The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1936
Page 3
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[WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER" BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE s«a : ^1 (-.•"i IN MFTS1 Steelc-Oooter Society — Personal Plaintiff .Charges Ft Stole Affections or . 05o • ° 00 5lx A white • man ; seeks $2.50' alienation of his ox-wife's .onsccu- tions while a negro pas on a Frisco trnin asks $!...' for n Mow struck by a- ct/ lor In . circuit court actions' here today. ' Will Heath claims that '• Brown! took advantage .0' former's ill health and firfl distress - to win the affcclic Ills .wife. ; explra- Later Mrs. Heath and ",»e iwiii- followlng out a common s? e d and each procured chancery coi Vorces here from their .78 live mutes in order thnt' n B out " /might inarry, Heath charg. acconv i..says that Brown, in the i may w his best friend, turned out ve lal)lc Ills betrayer. ivregula: Ben Jones is the nenrr, me raU sets a. value of $2,000 on • * a damages resulting from a'' luse . [road conductor's blow on 1 face nnd Ills subsequent • e; / "ifrom a Frisco train and *wseeks to obtain $10,000 In '."damages from the rail i trustees. • Claude P. Cooper, local ney, represents plaintiffs In" s« IS Coal & Wood For Sale COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Service -- Call 17 KIM'S COAL GO. 'HONE 244 FOR THE BEST COAL PROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, & WEST KENTUCKY. L, I. RICE CALL E P. FRY at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE COAL PHONE 477 Follow the Crowd and Compare our Used Car Bargains We believe In quick turn-over aiul fast trading, 1930 TERRAPLANE CONVERTIBLE COD1-E ^*lMniii-Crockett .rtiss Lydlu Crockett became the Me of Howard Tlllnum In n junony performed- Monday .ruing at the home of the lie's pircnts. IJr. nml Mrs. 'J. ; Crcckett, • by the Hcv. • J. W. minghiim, pastor of the Slcele '.ilia church. The single ring ,'iuo:iy was used nnd only Inll- fi lends und relatives nl- :led. Immediately nfter the lony they left 'on u honey- m trip lo various purls of Ai- sns N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer fu BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Broadway - - Phone 964 Number Nine Mr. and Mrs.' Preacher Dov are the parents of a 10-poiiiic" born Christmas night. Mr. and Mrs, K.irle Collm'"' daughter, Barbara, of LiljxE Mo., spent Christmas with Mior. •Mrs. E. H. Collins and Mrf... 5315 Mrs. Bob Slovall. I" Mr. and Mrs. Von Mullenm baby spent the Christmas vaiar- in Black Uock with relatives:'... 5235 ' Mr. "find Mrs. D. 'Bady s'., Christmas in Tyler, Mo., with 1*? Bady's parents. V , Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Jackson an& children drove to Mississippi last Thursday to spend Christmas with land's .^Mr. Jacksou's parents. . ; ! \vcrc Lucille Oldham of Yai*ffo and Eula Fay Body spent Christmas eve night with Mrs. Lena Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Stovall sp?nt Christmas in Hayti with Mrs. Sto,- vall's parents. Mr. and Mrs. ti. J. Whittle Why worry with smote & soot? BURN SUNSHINE Bold Only By JOHN BUCHANAN "My coal Is Black But I Treat You White" Plione .107 WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky COAL At the Best Price Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL We' Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. 18 Chickasanba & R. and son,' Herbert, of -Puxic'o,, took dinner .with Mr. and Mrs. E. H. and Mr. nnti Mrs. Paul Collins on Christmas evi-n:and on Christinas day the-Collins took' dinner., with; them. , ^Mlss Alice Collins entertained n ^' j'^uhibeKof-yourlif people with a party Christrhns-iiight." '"••••" - Gladys-'Cassidv. 'Jean Ford and Harry Smith .visited Mrs. H. Smith, Christum Fannie Copeland a Mrs. Johnnie Wchb. ''**A. .•..*' Mr. and Mrs. .iphnnic AVclil), Mrs. Fannie Copeland and Rich- 193C I'LYMOtmi SEUAN 1935 TERRAPLANE SEDAN 1935 FORD V-8 SEDAN 1935 CHEVROLET COACH ( 1935 FORD V-8 COUPE \ 1931 FOED V-8 SEUAN 1934 DODGE COUPE 933 CHEVROLET. SEDAN . ?24i 929 FORD ROADSTER .... $ S3 829 CHEVROLET COACH . S 85. 934 DODGE TRUCK ...... $375* i 935 DODGE TRUCK- ...... $«»,' 1930 FORD "A" COACH ' J .nMVrljIil '.?lss Ilcslc Wright become tilo ulc of Tom Burns in u ceremony 'iToiini-d by Justice of Peace El- Ml. cf Canithcrsvillo Saturday. r. anil Mrs. Ilucl Asher of Coot- wen; t'icir onlv atU r l he bvltls is the daughter of Mr. -idMrs, Marlon Wrlyht, rorinoi mcrrhnnU of Cooler but now of peering. She graduated troin COOt- '« high scliool In 1930 ami has Sinei' been iimklng her homo with i"i. and Mrs. W, 0. IMcl of Cool- cr, Hie gi-oom is. the son of Mr. .'»ii Mrs. Hutus (Uuck) Hums of near Cooler. He Bi-hdunU'd from Cuotcr high Kciiool In 1835 und 'iiu-e Ihiit.llmc has been . a&slsllni; Ills lather on the fnrrii. They will innko Iliflr liome In SI eetc where U'e groom will be employed nl '1* I'emlscot Oil Siullon. Aimoiinccment has been nmde cl the marvliigc. oi Miss Knthe- 'Itw Flsk to Thomas C. Whltneld .wlilcli occurred on Sept. n nt Mai-Ion. Ark. by Hey. Reeves, pns- l.oi of Hie Churcli' of Christ of thai dty. Mrs, Wiiitneld Is Ihe dauglilcr Mr. and Mrs. J. P, Flsk mid was one of (lie five lionor students who giiuluatcd from Sleplc lilsh school In Mn'v. Mr. Whitlleld is tlie KOII of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. WhiKleld. Foi- two ytais he has been studying for the ministry nt Hording CollcijC, Sonrcy, Ark. their homo In They will mnk'e Searcy nnd both will attend college, Mr." and.Mrs. Sims Mlclilo were hosts lo -a : Christinas piuly ut their liome Tluirsday iilBht. ' Mrs, 1,, C, SiH'iicci 1 is in Joiner, Ark., at the bedside of her Inotli- er, Mis. O. N. Sunders, who Is seriously III, Mr. Spencer spent Clnlstnins there hut has returned home. . Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and daughter Agnes of lllylhcvlllc have been in ; Cooler at the bedside of Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. Alllc Jones, Is seriously 111. Other children who are wllh "her arc Mrs. Bnsll Mc'ciwe. : Mm, Bill ' Evniis, Mis. Chas. Stiles iiuil Charlie Jones nnd their families. Another (laughter, Mrs. Clyde praminonds of New York, Is expected this week Miss Eugenia Jenkins, who s|H'iit the holidays In Cooler with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. KO Ci'lce, left Sunday for her home In 'Downs accompanied A.sher of Cootei troll, Mich, Shi> by Miss Jewi'll who will bo enniloyeil lln-re. Hunters Rated 1'oor Shots CAliLSliAD, N. M, IUJ 1 )—W. J. Plnson, u. S. forest : ranger,; says that New Mexico liimlcrs lire such l»or shols Unit, deer and wtltl<tiir- i in the icglon have a 40-to-l chnnco to escape whenever a hunter Ifikcs atiu. Plnson checked 450 hunters mill found the overage man llred nine shots »hil» in tlie fioja. The group brought back only 85 'deer. To Vsers of these Famous Whiskies Tlietc tall, beautifully elchcd eU»t arc FREE. Before brcaklnu ihc cniply bctllc, jull wale off [lit front laud. One quart or IHO pint or four half pint labels entlllc \ouioouciibss. If you »III), save iiiou||1i bbcli for n complcie tttol 6 or U Klassos, semi ihcin In all at one lime.Gluj i or ul.iises will be sent ut once, prepalJ. Send labels wltli ^our mine nnd address direct lo Arrow Distilleries, Inc., IX-pt.n.W., 1'Lorfo, 111.' )'njs>y tiic intllovv inirxxlinMi ami MlUfflnE U>u^u«l u( ihcK uhl.kU,. !)„, Cl ARKl.'S U'i.1 fit nU'K Kl'WI. Fur ilr^kn. ARROW DISTIUXRIKS, INC,' • LPcorbi illinoli 1935 CHEVROLET .TRUCK 1'ICK-W BROADWAY SALES, Inc '111 Broadway Quick Meal coal oil COOKING STOVE, built-in oven. Goot condition. Cheap. Mrs. Joe O Trlescliman. , , . 28o.k3!. arcl Green jr. were dinner guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Henson. Miss Marguerite Perry planned to leave today for Memphis to enter nurses' training at Baptist hospital..: i Miss Ijrala Morgan spent the jetirisimai holidays' willi ;r rclatlves : Mr. and Mrs. ian-sel Henson and TRUCKS FOB SALE • International, V, Ton, Long «he«l base. Inttrnallonal, 1 Ton, Stake -bodi^ , /, 1935 IS5 Ton, Chevrolet,^ Stake body. 1934 m Ton Chevrolf' Stake body. , 00 Nabors faleiltr-', __Ap- Electric braj spent by All In Good', ginw, car With Cood Tires.,vic.s and other DELTA n.Tnfig; 183 elk~ anj :f r ,.-..- tills side of the Dig ^ -AT : T:~uhtains during the recent Ruling season, Game Warden II. B. Sanderson estimated. ELECTRIC i'& ACETTLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES •'• PROMPT SEEVICE Barksdale Mfg. Go/ PHONE 19 A Connoisseur's Crown * Crown of head high, and marked by horizontal vrrinkles. Ii road at the temples. Forehead immediately above brows bulging forward prominently ..with knol>-]iLe ridges. Cli.iractcristic o! tlie critic, analyst and judge. Keen Lips of a Colonel JLips long, delicate of texture... refined and sensitive In appearance, Upper I in thin, and stretched l.iut against the teeth. Lower KJI slightly moist. Definitely fuller and rounder than upper ITp. Characteristic of the hard-topi ease epicure. If you have the lips of a Colonel... the greatest judge of 11 be as pleased as the Kentuckians are with this Double-rich" Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey* Try it! A Sclicnley Whiskey it;;V£/fo Mart of Merit, NtnrJe in Kentucky by old-time Kentucky distillers ... the &wxl old Kentucky way. Ask for It at your favorite tavern. 90 PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Important News for Every Man In CLEARANC i Offering Big Reductions On Our Big Stock of Nationally Advertised Clothing SUITS-$22.50 Merit Suits For $16.95 $27.50 Merit Suits For $20.75 $32.50 Timely Suits For $24.95 $37.50 Timely Suits For $28.95 $40.00 Timely Suits For $29.75 OVERCOATS$22:50 Merit Overcoats $16.95 $27.50 Merit Overcoats $20.75 $35 Timely "Climateer" $26.50 • H. ' DOBBS HATS-- $7.50 Hats for $5.95 $6.50 Hats for $4.95 $5.00 Hats for $3.95 DALTON HATS- Regular $3.50 Dalton Hats for $2.95 ALL WOOL AND SILK MUFFLERS Values $1.95 to $3.50 .......... $1.00 NUNN-BUSH SHOES Reg. $7.50 Shoes for Reg. $8.50 Shoes for $5.95 $6.95 .1 " ' $4 FORTUNE SHOES'FOR , $2.95 Edgerton $5 & $6 Shoes $3.95 Blytheville ESALE SHIRTS All Colored and Fancy Patterns,,... Reg. $2.0.0 Shirts ............ $1.65 Reg, $2.50 Shirts . : .......... ,$1.85 One Lot $2 Values .......... $1.35 (3 for $4.00) PAJAMAS by Wilson Bros. $2.00 Pajamas ...\ ........... $1.65 $2.50 Pajamas .............. $1.85 SILK PAJAMAS $5.00 Silk Pajamas . . . . $6.00 Silk Pajamas . . . . . $8.50 Silk Pajamas One Lot— $2 to $3.50 Values . $3.95 $4.75 $5.95 . $1.35 NECKWEAR $1.00 and $1.50 Values for .... 65c WOOL SOCKS 50c and 75c Socks— 3 Pair for $1.00 LEATHER AND WOOL JACKETS AND SWEATERS 25% OFF R. D. Hughes & Co. ALL SALES CASH! NO REFUNDS! ONE LOT-BROKEN SIZES ......., $1.95

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