The Troy Record from Troy, New York on August 22, 1970 · Page 16
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The Troy Record from Troy, New York · Page 16

Troy, New York
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Saturday, August 22, 1970
Page 16
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H THI THOY RECORD, TROY, N. Y., SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 22, PERB Orders Albany To Reinstate 3 Firemen r The State Public Employment Relations Board ordered the City of Albany Friday to offer reinstatement to three city fire men who were reassigned because of union activities. This victory for the Albany | ~ Permanent Professional "«-.,,,,_ ,, ^ a i d Acnwnce A them _ ,,_,_ _,, m mfim lighters Association, which had| a s . "dearly prctexlual." and;i n easing the danger in the Mid- Middle East No. 1 Project For Russia By WILLIAM I,. RYAN AP Special C'«rreipo»d»»l What's the Kremlin mood these days? Is peace about to break out? The Russians show an interest filed the charge with one day after the union announced to strike within two weeks seven other firemen. Strike Call do nol standLi mproper praclicejslatcd lhat they, "ao nol s t a n a j d l e Easl M OSCOW n a s signed a P E K B , came just U P under scrutiny." treaty wilh West Germany ren- Coerckiti Charged ouncing use of force. There are The decision went on lo stalelhints lhal Moscow is listening to dismissal'"of l h a l lhe cit *' had ' "Bng a sed in]American proposals at the-stra- n dcliberale, obvious and flagrantitegic arms lalks. In Europe, the acts of discrimination and co-|Kremlin bids for relaxation, ercion in an u n l a w f u l attempt! All this might suggest jnclina- A court ruling by Slate Su(n dissuade its employes from'lions toward pcaccablcnoss. Yet preme Court Justice DeForesl'gupporting a fledgling cmployc'lherc is something aboul Mos- Pill upholding the dismissal of jorsanization." |cow's altitude which calls to the seven lircmen touched off a j jj x 0 [ | ne f c ven firofighlcrsjrnind the old Russian adage demonstration Thursday al City{j n v o | v c ( j | n |h p courl rulingjahoul approaching a friendly Hall and the call for a strikeVhich led lo lhe strike call a r e l b e a r wilh extreme caution, within two weeks if Ihe dismiss-! lo t, c discharged because t h e y ] Temporarily, at leasl, Soviet at order were not rccindcd. !failed (o pass a May, 1969, civil (leaders seem to want lo lurn In Friday's decision, P K H R service examination. The nlherlhcir attention away from Eu- upheld lhe findings of hearingIpassed the tcsl and is serviiigjropc, to m a r k lime Iherc. They n'ficcr Harvey Miioive lhal the 'as a fire lieutenant, but exceeds city had engaged in improper jtlic age limit. employer practices hi the trans- Picket City Hall fer of two firemen, and the! transfer and demnnon of a third. | M() (||(ljr fan]j|cs pickc|cd d(y Two of (he lircmen, A P P F A i f o a l l then entered the building mcmbcrs president .Michael Ilomaim, andl-fhnrsday. siltin? in the first are concerned aboul Red China and Asia, hut China may be more an irritation than a real worry. Middle East First Historically, Moscow has .._ .. , -.. liked (o lake care of one big profile union's vice president. Ray-|fi n r ) r hallway demanding ajjccl al a lime, having a distaste mond Fish, were transfcrcd.j n ,c c |jn; with Albany Mayor Kr- for chewing loo many large ond on March 10 of Ihis year as |, ls Corning II. (biles simullaneously. II would filed chsrc.cs w i t h J'KItn aeaiusl ·[·(,, group was peacefully jseem lhat for some long lime (o the city and Fire Chief Augustus; c v j c l c d ny lwo po ij cc ofiiccrs'come Ihc ccnler of Soviel alten- Brophy. One flay after the com-1 wm -| c Corning mel with Iwoltion will lie (he Middle East, p'aint was filed, another u n i o n I ,\PFFA reprcsenlalives. includ- That should make the Middle vice prcfident. Joseph Sioui, ivas.'jr,, v j cc p rcs j,| er ,j Nicholas Far- Kasl the No. 1 problem of the demoted and iransfered. i inello. ! United Slates, Vielnam nolwilb- "Cease And Desist" j Afler the 15-minule cnnfernccislanding. PEflli. ruling against the c i t y . j h a d ended, Farinello emerged! Soviet leaders have just ordered that reinstatement be of- from the room and told roporl- briefed (he top brass of their fered to Hie firemen, and t h a t | e i s : "The mayor backed us into Bravery Brings Reward Obi Deaths Funerals COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Roger Penwell's »ct of bravery has put money in his bank account and cleared the way for him to marry his girlfriend, Nancy. Penwell, 23, dodged bullets last Saturday night and ran down Air Force 1st U. William L. Harris with his motorcycle. Penwell had spotted Harris running from a suburban de- Funeral of Mr*. Cklsmirlt The funeral of Mrs. Florence B. Chismark i)f 128 Annie St. was held Friday morning from the Daniel D. Purcell and Son Funeral Home wilh Rev. Jack R. Lewis, rector of the Church of the Ascension', officiating. Bearers were Spenard, Robert Raymond J. J. Davignon, · - o - -- Thomas Chamberland, Vincent parlment store in which a bombj p e n i s s i p Edward Schofeld, and had just exploded. Harris is ac-! paul Murray. Interment was' in cused of that tombing and an-] 0a i( WOO( j Cemetery where other one in Whitehall shoppingjj'jn,,,,. Le w j s officiated, center. fell "We fell lhal heroism like that should not go unrewarded," said Charles Radow of the Motorcycle Dealers Association of Ohio, which gave Penwell a new molorcycle. In addition, Penwell received nearly $1,000 Thursday from grateful area store owners, a new crash helmet, one year of free insurance and 100 gallons .Mrs. Mary Epilano s. Mary Epifanio of notices be posted for 30 days h y | a corner and we'll have to do lhe city proclaiming Hie f t a l e m e n l and slating liial the city will, "cease and desist"! from further discriminatory actions. The Ixiard found lhal lhe transfers were effeclcd by (he city] "because the three employe's! were in activities on behalf ofj the Association (APPFA)," a n d ; cited lhe liming of lhe transfer r e i n - j w h a t he wanls us In do--strike. 1 Heavy Rains Bring Floods To South clients on the the agreement GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY--Mr. and Mrs. Luzerne C. Shafer of Woodin and Dunsbach Roads, Walerford, were guests of honor at a recent dinner party Thursday at the Cliflon Knolls Country Club on the occasion of their SOth wedding anniversary. Guests included their daughter, Mrs. C. H. Fredell of Flagstaff, Ariz. In addition to liieir daughter, they have four grandchildren. of gasoline. Mayor M. E. Senscnbrenner orders which look place, "upon i "5' TUB ASSOCIATE!) PRESSJsians the city's obtaining knowledge; Torrential rains in the loner of." the men's union o r g n n i z n 1 M i s s i s s i p p i Valley Friday tional activities. ' brought (lie of floods on Pad wherefores of wilh West Germany, whose clauses on mutual guarantees of frontiers and renunciation of force mean lilllc. The idea of West G e r m a n y alone threalen- ing Moscow is ridiculous, no matter how scary Soviel propaganda can be on thai subjecl. Olher Aims There arc olher aims. One is economic: the need of lhe Rus- for Wesl G e r m a n know- how and goods. Another may stem from an anxiety for stability on the immediate western '""' - . « - i i » » ' t J . , ririwijm ("e inrcat of ucXHis O f i i , ' , : ... i · In reference lo lhe cily's pro-! m a n y tribuiarics of the big riv-l^ r d c , r s because of MOSCOW s m and swamped the streets in! 1 " 1 TM 1 TM"; 1 n'- «'."" P olltl «' Marijuana Gardener Blameless NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. ( A P ) -- An 84-year-old man, who bad more t h a n 200 marijuana plants growing in the field behind his house, told po l i c e . F r i d a y he'd planted them 35 years ago to keep bugs awa from his potatoes. Police said the man reporlctlj issued a proclamation commemorating PenwclPs courage. It was a turning point in the life of Penwell, a twice-woundec Vietnam veteran, who served a 2V4-ycar prison term for assaul and battery and concealing sto ten property. "The reason the money 1 go U.S. Finally Keeping Up With Joneses claimed reasons {or (he trans- Savings Unit Stockholders OK Merger Shareholders of the Perman- cnl Savings and Loan Association of Hoosick Kails voted overwhelmingly Friday to support a merger agreement with Home .Savings Dank of, as Texirkana \rk problems. The downpour., ran the rain- l h C o m m fall total for less than Iwo I to as much as to inches in some I . . The Russians have unil : ^' Can P ^ 1 1 K'- . l(:h coul ? hnn clas . ilaces. Texarkana's 2.79 . on both economic and political inches Fri- , . ! fronts between entrenched party inchcs. Creeks overfl covering cily streets for (he see-' ond lime in two days, and! closed all but one major under-' jhuveaucrrils and 'minded element. the re form some of 2 a bit ol the Hut internal strains are nolh pass. . . , , , , , , I Lighter showers and thunder-' ling lh new to Soviet leaders not seemed much of and a de he did not know the vegetation was m a r i j u a n a . The Niagara Counly district attorney's office aid it believed his story and swirl not press charges. Police Chief Frank M alone of his cily north of Buffalo said he man told him he had bought he seeds nearly two score years after reading a magazine advertisement. He said he did nol want to reveal the man's name because "there's a possibility the plant: sprout on their own next m ,,, u of , orcign u storms were scattered thrnugh . goals One ,,, thcsc R0a | s can the South Atlantic and G u l f ' " Stales, the easier eontral Rockies. c _, . llU1 be In nail down Ihe slalus quo i n Plains and p Europe. In Eastern Europe th by their dirccl- u . cnlnc In most sections, however, the recommended ors. Morgan Burke, executive vice j temperatures were moderalc to president, reported the tabula-[cool, tion in person and by m a i l ' showed yes voles. 4,fiG3 and no, 95. He slated thai f o r m a l application for approval of the merger will be filed \silh the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and for a license ol the merged group for a branch office in Hoosirk Falls with the State Banking Dept. w i t h i n 10 days. A rival application had been Urczhnev doctrine, asserting th right to interfere in any Com- r was sunny. Oulsiile the m ,, n isl-rulcd country, secures warm and humid_sotilhlaml,j l l l e Kurupcan buffer zone. Al 'Manikin' Was Scared, Police Told (he fame time, the treaty wilh West Germany points in the direction of eliminating potential troubles on lhe Soviet Bloc's Hank while Moscow £°od pursues imperialisl aims in lhe|hody. Middle East and Mediterranean areas. Hungry Ideas The Russians are nol supporting Egypt in an expensive way spring." Malnne said the plants, which I ranged in size from two feet to 12 feel, contained aboul 320 pounds of m a r i j u a n a . They did nnl estimate lhe value. The plants were dug up and burned. j Malone said (he man grew many vegetables and thai "as we were nigging he was lecturing us on what vegetables were good for what parts of the OKLAHOMA CITY (API- Keeping up with the Joneses turned out (o he a mighty tough job for the Social Se- furity Administration. There's Roy Jones, the Cherokee Indian laborer from Oklahoma, and there's Roy Jones, the construction work- I cr from Alabama. Each was born on April 6, 1905. The problem cropped up last January when the Oklahoma Jones applied for Social Security payments It turned out he had the same Social Security number as the Alabama Jones. · ' Each had worked for many different employers through the years, and their records were almost hopelessly entwined. But this week, after eight months of research the mixup was straightened out and Oklahoma's Roy Jones received his first check. He also received new Social Security number. · is so important is because I'm on probation, and in order to get permission from the probation people to gel married 1 have to have $500 in the bank," he said. "The past is behind me now. All I want to do is sctlle down.' Penwell has been helping himself, too. He found a good-paying job as a filter with a manufacturing firm and has begun a correspondence course in drafting under the GI bill. Skene St., Whitehall widow of James Epifanio. died Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Rutland Hospital, Rutland Vt. She is survived 1 a daughter, Mrs. Julie Bruce ol Whitehall; four sons, Andrew o South Glens Falls; Louis Vin cent and Joseph, all of While iiall; a sister Mrs. Jack Berta of Whitehall; 2 brothers George Morani and Romeo Morani o Whitehall; five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren also several nieces and nephews Funeral services will he con ducted today at 9:30 in Notr Dame des Vicloires Church, Whitehall. Interment will be in Our Lady of Angels Cemetery. Dorothy r Brings Death To 12 MIAMI (AP) -- FJ»sh flood* in th* mountains (if Mirtinlqu* ; drowned 12 persons f »nd injured many others during the passage r of Tropical Storm Dorothy across the French island, tte National Hurricane Center reported Friday. A deluge of 12.32 inches in nine hours hit the .capital ol Fort de France, causing eon. siderable local flooding. Winds reaching a top speed p£ 0 miles an'hour'in gusts did lit- le damage, however. Weakened slightly by her col- · ision wilh the mountains, Doro- 12 hy packed a punch of only 50 miles an hour as she struck out almost due west across the Car- bbcan Sea. Winds had been hitting 70 m.p.h. Thursday. A gradual rebuilding of intensity was forecast, however, and residents of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Haiti and the the Edward M. Prindle Edward M. Prindle, 62 Saunders St., Whitehall, died Wednes day evening in the Glens Falls Hospital. Mr. Prindle was an employe of the International 'aper Co. at Ticonderoga. He vas a communicant of Noire Dame des Viotoirs Church and a veteran of World War II, having served in the U.S. Navy. Survivors are his wife, Eleanor Prindle; four sons, Michael, Wayne, Alan and Mark and one daughter, Barbara Prindle,-al of Whitehall. Funeral services were held Friday in Notre Dame des Victoires Church. Interment will he in Our Lady of Angels Cemetery.. Michael Sicuranza The funeral of Michael Sicuranza, 89, of Bennington, Vt., who died Thursday at the Fairview Nursing Home after a long Dominican Republic were advised to keep informed of storra advisories. A Navy reconnaissance report placed the slorm center near Latitude 15.1 north, Longitude 64.0 west, about 260 miles southeast of San Juan and 1,000 milel east-southeast of Miami. H was moving at 14 m.p.h. Gale force winds covered to area 150 miles in diameter. Finds How System Works A 24-year-old -man from Canaan, N.Y. walked.into the Palace Diner, River and Hoo sick Streets, early Friday morn ing with some friends, orderc .,. ... T , , , some food and then refused to !,;"5«s will be held at 9:30 a m. Small Phone Firm Given Rate Hike ALBANY, N.Y. (UPT) - Last' April, Macomb Telephone company in rural St. County replaced its Lawrence old hand against Israel because they love Mind a patch of marijuana growing in a field next to railroad tracks and in the yard of a young man. He was arresled on a charge of illegal cultivation of a narcotic plant. mid-October nirglar. Red Leaders Applaud Bonn Treaty MOSCOW ( A P ) -- Soviel bloc . land there is no reason to I s u m e they have suddenly ,.-- , , , - I - , , , ' a u u i e \ u v * L i t i * c aui-n.tii.j ic- finally lhe manikin laughed i ( o r m c d anti abandon( , d those no- and the search was over. Herman, a 14-year-old whose lasl name was withheld, told The area--anil a measure o control over its enormous re. Judge William J. McLaughlin serves of oil--is hugely impor he spent the evening of July 19 shopping at Gimhels and fell asleep on a sofa in the furniture department. The boy gave this account: He woke aboul midnight and leaders plaudcd the West Viet friendship Ircaty as ··ams.. u ,, | , I)hon( , s wcre d( . ad am , hc Jor step on the mad Inward rc.! was , oc)icrt in So he spcnl SDV . t a n t lo lhe united Slates and lhe Atlantic allies, whose mililar leaders react in alarm lo Sovie shows of strength. The road lo domination of th Middle East is through its to Electrical Fire Disrupts Subway NEW Y O R K (AP)--An elcc rical fire broke out in the Lex nglon Avenue 1RT line at the 23lh Street station in Harlem o'uriug lite evening rush period Living Cost Still Climbs During July WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The cost of living of Americans con tinned to rise last month at an annual rale of almost 5 per cent ul the purchasing power o workers' improved, the govern merit reported Friday. The Labor Department sav the consumer price index, on ol the key indications of the pac of the nation's economic pulse rose 0.4 per cent in July -- th same rate as for May and Juni A full year rise at that ra 1 would he 4.8 per cent. But the report said that fi pay his check of $6.26. Troy police were summoned and when Officer John Gray ad- sed Michael Cunningham to y lhe check lo avoid further o n s e q u c n c e s . Cunningam again refused and, accord- g to the officers, told him "I ant to see how the judicial sys- ^m in this city works." Gray placed Cunningham un- er arrest, brought him lo Cen- ral Station and later Friday morning Ccimmingham svas ar- .j- * ·«- ' i v n ^ n » TM « \ 11« mi ·{-,»! i ...... iUl.Ul.IH: t i d a l . 13 U l U I U f i l l »10 IU '. r.°"r.«"!, sH' foun1 himsclf alonc '" tne dark-1i. ade r. In Kremlin eyes, an un '·encd slore. He discovered Ihe'iidy situation may exist in th area. Nasser, while using Sovie - · ,. ( - , m j .m-nv-i .... "j., .... u,.~... -- largesse, resists Ihc Communi .1 laxation and normalization of |C1 . a , hoi]rs w a n d c r i n g throughl c m | ) r a c c . .,\uhe same time, he I the situation in Europe, a com.| lhc s , nre lrying on la( jics' dress- has a pnlcntial lor gelling the munique said lonay. |es, wigs and accessories. Russians into an unpleasant The statement on the Commit-, Finally, fully outfitted, he de- j anl through some sort of eonf- nisl summit meeting Thursdayl|iberatcly tripped a burglar rontalion with Ihc Americans. Friday causing heavy smoke to collect in the tunnel and inju'r- ng several persons. The incident was first described as an explosion, but police said it was a short circuit Ha?c. aigncd before Troy 'ourt Justice Kvran P. Police today from the Alahar and Son Funeral Home 628 Main St., Bennington and at 10 a.m. from St. Francis DeSales Church svhere a Requiem Mass will be celebrated. Interment will be in Park Lawn Cemetery, Ben- riington. ] Mr. Sicuranza was born in |Tito, llaly, and was educated in lhat country. He had resided in the United Slates since 1902. He was formerly employed by the Rutland Railway for more than 20 years. He was a member of Benninglon Aeirc of Ea- crank telephones with newfangled dial devices, and now, sure .-' enough, the rates are going up. · The Public Service Commission said Friday all Ihose new telephones--the company serves 200 subscribers--c o s t more than $80,000 to install.' As a result the company lost more than $1,700 last year and ', said it couldn't maintain ade- ; quale service without more money. ' Monthly rates for multi-party subscribers will jump from $3.50 '· o $5.50 and private lines from ··- 4.10 to $S.50. ' ' · : For business service, lhe old mulli-parly rate was $4 and will · o up to $9. A private business clephone will cost $13 instead f ?S. Cunningham pleaded innocent i the charge of theft of serv- ces and his case was deferred ntil Friday. Bail was set at 100 cash hail or S200 property ond. Unable to immediately ost bail, Cunningham was remanded to Rensselaer County lil. Police said the incident occurred at 4:30 a.m. Friday and hat Pauline Decb was the complainant in the case. She is listed as a cook at the diner, police stated. He has no known survivors. Board To Meet Rensselaer County Planning Board will hold a meeting on Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Courthouse. said the leaders of ihc Sovtaljalarm and waited to be rescued. Union. Hungary. Czechoslovakia. Romania. Bulgaria. Polanrl- \V!ien he saw police arriving That cosild upset a patient campaign ' ol 1C years aimed at the third consecutive mont spendable earnings of rank-and- ile workers rose at a greater rate than the price index. That figure for July was S105.88 a week, up SO cents from June, [or an average worker with three dependents. The index for July slood at 135.7 -- representing a jump of 5.9 per cent over July, 1069. The index meant that il cost $13.57 lasl month lo buy poods and services lhe that spreading Soviet inilucnce. Thus, why not cool thing ith dops he panicked. nd East Germany agreed toj "1 thought they would jusl ........... seek "in lhe nearesl future" the. chew me up," he told lhe judge, flown, why nol champion nego European security conference j So, grabbing a handbag, Her-||i a tj ons that could drag on end- which the Soviet Union has been | man leaped onlo a counter. |lcssly? That could dampen a \Veslern rc-jstrurk a pose and held it. Fori^angpmus fuse without backing urging. But no sponse is likely unlil the December meelins of the North Allan- tic Treaty Organisation. The Communist leaders mcl the next four hours, police searched, dogs sniffed and Herman posed. away, in essence, from support of all basic A r a b claims against Israel. Finally a w o m a n security | H may nnl, Ihcn, o s c , s P ass * ""man's perch mar kabie thai Moscow Ihese l Penis' 1 w i h he pr inci- »»* remarked. ".My'. *hal .| dlys 5 peaks softly and even en to Ihc.f rclly Negro manikm! |couragmgly on several diplo- Thai was too much. Herman ma(ic fronts. It has more to Mto'" an(i r( ' llrtcd ' "Honey. Ufa, long range, from caution "" Couldn't kid me, would ( t l a n from a snow do«n in an 5 altention 'paid « .nt rlav -Lalior T i n Fur which t MM" l o i n erls a major influence upon wrld situation." the eom nique saici. Mcl , aushlin dismissed I t h e m c time, there h a s charges of burglary, larceny |t, c( n no signal whatever from "The meeling was held m a an( , rcccivin( , s ( 0 len goods. He | MOSCOW lhat lhe Kremlin has accord spirit of complete j fmmd Herm3n g uuly c f attempt- friendship and cooperation." it' d i arccnj . an( ) scn i him lo a »rided. Other sources said the ......i. Jo.-'oirmmoni center. added. Other sources meeting lasted five hours, with » banquet following Thursday night. Toll Collectors End 2-Day Strike NEW YORK (AP) - A formal agreemenl between the Tribor- ouzh Bridge and Tunnel Authority and lit.? bridge and tunnel toll collectors and other officers was signed Friday, assuring labor peace after a two-day strike and opening the way for action on air pollution problems. While the toil collectors were en strike, some motorists drove right through booths withoa i youth development center. abandoned its repeatedly expressed goal of world domina-j tion by a Soviet-run Communist movement. same coulc have been obtained for S13.52 in June, S1Z 82 in July, 1963, and $10 a liltle more than a decade |ago.' On This Day In History |Pope Names Cardinals 3 Women Indicted In Prison Uealli LOCKPORT, N.Y. (AP)-AjTo Congregation Niagara County grand jury in- .. dieted three youns; women pris- VATICAN CITY (UPI)--Pope cners Friday on murder au.l p au | vt Friday named five Ro- other charges in the healing I Roman Catholic Cardinals lo death oi an elderly matron »l (he Vatican's Congregation (or By United Press Internationa Today is Saturday, Aug. 2 the 231lh day of 1970 with 131 toj r n ti/».- I Goodell Says Cambodia Good Tactic BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) -- icn. Charles E. Goodell. a Re mblican opponent of the war in southeast Asia, admitted Friday hat lhe U.S. incursion into Cambodia was a successful tac- Oil Painting Of Princess Criticized LONDON (UPI) -- Princess Margaret and the royal family oasted her 40th birthday with ·inlage champagne, F r i d a y while controversy Jlared over z new oil potrail of her. Caustic comment submerged lhe occasional m u r m u r of praise from art students tor lhe head-only,- almost ghostlike oi! of Queen Elizabeth's younger went on public the National ical manuever. Goodell said, however, the U.S. has had many taclical successes in Soulheasl Asia, yet the war drags on. The movement of U.S. troops into Cambodia will resull in "chaos and collapse" in lhat country within a year, the sen ator predicted. Campaigning for election lo the seal to which he was ap pointed in 1968, Goodell charac erizcd Conservative party can sister which view Friday at Potrail Gallery. Slargarel was vacationing al Balmoral Castle in Scotland with her husband, Lord SHJIV- ton, their two children and the rest of the British royal family. tain pelted the castle ramparts but Ule champagne flowed. The portrail by British artist Bryan Organ, 35, is the first major royal family portrait in abstract slyle. British newspapers and the public generally scorned il. Art students saw it as good riddance lo lhe "starchy, still-life image - of royals." A close associate of .Margaret's photographer husband said ''I understand she is delighted wilh lhe porlrait." The princess herself lapped Organ for the Scale Denies Ordering Killing NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) National Black Panther .chair- : man Bobby G. Seale, testifying against his attorney's advice, today said he never ordered, · anybody killed, contradicting testimony by the slate's star witness in the kidnaping and conspiracy trial of Panther member Lonnie McLucas. Seale, brought from jail to testify, said he had met the state's leading wilness, George ' Sams Jr., only once--in April 1968, when Sams was disciplined by the Panthers for . allegedly stabbing a party member. Sams has testified that Seale was in New Haven in May 1969 and gave him orders to kill Pan- : ther member Alex Rackley. · Sams quoted .Seale a.s telling ' him: "A pig is a pig.'Do »way · with him. Off the pig." didale James Buckley as ali° b an1 gave him complete free- spoiler who will run a poor third in November. Buckley, Goodcll (old the Binghamton Kiwanis Club, "putting on the mantle of moderation" lo win voles, bul his hero remains Barry Goldwater. 'om of expression, the artisl old newsmen. "ft appears the princess is icing fired out of a cannon," he London Times said. [ 0 How i ue again claimed his views The moon is between ils full; 0 " Asia were consistcnl with his phase and last quarter. The morning stars are Mars and Salurn. The evening stars are Mercu- | position on the Mideast and noted that Isreal lias not asked America for troops, bul only for lhe right to buy arms. The U.S. ry, Venus and Jupiter. On This nay in History the county jail hers Aulnorilics ssid Marlene Roy. Divine Worship. The five were Archbishop John ster, 23, ol Niagara Falls, Shir- r. Dearden of Detroit, Arch- NEW HE AN -- Dr. Robert J. Kopecek has been named, dean of the faculty al Schcnectadj Community College, according to an announcenwnl hy SCC President Robert D. L.irssor.. Dr. Kopecek, who will succeed Dean Clifford Rail, has been associate dean of the family at the State University Agricultural and Tec'nr.ical College at Delhi, wli'.rc he has been a member of the staff since 1360. He holds A.B.. should have sold Israel the arms long ago, Goodell said. . . , , After meeting the Kiwanians. Tn Itol the U.S. yachU h e a dd rcs s e d a ' Republican America, defeated a number of- w o m e n . s group . Earl ier in the British ships oft Cowes End a v he tOTlrcri federal projects eland, lo win a silver trophy It! in B e Collntv . " Seale was asked by fense what the Black Anthers · ' did with someone they; slisptct- ed of being an "infillrajor." "I never ordered ariybody tc be killed," said Seale. '-'.The par. ty does not ever order :anybody lo be killed." r Suspected informers .would be punished by having .their pictures published in the party newspapers, he said. Seale denied ever being in the room al New Haven Panther headquarters where Rackley was allegedly lorlured. ' McLucas is the first Panther o come to trial in lhe May 1963 : slaying of Rackley. He is charged wilh kidnaping, conspiracy and binding. princess looks like a Tudor queen awaiting "The tragic execution," said the Daily Mail Commoners looked al ihc 61 hy 55-inch piclure and decided: "It doesn't f l a t t e r her." "Looks incomplete." "Terrible." Injured Fatally BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) -Mrs. Letha M. Neal. 72, of Bing Forest Fire Rages Near Power Site CORNWALL - ON - HUDSON, N. Y. (UPI)-A forest fire, a : mile and a half long, raged out ol control Friday on the slopes of Storm King Mountain, the site of a proposed multi-million dollar nuclear generating plant some 40 miles north of New York Cily on the Hudson River. More than 200 firemen from nearby communities were called in to bailie the runaway flames title "The; was Niagara Mohawk Gels Slock Sale OK still carries the America's Cup." In ID11 the Mona Lisa stolen from lhe Louvre museum in Paris. It was recovered Dec. 10. ] ALBANY, N.Y. (UPI) - Thej In 19U N a z i Irbops advancedjp H b)ic Service Commission au-i lo the outskirts of Leningrad inj[j lor i 2 ed Niagara Mohawk Pow-i hamlon, was injured falally Fri-1 while a Stale Environmental · j...:_ , . u ,, "--'-'conservalion Department fire. plane landed wilh water swoop- day in a two-car crash on Route 67 southeast of here. Mrs. Neal had an RD address. ed low spraying the fire. A l e I i ····'·· VI l i o ^ n i d L «t I I J , o i l " - r, U v d l UCII Ui J J C . H U H . , r» %. I L - i " ley Allen, n, ol Niagara Falls, bishop Mfred Bengsch of Berlin, 1 M.A. and Ed.D. degrees from and Valerie Bcrard, 16, of Archbishop Karol Wojtyla of SUNY at Ai k "" ---' *" Grand Island, fatally injured Krakow, Archbishop Francois) done additi Mrs. Phylbs Myers, 67, durirgiMarty of Paris and Archbishop I work at Colgate an escape alUmpl on the night Arturo Tabera Atoz oi Pam"| and State Univets'ty College and has graduate University of June 16. plona, Spain. at Oneonta. Russia duirng World War II. In 1068 Pope Paul received a hearty welcome in Bogota, Colombia. It was lhe first visit to. Latin America by a Roman Catholic Pontiff. A Though for the Day er Corp. Friday night lo issue and sell up lo 2.83 million additional shares of its 58 par value! common slocks as a means of- producing an estimated $37.7 million in addilioal capital. The new shares will be offer- Bret Harte saW, "One big vice ed initially (o present slock- in a man is apt lo keep out »|holders who can acquire one great many irniller ones." new share for e»ch 10 now held. 92.) SOLID GOLD

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