The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1940 EIPEBlp Stti Committee Bares Lack 01 Long Service By NLRB Group Fingerprint Ballot Boxes BY UllUCK CA1TOS' Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—.That the Labor Board's 13 women review attorneys arc very good-looking may inive pleased tiio Smith investigating ecmmlttec, before which six of them testified, but it, was only incidental to the committee's main jjolni.. What the committee hnd ayalnsl them was not iheir comeliness but the fact that none of them were hoary am! grizzled veterans of the bar. Committee Counsel Edmund To- iaml gallantly refrained from asking Die six (heir ages. He was more Interested in bringing cut dial they hndu't been around so very long. Tivo of them—Margaret MeDuIf Farmer and Agger—were hired In the spring or 1938. n few (lays before they had even been admitted to the bar. Ann Land)' Wolf got her law degree In 193V and came to the board less than n year Inter. Anne Freeling got her degree in 1033 and was hired iu 1937; Margaret Bennett Porter entered practice In 1932 and came to (lie board In 1937; veteran cf tlie lot wns Fannie M. Boyls, who left, law school in 1029 and hart five years practice before entering governing service. » * * CLAIM INEXPERIENCED GIRLS DO VITAL WORK Tolanrt wants to show that the board entrusted a vital part, ol its work to young and inexperienced lawyers. A review uUcrnev passes on (lie record of a case as sent in by a trial examiner and roughly speaking, tells the board what it's nil about. The record may run to 2000 pages or more; the review attorney digests it, makes notes, nnct then reports orally to the board. Anne FreoHug was asked: "For their knowledge of .the evidence in the case other than such fragmentary reading of the record as there might he, they depend upon this oral statement, that you give them?" "That is right." Earlier she was nsked: .iHbtf.'j would, the board,.'know,- except:jor their confidenceiirC you, that you were' giving them everything, that was in this 2000-pa»c transcript?" "Well, I suppose except in a case when there had been an oral argument, the brard relies upon its review attorneys." "Yes, It had to rely upon what you told them was In the evidence did it not?" "That Is right.". Tolnnd also brought out that no record was kept of what a review attorney tcld the hoard, so that a respondent could never nnd out precisely what had been present ed. AND ONE OP THEM HAS CHANGED DIAPERS . Tolanrt insists that this gives the review attorney an awful lot ol power—too much for youthful lawyers. Clmrles Fahy, the board's general counsel, denies this hotly A review attorney, he says, dees for the board what n law clerk does for a judge. The job's important, but not as all-important as Toland suggests. Besides these women—and the rest ot the review staff-are mightv capable, he says. Incidentally, attaches of the board are pretty sore about the committee's tactics. Tlie b:ard ha' 105 review attorneys, they say, why did the committee pick out Just the women for its first \vit- iieses,- unless it wanted to put over a fast one? ... Congressman Clare Hoffman wasn't quite correct when he sneered that none of these young women "had ever changed a diaper or hung cut a washing." Mrs. Margaret Bennett. Porter is the mother of twins. ro keep he,- state election on the level. Louisiana "fingerprinted" her . n™boxes this venr to prevent siltetHutWn of lUegal vole cache, lefm. from the book of Proverb;;, the theme, "Thy Thoughts Shall He Established," The progi-nm topic wns "Ciixl In One Woman's Life—Miss llelle liar- its Ucnm'it," given by Mrs. K. 11. Owe;!. A tnlk on "Spending Misslonnry Hollars" was presented by Mrs. H. E. I,, llnuden Jr. Airs, l-ymia-.s Owen Ilnrel, of Al- lant'.i. On., was u jjucst nl (he A social hour followed the program, nnd the hostess served u salad plate. Announcement was made llmlthc next meeting would be hold In the home of Mis. u. jj. i,. uennlen Jr., on January 23. •Mrs. Sam Ilowen visited wllh Mrs. Lrater Spiel In her home flt Mrs. Maxine Drown NtcHnney enteivd the Methodist hospllnl, Memphis, Momlnv. Mrs. Frances Owen IJiirel, of Atlanta, Oa., is visiting In the.homo "I her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 11. II. Ott'Cli. F. O. Anders, who 1ms niftde untorn his home for the past ten .vciire, as manager ol the Thomas l 1 . Hudson farm on Highway 120, northeast O i Luxorn, 1ms moved to Marie. Ills daushter, Miss Helen Anders, a senior In (he Luxora high school, and hi., , ;oll \y«llor Anders, associated with the Kroger store at Liixora. will mnkc their home with Mrs. drover Driver. Miss Helen will Jo),, | lcl . father utter (he close of the current school /R (AKTC.V COURIER NEWS , .Yard leaders Sam Cusilnoiia nnd David J. McNeil in New Orleans arc shown, Luxora Society—Personal i'wo Table Bridge On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Hires, Mrs. Grovcr Drivei Jesse Brown, Mrs. May Bowcn Thompson, Mrs. It. J. Gillispie, Mrs Oharlie Mifflin, Mrs. C. B. Wood and Mrs. Thomas F. Hudson en-1 joyed the hospitality of Mrs. Elliott Williams at her home on Jalhoun for bridge. Mrs. Gillispie held highest honors and was presented hose, with Mis. Phillip Ocoijje and daughters. Miss Eva nnd Miss Mabel Miami Mrs. S. J. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Reucl w. Bullet nnd daughter, .''ii'n Elizabeth, nnd Mrs. C. U. Wood, arc among the Luxorn visitors to Memphis (tils week. Heart Attack Fatal To Arthur Bingham, 78 .— KEISER, Jan. 15.—Arthur Dig- During the business session, pre-iham, retired farmer of Little niver Mr, . slde ?.°™ r b J' M «- Charles Evans, died of a heart attack at his home Mrs. president, announcement was made Saturday night,. He wns 73 yenrs that a program would be given of iu;e. during Sunbeam Focus week, Feb. I Mr. Blgham, who Mrs. Wilkins, date to be an- f territory, was 11 member of the watchword for the year, "Ee yc steadfast, immovable, always a- bouucllng in tlie work of tlie Lord" —I Corinthians 15:58, and singing the hymn for the year, "How Finn a Foundation." Mrs. Smith's full discussion of the monthly program topic. "The Eternal Purpose of God," was Inspirational and instructive. An arrow llmt In loo slllt to '"id will fly I,, the left ot the ni'lU'l. ll. Is rtcllMed from it* course uy i'ojilni'1. \vlili the bw "« U KlllllfS |)11M, UXl'KUT m;,U!Tv W01IK CALL 106 ,.„,_„, Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP BUY •*, «IO E « turn, LIKE li M . OK ,«lm. w - irpUt, It m* vl.k „, «,h« Mil .1 Ik. Mm* Htm. » t iidl«i tit pitci Swedish Mnssnnr, Yap. Kaths Airs, llulh l.avdion Sign the New Register at the Ritz LAST TIMES TODAY N TECHNICOLOR DON ANDREA AL AMECHE-LEEDS • IOLSON FELIX BRUSH ART CHICK CHANDLER RUSSELL HICKS Ui:OHOC RUED HALL JOHNSON CHOIR A2»KC«,.,,r.,n.^. l':iv:iiiH>unt News « had spent ' FRIDAY 2ir».oo (toon KI:ASONS why yuii shunlil aliu-iid CONGO MA1S1E will: Ann Sclhcrn ,v John Onri-nll -\Ui> Kclcclt'il Sliorts. ROXY TIMES TODAY I - ' " -"i-xjuti Ul LIIU , I Church of Christ of Crews Lateral I A communication wns read from Services were held here Wed Miss Irene Clinmbeis, slate w. M.,nes<lay afternoon with Iliu Rev D U. field worker, announcing a Wo-|M. Nenl, pastor of Ihe Blvthevlllp mnn', MUdr,,,,,.,, U n\on clinic cm- Church of Christ, cniclntlng. Burial was in the Garden Point come- Mi-s. Williams, assisted by her I h ° ld "' daii-jhler, Mrs. Elizabeth Silim.ii). I Girls' A uvilHrv served a plate carrying a congealed' Mci !f s Momiw Had, meat sandwich, cookies I Eighl'een inembc \' : .... [ Auxiliary of the I'UXoi-jL.Ijiorary Book Club j ™,^ "^ D ' ""— """ Stanford was hostess-nomi . on Feb. 12-13. 's ol the Girls Baptist church their counselor, , Monday nfler- • dinner which l °' C ' Part Back«-«rd and lery. Mr. Blghnm Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Anna Ulgham and two daughters, Mrs. John Roseyrnnt of Los Aneele.'!, Calif., and Mrs. B. Harris of Port \Vorlh, Tex. Pallbearers were Roosevelt Kennedy, Bob Crews Jr., Lawrence Wpodard, Parks Crews, James Wpyianl, J. n, Johnson Also Selected "shnrt:, Fri. & Sat. OKLAHOMA TERROR irilii luck Rniiilull c " rt "°" * Serial "Kit fnrsoii" In ra Parent Teachers the absence o,' !.'. • COURTS W. E. Hoskins was fined $25 in Municipal Court todny on a charge of rcckle« driving but the fine was suspended. Eight a. m. and 3 p. m . arc favorite hours for the beginning of a snow fall. ° Try Flushing Excess Poisons And Acid Thru Kidneys And Stop Gctting_U|i iNigtils 35 CENTS PROVES IT When your hUlncys nro nvcrt.iscd nnd your bladder Js Irrltnlcd and iws- pgo scanty nnrt often smarts and l.iirns. you may need Gril.l >rcd^l Haarlem Oil Causulcs, a fine harmless stimulant nml diuretic tlial starts to worli at once and cosls Imt 35 cents at nny modern drugstore. It's one KOod safe way [c put more healthy ncllvily Into liMneys nnd bladder — you shoutd sleep nioro soundly the whole nlqht througli nut bo sure to g«UGOI,D SIEDAJr-Jt's a geniilno medicine.for weak kidneys- right from Haarlem In Holland. Don't accent a substitute, president r the meeting. Aftedl pe w t. routine business, Mrs Hilton ste- awmou. director of the Luxora Glee club announced that an oper- atta would be given the first wed" in Pebruarv, the proceeds to be «'"p«l in the f..nd for band un|! forms. A benefit show. "Hemcm , , inc Smith and ' !""""f V ™ 5 >1? BCtty Sw b - v The " rn J' cr lcd ' r? - , ' h e Imm^ Z n ? , / 9! newly elccte ' i r rho „„.. ., _ » fteraoon ' R ' B ° i!1 " 1 ' prcsl(lellt tm ' ' w Bcard(!n Jr ' nsttl11 thc llcw of »«- "^es MB. Began: H°'T ' ^ P"""^ Head ' sccreta rs'; Mrs. ^u, e ," wouid b= at' ita Gem IT n n , "'I"' SKIe ^'- M ^ theater. Osceola, on Thursday night Llon^w' 11 *'! rt^T'' Th ° dG ' Jan. 18. for the mmc fnnrt i, " a Was led b - v the ^ v - Mr Bearden, Illustrating with passages S|>celnl iliatlni Fit IDA V at ' t C( • for LADIES ONLY AI'TKHNOON lime For extrn-trmlcr pastries KIRMA will answer iiucstloiis of a molt personal nature. 'KIRMA' will ulso appear im llic s Friday Night for \\l ,,Saturdnv Mallneo Jt Night & Snlurilay LISTEN T() KI.ON a.m. —12.-.15 p.m. —4;3fl ,,.„ Hmne Rlti 2'44 Phone Roxy , Jan. J8, for the same fund. Mrs. Langston, leader of the program on "Hecrention and Social Conduct," gave an Interesting discussion on the phase, "What" Part the the School Might Play in Boy's and Girl's Social Life." Tills discussion was followed by a lalk on "Developing Social Attitudes Through Recreation" by Mrs. Martha Polsou. The attendance award of one dollar went to the first grade. The program was closed by two readings given by Ann McLcndon. I'.a'itist missionary Society On Tuesday afternoon the members of the Baptist Missionary society met In tlie home of Mrs. J I Mifflin for a Royal Service 'program under the leadership of Mrs. S. J. Smith with Mrs. B. O. Wilkins .eariing tlie devotional on "Learning to Love the Bible", Psalm 119- Luke i I 4:16-22. ' " Mrs. Smith gave a resume of "Looking Backward nnd Forward" in introducing' the Missionary Program theme for 1910, "Steadfast Purpose in a Changing World " having repeated in unison the '\7I1EN jour noslrlta become red W lrrlla(«l. nnd siud, d ™ etoe „' brad cold, simply Insert somS , «tnm. Jt qulcSlj soo thcs the Irritated membranes, reduces loeal congcslion. nnd promotes hcallnc. Mcntholatumalsorellcvessiumnr^ 1 or tube toncisr nWya. oily 30c. HONE NOW SENTRY COAL „«« EVERY ROOM JHC SAME $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 . Phone 76 Y' MERCURY ECONOMY RUN (Bcginninjr Friday, Jim. 19) SURPRISING EVERYBODY The hundreds of people who saw the Economy Run Mercury 8 at City Hall today expressed real surprise at ils official inilejiL'e records. In (he first 75 miles of the Hun, tnis stock Mcrcurv has nverajfctl over ^l) miles to (he gallon of ffl is! Thai sort of economy in a car as bi K as the Mercury is almost unheard of. TEST PROVES OWNERS RIGHT One of (he reasons for (he success of Hie Mercury has been (he word-of-motith pwsc of ils owners. "lii^-far perfonuance, si/e, comforl, driving," (hey said, ''I'nl.'tj ECONOMY we didn'l expect in such a Kg car! . . . U p (,, "20 miles per gallon!" The Economy Uun proves their statements. Have you given Ihe new Mcrcurv 8 a personal check-up? Name the (imc and place ;—and we tl pul a car at your disposal. Slop m or call us today and arrnimc for the drive of your life! Phillips Motor Co. Ford and Mercury Sales and Service 5th & Walnut phone 8 , 0 'KICKS I'OK (••KIDAY AND SATURDAY C. Club 3 Lgo. or 6 Small ••OTMBM I fl J7I/ BEANS 2 for 15c Sanhorn Ib, 22jc PIE can lOc CAIHMET Baking Powder Ih can 19c Peaches -^ 15c Fruit Cocktailjf25c HEINZ CATSUP IK Si PEAHUT BUTTER CHUM SALMON Till) din 2 for 23 CORN FLAKES C. Clllb 8 o/.. Hox SALT; MATCHES- Sl u "f,,'L 4lb. IL--88c Crt. potlight 3 Ib 15c Ib. Clock '- J,oaves 2 For I HaIh Cloth with -I Him; A lure Soup, All for Chump » Cans I0c P= & & SOAP 7 Bars 2Sc LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 Bars 17c Florida Oranges DoL'lOc •• i n imm^m^m Texas Muslard-Tur'ip Collards . Bchs 3 Bchs. IQc Kroger Ripened Bananas libs. m^tmmmm Texas Grapefruit .25c Fresh i Mshes & Onions 3 Bcfis, lOc I^BBI^^HHBBD^^^^^^^^^M i ^^ r '^"^^5*M«WiiMMWPB . S. No. 1 Red Potatoes j^P Yellow Globe Onions Ibs. lOc Slimikless Gold Coin rendered, SAUSAGE Clark 2 Ih. 49 PORK CHOPS First Cuts Lh. 15 NECK BONES Ib. CHITTERLINGS 10 Ib. fire Bucket UJ BIHDLESS BACON ib 23 C Fancy K. C, Thick Rib or Chuck, Ib. BULK SAUSAGE ,,,12 1c Reg. 1ft, Ib. 19 CREAM CHEESES, 99 BRiSKET ROAST a , 12 lie OYSTERS Extra Stds. PI. TENDERLOIN TROUT 29 PAN TROUT 11). 10' RED SNAPPER „ 25' Solid Meat. . Ib. 15c Whole Picnics... Ib.

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