feared the shock will prove fatal Engineer Dart is also believed to be injured internally HUMPHREYS Dr Hmuphwv’ SiK-clflon arc scientifically and carefully prepared Remedies ustjd for years In private practice 'and for over tMrty years by the people with entire suctess Every single Sjicclflo a special euro for the disease named ri’RKfl fRIt’ 1— Fever Congestions Inflammations 25 ‘—Wornis Worm Eever Worm Colic lid 3— Teetiliugi Colic Crj mg Wakefulness (5 4— Diarrhea of Children or Adults 25 7- Coughs Colds Bronchitis 25 8-NeurtlgIa Toothache Faceache 25 9-Hen ilaclics Kick Headache Vertigo 25 J O-Dyspcnsln Biliousness Constipation 23 II -Suppressed or Pnlnful Period 25 1-2— Whites Too Profuse Periods 23 13— Croup Laryngitis Hoarseness 23 14— Salt Rheum Ervslpelns Eruptions 23 15— RheuinullHni Wiennmlc Pains 23 Id— Molnrin Chills Fever and Ah-ue 25 If— Catarrh Influenza Cold !u the Head 23 20-Whooplng Cough ‘27-Kidney DUenses 28-Ncrvou Debility 30— Urinary Weakness 34-Sore Throat Qutney Ulcerated Th-oat 25 II I-111 DR HUMPHREYS' CHID 25° 77 NEW SPECIFIC FOR Onlr tJ Put up in small bottles of plejant peHets Ju'llt F your vest r jekut- He'd lv ItrUKirlsts s-nt creed I on mm-P " Prlcs- HonrusKYs- " iirapiiRKis'xitDto' ui inmiiiw - SPECIFICS FALL OPENING m H I I announce to the Ladies of Scbewaing that my Fall fp Opening will take place I extend a cordial invitaton to all to aitend MRS Wm KELLOGG RipansTabules Doctors Rod A Good Prescription for Mankind IOforSceotf At Drugstores MICHIGAN BRIEFS i Three hundred undertakers are attending the annual meeting of the Funeral Directors’ association at Lansing It closes on Friday Theodore Burke of South Bond Ind who has been resorting at St Joseph was accidentally shot in the stomach by a younger brother while hunting The victim is in a critical condition Wm Fairbanks a student at the Agricultural college collided with another wheelman and fractured his skull There are prospects for his recovery i Judge Chester at Hillsdale sentenced George Swaney for forgery to six years at Jackson and A B Cummins ex-register of deeds to the same place for five years Bishop Gillespie who was overcome while holding services at Mendon Sunday has fully recovered He says his trouble was acute indigestion The big drainage canal is in the air once more fct Fort Huron The commissioners have ro-ignod and it is net likely that the cana! will be built now as they believe it would b° a white elephant on the city's hands Justus Stearns has leased a residence of Anton O Hodenpyl on East Fulton street Grand Rapids and with his family will move there th' iMtor part of Octooor tThe residence is one of the finest jn the city C Dutche'r' aged 16 of Dover township and Harry Baseora of Adrian township are under arrest charged with being the parties who fired through the windows of a train at Cadmus last Friday They have confessed and give no reason for the deed Mrs John Benedict of Grand Rapid3 has just returned to that city from a visit with her mother and sisters at Moravia N Y whom she had not seen in 40 years The family was separated through ni'sfoitune when Mrs Benedict was 7 years old A few months ago she learned of a cousin at New Albany and with her husband went to Louisville to the Knights Templar conclave and then to New Albany where she learned of her family Sampson is Ready New York Sept 25 — Rear Admiral Sampson questioned yesterday at Fort Hamilton where he is the guest of Lieut Scott his son-in-law and Mrs Scott his daughter said that he did not know whether he would he a witness at the Schley investigation hut would go if summoned As to his own health the admiral said it was much improved Lieut Scott when asked as to the duration of the admiral’s stay at the fort said it was for an indefinite period Co-Operative Laundry a Go Saginaw Mich Sept 25 — The striking laundry woikc-rs and other labor unions gave a demonstration here to iaise money to aid strikers in starting a co-operative laundry Three thousand dollars of a necessary hOCU has been raised and the remainder is in tight Mysterious Dsappearance ' ’Houghton flich Sept 25 — John Thomas of this place who has been employed by l'oiter Bros at the canal all summer has mys’tei iotisly disappeared His clothes are at his boarding-house There are rumors of a suicide Fire at Lake Linden Houghton Midi Sept 25 — At Lake Linden yesterday fire destroyed the Linden hotel and the brick building Occupied by John Herman as a jewelry Store and Thomas Curren as a tailor slhop causing a loss of $50000 Allie Kirchen a fireman was severely Injured by a falling wall The hotel was vacant " ” Hunting Accident t Saginaw Mich Sept 25 — R E Schultz and a icmpanion named shrank were hunting in the woods Sunday By the accidental discharge of Shrank s gun Schufiz was wounded m the right arm 'ille arm will be saved Now for Football Albion Mich Sept 25 — Joseph Maddock Albion’s crack halfback last year’s championship team arrived Both Maddock and Brj star tackle were out for practice night am! Albion’s football stock It the boom GEMS OFTHOUGHt- The easiest person to deceive i re’s own self — Bulwer Lylton The crow thinketh 'her own birds the fairest in the wood— John lley-wood i The greatest men may ask a foolish question now and then — Peter Pindar The clothing of our minds certainly ought to lie regarded before that of our bodies— Steele - Dyspepsia Cure Digests what you eat This preparation contains all of thfi digestapts and digests all kinds of food It gives instant relief and never fails to 'ure It allows you to eat all the food you Tire most sensitive stomachs can take it By its use maDy thousands qf dyspeptics have been cured aft?" everything else failed It is unequal ed for all stomach troubles dt canT£ help f jut do you good- Prcparod only by F (’ IH'VVitt & Co Chicago Tito SI bottle contains Umcstbe50c size 1 1 ERMAX CLAE15U ESC1I Envelopes & Letter Heads Pkixtkd at The BLADE OFFICE AT ldtV l-ltlt ltS! The United States rostal authorities furnish the following notice to all Us'mjr tiie postolliee: DON1’ mail your letter or valuable package without having your own address written or printed upon the upper left-hand corner This u ill en-Mire its return to you if not delivered and will prevent its neivig sent to and opened at the Dead-Letter Ollier Mothers writ- us that tluv have solved tlie problem of keeping theit well (Jive them ItoekvMountain Tea each week A blessing to mother and child Ask your druirgist Mrs S II All port Pa says t “Our little girl almost strangled to death with croup The doctors said she couldn't In e but sje was instantly relieved by One Minute Cough Cure Herman (Ttluiescli Last week I wt nt about Eli II of 1 rouble and of doubt v Now I'm smiling and dancing with delight ? L had some lloeky Mountain Tea last niglii A'k your dniggisf Erupt iona cuts bums scalds and sores of all kinds ttiiek!v healed Ii y DeWilts Witch Haze! Salve Certain cure l r pilts Ibovare of eounter-Iqits pt sure you get the original — 1) -Witt's Hcrmaii Clnhucscli An English association regarding woman's happiness lias offered a reward of £5i)i for a greater blessing to woman than Roerv Mountain Tea Sensible nio e Ask our druggist James White Bryan tsviile Ind -ays DeWitt's Witch Hazel Sahu healed running sores on both legs He had suffered b years Doctors failed to help hi rn (let DeWitt Accept no imitations Herman Clae- Imscli Helps young ladies to withstand the shock of sudden proposals tha- what's Rocky Mountain Tea has done 3oc Made by Madison Medicine Co Ask your druggist LbQ Eft MEdDDdOa L' Scott’s Emulsion is not a Lfood medicine for fat folks O We have never tried giving to a real fat person W e don’t dare You see Scott’s Emulsion builds new flesh Fat people don’t want it Strong people don’t need it But if you are thin Scott’s Emulsion is the medicine for you It doesn’t tire you out There is no strain The work is all natural and easy You just take the medicine and that’s all there is to it ! x The next thing you ki?ow you feel better — you -eat better — and you weigh more -It is a quiet worker Send for free sample SCOTT Si I30WNE Chemists 409 Pearl St N Yi 50c and $100 all druggists

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