The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 5
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iWEDNESbAY, 'DECEMBER 30, 103(i BLYT11EVIIAE, '(AUK.)' COUHIEK NEWS USE THE WANT-AD MARKET CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* per line for consecutive Insertlont; One lime per line 10c Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per lino per day .. 06c Btx times per line per day .. 050 Month rate per line OOe Cards of Thanks 50c & 750 Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six ttaies and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared &nd adjustment of bltt made. All Classified Advertising copy lubuiitted by persons residing out*Ae oi the city must be accom- pWed by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table .rdvertlehig ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will be takm lor more than one lnw>rrect iiiscr tlon of any classified ad. Coal & Wood For Sale COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt' Service -- Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO; HONE 2-U FOR. THE BEST COAL FROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, & WEST KENTUCKY. LI. RICE FOR BALE-Eight good Work .Mules at a bargain. See raul Byhim, 118 E. Miiln. CALL E. F. FRY at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE COAL PHONE «7 END OF YEAR BARGAINS 1936 FOK?> V-8 TUDOiiq.. Gun metal color. First class condition throughout * 485 1936 FORD V-8 COUPE. Gun racial color. Excellent for busiiiess man 5^5 1934 FORD V-8 DE LUXE TUDOR. Maroon color. Radio .''.; 5315 1931 FORD V-8 TUDOK. Black color. A real bar- safns : • • S 293 1935 FORD V-g PICK-DP. Green color. Fine for use on (he farm , • • • • S 37£ 1035 CHEVROLET PlCK;-Ur Red color, $ 37; You can buy a "Renewed & Guaranteed" Used Car Irom us BLIND-FOLDED and yet be tak iiiE NO CDANCE—WHY?—Because they are sold with • n 48 Hou MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Phone or Come In For D era ohsi ration PHILLIPS USED CRR LOT ','-'.:' Fifth & Walnut Phones 810 or 811 N. W. TRANTHAM BEECH D CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Broadway - - Phone 964 i Why worry with smoke & soot? ! BURN SUNSHINE Sold Only By JOHN BUCHANAN "My coal is Black But I Treat You White" Phone 107 . Follow the Crowd and Compare our Used Car Bargains We belicye In quick'turn-over and last trading. 193C TERRAPLANE CONVERTIBLE COUPE 1930 PLYMOUTH SEDAN 1935 TERRAPLANE SEDAN 193S FORD V-8 SEDAN 1935 CHEVROLET COACH 1935 FORD V-8 COUPE 1934 FORD V-8 SEDAN : 1934 DODGE COUPE 1933 CHEVROLET SEDAN . $M 1929 FORD ROADSTER .... 53 1928 CHEVROLET COACH . * 85 1934 DODGE TRUCK.' $375 1935 DODGE TRUCK' ...... 51 1930 FORD "A" COACH PICK-UP Small coal yard .lor sale, 118 South llallroad .St. MULES 1 [ For • Sale or Trade Terms'- To Responsible Parties. .DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. For Kent Nicely furnished STEAMHEATKD BEDROOM, biith. Cull BCD. ; 2-C-VC-1-3 Nice comfortable bedroom, close In Mrs. Nolen. 310 W. Wuluul. 2 or 3 Furnished Rooms, reasonable. 014 hcurii. WE HAVE THE BEBT Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At the Best' Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phone 278 Chickasawba & R. R. 1035 CHEVROLET < TRUCK BROADWAY SALES, Inc. 'Ill Broadway FOR RENT—Nice comfortable bed room adjoining bnth, close In Reasonable, 505 No. Droachvay. 29-ck- 3 room FtmNISHED APART MENT, 305 DouBnn, Mrs. A; A Allen. Call 810-J. 20-ck-t 'ALL KINDS OK USED CARS Our Nuw Stock Covers AH Trice 3M C11KVKOI.KT COUPK. Dtlven J-,500 inllfs $105 930 CllKVltOl.liT ^lASTKil COACH. Radio, im extra charge. Only $-U5 1934 CHEVROLET MASTER COACH ?:i!5 1MO PONTIAU COACH. With Healer ? 1935 PLYMOUTH COACH .. ! 193'J DOUGH SEDAN. Only $>!Z5 1935 1'OK!) V-8 I)i: I.UXtt SEDAN S»75 1935 FORD V-R COlll'li. Wllh Hiuilo and Hi-Ulei-.' Only SIM Lost ,OST HOP—Liver nml While I'olnli'r, html oi lu'iu-liiB, D, yrs. ild. llcwurd, II. O. pnrllow. . - 87-pMl fi(Hl and Willie Ainerli-iui Flyer Hlcycli' nmdo by Hollfnsl Co. REWARD for H'linn Ip I'lilllp uid Jack Mshop, 517 Mndlson. 300 kit Sti'ayed oi' Stolcii STItAYKD-llliie horse mule, wl. about 1100, laruo specie iii right eye. K. j. nrowno. ill-rk-J SUBSTANTIAL REWARU for w turn of dark brown horso inuli lost. Wi'lHlil nbo\it BOO Ibs., sllBlit ly .groy In fa™. O. G. Flowers Hcrmnmliib, Mo. 2Up k;j 11)31 'FO111) V-8 SEDAN §1115 1935 OHKYKOLKT • 0. C. P1C11-UP TKUlill .... ?30. r i 4 room House, bath, .7 lots, chick- 1935 I'OHD V-8 C. CV I'lClC- en yard, cow house, pasture. UP.TUUCK Close In on Highway 8. Hurry Atkins, Own Theatre BUlg. 30e k2 Personal Quick Meal coal oil COOKING STOVE, built-in oven. Good condition. Cheap. Mrs. Joe a. Trlcscliman. '. . 28c k31 If You Want WOOD, WE HAVE IT! Ash & Oak . $2 rank delivered Kentucky Lump Coal, $6,50 ton Economy Coal Co. 221 W. Cherry,- Phone 418 Business Directory PLASTERING - STUCCO CONCRETE WORK , BOB MAIjONE ;'- - CALL 350 ALADDIN LAMP PABT8 2Sc each BURKK HDW. CO. New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES, OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL .OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-In Allowance lor , Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co EXPERT SEAMSTRESS. Do fane work. Grace McFarland, 91 Holly. Phpne 636. PLASTERING BOB MALONE And Stucco - - Phone 350 Weekly Specials!' A DII'TERENT BARGAIN EVERY WEEK In Our East Window Watch For Changes! Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. J. W. Shousc J. Wilson Henry Night Clubs TRUCKS FOR SALE International, '/• Ton, Long wheel base. International, 1 Ton, Stake : body'.: . 1935 1J4-. Ton Chevrolet, Stake body. 1934 liS Ton Chevrolet, Stake body. Nabors Pole. Trailer, Electric brakes. All hi Good Mechanical Condition With Good Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. MTTNI GET V1GOH ATiONOE l>l.Ljl>. Ncw oslrex ; Tonic 'Tablets contain raw oyster . Invlg- praloi's and other sUinulanls. One dose ''peps up orpins, elands. If not delighted, maker refunds few cents-paid. Cnll, write Kirby Bros Drug • Store. FREE1 STOMACH ACID, GAS PAINS,. INDIGESTION relieved quick Get free samolo doctors prescription, Udgo, at Kirby Bro 1 ; Drug Co. 1MB I-'OHl) V-8 131 !4'- Inch \Vltecl Itasc TIIU V K. nual Wheels ..: §IM EXTRA SPECIAL! 1931 C11KVHO1.KT I»u«l Wheel TKUCK i ?'« Ulany Olbci' Uilc Mdili'ls To Choosu I'l-uin '. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone C33; MOTICK After, this dale I will. not be responsible for any debts Incurred by-anyone but myself. < 'ALVIN HARDY. Taken Up Two Horse Mules, black and red 8 or 10 yrs. olcl. Mnvllii;McCain) Manila, Route 1, last Cano com iiuinlly 28p k3 Wanted at limit enclosed:, nnd bounded. by 1 cliijHru, LcointnMoi', Princeton id Westminster. In 1171 II wns annexed to Uluccloii, tut two jo.ire later irate from this uiitoii. Tile iso- atcd comiuimlty fulled to iirosjior, and In 1838 It suffered. tho sirne 'nlo us undent Chutl. It WHS 'divided In thrcoi imrls! 1 acres uoli\g to Uxmilustc-i', 1,307 o Westminster nnd i,W7' to rrlncctou. All lluil remain* now la the muno ~ mid n toy .• Abandoned 'nuns nml (jailing cellar-holes. Wreckit Smlce - Ons&Oll OPEN AIL NIGHT Phillips Service Center Vhoiics 177 - 810 :XPEmKNCKn BKRVIOIS STATION MAN. Apply l«o Atchlcy, 11 B. llroiulwny., 30o ka Furniture WK l'Afi r CASH FOR 2ND HANI) FUUMTUKK ,•• Hubliiml 2nd Hum! Furniture Store -*ionc 1031 Automotive LET US CHF.CH YOUR 'BATTER* COLD YVKATHBR IS COMINQI J. B. CLUNE Jnckson Scrvlca station—Call B Motown, Maps., Rightly Named; No Town Now •WESTMINSTER,"Maas. <UI') — Nobody wnnlcd "Motown." Anil so It wr.s kicked aroim from plllnr to lost, until It bccaiii n. nonentity. Nolown orl;lnnlly ,wns n -Irno WANT TO HUY CORN SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COI'I'EUGH GIN CO. lllshw.ijr-18 - Phone 331 Pecan and Fruit Trce^ now. cal- Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store ••WE MAKK -EM BEE" Phono 640 WK TIAVR SUCCEED THE SERVICES OF AN I ENCF.D RADIO MECHANIC Hho' will guarantee to repair lour radio to first class condition. A Complete Line of Tubes and I'arts - - llcsl Prices ' Ilublmrd Tire & Wat. Co Phone 476 Open All Night ROAD AND WRECKER SERVICE Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co GAY & BILLINGS, lnc?v Coal - Feed - Kindling . PHONE 70 ' Now Located at 101 Norlt, Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER . SERVICE BUREAU . , DON ;i'HWAKUS, Proprietor All mnkc.1 of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines an* * Calculators—Hciialrlhf—1'arls—Itibbonj DANCING Every Night 8:30 'Tilt 2 Crescent Nkht Club our Miles North of Missouri Lin Tank "Wenner" Harmon nnd his Sensational 0-Piece" Orchestra of Chicago —Presents- Happy New Year Floor Show Direct From Si. Louis All Lovely Girls Thursday Through Sunday HUBERT UTLEY, Owner and Proprietor Wanted To Buy VERTICAL FILING CABINET THOMAS LAND CO. 24c k31 We Pay Highest Prices FOR- SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES <te FURS ARIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. Main—Phone 176 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. soi-aro E. MAIN STOltMY 1IOR1XON! AM' I GOTTA HUWOI wi ' &UE55 ILL G01W/I ^ rE IMPOBTANT GOLLy-1 GOTTA FIMD ' GRAWD U/IZER 'AM' TIP 'IM OFF, ' , A GOOD1HIN& FER UP WHESJ VOID OR WED A THOUGHT Y'CTDITON PURPOSE WE'LL HAPTA CARRY HIM BACK OL' TUMK ^-x. "TO TH PALACE AW' BRING 'IM | ACCIDENTALLY^ ~TO, SOS WC CAK! FIND KklQCKEDVOUT- ) OUT WMO IS TH'OTHEa ( BY MY.THROWW A GUV WMO WAS IM OF THIS PLOf ORIGINATED BOY, vVHAT, A SPOT.' WHAtO KEEP VHC> AXE9 HUH! WHATCMA GQWMA ' MIXED LIP ! IM THIS 7," THINGK! voo DID BOOTS AND HEL BUDDIES stt. ,\ OUtR OM TWE: CWt^fN ,a>JT VO-J COUV-Ot^T I \ OGGONE LOW TK1CK! WASH TUBES WE BUY Cold Weather Is Here! ! Protect Your House With Nu-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arktno Lumber Co. , Phone 10 Hides & Furs Metals and Scrap Iron Blytlieville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. B. Phone 418 _ HERE, JACK X 1 60TTA KEEP BOW MOW JONES FROM TAKING OVEV2. SHOW. GOTTA MAKE MONEV, UNNER5TAWD, B!& MOMEV. We Buy CORN & SOYBEANS Blytheville Gin Co. Mrs. J. J. Davis—Spencer Corsetiere Call 421-W for Appointments Bus. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES State supervised TUITION VERY REAdONABIjE See Mis. Wm..Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Poultry & Eggs FORGET YOUR WORRIES I FRESH EGGS Sold at tho Abbott-Johnston Farm BABY CHICKS—MO. Approved and Pullorum Tested Mocks. Ncw Hampshire Chicks—$10 per hundred. All other breeds—$7.00 per hundred Postpaid. Live Delivery Real Estate FOB SALE: My nice little new house on Ash St.. at a price what the lumber would cost to say nothing of the lot or building costs. Or would consider renting to rt- sponsible couple without children. Jesse H. Webb, 1134 W. Ash. Call 231. 29-ck-l '5FUNNY.VAMUSTA OROPPEP IT, HEV,THER.6>S HO MEAT IN MY HOT roe; THAT5 NIME PEOPLE IN A ROW WHO'VE SAID THAT. SUKE, I.SW& 'EM'OLP &ROWMVE", VA PAINT ^ VER. FINGER.-WITH ICDINE,7E^-5LIP IT INTO A BUN, AMP. IT LOOKS LIKE A tSE-UCIOUS WHEN VA HAND 'EM TH' BUM, SLIP THE FIMSEI2 OUT; vVH^, TODAY TVE SAVED NINE BUCKS 'WORTH OFWEINee'S-ANP'GOT MY FINGERS BIT'OMLY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS POP, I GOT SOMETHIUG TO U, APE "YOU BElMG A "TELL VDU ABOLTT FPECK.... GIRL IS P.eSPOWSI- TAG GKTS AROUND IT! Bv Blosses FOIl SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across Horn high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town Could be madE into apartment. Cheap lor cash. 809 Chickasawba. dli.U far Sale: 80 acres FARM land near Manila, sternberg Cotton Co. 20-ck-tf Wanted To Trade USED CAR FOR MILCH .COW. 0- Guarantee.! FRANKLIN COUNTY E. Parks, 003 E HATCHERY, Union, Mo. ' 283. Cherry, phone 2G-pk-30 TATTLE-TALE, TAGALOWG BLE, I BETCHA/.' /^.^ IF YOU HADW'T STAFTTEO SUCH A FUSS ABOUT FRECKLES BEIUS TOO YOUMG TO HAVE G1RL^,TAG WOULDN'T BE SO IMSPIBED , ~K> CARRV GOSSIP TO YOU I |S ( 1MPOR- YoUR MOTHER IS RIGWT, TAG/ I DONT V/AWT YoUTD BE: A TALE-BEARER! IF YOU HAVE AWVTHIHQ TO i . SAV,l«:eEP FRECKLES' MV KIAME OUT YOUR OLDEST SOM IS UR5TAIRS, SHAVIUQ; V/fTJH HIS FATHER'S \ PAZOR

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