The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1940' ^ 3-ViU-™ ' I Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Rupert C» a f ton cntortaln- Iirg Friday Bridge' club. • - SATURDAV'S EVENTS J. U. o, meeting with Mtes Cnl lle Mntliis, 6:30 o'clock. Double-Duty' Hooded Cape *^i&, r w ^r^."^«'*a*w^tA' i ««»*-*»r«Tfl*v«.«^~*.^ .- ,^.... , .. _ *- Tuesday Club Meets Members of (lie Tuesday club and one-guest, Mis. Uodney U'"Banis- ter,'ihet'at the home'of Mrs.'LIovd Stlckmpn 'Hiesdny afternoon for the weekly club parly, The entertaining room was decorated wltli wjille narcissuses and pink rosebuds. Refreshments were served at Hie coiicluslcn of the games, In which Mrs. Joe G. Trjesclimann was high scorer and Mrs. Max D. Reid, second liigh. * * • Is Hostess To Club Mrs. Charles 'Langston Jr., was hostess to members of • the ADC Bridge club and three guests, Mrs. H, P. Kelsey Jr., MIS, 'Renkert Wetcnkamp and Mrs. Harold Nunn, with a party at, her home ycstei- day afternoon. "•' ' Mrs. Toby Long received h|gh scpie prize among the club mem bers and Mrs. Wctenkanip among the guests. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the bridge games. Al( C\al> Members Attend IJriilfe Parly All the membeis'of the Wednesday Bridge club attended the'paitj given yesterday afternoon "at tile home of Mrs. W. J. Wuhderllch Lunch iras'served at small tables arranged In the living room. In the bridge games which followed, Mrs Harry Kirby was nigh Scorer and Mrs. c. A. Cunningham, second high. ' '•, - * • * Gnjertpln Club Oladoli decorated the home cf Mrs. J. C. Ellis yesterday afternoon when she entertained members of the TOK-II aiid Country club and lliree guests with a party 1 n't her home. Mrs, Walker H. Baker, Mrs. C. R. Wroten and Mrs. Hugh Harbert played cards with the club members. Valentines were used for tallies and partners were chosen by matching them. Mrs. C. Modingei was high scorer and Mrs. C. C Langstoii, second high in the games. The hostess served refreshments. * * * Circle Meets Thirteen members cf Ihe Busi.- ;ness Woman's Circle of the First ...-Baptist.'church met-Tuesday night at the home of Dr. Edna Nies for a Royal Service program. The business session was sided over by Dr. Ni'es who ppen- cd the program with a prayer. The devotional from Psalms and Luke was given by Miss Annie Lee David, who was in charge" of Oic'prcgrain. Talks were made by Miss Minnie Fbster, whose subject was "Promise of Redemption", Miss Pearl Lee wlio spoke on "Fulfillment of Redemption", -and 'Miss Willie Davis who discussed " the "Proof of Redemption." Miss Davis dismissed the grcup "with prayer. During the 'social hour which followed, the hostess served cheese patties, cookies and hot chocolate. Mr. McClurkin Speaks To Langc P. T. A.'Group W. D: McClurkin. superintendent of schools, was the principal speaker at the meeting- of the Lange Parent Teacher association Tuesdaj afternoon at the school. His subject was "Parent and Child Psychology." • ' Mrs. L. L, Hnbener, program chairman,' Introduced tne spo,<iu;i. Mrs, L. S. Benish read the prcsl- tieiu's message. Mrs, Rupert, Craflon presided over the business session. The attendance prize in the room count went to Miss Elizabeth Halstcad's first grade." * * * I'osliionn iiiugo Party The bingo parly originally scheduled for tonight has" been' postponed, oflicers of the Altar society of the Church of the 'Immaculate Conception, sponsoring; organization announced today. The party was postponed because of Inclement vvealher. Announcement of the dale on which 11 will bo held will be made later. Son Roru A son was born lo Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Halhorn, of Washington. D. C,. this morning at the Columbia hospital in that, city. Mrs. Hathorn Is Ihe former Miss Frances Tucker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs C. F. Tucker, The baby, who weighed seven pounds and II ounces, has been named Forte Tucker Halltoni. 8iiil|o Parly Is Given f.astMght Eight guests • were entertained lasi night wan a bridge >><>% given by Mrs. Charles Morchead. •Mrs. Jonn t'.i „.,,„_., received high score prize and Mrs. Farmer England, second high. A combination salad and dcsscrj plalp H-ns served 'with coffee after the gHtncs. " ' + • * Club H« Guests When 'Mrs."Sheldon Hall entertained members of the Bi-Monthly Luncheon club with a parly nt hei home yesterday afternoon, she also had as hev guesU, Mrs. Carletpni Smith Jr. and Mrs. Matt Monaghim Jr. :onter of the table various colored cones were arranged.' '' • High jcore prize 'in (he bridge ;aines went to Mrs. J. p. Holland ind second high to Mrs. Mpmighdn. Cp'lillioii Club To Hicel Tonight ' Members' of the Cotillion club will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the American Legion Hut. ']"II1S smart Jioodcd cape m brit-hl red, sofl angora tweed » . was featured ^! in the Rilz-Carlion's ^ lecent showing of souihern resorl fashions. Warm, ) but not -> too heavy for ' | ,-j Fiovida nnd southern >- California cliniales, it is suitable for wear over daytime as well as evening clothes. The cape is shown here wilh a beautiful white crepe dinner gown, cut on easy, flowing lines, wilh long sleeves and fullness massed ' on the back of the skirt. Plans . wjli be discussed for dance to be given Iti the' near future, officers said as they urged al) members to attend. " Son Is Born To Former I.ocal Girl A son was born Sunday, Jan. 7, to Mrv'nnrt Mrs. K. P. Dane ot Evergreen, Colo. The baby has beeh'named Kendall Briscoe Dane Mrs. Dane is the 'former Miss Lillian Briscoe of this city . Has Club Party Mrs. Jess'ee gtitt had members of (he City Contract club and three gucsti fpr a'party yesterday after- loop.' '• ••-.-•• • . ••• Guesis were Mrs. J. L. gtotls of Upline, 111., Mis. s: Jiedel a rid Mrs. Arthur Vance. ••...Refreshments were served at the conclusion of (he games in which Mis. George, p. Pollock was' high scorer and Mrs. L. G. Nash" second ligh. '.' ' •.'.••!'•• Luxora Baptists To Hold Services Sunday 1.UXORA. Ark.. Jan. 18.—Services will be held at the Lnxora Baptist church Sunday, Jan. 21, wtiii (lie Rev. j. A. Ruffin, of Somerset, Ky,. ping the pulpit at the morning and.evening hours of worship. 11 o'clock a.m. 'and 1:15 o'clock p.m. Qqod Cilizeiisliii) Girl Qf Wilson Miss Helen Rowe, of Nodena, has been namea uooa Citlz^nsii.p inn of the Wilson Ing hschool In a contest sponsored by the Dalightcrs of the American Resolution. '•' " ' At The. Hospitals . Itlylhcville Hnspilal Miss Macle Burton, city .'-admitted Paul Malonc, Hayti." admitted.' Mrs. Mmnte Taylor, Cottonwood Point, adniittcd. Walls Hospital Mrs. Andrew' Jenkins, Holland admillccl, • ' . Dork Crawford,' oily, admitted Miss Agnes Vaughn, Bragg City dismissed. Mrs." Mary Hatlicld, Huffman, dismissed. Huey Bunch. Yarbro, dismissed. Memphis St. .lo.srpl.'., ijospUal ^Morris^ Brooks, atccle, admitted. Sp/NfRVOUS CRANKY WRY MONTH"? ,%euhie'Compound Is ^^§S ( iiSf lH>^nTTn> is run i ^^.1 .L ... ? tirrrc.1 ten;! !•> Little Theater Group Will Meet Tonight Officers for the Little Theater this year will bs elected tonight when members of Ihe group' and friends interested in contlnMtion of the project, meet nt 7:30 o'clock at the city hall: Committees will be announced the following week and plans for the year's activities will be made. Port Meirion. North Wales, is great Britain's only privately owned seaside resort; an architect's flrcnni created au Italian- type village' there. New Unclcr-arm Creqm Deodorant safely Stops Perspiratior pine cones marked l!ie places of the guests, while In the a ,/* ** pw ucneucifli Tools anfl hefbs rach'o^fft i'i« mm ipKiol purpose lo HELP WOMEN twoai lornalai , witSf«?« Nl 1. Doci noi rol dtcsscs — does not irritwc ski,,. 2. Nowaitii! g iodij..Onbcu«(l riglu afici shaving. 3. tn>i'nilrMo|»pcr»|ii[,iiionfot I lo 3 d,tis. Rtmnves oJor from I'crsjiitji;oii, 4. Aliu.cM,iic,g,casclc5s,5!Jin. less vifmlmtgcrcini. ' ' 5. AuidhisbccrtawjrJcadK AlfOMl Seal of the American nssiiuic ol LaunJcring/'for king lutffllcss io fabrics , 1S ^ I - L ?ON •).„ „; ArrM have boon sold. Tty a ) a , , oday | Bits of News Mostly Personals FLAPPER FANNY o tcj ho out fpr : n fuw Mr*. A. M. Bull Jjj ( niter having teen ||) ilnys. Mrs. riiisseli Phillips, who recently tiiiitrnyrnl/ iin opfi'iUlon pt ttio Memphis 'Mclhocllsl )'ip,<jj)Uiil, Is new mncli Improved iiurt will iinty- nb!y lie brought homo 'tomorrow. Mrs. J. driiham Suelbw.v Vms gone to Heinle. Mo., to be with hpr fnthcr, J. A. Miller, who Is crllt- fiiHy 1)1. she was motored to iicrnlo by MI-S..O. it, Dulong, who vlsttcd her sister, who Is also ill, before returning, Mrs. R. I. linley fc recovering from H week's illness which h«s confined her to her home. .Mrs. 0. K. I'nltoi) of Old, rtrlf., who lived here n few ypnvs ngo, is Improvinu lit |hc Memphis Mctli- odlsl liostiital where she lins hcc'ii for four weeks. Slic is Dm fpfi|ier Miss Evn Mac Nelson, dnuglitcr' ot Mr. iind Mrs. Martin Nelson, ' : George \v. Puiieisgii' is j|| pf infliicn/,11 at his lioine, 630 North Sixth street. Martin Nelson is III cf al his home, Dili ClUdtiwnwb'.i «V<' inie. He Is Improving nftni- having been 111 for n week. Edtlle u. David h» 5 entered Campbell's clinic, In Meni|)))ls Im treatment of u spliinl Injury. J{rs. David IIIKJ Mrs. 11. p. potter, who motora) him limui Mondnj', rf- tuined Tuesday a her noon, Elton roster Is expected to re- iw-ii flic last of the week from Chicago where he has been titteiid- ing io biisliiess. ' UobWc Culiison has been con- flnetl Id bis home sliicc 'jSi\(.tirdiiy because of 'iiillucimi. Bill Ooilwln has relnrned from Athens, pn., where he visited lit the University of Georgia' over the week cjid. Mr. Godwjn, who fliilfhcs at the city high school nt midterm, will lenve for Athens about the. first of February to enter the University. FIVE gram In tills city, clarence H.wil- cho<! 5« projects, decide upon ( As jn' past' years/yp Vlll fvi Cft a^anrrxii nfii prospective leaden, '•' , A 6coi4 ))«l ut a cental jnocttajf point for all froppj' was kbo'jimong l|i? needs 'discussed '«nd liwn been placed before t|ip district leaders for : ' ' • , ' jflin'e? 'Terry was appointed firmlriiiji) p[ a cfltnmlUcc to work ou[. l>la|« fpr the celebration ol tltc SGlli fihnjvottjji;)' pf.Srout- IpK ,!« America ' wlilcli k to be cclclmiled from- feb. § to. '14. To Announcfs PrqucU , For 4-H Club Group* Projects ol the. 18 Boyj and Qlrls 4-1! cjiilis In rJortli-'- Mississippi ppunly fpr 'JtHfj v;i)| |* ' itcddwl IjlKii nl a mectlnti 9f ; thr executive council to be hyW a(, tije' court )>pupp Saiiirdny. '•'•'•' -• •'•'', . '•'• Such activities as llio play town- iimcnt, liuskejball toiirnnment soft- b(i|| totirijarnfitt, rally day, cx]ierl , , r- |»M)t Btnl(oi) joi/r, stnlo 4-H camp I achievement <l(iy r>i>(l partlolpallph ' h| [lie county falr'wlll bd discussed by (ijembors of (ho ccunctl who will Dell News ..i. T. T. A. Meets • The Dell parent, Tcaphpr.s.asso- ciation met Thursday ntier'n'oon ul which time it was decided lo onitl the meetiiif schediifed for Feb.' 8 lu order that Pounder's' Day may be observed Feb. l'i Each 'member Is to bring some one witli '.film when he comes to the" )iVeeting v ai 7:30 o'clock. The Hev. P.M. Sweet- pastor of the Lake Street' Methodist church, was giies(, speaker. \V. 51, S. to Meet The Woman's Missionary society of the Dell Baptist chiii ; gH will nicet In the home ot Mrs". Hnrbin QUj Monday at 2:30 o'clock "' •"' < • t' •••••"•.' Mjss Robin Gill, ' who attends Arkansas State college at Jones- borp,' Is ;'spending her "between se- mesters"-vacation'at lioine. Miss'Loulse' Brmynlcf, Miss Connie -Wallace and' Miss Clementine Sheppnrd spent the week end here with their families. They are all students at Arkansas State college in Joncsboro. "No, George, I will not kiss you goodnight. Bi'it if you're to keep on arguing-about It, lct'() go In'jjy flic fire. Your Manners MINO yorjB MANNERS"...' ",'.!. Test "your knowledge of correct social usage by ' nns'wcrliif: tl'iC fbl- lowliif ciiicst'Iqiis, thijii checking against the nii|Iiorl((it vc imsivbl'S belcw: ' ..... ' ' '>••••'•< 1. Must a hosier keep eating "iitll the jast Bticst' Is finished? • 2- Is !(. Hide to put salt' mid pciipcr on food v'licii you 'arc 'n encst In a Iricnd's 'libmts? ' ' 3, Is |t ns ncces^iry to be protnp(. for an appointment with »n iifi- luiliottunt person as for an hii- liorlant one? : ' Is U bn<) mnimej's (o compliment a hostess on 'a parllcularly ilelldotis dish? "' ' •' ' " 5. Who Is (|ie first person (o rise triiiu the tabjp? ' • Wlmt would : you do If— Vou Uilnlf ij. Is, about (Imp to leave yoi|r hostess' house. Would ' ' • ' (n) Walt iinlll whocvci; Is talking finishes,' then sny liuhl "TO ttjat you iiii|sj "lenvq? U>> CoiHrlbulp n fe\y sentences lo the toplc'undpr discussion, then say (.hut, you must, BO? v 1. Yes. , 2. Not if there arc salt and pepper stinkers on Hie table. '3. Yes. ' ' 4. No. 5. Tlie hostess, Best '"What .VVpuld You Do" solullon—tbi. "A" 'makes It, seem as tbquRh you have just been wait- Ing fpr' tilt: pe'rspri -to" finish talking, " . " ' :• : • . ! ' It is easier to thread a needle !( the : of (lie thread Is cut on a bfas. ' : At Eskimo dinners, required by etiquette nwny the leftover fcod to show that they enjoyed the meal. I COLDS minsts ar(> lt '" r qu ^ r ? !i£f ^i cahv rrom U !5 1 !' Is "5' to cany Df coll |g;-,.,^ c COG Discomfort 666 MEATS OUR SPECIALTY PURE COUJNTJIY 'SAUS SPARE RIBS BACK RONE HAMS aiuf SHOULDERS Home K CRACKLI1N3 Inspect Ifipsc dclicipjLs meats, which arc kept fresh at nil times. Our prices arc very re;tsonfil)ie. SULLIVAN'S GROCERY* MEAT MARKET Scoiit Nc^vs Boys- Gjrls iy Items Dlscus-wil ut More Hum |65 boys '!)V )|)C C'eu- Iriir'nm! ionise B>'U(!C Bchoolii wn'nl lo be xcoitls It wns ; reven!c'd Tucs- ilay night at Hip Scbntilinslcrjj' Roimcl [able following a survey made In the schools that day. A similar survey W 'lo lw. nmdt ill Sudbury school also." ' ' Insults of I hi- survey'wore npal- y^9il nt jhe Rouiullnblc ai\d Ijjatis' wero developed 'lo ihlte these 'boys Into present scout troop/i anil jo oiBanlV.ciK'w trooiw ri.s needed; There Is iilso n -(Icnujnu/fpr thi! organlzatlpn of an olilpr boys' pro- Tp' Olio of pur Delicious PI G SANpWiC'HBS Ole Hickory Inn Ladies' Spring Slippers Jljacfi, Turf Taj) & in Gabrtrdinp, Patent & Kid. Sizes « lo 10, Widths to': . 6 .00 Knllre Stock Lwlie$ Hifih Grade House Slippers, $4 to $.00 Values $1.95 ^ 10 PARROT SHOES IFOR GIRLS THE FAMILY SHOE STORE !)J2 >V. Main Phone 231 COFFEE, Jack Sprat!, Beg. W Drip . . 1 SOAP P, and G, Giant White Bar fi for 22t : BEANS String!^ Cut>k. P^ ^o.'? Can ; " ; "'"""^ f {„ ^' PI ACHPS Ro«edal e in ^yrup No. 2i'Caa" "" • : " "" ' G^ PINEAPPLE JUICE Deirnonte No. 2 Can " " : """ ::: '"' l£ PDATITDO F' L' '"i"/»--- : : • ' •" ' : — H?' LKALKfcK^ fresh antj Crifpy ; 2 Lb. box SIICj/jj^ Pjife ^Re, Be^t (Jrade . 10 Ik doth PEA§ May Day fttit ^ '" : - """ : " "Ea"^SALMON Alaska Chum TaU''.Can"""" " "'"Fckni Zgc" GRAPEFRUIT JUiCE G^b's 4^-Qz. 'fa'7I~~ ' Esf m OySTEpNjgger^d Regular'Siij? CM ''"•'^Ea^lU^ LIMA PEANS Fr»h, Green Deirnonte No.'2 Can ....; lll.^^llII/SL'iSc HOT TAMALES. Wilson Certified 16 n. Can,2l?ri5e Standard ..... 'VIENNA SAUSAGE Standard lOc V^lue ..................... :—- PUIMpKIN FercjcieU No/2 C^n ..I ..... .. . " ........ II.: ...... L— RQYA.L GELATIN Dessert Seven Assorted Flavors Choice Pkg. 24c 2 Caiu 5c ..„, ^ ^ '^l^ .:.;.:.:' -Sc POTATOES, U. S. gefegtej fc 1 Red DOG FOOD Idea) Case 48 Cans $3.50; 3 Cans ""'"• KIDNEY QEANS.Joan of Arc 15|-o Z . Can Fancy Red ",j 1:1 , ". : : Can 7|c GvFfEE FoIgersReg. or Drip .................................. . ...... ,., ...... ... . 1 Lb f Tin 27i: FLOUR Shibley's Best Plain or Self Risjng 24 Lb. 79p; 48 Lbs. ' '$L5fe GOLD MERALFLOUR-WEHAV^ |T ' : :'":.:: BEEF STEflK, Priie Beet, bin ^ 2?o, Lb.lSc SPARE RIBS :: I...;I ..... PORK CHPPS Center Cuts PORK CHPPS End CHt? . lb- 12k PORK ROAST Shoulder Lb. 12k BOX BACON Wiiion'Certified Lb. 25c GEMOLEO.....; . • ••"•'• Lb. lZ4c PURE LARD...;I.-1,1.., r LbVSc PORK LIVER :;,:..;.;. Lb.ibp HAMS WiUpn's, Annpur's....... Lb; ZOp SLICED BACON Rmdless Lb. 19c gftH MEAT, Be^t Grade Branded fellies . . It We Deliver. 104 S. Division phon,e 184 C. L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY, JAN. 19, 20, 22

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