Fort Collins Coloradoan from Fort Collins, Colorado on May 8, 1967 · 6
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Fort Collins Coloradoan from Fort Collins, Colorado · 6

Fort Collins, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, May 8, 1967
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y c 6 Fort Collins Coloradoan Mon May 8 1967 Junior Editors Quiz on- SCARABS QUESTION: Kiot kind of stones uere used for making scarabs and why do some hate markings' ANSWER: The teal scarab is a large beetle one spe-‘ cies of which has the strange habit of rolling waste matter into a large ball which the beetle pushes into an underground burrow An egg is laid in the ball and when the larva is hatched it uses the ball for iood To the ancient Egvpliansthe scarab was sacred llicy considered such insects to be symbols of life after death Tle ball represented the world the emerging larva showed that life still went on 1 ascinated b this idea the ancient Lgvptians carved and painted scarabs in manv different fenns We show a carved scarab on a ring it could be rolled along wet clav making an imprint At lower left is a scarab in apiece of jewclrv combining the insect's body with a hawk’s wings tail and feet Carved scarabs such as at lower right were often placed in the bodies of people after death the writing on the underside wishes them 'happiness in the nevt world Scarabs were often carved from such colorlut stones as cornelian amethyst and jasper or tliev might be made of soft soap stone then covered by a shiny glaze 58 (Mane Scarano of Taunton -Miss tun? today s combined prize of Compton’s Illustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash for tins question Mad yours on a post -cnrdto J untor Ezditors in core oj this nciispopcr) Television Log KWON Channel 2 KOA Channel 4 KFBC — (Cheyenne) Channel 5 KRMA Chan nel 6 KlZ TV Channel 7v KBIV Channel 9 These programs suppled in dvance by Ihe stations are subiect to chenge without notice (C) denotes Cuior MONDAY $ 00—2 Timmy end Lassie 4 Sergeant Preston 57 News Cronkite (cl 9 News Peter Jennings (c) 5 to— 2 Munsters 4 News Weather 5 Monkees (c) 7 News Sports (c) 9 Truth or Consequences 4 00—2 McHele's Navy 4 News Chet Huntley David Brinkley (c) 5 I Dream of Jeannle (c) 4 What's New 7 Mr "Terrific 9 Alfred Hitchcock 4 30—2 Restless Gun 4 Monkees (c) 6 Driver Training 5 7 Lucille Ball 9 Iron Horse 7 00—2 Outer Limits 4 I Dream o' Jeannit 5 7 Aridy Griffith 4 Spanish 5 7 15—4 French (c) 7 30—4 Captain Nice 5 7 Family Affair 4 NET Journal 9 Rat Patrol I 00—2 Patty Duke 45 Pursuit of Pleasure 7 Movie "Steel Town" 9 Felony Squad I 30—2 Twilight Zone 4 Spectrum 9 Peyton Place 9 00—2 News Sports 4 Road West 5 Gilhgans Island 4 David Susskind 9 Big Valley 9 30—2 Las Vedas 5 Password 9 45—7 Boating Fun 10 00—4 5 News 7 9 News Sports 10 30—4 Johnny Carson 5 Time Tunnel 7 Movie 'Wild Guilter" 9 Movie "Powder River' II 00-4 Inform 12 00-4 News Weather TUESDAY 4 15—7 News and Market Report 4 30—5 News (c) 7 Sunrise Semester 9 Leave It to Beaver 4 55 — 5 News Weather 7 00—4 Today 5 7 Captain Kangaroo 9 Morning 7 30—2 Ranqer Don (c) I 00—5 'Candid Camera 7 Fred 'N' Fae I 30—2 Romper Room (c) 5 Concentration to 7 News 9 Dateline -Hollywood I 55—7 News Sports 9 Children s Doctor 9 00—4 Pat Boone c) 57 Andy Griffith ‘ 9 Supermarket Sweep 9 30—2 Gloria (c) 4 Hollywood Squares (0 57 Dick Van Dyke 9 One In e Million 10 00—2 Virginia Graham 4 5 Jeopardy (c) 7 Love of Life 9 Everybody's Talking 10 25-7 News 10 30—2 Movie "Easy Come Easy Go' 4 Eye Guess (c) ' 6 School of the Air 9 Donna Reed 1045—57 Guiding Light 10 55—4 News (ti 11 00—4 Snap Judgment 7 News Weather 9 Fuqitlve II 25—4 News 5 News (c) 11 30—4 Lets Make a Deal (c) 57 As the World turns 1155—4 News (c) 12 00—2 Farm Report News 4 Days of Our Lives c) 5 7 Password (c) 9 Newiywed Game 12 30-2 Little Theater 4 Doctors 5 7 House Party (c) 9 Dream Girt 12 45—4 School of the Air 12 55-9 News 100—2 Merv Griffin 4 5 Another World Jc) 7 To Tell the Truth 9 General Hospital 1 25—7 News Weather 130—4 5 You Don t Say! (c) 7 Edqe of Niqht 9 Dark Shadows 2 00—4 Match Game (c) 5 7 Secret Storm 9 Dating Game 2 25—4 News (c) 2 30-p2 Divorce Court 4 Concentration 7 Candid Camera 9 Movie ' "You're In tha Navy Now" 00—4 Mika Douglas 5 General Hospital 7 Beverly Hillbillies 2 25—2 News Weather 930—2 Blinky's Fun Club ic) 5 Match Game 7 Fred 'N' Fae 355-5 News 4 00—2 Prince Planet 5 Tlmmie O'Toole 7 Superman 4 30—2 Gigantor 4 Merrie Lynn 7 Sea Hunt 9 News Weather 4:40-9 Weather News 5 00—2 Timmy end Lassie 4 Woody Woodpecker 59 News 9 News '' 5 30—2 Addams Family 4 News Weather 5 Daktari 7 News Sports 9 Truth or Consequences 6 00—2 McHale's Navy 4 News 4 What's New 7 Executive Report 9 Alfred Hitchcock 6 30—2 Movie "Blondie Has Servant Trouble" 4 Occasional Wife 57 Red Skelton 6 Brother Buzz 9 Combat ' 7 00 — 4 Movie "Living It Up" 6 Spanish 6 7 15—4 French 6 ’ 7 30—57 Petticoat Junction 6 Folk Guitar 9 Invaders 8 00—2 Secret Agent 5 I Spy 6 Western Yesterdays 7 CBS News Special 8 30—4 Eric Hotter 9 Peyton Place 9 00—2 News Sports 4 Girl From UNCLE 4 The Golden Ring 5 9 Fugitive 7 Witd Wild West 9 30—2 Las Vegas 10 00-4 5 News 7 9 News Sports 10 30—4 Johnny Carson 5 Combat 6 Inform 7 Movie — "The Desert Warrior" 9 Movie "Roman Scandals" 12 00—4 News Weather Old Quintal? SINC1 1903 TIOfIS HOLSTEIN DAIRY AUCTION Monday May 15 1967-1:00 PM MDT R E ‘Rob’ Smith Owner — l'j Mile West of Wellington Colorado 40 IIE5D SELL: 18 Milking now 15 heavy Springers: 5 bred Heifers 2 Bulls (5 Registered Cows) Individual Health Certificates furnished Terms: Cash PLAN TO ATTEND AUCTION INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY May 19 1967 - 1:30 PM 201 Gav St & 1113 Bowen Circle South Bowen Industrial Park Longmont Colorado Improved 2 large Buildings (9150 sq ft) Jerry Bigbee Owner For move Information & Brochure Write— Wire— Call AUSTIN and AUSTIN Auctioneers-Realtors 1203 9tb Street Grt-ley Cola Phone 353-0790 Dally Radio Program: KFKA 720 im p“"" 1 m ' t ft Coming Here on Friday Appearing in a concert at 4 pm Friday May 12 in the Student Center Theatre will be the well-known Hungarian Quartet Members of the group from the left are Zoltan Szekely violin Michael Kultner violin Gabriel Magyar cello and Denes Koromzay viola Their program here sponsored by the music department of Colorado State University will be open to the public without charge The quartet temporarily in residence at the University of Colorado has given concerts in Fort Collins twice in past years Hints From Ileloise DER HELOISE: Is there any reason why a potato should have holes punched in it or be scored before baking’ I have been baking them for years without doing this CURIOUS I sure am glad you haven't had one explode! They do sometimes you know Potatoes are over 75 per cent water When the skin is not punctured someplace on the potato the steam builds up inside during the baking This sometimes causes the potatoes to explode Punch a hole or two in each potato Otherwise you might open your oven door some day just as one decides to expand and explode! Play it safe and don’t take a chance HELOISE DEAR HELOISE: If we are interested jn getting seedlings going early we drop the seeds m a pan of lukewarm water for a few hours (or overnight) before planting them This soaking softens the hard exterior shells and allows them to sprout faster After you do this plant the seeds in dirt-filled paper picnic cups and put in boxes for easy carrying The cups can be kept 'in a warm place until the weather permits planting Then just j slash each cup down the side lift out the plants and set along i I m the rows or hills with a dirt I still attached to the roots I LORENA LETTER OF LAUGHTER 1 Luckily countless readers do NOT have to pay taxes on all the time they “earn” from your i many helpful hints used! BETTY JOLKOVSKY (c) 1967 King Features Syndicate Inc Chorus of Howls DEAR ABBY: A million thanks for printing Nauseated's letter complaining about some of the TV commercials which advertising agencies shove down the viewers’ throats It’s high time somebody voiced a complaint As a soman of Swedish extraction I find one coffee commercial extremely hard to take A young married couple is hown at breakfast The man takes a sip of coffee’ after which he registers obvious displeasure then the young wife runs tearfully to her neighbor “Mrs Olson’ a motherly-type The inexperienced wife begs Mrs Olson for her “secret” in making good coffee whereupon Mrs Olson in thfc'worst possible Swedish accent reveals that she buys the coffee that is “mountain grown ” Heaven preserve us1 ALSO NAUSEATED DEAR ABBY: I am glad you mentioned how offensive some TV commercials are My pet peeve happens to be a candy commerical It shows a man eating a candy Pizza ton BUY ONE: Large Pizza— Get Medium Size FREE Medium Pizza: Get Small Size FREE Offer Good: Mon Tues Wed & Thur 1220 W Elizabeth St 484-3573 OiKif Qraham 3ilnS Touch of Brass'7 Showing tonight 7:30 pm World's Fair Encounter" Showing Tuesday 7:30 pm - Africa ©nthe Bridge"--' Showing Wednesday 7:30 pm 1 PUBLIC INVITED Immanuel Southern Baptist Church 1725 West Mulberry NO ADMISSION BRING A FRIEND '2S 300 DON’T MISS CLARENCE "GAITMOUTH" BROWN 6 Nights a Week Admission — 50c Friday and Saturday Nights —POLKAS SUNDAYS— bbroc6 cdoO L— over Commercials bar while he tells how delicious it is He keeps talking about the candy while he stuffs his face with more and more of it It is positively revolting! I have tried to teach my chil-dden not to talk with their mouths full and then they see a grown man doing exactly what I have told them they must never do Please tell thev candy people that I am one mother who will not buy their candy as long as they put such commericals on TV rSOUTH BEND MOTHER DEAR ABBY: A male'? way of retaliating to TV advertisers who treat their viewers as morons is as follows: In all fairness I carefully observe alL commercials— once If the message abuses my sensitivity or mature understanding I carefully note the product being advertised and m this way I decide which product not to buy My theory: Why should I reward insult? PEEJAY t it asarn OOOOCj I' ill-: Todayin History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Monday May 8 the 128th day of 1967 There are 237 days left in the year Today’s highlight in history:’ On this date in 1884 Harry S Truman— 33rd president of the United States — wasrbofri On this date: In 1429 Joan of Arc raised the Siege of Orleans In 1779 General Pulaski fortified Charleston SC In 1854 Atlantic Cable Co was organized In 1918 German troops entered the Russian city of Rostov Ten years ago— President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam arrived in Washington for a state visit and he thanked a joint 'session of Congress for American aid in his fight against commumsm Five years ago — Investors were getting worned about a steady decline of prices on the stock market One year ago— The Air Force said air attacks had cut four major railroads serving the North Vietnamese capital of Hanoi Public Notice NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT Estate of Clarence G Kemp also known as C G Kemp (Deceased) No 8194 Notice Is hereby given that I have filed my final report in the District Court of Larimer County Colorado and that any person desiring to obiect to the same shall file written obiection with the said court on or before June 14 1967 RALPH H C0YT6 Administrator of said Estate MILL & COYTE Attorney Fort Collins Coloradoan 24-BQ May 8 15 22 29 1967 STATE OF COLORAOO Notice of Contractor Settlement PROJECT NO 1308 Notice is hereby given that on the 30th day of May 1967 at Denver Colorado final settlement will be made by the STATE OF "COLORADO with Hams Engineering Corporation S327 Dahlia Street Commerce City Colorado 80022 hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR" for and on account of the contract for the construction of a PROJECT described as Heating Plant Expansion located on the Mam Campus at Colorado State University 1 Any person copartnership association or corporation who has an unpaid N-O-W (ENDS TUES) JOmiOaats OSCAR ArtT0a$SfnC Jknanae PLUS JOSEPH E LEVINE present'1 ndBeST SeCM AGeNT in the whole Wide color x world” 1 EMUS) ftNUIES KIUSE Gates Open at 8:00 Performances at 8:30 Sure you can gat a great dea on a nsi’j car right now Y ' ' ' i-4 ' kyt 5 Only Pontiac dealers have both See them for gi eat deals onFixbfd GTO LeMans Grand Pri Bonneville anfi Catalina today DREILING MOTORS 230 South College Ave Fort Coiling 1 t -claim against the said protects for or on account of the furnishing of labor materials team hire sustenance provisions provender or other supplies used or consumed by such Contractor or any of his subcontractors In or about the perfor mance of said work may at any time up to and including 'said time of such final settlement file a verified statement of the amount due and unpaid 'qq account of such claim 2 All such claims shall be filed with the State Controller State Capitol Building Denver Colorado 3 Failure on the part of a claimant to Me such statement prior to such final settlement wkt relieve the State of Colorado from any and all liability for such claim Dated at Denver Colorado this 27th day of April 1967 STATE OF COLORADO acting by and through COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY By C L Terrell Principal Representative Date 4-27-67 Fort Collins Coloradoan 98-BP May 1 8 1967 SUMMONS IN THE COUNTY COURT CIVIL ACTION NO C-1136F STATE OF COLORADO ) ) SI County of Larimer ) ARROW LOAN and FINANCE INC ) Plaintiff ) vs ) FRANK GLOWAC HELENE CLO- ) WAC DRAGER TRANSFER and ) STORAGE ) Defendants ) -THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO TO THE DEFENDANT-ABOVE NAMED-GREETING You are hereby summoned and required to file with the Clerk an answer to the complaint within 20 days after service of tns summons upon you If you fail so to do lodgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demand ed in the complaint If service upon you Is made outside the State of Colorado or by publication or if a copy of the complaint be not served upon you with this summons you are required to file your answer to the complaint within 30 days after service of this summons upon you This is an action to recover from the Defendants Frank Glowac and Helene Glowac certain personal property In the possession and control of the defendant Drager Transfer and Storage which personal property is described as follows One Frigidaire refrigerator Serial No SS101-58 one Westinghouse Stove Model EA 74 Serial No K2271-43 One Frigidaire Washer Serial No 12194428 5 piece Birch D R set Maote 3 piece bedroom set 2 Piece hving room set 3 piece Lime Oak Bedroom set Kal Halbert T V Serial No 89693 and any and ail other household goods of defendants Frank Glowac and Helene Glowac Dated April 28th 1967 Attorney for Plaintiff Adoress of Attorney 309 First Natl Bank Bldg Fort Collins Colorado Fred W Besack Clerk of Said Court (Seal ot Court) Note— This summons 1$ issued pursuant to Rule 4 Colorado Rules Civil Procedure Fort Collins Coloradoan 8 BQ May 1 8 15 22 29 1967 Phone 482-2823 HURRY!! Ends Tuesday flR ' rumr Doors Open At 6:30 Performances At 7 & 9 : STARTS WEDNESDAY BEST FILM OF 1966! nL Notionol Society of Film Critics A Corlo Ponti Production Antonioni’s BLOVJ-UP Vanessa Redgrave David Htmmings Sarah Miles COLOR inewvtaocftioi mItum auouNcis) BHt'bffsursyouisS a great car oos J) A w o o L EL BURRIT0 Mexican Food 404 LINDEN 484-1102 We cater to those who appreciate the Finest in Mexican Foods JONES' Tender Steer RESTAURANT Tuesday Lunch Special Pepper Steak Au Gratin $"1 Potatoes and Salad 1 Open 7 days a week 11 am 8 pm 514 S College Ave Use Coloradoan Classifieds ErdDX 1600 Block So College 482-372S 3 N-O-W! 3 Showings Today at 5:30- 7:30-9:30 HOMBRE means man and Paul Newman is HOMBRE giving one“H of ('? : a performance after “Hud” and “Harper !”j4 f ’"r&si TOtti CENTURY FOX PAULHEWMAN FREORIC MARCH RICHARDBOONE DIAlClLENTO I 7— Color — Wide Screen! -'V ' s ! i t j L i t 'T issr wcuunui Jt 2 Si

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