The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • T «E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTIIEABT- AD..-AMO,„.,,„„- „.„ "»-»-* » T fv^f VOLWIK XXXVI—NO. 257. Missslsslppl vnlloy Leader Blythcvlltc Dally News BlyUievllle Herald- Blythevllte Courier Fighting Increases Despite Intense Cold; Arms Plant Damaged Talks Tonight On Affairs Abroad By United Tress Europe's war zones were active today despite intense cold that dropped temperatures to more* than BO decrees below y.ero in the far north. On the outskirts of London a tremendous explosion destroyed n EUII pcwdcr factory damaged houses sent up a vast cloud of smoke and klled five persons. An undetermined number were injured most of them slightly. The blast created fear of an nil- laid and then or war time sabotage such as Ihe government had previously learned was plotlcd against. British railroads. Off the northeast, coast ot England a Nazi U-bout tcrpedoed and sank the Norwegian steamer Unid from which 1C men were rescued. The British steamer Calrnross 5,494 tons was mined and sunk on" the west coast. Forty eight were rescued. But from the Finnish fighting fronts, where the cold was paralyzing, there were reports of still more Important developments. In Helsinki im official com- munique reported that Finnish troops hud advanced almost 30 . miles against the Hcd army in the important Sallsv sector of the north central front. Tiie advance occurred in the- last few days the communique said ex- i plaining officially for the first time persistent reports thai Finnish troops had been successful in action against Red army re-enforcements in that area where the Russians originally attempted to drive across mid-Finland to tlie Gulf of Both- nia. Dispatches to Scandinavian I newspapers had reported; that the Russian forces In the Salla sector totalling perhaps 40,000 men were in relreat toward their own frontier after suffering hetoy casualties. Eleven Ru planes were shol,r.d!;wivfrv the Finns yesterday trie munique said. There was a sharp 1 ' between Germans nnd NEWSPAPER OP KOKTIUMBT AliKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI m-YTHKVILUO, ARKANSAS, TIIUHSDAY, JANUAKV 18, ! S Si HE BELIEKS f "Cancer Cure" Dcfenclqnl Declares He Has Honest Conviction sliitesmnn was close lo death in T.nvp.pp-., his spacious iipnrtment near Hi" H A £11^ ' "",• , 18 ' (UP) ~ nwk Cmk I""* bridle path he R. A Bellows, .suucrlnloiident of (overt so well \ , T alZX^h, «»'«•'•, >"»>1>'- Bowh, former chairman bfr'V h"s otn E rfen S e Sl lo (1 S\S 1 "f be- f0relllU """""" w " nmUleft ' ft "" Senator W. E. Borah Hopelessly 111 Of Brain Hemorrhage . WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. UJJV^Villi llm R. Borah lay in B coma today stricken wilh a i m ,i,, hhuinorrhuKC which pliysieians said lio had no hope or survivinir The 7-1-j'W-old senator- omit- !V tievcd vice. "iimincii i r ,"~ " I10VV lll ° '"anklng Rcpubllcaiv mem- •wsr'Mss sr^erV 1 ™ 1 or tho """• '" **• for cancer at Baker's two hospl-' lals. Bellows, Baker and three others are cluirgid \vlt adveitishu; their ni'ivr r:uio Bellows testified (hat he, lilin- Smashes Window Bui Gels Only A Few Pennies Wlio 0 rear's ever Spot bnrglnyJzcd O, Cash Grocery H, last He hns sat continuously In Hie upper chamber since Mnrch t. 1007. After iho World War Borah led fraud In i me successful Unlit ayainst Unit- .. ...... t , 'Jit us n. cd States' entrance Into the 1/MgUO '»« Mr. Grear'.i loss wns far urenter of Nations which hnd been spoil-1 '"cause two front dlsplny windows li-n iirai ,.t,,-nrt r '"' ""/" sorecl by W°°<h'ow Wilson, Wl ' rc smashed lo gulu eulnuire Into ™%ffi$?££r tt * T,S sz e c;:,vXdr* ar- iici ° 5s rroin iiinuovii!e ritv HP .•>!,?'i,? t 11 , K , mi -"-' seriousness become known. The A chunk of coal wns used lo rni'Vis r,oni nl n , rc " lTO ' ( *f 11C »' S If" « Pn" of ijiooin over (ill K1 »™>> ">c windows during the mi'Hs iioni Di. Ozias for 30 di'.ys c f Washington ' ' '' ' andIt!*,, continued his trealinmt ,„ u« 8 £ j,.o a al_ Baker sturoka Springs hospllal. spflkcn by (lu . ^^ the thoughts of his Borah last saw "'Shi oblnlucd only H low pennies »ic wlinlows which were not disovered SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Vinson Eliminates $500000,000 From Appropriation Bill WASHINGTON. Jr.u. 18 (UPI- Clmlrmnn Curl Vluson of the hoiiso liuvnl all'alrs roininUlec lodny out his proposed $UOO.l)00,000 imvnl mtistnicllon imtliorlv.utloii bill lo ffiOO.CCO.OOO. Vinson advlsci) his committee llmt he Imd uhnrply modlllod his measure, which orlglnnliy wns de- •=i'<iied (o nudiorlM a 26 per cent Zero Temperature Is Likely Here Tonight 1RP11 As MercuryPlunges Ono of (lie coldest afternoons of mrm y years got off "to ft (rood sfm't (odny wllli tho oflicinl thevmomctor staging it 11 degrees nt 1 o'clock. Snow was ftUliiic intermitto.nHv Kb tell whs lml " Mr. Oroar went to work this ncrcnsi! U. 8. navy. He sntil Hint, ho i,nd cllmlnnted rom (lie prnjiosal some $500,000.000 n niitlioilnititms for conslniellou of 3-1 ilo.strcyor.'). In revised form the Vinson bill would authorise iv tolnl of •!! co'ii- tat ships Inslrad ol the 77 orig- ' was allowed by r. c. Trimble de- of government attorneys. Defense counsel contended the whole cose hi(i°cd on Hie question of tlie "good f fi\e defendants In a (heir trc-almcnt. BeUoits estimated that 3,000 persons had been treated nt Eureka ' n seMlol ' s <*>« visibly moved " ml '" hk "'I'py-hole hldeawny, lhc M1)ntc P"*lclcnl John N. thc aar - " Seniwor "" SSO(I n!i lmich 1>s mber, Vice Gamer paced voiced "'"ruing-. Jiuilly coiitemiiliitcd. s who Oll) )' a minll nmouiit of iieimlcs v| "son will Hint (ho revised hill fc , v had been left In lhc roaster nnd vvcllkl l"'™'ldc for 2in,000 tons of IQ,-- apparently only money wns wunlc-d c ™ 5 trucllon Inslcml of thc oria- ns none of lhc slock" wns missing '""' ' I00 ' 0fl(i (olls . ( Construction in the modified bill I would Include Ihrce 24,000-ton citr- rlcrs, 110,000 of cruisers and S'J.OOO " of been nssoc ginning in 1923. He said 2,401 hopeless cases hnd been rejected nl the urcka Springs hospital but that some of the patients had stayed for treatment at Ilieir own request. 10 PUT HERE . tons of submarines, enough for :H U-boats. 1 To Discuss A v ! n f I n ,-,'- ' Bfore his ttsllmony the defense , lu^ibLUiS rt V I a t 1 O II .-> introduced two doctors Senator Arthur (Rep., Mich.), Just back from the Borah apartment, was close to ... . , weeping as he said: iKlWaillS Clllb Invites Cor- "Onc of the foundation atones WASHINGTON, Jan. IB. (UP)— A Willie House conimltccc repiirl- cd today that every oilier chllil ln America lives In n home where is being swept out from under country." J Place In Relations International Hm ' ° r Hc ^ cr s P ril >Bs and DV. j. L. Bfiison Gentry, Ark., Uatfeed that Dr. O. L. Be.ilty, one of the defendants, was in their gnuluat- The study of aviation In Inter- ' '"8 class at the American Medical :atlonal relations will be discussed University at Kansas City in 1028 H. canfleld Cook at the high and had taken a written examina- the western front but little" cept isolated patrol activity.? ••The -.fears of the Belgium"* Dutch. that they would be inva : d'__ weje deceased ..although military precautions were not" relaxed. -. - . In Holland members of the Meth- crlands general staff asserted con- mform ; ool auditoriuin tonight after 30 llo » for a license from the Arkan- rd during which time E! >s state medical board in Feb- this subject, Mr. Cook, ruary, 1D29. Ivcs in Chicago, is the' : of Ihe Institute ''Qf Mini" " lose To Play Al Paralysis Fund Dinner the a erics o 0 r ddrLS wMrh ™m .... , n on Uowh?ra'de " NEW." A The Blythcvllle Ktwnnls club will (cooperate in tho "Fight infantile 'Pnrolysls" campaign of Mississippi County by nUcmpllim to secure services of Anglo Ccrlese, Internationally known harpist, for the banquet, to be Riven Jan. :io. It was .announced following a mecllni; of Swings Into Action \n$&'^ e "™ tt ?^!£ Of Louisiana Vot- £ '° ™* "'^ '»«™'-"i contest and to have Night pnrly next week. A committee of -D This wns one conclusion reported lo the While House conference on children In democracy—u .special nroup whlnh mecls every 10 years lo survey the condition of yoiilli mid limit n program lo Improve 11. ... - ------._..., K,,.V,,» was fulling intermittently , i r ' "W'?"" 11 mcl "" Ulon to stop after most of what lnul lull..,, ()„„ ,,„„.,„„,, Wrts stn| Q)1 the . froj!(m gl . oumi| * A "ew low temperature for several years here might be established tonight if the mercury falls'as low ns weather observers predict it liilislil go. A low temperature from zero to five below was held very likely. GrniUmlly getting colder throughout the night, when a slid wind |arose lo cniiBo much discomfort— R p i n o ev<? " lf "• d^n't register on the t, , , .7 ' " e thermometer—Ilic temperature' at Heard; Awarded Dam- 8 O ' dock tllls morning was 13 and continued dropping until the 11 mark was reached when read shortly nfler lunch. The low of the winter Is 5 which made a. new low fcr the past four By United Press Tho coldest weather of the wln- of tn* Possession Suil ages Against District The case of A. I,, l^rd vs. If. a. OJBS wn.s hcliiK tried this nltcr- uoon with pnrilow nnd Bradley representing the plaintiff and Claude K Cooper ns attorney for the do- •eiidnnl. The case Involves uppro.v- lcr moved Inlo tho midwest lodny limlcly $1000 nnd possession for ftml temiicratures of 15 to 30 de- forcclosuro under a chattel mort- "(180. A verdict for lhc plaintiff Brccs below y.cro were predicted for tonight nnd tomorrow. ' ... A forerunner of tc morrow's frigid rendered this morning In the case weiillicr were to<lay's subzero rend- cf U. O. Costlier vs. Drainage Dls- '"Bs in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa, act Ka. id in which Judgment In 'I was 25 ) Jc low nn In northern the nmotml of $70D for diinmiecs Iow " "'Is morning. Thermometers to land by levee conslnictlon wns|"l St. Joseph, Mo., showed 20 he- awarded, acorae w, liarlnm nmi'lo 1 " mul in Kansas City It was H J. Cliaham Siidbury rc]ircscnted lielow. • the plaintiff nnd shurtc and Fcnd-i 'flic icy blasts swept Into Arkiiii- nlloi-neyj) lcr were ilant. In Ihe ease of H. s. Hall vs. Pi-auk Unit, a jury awarded n verdict In favor of tlie plnltitltr w lio was given repossession of llvcslock i forecldsurc of ,.. -jirii. : - is u- Ladles wr ™ h» i , fidence that their defensive meas- gin nt 7 : 30 o'clock BUCYRUS, O. (UP) - Hell?ion|? cll °" urcs would be effected in an em- Mr. Cook, who arrived this morn ' !™ S ' CSt Us Eri " "" 011 CTOr 5' Jay life, j Lo " ? l! ", m -.. Gael Nles, J., federal grimd jury swung Into^ °- Bn «>M. •>• 0.-Cox" mid-IsrnesP iy in the wake of lhc nnlscl '> who are members of thu prlmavj- Hint saw the Ull(Ie1 ' Privileged Children coinmtt- eiiiilzallon founded by lce _ of tlinl organization, have nl- Bounty And Probate Court <• Hjs Candidacy r.con Smith was iittorney for the plaintiff nnd 1*1 o. Cook and Kal H. Harrbon represented llio dufcn- dunt, A verdict of $150 was given the plaintiff, will Deny, m Ills suit affultisl (he F'edernl Compress and Wnrolioiiso Compnny for alleged diumiGes. w. Leon Sinllh was nt- torncy for Uerry nnd field and Kvnird for tho defendant. Cases continued were: Homer T. Tinker vs. Joncsljoro Coca Cola Ilolllluy Company;.' Mis. Chrlsliine va, Lcc Mo\or Sides'Com- Mrs. S. L. Welter vsi. Y,ee Motor Sales Company;'w. R. Over- for the defcn- sis where Hie lowest rending today was five degrees above zero ! at Fnyctlevtllo with the mercury steadily fulling. •'. : Other readings were six degrees lit llenloiivllle, 13 at Batcsvlllc and Ifi at Fort Smith, Snow fell during the dny In LHlle Rock and various other points In" Ihe state making a $55 note. siege as a pa precautions. Ical mtlitaiy stale of it hnd been stated that Dr Doman i'? 5 ' 01 " '" Ule V>M ~ A S( * iK llnlii *«_^^$^^ R ev. Mr. 0}*k Cntf.fin ^ guest speaker at the reRulnr I^it^'J''!..!™-^ C S' '° "P"' 6 New York Cotton open high low close Mar. .. 1105 1107 1101 1107 May .. 1082 1083 1078 1082 July . 1045 1045 1040 1045 Oct. . 987 937 382 S8S Dec. . 980 980 975 979 1 T. w. Potter of Osccola today authorized the Ccurler News to Incomplete returns frcm 100-1 of! " ot ^ accepted.' "'imnke formal nntKiunccmeiH of his . . the stnte's 1,704 precincts gave- Afte1 ' "earing of plans for tho ' cl "™«nc.v for rc-iiomlnntion for n JHlSSlSSinni To AuODt Gov. Earl K. Long, 150,773- Sam N!>Uonnl Cotton Picking contest to sccon<l t cnn as Mississippi county - - r Houston Jones, Lake Charles at- bo "'nRert here by the Chamber ot. nlld l"'°' Jll te clerk, nl thc Deino' American Lcalon, Clntlc I'Vlmwy hi Aurjusl. nn[1 ,Vfr. Potter is well experienced In travel dangerous. ero lempcrnliires were predletcd for lhc northern-linU of Arkansas loii!«hl and tc morrow, ' '•.. i Tlie Intense cold throughout thc country Increased the work of relief agencies. In the cities there wi:rn hundreds ol calls for fuel nnd for heavy clothing. Food kitchens were working overtime curing for homeless, men. The ccld was. responsible for numerous fires.. In:, Knnsns- City ciuhl persons wens driven 'into sub zero ii'cntlier when their apartment house cniurhl flro.'Al OriimWI In: ton vs. V. O. Holland et nl; char- llmlsc caugh'l flre.'A^ GfJiTiiell, la.; ley .lohnson vs. Dr. O. s, Adklsoii l nro Destroyed several ! biisiiiess I buildings. > The Kansas City Southern Railroad shops nt Pittsburgh, Knns.i were swept by a nrc that caused Alabama Labor Setup MONTGOMERY, damnge estimated at $200,000. 977 An American Cook was born by adoption, Mr. j in Canada where 1 Neil) OrleailS Cotton "« World WnrTie Unlisted in the British Royal Flying carps, being r Alcana Divorces Show Husbands Not So Meek Lcng begins his campaign for In c '!<*rntlon of Ihe 25lh nn- '•- >--7'olV election Feb. 20, fol- "'vcsary of Kiwanls, lhc club will lowed by Jones on Saturday. Thc nvc " Ladles Night affair next ui^u Lnarles rittorney plans ""—' • make six talks his Hrst, day. Butte, NTont., reported 3L degrees , ,,., u .. „ , , ,, —.....v,, Ala. (UP) _ be |o«' '/.cro, Pnrco, Wy., reported 28 . Blltt tho nlrnll '- s 0[ Lhc onice and his Mississippi Is going to model Its bclow ' M1)es cll > r ' M °nt., 20 belcw Nelson ' frlell;ts hcllevc Hint he Is entitled new state labor dcnniiinonl imonl nml Dlsmnrk > N ' D., 23 below, sors In! 10 ,," f, CC ° 11Cl tcrm '" ncccl ' <ln " CD Abibnma's labor division William I ~ ; -' "-ISL""- ri^i,?"ss3S r^^.i^.-sri Boy ' Vom £ W.. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. open Man low clas« . 1H5 HIT 1114 1117 1003 1094 1055 1057 988 S92 980 983 1088 1051 10TO 1055 ,,v , °" c of • S n - viiig ° E *H received 10S7 Brltlsh government. commissioned MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP) ™« honors by "S S™!? ' n Alabama 8re " Ot nS "I " lluin B don't know where I'll bc- Long said last night in ad- would have to lace ce ' lc to Wednesday • night vvlien Blauchnrd S. Tual, well knatvn nttorncy of Memphis, will be the principal "'"" nt n dinner which will nre- 980 033 1010 955 971 They Stock Prices AT&T Anaconda Copper Am. Tobacco Beth Steel '. Chrysler Cities Service General Electric General Motors Continuing his studies at Osgoode Hall, Toruito the okl lln T" i per Canada law school after •--" ^ ll>St yeilr ' war • • • In i dence they're supposed to be lhc seconi primary, "but you can were complainants in dl^ -, s ° y Ul3t r " start vorees ird '"S «3 Alabama mar- , McBnwJille, 20 witnesses linve been summoned tc appear before Int Harvester ............ 55 1_2 171 1-8 27 1-4 ,eign travel bii 90 77 3_ 4 1-2 38 1-4 51 1-4 H the course . e course' r . . _ lVs " s lake11 30 cxlencicd i Soviets' Envoy Montgomery Ward N Y Central North Am. Aviation Packard .... Phillips ........ Radio ............. Republic Steel ..... Socony Vacuum Studebakcr Standard oil N j Texas Corp U S Steel ....... I" of the world thc European scene nncTha7 become nationally known for his 51 1-8 travelogue presentations on Euro- is 1-4 pean countries, most recent of 24 i-s these being "Amazing Finland' 3 i-i and "Cclorful Poland." During the 3D past summer he produced a lull 5 3-4 length film on air transportation in Ifl 5-8 America entitled "America Flics ' 12 1-8 His talk on "The Influence of D 1-8 Aviation in International Hela- 43 7-8 tions" will be followed Fob 1 b\ a talk on ;'T},e Struggle For Raw 57 3-8 Chicago Wheat Materials" by Dr. Allen 0"'Albert of Paris, 111., who spoke herein" >' ear ..|n a s'.'" 11 " institute; a talk on Britain s Stake In European Grim- May July An invitation | s b cillg e v tmfirtj the public by Harry icfrby ,,rcS- """' "' "- D "'«fy club, which re' Institute last year. S open | hteh | low I clasc f 535-8! 531-8! 531-4' 5<!5-8; rtcllt ° r , ,..,„, „„„„ ,,. I 583-81 53 | 53 1-41 533-4 ceivcd «' ! <ie spread praise for si) n; l sorl "S a sl "i"ai- Institute last ™ r Livestock EAST ST. rxDUIS. III., Jan (UP)—Hogs; I1,SOO Top. 5.75 170-230 Ibs, 18 5.60-5.75 140-1CO Ibs., 5.00-5.35 Bulk sows, 4.25-4.85 Cattle: 2,100 Steers, 7.75-9.35 Slaughter steers, C.75-I1.50 Mixed yearlings ,helfers, 7.25-9.00 , . Slaughter heifers, 6.50-10.50 Beef cows, 5.25-8,25 Cutters and low cutters, 3.75-5.00 was on' City "Fair to Dead" — LANESBORO, M ass (U P)-Se- Icctmcn won Ihclr fleht to nro- hibit billboards near St cemelcry on ero-.mds thai "not, fair to the dead " prevlous elcctlons 2 ° wllnBMra wel ' c «"nmon«d connection with tin Ink thrw- ^™^ Bt V mnS? ^ most a pint of Ink Into the ballot I Missouri Waives in Tacks I VAN BUREN, Mo. (UP)—Wolves i nnd coyotes are becoming more numerous in Missouri RIK! arc causing heavy livestock Ins? to farmers, according to fnrrncis. T. V. Carnnhan reported that n-olves have been seen runntir; in j packs of as many a s £ i x nt a iltno. , Mr - Tual, past district governor, is one of tlie youngest officers ever to serve in this office. [who have pcrrorm«l Ihelr duties partmwil, I., l,, j Bckson M(ss fallhfrlly and eniclently durlnK this monlli aiding crenlloo of Iho their nrst term. department. Home Service Bureau Is 1 7 i 1 I • 1 I 'r» Tk 'i si j appeared no Established By Red Cross fc 0 re. llcwns Leooold Leads Belgian Troops Meiers Profit 'Atlantic City ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (UP)— Thc parking business in his 'Tlny- ground of the World" Is picking up. In the past two years a total of S74.C37 was collected In cil.y- owncd parking meters. Thc lirst batch of meters already shows a I profit of 515,488. drastic proiest against 1 ald ,l° r .. Fin 'and, Mmc. Woman, 101, Avid Reader HYFIELD, Mass. (UP) — Mrs. Eliza B. Rogers Is 101 years old, but her eyes are so good that she reads an average ol four lo six I onks a week. She also reads newspapers and docs fine embroidery work. warned Swecii lcr Gunlher lhat foreign Minis- Mkcs COLUMD1A, S. Texas H^l C. (UP)-Oov. without a Conn., Conn, fatal m — Two s«-e<lisli autho anti-Soviet of of and the S. S. R." Burnct R. May-bank has a new hat in his coucctlon that he's very proud of. It Is a Icn-gallon Texas cowboy hat he wns presented with when he attended the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas to watch Clomson College defeat Boston College. With the establishment of the Central Red Cross olfice, lhc Chlck- Muwba district clmplcr has nn- nounccd another branch of servl c which Is to be ovnllnble lo lo»al Kroups. It Is thc Home Service Bu- rcnl which will cnnble the chin- tcr to act as the direct representative of the Nntlonnl Veteraiw Bu- ro^u for this locality. Thc American Nnllonal Red Cross hns hc'cn authorised by con-jras- sloiinl charter to furnish volunteer -'•i 'o the sick nnd ivoiinded of armies not only In time of uut .J;o lo net In mutters ol volunteer relief nnd In accordance with tlio Marine nnd Naval atithorfltcs. Thc Home Service Hiire.iii which Dead In His Bed Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon for T. J. Reed, age four, who was found dead in bed curly yesterday morning. In 111 health since birth his conditltn worse thnn usual put lo bed the night Thc Rev. J. L. J-fewsom, pastor of the Oosncll Baptist, church, officiated wilh burial In North Sawbn cemetery. • , „'' Thc child Is survived fay hls'par- bv the HIT! Pru-o riM-i" Tri M " s - Mr - nn<1 Mrs - od| s Reed; one rectors. C ™ " CU (1 '-^ster. Dorothy Jean Heed, nnd Securing Inforinatlon and deuce renulrcd bv nil brinch the si-rvior. i,, mhnrltv dLKharge's and frmrdii'ent enlistment.';. Rirnlshln? social ihhtorte for Army and Nivy hawR-ds covering patlmts In the ncllvc service. RirnlsliliV! sochl hhtorles fnr the Army nnd Hjvy on mm confined lo tho dl.iclplhmy barrdcks. • 2) Prensirnllon of claims for bcncflls for veterans of men who have left their posls without official permission, ndvls- hiS Hint th 1 ! men he urivd tn iv- tnrn. ricporte of such cona-l, arc one brother, James Clyde Reed. 1 ltt Rovernment mid their nrtr-nts. Tlie entire inmny is accented ns n chapter rcsnonslbllily dnrin- t pro«ciitlon of , clnhns. conMricrlirc henlth. finnn- oniccrs, nurses, cnllsled men In the Army tuid Navy (which Includes the Mnrines and wlio have dlsabnlltlcs due lo war l r , V . b , c _ a ,! Kl ."' clr f(u " illcs . discharged for tnil ,nir. nblc-bodlcd cx-scrvlcc persons, for Informational service. disabled World War veterans of thc Allies of (he United States.who may be living In this country. In carrying on Home Service work, the following definite services have bfcn developed: (1) Arranging, in cooperation with Red Cross field directors at Military and Naval Stations and j hospllnls nnd with existing community agencies, to solve' family problems of men In active service, providing relief when necessary, n-tidtng- development of permanent plnns. j Hirnlslilnir confidential reports of i home condition* for the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, according to regulations, In dependency dis- chnrcc C3scs, nnd requests for emer- K.n g Leopold of ,ho B c, g lnn, ir^mMTc S« $ lakes direct command ol iroop gc iicy furlough, tho chapter may mobilizahom as the tow conn- bc Mkcd to guarantee relnibu^ MrIn e 1 h ° n H C r m ° r ° " m «" a mcllt or Commend a loan for strengthen defenses agamsi Nazi irjnsporlatloii military Intimidation, | . milnte- iinncc during thc vetcrnii's absence nrc proper chapter rosiionsibllitles. FiirnlshfuE: sochl contact rcnorts I fnr the chief ntlornfvs. Vetcrnns! AdniliiLstrntlon. en incomTOtent and minor trnenchrlcs, doiin nonro- prlatc fellow-nit work in ronnectlon with health and cnse problems discovered. rlw for the Veter^iw Administration, including regional offices and hospitals. Cooperating; with Red Cross chapters clfcwhorc In obtaining Information. hhtrirlM, records, etc., for ase In Ihelr own cnsfs. Includ- "Mopping Up" Machine Used on Boll Weevil COLUMBIA, S. C. (UP)—An-invention which he claims will m;p cotton stalks with boll wevll poison nnd also catch loose weevils has been displayed by J. J. Allen, Al- lendnle farmer. A mule pulls thc machine between cotton rows, Allen said, and a revolving wheel of spokes, with a mop on Ihe end cf each, drags Ihe stnlks down and puts the poison on It. A lank on the machine feeds the poison to the mops through the hollow spokes. . the reference to nnnrbyirlate clvlllsn nsencle.'; of certain referred by Red Cross cl., hnndllns fnmlly wplfnre work part of their programs. Shades of IMst—Buggy Stolen SAN JOSE, Cal. (UP) — Sheriff William J. Emlj wns called upon tc perform a new duty for his department when he was Informed by Peter Sunin that his buggy—not, an auto—had been stolen. It was the first time the theft of an old-' lime buggy had been reported within the memory of the department. , • WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloudy and I colder, temperature eight to 12 In ' south and five below to live above a | zero In north portion tonight; Friday partly cloudy, not quite so cold *•*_! i ii % wuuiiiiawJitAl DV : Establishing contact with famlllM tlonal Red Cross, /tl T-II c I i I U -V JJ-»* *.*J LJUUUV, IIUI i Jt v ns informnMon Serv- tn northwest portion. . , ice lo nil former soldiers and sailors.! Memphis and vicinity - Cloudy 15) Assistance to Canadian vet- tonlsht and Friday .with snow ,to- crnns cli»iblo to financial assistmce night. Colder -tonljht with Iprast from the.Canadian Canteen Fund temDe'rature zero to live above zero' '"""•' •"• tho American Na- continued • cold Friday, snd Satur-

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