The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUB7..I6HER8 , - - , - O. B. B&BCOCK, Editor H .W.'HAINES,- Advertising Manager ,. fole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc, New York. Chicago, ~ Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Knnsas City, Memphis - - Published - Every Afternoon Except Sunday x Entered as second class matter ot the post office at' Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of ' Congress,, October 8, 1317. i ;. Served by tho United Press '" - SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of Blythevllle, 16o per week, or, 05o per month. By mall, within n radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per jenr, $!.5Q for six months, V5c for three months; by mat!-iii {Jostal zones two to sl.<, inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones sewn and eight, $10.00 • - per year,. payr.Me In advance. Grade Crossing Projects In the spending of several million dollars of federal money on 11 grade crossing ellnu'nnlion program in Arkansas this year projects wftrc .selected to a large extent on llio basis of .the available supply of iclicf labor and the ratio of labor cost to total - cost. As a result somo expensive overpass structures were creeled at points where traffic secTns scarcely sufficient to justify the investment, while certain highly dangerous crossings on heavily traveled roads were passed up. _ _^We have a case in point right ut . 'home. - Authorization was made for the construction" ~of nu overpass to oliminate the Highway 61-Frlsco railroad crossing at Yarbro in this county. This crossing is on the most heavily tiaveied highway in the stnlc. It is - obviously - dangerous, npiproachiiig •trains being concealed by buildings, and has been the scene of a number of fatal and near-fatnl accidents. Yet because the county was unable to provide the money for the right of way the allocation for tliis project •was transferred to Lawrence county and used for the elimination of a crossing on Highway 03, where the traffic is not one-tenth what it is at Yarbro. ,Iu support of this action it was argued that the money was made avnil- able primarily to create jobs and Hint it would have been improper to,, use a par^of it for the purchase of-llio right of way. That line of reasoning - was not without merit. We note, however, that a, rtcent dispatch from Washington reports additional federal funds for grade crossing eliminnlion - work are to be made available to Ar- -kansas, this time as a part of the regular federal highway program instead of as an emergency measure to relieve unemployment. Wo hop B that the Yarbro crossing, which we believe one of the most dangerous in the state, will receive the consideration of the-state highway commission in the. allocation of these new funds. The American Way L ' Near Gardiners Island. Ji e \v York, -—there is an old pile of masonry that ;., -- - once was - the army's ' Fort 'Tyler, j_ -Abandoned.for many, years, it was -• • recently set aside to serve as a tar- OUT OUR WAY get for army (lying corps bombers; Tho army airmen bombed it, no*. cordingly, as part of their battle practice. But very soon protests began to come in. The bombs were scaring the fish—to say nothing of the fishermen. New York's Governor Lehman considered those protests, wrap- pod them up in a letter, and sent it to the; War Department. And now the War Department, heeding the protests, has announced that no more bombs will bo dropped on or at-Fort Tyler. The flyers have been called iofl'; lish and ' can' brealhe easily. A pleasant little story, this—which shows how many miles we are removed from militarism of the European variety. Imagine a similar situation arising in Italy, Germany, or Russia; can't you .see the head of the army, his very spurs bristling with 'indignation, announcing that bombing practice was good for the..soul and that lish and lisheKmen would just have'to like it? But in America the army politely says: "Oh—we are scaring the fish? Excuse it, please—wo won't do it anymore." • War, Peace and Population:.". How Inconsistent "notions sometimes are Is niilly iliown by a quotation from a book by Waircn Thompson, student of population tiends. soys Mr. Thompson: "As soon ns a imputation - grows Ms, Its lenders say: 'Our people itrc so numerous wo must fight for more space.' As soon us war has taken place, tho leaders invert this appeal, and say: 'We must breed ''more people In prcpaiatlon for the next war.'" Sounds silly when expressed that way, doesn't it? Blit Isn't Hint exactly how some ; of the nations of Emouo have been .behaving these ninny yeais? Crowded nations arc generally the ones which give prizes for the biggest' families and subsidies foi giowing children. ! They nre the ' ones which complain most about K. falling birth rate and go to greatest extremes in secHng to intse it. nalhci- than leave well enough alone, I hey reek to make conditions' still -less lottrnble so that they may lciu i their people into wars of conquest. These tailing, they ngnln go to work building U1 , n new rj ghlln ,, population. - ' .- ..•;),'• " b No, sense In tl^is there? : yot>"pns.' ulinost liotii [lie benlmUn.-iinVe devotcd^hcmsclves to this endless clinlu^nntl n fc\v still do.. —Milwaukee. Journal. BLYTHEVILL1D, '(AUK.) 1 COURIER NEWS When a -\\lfc really loves her husband and everything is going fine, the result will be some beautiful meals, but food is loo serious a subject lo become subjected to the passions of (lie heait. -Peter Bonus, Washington, D. c., restaurant owner. «« * - - • The size of one's bankroll should not be an admission ticket to n court of justice. -Judge Jonah a. Goldstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. » * ". : * : .' • Gossip about the. king's private life ought to bo prohibited, -king Uopold of Belgium, rumored to be contemplating mtu-rlngc. * "' * » I prefer the happiness of our unorganized imperfection to the gloom of organized perfection in oilier countries. -Mayor P U LnGimitlln, New York City, nssailh, s European dictatorships. . By Williams GOOD (JOSH.' I CARE.V OUT THE TO HELP MV -THEM VOU IM5.5T HELPIM' ME, AM 1 NOW, MA,'LL HAVE WORK CLEAM1K)' YOU THAN SHE WOULDA HAD CA OUT in 1 ASHES, SIDE GLANCES Bf George C }iNESDAY, - SO, 193G - . ©)S!WYKEASERVICr,I';C. T.M.RCC u. s PAT.OFF. KV, WM/K. Cll.ROY, I). O. ' ; • Editor of Advance . 'The, lessons during the coming year;- lake us ovci' large fields ol Bible •Interest far apart, After' a quarter's study In the 'Gospel of John,.we shall In the second quarter ti|rn far back to study personalities and incidents recorded In the book of Genesis. In the third quarter, we shall proceed through Uic book of Exodus to the story of God's part In the making of n nation. I Then, in the fourth quarter, we jtliall return to the New Testament Ifdr a series of studies in the hristiun life. ' t The first lesson for the year from the prolog "of John's Gos' The philosophical. and', mystl- oxpbsltlon of the reality oi eternal Christ, the Word that in the beginning identified i God In character and crea- >n, the source of life and light, ...c Word that became flesh ; incarnate In Je.sus of ^Nazareth, full gt .SUNDAV SCHOOL of grace anil truth.' John the Baptist was witness 16 this Bearer of Life and Light, whose way he had come to prepare; and John, the author of this gospel, sets forth In this re liiai'kable book to bear witness both .'before and after earthly irhlhlstry of Jesus. He has set him- self the great, task of recording he tilings .that Jesus did and aid the fullm'ss of which, If they were 'all told/ lie suggests, would more than Till all the books ol the world.-.. ; •/. . . Through characters and incidents, ' he unfolds sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter, the :«stlmony to Jraus, the Son of Qqd,; and to : the reality of the salvation that He brought'to men. • • « • The. Gosiwl of John presents a succession of witnesses: The witness 'of John the Baptist, and of Andrew, and Peter, as they bring others to Jesus that they may hear his words of loye; the witness or Je'sus Himself In the great words of the third chapter; the witness of His mighty works; the witness of His foes in the violence with which they.opposed His work of healing and salvation; and the witness of the closing'day* of His life ; in Intimate association with His disciples, with all testlmoni coming to a climax in His deatl and lesuiicction and His appeal ance to the disciples, reviving their faith Here in the prolog like a well oidered ind careful writer, John Is setting forth his thesis the thing'; that his gospel Is going to prove: .That Jesus came into the hip. l, c | lrlt ' ( j]rivale affairs, it you • want to. >.i_ .mow." .. . . -, : i ,utow." . -.1 For a moment the younger do jl Forest did hot answer, then he !| laid, through set lips, "I only. ;| 1 lg hcr 'i;now what my brother said he U lli, es iad done. I'm sorry if you don't < 'ess (elieve it. However, I can assure j less (el "No J , down the can- o 'hath i on ' s being opened at this very i Hj, jfiinuto. I sent the men to do it j on, "v'- il io\ "Don't pay lUiy'aUenlioh to Ra- <l •alj'ion's tempers, please," broke in jl soul hangelique. "He's likely to be love arrabb'y when' he's hungry. • Wo forked up an appetite walking on It isue mesa." is no ! « » ' » JOHN started to say II something,- then evidently early ;' la "Ked his mind. After a minute ThJe excused himself, saying that lie • and nr' oulcl £ce about hurrying lunch- ! "Once I hired a;mnn to do this, biit lie wasted too of (he wood in 'chips." ^Recipes Which Will Tempt Husband to Don Cook's Apron - ress i "How much do you thinl^-he- j sincl' tff ows ' Ramon?" Angelique iSfliii, * Ijajjicj-uriously looking after theirV^st. ;'• Ood^ ^'Sometimes I think he's very, very •! suprcr! ice - Tn en again-^" . V loving "He's probably not a bad "sort '•• '/hen he's left to himself," lie re--' but I wouldn't put any- THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William irguson GREAT BEAR. COMSTEliATION WAS KNOWN AS SUCH BY BOTH THE NORTH A/AERJCAN IMDIANS AND THE ANCIENTS OF THE OLD WORLD. SINGI-NG IN THE , SUAVE LOCUS VOCI RESON'AT CONCLUSCUS" ... from HORACE, -. TRANSLATION: -'' THE BATHROOM FDR SOME, AS THF WALLS if SURROUNDSi-MAY SWEETEN THE VOICE AMD AAAKE.jBbl.lhR. ITS SOUNDS." HAVE BEEN TAKEN ON FISH HOOKS AT A DEPTH OF 90 Benedict muffins cold with lemon cm be used uistcid) Toast Fnghsh muffins laj on each half strip of sauteed ham on the ham place a hot poached egg Although the stars in-the-Great Bear arc Hot arranged in any way suggesting a bear, the constellation tins gone by this name since the dnwn of civilization. It mis known by that name in Asln, Egypt, Greece, Home, the far north, and, when America was discovered," the Indians-were found to'be"culling it "the-Bear.and the Hunters.'" NEXT How manj buffalo ncrc there in the primitive herds roam ing (lie American iil'nins?. Rcmovalo!' Tonsils and Adenoids' • 'Will-Improve Child's Appearance ItV 1)1!. JIOUKIS 1'TSHHEIN Kclilnr. .lunniiil ot the iVuicrimn ^li-dii-al Association, ;ii]J of ItyRcia, the Health i\[;i^, li is not at all ccrtiiin that a child wilh ndenoiils is mentally deficient. Enlargement of the adenoids, however, tends to give him an expression known ns nn "adenoid face," which in ifsc'.f is associated with stupidity. A youngster with such nn "cxprC!- ilon hap his month open all the time, his eyes staring and n:little dull. The lines iKu'inc; -.from ?he fides- of -the-nose' to the mouth re smooth, cxasgirn'.ii!;; (he nnr- r,«ncss of the face nut' ililn- iiei 1 ; of the ncsc, r-nd.thiis tciirt- ing to enhance (he appearance cf stupidity. Korcovs:-, constant V.ialhing thr ..,-;.•. tl-,« mouih n:ay ttukc the pa.a o ii'.c,l\ :in-| pointed, and thus l>i:?.f;>.> with proper of Uio t.-<:i. should ce covlDu.q. therrfor:, . definitely, • rnliimwl cr In"-' lir.nid adenuil; ouslst'to he removed. Sliico thlr, conrtiihn «>•- i:r.)ly is ftssocj.r.i'.l \v!ih tivaretj ;uir> innamcrt. vor.s>!s, ^ud aflcnolds cfte.i nrt rnnovctl al one oiwratlon. nils-typo of operation has been dotm ?o fn-qucnllv that it is known In nil hospitals as the--a' and A" operation Removal is not at of a all a adenoids - - difficult operation. It involves a simple cut- Luxoi'a By NBA Service tfgs Bcnei It's considered smart to say that Fngllsh muffins a man makes a better cook than ham poached eggs a 'woman.' But It's even smarter datse sauce (a rich to get a'man lo do a bit of cooking now and then. • Three things seem to lure the icaslohal male cook .Into the Vhen. : Tiiey are cinnamon buns I \ Benedict and a fancy cas- . of tuun fi.sli and ripe olives, nil good Sunday night attics. They are more -•y—male cooks need -\ lijiH SK™ and these dlshes ping on " talk gold ring W!fe,;: lt W ould he Angcliquc sw'ayue nnmon grasped her, ,,... face,down on his shoulder. "Quick, let's get out of here, before he comes back!" Ho led her, stumbling, through the snow. "Not one. word of this, Ange- licnie, to anyone," Bamon warned. "Lei Pearl Pierre make the first rnove; then we'll have something to hold over him." "Then the body isn^t in.a secr : ct room—," velicf in her tone. "I— I'm afraid of him, Ramon. He's boiled and Hollan cream sauce tcr Society got -a, face like the devil haunted the good Saint—" that Rariiofi interrupted. "Listen jaragc, looking » Pearl John an- 'It would sound silly, i n't it, for hie to say how .__;lly soi-ry I am that all this had to happen, so you have lo stay here? Bill my brother's sure the men will come today from Santa Fe. Then maybe we can get things straightened out." "What things?" demanded Ka- mori, looking at him coldly. "What are you goiiig to tell the officers if thpy'do co'me—which I doubt?" "What do .you mean by that?" Pearl John asked. " j' "That nobody .has been sent for,' Ramon answered. "I don : t think Pearl Pierre is anxious for outsiders to come mixing into hi:; nal) jhing past any one of them when .1 Mr"they're together. Listen to that I hosts'§°w, will you?" , | o'clock Shrill screams came from the : Mrs. ijireclion of Tantc Josephine's , vpr. Djom, bringing several/maids run- >l Mifflfling from the rear : building, j I and :Xetty, too, ran in from the porch fl wci-'e-jjMth a watering pot in her 'hand. \\ Reid Xngelique rushed up to her. } the:. g "What's the inalte^'Belty?" •• erits 1 "I don't know. She was taking was-;.} nap when I left her," gasped M Betty. "Here, fake this, will you?" \ '" Taiite Josephine's door was! open when they got there and the f old woman was standing in tho | middle of the room, pounding her I gold-headed cane on the floor and ? • screaming wildly. Flecks of foam |'J showed on her shriveled lips, andfc| her short white hair was in dis- J order, as though she had run lierf fingei-s through It in her rage. fi "What is it?" asked Belly, eas-1 ing her down into a big chair. | "Here, drink this." Pearl'John$1 held out a glass of wine. "Nowg what's the matter with you, Tanlo Josephine? Tell us." lerrc's "The smoke—it's blowing into pi my room oft the mesa! I ivon'tifr| have it! I hale/Erripkori she-ci^jcd : brealhlpssly, ijoinling-»a a^^y finger at the open window, where!: a thick spiral ot smoke could be'i seen, rising Irom the edge ot the i mesa. (To Be Continued); ' irsl operation not satisfac- ory. It means merely that In hat' particular child the amount of adenoid tksue was excessive, •uid the infection persistent and arge. ' Engineer ;Sails 1,500,996 Miles With One Line NEW YORK (UP)—When tlie Clara docks at New 12 from Valparaiso, iiner Santa York Jan. Ihtlc, Chief Engineer diaries H! Elliott will have completed exactly 1,500,995 miles in 23 years with tiie Grace Line. During that period, which included two years transporting troops through' the submarine infested Mediterranean, he lias never met with a disaster at sea. The worst that ever befell him wns the loss of a couple of propeller blades when they tangled with submerged wreckage. Born in Philadelphia, Elliott started his career at sea at the age of 24. Ho is now 53. His roster of travel reads like a page rrotn a . geography book. One of the first men to go through the Panama Canal, he since has traversed the "big ditch" more than 200 times. He has been around 'the bottom of the earth" — through the Straits of ivragellan— some 14 or 15 times and crossed the Atlantic a dozen times to take troops ami supplies to France and then to bring them home after the war. Asked recently what he thought of youths making a career' for themselves at sea, Elliott said: "My.advice is that if a boy .lias a yearning to go to sen, by all means go. There is more chance today than ever before for a youth to make a real career for liim- > good and the it was when I first started. I wouldn't trade my job for the best of those on land." self.. The pay work Isn't what More Mian 800,000 members are enrolled in the Itinerant Workers' Union, Hoboes of America. Saskatchewan Yields ' Prehistoric Fossili} EAOT END, Sask/ (UP) - Thclii tones of giant animals that roam-iSl «1 Saskatchewan 25,000,000 year, ago rvre being unearthed here b'-V. a party of American geologists. "$ I Tlie pnrty, headed by Mr. anew Mrs. Fenley Hunter, of Flushing 1 "-. N. y., and Albert C. Sibcrliiig"*! Harlowtown, Moiit., have founc- more than 000 succjmens of ]jre [,. historic animals, including lluj jaws, limb bones, skulls'and tcetl:"* uf ancient hippopotanil and ihlnc- ccros. Announcements The Courier news nas been au- ! |i I thonzed to announce the follow- OUR BOARDING HOUSE ling procedure with a special np paralm. and is earned out nude an anesthetic. It does not recniiri a very long time. The degree of improvement (hat a; child may show following Ihis procedure is so obvious ami significant that anyone who 1m once noted it would never hesitate when confronted with the necessity of 1 such operation. Parents frequently ask \vhrilier it is fossiblc to treat adenoids with various drugs which mis;ht be applied ciircclly, with vapors which can bo inhaled, with X-ray, j or in some other way which \vo«!d! not imxilve nn operative procedure. Unfortunately, none of tht-ic methods has any certainly in j( S application, and none of there can be considered anything more Mian a temporary palliative. * * * • The operation, as I,have already' mentioned, is-not serious or difficult, and results -in complete removal of the adenoid thMu\ with a> wide opening for breath-' ing spnce through the no;r. Occasionally, however, even ;i small portion of the nciruoid iis- swe which is left may again ^.\ ccmc infected .and cnbry-d. so' Hint there are'instances in which! the adenoid",.pjjcratlo'n has to be' repeated some three, four, or five years after it is first done j r , small child. This does not mean that i for Blythevillo mil- - niclpal offices, to be elected or Ajiril 6: Tor Mayor MARION WILLIAMS Read Courier News Want Ads SAY, WHAT ' YOUR CLOTMES MUST }\ ING AROUK1D £\ SOMEWHERE, UMLESS TH' 3UWKMAW TH' DEM OF ALI BAEA AMD HIS WITH YOUR PALE-PACED BROTHER, CHIEF THIEVES? WHO PUT" SNATCH Okl MY"CQ/XT AMD P/XWT5 SlTTIMCt BULL? AMDTOOK \ IHEM : -' : 7 "FHEIP, ALWAV5- - MAD A OKI, IM HIS OLD PAIR OF' BLUE SER3E PAktTS /

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