The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ' THE BI/VTHKV1LLE COURIKK NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor IJ. \V. HAtKES. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The, Beckwltli Special Agency,. Inc. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Philadelphia, .San Francisco, Los Angeles. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. • Entered as second clnss matter at the pest office at Dlythovllle, Arkansas, under act of October D, 1311. Served by the United Press. HATES" ~" By carrier In (he city of Ulylhfvllle ISc i>cr week or tc.SO per year ir. advance. By mall within a racllus of M mile; SIM per •year, $ for six months. 85c fo r Ihn-c months; : by mall In 1x1113! zones tv.-o to six. inclusive, S0.50 per year. In jjnes seven ami r! -lit, SlOCij per year, payable In advance. A Complicated Problem Naval we:i|Kins and imvtil .slntli'K.v are changing rapidly UK-SI; tluys. This is one of (lie Un'tiRs (lm( in;ikcs the jol) of tlic London nav.-i! conl'cvi'iu-o <Mcgates such n comi): , .. L:C| one. Limitation () r coir-i -cUnn of 10,000- Ibn crin'ser.s is Uie • . impm-liml inul- lev nl. issue. YiM ,. . ox[«.-fts lire Ite- ijinnintf to wuiitk-r ,t a nw lypc of small crnisci', not over 5,000 tons in size may nut ha the most violent weapon in future mivul wiirfurc. Such ships linvc iili'i<:i<ly hnen oul- . lined. They would have few KIIMS, but would have tin extremely IOIIK cniisiiiR ratlins; :ind cadi one would carry four or five airplanes. Their proponents declare that such vessels, us commerce destroyers, would Kin-pass any e.xistint,' cruiser as much as ordinary cruisers surpass the sun raiders of the "Alabama's" day. j Thai's the sort of thing the are. up against. They convene to one type of warship, and find that another type may replace it in value before the ink can j;et tlvj' oil an aRi'c;- nient they may siiin. Some Memories Jor Mr. Hughes If Charles Evans Hughes cares to do a bil'of soliloquizing as he reUirns lo . the supremq judicial bench, ht will find "plenty of material in the thing.-, that have happened during his H-yciu retirement from that high court. \Vlicn lie-resigned his justiccshfpriii • 1016, Europe wns at war and this na.. tion was at peace—and expected to "remain so. Herbert Hoover was feeding .Belgians, Al Smith was a New' York politician and Calvin Cooliilge was climbing the ladder in Maastiehiisells. Prohibition looked like an impractical dream, ownership of an automobile meant that a man was fairly well-to- do and the British navy was as large as any two others combined. It was, in short, an utterly different world when Hughes last sat in the supreme court—a world that seems as far . removed, now, as the eni of the Civil War. But it was only 14 years ago. If Jlr. Hughes' return (o (lie bench - sets his memory working, he will have plenty to think about. Aviation Sets a New Record Despite acci;!nnU, commercial nvin- tion continue.? to gain. A report from the Acronnulicnt Chanibcv of Commerce of America, Inc., shows Hint miles flown by th? 27 major air Inm.siwrl companies in i he United States readied u (utal of over 2(1,000,000 in I!)2!l—double the 1028 total. Furthermore, Die number of pas.seiij,'cr.s carried on these lin;s tripled, tlie for 1929 beinif liftw.i ;i.s t with 52,'IIM in 1928. In tiir mail, likewise, (here was an umiiv.ini; i/aiii, more (han 7,000,110') !)i:niiils beini; carried last \cur-Uviei! the amount tinned in I!iz8. All'in all, American aiiTnd'l flew neai-ly 200,00'),000 mil;:', during tlie yeriir, and 11, ru- fourths of this inilea;;i- wa.s nm up by comtnerdal planu-;. SIDE GLANCES George Clark Hie Rcappcrlimimciii The moM. vital ilnly jihcad ul thc Juni-sljoro Chamber cf Commerce us well «•; cmy iitlur civic orijanlz-illr.n Is the Initiation uf ., mr>a..un- to linmll a u'.ipjiorl.'omiu m in !ho -.1.-, l.OKislalmc us i-c.cii us ilu- l!Hi) Census !iyi,;i-s arc pnbh^licd. The present. Hpixiilioiiiiicni uf n'lm-.wiilulLii in the legislature Is baseil HIH-II i-or.illlloiis Hint li:ivi? been cluinucd fur many ynm. When [he i.'iirr- tentullon nds allclteil this scftsmi of l!ic ktjte was iin u)>i>x|>loiv<l »-jlr! wliilr many cf (lie unall hill nullities were, umijurnllvely. densely pnpiilaiecl. The principle Ihrt; the iifenie:;'. number <:f IKf.ple nre cnlitleil lo the larger rcpivsentnllun is one n'llfi v.'hlch no one. ran quiiii-cl. coiise- queiuiy the ti-l.;ln:il npiicriioiimciit v.-us bnscil niwn plain justice. However, rlurliii; the many yearn Hint have elapsed sine;, this iipii.irilon- menl. wns made, llio alluvial secticns have multiplied tlicli- ijupiiliiion ninny (lines while the hill counties have ucouled i iniir-h siiuiller growth. Herein lies a rank Injustice (11 the move ]):pulons sections. Whereas Craliiliead anil MLssissipp] counties, both o[ which have unnvn trcineiiilniisly since the criminal apportionment, have lint cue Representative In Ihe lower house, there are thliily- iicopletl lilll c:uiitles which boast o( U.H cr more incmbrrs lu represent only a fiaeticn of !he i;eople represented by our cwn member. Whereas one senator speaks for all the people ot Ci-alghcad. Greene. Clny, CIT.SS and 1'alnsell comities, tlie older counties which were settled bcfcre die original npporlltnmeiit. enjoy the power and prestige of behi 3 al!.-;ti-a n senator aplccu. This situalloa elves the older, but now most thinly piipnlrUcd. scclinis ot the stale n heavy . ; ndvanlaae over us In Iculslntlvc matters. It, is often the case tlml what would be be;: for the JcivJniuls woiiM not be test for the nil; Canute. Under ptuscn; conditions the hill counties, coai- prizlng n CDinpnralively small number of citizens, can out-vote those comities thai have been cleared and settled during recent years. Thus is (lie great American principle of "majority mlc" defeated. There Js no cbanre or a rc-appartlc:iiiicii: by ICBlslnttvc enactment. The hill counties wlilch liold the balance ot power' would vole solidly against it. They naturally do not desire to re- llnqujsh" the advantage the present situation gives them. The'change must- be made by nil initiated mea_ sure. The pcojik' uf lh,> entire state., if j/ivcn li-.c chance, will 'right this wren;; anil correct this Injustice. It rests willi those secti'jm arc nciverreiy ailected to Kel the meapurc nn the bsllcl.—Jcnesboro Tribune. Announcements . Thn Courier News lias been an- i thcrlwd 10 nnn-unce the followlnp candidacies, subject to lli c nomo- '"-file primary, Tor Sheriff W. \V. SHAVrii (Re- Tor County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER. l-'nr Ouinty Court Clerk MH:;. JOHN LONG iiz I'ur County Assessor •' S. :)ll,I,AIIUNTy JIM FOWLER Uie-clM(lon). l-'ur City Attorney IVY W. CKAUTOKI) ctic-etcc- i'.l) I 1'or O'ly Cltrk :;. i. MCKNIGHT. • tilVOUOL 1 CROSF. ; a. c. CUAIG (Rc-ticx-iion). I Tor Alilrrmati, 1st Ward i -7. l.OUIW ClIKtiRY : I- C: THOMPSON IPete the. • Hiinibvri. t-'ur Alilrriiun. 2nd Ward KAY WOflTJUNUTON. For Aldt-rnian, 3rd Wurd KRNEST It. JACKSON. 'KEL.AXATIO.V! L WASHINGTON p ALONG MA1.N 1 STIUWT u.v :•'. i,. H li is nimoiinceii thai, men—he men-spent $75.000,000 lust yen.- on lafii'.l beantilication alone. And my c-vicrv.-tNon convinces me (hat most ct it was mis-sjient. i A HlyllievtlJi; man t,i past mid- I «!e aRc consoles himself about j cng skirts by remembering |.'iat , Why couldn't we have had the iPOlmical campaign this winter icaii ]urllc!i>.-ii:on iu any calc-nda! •iiiiiplUlcnllcii tBiifer^-iic? unless nm- J«'« .•l-.-l=-satloii I:: L-nnnd to oppose nny! ' the fixity cf I There nre many our shins? have Ky HOI)\i;v IHITCUEIl NBA :ii-rvicc Writer WASHINGTON — Ths ccmri trems with iiinnteiir Icbbylsl-: vi nre not alfeck-.l by the InveVl-Y.' ll-'-"snbi,';,'ii; "'V^im^lo'^hof', ,^n I "-'I" 0 "" lna " y ris!:s l » r "» i" "o» cf thc CMruway eaininlllec lie-! MiiFleiiui's Union ir-Utfon in t- ',^,' "• '""" ta " Bhl n «'omnn suite n slight activity dlree-rt a < hulf of the Arm" m,ul b | " > m Cn " form " !o fl v -and (hen she influencing lesislallon. Tbnsc n,..; T«- o hundred folks in Wn-im-g i ' ™* m "'' lcj hil "the signers of petitions to Congre-,-, • ion cciinly, Ark., support n bill'to! o n( . nivii ~i7~, Their p-aitions pour In and n-. ajipinprlatc $50.000,001) a vcnv I-'IK. u „ i • S ' n " sban " 5: >Vs "" ' '" mal » ia ?» mt ^"^'^^\^}^^^^ r ^^ t in the federal road system. Muni?-Ui-irts u^t ,„ n n H -. 5 ° snta « !a ir»men urw speedy e.mcL- ,,o the'oUI-hshion?,, teies t h™ ccmnionly cltcil hi the COM»IVS- slcnnl Record l.v Ihe mcmaors' i:i care tlicy ndclrcsse:! u ih h ' f ba ..M. ...v» ..ii; t^u^^lL5^":! i.^..jjiicu uijiu sjjLTuy enact- to the Encli 1.5 referral to the apprlpria'.- '«<»t °'- a bill cloranB certain co-n- i l-ccl-cd committee. iiu-rcinl cocking coui|i3iuids t\-, ' SSSES-S ^Jilin,?^^! .^^-V?"* i'. w^nu-n'c Clubs urescn'. u2 re-;o- ; cunpnir- nn/i ',„. iutioi-.s favoring prompt rattnntlan ivant ,,n fn ,J,^rIr ? " relly: ' of the \7orM Ccsrt protoco'.! i"n", 'b- 1 -.,! 1 .' !" "^ f! "n»>'- - nian married Ewlng's daughter. Sherman . military awful mess of prohibition, but just wiio wants tj go back to' thc op- onuiuun uvgua HIS nuiiiarv ca- PII saloon;? How many merchants reer at West Point at Die age cf In Blythevllle would llko lu see i IB. Graduating near the head ot tliolr customers, y v -ho nre now good t his cia&s, he first saw service in ...... >-ij.iiuijji.-i.->, MIJU iuc HUM gL>uu i tju&>, jit. ijo; saw ;it.rv]ce J pay, lake (heir cheeks to the s:i- Florida agaimt the Seminoles. in^n^ oi\ Saturday ni°lus to net ^ n r^c,nnnH rv/\n. iti« «».«.. ; Ihem cn.slied? The Honr.c nlcne has receivca au.-ist '!COO iirfiiions during 1]-- |ircs:n!. Kgular jc-«;slon. which b'- gan n.--irfmb»r S. Tlie Senate docs:i He resigned from the army in 1853 to enter the bank-in.? business, but. when volunteers we.:e called at the outbreak of the Civil Wnr, he joined .'he Union /erces. Appointed a colonel, Sherman so-n lost his command by making whv was considered a rash 5uggestion for the Kentucky campai-n. He later regained his prestige and r;nl: by courageous and successful en- O|Km (he death of his father f rom that city to Savannah, thus Lately tliere hn.-; b?fii n ficad ot Scotland is reported to be in favor of Hi; day wcrkii-." week. Maybe the Idea Is l.i ll:e clock over Salurilay und Sunday. OUT OUR'WA Williams ]>lcns from ••sundry citizens" many widely siparate.-; communities "praying for Ihe passn R --" O f legislation granting Increased pensions to Spanish War veterans. Further pension Icaisb'bn IK often risked for Civil Way v-i'-n.-, find i heir widov/s. A rerr;i- ii c ti- lir.:i nnllcd by I:H- \Vom- ••.'•, Belief Corps in lioston bcre L'M:i si^na'. tures. The city council of Sali-ni. Miss wants legislation instrur'.ii-..: n K president to proclnim every OL-lobe;11 ns Pulaski's 'me— r-'p' day. Thc Rodelph Salomon Sister- lirct in Congn-.-.rin!in Sal Kn-.'Wr, New York City Dist.. opposr:; Araer- ICWKI1 of ShrevepDrt, La..'o(T air, FrancQ-Belglan citizens Lawrence. Mass.. ask the or , . .. ol tlie Volstead act and relief for j great unempioyment and sufterlnc,-' among tlie' working peoptc of th« ! testili- ir.tiiiMry, The Linnaenn So-' ci.'ty of \ : 'tt- yorfc asks federal pro- | teciion for Hie Aincrienn ea»lc i Citizens of Dradciock ami Non;> ' liratiriori:. Pa.. urgc a { C J CIA \ ^. panment cf education.' I Sp:i-.i-sli War pension petitions have on; numbered all otliers tatciv , by ulxnn 10 to 1. World Court I r.illlto! ic n ami Pulaski Day have been tlie IK-XI most popular subjects. ; Cosmetic Trade Reealls ! Early Patent Medicine Days T " C . Q.icrn fflnibad cf Cr, who lived' ,'k-in ^t-i'.it 'ix thoujand years ;IEO In Ki-vpl. they found a number of rr- t ri-iMacles which coulnined oos- ! in:tirr. These hail been bm;.- : i with i !!ie mieen that she mltjht h.;vr her : favonle preparations avail.:lji „..„,„ l thnt cold ct ,han , prc,™ mitii ,,, e ,„ ! tb,- unlnl cf viow ol the pi.'.l, flexible ami to p ect p.- 1; ,,st «-ir.,! am ] wcat hcr on.- o' ( i- c mo^t n>-™ \-Vil - u p ?c ir. of Vbe eo uf lie irtn ?v the f:,et li t it i s "» "lb Ic to ^ c W rr«m ,,;uie • a vi"-Vv of ™ , " lh 0 M mvli tin the ,„.. j to- rai ,, c . l.l»h«l ,,» Ud thro,,*' i,. r IwmVrr r : bv hoth high and low ii : .' I stratum of society. j In a survey of the sul> : ,-,-[ : advanced qrcntly. M,-:v<--,i • .1 „. , f cl!=rovery \vlnch -' s f ° r "»»'* o11 . r iMf °i J ' " nlc '! ocll!: -l'"' used to- : i make j in'.i'Oiis' :.';;• liner I'l.liNTV OF TltOUni.E i . GKANT) KAPIDS. Midi. (UP)— I ! Frank Unymontt. 53. a night-watch-1 ' mientiy ccsmelics ate r>-- . '!:.- female ecuntcn:-.';;-i I than to briiii; on: ! beauties. Among Ihe carlle.'t c-f i revered by Claiidiu^Ga!.'',!' "^ > ^'^l^,"" a so "C lost an eye: i lived just- after (\ K bee:-,''-. ^ }" -;" 1 " SRO ll;s hollsc bmnf(I 1 ibe Christian era. O:;^,-':';'. ;.„?, 'f.™' 1 '. T <> w°vcr Ilnanclal stabile-ream wns made from .i;:-, M .i 0 |" "^ f<1 ^'J ' j^f" 1 lo wor ' K "' l 1 I'.er. was broken. Later the east luS :uias; 10 be mn O v«i for an oix-ratlon of '"•_m i appendicitis. Frank was taken to ' ' ' ' cfr.icer. and a . ax. ,,-ernm-elt and r.-'-'r : T«)ay there are vario^ ' : frrcold cream, but in i.'o\-'o .'..:.,« or laiiolinc is «M-,i i'liniljifying .iceiit and !-.-, Kir m has taqen thc place of' opcralctl on ' A la mode PARIS sets the styles in women's dress for the world London is the arbiter in matters of dress for men. But', New York and Chicago, Boston and San Francisco i o TTnSS e i S ?' SmaII ? r dtieS , and towns thvoughout Ihe Jnited States may know what arc the latest styles even before they are shown in Paris. A seeming paradox, but true. Merchants maintain representatives in Paris, London, Vienna and other European style centers who cable the latest news of abroad & "A S h - P T P1CS bng bef ° re they are sokl abioad. in America, the news is translated into advertisements and printed by local ne^papers throughout the United States.' And so, American women are ab e to dress in the latest styles on°the Se'o P n' tha , Q , tlie Women ° f ' on me iacc or the globe. mv PS ^ abreast ° f c tm ' 2S in ways. It tel s you ot the newest and best in every line of mcrcliandise. It keeps you posted on what other people are doing and wearing- and usint? Read the irl de U ond n o en H ' ThCy are trUtl?ful and ^Ipful Y S n depend on their accuracy, for the reputations of the merchants sponsoring them guarantee tliair in Sn-itv Read the advertisements to know what is going on in thc world of merchandise.

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